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E6430s Only boots after clearing all power (battery, AC, & removing CMOS battery)

Q: E6430s Only boots after clearing all power (battery, AC, & removing CMOS battery)

Hello everyone,
I have been having a problem with my laptop recently. A few weeks ago my laptop turned off, and wouldn't turn back on. I did some googling, and found suggestions to remove the memory, SSD, and CMOS battery, wait, then put them back in and try again. When I did that, it didn't work the first few power button presses, but then it turned on. It has been consistent like that. I have the battery out, and on AC only, when I remove AC and CMOS battery, then plug the AC back in, the laptop will boot after hitting the power button a few times.

Any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: E6430s Only boots after clearing all power (battery, AC, & removing CMOS battery)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


After my friend's laptop wouldn't run on battery power OR charge the battery I tried many "fixes."
Shockingly none worked that I found.
Only one thing worked for me to my surprise.
A last ditch effort was to open up the laptop (sony pcg-81114L) and disconnect the cmos battery for a few minutes to reset the CMOS.
To my surprise, when powered on, the battery instantly showed it was charging AND when removing the power plug the battery POWERS the laptop now! (and I'd thought I was wasting my time.)
Worked with an off brand battery also.
Many times this has saved many computers that have odd "unsolvable" things wrong with them.
Surely someone else has done this also but I haven't seen it posted anywhere to my knowledge.
Thank GOD for bringing the idea to remembrance!

A:sony vaio won't charge battery or run on battery power (CMOS BATTERY FIX!)

Hi askfault,
Do you have any information on how this fixes the battery problem? would be interested to know.

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This is not a serious issue but it is annoying me.

Last week my A7N8X motherboard started reported a CMOS checksum error, so I replaced the CR2032 battery.

The checksum error is gone, but now whenever I switch the computer on at the mains it boots up automatically, without me pressing the button on the tower.

I have checked that none of the 'wake up' settings are enabled. What else could be causing it to boot automatically?

A:Afrer replacing CMOS Battery computer Boots Automatically?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Check the connectors from your power switch to your mobo. maybe they`ve become loose or something.

The only other thing I can think of, is your power switch is faulty.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I found an old PC (Progen) in trash that didn't come with hard drive and CD-Rom, but when first try to startup it can go to BIOS. (it has about 32 MB RAM)
Because BIOS has password protected, I try to reset the password by removing CMOS battery and wait for about 24 hours then install back the battery.
The problem now the PC can't go through BIOS, the fan is spinning and green light is on but no beep sound.
Don't know if the battery problem or the mobo already dead
Thanks for any help

A:PC won't go to BIOS, after removing CMOS battery

CMOS only retains BIOS settings for a few seconds after the battery is removed. 24 hours is just insane overkill.

Also, on most semi-modern machines, the password isn't stored in volatile memory and as such will never be "reset" using that method - There will be a jumper on the motherboard to specifically erase the password. You should search for that motherboard on the internet and fine the manual for it.

As for the machine not POST'ing anymore, I would suggest that you moved a jumper or that something is not seated right. Double-check that the ram, cpu, video card, any other peripherals, cables, and battery are all seated properly. If in doubt, remove them and re-seat them. Find the manual for that motherboard online and go through it, checking all the jumpers on the motherboard to make sure they are in the correct positions.

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I am working on a relatives computer and am having major difficulties. When I received the computer it would not boot. It would hang up when running the bios and stop with the error message no mouse, no keyboard or keyboard error. I was able to get the mouse recognised but not the keyboard. The cmois battery was removed and replaced and now there is no video. I am not sure what this computer is running. Theres a digital readout on the front that says 200 when you start up. It has a diamond video card. When I power it on the cpu fan works power supply works, theres no lights on the floppy or on the cdrom that light up. Any suggestion on what to do to get video back and resolve the original keyboard error message. I did try to boot from a floppy before the batteries removal and that did not work.

