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Xp Format - Silent Format Of Drive Via Command Line Or Script

Q: Xp Format - Silent Format Of Drive Via Command Line Or Script

I'm backing up everything from my C: drive to drive F: using ntbackup, but first, I'm formatting the F: drive. For the formatting part, I want my script (simple batch file) to make it just happen--I don't want to respond to two prompts before formatting each time I run it. Any ideas?When I do this:format f: /fs:ntfs /v:"Backup_160"It prompts me to enter the volume label for this drive. Then it asks if I really want to erase the thing. I am thinking a "/Y" tacked onto the end will suppress the prompting about whether I want to erase it. What about the volume label prompt? I thought the "/v:"Backup_160"" was supposed to answer this question, but it doesn't seem to. Whether I remove the "/v:" parameter or leave it there, it always prompts. (Note that in this case, "Backup_160" was both the old and new name of volume F:; that's what I want it to always be called when I backup.)Also, what's the best way for me to overwrite the old backup file (Backup.bkf) each time with the new one, via batch file? Is this what the /T and /G switches are for--to overwrite an old backup file?Here's what I used last night:format f: /fs:ntfs /v:"Backup_160"ntbackup backup c:\ /n "Backup.bkf created 10/16/2006 at 1:08 AM" /v:yes /r:no /rs:no /hc:off /SNAP:on /m normal /j "Weekly System Backup" /l:s /f "F:\Backup.bkf"Thanks,Hotshot309

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Preferred Solution: Xp Format - Silent Format Of Drive Via Command Line Or Script

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


After hopefully fixing a virus problem with Norton, I'm still left with one file in my Command folder named "DriveGcr.exe" that seems to have a problem. Everytime I boot a dialog box appears on the desktop headed "Long filename Backup" and the text is "Bad Command Line Format" When I click ok the box disappears and everything seems to work fine but I'm not sure if that file should exist in my command folder. The icon is the same as Sulfnbk.exe

A:[Resolved] Bad command Line format

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Sound quality is changed by format, so I change the format many times.

When I see a movie, then change to 24 48khz or 192. But many musics are 44.1khz so when I play music, then change to 24 44.1khz.

But that click-work so bother me. So I want change format by command line.

Could you tell me how to control Realtek HD audio manager in command line, plz?

Ex)Realtek HD audio manager - speaker - default format
16 bit 44.1khz <-> 24bit 192khz

A:I want to change realtek's sound format by using command line

If the source is 16 bit, 44.1Khz, changing to 24 bits, 48Khz, etc does not make it sound better. It can only be as good as the source.

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Hi everyone,

I recently accidentally formatted a hard drive. So, I quickly install a file recovery software (EaseUS Data Recovery). Then the result shows that most of SWF files are big in size. I think that lots of my files have been converted or combine with other files. So, how do I recover my files?

A:File format changed into other format after format a hard drive

This may not be the best answer, but I would recover the files first. That is you biggest concern right now. Then try to see what you need to do to fix them.

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Is there a way to boot up from a floppy drive, a bootup disk to erase the Hard Drive?

So I can Clean Install XP.

Thank you.

A:Boot Disc to Command Prompt to Format and Erase Infected Hard Drive

Well...how do you plan to install XP...from recovery disks, from MS XP CD, from recovery partition, etc.? How do you plan to accomplish the install?

Deleting the preexisting partition or formatting same...should be a part of the clean install option provided by most means of installing XP.

Essentially, there's no need to "erase" the hard drive by other means.


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Harddrive Lacie 250GB connected trough firewire 800:

XP says it's a RAW partition (used to be NTFS)

I have restored all the files from this drive (to another), and now I would like to reformat the drive to NTFS.

When XP tries to format it, it says ehh, " Error ..can't complete the format".

Anyone have any ida how to get past this problem:
I have Easy Reovery 6.03, Fix it utilities and more.

Any suggestions would be most welcome

System XP sp2 with all updates installed

A:PROBLEM: Xp reports RAW format, but I can't format the drive to NTFS,,,

I have run into the same problem except it is formatting 4.7 gig discs. If I find something that will help you, I will let you know. Let me know if you get a solution. It may assist me with my problem..........


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i've purchased a seagate 1TB external hard drive and need to format it in FAT32 format.

how can i go about doing this using windows 7?

