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How to disable the LED red light of the "i" to blink at the sleep mode

Q: How to disable the LED red light of the "i" to blink at the sleep mode

I have a thinkpad T460. The LED light in the "i" of the Thinkpad words on the lid keeps blinking at the sleep mode. How to disable it? It is very anoying and drain the battery.

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Preferred Solution: How to disable the LED red light of the "i" to blink at the sleep mode

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My Dell Inspiron 5558 Battery light continuely blink Amber and then white light just 1 time for each and can't find what mean by that light code

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My laptop is HP 650 and the problem is capslock light blinking,wireless light is orange and the charging light is automatically ON without putting charger

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as everyone knows,when you put you sing your computer a lalabye and put it to sleep your power indicater light blinks on and off.while most computers(my old ones included)blink about once a second or so,my new cpu is all hopped up on goobers and what not and blinks about 4 times a second.while its not hurting anything its realy ticking me off,im used to the slow blink and when i leave it on at night i get a nice little strobe light effect(well,maybe not that bright)but even though i doubt theres a way to do it,is there any way that can be turned down?it just bugs me.

A:Q about the power light in sleep mode

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Hello Is there any way to disable the FN + 4 Sleep mode shortcut on my Lenovo T470 Laptop? I like the other function-key-shortcuts but this one is very annoying as it's very easy to press FN + 4 instead of FN + F4.So instead of muting the microphone (in for example a meeting) I instead accidentally put the computer in sleep mode.This kicks me out of the meeting and forces me to login all my applications + VPN and restart the meeting. Best RegardsStefan

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I have a computer which I'm trying to boot up and it gets as far as the "launching windows XP screen" then enters sleep mode.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? Unfortunately I don't have any details on the computer as I can't start it up!

Many thanks

A:Can't disable sleep mode

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I have a a Toshiba Satellite L305-S5944 laptop with Windows Vista. I am having trouble with the sleep mode being grayed out and disabled. I have tried to go to power options, change plan settings for balanced power plan, change advanced power settings, multimedia settings, and computer put to sleep option and save changes. I did these steps and it still does not work, do you have any suggestions?

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My laptop will go into sleep mode when it is fully "flexed" 360 degrees. All the options like "do nothing" when lid is closed and "never" go into sleep do not seem to be working, whether I flex the laptop 360 degrees OR just close the lid. If I could find an alternative method to stop the display from sleeping after closing the lid, that would probably be enough to fix my problem of the screen going black when I fully flex the laptop, but all of the general and advanced settings to alter sleep mode functionality dont seem to be working..

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I just had my new build finished and it's been running for a day. Well, I'm new to windows 7 and I hadn't turned off sleep mode yet. Well, I stepped away for a few and came back to find that my pc was in sleep mode. I reeactivated the pc and everything kicked back on except for the blue power led on the front panel of my HAF 932 case. The hd led was working just fine but the power light has not turned on since. At first I thought that the LED went bad, but I realized that this only happened after sleep mode. It was fine just before sleep mode. I since then turned off sleep mode but no power led. After reading a bit about Windows 7 I have realized that there is a possibility that sleep mode caused this. What do you guys think? If Windows 7 is the reason than how can I fix it?

Thanks a bunch

A:Sleep Mode affecting front panel LED power light?

Check your connections to the front panel switches on the motherboard. It is possible that one of the leads has worked loose.

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I have a vb.net application that runs for several hours. The problem I am having is that Windows 7 goes to sleep while my application is running. I know I can manually disable the sleep mode, but I am hoping there is a way I can enable/disable the sleep mode from within my vb.net application. That way I can disable the sleep mode when my program starts and I can enable it again when my program finishes. Is there a way to do this? Is there another way to prevent Windows 7 from going to sleep while my program is still running? Is there a DontGoToSleepBecauseMyProgramIsStillRunning command that I can execute every few minutes to prevent Windows 7 from going to sleep while my program is running?

A:How to disable sleep mode programmatically

You can download the app called Insomnia.


