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Precision M6800 Docking Station Issues After Powering On Without It And Then Connect

Q: Precision M6800 Docking Station Issues After Powering On Without It And Then Connect

Hey everyone,

I have a Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation with a PRO3X K07A E-Port Docking Station (https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Latitude-PR03X-Docking-Station/dp/B002LK2F2I/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1503170114&sr=1-1&keywords=k07a).
From what I see, this is compatible with my laptop (http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/sln286158/a-guide-to-docking-stations-and-port-replicators-on-dell-latitude-and-precision-notebooks?lang=en#Add_Info).
I use the docking station with two additional monitors and other devices. If I connect the already powered off laptop, that was previously powered on without the docking station, the eject button does not power on, the connected devices do not work, and the laptop is extremely slow. If I then power off the laptop while connected, disconnect it from the docking station, reconnect it to the docking station, then the eject light illuminates, and it works perfectly.

To recreate this issue:

disconnect the laptop,
power it on,
use it for a while and then power the laptop off,
connect the laptop to the docking station, the ejection light does not illuminate,
power on the laptop while connected,
wait to be able to power it down,
disconnect the laptop from the docking station,
reconnect the laptop to the docking station, the eject light illuminates,
and finally power on the laptop and it works perfectly.
I've updated the laptop with the latest BIOS to no avail. This happens regardless of the OS installed as I've had Linux, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Thanks for the help y'all!

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Preferred Solution: Precision M6800 Docking Station Issues After Powering On Without It And Then Connect

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have an HP Elitebook 850 and an HP 2013 Ultraslim Docking Station.  I've been using them for over a year with dual 27" WQHD monitors (2560x1440) through the dual displayport connections on the back of the docking station. I recently upgraded to a 32" BenQ UHD (4K) monitor, and while it works perfect if I connect the DisplayPort cable directly to my laptop, I am having problems getting it to display anything when connected through the docking station. This problem makes it so I can't use the docking station and the new monitor together. Some more details:- Running Windows 7 x64- When monitor & laptop are connected to docking station, Windows recognizes the 4K monitor is there, but won't display anything on it (monitor thinks there is no input). I undock and connect to the laptop directly and it recognizes/displays instantly.- I've tried docking port firmware version 2.27 (what I had originally - SoftPaq#71104) and 2.30 (SoftPaq#75855). Both were downloaded through the "HP SoftPaq Download Manager". And yes, I undocked/unplugged/rebooted/etc in between with no difference in result.- I've tried configuring the monitor with every different resolution from 800x600 all the way to 4K - none of them get anything displayed if it's connected through the docking port (but all work fine if connected directly to the laptop). I'm at my wits end here - How can I get the docking station to work with my new monitor? 

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I currently have a Lenovo T540p laptop and a docking station. Starting last week when I put my laptop into the docking station, with the lid closed, and press the power button on the docking station the laptop does not power on. The only way I can get the laptop to turn on using the docking station, is to open the lid, then press the power button on the laptop, and then close the laptop lid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:docking station not powering up laptop

If the machine is running and you push the power button on the dock, does it sleep/shutdown/hibernate, whatever you have it set to in the power options?

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I currently have a Latitude 6410 with a PR03X docking station. I have a Precision 7510 on order. Will it work with the docking station?

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I updated my working station coming from another laptop and had 2 monitors connected (in hdmi and usb->vga adapter). Autodesk 3d applications Revit, 3dsmax all worked fine in all monitors, the usb dongle was using laptop's CPU/GPU to show image.
With new laptop I got D3100 docking station (as usb->vga adapter has some flickering on 5510) to connect my monitors. But mentioned applications do not work at all on that, anything considering 3d runs awfully slow. Using the usb->vga dongle it works well beside flickering.
Is it how it supposed to be with D3100? Can it be forced to use laptop's GPU for showing image (like the cheap usb->vga/hdmi adapters)? This docking station doesn't make any sense now.