A:how can i format my external HD drive into FAT32 format

Quote: Originally Posted by Waqas83


i've purchased a seagate 1TB external hard drive and need to format it in FAT32 format.

how can i go about doing this using windows 7?

Hi and welcome

um, why do you need to? there are several 3rd party apps that can but since win 7 knows NTFS, it will not format fat32. Just checked to be sure.

KEn J+

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Hello All,

I'm new to this forum seeking help for the issue below. I've searched for similar threads but all are either very old or not specific to my problem . . .

I/O Magic External USB Hard Drive (2007)
Seagate 250mb IDE
Initial problems appeared as the unit began to operate slowly, taking a long time to boot up and for folder to appear in Windows Explorer. Eventually the unit stopped working completely and would freeze up the host computer. Once the external was powered down the host computer would “unfreeze” and resume normal operation.
I attempted to determine if the external chassis might be the problem and removed the HD, mounting it as a slave in an older Dell running Windows XP (this unit had the correct IDE cabling). After correcting a “Don’t Have Permission to View Folder” error, I was able to see the drive. However, when attempting to open the drive in Windows Explorer, the drive at did not seem to respond at first. Eventually I got a pop up that said the “Drive is not formatted, do you want to Format Now?” I didn’t want to do this, so I ran Diagnostic Tools to try to Fix Disc Errors, and got the final message that the disc is in “Raw Format”, and that’s where I stopped.
This drive was a backup to the primary HD in my HP, whose motherboard died just prior to the problems detailed above. It contains ordinary personal data, but also my entire digital collection of music which I’d like to recover. I would rate my level of tech expertise abo... Read more

A:Do You Want to Format / Raw Format on External Drive

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Hi all, i use this script to compress all .txt and .cpi files into the backup folder in separated files with 7zip. After the files are zipped i delete the original files. However this script has a logical flaw. Lets say if the 7zip program fails to run, the files will also get deleted. How can i change the script so that it should not delete the files if they don't get zipped first. Also how can i change this script so it zips files that are older than 7 days? Thanks for your help. Jason

@echo off
set _source=C:\test7zip\bak
set _dest=C:\test7zip\bak
set _wrpath=C:\Program Files\7-Zip
if NOT EXIST %_dest% md %_dest%
for %%I in (%_source%\*.txt,%_source%\*.cpi) do "%_wrpath%\7z" a "%_dest%\%%~nI.7z" "%%I" & del "%%I"

A:Command Line Batch Script

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Write a shell script that will accept any number of command line interger parameters do the following....I have to use a if statment for the lowest and highest values???

first question-----Determind the lowest and highest values?
second question------Determind the sum of all parameters entered??

for num in $*


if [ num -lt lowest}
echo " The low number is : $num"
if { $num -gt high ]
then echo "High num is: $num"


A:shell script Command line help please

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Hi all, i use this script for compress all bak files into the backup folder in separated files with 7zip.
for %%I in (*.bak) do 7z a "%%~nI.7z" "%%I"

The thing i have to add here is when finish compressing each file deletes the source .bak file, is this posible?

Thanks a LOT!!!! & Thanks TheOutcast for the original code from here !!!!


A:Solved: Help With Command Line Batch Script

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Hello,I was wondering if Combofix has any Command Line Parameters. I would like to be able to create a script to download and run a Combofix without and user interaction. Is there a way to make Combofix run silently and select OK or YES to any of its pop-up windows (like to install Microsoft recovery or to reboot the computer)? Please let me know ThanksPS. Love your products, they work awesome!! Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Combofix script/command line Parameters

Please read the pinned topic ComboFix usage, Questions, Help? - Look here.

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Windows 7 has apparently changed the way fonts are installed. I have a web page that I use that when visiting the page it looks to see if a file called barcode.exe is installed in a particular folder and if it is not present it downloads the file and executes it. The exe file is designed to place 2 carolina bar code fonts into C:\windows\fonts. This works with no issues in both Windows XP and Windows Vista but is not working in Windows 7. I can manually install these into Windows 7 font folder with no problem, but need to be able to do it automatically. Does anyone know an effective command line to use to place a font into the font folder in Windows 7? Thanks...

