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Equipment for small public video from recorded memry sticks

Q: Equipment for small public video from recorded memry sticks

What equipment would I require to show videos recorded on memory sticks on a monitor?

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Preferred Solution: Equipment for small public video from recorded memry sticks

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I am looking to set up our main computer to interface with our television and also other video componants such as cameras and vcr's. I find plenty of equipment that will interface via usb for film editing and so (which I want) on but I also would like other capabilities such as using the DVD onboard to playback to the TV and cabletv to the computer.
Any ideas?
Have plenty of slots inside to handle cards or can use USB.
Currently have nvidia Gforce 2 onboard which has no external hook-ups.


A:Video cards/equipment

I have been researching video cards as well in hopes of looking to buy a new one. I have run into many cards that fit your standards and are way out of my league. Try the eVGA nVIDIA GeForce FX5700 Video Card, 256MB DDR, 128-bit, DVI/VIVO, 8X AGP, Model "GeForce FX5700 Personal Cinema (256-A8-N332-AX)" -RETAIL at http://www.newegg.com this card is extremely well crafted and equipped. Hope this helps.

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I have recorded a video, but the bottom and right hand side of the video is what i want to remove.

I want to keep the white part and get rid of the yellow part, how do i do it?

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Wow! It's been such a long time since I've posted in the forum I hope you guys are well

I have a Nokia 6300 Mobile/Cell-phone. I recorded a video on it. The video is recorded in .3gp format. I recorded it the wrong way round i.e. upside down. I want to play the video on my computer the right way up.

Nokia Video Manager has no such option to do this.

Need help

A:Recorded Video Upside Down

Hope this helps


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I recently recorded a video interview using my laptop's video recording, the video was a little over 30 minutes long. When I went to play the video, my computer would not play it. When I try to open it, it says "Can not play. Choose something else to play. This item is in a format we don't support.  0xc1010103" even though it will play other videos I have recorded on the computer. I am not sure if the video was too long or if it somehow got corrupted.  This is a very important video that I need for a class assignment, is there any way I can play it? 

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Hi, i recorded a streaming video off of the internet and when i came to play it i noticed it was very quiet. I was wondering if there was anyway to make it sound louder without turning up the volume on my speakers? I used the program - Frontcam - to record the video.

I await your replies

A:Recorded Video Sound

To record sound: Right click the icon of "volume control" on your system tray bar (on the right bottom corner of the screen) and then go to the menu item "options"->"properties"->"recording" and press the "OK" button, check the proper item you want to recording and then start sound recording.
To record sound from microphone: check "Microphone".
To record sound from other application: check "Stero Mix" or "Mono Mix", the name may be different depending on your system.
Did you do everything like that?

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i recorded a video using my TV TUNER CARD, the video is in mepg format, now i want to upload it to a site to share it with my classmate, and of course, let them download it as well.

however, i'm worried that they might not be able to see it on THEIR computer, since i remember music i rip from my cd cannot be play on any other computers besides my own, will the same apply for this video? which i legally and rightfully recorded with my very own tv tuner card? can my classmates see it on their pc if i give the video to them?

i use windows media player 9, and i my internet connection is active, i have a good pc with a sino tv tuner card, hope this info helps.

thanks a million for the help.

A:is my recorded VIDEO protected?

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Hi all,

I'm wondering what would be the likely cause of a problem I've having with Video Streaming Upload at my workplace. Our Download speed is at least 40 mbps, and our upload is at least 15 mpbs. Hardly anyone uploads anything else at all, just typical office files. For reference, my combined video/audio upload will never exceed 1.7 mbps.

What happens is, I'm uploading 2 video feeds and an audio feed for the entire day from a single computer to a third-party server which multicasts it to any viewers tuned in to the meeting. Most days it's OK, with smooth video and audio. However, once in a while, like yesterday for 75% of the workday, the video was consistently jerky and choppy, with large framerate skips. The diagnostic tool for my video stream software shows significant upstream packet loss during this time, as well as occasional latency spikes. The third-party server company says they have no problems on their side, and I believe them because viewers also send their webcam feeds, and those look smooth and show no loss.

But today, everything was fine, running smoothly like usual. I see very minor upload loss sometimes, but it's barely noticeable in my upload stream video.