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I joined Dell Communities very recently after buying myself the Dell Precision 7510 laptop. It's a great product so far, but I want better. I want more ports. A docking station to go with it is the obvious solution.
What is the best docking station compatible with the Dell Precision 7510 laptop??? My specific needs/setup:
- 2 external screens (D-sub / HDMI connection, or for £50 more I can get display-port), possibly more screens in the future
- high-speed internet cable
- headphones/microphone
- USB sockets for mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, external hard drives, etc.
I presume that the Advance E-port Replicator is the best/most suitable. I just want to be sure of this, because my laptop model (Precision 7510) is still very new, and not all information everywhere has been updated about compatibility. I don't want to make an expensive mistake. I'll be travelling and won't have the opportunity to "return" the products I buy. 

A:Docking Station for Dell Precision 7510

Yes. I contacted Dell sales... and they told me that the Dell E-Port Plus II, is compatible with my Precision 7510. After written confirmation I went ahead and bought it from a UK supplier on Amazon for £100... but it came in dodgy packaging and wasn't quite working, and the adapter was the size of a brick (literaly). I returned that back to Amazon... and tried my luck with Amazon Germany. You can get the original product from them for about 140 euros, and it works perfectly. The link to the product:
(that's actually UK now that I check it... that's the one I bought and it's good)
Basically Dell hasn't updated it's information about compatability yet. The docking station is listed in the check-out for the Precision 7510, but doesn't specifically say it is compatible with that model. I've had other similar problems elsewhere too, like I want to instal LoJack on my laptop, but can't find any information on whether my laptop model supports something called "persistence technology" in the BIOS (which makes it impossible to uninstall LoJack even if you change hard drives).

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Hi Guys,
I needed some help with my Dell TouchPad, after some sort of drivers upgrade, I'm not able to use laptop touchpad.
Everytime when I boots up my laptop, I get this error ALPS_setmousemonitor error
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and nothing worked.
Under the device manager, the Windows 10 OS doesn't seem to detect the drivers well and always detect HID compliant mouse which is not the correct mouse driver.
Need help. This problem had been there for weeks and tried resolving myself but none work.

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I have just bought a Dell XPS 15 (9560) and a Dell WD15 docking station with 130W power brick (same wattage as the laptop's AC-adapter). When I only use the docking station to power the laptop the discrete graphics card (GTX 1050) does not seem to work. When I am in a game (eg. Starcraft 2), I get like 15 fps with the NVIDIA recommended settings. Then when I plug in the laptops's own power brick (while still in the game) I get an immediate four-fold increase in framerate. When I unplug the laptop's own power brick the framerate drops down to 15 fps again in a heartbeat. Furthermore, when I only power the laptop through the docking station, I cannot even find the discrete GPU in the list when I'm trying to run the Geekbench 4 compute benchmark (OpenCL). Only the integrated graphics shows up. When I plug in laptop's power brick I find GTX 1050 in the list.
I have run the Dell Command Update application and all my drivers and firmware are up to date. 
Does anyone have any idea to what the problem could be?

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I have the same problem.  Running a Precision m6500 with docking station and two Monitors. One connected with the display port and the other digital cable.  
Randomly the monitors will go blank but the computer remains on.

A:Precision m6500, docking station, monitors go blank

Hi BRAD954,
What is the docking station model? What digital cable are you using? And the monitor models? What is the OS installed on the system?
Update the BIOS - http://dell.to/1Mzks6r and reinstall the chipset drivers from the same site.
Download and reinstall the display link drivers for your OS - http://bit.ly/1T8FdoX
If the issue is not resolved, then provide us the event log in your response, for us to review.
If there is a specific docking station, we can provide few other drivers for them.
For faster communication, contact us via Twitter - @dellcarespro
Keep us updated.