A:Monitor not working after removing cmos battery

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Hi all,
So I've bought an OptiPlex 7010 SFF and wanted to install Win10 on it, so I've changed the BIOS settings to make a UEFI boot, Secure Boot etc. and I was stuck on a black screen.
Browsed the internet for a solution - update BIOS.
Okay then, downloaded the utility, temporarily installed Windows 7 on it, BIOS updated successfully from A12 to A25.
Changed the settings back to make the UEFI installation happen...
Powers up normally, HDD starts, and black screen. Actually - I can press the escape or spacebar to cause the progress bar to appear altogether with "F12 - Boot Options" but nothing else. After that, a complete darkness appears.
Tried to enter BIOS - No luck. Smashing F2 and F12 causes only to show "Preparing to enter BIOS setup" or single-use (?) boot menu. After that again - black screen.
Removed the CMOS battery, messed with PSWD (Password Jumper), removed everything and installed back, nothing.
Tried to start it without RAM - beeps so it's supposed to be alive.
Hope that's not a mobo issue...

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Just got a replacement laptop from eBay. (Hehe, I know) It doesn't power on, or rather I here something but not the normal grind of a laptop turning on. I've heard it might be the CMOS battery, and if this is the case, where is it located on a Trek Transport II ?


A:Comp won't power on - CMOS Battery?

I do not think that it is the CMOS battery.

If the battery and Power Brick are not Kaput, you have some other more serious problem. I would not 'hehe' just yet.

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I have a newer PC and trying to diagnose the problem. It was working fine for four months. I have had it turned off for nearly two months due to traveling and other activities. I powered it up and the Power Supply fan operates...the CPU fan operates...but that is it. Will not boot up. The hard drive light is a constant yellow (I know not all PCs have a light like this).

I switched out hard drives....same results. I've checked all connections but no help.

I hate to think a motherboard went bad on this thing.

Any help greatly appreciated!!!!


A:CMOS Battery or Power Supply or Something Else?

Try to reseat the processor, vid card, and memory. If all else fails take out everything but the processor, memory, and vid card and try to boot it with a startup disk

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I built this system 16 months ago. Worked great until recently started acting strang then would not boot up. I cleared the CMOS and it would then start up. If I try to restart it will not boot. If I go into the BIOS it will not boot after exiting. Have to clear CMOS evertime to start.
I have changed the CMOS battery. No help. I tried changing BIOS settings but will not start after entering BIOS. The computer works fine after starting up.
Any ideas?

A:Only boots after clearing CMOS

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Sorry for the length as I tried to make this as short as I could while giving what I believe is essential information . Back in late 2005- early 2006 I built a socket 939 system running Windows XP. The case I used was a Thermalrock which was a division of Thermaltake. The case itself was well made but the start button was housed in extremely cheap material and through normal wear broke ever so easily; the case was an expensive mistake. So I was forced to remove the start button from its housing (there was absolutely no way to fix). When this happened the system would not start up when the now unhoused button was engaged. I had to reach around the back, turn off the power supply, turn it back on and then press the power button. It would then start but I had to do this every time.

Three years ago I built an i5 system and the socket 939, with a few exceptions, lay dormant since then (realizing it is almost 10 years old). Last week my dad wants me to build him a system but I decided to see if these parts were serviceable. Besides it would be better than his laptop that runs Vista and at 80 years of age he basically only uses his system to do family research, video streaming, listening to online music and his favorite internet talk shows. So I bought a HAF 912 and I am going to upgrade him to Windows 7 64 (yes, I have installed 4 gigs of RAM).

I migrated everything over to the HAF 912 and here is what I have run into (no I have not upgraded to 7 64 yet):

1. The CMOS ... Read more

A:CMOS Battery, Power Supply, or Something Else Causing Issues?

I would replace the CMOS battery and see if the bios changes are properly saved. If not, the realtime clock chip is probably gone, meaning it is time to upgrade the CPU and motherboard. 939 boards may be extremely rare now

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Here's the specs of my PC.casing: Dell Optiplex 790CPU: i7 2600GPU: Radeon HD 6700Memory: 2x 4GB ddr3Mobo: stock mobo for Dell OptiplexHDD: 1 TB SATA(don't know the brand)PSU: 700 watts genericOS: Windows 7 Pro 64 bitothers are just the basic stock fans/heat sink from Dell Optiplex 790.This PC is more like a hand me down from a friend.I left the PC for about 4 months with no activity since my monitor died and I still don't have money to get one. I recently bought a 32' LED TV to use as the monitor(which i'm now regretting). When I powered it on, I was able to play for around 5 hours until I decided to stop since the TV is starting to hurt my eyes.. Later on when I turned back on the PC, it was still fine and after around 2 hours of playing, it suddenly powers off and I can't turn it back on. I thought maybe the PC is overheated since I haven't replaced the thermal paste for a long time. I bought a thermal paste and replaced it the next day and it still won't power on. Then I decided to replace the CMOS battery and now the PC is working again. I thought that was the end of it but after a few hours of gaming, the PC powers off again, The same thing happened, I can't turn the PC on. I decided to test the CMOS battery if it was discharged but when I test it, it still has some life in it. I placed the CMOS battery back and now the PC turns back on again. I had to change the date and time each time I re-seated the CMOS battery. Again, after playi... Read more

