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Compulink Advantage 8.0 won’t print?

Q: Compulink Advantage 8.0 won’t print?

I have installed a new setup of this program on an existing network and I cant get it to print. The setup is pretty simple, I just install the software n Windows XP and share it. I create shortcuts to the actual program, help files, and mail that came with the software. I then set the Environment variable to the letter A. Next I go to the client computers map the drive, set the Environment variable B through E for the other five licenses, and copy the shortcuts to that computer. Once that is done the software opens and works fine, except I cant get it to print. When I open a file and try to print it, it acts like it is sending it to the printer but it never comes out.

If anyone has any ideas of what I might try or what I have missed please let me know. The trainers for this software will be coming in soon and I need this problem resolved before they get here.

Thanks for the help

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Preferred Solution: Compulink Advantage 8.0 won’t print?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Why won?t my printer print with Windows 8?
Have you just upgraded, or purchased a new computer with Windows 8, and now you can?t get your printer to work?  If so, this may help you.  A lot of people have questions about installing their printer on a new OS.  This will help you answer those questions and make sure that you get everything installed. 
Before You Start
Before you try to install the printer on a Windows 8 computer, you should check to make sure the printer is compatible with the new OS.  The link below will give you a list of the printers that will work in Windows 8.
If you have upgraded your computer to Windows 8 form another version of Windows, make sure to completely uninstall all of the software for your printer.  It should still print, but to use all the functions you will need to reinstall the software, if it?s available.
Another thing to consider is how you want to connect the printer to the computer. 

USB.  You should make sure that you have a USB cable that is no longer than 6 ft. (roughly 2m).  Make sure to connect the printer directly to the computer.  Do not use a USB hub. 
Ethernet cable.  Make sure you have the network setup, that you have a free cable port on the router, and that you have an Ethernet cable available.
Wireless.  You should make sure that you have the wireless network setup, and that you ha... Read more

A:Why won’t my printer print with Windows 8?

Hope this answers some questions.  

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I have been using the DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 printer and recently I have been receiving the '' attention required'' message. Though there is no problem with the wireless connection or cartridge, it says '' this is a web services printer'' and does not provide the print.
Your assistance will be appreciated.

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Hi all.
So I'm having this font? issue on some web pages, one of them my ebay log-in page. This one is off a Yahoo news page( Won't). Freaking me out, so I don't login. Can someone please tell me what may be causing this? Thanks in advance.

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My Windows XP wont let me log in, when you click on the icon to log in it goes right to log out and back to the login icon? I have tried that by logging into F8 safe mode and it does the same thing with the admin account. I ran UBCD and found over 500 critical malwares and clean them up. But what ever hit this PC did a good job. I have never seen this type of issue and I have been repair PC since the 80808.

A:XP won’t let me log in

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Whenever I print to the shared printer on my Windows 7 desktop, the print job will just sit in the print queue. If I stop and then start the print spooler, the job will print. It happens from an XP laptop. Print jobs sent from the local Windows 7 computer print just fine.
How can i solve this one ? :(

This issue with some particular laptop running windows Xp and windows 7 Home

A:Whenever I print to the shared printer he print job will just sit in the print queue

So, the Windows 7 Desktop has the printer physically attached to it and it's shared?
And the XP laptop is sharing the printer through the network? If I understand you correctly?
If so, on the XP Laptop, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. Are there any devices with yellow flags? Or Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers is there an Unknown Device? Or any listings for the printer? If so, right click it and Uninstall it. Now go to Start/Run and type appwiz.cpl and press enter. In the Add Remove Programs uninstall any drivers or software for the printer. Now,go to Printers and Faxes, and if the printer icons is there, Right click the shared printer icon and Delete it. And Restart the computer. Now when the computer comes back up, go to the printer manufacturers support/download drivers site and type in the model# for the printer and download the driver for the printer for XP and install it. Now, go to Start/Run and type the computer name of the Windows 7 machine (ex) \\ComputerName and press enter. A window should open up with the shared drives on the 7 computer, with the shared printer. Right click the shared printer and choose Connect. This will add the printer to Printers and Faxes again. Right click this printer/Properties and print a Test Page.