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I have just received a M6800 laptop, it has 32gb ram and i7processor and 256gb SSD and a 1tb hdd with a the built in intel hd 4600 display and a firepro m6100 and it is running Windows . When I booted it Friday using a DVI connected display and a display port to DVI display and a usb display, it worked fine. I started installing SQL server and visual studio etc. I had to reboot and now the display on the display port gets garbled up when it gets to the screen you click to log in. I have tried this on a few EPort replicators and it happens almost everytime. I have installed the latest AMD drivers, first from Dell then from AMD and that has not helped. I even rest windows 10 and it happened after that. I have booted it with display port plugged in and it booted to a garbled display, then when I disconnected the cord the remaining displays cleaned right up. I am not sure what will help me at this point. Anyone have any ideas what to do next?

A:Dell Precision M6800 with AMD Firepro M6100 graphics issues

I have a couple basic suggestions, first try testing with just the LCD, reboot several times and make sure that there aren't any problems with no external displays attached.
I also suggest making sure that when testing make sure that the AC adapter is connected to the notebook.  I suggest also selecting the high performance power plan in Windows as well.
If you boot without the display port display connected are they any problems, once booted to Windows are you able to connect the display port connection without any issues?
Also check the BIOS settings under video, there is a checkbox for Enable dock DP port 1 for Post, by default it is unchecked, check it and see if it helps.


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I still have an old PR03X docking Station, will this work with the Precision 7520?
What about the new Thunderbolt Docks - I read somewhere that I would still need  to plug in an additional power supply for the Precision models since they use so much power (180W) even when they are connected to the Dock??
If that is true, can't I simply buy some generic USB-C Docking Station, i.e. what does the Precision Laptop do in regards to power supply from USB when I have already the regular power supply plugged in? Hopefully nothing in regard to charging from USB-C? Or how does that work?


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So I am to receive a precision 5510 in the next couple days. I've already bought monitors and a wd15 dell dock. I am a bit confused as to how to hook up dual monitors given that there aren't two of the same port on the WD15 like there was on the E-dock I am currently using for my precision m4700.

At any rate my monitors have HDMI (2), and VGA (1) inputs. The WD 15 has one HDMI, One mini display port, and one VGA.

To run dual monitors I  am assuming I need to run one from the dock's HDMI port to one monitor's HDMI and one either from the dock's Mini display port (with an adapter to HDMI) tot he HDMI port on the other monitor? I supposed I could go VGA to VGA as well, but prefer HDMI.
IS this correct?

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I have recently purchased a 5510 and a D3100 docking station. Used primarily for solidworks and rhino. My issue is that besides 4k and older applications being terrible bedmates is that the docking station stops the quadro so everything is running software open gl. I understand the new thunderbolt dock DB16 has some additional graphics capabilities but they are by no means a quadro solution, nor it is recognized by solidworks. 
This is hugely problematic. Is there a method to remedy this? Attempting to access the quadro settings while plugged into the docking station results in windows stating that the hardware is not available. 

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I have a t480s coupled with basic docking station type 40AG. everything was working perfectly fine until yesterday I updated the Thinkpad docking station utility unsuccessully. this generated an error message any attempt to load the docking station driver (see enclosed file description) proved unsuccessful. Any possibility to restore the situation ex ante or to overwrite these errors> thanksenclosed file description and error message

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i am using the XPS 9560 - bought in May 18 2018 . 
The USB Ports & Ethernet connections go out  but not the monitor . I have updated all the drivers and Bios etc... with Dell support twice 
I am only powering the XPS 15  one 4K Dell monitor and  a USB midi keyboard controller Alesis  Q25  
I found that if I unplug the TB cable from my laptop and plug it back in the Dock will stat to work properly for 5 - 20 minutes then it will go out ,,, agian ! 
Anyone have this issue ? 
Is it the laptop Thunderbolt connection ? 
I have wasted hours of troubleshooting .. to no resolve as of yet .
Anyone have any ideas it would be much appreciated

Very frustrating  

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I have been having issues when I dock my Latitude D630 into the port replicator. The issue is that sometimes the external monitor is not detected and therefore, doesn't display my screen. I tried using the fn + F8 to extend it but in the display properties, the monitor isn't even recognized as being there. I was initially having intermittent issues with keyboard and mouse so I swapped docking stations and now this came up. 