We do have fairly old equipment here and nobody is really knowledgeable in networking (we've got basic switches, a router, and a wireless access point), but the erratic nature of the problem makes me wonder if it's something on the ISP's end instead of our equ... Read more

A:Cause of Upload Packet Loss for Video Streaming - ISP or bad equipment?

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I know nothing about digital video surveillance equipment and software and would like to educate myself on these subjects. The best way would be to close my business and go to work for a security company that does such work; but, alas, I don't care to spend the time doing that.

Is there anywhere on the internet where one can find information that would help a neophyte to start building a foundation on the subject?

I've done searches; but, all I've seen so far are sites that sell equipment and components that I have no idea how to use and what should be used together or whether one piece of equipment I find can work with another piece listed elsewhere and how to connect and use them if they can. (Pardon the convoluted sentence; but, it typifies my confusion on the subject.)

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I had posted a question a while back about setting up a network and with the answers from "Tech Guy"did get a system working just fine. My Desktop is a Dell Dimension 8400 with XP Media center OS and the laptop is a Toshiba Satellite with Windows Vista Premium. I have two external drives the one I use primarily in storing my present personal active files including a file that stores recording media which the desktop Media Center gets from the TV cable connection. Then this file is also available via the network to the laptop. With the external drive all my other stored files from the desktop are also available on my laptop. Lately I have had several movie downloads and several repeats of the series "Jag"which play on the desktop but will not play on the laptop with various excuses for them not playing like "Cannot play this format:" or " for one reason or another "not authorized to play". I would think the recordings between the two Media Centers would be identical unless Microsoft has changed that too with Vista. I am very unhappy with Vista.


A:Recorded Video from Desktop will not play on Laptop

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I want to record my screen and create tutorials.

I tried ActivePresenter but it is not working fine.

Video becomes blurry when exported with highest settings.
Following is screenshot of exported video
Following is screenshot of the same region using Snipping Tool
What could be the problem

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I have a 16- channel DVR that is on a LAN network. I can view live events and do playback but, whenever I downloaded the recorded video on net surveillance interface, I won't be able to locate the downloaded video on my laptop despite telling me download finished.
Please, I need your help. Very urgent response

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Hello Friends and Forum members,
I would really appreciate some help with getting my Blue Screen Minidumps fixed. This happens whenever and only when I play videos, whether it is flow player, UTube, or any other videos on my system.
So far I have identified four files as the culprits here and would need help in knowing how to get them fixed.

I am attaching the Window mini dump the most recent one and the Blue Screen Viewer results for your information and review.
I would appreciate your help and suggestion on getting these problems resolved.

Thanking you in advance for your help. Warm regards,

A:BSOD when Video or recorded webinars are played

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I downloaded the cd software program and plugged my device in and it came up on the software, the vid, but when i play it or any other vid it just plays for like 1 sec then freezes the program and i have to close it(the full video will play on the lcd screen on the device). Also you know how when you plug in a device it opens up that screen that lets you choose what to do with it generally? well the first time i plugged it in I tryed opening it with vlc media player and it opens a screen saying it cant open it. now everytime i plug it in it automatically trys to open with vlc and doesnt work.

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I made a video of a cartoon of a game and i don't know how to place my sounds on it. I only need a program that can put .mp3 files on a video. Please give me a program or a link to download the program so i can put sounds on my video.
At first thank you.


A:How to place music on a no sound screen recorded video?

You may be infringing copyright laws in what you've already done, unless the game and cartoon are your own original creation.

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I had been recording cartoon shows off and on for my godson to watch. In February, I started getting errors and every attempt to burn a video DVD aborts. At first I thought maybe I had some bad DVD+R media, but I am able to burn other things to DVD outside of Media Center. I can burn data DVDs, but fail on video DVDs.

Here is what happens: In Media Center, I select the episodes of recorded TV shows that I want to burn to DVD. The process starts normally, indicating that it may take "several hours" to finish. After about an hour or so, at around 25% completion, I hear the DVD burner spin up like it is going to start burning the DV. After a few (less than ten) seconds, it stops and ejects the disk. In Media Center, an error comes up saying: "BURN FAILURE, An error has occurred in burning the CD/DVD." There is no further info nor error codes. It appears that something does get burned to the disk during those few seconds, because the system will no longer recognize the disk and it must be trashed.