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Pc wont start at all, i try to put different motherboard, i connect all except fpanel and panel , just powersw (im not sure that all other is properly connected) but when i press switch on button nothing happens, on that new motherboard signal lamp is turned on, powersw cable is work, tested. Now neither one motherboard wont start, i tried second power supply( it?s actually never tested but look like new).
Motherboards Asus M2N, and K9N6SGM-v . I also have two processors. One for both, two sticks of ram, i tried starting with each one of them. Does anyone have some solutions or atleast diagnose ?

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Whenever I try getting on this pops up and won?t let me on.

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I went into my pc and took out my CPU to see what kind it was and how good it was. Well now when I go to turn on my PC it starts up for a few seconds then shutsoff then it turns back on and it just keeps doing that over and over also nothing appears on my monitor . I have checked all of my cords and they are all in nicely and none are loose. Please help thank you

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Guys please help!!!!

last year my dad bought me a Pre-built computer with these specs:

i5 7400

unknkwn aftermarket cooler

16gb DDR4 ram (don?t know where from)

Asus h110m-a

gigabyte gtx 1060 6gb

2tb hard drive

250gb ssd

asus optical drive

600watt psu

but my friend gave me a gt 710 1gb gddr5 and I wanted 4 ram slots for future upgrades so I bought an ASRock H270M Pro4.

Today I took out my old motherboard installed the new one and added the extra card but now my pc won?t turn on. Absolutely nothing happens, no lights no fans , nothing.

Please help because my dad is really angry at me.

A:HELP pc won’t turn on

You can start out by reading this guide:


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My G40-45 will not bootup. When I turn it on it shows the Lenovo symbol then after a few seconds the revolving circle. It keeps doing this for a long time but never actually opens to Windows or main screen. It has just started happening. I have tried removing the battery and pushing power button for 30 seconds then replace battery and the same battest and power lights come on. I am not sure what to do. Thanks.

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The other day I was just surfing the web when all of a sudden my PC turned off without warning (the system had been on for some hours).
Thinking not much of it, I turned it back on again, continued using it and it has been running fine for the last few days, including running some intense programs, (rendering, etc).

Yesterday it happened again (whilst surfing), and now it wont turn back on.
Now Im not saying it definitely isnt the psu, although the psu is practically brand new (see my last problem). However the LED on the motherboard and LEDs on my peripherals (card reader, wireless keyboard receiver, etc) are all on.

If I power off and on via the switch on the back of the psu, and then press the on button, the power LED on the case will flash once, but after that nothing.

Ive tried unplugging all the drives from the psu to see if it will boot, but it still will not.

I'm thinking that the MB may be dead.
Any ideas?

A:PC won’t turn on (PSU ok?)

Easiest is to try another known working Power supply......

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whenever I click ?this pc? it crashes and won?t open.

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Yesterday I ran into some issues with my computer hardware - in the middle of a LoL game my computer randomly powered off instantly with no warning or anything and would not turn back on. After hours of attempts I realised when I removed the graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 1x6pin connector) from my system it would power up on the integrated graphics, the motherboard green light (ASUS Z87-K) is always working also. I thought because the computer wouldn?t power up at all that there was a fault with the power supply (Cooler Master 500W) so I purchased another one (Corsair VS550W) and tried that. Still no power up with the graphics card connected, at first it would work without the graphics card also but after some tampering, replugging and cable managing now is not turning on at all, even WITHOUT my GPU attached with this brand new PSU. I?ve had the PC for just over a year and was advised maybe my old psu had just died but that appears not to be the case. I?ve also tried removing non essential components and booting but still nothing. Maybe there was something I could do in the bios and alter the settings? I did used to run the multi display bios setting which would allow me to use the integrated graphics witn one monitor and the gpu graphics with my main monitor just because I didn?t have two VGA ports (I use VGA because I have two old tv?s instead of dual monitors)

PS: I also realised upon inspection that the fan on my PSU was facing the wrong way, bl... Read more

A:PC won’t boot at all

First of all, the vs series from corsair is the lowest quality unit corsair sells. It is NOT designed nor intended for use with a real video card. Even corsair says as such
The Corsair VS550 is a great choice if you?re building a home or office system with lower power demandsClick to expand...