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Hello. I'm new to this forum, and I'm not super experienced, so I hope I'm not overlooking something basic or don't understand something, but here's my question:

I set the "supervisor password" and the "user password" in the BIOS set-up in windows xp professional (pavilion a1010, p4). After turning off the computer and then powering it back up, I am not prompted for the "user password" (which is the power-on password, right?). I am, however, prompted for the "supervisor password", if I try to enter BIOS set-up, indicating to me that the CMOS battery is good. When I do enter BIOS set-up the "supervisor password" and the "user password" are still indicated to be "enabled". Any insights on why my computer is not prompting me for the power-on password would much appreciated. Thank you.

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I just got this intel 845G mobo ... I couldn't get it to power up until I removed the CMOS battery for a few seconds then put it back. Why is that? How do I correct it?

Thank you for your time.

A:Solved: New Mobo must remove CMOS battery to power up

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I've had this a while but never got around to getting ideas on the prob. 4 yr old Toshiba Satellite, Vista, updated OS/drivers... Most of the time it only boots with the power plug removed. After I get the windows loading scroll, I can plug it in and it boots fine. If plugged in while booting, it only gets to maybe the boot loader sequence and then powers off. If I run the boot repair, it may boot with power for a few times but always reverts to booting only without the power plug attached. Tried changing some system power settings with no change. I guess I haven't looked at the CMOS for anything odd. Battery seems to be charging/discharging OK. Boot load script seems normal. Any ideas?

A:Laptop only boots on battery power

Sounds like a hardware issue (ie: motherboard and/or power circuitry), not a Windows issue.

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Been working fine until a few days ago. When I turn it on it says 163 - Time and Date not set - There is no option in bios to set date Non-System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready - Bios cannot detect hard drive So the question is if the RTC Battery is weak or dead can it cause above issues Thanks Chris

A:Question about RTC Battery (CMOS Battery) and System Errors

CWILLIAM83 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!The answer is actually -- yes and no. A weak or dead CMOS battery will prevent the BIOS settings from being saved when you power off the PC. If the default settings work OK with your hardware, then the only thing you would notice is that the clock resets. But, if you customized your settings to see the hard drive, then the default settings might not see it. After you replace the battery, you would have to go through configuring the settings-- again.Good Luck

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I have just replaced my CMOS/BIOS battery today, as , I have faced some critical problem regarding regular BIOS date/time reset after system shutdown. But I want to know how do i recognize, that my new batter is totally ok or functional.

Battery Meter gadget shows that "battery Not charging"
Is it a gadget problem?

Is there any method available so that I can track that my new installed CMOS battery in PC is working fine?

Please help me.

A:Battery Meter shows CMOS battery not charging

The battery you have replaced is solely there to maintain the clock and other BIOS settings (if you have changed them from their defaults). It will not prevent you from booting your system if it is dead/missing; all it means is that you will have to enter the BIOS each time and make the correct settings and time. This battery is not rechargeable.

Do you still have to enter the correct time, or is the BIOS maintaining this now you've changed the battery?

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So I have a machine I have just replaced the mobo on for someone but everytime it is unplugged from the wall upon reboot a message appears during post saying default values have been loaded and you have to press F1 to enter setup (bios) or F2 to continue.
I thought this was no big problem and swiftly replaced the CMOS battery but it is exactly the same, resets everytime power is cut
The board is an MSI B75MA-P45 and is brand new
Thankfully the default sata mode is AHCI so the machine still boots after reset but its really annoying me and the clock resetting stops WU from working and also threw a temp activation problem that was easily dealt with.