I am running Vista Ultimate 64-bit on an HP system with a quad core processor and 4Gb of RAM. So far, I have tried all the tips that I can find for similar problems (install CODECs, reregistering DLL files, etc.), but nothing helps. I even went so far as to use the original system restore disks to wipe out the computer entirely and reinstall Vista, then let it do all updates (through SP2). Lots of things work better, but this one problem per... Read more

A:Media Center will no longer burn recorded TV shows to video DVD

Hi Clay and welcome to the forums

What format are these TV shows in?


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When i try to burn a disc from recorded tv list in media center i am askedto select recording and check box
i am unable to check box
on clicking next i can get one of two messages
BURN FAILURE [even though i have not progressed far enough to activate BURN button]
Hope this makes sense
Can anyone help?

A:Media center wont burn recorded tv to video disc

Hello rmths,
Found this, i am not into burning discs but this may point you in the right direction.
Hope it helps. Good luck and post your results, thanks.

In Media Center, you can only create a video DVD by using a recorded TV show when the broadcast type matches the region that you have selected in Media Center.

Also have you looked at your codec pack ?.

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dear guys my sound sticks for a few seconds when playing music, and watching videos, it sticks for a few secs every few mins. i have downloaded the latest drivers and updates for both sound card and graphic card, its making me crazy, does anyone know what it could be pls.

A:sound and video sticks for a few seconds

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To provide some background information, I will explain what happened to 'cause' the problem in the first place:
I was on vacation with my parents (it's their computer, by the way) and prior to that we took out all the plugs of the computers just in case. When we came back, all that was done was re-plug the computer, and then we tried booting it. It turned on, but the display didn't work.

After some fooling around, it was identified that RAM was the issue, because when I took out a single stick, it suddenly showed video again. However the next boot it didn't, so I took the other stick and tried it, but it didn't work, so I put it in the other port and then it did work.

Long story short, I have tried both RAM sticks together: doesn't work. Tried them individually, and they both work SOMETIMES. Sometimes one of them works in one port, then it works in the other, then it doesn't and the other stick has to be in one port, then the other. It seems completely random, and I haven't been able to identify any other issue.

I'm not entirely sure if I'm in the right section of the Forums, but since I restarted the PC about a hundred times, it seems like I am.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: Realised I forgot to mention that the motherboard is an ASUS M4N78SE and the RAM are 2x2GB 1066 DDR2 Fatal1ty (OCZ).

A:Computer won't boot with 2 sticks RAM, though both sticks and slots work

Did you get this fixed?

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I ordered some computer stuff at 4a.m. and I had a major brainfart when doing so.

I ordered some Crucial ram that came in 2GB sticks, Newegg.com sold is in doubles and triple packs, my thought was well, 6GB is better then 4GB when ordering but after doing so I thought, wait, don't you normally run ram in two's for dual channel?

So tomorrow I have 3, 2GB sticks showing up. Should I order a forth? I mean I KNOW I can run just 3 sticks but that puts is out of dual channel mode, correct? Does it REALLY matter when you get upto 6GB of ram? I mean computers are so quick now days, does it really actually matter?

I have this motherboard:

Newegg.com - ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3 AM3 AMD 880G HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

I intend to install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 tomorrow on this new motherboard and a Dual-Core CPU.

A:RAM... Two sticks, three sticks, dual channel, triple channels, huh?

Most MB's will let you run the 3 sticks in dual channel mode. One channel will have 4GB and one will have 2GB. Check you MB manual and it should show which slots to use.


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I have a dell laptop that im trying to upgrade the memeory on. It currently running 266 but I want to put in 333mhz. When I boot the comp it does nothing. The monitor wont even come on. How do I get this to work, if this is in fact possible.

A:266mhz memry to 333

Unless the machine is capable of running the memory @333, it is not going to make any difference at all.

Just install the memory that is compatible with the machine ie what it came with. If you want to install additional memory, then go to crucial's site and input your model of laptop; it will find compatible memory.

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Hello. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but my memry on my C drive keeps getting lower and lower for some reason. I have ran ccleaner to try and free up some memory I have also uninstalled all kinds of programs. this has freed up some room but then its back down to about 1 gig in a couple of hours. I don't know what is going on with it any help would be appreciated. thank you.

A:HD memry depleting

How big is the drive?Download, and install Disk Space Reporter: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System...-Reporter.shtmlIn opening windows, select a drive to be scanned. Make sure, there is a checkmark in Store filenames in database.Click Start button.See, what's taking space.