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Hello, I have just added a USB cooling pad to my machine to help combat the overheating issues associated with this model. But, I can't get the pad to power down when putting the computer to sleep. I have read loads of posts and done 2 things specifically. 1 In the Device Manager under USB controllers for each USB root hub I have checked that in the power management setting 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' is selected - I have not changed this. 2 Under power management in advanced settings 'USB selective suspend settings' are enabled for both battery and power - I have not changed this. By rights these setting should stop the ports being powered when I put the computer to sleep, but they don't. It is clear from googling this problem for sometime now that I am not alone, but there does not seem to be a clear solution to this problem. Anyone knows how to fix this would be gratefully received. Thanks 

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Every time I try to recover from sleep mode, the monitor light flashes, but nothing appears on the display. I haven't had the patience to wait for it recover (if ever), but have rebooted to Safe Mode, then rebooted again. From Google search results, it's clear that this is a common problem in Vista x64 with a variety of systems running dual monitor displays. (I have a Matrox M9120 PCIe x16 graphics card.) See:

vista 64 sleep mode monitor flashes - Google Search

Is there is a solution, other than what I have done -- change the "Put computer to sleep" option to Never? I wonder whether the same bug occurs in the Windows 7 x64 beta.

A:Vista x64 - slow recovery from sleep mode - flashing monitor light

Have a look at the tutorial here, it may help :-
Power Options and Sleep Mode Problems
Also as a side note have you looked in your bios to see what the sleep mode options are?

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Lenovo T470 was shutting down when all of a sudden all light and the screen went off. But the power button light kept on blinking. It has refused totally go off even after a series of hard pressing to force the shutdown. Someone kindly help on the issue.

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I have western digital caviar 120bg hdd model number wd1200bb-00gua0
I have it connected to my wii to play backups
the drive goes into sleep mode every 10mins and my games freeze
i contacted WD they said the option to disable sleep mode is not available on my hdd
but come on there has to be a way right?
the drive is 6 years old im not worried about breaking it or voiding a warranty
if i take the casing apart is there something I can break off that will disable the spindown mode?
or some kind of hack I can preform to get into the hardware settings?

A:how to manually disable sleep mode/spindown in my hdd

I googled and found another poor soul struggling with this problem and he found the only workaround

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I have already tried to diable / enable usb selective suspend - did not work. I have also tried to enable / disable the setting in device manager the "allow computer to turn off this device to save power" setting - did not work. Also the option is not in the bios. So does anyone how to disable power to certain usb ports or even all of them? My old hp laptop did not have this feature / problem. When ever i put my computer in standby my chill pad stays on. I was it to turn off its really inconvenient having to plug / unplug it. I appreaciate any help. I have an Ideapad Y560P. Thanks

A:How can I disable usb power during standby / sleep mode?

bump. please help guys

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I’m working on my daughter’s MSI A6200 laptop running Windows 7, Home Premium, 64 bit.

The computer was freezing up from time to time and then stopped working. It hung up when I tried to reboot. I went to safe mode, used msconfig to turn off all system services and start-up programs, rebooted but no change. Rebooted in safe mode with networking but all network connections are gone, the wireless adapter seems disabled but it does show in Device Manager. Interestingly, the “sleep” light on the laptop is lit. I opened control panel and clicked on Power options but nothing happens.

I downloaded Norton’s emergency bootable recovery tool and booted via a USB drive. I scanned the laptop and it found a virus but I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t write down what it was (I foolishly thought I was done). I ran it again and it came up with nothing. There may be a log somewhere but I couldn’t find it this morning. I have a feeling the virus did some damage before I removed it.

Can you help me repair my laptop? Get my wireless adapter back and resolve the power/sleep mode issue?

Thanks very much!

A:Laptop only boots in safe mode, no wireless, sleep light lit, no power options

That really, really sounds like a motherboard problem.

To eliminate hardware as a possibility I'd back up the data and reinstall to see if it fixes it or not.

Alternatively, you could try booting it off of a linux live distro CD to see if it keeps up its shenanigans.

People write bugs to do strange things though. Is the sleep light lit prior to windows actually booting, or only when in windows?

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fter connecting the AC power supply to CPU and on pressing start button , CPU light does not blink spontaneously ,It took 3 to 5 minutes to start blinking and window start immediately as light start blinking on start button .Reliability report does not show any error.Pl suggest me some remedial action

A:CPU light does not blink spontaneously

Ehm, CPU is "central processing unit", a computer component. It does not have a light linked to its operation. If by CPU you mean the whole machine, call it "computer".

If that led is close to a symbol that resembles a lightbulb, then it's the power led, and tells if your computer is actually getting power or not. It should go on when you press the power switch and remain on until you shut down the computer.
If it is close to a cylinder symbol, it is the memory usage led, and tells if your computer is reading from its main internal memory device. It does blink randomly when in normal operation and if you don't experience other issues you can safely disregard it.