HWinfo does not show VBatt reading and speedfan does but reports 4.08V which is clearly wrong from a 3V battery

Any thoughts/ideas would be gratefully received as im running out of options other than an RMA which is going to be a major pain as this is her only computer and cant be without it

A:BIOS resets everytime power is unplugged cmos battery replaced

Just some thoughts.

***Why was the motherboard replaced??***

1. Is their a default jumper pin on the motherboard that is in the wrong position.
2. I have seen a power supply cause this problem.
3. Lately HWmonitor for other members has been giving wrong readings.
4. It has been know that a infection will monkey with the time so one can't get help on line.

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All, Very strange thing going on, and I've not seen it on these forums, so here I go. Turn on laptop, the HP screen appears, and about 20 minutes later, Windows starts loading.Turn off laptop, pull the battery, turn on the laptop, and Windows starts loading within 10 seconds (normal). When the battery is in, EVERYTHING takes 15-20 minutes to start.  If I select F2 for settings, it takes that long.  If I hit F10 (or possibly F8), same delay.      If I take the battery out, it works perfectly. So....I of course assume bad battery......but I've never seen this type of behavoir in ANY computer previously. Any suggestions?HP G62-340US Notebook Windows 7 Home PremiumNo error message and no changes made to system. Thanks Donlen

A:HP G62 Battery causes slow boot - take battery out and boots...

BTW - I've noticed other things like "Failed DST" and things like that...but only when the battery is installed. When battery is out....passes all diags.

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I have a strange issue regarding powering on my laptop. Every time I do clean shut down, I must remove the battery to be able to switch on my laptop again. When working on power supply only (with battery removed) I must unplug it and plug again to fix the issue. Everything works fine if I power off the computer using power button at any time, then I can just press power button and laptop switches on.Because this model come with FreeDOS pre-installed I'm currently using Arch Linux on it. I updated UEFI to latest available version F.79 but it didn't help.

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Does removing the battery and using the laptop on AC power, having the charger plugged in for many than 2 days, damage laptop hardware in any way?


View Solution.

A:Does removing the battery and using the laptop on AC power c...

No it will not do any harm. Actually it is better for the battery to remove it if you are constantly plugged in. 

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I have a strange issue. I have a Lenovo T60 laptop and I am experiencing problems with the power management/power guage.

It will often show the battery not installed (power gauge is a greyish-white color with dashed lines) or it shows a red X. It does not matter if I am on AC power or on Battery power, it will show the full range of power, battery level, not installed, or an error.

I have searched Lenovo's site and I seem to remember seeing an FAQ about this, but now that I need it, I cannot find it.

What can I check or do to stop this? While it is annoying, I am not sure if I am having a battery problem or not. I did check my battery on Lenovo's site to see if it was recalled and it is not.

I do appreciate any help that any one can give me.


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Hoping this problem will be noticed by more people, the original post on this issue came from:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Linux-Discussion/T470-Linux-Power-Bridge-wrong-discharge-order/td-p/365...https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/63odjr/t470_battery_order_question_internal_discharges/ Brief description: same problem with OS including Win 10, Ubuntu 16.04, Gentoo etc. The internal battery always gets discharged first regardless its remaining power, which is generally harmless but seems not so good for the internal battery life. With my own T470 machine, updated with the latest 1.29 BIOS, this problem remains. According to searching results online, this little bug came with early versions of X's and T' including T460. PS: this issue had been successfully fixed with T460 via BIOS update 1.26, hoping it would be fixed with T470 sooner or later. Best regards. 

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This started a few day ago and so far as per now i charge it almost every after 2hours but with 45% still remaining on battery.

A:My dell latitude battery shuts down at 45% of battery power remaining and on plugging it into ac, it starts from that same % so am not sure of what is happening to it.

Thank you for writing to us!
Kindly boot the system into BIOS and check the battery health and Ac Adapter.
Also private message the service tag and email address.

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The battery light is blinking white. It says that the power source is plugged in, but the battery is not charging. I've run a battery test and it came back as passed/ok. Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Battery Light Blinking - Power Source Plugged In, Battery No...