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I was hoping someone could help with a problem ive got. My pc isnt super fast but iits got 3.0ghz processor 2gb ram an a ok graphics card. i can happlily play black and white 2 or warhammer 40,000 things like like that with the settings high. well ive just got broadband installed and now im having problems. My cpu is 100% most of the time and my memory creeps up the longer the compter stays on. The only 2 things that ive changed is install a usb wifi dongle and update to internet explore 8 because i couldnt watch youtube. Now my pc is so slow and i dont know why. I assumed if my pc was fast enough to play the above games then going on the internet would be no problem. Any advice to why my pc is running flat out would be very helpfull. Thanks in advance

A:High cpu and memry use

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I am trying to get my two sticks (2x 2Gb) of Corsair RAM (CM2X2048-6400C5C) to work in my Asus P5Q Deluxe mobo.
Both sticks work perfectly because I have tested them in all slots individually and the computer works flawlessly.
However, the problem that I'm having is when I put both sticks in, be that in A1/B1 or A2/B2.

With both sticks in, the computers powers on, the fans spin up but the computer progresses no further and does not POST - a blank screen.

What could be wrong? Is there a setting to adjust?


A:Mobo & RAM: two sticks individually - good, two sticks together - bad

The sticks should be in A1/A2 or B1/B2. Try that configuration.

See page 2-11 of your motherboard manual. If you don't have one, go here: http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_775/P5Q_Deluxe/#download

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I have 16GB genx flash memory. I try to move 13GB folder to my pen drive but the flash memory become write protected and now I can not save files or format my flash memory. The folder that I copied originally contain pdf files but now it contain weird folders and when I click on properties it says that it has size of 119GB

what should I do?

A:my USB memry become write protected

Give this a read. It should fix this issue. Enable or Disable write protection of all USB devices

If that is a no go, there are some options you can try here. Solution to remove Write Protection from USB Pen Drive

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i just used my sisters memory stick to load some files from one computer to another when i put the memory stick into the computer a window came up saying unable to read to you want to format? I said no! now i loaded files onto this stick that had other important files. it shows the stick as full and data as raw. Is there some kind of security feature to protect the data.when it is removed?

A:usb memry stick problem

Normally it is better to use the Safely Remove Hardware feature when removing USB devices. Otherwise you'll run into problems like the one you've described.

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I used system restore three times today i fixed my poblem but went from 25 gb of memory down to 7 gb how can i get my memory storage back

A:system restore\ memry

you could do a system restore...... Just Kiddin ya. Have you tried disk cleanup and a defrag ?

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The New York Public Library offers a free service where they allow the download of movies using a small program which they also provide (for free). I'm sure that this is also available through libraries all over the country.

You are allowed one download every day and need to watch it by the end of one week.
If anyone is interested, they just added a lot of new BBS older TV shows.

I've been able to watch the movies until this week. Normally you click on the download button and a countdown begins to show when it is ready to play. Now, all that happens is the countdown appears but doesn't count down. The movie is never viewable.

I wrote to their customer service but there was only an auto-response.

There are instructional videos in the program which I am able to view so it isn't the program.

Does anyone else use this program and know how to correct this?


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So, here's the deal. I recently bought a new XPS 8900.  I have switched out the 1TB HDD for a 500GB SSD.
Now I want to increase the RAM. It came with 8gb (2 x 4gb sticks). To be absolutely sure I got compatible sticks-I bought 2 x 8gb sticks from Dell.  My machine has 4 slots, so I can have 4 sticks...
My Question is: can I use all 4 sticks ( 2 x 4gb and 2 x 8 gb ), or will mixing sizes screw up something?
Thanks, for any advice!

A:Dumb Question? OK to mix 4gb RAM sticks with 8 gb Ram sticks?

Yes  Make sure to keep the matching sticks paired in matching slots. or in other words, put the two 4GB sticks in the white slots and the two 8GB sticks in the black slots. ( or vice versa).
You might consider running the built-in memory diagnostics after installing the memory.

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I've corrupted the permissions on my C:\Users\Public\Public\Downloads folder. How can I recreate this folder? I've tried deleting the folder and then recreating it in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\..\Shell Folders & User Shell Folders, but
to no avail.
This is on a Windows 8.1 Pro x64, non-domain, desktop installation.