Jerry Mill

A:Installing fonts via command line/script

in my my .bat file, I run Font.vbs file.

rem Add files


Text code inside of Font.vbs file as follows:

' Fonts.cfg
' January 13, 2010
' ----------------------------------------------------------
Option Explicit

Dim objShell, objFolder

Const FONTS = &H14&

Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace(FONTS)
objFolder.CopyHere "O:\BDARevit\Distra\architxt.ttf"

Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objFolder = objShell.Namespace(FONTS)
objFolder.CopyHere "O:\BDARevit\Distra\BlankSerif.ttf"


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I'm new to writing command line scripts and am trying to write one that will record time, date, and ip configuration each time my laptop signs on to a network (wireless mainly, but wired as well).

I don't know how to check for a connection in a script or what event is triggered when the network is connected.

Any help is much appreciated.

A:Command Line Script/ Wireless Network Logon

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hello folks
I was wondering if anyone out there could hook my up with the command to format my HHD. Its been so many years i have forgotten the steps. Im running XP right now and its having lots of problems and i would like to just make a fresh start with a format and a reinstall. Any help would be great.. thanks

A:format command

Get into the bios at boot up Bob, change the boot order to cdrom first, pop the XP disk in, save and exit and away you jolly well go.

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I have a computer with six speaker output capacity but I only have two speakers connected and intend to ocasionally send the output to an external stereo with surround sound and six speakers and my computers six speaker mode.
The only problem is that I would be leaving the five speaker out ports without wires. I intend to use the six speaker mode with only the main output.
My concern is that if I use the six speaker mode sending all six channels to my six channel external stereo that I could blow the speaker ports on my computer having not sent anything through them.

Would those real ports be workable in the future if I sent all six channels through the main port? Also would it be safe for the main port to send all six channels through using the eqaualizer(s)?

A:Line out using six speaker format


Your description is a little confusing! If this is a PCI card can you identify it exactly so that I might be able to look up its manual on the Manuf.'s Net site.

Where do you have the 2 speakers currently plugged and do you have the output somehow set to 2 Channel Stereo? Are you getting ALL the sound output with only 2 spkrs?

When you say "main output" what exactly do you mean? What does that socket(s) label say on it? Are you taking about a single Line Out??? I'm having a tough time visualizing a six channel output having a single Line Out Jack!

As for blowing the channels that have no speakers connected....that won't happen since the Impedance seen by the amp's output will be Infinite...no current flow allowed.

Anyway more info about the setup would be helpful.

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I'm in need of a way to remove the *Session credentials via a script / command line.I support a large number of remote clients and due to SSPI conflicts I end up having to manually remove my *Session credentials multiple times per day.It would be extremely helpful to be able to do this via a script.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance,Doug

A:Looking for a script / command line to remove the *Session credential from the Credentials vault

Hi Doug,
It appears that this is a scripting related question and we have specific forum for supporting this. Please go to our Scripting Forum for help.
Thanks. Nicholas Li - MSFT

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I want to format date in my batch script so that I may use it as file name.How can I format date from default formatting to dd/mm/yy ?

A:date format in script

These instructions should be what you want: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_zdpcm/is_200406/ai_ziff128194

Will only work in XP.

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I have a Compaq Presario with a 2.1 Gig that has a partition (C & D). I want to reformat my drive and do a clean install on this system. When I use the Windows startup disk with the fdisk command, I see both C & D partion plus an additional 8K on the drive. If I connect another drive, Does not boot up. I think the 8K has something to do with the BIOS. My question is if I format the drive using FORMAT C:/S command will I accident erase that 8k of info? How can I erase the information on my C: drive so I can install Windows 98 SE?



A:Harddrive format command

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I have an Excel file with several sheets. On one of the sheets, I formatted a couple of rows to be green as part of a display. However, for some reason, a week or so ago, that green line started popping up on the other sheets in the file. It happens when I change a value in a cell. As soon as I hit enter, the green line from the other sheet pops up across the sheet that I'm using.

When I toogle to the another sheet or go to another application, the line goes away. But as soon as go back to the sheet and change a value, the line pops up again.

This had never happened until about two weeks ago. And now it happens almost every time, though, strangely, occassionally it doesn't.

Thanks for any help.

A:Format Line Keeps Popping Up in Excel

Can you post the sheet here?