Installing that pw supply did nothing for troubleshooting.

Here is what I would do;
1 First and foremost, get hold of a pw supply that is actually designed for gaming or other stressful endeavor
2 Install the quality pw supply
3 Now test with and without your video card. It may be that your video card failed however no one can tell you until you use parts that are designed for what you are doing with the system

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Intel Core i7 7700K Kabylake 4.2GHz 8MB No HSF Retail Box
Gigabyte B250M-D3H LGA1151 mATX Desktop Motherboard
G.Skill 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR4 Ripjaws Red C15 2133MHz
Crucial MX300 525GB M.2 2280 SSD
FSP Raider Edition 750W 80PLUS Silver Power Supply

Above is the specs...

Today I put my computer into sleep mode, walked back in 10 minutes later to try and get computer back on. Nothing of the usual sort was working (clicking mouse, moving mouse, pressing keyboard key), so I tried restarting computer and nothing happened. All of a sudden it won?t turn on at all, no whirring of a fan, no lights apart from the occasional quick red light on the front but doesn?t happen every time I press the power button. I have checked all cables are secure, turned power off at wall and on again etc and nothing.

I?m a small business owner and not particularly tech savvy but I have a small idea of hardware. Please help! This PC is less than a year old.

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Hi there,

Yesterday I installed my new HP Z2. How exciting.

Some software was giving trouble so I shut it down. On Restart, I could the message, ?Boot device not found.?

I went to Startup Repair buy when I launch it the window goes black then back to Startup Repair, ie nothing happens.

Can anybody help?

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I have an 80 GIG HD with win98 installed,one partition.What is the advantages of adding another HD as some type of slave or something,say,..a 3 or 4 gig?

A:What is advantage of 2 HD's?

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I have a Belkin N750 connected to my CISCO modem. Currently have 3 tablets, 2 laptops, 2 phones, 1 TV, 1 Audio Receiver, and 1 Satellite DVR connected wirelessly. Everything is located in the same room most of the time (except phones and tablets). The router is located in a back office. I am investigating the possibility of relocating the router to the room with all of the equipment so that I can hardwire the TV, Sat., and Audio Receiver... but it is most likely going to be cost prohibitive. Just curious if there would be any advantage to hard wiring any of these into a secondary wireless router that is connected to the first one wirelessly. Would this just be a collosal waist of time?

Thanks and Happy Turkey Day.

A:Any advantage?

is the performance working OK now ?

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October 11, 2015
Yesterday, I was contacted by phone by a ?Microsoft? certified network engineer working with Microsoft for Avangate Services, LLC (I HAVE NAMES, PHONE NUMBERS, AND ADDERESSES) stating they had evidence that Chinese hackers were in the process of attacking my laptop to obtain access to my banking data. They showed that over half of Microsoft ?services? >MSCONFIG>Services> were stopped and then that the hackers already had my bank ID and password. When I tried to access my account the hackers were busy removing funds from checking ($1600) and savings ($600). I was bounced out of my online account and could not get back in at the time.

According to these people my only solution was to install ?NSA Sonic Wall? with accompanying software on my network (cost $1499.00, check only) and for them to fix the damage to my PC. Any advice? I have not mailed the check!
Ashley Hinman

A:Am I Being Taken advantage of?