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I have a new computer with Vista Home Premium and I moved some of the Public Folders (Public Documents, Music, Pictures) from C to D, as instructed by Microsoft at this link When you try to move a public folder in Windows Vista, the Move button may be missing

I want to be able to share these folders from their new location with the other computers in my home network, so I turned on the Public Folder sharing in the Network and Sharing Center.

However, in the Network and Sharing Center the only public folders recognized are the ones still at the original location - C:\Users\Public\Favorites and C:\ ...\Public Desktop (hidden files) and ...\Recorded TV.

I have spent a few hours searching for the answer to this on the internet. In this version of Vista Home Premium, there is NOTthe option to change the letter of the directory in the registry by changing the key called public as suggested by the How To Geek at this link Move the Public Folder in Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

How To Geek says:"Browse down to this key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
You should see a key called Public. Double-click it to open it and change it to D:\Public, or whatever location you want to move the public folder to."Note - Vista Home Premium does NOT have a Public key.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?

Thanks so much in advance.

A:Public folder moved to another directory no longer Public

Originally Posted by vistabegood

I have a new computer with Vista Home Premium and I moved some of the Public Folders (Public Documents, Music, Pictures) from C to D, as instructed by Microsoft at this link When you try to move a public folder in Windows Vista, the Move button may be missing

I want to be able to share these folders from their new location with the other computers in my home network, so I turned on the Public Folder sharing in the Network and Sharing Center.

However, in the Network and Sharing Center the only public folders recognized are the ones still at the original location - C:\Users\Public\Favorites and C:\ ...\Public Desktop (hidden files) and ...\Recorded TV.

I have spent a few hours searching for the answer to this on the internet. In this version of Vista Home Premium, there is NOTthe option to change the letter of the directory in the registry by changing the key called public as suggested by the How To Geek at this link Move the Public Folder in Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

How To Geek says:
"Browse down to this key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
You should see a key called Public. Double-click it to open it and change it to D:\Public, or whatever location you want to move the public folder to."Note - Vista Home Premium does NOT have a Public key.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?

Thanks so much in advance.

If you open Windows Explorer an... Read more

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I have an older Socket 478 Intel Motherboard, with DDR memory.

Right now I'm running 512 Megs (256 X 2) and looking to upgrade to a whole Gig.

Now, buying another 512 would be certinaly cheaper, but, I was told that if I do that (buying another two sticks of 256) and take up all four DIMM slots, that it would actually SLOW down the computer instead of making it faster, because of the memory in all four DIMM slots.

Another question, would it work if I just bought a third stick of 512 and put it in say, DIMM slot 2 or 4? Or does it have to be 'balanced'?

A:Solved: Two Sticks vs. Four Sticks of RAM

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i have a toshiba tecra 500CDT.i recently reformatted and reloaded win 98 on it.now my video will not fill the entire screen.i went to toshiba site and tried all the adapter drivers they had for it.it still the same.what am i doin wrong,can anyone help,thank you

A:video on ttoshiba laptop too small

It may be that the screen is not at its " optimal" resolution. Right click on the desktop, choose properties, then the settings tab. Choose a different resolution from the current one, and see if that improves it. You may have to experiment a bit to find the correct resolution for the screen. This is normal for LCD monitors. They tend to look great at one resolution..and not so good at other resolutions.

Hope that is helpful.

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As I feel that this is an Outlook 2003's trouble, I decided to post this enquiry here. If I am wrong I apologize in anticipation. Well, I manage quite successfullly a relatively old but perfectly updatable Logitech. I send through Outlook 2003, pictures succesfully compacted, but I cannot send small videos. It announces a failure and closes. I am feeling constantly that at least my Outlook 2003, is giving some troubles, then I have the suspect that the problem is there..., or in XP Pro. Is it any mean to fix it? Many thanks and regards.

A:Compacting small video troubles

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hi all.

I need small video editing software that have many transition effects.

anybody can suggest me something?

thank you!

A:small video editor - any suggestion?

Windows Moviemaker comes with Windows and should meet your needs. It's free. If you want to step up to a better NLE then try the Sony Vegas Movie Studio product, or Adobe Premiere Elements.