Any suggestions what I can look at? Could it be something to do with the hardware profile?


A:Docking station issues

I don't know if you ever got an answer, but three years later the same problem,I have two monitors attached to the docking station, I disconnect the laptop.  Come bck and attach the laptop and it does not detect the monitors.  Using Windows 10.

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Have a problem with connecting monitors to the laptop (Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2nd Gen).When I connect the monitor to the docking station using DP, the monitor previously connected to the laptop via HDMI stops working.How can I fix this?

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Hello so my laptop (Precision 1350 Workstation) with windows 7 which i bought in September 2016 stopped charging after I used it with my docking station . It worked for a week or two prior to this and then I started getting a notification every time I put the laptop on the docking station that said "ac power adapter not recognized , use adapter of 65 watts or above" but the adapter was 130 watts. Even when the laptop was taken off the docking station and the ac adapter was just plugged into the wall it still won't charge at all. I made sure the bios was updated 1.11.4 and even checked for driver to update and ran the online diagnostics there was no problems but it still won't charge. A tech came out last Wednesday and replaced the motherboard and this fixed the problem for about a day but then when I put it back on the docking station the same problem occurred and it still won't charge. I even tried it on a different docking station but the same make and model as mine and the problem persists. Does anyone know what is wrong? The phone tecnicians and the technicians don't seem to know what to do 

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I have problems with my laptop going to sleep that started a few weeks ago. I am not aware of any changes that would have caused this. Problem 1 - This happens about 50% of the time. I take my laptop off my docking station at the office. My laptop goes to sleep. I plug my laptop into the power cord at home and resume working. It will go to sleep after only 60 seconds of inactivity. If I reboot the laptop, it will work normally. Problem 2 - My laptop no longer goes to sleep when I remove it from the docking station. I have manually put it to sleep, or I have to open and close the lid, which puts it to sleep immediately. Has anyone else experienced this issue? The settings are all fine. Several people have checked it. We even tried a new power plan with all new settings. Thanks in advance.

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Hi all - I could use some help.  I have my Elitebook 1040 in the 2013 Ultraslim docking station with two LG monitors connected through the Display ports.  It's worked great for the past 2 months. All of the sudden, my screen was going black and then after 3 seconds would turn back on (this happened on both LG monitors). After reading other threads, I went an installed the latest version of software for the docking station as that seemed to be the issue.  Well now neither monitor works when I re-dock the computer. Out of the dock, if I connect one, no problem.   Any recommendations on how I fix the doc?

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I have a Zbook 15 G2 mobile workstation, and I recently got the HO 230W advanced docking station(A7E38AA).But when I tried to attach my laptop to docking station, I noticed that my laptop does not have any ports to the back of it, which is needed to attach it to the docking station.Does anyone know how do I connect them?Do we need any additional cable for it?Thanks.

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My last two X1's (G5 and G6) have both had an issue with their Lenovo 3.0 USB docking station.  It works great when connected, but when I disconnect, my X1 screen will drop down to a lower resolution.  When I go to the Display Settings in Windows, the system incorrectly thinks it is in the highest possible resolution.  I have to change the resolton setting to a random resoltion and then revert the changes.  When I do that I get back to the normal resoltion.  Any ideas how to fix? It's really annoying to buy a $250 dock from the OEM and have such an obvious shortcoming, especially since Lenovo insits on installing so much software on the laptop already.

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These docking stations do not have the dvi port so we have to have dvi to display port adapters. We have a lots of these c2g cables that are dvi to DisplayPort but only about 20% of the time the cable gets detected by the laptop when it's docked. The other 80% of the time the laptop does not see the monitor when it's connected to the dock. But when the cable is connected to the laptop itself it works fine. So we know it's a problem with dock. I called hp and we updated to firmware 2.3 and updated the video drivers but nothing work. Apparently there is a known problem with this docking and the displayport. Now the HP premium support technician L2 is saying hp does not support third party cabling companies and you have to use on of their cables and if you have trouble with one the hp cables/ adapter they will then look into it.Has anyone else ran into this? If there is a known problem with the docking station where it's not allowing other cables to work and only their cables to work now is that allow? Does anyone know of a brand of adapter/cable that works. We have tried other cables and adapter and keep having the same problem.