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Hi everyone,
In our organisation we are using wireless displaying technology to mirror devices onto our TV's. At present we are having troubles because of a Cisco VPN client we use on our machines. I have narrowed the problem down to the 'Deterministic Network Enhancer'
which is installed with the Cisco VPN which is linked to each network adapter.
I was wondering if there was a way to create a batch file which disables the deterministic network enhancer on each network adapter, I will also need one to turn it back on.
If you need further info please let me know
Thanks in advance

A:Disable Deterministic Network Enhancer for wireless adapters via command line script

Hi Mark
since I have limitation knowledge regarding related product which caused this issue, I suggest you contact Intel for WiDI and Cisco regarding this VPN client
There supposed to be workaround that will fix this issue, I suspect this is maybe caused by version only, try to contact Cisco regarding which version that not conflict with WiDi, if still persist I suggest contact Intel why this certain version caused WiDi
What im suggest:
1. From the hardware site, make sure you have the latest update for processor, graphic card, and network related driver. PC manufactured site supposed to be have this files
2. From the Cisco side, other than update the DNE, ask Cisco regarding which version that might be work with WiDi
3. From the Intel side (WiDi), ask them how to configure this thing so it will not conflict with your Cisco VPN client
I also think this issue will be solved by upgrade driver (related to network), I cant make sure if certain version of Cisco VPN Client will be conflict with WiDi, that's why I suggest you to contact both Cisco and Intel
Please let us know the update, you reply might be help for the others
good luck

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Hi all,
i wrote a diskpart batchfile to make my Bootsticks automatically.
But now I stuck
I want to  stop the batchfile for input format parameters, e.g. like this: format fs= NTFS Label /q

How do you want to format ?
NTFS or Fat 32
Your Choice <filesystem>

then the batchfile formats the USB Stick automatically with my parameters

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How exactly should this be written from the Microsoft Guide below as I am having the trouble outlined?


copy cd-rom:\win98\smartdrv.exe
copy cd-rom:\tools\oldmsdos\xcopy*.*

c:\windows\system32>c: copy d:\win98\smartdrv.exe
c:\windows\system32>c copy d:\tools\oldmsdos\xcopy*.*

Is my version correct above? Or how would I make the changes as I am a complete novice!! Not sure if the command should be written like this to begin with: c:\windows\system32>


A:Command Prompt Format for Reinstalling XP?

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If I wanted to do a FULL and COMPLETE format of my computer, whats the command for it? I need it to be the fullest and most complete format.

A:Whats the FULL format command in dos?

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I am having a problem with Excel from the Office 97 for Windows suite.

The problem is, that every time I click on the "format cells" option in a spreadsheet, even if it is a brand new unused spreadsheet, I get an "invalid page fault" error. Windows only gives me two option at that point, "details" or close. If I hit close, I am instantly back at my desktop. I am able to use other options under the format dropdown menu, such as "rows", "colmns" and such, but if I select "cells", Excel bombs.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Excel right off the office 97 CD, and it did not help. I am using windows 98SE as my OS. Every other function of Excel seems to work fine, including even more sophisticated commands such as charts and graphs, etc. But this format cells command just won't work.

Please someone tell me this is something that can be corrected with a registry fix or some kind of microsoft patch??

Thanks in advance!

A:Excel 97 crashes with use of format command

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/A:8192 is the last that works. If I try /A:16384 it failed with error: "bad parameter /A:16384"
The whole command is:
format e: /fs:FAT32 /a:8192

A:How to set in console in 'format' command parameter /A: more than 8Kb?

According to the help (format /?), 16000 is the number, not 16384 (regardless the real cluster size afterwards will probably be 16384 bytes).

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i get the script from other forum. but im still have problem with the format after processing.

this is my script.
SET origfile="C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\test1\before.txt"
SET tempfile="C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\test1\after.txt"
SET insertbefore=4
FOR /F %%C IN ('FIND /C /V "" ^<%origfile%') DO SET totallines=%%C

<%origfile% (FOR /L %%i IN (1,1,%totallines%) DO (
SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
IF %%i==%insertbefore% ECHO(
) >%tempfile%
COPY /Y %tempfile% %origfile% >NUL
DEL %tempfile%

this script i save as run1.bat. after running, the format is out of order

original file
header 1<--here got tab delimited format--><--here got tab delimited format-->
header 2<--here got tab delimited format--><--here got tab delimited format-->
header 3<--here got tab delimited format--><--here got tab delimited format-->
details 1
details 2

header 1<--tab delimited is missing--><--tab delimited is missing-->
header 2<--tab delimited is missing--><--tab delimited is missing-->
header 3<--tab delimited is missing--><--tab delimited is missing-->

details 1
details 2


A:add new line in text file without format changed

Hi, welcome to the forum,
could you post a sample of before.txt as you have it?
Maybe a vbs script would do a better job since it's easier to search etc.