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Is there such a card out there that can play Half Life 2 and not break the bank. I do have a slot on my mobo and I cannot afford anything more than $100. I know that's cheap these days of the $500 card but it's all I can afford at the time. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Intel 2.53ghz
Windows XP
80g hardrive
geforce mx 440

A:Small Budget Video Card

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Hi there,

I have a 3 year old XP computer with an Nvidia 7900GS graphics card and I think that the graphics card is starting to go a little bit faulty and I am seeking some advice.

Here are a couple of problems I am having:

1. While performing normal day to day activities on the computer (like on the internet) I sometimes notice a faint straight pink dashed line that appears over white backgrounds. I noticed it again the other day while installing a program and while moving the program window around the screen, the pink line was moving with it, so I could practically draw pink lines all over it.

2. Sometimes while playing full screen games (especially Tomb Raider 7+8), I get random distortions of flashing lines and patches on the screen. In cinematics, there are quite a few flashing white or red dots that appear on the screen, and after exiting the games, the desktop is also polluted with quite a few green/blue/red dots. The dots do not cover the screen (they are just patched around in various places.) If I open a window on top of them, they disappear.

- I am alreading seeking advice from a Tomb Raider forum about the games and they said that it was possible that my video card was overheating or I had overclocked it.

Could anybody help on this matter -- it is greatly apprecited!

XP 007

A:Video Card (small display problems)

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I have the same problem as Avis1. When a video is sent to me in an e-mail, It's fine when small, as soon as I enlarge it, it becomes a mess (blurry, distorted). My computer is approx 6 months old, equip: Windows Media player/ upgrade from Vista-Windows 7/ tons of unused memory/3.2 AMD processor/ATI Radeon 4850 v.card.My monitor is a Dell HD 23inch widescreen. resolution is 1920*1080...Is there anything I can attempt to improve.?

A:Video problems enlarging from small to large?

The video appears blurry because of the resolution it was recorded at. There's nothing you can do to change that.

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My current pc information (dc 5800) OS Name    Microsoft Windows 10 ProSystem Manufacturer    Hewlett-PackardSystem Model    HP Compaq dc5800 Small Form FactorSystem Type    x64-based PC System SKU    KK368ET#UUWProcessor    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E6550  @ 2.33GHz, 2333 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)BIOS Version/Date    Hewlett-Packard 786F2 v01.04, 1/31/2008 BaseBoard Manufacturer    Hewlett-PackardBaseBoard Name    Base BoardPlatform Role    Desktop  My Video Card Information Name    Intel(R) Q33 Express Chipset FamilyAdapter Type    Intel(R) GMA 3100, Intel Corporation compatibleAdapter Description    Intel(R) Q33 Express Chipset FamilyAdapter RAM    256.00 MB (268,435,456 bytes)   Current Problem Devices Not Available     The drivers for this device are not installed.PCI Simple Communications Controller       The drivers for this device are not installed.PS/2 Compatible Mouse     This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed.Standard PS/2 Keyboard   This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. Post... Read more

A:[Q] is possible way('s) to change video card dc 5800 small ?

Hi: For the PCI Simple Communications Controller driver, you need this one... This package contains the Intel Active Client Manager Host Embedded Controller Interface (HECI) device driver for the supported desktop models and operating systems. ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp46001-46500/sp46137.exe Newer Video cards that should work in your model are the nVidia geForce GT 610, or the AMD Radeon HD 6450. Otherwise, get a used but tested and working model on eBay or wherever that was offered in the dc5800 when it came out 8 years ago. ATI Radeon HD 3470 (256 SH) PCIe x16 Graphics CardATI Radeon HD 3650 (512MB DH) PCIe x16 Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 256MB DH PCIe x1 Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 256MB SH PCIe x16 Graphics CardATI Radeon HD 2400 XT 256MB DH PCIe x16 Graphics Card Make sure you get low profile cards with low profile brackets or ensure the low profile brackets come in the box with the video card.

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Is there a free program that would verify that the small fan on a Radeon
graphics/video board is actually working ?

I looked at Speccy, wow, but it only gives temp's., apparently.
Or, is it there, somewhere ?

This is great info., but anything that might tell rpm, or if actually turning ?


A:Graphics/Video Board Small Fan: Working ?

Could you not simply just have a look inside the case? use a mirror if you can't see the bottom of the card?
Programs that can do this are HWMonitor, SpeedFan and Open Hardware Monitor, they should all display RPM if you have the card's drivers installed (however it might not work for some)

Hope that helps

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Hi everyone, been a while.