Welcome to the forum. It's a well known con but did they connect to your PC if so you need to do our scans and post results asap as they often plant malware on your PC PCHF System Scans

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When I open the App Store on my dell laptop (windows 10) it says check your connection, and it won?t load anything, but I?m connected to wifi so why isn?t it loading anything

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My ideapad wont turn on after restarting it when the screen went white. The power button, capslock and numlock button have lights in them but the screen wont turn on. Please help me. 

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I recently put together my first pc and I?m trying to install windows on it. I used the windows tool to create a USB boot device for windows 10 64 bit (my cpu is compatible), but it won?t start. I?ve tried changing boot options in the bios but both options are just my hard drive, and one has the windows help startup thing. I have a 2T hard drive, i5 cpu, 4gb of ram (1 stick, it won?t start with 2 in), a gtx 760, and a gigabyte ga h81m ds2 motherboard
*pc instead of ox in title...

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Big problem!

This morning, when i turned on my pc, everything was fine. Booted up as usual. Then later, when i had to shut it down, i accidently pressed the sleep mode button. PC did enter sleep mode and the power LED was blinking as it should. but i couldnt get it out of sleep.
So i was forced to do a hard shutdown.

I removed the power cable from the PSU, plugged it back in later. Started up PC and wow... the power light in the front panel didnt work. PC started tho... All fans working and after like 5 seconds the PC shut itself off and then started up again. Monitor got NO signal. PC sounded fine. No beeps or anything. Hard drive didnt start making the sound that its reading or looking for anything. I was forced to do another hard shutdown (hold the power button for 5sec) . I tried taking out RAM sticks. My keyboard is not getting any power. CD/DVD drive seems to be working. All cables and components are plugged in correctly. Most of the components are pretty new.

ASUS P5Q SE PLUS Motherboard (Less than a year old)
Club3d HD4850 (OC Edition) (1 Year old)
4GB ram (2x1GB 1x2GB) (1GB sticks are like 3 years old and 2GB like 2)
Xilence 580W PSU (Bought in the same time as GPU)
Vista Home Basic 32-bit

EDIT: I tried switching out the GPU. Same problem.

A:Solved: PC Won´t Start.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1015 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 232868 MB, Free - 206742 MB; D: Total - 1430796 MB, Free - 840285 MB; E: Total - 5585 MB, Free - 330 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Goldfish2, 1.xx, X312345678
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A friend of mine mentioned he had need of writing and reading a floppy disc but was having trouble doing it. He was unable to format a disc to get started. I have a desktop old enough to have a floppy drive and a few blank discs so I offered to help. I have the same problems. When I insert a blank disc, I get a message saying it is not formatted and asking if I want to format it. I click Yes and with Quick Format both checked and un-checked. After a few seconds I get Cannot format. We have now tried with two different floppy drives (my internal drive and a USB external drive) on three computers (all XP SP3) and using some old discs and some new discs. Same results every time. I note on the Format function, there are three dropdowns but only one option on each one. Under the heading File System, the name is FAT not FAT32. No other option for file type is available. (See attachments for... Read more

A:Floppy Disc won’t…

Try turning off antivirus temporarily, then try to format a floppy (I can't test this since none of our machines have a floppy drive installed)

FAT is the normal file system for floppies and in most cases no other option will be available, unless you've installed a third-party utility which allows the NTFS file system to be used for formatting floppies.

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WMy X1 Carbon just crashed.I got first a Windows problem message. Now the laptop won?t start. I Applied the ?needle?-restart at the back of the laptop. First nothing happened.When Inpress the On/Off button,  keybord flashes for a sec. And nothing happens.Now, finally, at least the screen is on (it says: ?Lenovo - to interrupt normal startup, press Enter?) I?m trying to attach pictures of my iphone here, didn?t work so far.Is there a solution?ThanksPeter

Scan 1 Nov 2017 at 22.48 1.pdf ?1242 KB

A:X1Carbon won’t start

what did the windows message say?

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hello, i have a lenovo z50-70 and it wont turn on, i have changed the dc jack and tried to power on. It showe lights and makes sounds but then it turns off again. What id the problem?