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I've been having a rough time getting this code to run properly in MS Word 2012. I'm trying to create a command button upon document open and modify it's properties.
Private Sub Document_open()

'Add a command button to a new document
Dim doc As Word.Document
Dim shp As Word.InlineShape
Set doc = ActiveDocument

Set shp = doc.Content.InlineShapes.AddOLEControl(ClassType:="Forms.CommandButton.1")


'On Error Resume Next
With CommandButton1
.AutoSize = False
.Caption = "Save & Close"
.Enabled = True
.Font = Calibri
.Font.Bold = True
.Font.Underline = False
.Font.Size = 10
.Height = 24
.Left = 500
.Locked = False
.TakeFocusOnClick = True
.Top = 25
.Width = 72
End With

End Sub
When stepping through the code I get the "can't enter break mode" when reaching the button creation line, this isn't so bad because the code still runs. I just wanted to mention in case it might help point to the problem.

The reason I converted it to a shape is so I can access it's properties that require modification, however, upon reaching the "with" statement I get error 424 object required.

The weird thing is that if I leave the button still in the document and run the code again it works fine (althoug... Read more

A:MS Word VBA to Create Command Button and then Format it

The code below works for me but I removed the .LEFT and .TOP properties because they were throwing errors for me. I'll keep playing with it to see if they can be added back but I suspect they are not true properties for a button object.
Dim doc As Word.Document
Dim shp As Word.InlineShape
Set doc = ActiveDocument

Set shp = doc.Content.InlineShapes.AddOLEControl(ClassType:="Forms.CommandButton.1")

With shp.OLEFormat.Object
.AutoSize = False
.Caption = "Save & Close"
.Enabled = True
.Font.Name = "Calibri"
.Font.Bold = True
.Font.Underline = False
.Font.Size = 10
.Height = 24
.Locked = False
.TakeFocusOnClick = True
.Width = 72
End With

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Ok so a day ago I installed service pack 2 for vista onto my computer and when i rebooted I could not stop getting blue screen of death(with or without safe mode). The errors were something about sptd.sys(researched this and it was caused by having Daemon tools installed on my computer when i updated service pack 2) file and error message 0x0000007e. I tried all windows vista crappy recovery tools and obviously none of them worked. I then downloaded ubuntu linux to move the sptd.sys file into new folder then restarted my computer and that error was no longer there but i still got Bsod witht he 0x0000007e error. So i looked on line to see if i could reformat my computer using command prompt and i came across format c: ( yes i know im an idiot for actually typing this command wow i hate my life) but anyways i typed format c: then i formated my acer partition which is my computer so there went all my windows important files down the drain. I did this command because i thought that it would reinstall these files not just delete them completely, and plus i was soo frustrated that i couldn't just reformat (thanks microsoft for not providing me with a vista installationg disc your so user friendly). So now whenever i try to boot i get bootmrg is missing error, i even tried to install windows xp but it just goes into blue screen when i try to install. Is there ANYTHING I CAN DO PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE. Do i need to install vista with a install disc??? what can i do????? anyone please ... Read more

A:typed format c: in command prompt(Big Mistake) What can I do now????

Hi -

It was actually Daemon Tools that initiated this problem for you.

If the recovery partition is gone, you will need to contact Acer and purchase a set of Vista recovery DVDs. Last check was from HP - they charge about USD $30, incl shipping; not sure what Acer charges.

Acer Support --> http://support.acer.com/

Since you formatted c:, have you tried to boot into the recovery partition itself (usually drive d: or it is hidden). Most systems - press F10 during boot-up.

Regards. . .



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Hello everyone,

I have a 10 MB virtual hard disk in VirtualPC that I need to partition and format it to FAT32. I figure I can just have Virtual PC boot off of the Windows XP disk, run recovery console, and use the diskpart and format commands.