As we have properly undertsood your issue you are facing issue in battery issues: Please read this information if you can : Common causes of the error plugged in not charging can be because of the following: Faulty charger. Some chargers supply power to charge the batteryseperately for the power to run the laptop. Nitin singh guleria  

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So, I had opened months ago a thread here about the short battery time with the T470P. I got my hands on the biggest available battery (72Wh), but still manage, even after a gauge reset, to get around 5h battery time, only using Firefox, and minimal Words/PDF. All on POWER saving mode. What's going wrong with the T470P that it wont even reach half of its promised 12h battery time? (I know those are Airplane mode numbers, but 5h is a joke compared to those)

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Vista is retrieving me the error message that it is not able to retrieve the power parameters.
Do i need to install a softawre to allow me to access those parameters ?

Thanks for you feedback,



A:Battery - Vista is not able the retrieve the power options for the battery


To be honest I have no idea what you are talking about.
The Vista power options are a part of the Vista OS and you don?t need to install anything.

But on Toshiba notebook the Vista power option would be extended by some Toshiba power options.
Are you speaking about this Power Saver options?
If yes, then I would recommend reinstalling the VAP (value added package) because these power options are a part of VAP.

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Hi, my girlfriend in Beijing has an Acer Aspire S3 latop. She bought a new battery for it a while back and told me it was no good. I was in Beijing recently messing around with it and found that actually the battery is fine (lasts for >4 hours) but when unplugged and running on battery power, the laptop often just cuts out suddenly (loss of power). I took the battery out and had a look and cleaned all the connections but they seem fine.

The next part is the strange part and which I hope might give someone a clue as to what's going on...

When it cuts out, it will never restart again unless the mains power cable is plugged back into the laptop. As soon as that's done and the power button is pressed, it starts up again and the cable can be taken out immediately (I mean immediately - you can plug the cable in, push the "power on" button and pull the cable back out in less than a second) and it will start up and run fine on battery again... until the next time it suddenly cuts out without warning.

Because any unsaved data is lost and because the laptop cannot restart without the power adaptor, this very portable and light laptop is now reduced to having to be kept at home all the time and plugged in, which is exactly the opposite of what she bought it for.

Anybody have any idea what the problem could be or suggest some tests that could be done to find out? She took it to a local computer shop but the guys there had no idea.

Thanks in advance for any adv... Read more

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This problem occurred with prior Win 7 Home O/S, so I upgraded to Windows 10. Heavens-to-Mergatroid!  This laptop runs just fine when only battery is powering it.  However, once I also plug in the power cord, the O/S does a hard crash within 1 to 3 minutes. How special! I can get about 2.5 to 3 hours when using the battery, but not if I also plug in the power cord.  That means that when the battery gets low I must perform a standard shutdown and then insert the power cord which recharges the battery if I don't turn  on computer.  If I then start the computer with both connected, it crashes.  I am not patient enough to live with a computer that has to be recharged every couple of hours.  HELP! I suspected a heating issue, so I took the back panels off and thoroghly cleaned the fan vents and other cracks and crevices using canned air, but this did not fix the problem.  Since in runs just fine on the battery, I deduce it is NOT a heating issue, neither dust or heat paste issues.  (I also used a cooling mat to no avail) Im 70 years old living in God's waiting room, but parts of my body are 18 to 30.  However, I do have "Essential Tremors" in both hands so I cannot do a full laptop disassembly even if I want to, which I don't.  I cannot afford to pay a computer repair shop $100 or more to try a fix this vexing power issue.  Other than hocking my car (it's too old also) to buy a new laptop, does an... Read more

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I have just purchased an x1 carbon i7 5th Generation. I am experiencing a strange issue.Laptop will not switch on if on Battery although the battery is 100% charged. You need to plug the power on and then the power button will respond. You can remove then the power source (USB C) and the laptop responds fine to restarts etc on Battery and can start up again. As long as you leave the laptop for more than 10 mins powered off (not plugged in) then the power button will not respond again.Tried holding the power button in for hard reset or pressing the reset button under the laptop with no Luck. The only way to get the laptop back to life is to connect it to the power adapter and then Power Button will respond fine and you can work on battery. I have done all the latest updates, bios, drivers etc... but still no luck. Since the laptop is only 1 day old... unless a solution from this group I will be returning it to the supplier on Monday Morning. Thanks 

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Recently I noticed that the amber LED on my HP Probook 650 G1 flashing constantly, even when the laptop is powered off.   The System Tray battery indication is 100%, fully charged, when on AC power and 100% on battery power shortly after undocking.    I find the Probook won't power up if AC power is not available (no response when pressing power button) but remains powered when I remove it from the docking station.    Have the electronics that control this LED flashing and power up when not on AC gone bad?    Is this an indication of other failure? thanks

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Over the last few months I noticed that the battery meter on my Dell Inspiron E1505 laptop was blinking red to green and back... so having had this laptop for several years, I assumed that I would need a new battery soon. The adapter power cord was also beginning to lose some of its covering near the plug in site so I ordered both a new battery and power cord. (That was about 2 weeks ago).