Other leds can indicate the wifi connection or whatever the maufacturer thought to place there, if it's not one of the above, try to describe it or find an image of it from google.

Please follow this tutorial to fill your system specs (step 7 to do it automatically), so we can know what is the thing you have in your hands. Without knowing more, help provided will be limited.

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I ordered some new stuff, sound card, headset. So, i wanted to clean up my

computer before it got to the house. so i cleaned out everything, looking nice. i

put in the new Asus D2X and connect the Roccat Kave headset and the computer

only started for a split second. at this point only the fans and such connected

directly to my PSU would jitter / light up. So i took out my g

GFX card and...waaala. It worked, so i messed around playing with the cool Asus

software listening to 5.1 demos. Anyway I Talked to one of my friends who told me

to reconnect the video card into the primary slot instead. So i tried it and it did the

same thing again. Also i tried my backup video card with nothing doing. blinked

and stutterd for a millisecond and stopped, as it did before. Now, it is clear, i felt

relieved all it was, was the video card. so i can just use onboard until i find a good

deal, because my audio setup cost me 260$. Basically the question here is

why does it not work now as it did before i tried to setup the GFX card again. It

acts like the graphics card is still in there shorting it out or something.

please help, Thank you,

Matt "eb3" Eberhardt

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Machine won't power on.I have an HP DV6000, and the thing wont power on. I have had it for over a year, and my warranty is up. I press the power button, and the Power and HDD Indicators and touch controls turn on for about a second, and then turn back off. I have tried this with and without the power adapter. When i plug in the power adapter, the machineindicates that the battery is charging (it indicates through the charging indicator light (Looks like a Lightning Bolt).Any help would be much appreciated.Thank you

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my modem the dsl light blink on and off , and default gateway is empty,

i have try direct connection
reset hardly the modem

none of them working ......need help!!!!!!

A:Solved: modem dsl light blink on and off , need help!

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Hi,So my laptop has been having some the same issue. All the other LED lights will turn on except for the charger light. I thought it was the charger so I replaced it, still nothing. Sometimes I have to open it up and move it, ove checked the wiring but everything's fine. Anyone else ever had this issue?

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CPU usage is nil and the light keeps working and you can hear the drive working when the light is blinking. I am running a RAID mirror using the Intel chip on my Asus board. This system has no virus.

A:Why does my hard drive light blink all the time?

Problem solved. MSCONFIG showed an Epson printer service running. Turned it off and everything is good.

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I had previously hooked this up to my big screen via the hdmi.  The next morning I went to turn it on and got nothing.  Holding the power button down with power plugged in, not plugged in any combination for 1 - 120 seconds produces the same exact result.  The little light on the " i " lights up for exactly 4 seconds and then nothing.  I have tried a different power cord and get the exact same result.  I have tried using the emergency reset with a needle on the back of the device...same result. Any help would be great.

A:Yoga won't boot. Red light comes on for 4 seconds no blink.

Can you clarify when you say it "lights up for exactly 4 seconds", is it a solid light or a blinking light?

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I upgraded my HP Pavilion a1540n Desktop to Windows 7 a week ago. Ever since, my hard drive light constantly blinks. After looking at the disk activity in the Windows Resource Monitor and doing some research I am leaning towards the page file as the problem. I am not sure if that is in fact the problem as there seems to be quite a few processes creating high disk activity, including Firefox profile cache, $Logfile, and MpWppTracing.bin. I only have 1GB of RAM. Would I be better served to add RAM before doing anything else like using Cacheman?

A:Why does my Hard Drive Activity Light Constantly Blink

Do you actually have constant hard drive activity, or is the light just blinking?


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My Yoga 3 was bought 3 months ago at a local retailer. It had been an open box model. A couple of nights ago while using it, my wife got a Blue Screen of some variety. Since then, the machine doesn't work at all. When I push the power button (or the reset button next to it), the KB backlight comes on and power light comes on for about a second and then they both shut off. This cycle is repeated indefinitely until I hold down the power button at which time everything goes off. That is the only response I get from the thing. This machine is only 3 months old but I cannot find any way to get in touch with Lenovo for any kind of support, so I thought I would try here first. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Yoga 3 Pro 1370 - KB Backlight and power light blink - no other response

Hi RobReid , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
It would be best to have technical support assist you on this.
As the way you have described the issue, there may be an internal issue that needs further checking .
You can call them at : 877-4-Lenovo,877-453-6686  choose option 1 for hardware techSchedule a Callback for faster support 
From the support site click on "contact us" as there is also chat support available for you.
Hope this help answer your query on best to proceed.