I can use diskpart to create the new partition without problems. I cannot seem to format it though, the format command works fine for NTFS and FAT. For FAT32 it acts as if it succeeded but it never does: Restarting Virtual PC and running diskpart reveals that the partition either has the previously formatted file system (FAT or NTFS), or is unknown (if it has not been previously formatted with FAT or NTFS.)

Does anyone have any suggestions or alternative methods to format the virtual hard disk ?

All suggestions are appreciated

A:Solved: XP format command issue in Virtual PC

A FAT32 volume must contain a minimum of 65,527 clusters. The smallest cluster size is one sector, which is 512 bytes. So the smallest FAT32 volume is 33549824 bytes, which is 32763.5 KiB, or 31.996 MiB, ie 32 MiB.

Limitations of the FAT32 File System (98/ME/2K)
Limitations of the FAT32 File System in Windows XP
Default cluster size for NTFS, FAT, and exFAT

This last article indicates NT 3.51 and NT 4.0 have a minimum size of 16 MiB.

With a 10 MiB drive you have to use NTFS or FAT16

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I have a HD for the OS and a 160 GB HD for files. I replaced the OS HD by cloning while the data drive was disconnected and now my data drive is no longer seen as NTFS, disk management sees it as RAW format and wants me to format; it also indicates 0 bytes used and 0 bytes available; the size is also incorrectly displayed as being 30.03 GB instead of 160.

Have run the Samsung diagnostics which indicate no problems.

Put the original HD back but it also showed same results.

Did a fresh install of XP with data HD connected with same results.

Also tried moving HD to different PC with no luck.

Tried using Knoppix but it does not recognize the file format and does not see the data.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix?

A:RAW format...my drive is now RAW format...

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I try to install db2 for windows on windows 7 ( using installation file that already used  on same machine ).
getting message :
invalid command line argument. consult the windows installer sdk for detailed command line help

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First, I am trying to re-install windows XP on a an Asus Eee PC 7" Netbook. The bootable disc is connected through and external USB CD-Drive. Done it dozens of times. Now the problem is that when I reach the blue screen to AGREE (F8) to The Licensing Agreement, nothing happens, the other commands work, not F8.

Unlike other solutions for others... NO the key is not locked on Fn or anything else.

Second, when re-booting I cannot get the computer to enter set-up F2 through the BIOS.

Occurence that preceded this was my significant other unintentionally interrupted a Windows Update process. When I re-booted the following morning, it said set-up was interrupted and is restoring old configurtion, which led to a blue screen explaining a complicated error saying it cannot re-configure. Later a screen explaining CHKDSK skips the process on it's own. Hence the re-format attempt. The keyboard is built into the Netbook.

A:RE-FORMAT: F8 (I agree) command unresponsive. Windows XP Re-Install

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I'm working on an Excel project. I need a Macro to find duplicate values in Column D and when a duplicate is found, format the font color and fill color for that row, column A thru E. Any ideas?

What I currently have finds the duplicates, but only contionally formats items in that column. I don't want it to be conditional, but here is what I'm using:

Private Sub btnDuplicates_Click()
Selection.FormatConditions(1).DupeUnique = xlDuplicate
With Selection.FormatConditions(1).Font
.Color = -16383844
.TintAndShade = 0
End With
With Selection.FormatConditions(1).Interior
.PatternColorIndex = xlAutomatic
.Color = 13551615
.TintAndShade = 0
End With
Selection.FormatConditions(1).StopIfTrue = False
End Sub

Any idea how to do this?

A:Non-Conditional Format: Duplicates Values in 1 Column Format Fill and Font Entire Row

I got rid of the conditional formatting you recorded, because I thought the best way was to loop through the cells in the column and try to find them in the range above and below, and it found them, to format the range of cells from A:E associated with the cells. The problem with using conditional formatting is that you can't loop through cells containing a certain format, because the cell object is not actually formatted. I hope this helps...