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I have an Inspiron 15 5000 series with an intel core i7 processor. It would not power on earlier today, so I assumed that it was dead, but once I plugged it up to the charger nothing happened. I tried taking out the battery and putting it back in after holding down the power button for 30 seconds but that didn?t work. I still have the charger in the computer and the little light on my computer is on but my screen is black and the computer is not making any noise. Please help!!!

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Hyperlinks in IE and Outlook will not open anymore, was fine up to a few days ago. Have run Malware program, removed spyware with Spyware Hunter, reset IE settings still not working. Any suggestions please? Using Windows 7 Ultimate and IE 11

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My Lenovo P50 is working, go away for 30 minutes and come back with the black screen. Try to power down the on again, the keyboard flash, numlock , speaker and microphone also fash then all went off. Remove the battery and plug in the AC won?t help either. Please help...

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Earilier today I moved my computer to a different spot in my house, I turned it off like normal, but I after I moved it, it won?t power on. A light on the motherboard comes on, but when I hit the power button nothing happens. Please help, and Thank you.

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WINDOWS ME My friend downloaded an update not sure for what- now when he restarted his computer all that happens is the usual company logo appears then just a black screen with a flashing curser. It will not go beyond that point. We tried to boot from a disk with no luck. Any ideas?

A:Computer won’t start

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I made a video on iMovie, downloaded it onto my computer and burned it onto a disc. It said it was successful, but won?t play on my Magnavox DVD player. I made several DVDs and none of them work. I read somewhere that a lower recording speed may help, so I chose the lowest available but it still didn?t work. Then I read something about having to manually finalize the disc, so i tried, but the option to do that, ?disc edit? is grayed out and I don?t know how to select it. Please help.

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Hello. I own Dell Vostro 5568. Earlier today i was surfing the internet and my laptop just shut down instantly just like that despite the fact that i had completed charging it like 30 minutes before. Seemed weird and i couldnt turn it back on. Then i connected the charger and i could turn it on. I just let it go. An hour later the same thing happened but now i cant turn it back on even with charger plugged in. Even holding the power button does not help. Please what can i do?

A:Laptop won’t start up

Hi Koldys,Thanks for posting.Apologies that your computer is not working as expected.Have you tried taking the battery out and using the adapter plugged in?  If it works, then it would indicate the battery has failed.  If it still does not work, then the charging/power circuit is probably at fault.  If that's the case, the motherboard would have to be replaced. 

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Ive run hijackthis and SyperAntiSpyware, these are the logs:

SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log

Generated 05/31/2007 at 11:55 AM

Application Version : 3.8.1002

Core Rules Database Version : 3247
Trace Rules Database Version: 1258

Scan type : Complete Scan
Total Scan Time : 00:37:55

Memory items scanned : 505
Memory threats detected : 0
Registry items scanned : 5390
Registry threats detected : 0
File items scanned : 27694
File threats detected : 0

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 02:05:07 p.m., on 31/05/2007
Platform: Windows 2000 SP4 (WinNT 5.00.2195)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Archivos de programa\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\Archivos de programa\Archivos comunes\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Archivos de programa\Panda Software\Panda Platinum 2005 Internet Security\PaSSrv.exe
C:\Archivos de programa\Panda Software\Panda Platinum 2005 Internet Security\Firewall\PavFir... Read more

A:Zlob remanent that won´t go! Please help!

Closing duplicate thread, please continue here: http://forums.techguy.org/security/578871-zlob-won-t-go-according.html

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Microsoft has stepped up its effort to promote its Vista operating system, but Windows XP just isn?t going away. The company reportedly extended the OEM downgrade timeline once again: As of now, system builders can still offer Windows XP downgrades to their customers and will be able to do so until Vista?s second birthday.Click to expand...

News source

Perhaps Win7 should be based on WinXP instead of adding more bloat to Vista? I think Microsoft should get a clue. They should give customers what they want and not what Microsoft wants them to have.