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Black screen, caps lock light is blinking once blink every five seconds. Was just using it not ten minutes ago. Please help. I've tried removing the batterie with no success

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Lqptop not giving display, screen is black but caps lock key is blinking 3 times

A:hp i core 3 laptop blink light 3 times on vaps lock and no d...

@Jyoti9?, welcome to the forum. When requesting help you should always include the make/model (i.e. p6-xxxx) of the computer and/or monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications of them.

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Hi i have a issue with my  HP Pavilion g6-2231ec. I used it without battery because battery is dead, just power connector.  Notebook works normaly but on a next day it won't turn on. It only blink one time near power plugin. When pressing the power button the button light doesn't even light.I tried to test it with friend power adapter but won't turn on. But we tried to get battery to it (without adapter), and everything works. I decided to change power DC Jack Power Cable and it doesn't help. It is the same. I don't understand what's wrong. Thanks for reply.

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Lqptop not giving display, screen is black but caps lock key is blinking 3 times

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This problem ariseed in the morning, please help! I can connect to the router via ethernet (my computer recognizes it as unidentified network with a 100mbps rate), but the internet and don't work. As for wifi no networks are availible. Could my router be dead?

A:Linksys EA6400 ethernet lights working, green light doesnt start or blink at all

Sure, it could be dead...or not. Have you rebooted the router? Pull the power and let if sit off for a minute then power it back on. You can also try resetting the router back to factory defaults, instructions here along with other info: http://kb.linksys.com/Linksys/GetAr...dd9133a8b_KBxxxx_EN_v1.xml&pid=80&converted=0

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I have been using the Blue Light Reduction feature of the Lenovo Settings app for months and it is really useful in cutting down blue light at night and it makes it easier to sleep at night after working on my computer.  Looks like there was a recent software update and I no longer see any option to enable the Blue Light Reduction feature in the Lenovo Settings utility.  Has anyone else experienced this? How can I fix this and reenable Blue Light Reduction in the Lenovo Settings app?  

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I have been using the Blue Light Reduction feature of the Lenovo Settings app for months and it is really useful in cutting down blue light at night and it makes it easier to sleep at night after working on my computer.  Looks like there was a recent software update and I no longer see any option to enable the Blue Light Reduction feature in the Lenovo Settings utility.  Has anyone else experienced this? How can I fix this and reenable Blue Light Reduction in the Lenovo Settings app?  

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I just had the fan replaced, and now when I use F4 to put the laptop in sleep mode and then close the lid, it remains in sleep mode when I open the lid.  Same thing occurs when I close the lid (no F4) for sleep mode and then open the lid.  However, when I select Sleep on the Windows 7 Start Menu and close the lid, the laptop does resume when I open the lid. NOTES:- Before replacing the fan, I used F4 for sleep and resume, because when I close the lid I would sometimes find the fan running the next morning- BIOS is up-to-date- Keyboard and mouse are set to wake PC- Power Options Settings:   - Allow hybrid sleep set to OFF and Hibernate set to NEVER (As they always have been)   - USB Settings > Disabled USB selective suspend settings  (These were enabled) While this isn't a huge problem, I would like to have things working as before, preferably without having to go back to the Lenovo certified shop. Thank you in advance for your help. Jeff

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I've had this problem intermittently on my laptop for the past 2 years however it has been occuring more often recently.

Basically sometimes when I click the sleep button on Windows 7, the screen fades to black as usual. However the fan keeps running (sounds like when it's on full load) and the power button light stays on endlessly. I always have to force shut it down and restart it.

What can be the issue?

A:Laptop freezes between entering sleep mode to being in sleep mode

Hi joseph10444.

Such a situation may occur when some driver (mostly the PnP device drivers depending on the ACPI configuration) fail to response within a stipulated time period during the power state change.