Sub Test()
Dim cell As Range, strValue As String
For Each cell In Range("D1:D10")
strValue = cell.Value
Select Case cell.Address
Case Is = "$D$1"
If Not Range(cell.Offset(1, 0), cell.End(xlDown)).Find(strValue) Is Nothing Then GoTo Format
Case Else
If Not Range(cell.Offset(-1, 0), cell.End(xlUp)).Find(strValue) Is Nothing Or _
Not Range(cell.Offset(1, 0), cell.End(xlDown)).Find(strValue) Is Nothing Then GoTo Format
End Select

Exit Sub
' you can obviously change this to suite your needs
With Range(cell.Offset(0, -3), cell.Offset(0, 1)).Font
.Bold = True
.Size = 10
.ColorIndex = 16
End With
GoTo Continue

End Sub


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Windows Mail will not format text even though it shows the formatting bar. No color, justification, photos, or size works.
Only B I U work and font style and size.
Copying and pasting from Wordpad loses the formatting.
Cannot email directly from Wordpad, like in xp, without having OUTLOOK. I want to email through windows mail. I don't have or want WORD. Works won't email either, even though the button is there. Not even on File/Send. Does nothing.
How to email something nice I create? I have vista 64 so I cannot copy it to my xp 32 machine; it isn't recognized. Any solutions?

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I'm running RC 7100 as a Media Centre, freshly updated from Windows Update. I'm using a Hauppauge HVR2200 DVB-T tuner card to receive digital broadcasts, together with a SKY settop box. I'm testing the WTV Converter (righ-click from Windows Explorer) and I'm getting the error above on 1 of the test files, and would like to understand whether this is an error in the conversion program, or because I'm trying to put content into the dvr-ms format that simply won't fit because of the format of the digital recording.

This works:
From the SKY settop box UHF cable I have recorded a 30 minute program giving 1,707,264KB (average 948.5KB/sec), WTV Converter works fine.

This fails within 5 seconds of starting:
From the DVB-T tuner I have recorded a 75 minute program giving 7,257,068KB (average 1612.7KB/sec), WTV Converter fails with the error "WTV Converter cannot convert the file from .wtv to .dvr-ms format because the content is not compatible with the .dvr-ms format".

In the properties of each file, the only difference I could see was that the DVB-T recording said 'DTV Content=Yes' whilst from the SKY setop box it said 'DVT
Content=No'. The properties dialog allowed me to change the flag from Yes to No, but the WTV Converter still fails with the same error.

I don't believe the file is corrupt, since it plays successfully in the Windows Media Centre.

Note that the error message does not state that the failure is due to copy-protection. I was able to google ... Read more

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I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. When running Windows Backup onto an external 4TB Touro HDD (2TB partition), I receive the error:

The last backup did not complete successfully. One of the backup files could not be created. Details: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

Error code: 0x8078002A

The cause was given on a forum as:

"The "root cause" is that Windows 7 (and its system tools) does not support a 4K native block size. As a workaround the disk can be formatted with "Advanced Format"/512E to use 512K blocks."

It was suggested I try WD Quick Formatter, but this only works with WD HDDs.

How do I format my HDD to "Advanced Format"/512E to use 512K blocks, so I can use Windows Backup with it?

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I am setting up a spreadsheet for the year and want to use it year over year. I have the cell set up with the date (1/1/2011) with a format of d so that it displays the date as Sat, 1/2/2011 - Sun, etc. Since I want to use this year after year with minimal work and I want to highlight the cells that are equal to Sat and Sun, how would I set up that formula. I tried the basic =A1="Sat" and without quotes but it just returns #NAME. I know working with dates in formulas is different but can't figure out what I need to use.

A:Solved: Excel 2007: conditional format when date displayed as format d

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I want to hide this. I'm running a python progam (if that matters) and it always has that open on my taskbar. I want to hide it. I don't care where it goes or how much time it takes, I just want to hide it. So I never have to deal with it. Maybe make it a system process or something? I don't know.

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Does anyone know how to or a program convert from Real Player format to Windows Media Player format?

A:Convert Real Player format to Windows Media format?

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A local business http://www.dinospizzausa.com/ wants me to add video to his web site. Problem is he brought a Panasonic VDR-D220 recorder. It records to DVD and memory chip. I can move the files with no problem to the hard drive but can't open them.

This recorder came with no software that opens this format. Now what I would like to do is not only find software (Free) that will open this format but also convert it to a format so I can play it on his website using Media Player. In the folder when downloaded to the hard drive are three files, VR_MANGR.BUP, VR_MANGR.IFO and VR_MOVIE.VRO.