A:It just won’t die: Windows XP gets another six months

Hehe that's awesome. I'm so glad I was able to make XP work again properly. Vista was too annoying, slow, and incompatible with older software.

Long live XP =)

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Hello everyone
Here is my problem, I recently downloaded a program which I purchased on-line called Neuro Programmer, anyway, I downloaded it and checked to make sure it was there, but ,everytime I try and open the application a message comes up saying"Neuro programmer has stopped working, windows will close the program and will notify you if there is any solution" I?ve tried to open it so many times and always get the same message!!! I?ve checked on the computer to see if there is any solution but there are none.I have gotten in touch with the supplier and they can?t seem to help either. The thing is I had it downloaded before and it worked fine, then I had to re-download it and now I can?t use it, does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in anticipation....

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I just changed the Bootscreen on my Pc and after the restart it hanged up on boot. I used 2 XP bootdisk (The one made in the format option and the other one copying boot.ini,NTDETEC.COM and NTLDR) and after they left me on A:\ and try to change to c: the system gives me the "Invalid drive specifications"

Another Thing, PC won?t go to Safemode, it Freezes too.

I need to copy the backup file to c:\windows\system32 again, how can I get to c: again from the command promp? or domething else...

A:[resolved] XP Bootdisk won´t go to C:\

Now I?m using the Windows XP cd to boot and enter the Restore Console, thee thing is, that I only can browse throug c:\windows and further...
but when trying to go c:\backup I says that i can?t....
c:\backup is where the files are...

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Hi, I?m not %100 sure if this is the right forum/topic, but my desktop is an Alienware x51 R2 running windows 10 and BIOS version A09 if that matters. My computer attempts to boot up and gets to the screen where it has an f2 and f12 boot settings which I fiddled around with a little, then gets to the Alienware loading screen before windows login but after about 5-10 seconds the screen goes black then the process repeats. I use this computer for mostly gaming and YouTube, studying when needed. This all began when I was playing a game, I saved the game but left it open, then went to YouTube and my screen just went black. I tried Alt f4ing a million times but eventually restarted my PC. Everything was fine until I tried loading up the game, all of the sudden my screen went white, then to a windows screen where it said windows couldn?t be loaded and asked me if I wanted to troubleshoot or reset my computer. My computer was a little cluddered and I thought a fresh reset would fix everything, but I was incredibly stupid to think that was the case. PC Reset got to %100 then it tried to reboot. Essentially, my computer threw itself into a boot loop and when the f2 f12 screen comes up, I mess with a few settings but nothing works. Please help me, and I can?t get into my computer which is why I can?t get you specific specs, sorry. To share my pain I typed this all on my 5S, just thought I might lighten the mood. The game is also called My Summer Car and I saved at the outhouse ... Read more

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Hi guys.
I just got my XPS 15 9560 delivered from the online order yesterday around 19 hours ago. Last night I tried to power it on and undergo some setup as usual for a new laptop. All seemed fine. I did some research for a good anti virus program to have and I installed a trial for Bitdefender. My internet was not running well so I got a lot bunch of unsuccessful of windows updates. I thought to power it off and wait till the morning to do it. In the morning I powered it on to take a look with this beautiful 4k display when on my way to school. 5 minutes seemed fine. When I got to the school and sat down powering it up, got to the home desktop screen then 2 seconds later I got a blue screen and all these accumulating screen tearing flickering saying it will do the restart for me. I let go for 5 minutes but no progress on percentage status. I forced power off and when I tried turning it back on it won?t start but the light bar in the centre appeared orange and white repeatedly. After a few restarts I now totally can?t start it up anymore.
When I pressed on the power, I only get 2 orange 4 white 2 orange 4 white 2 orane 4 white then a little pause then another 3 times of the 2 orange and 4 white then the fan powers up really loud and it shuts down. ( the screen never appeared to be turned on in the process)
This is really frustrating :(((
can somebody please help me out.
I have tried to call dell support team but I am very sad to hear that the bot on the call says my expr... Read more

A:My XPS 15 9560 Won’t boot

Did you buy from Dell.com or a store?