Let us see some data. Upload your MSINFO32.nfo file.
Click on the start button
Type "msinfo32" (without quotes) in the search bar of the start menu, click the resulting link. It will open the System Information window.
File>Save. In the "File Name" filed, put "MSINFO32" (without Quote), give the save location to desktop, and click the "save" button.
Give the time for processing, it will save a .nfo file on your desktop.
Zip it, and upload it following the instruction.
Upload the list of all the third party drivers Using NirSoft DriverView :
Download and execute Driverview
View > Hide Microsoft Drivers
Edit > Select all
File > Save Selected Items
In the Save dialog, Set the path to desktop, Put "Driverview" in the name field, and save.
Zip the .txt file and upload it.
Those files will give us a closer look to the issue.

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hai.. help needed.... i am having the exact problem as op.. when i press sleep button, screen goes black (as usual).. but fan, and other keyboard lights are still on... it just freezes... i have to force shutdown to again use my laptop...

i am attaching the msinfo32.nfo, driverview.txt...

and one more thing... i dont have problem of bsod... thanks..

A:Laptop freezes between entering sleep mode to being in sleep mode

Original Thread

Laptop freezes between entering sleep mode to being in sleep mode

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hi i have a pc Aspire E5-574G with Windows 10 and I have a problem with the screen brightness which lowers and raises alone without my touch anything ... the settings for the windows adaptive light is off ... I wanted to know how to solve this problem ... thanks a lot

A:disable adaptive light

have you tried to update VGA drivers?http://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles/Driver/VGA/VGA_Intel_20.19.15.4312_W10x64_A.zip?acerid=63587... try this too:On the desktop, right-click. Graphics Properties. Power. I turned off the power saving technology  by the way, you are not alone with adaptive birghtness going crazy, i saw a lot of users complaint about this (not an Acer issue but windows + intel)

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HI, if I press"f8+fn"  is the audo microphone light always on..is there any problem with the hardware or what? all the other "fn+..." work!

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HI, if I press"f8+fn"  is the audo microphone light always on..is there any problem with the hardware or what? all the other "fn+..." work!

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Hi how can I disablw the orange light on my scrollpad?

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I have a Dell Inspiron R15 that I bought four years ago. Upgraded to Windows 10. 
This  afternoon I come home and I see a message that Windows has installed some updates. I now notice this annoying amber light above my trackpad. I've never seen this light on before, wasn't even aware it was there. 
Looking it up, apparently this light is on to let you know that the Dell trackpad driver is installed and the trackpad is activated. This is weird, because this light has never been on ever, and my trackpad has always worked. Docs say to use FN-F3 to turn the light off, which also turns off the trackpad. 
This is annoying. 
I looked through this new driver functionality and it has a bunch of nifty options and gestures that I will never use. So I'd like to be rid of all of this and go back to my perfectly functioning trackpad without annoying amber light distracting me while I work. Except when I try to uninstall it I get an error message that the specified module could not be found. 
So how do I set this back to the way it was this morning?

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When I leave my computer after a session, it automatically goes into sleep mode after a period of time and remains that way till I wake it up.

However when I manually put it to sleep ( via shutdown options) , it goes to sleep immediately but for only a while ( a few minutes) then it shows the desktop screen again. If I then leave it alone after it self awake , it goes back to sleep as described above.

Any idea why ?


A:Auto sleep mode works but manual sleep does not


Some softwares can stop the sleep request to work properly.

run cmd.exe as a admin (Click on start, type CMD, right click on CMD.exe and select run as admin)
then type the command
powercfg.exe /energy
This will generate a report that will show if any software is blocking the sleep request. Your next step would be to configure the software in control panel power options

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I have a W520 running Windows 7 Professional. Just recently, my laptop has been going into sleep mode after being idle for about 2-4 minutes (the time is not consistent). My power management is set to "high performance". Put the computer to sleep is set to "Never". The advanced power settings are:Sleep afterOn battery: NeverPlugged in: NeverAllow hybrid sleepOn battery: OffPlugged in: OffHibernate afterOn battery: NeverPlugged in: NeverAllow wake timersOn battery: DisablePlugged in: DisableDoes anybody have an idea of why my laptop goes into sleep mode after 2-4 minutes? Is this a software or hardware problem?

A:W520 entering sleep mode but sleep disabled in pow...

Hi KnightCa,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I'm really sorry to hear that your Lenovo W520 goes into sleep mode even after it has been disabled in Power management.
Go to Control panel - - >Power Options - - >Change plan settings (Choose the Power plan that you have selected) - - >Change advanced power settings - - >Adjust the settings under sleep and display as shown below.