Has anyone come up with software that will do this or an easy way to add these videos to a web site so they open when the web page open?

Thank you and have a great day to all.

A:File association and converting VRO format to Media Player format

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Can you control the folder format that your search results opens with?
My work computer keeps reverting to music format when I want the general format. I don't need to know contributing artist of my solid modeling files.

A:Searches in folder with general format - results in music format

You should be able to customize any folder.

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Why does formatting my drive using NTFS (the full format one) stop at 18%? Once I've booted from Windows XP Pro SP3 installation disc and choose the full format using NTFS, at 18% it stops. I've been using my hard driv for 6 years but have actually REALLY used it the last two years. The previous 4 years I have been using it for homework (like once in 3 weeks).

However, I partitioned my drive using GParted (main partition 160GBand second partition at 20GB) then attempted full format using NTFS option and the full format stopped at 24%. When the format stops, I mean that the yellow bar stays at 24% and does not move for over an hour. The NTFS format (quick option) is like, 0% then jumps to 20%, then jumps to 100% and starts loading the files and all that normal stuff.

WHY DOES THE FORMAT OF MY DRIVE STOP AT 18%????????????????? please help me, I have had no answers for 2 years. At yahoo answers, what I get is some noobs who answer.

Also I want to note that I have a drive made by Western Digital and I have used their diagnostic tools thing and my raw read error rate is at value of 2 and reallocated sector count is some high number (both of the numbers are in red color, everything else in regular black).

SAVE ME I don't want to buy a new hard drive since the United States' economy is so low and my family isn't exactly rich (1 pc using for 6 years). I don't know if I screwed up the situation more but last summer (of 2009) I reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP P... Read more

A:Format using NTFS (full format option) stops at 18%. WHY'S THAT?

The reallocated sectors means that bad sectors have been found, marked as unusable, and replaced with "spares". Bad sectors can be just a one time glitch that affected some sectors, or a sign of a failing drive. If the number of bad sectors continually increases, it's time to replace the drive.

Bad sectors are manged by the drive hardware and by Windows. The drive will add a bad sector to the Grown Defect list (G-List) when it finds one. These sectors should be invisible to the operating system.
Chkdsk will add bad sectors to the $BadClus file. I'm not sure if this is also passed to the hard drive for it to add to it's G-List.
When you do a format, the $BadClus file is deleted. On a full format, Windows runs chkdsk /R on the drive. This checks every sector on the drive to see if it's good or bad. Any bad sectors that were in the $BadClus file, but not added to the G-List, will be checked again.

If you have many bad sectors, this could take hours, if not days. I had one 60 GB disk that took over 48 hours to run chkdsk /R. Most of that time was spent getting from 40% to 41%. It has only 152 KiB in bad sectors, which is only 304 sectors. It's been nearly 3 years and it hasn't increased, so seems it was just one of those glitches.

You may need to let the system run for a few days for the format to complete, but from the sound of things, you should be saving up for a new drive. And certainly have a good backup program in place for your data.

If all the bad ... Read more

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I have some videos in AVI format and would like to convert them to DVD format. ( I would like to distribute them to some orphanage schools )

I would like to know which DVD format is most commonly used and good in quality.

And what is the best way to convert?

Thank you for your consideration.

A:Converting AVI files to DVD format?which is most used format and good in quality?

Hi bspkumar,
Here are a couple of links to some freeware downloads to convert from AVI to DVD format.


The above link gives information on how to go about converting your videos.

If you keep a backup copy of your videos then why not try these versions and see how the quality is? If no good, then you haven't lost anything.

Hope this helps you.
Kindest regards

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I created a label format and stored it in format gallery in win XP, Works 8.0. Now, when I pull up Works, the "blank page" is the labels format, and I can't get to a blank page to type a letter. When I pull up Format Gallery to delete the only format I've ever created, it doesn't show up and the DELETE button is inactive. I think I have to go into regedit to delete the file, 'cause that's what I found for Works 6.0. Anybody out there know?

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Hello members, I'm starving to restore back the files into its original format and icon after trying to open one file which has caused this hectic work.
I thought it could be a malware and decided to backup the data before formatting the hard disk but after reinstallation the same idiot coming....till now can not open any file.

Please I request your needful support to restore back my files ...
Thanks in advance


A:My files format has changed to wrong format and icon

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