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Hi All,  When I undock my T470, the mouse pointer seems to be stuck as if the SHIFT+left mouse key is pressed. For example, If I would scroll over a word document, the cursor would keep selecting the text, I cannot resize the windows etc. When the system is docked, I have noticed that it does not turn off/ lock the screen no matter how long the system has been inactive. If skype is logged in the status never changes to away (even though it is set to so after 5 minutes) Is it possible that docking port has been damaged somehow or any other suggestions are welcome.  Note: I don't think any software update was run after which the issue started happening.  Thanks

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Hi All,  When I undock my T470, the mouse pointer seems to be stuck as if the SHIFT+left mouse key is pressed. For example, If I would scroll over a word document, the cursor would keep selecting the text, I cannot resize the windows etc. When the system is docked, I have noticed that it does not turn off/ lock the screen no matter how long the system has been inactive. If skype is logged in the status never changes to away (even though it is set to so after 5 minutes) Is it possible that docking port has been damaged somehow or any other suggestions are welcome.  Note: I don't think any software update was run after which the issue started happening.  Thanks

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Hi guys. Not sure if this should have gone in the hardware section, sorry if so. Heres the situation:

A friend is using a Dell E4300 laptop with th edock docking station.

Sometimes, not all the time, whiile docking the laptop, the power is shutting off. No idea why.

I checked the event viewer but saw no errors that would point towards shut downs.

i rebooted and disabled automatic restart so if it is caused by a blue screen ill be able to see any errors moving forward.

Googling has not been to helpful, hope some of you can help me out.



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I work for a school system and we're looking at going to Win7 x64 Professional soon for administrators (not teachers or students). In our testing, we have three users in our office that are using HP ProBook 6450b laptops with HP Advanced Docking Station as their only workstation. This will be the same setup that a lot of users will have as well once we deploy it further. These three users all have issues when placing their laptops on the docking station. Two of the three usually have their laptops sleep when leaving home and get prompted to repair Windows once it's placed on the docking station and turn it on. The other I can't get a straight answer out of but claim that they turned it off every time they're done.

When the two users get the repair menu, one lets it repair and her laptop's fine. The other cancels the repair (all data is not on the laptop and we can re-image it if anything happens) and his laptop's fine once it's in Windows.

Both users that have the issues are now running SP1, which made no difference with or without. One of the users had the HP drivers for the Advanced Docking Station installed, which seems to just add USB drivers. One user we've swapped out the docking station for a new one. We've even tried BIOS updates. No matter what we've tried, the errors still occur.

I've tried to find specific information on the issue with that model, but haven't been able to. When I've searched for "docking issues" with Windows 7, I keep fin... Read more

A:HP 6450b - Issues With Advanced Docking Station

Earlier I posted asking about anyone knowing of issues with an HP 6450b laptop and docking station. No one replied. So, now I'm asking if anyone has had any similar issues with any laptop/docking station configurations.

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I am using a company issued HP Probook with an HP Docking station and HDMI cords hooked to two ACER LCD Screens. I have the exact same set up at my office and at home with all the same equipment. I often leave work and get home and connect my notebook to the docking station only to have an issue with the monitors coming on. (I shut my computer down before i leave the office)  What happens is they turn on.. the windows logo comes up on both screens as if its goning to load and turn on but then they go back to sleep and wont turn on again. I have found a fix to this but i have to do it every time i switch between my work set up and home set up.. I have to force shut the computer down while connected to the docking station and then turn it back on and they turn on just fine. I have to do this every time I switch between the two workstations so i often just refuse to log in from home because its a hassle. What i would love to do.. and what my coworkers seem to be able to do is just lock the computer, go home and dock the notebook and the monitors come on automatically.  Any help or ideas on what to try is appreciated! 