Also, try doing a windows update and reinstallation of Power manager in your system.
If the above said didn?t help, try doing a registry editing.
1. Open the Start Menu. 2. In the white line (Start Search) area, type regedit and press Enter. 3. If prompted, click on Continue in the prompt. 4. In regedit, go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power\PowerSettings\238C9FA8-0AAD-41ED-83F4-97BE242C8F20\7bc4a2f9-d8fc-4469-b07b-33eb785aaca0\DefaultPowerSchemeValues.
5. Expand DefaultPowerSchemeValues and Click on the key that is for the Power Plan that you want to change the wait time (Refer the table below)
Spoiler (Highlight to read)
6. In the right pane, right click on ACSettingIndex (while on AC power) or DCSettingIndex (while on battery power) and click on Modify.
7. Choose Decimal, and type in how many seconds you want Windows to wait to go back to sleep automatically after an unattended wakeup.
Spoiler (Highlight to read)
8. Close regedit. 9. Restart the computer to apply.
Hope ... Read more

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My old XP has been acting up, I don't use this one much anymore. When it starts an error screen appears. It reports that the BIOS in the system is not fully ACPI compliant and to upgrade it, the problem is there is no BIOS that will upgrade this feature for the rvision of the mobo I have. THe message also says I can disable ACPI mode during "text mode setup" by pressing the F7 key when prompted to install storage drivers.

I have tried the last known good configuration but to no avail.

I don't wish to update BIOS but how can I disable ACPI during text mode setup. When I boot hitting F7 nothing happens.
how do I get to tex mode setup?

A:Solved: disable ACPI mode during "text mode setup

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Hello. I am trying to fix an HP G62-367DX Notebook PC.
Operating sys: Win 7, 64bit, AMD Turion(tm) 530II Dual-Core Processor, 4GB, 2.50GHz. I had this laptop since December of 2010 and on June of 2013 is when I used my notebook PC and was initially of no use. I have been working on my laptop on and off since. I am not afraid to open the sucker up and get this thing up and running.

The problem started out with what most ppl call it, the "blue screen of death". Like most ppl, I did ignore the blue screen and did a restart which brought me to the normal Windows screen and then it would start back up just fine. I found this in Device Manager's (Hidden Files):
Non-Plug and Play Drivers
-! ehdrv
-! epfwwfp
-! Security Processor Loader Driver
I am not sure if it has anything to do with what it was the blue screen situation, but I tried searching on the net on what it all meant and to see if I was able to fix it, but before I was able to do something about it, the blue screen kept popping up and it was getting worse.

The problem progressed to where on Windows startup it would just stop there, blue screen would pop up and of course I had to restart it and do an F8 key press for Safe Mode. I had to work on Safe Mode for a good couple of weeks before I can figure out the problem/s. I believe I had went into the system and found out it had something to do with some kind of error... *sigh* I did write it down, but that was like a month ago and I am unable to locate my ... Read more

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I have Thinkpad T43, with windows XP professional.

Since few days whenever i launched my ATI catalyst control center I would get BSOD and laptop will boot automatically and then everything would be fine.

Then while browsing my wife downloaded some media player exe, and since then my IE was redirecting to unknown sites (xalab etc) not to mention various ad pop-ups. One of the online video sites gave a message that I have TROJ/Rustok-N. (Also I would like to mention since couple of months my System Restore was not working although everything else was working fine)

I ran spybot, malawarebytes, trojanremover and removed whatever was reported. But the problem persisted, so I renewed my Norton Internet Security (actually got Norton 360), ran scans but it couldnt find anything.

Then I booted in safe mode and ran all these again, last thing I remember trojanremover prompted to remove something like sv~.exe and i did, when i restarted the system in normal mode I got BSOD and laptop rebooted, I disabled automatic restart on failure but it keeps on doing that.

I then went to Access IBM and restored by configuration which brings back the system files to previous state (the most latest point available was 07/2006)
I still got the BSOD while booting into normal mode, but safe mode was working fine.

I then went into safe mode and disabled couple of services on startup, then my laptop booted fine in normal mode, I found that now windows xp was reset to SP2, so i ran windows update w... Read more

A:BSOD 8E while booting into normal mode, Safe mode fine. Disable automatic restart doesnt work.

FWIW: http://kadaitcha.cx/xp/stop_error.htmlAs stated, it's a matter of hide-and-seek, with no guarantee of finding the culprit.Another link that may be useful: http://aumha.org/a/stop.htmLouis

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