Upon receiving my order, I was very pleased to see that when I installed the new battery and new cord, the battery already had some charge (I didn't note how much). I felt relieved to have my mind at ease that all was now well with my computer. (little did I know that I'd be needing help less than two weeks later!).

Important note... I very rarely use my laptop without the power cord... (past experience proved to be frustrating because I always needed more time than the battery provided.)

I've probably only used the laptop "on battery"... a few dozen times over the last 3 years!

Now... I am in a dilemma!

Yesterday, I took the laptop with me out of town when my husband and I did some real estate hunting.
Instead of using the laptop on battery... we had it plugged into a special power converter for use in the car. I noticed that whenever we stopped and turned off the ignition... the laptop would lose it's power immediately, and as we resumed our travel... I'd have to restart the computer... and there would be the "black & white" warning... Read more

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I have a T460s with 2 batteries per the attached status.  Battery 2 is discharged first, then battery 1. Issue: When battery 2 depletes, instead of switching over to battery 1, the laptop powers off without warning.  Just... POOF.  I have updated BIOS and am running Windows 10 Pro. BIOS is at N1CET58W 1.26 I have Lenovo Vantage loaded, but when I run it to check for updates, none of the 'System Update' buttons results in any action being taken.   I have done some searching but have not found any information on why the switchover from Battery 2 to Battery 1 would cause an instant power off. 

T460s_battery2.jpg ?28 KB

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I keep getting a message both on boot and strangely also in Windows, RTC low battery. The laptop will simply shut down.

I guess there is a fault or the CMOS battery is actually dead. I have taken the bottom off to expose the board, and watched various tear downs, but still cannot locate the battery. I have removed the main board and the CMOS battery is not there. Is there one on these units?

This is a fairly new laptop and otherwise in good order.

Any help appreciated.

A:RTC Battery Low - Where is CMOS Battery? C50-B-14D

Some models dont have an RTC battery, they rely on the main battery to keep the time.

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CMOS battery

What happens and what is the danger to your computer if the CMOS battery dies?

A:CMOS battery

The CMOS battery is a very low powered device, just like a little watch battery.

So don't stress, it ain't gonna kill you.

However, its needed to keep data in the CMOS. The CMOS tells the computer what processor is installed (although many computers have jumpers set to tell it this), what drives you have (diskette, hard disk, CD-ROM, and others, and importantly your hard drive's geometry), how much memory is installed, and other important data that your computer needs to know in order to run correctly....

I imagine what would happen if it completely ran out would be that the CMOS would have to be re-written to manually in your BIOS program every time the machine was powered on for anything like normal operating to occur. Certainly you would loose the time settings and would have to redirect the BIOS to redetect the hard drives everytime you powered on.

You can replace a CMOS battery quickly and easily. They are very cheap and just clip out and in to the motherboard. It resembles a small silver disc about the size of a coin.

This is assuming that your computer is not totally ancient (like a 8088, 8086, maybe 286 or something) where the CMOS battery was sometimes not removable. If this is the case then get a new computer you sad man..... Otherwise, it will cost you nothing to replace and if you are not sure of yourself a computer store will do it in about 1 minute.

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It's time to change the battery (first time for a machine I bought in 2004 - not a bad run). I can't get the old one out....any suggestions?

A:CMOS Battery

On side should have a metal contact.
You need to carefully pry it toward that contact as it is spring loaded,
then lift from the other side.
Should pop right out.
Be careful you don't want to break the socket.
Some older cmos batteries were soldered on,but I haven't
seen that since around 2000.