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Hi everyone, I'm having issues with some T440/450's lately here at my job. When docked with the ThinkPad Pro Dock (PN: 40A10090US), Dual monitors are not working correctly. We are using a DP and a VGA and the 2nd monitor is coming up as a non-PNP- monitor. The 1st one we can get to update with a driver, shows the model number, but when trying to update the driver on the 2nd, says Windows 7 (64bit) already have the best known driver for it and won't let us update it. Computer Management shows Generic PNP monitor.Ran all windows updatesRan all Lenovo updates including BIOS updates. This is becoming more and more frequent on users at my worksite. I've been searching this site to get some answers, but nothing really solid. What information can someone provide or info I can provide to address this?Thanks 

A:T400 Series - Docking Station Monitor Issues

I did all the Windows update on the T450Current monitors are Dell P2210 - but we've had issues with our Acer's as well.. Lenovo updates all completed. I got the resolution to match a bit - however - the top and bottom of the monitor has a black boarder about 2"inches from top and bottom.Reset the monitors display settings. Please advise. PLEASE!  

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We have several HP 2013 Ultraslim Docking stations that have audio interference issues when connecting to the dock audio out. If there are not any other external devices connected to the dock, the sound is normal. If an External device is connected to the dock via VGA, USB, or display port, the audio out connection becomes noisy. We have connected the audio out to a multitude of different classroom amps and TVs and the noise issue is still present. If I connect a ground loop isolator in line with the audio output on the dock, the noise is no longer present on any of the devices. Could this be an issue of improper shielding in the analog audio connection? Audio drivers and dock firmware have been updated with no improvement. Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks

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I recently bought laptop and docking station. I have problem that when I dock my laptop - nothing is working besides power button which gives me possiblity to only turn on/off computer through docking station. Diode which should signalize that laptop is connected to docking station is not lighting up. Do you have any suggestions why is this happening? I don;t plug in also any power cord to docking station but is this necessery for working? 

A:Lenovo T590 20N4 doesn't connect to pro docking station 40AH20V

Is some power cable required for this station to work?

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The USB is plugged in and the mouse works right away, just cannot get the Microsoft wireless keyboard to connect

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I use 3 external monitors conected to my docking station (Dell P2314H). Two of the monitors display 1920 x 1080 and they are connected to the 2 DP ports on the docking station. The third is connected to the VGA port and when I set the resolution to 1920 x 1080 the left and right edges of the image don't fit on the screen. It is just enough off to prevent me from clicking the start button in the corner. Has anyone else had this issue? 

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Hey all, I cannot hook up my Laptop to the aforementioned docking station without experiencing one or more of the following issues right upon booting up the system: 1.) Video signal does not seem to go through to monitors (black screen).2.) USB periphery (keyboard and/or mouse) is not recognised / usable.3.) Short periods of black screen while windows is running. The issues can be circumvented by either repeated hard reboots or by hooking the laptop to the docking station after the boot up process is completed. Occasional black screens will remain however. I already tried running all Lenovo Software / Firmware updates available for the laptop as well as the docking station - to no avail. Is anyone experiencing similar issues or has anyone figured out a solution yet? Cheers

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Having received a brand-new P51 directly from Lenovo, i am facing major issues attaching external monitors.Win10 image from factory, all windows updates, all driver updates as recommended by Lenovo companion. Manually reinstalled graphics drivers, driver update using windows does not detect newer ones. Latest BIOS (1.15). Upon suggestion of lenovo changed BIOS mode from hyprid to discrete.I have these two issues from day 1:When i attach a monitor using the right hand side mini displayport, it is not recognized. Monitor stays in stand-by, no sound played, nothing happens. Inserting the same cable into the port of a W540 (Win 8.1) monitor immediately wakes up and can be used up to its full resolution (3440x1440).inserting laptop into ultradock (230W) it only recognizes one attached monitor. BIOS password entry lock was not shown on external monitor when lid was closed, needed to enter "blind" and press enter, only upon windows boot the monitor (Lenovo 27") was recognized. i think after changing to discrete mode now it showed the lock symbol when starting with closed lid. but still no second monitor is recognized.This is the first thinkpad in my history where such basic things do not work at all.I noticed once i had Intel and Nvidia context menu items when presing right mouse botton on desktop screen, now i only have "Nvidia Control Panel" and "nView Desktop Manager" shown. Which may or may not be ok. Lenovo seems not to be able to help - they are quite anxious to get it so... Read more