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Hello! I have a problem, my games won?t start. I don?t know what?s the problem, but i just made a format. First I install ,,GTA IV?? the social club won?t open. Then I install ,,Need For Speed Most Wanted?? this won?t start to.

My computer stats:

Windows 7 ultimate
Processor - AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core QL-62 2.00 GHz
RAM - 2.00(aviable 1.75)
GraphicsCard - ATI Radeon 3200

Sorry about my English im from Estonia

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What exactly does it mean when a motherboard says its SLI, and what are the advantages of using an SLI board, as compared to a non-SLI one?

A:Whats the advantage of SLI?

SLI means you can connect TWO sli approved nvidia graphics cards together for a performance boost. It is really only necessary if you are a hard core gamer. For the average user, one graphics card is more than enough power.

Some would argue that an SLI motherboard also opens up your future upgrade options, as instead of buying a new graphics card when the current one feels dated, you can purchase a second identical card for an upgrade. I however don't agree with this line of thinking. Unless you are a hardcore gamer who is addicted to super-high framerates, a non SLI board will due just fine.

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What is the advantages of windows 8 compared in windows 7? and what is windows 8 disadvantages?

A:Disadvantage and Advantage

Advantages:Faster bootMore SecureMore diagnostics tools and repair solutions.Pretty much the same speed using 8 as 7.Disadvantages:Drivers are not as mature, so in many cases you need to use drivers written for Windows 7. This is fine in some cases and not in others.Start screenLack of start menuCan't use F8 key to get into Safe mode, but its possible to enable that.Lots of random problems pop up, mostly related to the start screen.

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I need to develop a rudimentary vb script to access Advantage AEP using VB6 and DAO 3.51 or ADO. This is a simple single user utility script. I don't have VB.Net and don't want to spend the $$ to upgrade. Does anybody have a sample script in VB6 to access this database and to deal with multiple recordsets with looping, etc?

Thanks so much for your help.


A:Solved: Advantage AEP and VB6

I feel it would be best to upgrade visual basic for this. Visual Basic Express 2008 is free so upgrade to that and then you may find making your script easier. If you want help with or in Visual Basic Express 2008 then just ask

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Zazula, et. al.

Hope this isn't violating something given original thread has been closed....but I do want 2 respond to last post, and thank U so much for the info U posted! Also, too late 4 my desktop (not my lappy) I was my usual Lemming and just hit "I agree; I am afraid not to."
That's verbatim.

On other hand....I did reconfigure Zone Alarm. I didn't block Gen Advantage, but I asked firewall to ask me.....and when I booted just now, by God, there was Zone Alarm bubble window saying
Gen advantage was tyring 2 come in....and I told it "NO! Now...I am onto U! Do not darken my portal again!"

And finally....only this second struck me how disingenuously slick is the choice of the word ADVANTAGE. omg......AND until I posted yesterday....I am ashamed 2 say it had worked on me from day one.

Snake oil salesman ploys.....I find it very depressing. Yes I know....essence of marketing.....that is not the point.

Thanks again!

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I have a Wi-Fi card on my new laptop which can support both IPv4 and IPv6 however my wireless router connected to the internet currently uses IPv4. Now the IPv6 is free and not being used. Can someone who has another laptop with a wi-fi card take advantage of my ipv6 to access my computer or the internet in some way.

A:can someone take advantage of your IPv6 if it's not being used?

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Someone else used my windows xp genuine advantage kit and code on their computer. Will my version of windows become ungenuine now?

A:genuine advantage kit

How on earth did someone use the Genuine Advantage validation from your PC?

Best way to find out if you are still 'valid' is to try Windows Updates, if you have any issues and you are running a genuine version of XP, call Microsoft and obtain a fresh code if need be.

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