Next year starts the new 250 Motorcycle Road-Racing season, and I'll be attending the full Swedish and European Championship...

I'm working as a mechanic for a friend... Now just today he came asking me if it would be difficult to have a few "onboard" cameras that record his driving...

Umm, yes, it probably will be was my answer ;-)

After a while of looking on google for "mini cams" and instead ending up at very different sites I got a really crazy idea:

Build a mini computer instead...

The mainboard of choice would of course be one of VIA's ITX mainboards

And since he can't have a 220v power chord around the track it felt reasonable to find a good DC-DC powersupply, and I found one that would be marvelous for this project right here.

Next I'll need cameras, and on this German site I found some real small ones...

They are connected via USB to the computer and need no extra power, thus they are ideal....

I'll need 12v batteries also, and while I do have a 12v 7ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery here at home doing nothing it weights 2,6kg... Simply too much, so what I want is a 12v battery which would be able to drive that computer for around 30minutes during recording (I'm assuming around 15w power consumption)

Ideally it would be a battery which is flat, and not extends more than 17cm, i.e. the same shape as the mainboard... Most important is that it is light though... ... Read more

A:Small Video Recorder device for motorcycle use?

For power-supply, you could use the motorbike's onboard electricity (either 6V or 12V)
For storage, an MP3-player/recorder comes to mind (Creative, with 20GB HD, or similar). Check websites where bungie-jumpers record their drops. Also you could try and contact formula One people, they have solid cameras on their racecars (but they will surely cost more than an arm and a leg).
Sound like a nice project, best of luck.

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I have 2 HP dc5000 small form factor PC's that have become increasingly taxed with CAD and Photoshop processing. Can anyone suggest what vide card I can use in a small form factor machine with no AGP only PCI slots available?


A:What video card to use for small form factor

I think the best you're gonna get is an NVIDIA FX 5500 if all you have is a PCI slot. I suppose that'll do okay with photoshop and CAD programs, though. Just don't expect to play any newer games. Here's one from newegg.com: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814130255

You can pick up an FX 5500 at WalMart, but it'll be almost twice the price.

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I am having trouble with the video on my hp compaq pro 4300 sff, when playing a high resolution MP4 file there are tiny dots around the edges of things in the film, the files will play correctly on other machines.The PC has an AMD graphics card in it with dual monitor support but running one monitor and I'm not 100% sure I have the correct drivers installed, I am running windws XP.I would even be happy just to use onboard graphics but cannot get a signal through that, even with the graphics card removed.Any ideas?

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i have a camera named "Canon PC 1264",,the pictures in the memory card are converted to some unknown file type with size GBz....some of the picture's folders are in the original conditions but 3 to 4 folder are change due to some known reason,,
Please suggest me someone a solution,,the pics are very important..

i have attached the screen-shot image of the folder

A:Files in Memry card converted to unreadable files with size in GBz

1. Are you using an SD Card Reader or the card slot in the PC?

2. Were you able to see the files/folders correctly from that SD Card and that PC before?

3. Are you able to see the folders and files in the camera itself with the SD card in your camera?

4. Does your camera come with any software with which you can download the contents of the SD card right from the camera? If so did you try it?

Just to eliminate your system fault as the reason, try reading the SD card on another computer and then report. (using a different SD card reader, if you are using a Card Reader)

Note:1. Do not format the SD card. 2. Do not run check disk.

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I have about a 3000 .ts files of a movie and wanted to combine it all together in a giffy without losing any quality ofc

A:How to Merge 1000+.ts small video files into a MP4 File fast

You could try 'jfuse' from www.jfuse.com. I find it quite effective for joining up movie clips. However with 3000 =/- I am not sure that quick is going to be the operative word !  
Chris Cosgrove

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I have an hp pavilion g7 running windows 8.1 64 bit. Recently when I am viewing a video and expand it to full screen it reverts back to small screen after 5 minutes. I click the full screen in lower right corner again and it goes to full screen but after 5 minutes it goes back to small screen again. This is very irritating when trying to watch any streaming video.

Note: This started recently. I have used this computer over a year without this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

A:full screen reverts to small after 5 minutes viewing a video

Have you tried a different browser?

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