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Good day everyone,
Experiencing an issue with the Dell M3800 with the Dell D3000 Docking station.
My PC has two graphic cards:Intel HD Graphics 4600NVIDIA Quadro  K1100M
Running Windows 10 64 BitMy docking station is connected to two U2412M 24" Monitors 
When running on the external monitors I suspect I am not running with the Nvidia card despite selecting it as a default.
With the monitors connected (via the docking station) when opening the NVIDIA control panel gets me the message "you are not currently using display attached nvidia gpu"
When I disconnect the docking station the control panel comes up fine and I experience no issues.
All NVIDIA and Intel graphic drivers have been upgraded as has Displaylink, all the latest versions.
Help? Thanks!

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We are facings issues with HP 650 G1 laptop (with Windows 7 professional image), when undock the laptop from docking station laptop freezes/hangs. We are
able to simulate the issue only 3/10 times.
I have followed the link 'http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wiki/windows_10-update/blue-screen-of-death-bsod/1939df35-283f-4830-a4dd-e95ee5d8669d'
and the output can be found at


All the troubleshooting steps that I have followed are also captured in the above link.
Currently we have more than 10 laptops with this issue.

Please help me further to solve this issue, your help is very much appreciated
Also see: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/hp-probook-650-g1-issues-sleephangblack-screen/fefd4cd8-0b30-44ee-bbb0-90a1837bb76f


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I have a Precision M6800 with Intel HD Graphics 4600 and AMD FirePro M6100 FireGL VI am running Windows 10 Professional x64
I have a problem when I connect a HDMI monitor, the system does not detect it.I have to shut down the laptop, and then restart with the monitor plugged in to be able to use it.
The monitor works fine anywhere else.
I have updated all the latest drivers and BIOS updates, but the problem persists.
What may be the cause of this?

A:Precision M6800 HDMI

Hi dirkieman,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please update the BIOS, Chipset, Intel and then AMD graphics (in this sequence).
Can you check with the Display Connector as well?
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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Contacted Dell about purchasing a WWAN card for Verizon for my Precision M6800.  They told me to buy the 5802 LTE/4G Mobile Broadband Mini-Card.  After purchasing / installing the card, I can't find any drivers for it that will install on the Precision M6800.  Every installation comes up with notification "This is not a DELL system".  After 2 hours on support with them, was informed that the 5802 is not compatible, and that I would need the 5808 instead.  Except the 5808 is a different physical size / shape and will not fit into the Precision M6800. 
So, has anybody been able to get a Mobile Broadband card to work on a Precision M6800?  If so, what did you use and how did you do it?


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Good Afternoon, I have an enterprise enviroment that is having multiple issues with BSOD on M6800. Thing is, it is not every M6800 just a small number. We can find no rhyme or reason. We have updated drivers, bios, changed system boards, docks yet they all BSOD. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am posting this because i think i am tired of seeking for the resolution on my workstation's video problems.
So the specs goes like this:
Dell Precision M6800Ati Fire Pro 6100 GL VIntel HD 4600Bios version A07Drivers up to date:ATI:
I keep my laptop connected on a secondary display Dell U2410 A02 through DisplayPort.I work lots of graphics and need both Illustrator and Photoshop. Illustrator works fine all the time. Photoshop ...from time to time i get this ATI driver error and Photoshop becomes unusable. If i restart the machine Photoshop works great. If the system is put to Hibernate then the PS won't work on wake up, giving me the same "ATI driver AMD driver error has occurred ..." . If i restart, everything goes to normal and PS works again.Another scenario is if that i disconnect the DisplayPort manually then the PS goes on the dead line again.
Mention that i have encountered all these situations with or without Switchable Graphics enabled from BIOS.All Adobe Suite is updated to current versions.Has anyone encountered the same situation, i mean it's starting to drive me crazy already, having in mind that this is supposed to be a fully working graphic station?
Any help would be appreciated.