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Ive been working on this old computer and it had a bad CMOS battery. It was the kind where you put AA's into it and then it plugged into the motherboard. I replaced it, but now the hard drive settings are all screwed up. I went into the Bios Program to set everything. But none of the options matches the hard drive. I know for a fact that this computer worked before the cmos battery went dead. The options in BIOS you can only set to
Type 1, Type2, etc. There is no "USER" setting where you can just put in the numbers of heads/cylinders/sectors. What should i do?

A:CMOS battery

If you have no user or auto settings try setting the bios to type one. Hopefully the drive was originally using a drive overlay and will boot ok with this setting.

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Hi everyone,
I have an NEC Versa 4230, with win95,133mhz notebook. When I turn it on it tells me the system battery is dead, and to replace it. Thing is I don't know where it is at or where to get one. Do places like circuit city sell them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks , JOE

A:cmos battery

Well I looked it up a NEC and the bad news is they say must be replaced by certified NEC site.

Either they just want to charge the money or it's not easy to do.

Could be soldered to motherboard instead of clip type which is a major pain.

Sorry, don't have any better info for you

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Want to change my CMOS battery....what will I lose while it's out ? What will I have to reset other than the time and date ?KENNY

A:CMOS battery

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What happen when I put cmos battery in motherboard dell 745 it cannot start!!!its new battery...anyone to help me please?

A:Cmos battery

Check and make sure the battery seated correctly. Also make sure you did not jar your memory loose. This will prevent . The computer from booting also.

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My CPU clock was messing up constintly on my so I wanted to change out the battery. I did that with no difficulty. When I restarted my computer all that happined was that it beeped at me the code was.. 2 quick then 9. My computer is know a fancy paper weight I can't even boot from a disk, cd or floppy)There is no signal going to the monitor I have a Matsonic Ms6260s motherboard.

A:CMOS battery

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Question : Does anyone know if a "faulty" CMOS battery (the CR2032 type) can stop a laptop working?

This is the sequence of events: -

1. Booted laptop from standby as normal.
2. Logged in
3. Everything working as usual for about 30 minutes

Then I stopped working on the laptop to talk to someone. While we were talking I noticed the laptop screen suddenly went blank. From that moment forth the little darling has been as dead as the Christmas turkey.

My experience with CMOS batteries that are about to go play a harp is that they indicate this by displaying the wrong date and time. Even then it can take days or even weeks before the battery finally gives up.

I used my last CR2032 a few days ago, so before I go trundling down to the shops I would be grateful if anyone could tell me if a "deceased" CR2032 can make a laptop suddenly die.

I haven't seen that before.



A:CMOS Battery.... perhaps ?

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Is there a default in set up after replacing the cmos battery or should you take a picture with the flash off just in case?
I cannot think of any other way to know the information as print screen etc cannot be used.

A:cmos battery

Replacing the CMOS battery will probably reset the BIOS settings to their defaults. Unless you or someone else has changed the settings, that will be the same as what you have now.

You could use a camera (or smartphone) with the flash turned off to record the settings. Or, you could just use pencil and paper. (Dell typically provides a fairly limited selection of settings. That's not intended as criticism.)

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Not sure I am in the right section of forums but hope I can get a response. My computer is an Acer AX 3300. My problem is the CMOS battery is failing. I have a new battery CR 2032, which is, I understand the most likely type of battery to be in this computer. I have removed the side panel in the hope of seeing the CMOS but cannot locate it.
Before I start to dissemble the computer any more, can anyone tell me exactly where the CMOS is located in this machine.
Will appreciate any help as I have never taken any computer apart before.

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I have a ASUS motherboard.When my Pc star to bootup,I have a line in the end that tall me that the Cmos Batt is lower and the date and time is not accurate or something like that.What kind the battery is this one and what do I have to do to change?



A:Cmos Battery

The most commonly used battery is CR2032. If you still have the P4S800-MX motherboard (from a May post), turn off your PC and remove the left side cover. The battery is a 5 cent coin size disk near your IDE drive connectors.

You can get the battery about anywhere (I saw them at the grocery store last week).

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Hi can someone help please I need to replace the CMOS battery in my laptop but have not had any look purchasing one all local retailers say they dont stock them even the one where I purcased the laptop from, I did get one from Amazon which said it was the correct one but when I recieved it it was a slightly different end to the cable so can someone advise please. The model is HP G62 Notebook & the battery is a CR2032HF-243V. Thanks Normski.

A:CMOS Battery

Norm. To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00033108 REO

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