A:Dell Precision M6800 video driver

Anyone encountered these issues? Please, any help would be appreciated.

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Is it possible to upgrade my M6800 with Nvidia GTX 1080 for notebooks? 
Thank you!

A:Precision M6800 video card upgade

That card isn't going to be available for the M6800.
The best cards built for that system are the nVidia K-series (K5000m, etc.) and FirePro M4000 series.
Though the cards are MXM format, the BIOS has to recognize the cards - you stand the best chance with a Dell-branded card of having an upgrade work, and given that these cards run well over $500 on the used market, taking chances can get expensive VERY quickly.
If you really want the 1080 card, you'll need a new system -- these cards run well over $1,000 just by themselves on the aftermarket - the upgrades cost much less than that with a new system purchase.

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Machine specs:Dell Precision M6800Windows 7 Pro x64All drivers updated.I recently upgraded my machine's bios to A19 (i was notified), and since then, my usb ports became USB2 all of them... I can't enjoy the full speed of USB 3 anymore and I can't find the cause... i tried all solutions available on internet.I would like to know if anyone else encountered same issue and if there is a workaround.

Thank you very much.

A:Precision M6800 USB 3.0 Speed Drop since BIOS A19

http://dell.to/2udRbWKClick on BIOS, then Other Versions, and select from there:

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After power on I have a black screen, the 3 Volume-LEDs and the power LED are on, the HDD-LED is on for about a second. in this state I can switch on/off the keyboard-backlight and I can power off.
with pressing 'd' while power on I can start the display test.
any ideas?


A:Precision M6800 black screen after power on

Ralf Piecha,Click the link below for information.Video Initialization Delays Experienced on Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision Systems

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good day to everyone
I have a Dell Precision Workstation M6800 , brand new that I run using Docking station , I've noticed that the temperature gets between 70- 80 C with little tasks being done ,
could it be dock station cause the laptop overheat.
this morning i just turned on the pc and noticed that the temperature got to 70c in few seconds
i am just wondering what it could be happening with brand new laptop
I use two software to monitor the pc temperature AID64 Extreme and Spccy Professional edition , both of them nearly give the same result
is that temperature normal
any help, much appreciated

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I have a Latitude E7740 that runs Ubuntu Xenial (16.04). I dock it to a "Dell EURO2 Advanced E-port II" docking station. 
If I boot it in the docking station, everything works fine, and I find all my two DVI-connected monitors. 
However, if I undock, then put it into the dock again while running, it fails to enable the screens. I'm using a script called autorandr for switching between display modes - it uses xrandr. It tries to run:
xrandr --output DP1-1 --gamma 1.0:1.0:1.0 --mode 1920x1200 --panning 0x0 --pos 0x0 --rate 59.95 --reflect normal --rotate normal --output DP1-2 --gamma 1.0:1.0:1.0 --mode 1920x1200 --panning 0x0 --pos 1920x0 --rate 59.95 --reflect normal --rotate normal
But the X server responds with:
X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)  Major opcode of failed request: 140 (RANDR)  Minor opcode of failed request: 21 (RRSetCrtcConfig)  Serial number of failed request: 48  Current serial number in output stream: 48
Running this exact command after booting in the dock is doing the right thing, but after undocking then docking, it doesn't work.
Any ideas here? I have updated to the latest BIOS version.
Problem also reported in launchpad with lot's of debug info, here:
Autorandr script is here: github.com/.../

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