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Screen Going black- freezing or stuck when logging off/switching users

Q: Screen Going black- freezing or stuck when logging off/switching users

I just got my computer last week, and for some reason, screen goes black and nothing happens after i log off or switch user...then I have to restart computer to start it back up. Screen switch light still blue, so it doesnt sleep, and computer blue light stays on ( no blinking sleep indicator) so it just doesnt do anything after I log/switch. I already updated bios and graphics card which is nvidia 9500gs.
Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Screen Going black- freezing or stuck when logging off/switching users

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Screen Going black- freezing or stuck when logging off/switching users

Slow shutdown/User log off can be a result of little ram, or frag. This was also a commom issue even with 4GB of ram prior to SP1.

Try defragging.

Are you using reg cleaners, or using any media extenders? (i.e., Xbox)

If it is a desktop you may want to see If it is using "Away mode", or "prevent idling to sleep" mode (this is common for extenders).


Try this to sfc/scannow
System Files - SFC Command

How To Make Vista more responsive and faster

Memory Diagnostics Tool

Further resolution issues may be to check the GPU, and other issues through Vista diagnostics. Do the above first though, still if it offers resolution

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I get a black screen (similiar to when monitor is on standby) when logging off or switching users on my windows vista 64-bit. I then have to push to power button to turn off and then the computer restarts with a black screen that displays "how do you want to start your computer" screen.

A:Black screen logging off or switching users

It might be the power settings in the BIOS.
Reset your BIOS to Optimal or Default settings.

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hi all, 
i have a desktop pc which has windows 7 pro. i have two user account with it. one for my self and one is a guest account. i use this pc for long time. when i try to log off and it shows that it is logging off and then goes into the 'black screen'..nothing
happens when switching user or other functions. just the logging off.. i've found out that this was due to the new antivirus( kaspersky internet security to be precise)  i have installed in week ago..nothing appeared until i tried to do the log off. and
tried various solutions suggested by internet such as, 
sfc /scannow
uninstall an reinstall the internet security software.
re install/roll back the video driver. 
then i tried to boot in to safe mode and then found that i cant log in to guest account at all while  in the safe mode (not the main one). it says 'system cannot connect to the sens service contact your administrator'.
and then i tried solution(s) too
and then this :https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/guest-account-cant-logon-and-cant-connect-to-sens/c9c65bc0-eb23-4909-a058-100ad54ad273
none of them managed to solve the issue for me.
then somehow removing the antivirus (kaspersky) allowing me to log off and solving the issue. but i do not want to uninstall the kaspersky as i paid it for a year already... is there any walk aroun... Read more

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Hello. I'm having the following issue on Vista 32bit Home Premium:

(1) I log into an account.
(2) I log out of that account (or hit switch users.)
(3) I log into a different account.
(4) After Vista authenticates the account, I get a black screen.

If I CTRL+ALT+DEL, I can get to the Task Manager. Explorer.exe does not load. I can hit "run" and manually start explorer.exe but it doesn't help. Does anyone know a workaround for this? The problem occurs only after I switch user accounts, the accounts work fine on their own if they are logged into first.

Some other information:
- Dell Vostro 2510
- Latest nVidia Drivers

A:Black screen after logging out/switching users and attempting to log in again.

The only "fix" that I've found for the Black Screen error is to use System Restore to go back to a time before it started.

AFAIK, it's an issue in the registry and it has something to do with security settings (most times). Beyond that, there's just too many variables to determine what the cause it.

At work, if we don't have a Restore Point to fix it - we wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows. Customers don't want to pay us (by the hour) to spend weeks fooling around with their systems - only to find out we can't fix it.

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Hi, i've been searching for a fix to my problem with no success, so i came here.
I have windows vista home premium x64, its a fairly new computer - not even one year old.
it has 12gb of RAM, and the i7 core processor - i dont think its much useful to my problem, but here it is:

Logging off/Switching users takes forever, sometimes the screen just goes blank and stays there.
When it does work, i cannot login again properly - Only my desktop backround is shown (No sidebar, no desktop icons, no start menu etc)
The computer will not fully come out of sleep mode (Sleep mode isnt even set to on, yet screen shuts down anyway) - again only background is shown when i try to wake it up
Ctrl+Alt+Del in this state brings up a blank screen yet again, but i know that the menu is there (Sounds)
Of course there are other problems, but i dont think they are related (USB ports stop working)
If ANYONE has a similiar problem or knows how to resolve myissue, please contact me
thank you

A:URGENT blank screen when switching users/logging in


Try in safe mode see if it happens.

Try a clean boot and see what happens.

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Hello all
Recently my desktop, a Gateway FX6710 with a Radeon HD 4800 Graphics card (card is fairly new, about a year)  has an issue of the screen going black for several seconds when switching Users. My graphics drivers ARE up to date. I am running Win 7 64 bit. This has just started happening recently (about a week I guess)
If someone can give me some trouble shooting steps I would much appreciate it
I have 8 gigs of ram installed
Thanks in advance!

A:Black screen when switching users

Try running System File Checker ( sfc /scannow ) it will try to replace any missing or corrupt files. Open an elevated command prompt Run as Administrator copy and paste the above in the command prompt windoe and hit enter and allow it to run.

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I got two people with two different user accounts on a Windows XP computer. When one person is logged on for a while and logs off the let the other person log on, the computer saves the session and logs off. But then the screen turns black, the HD light goes off, and the computer freezes. The computer has to be hard rebooted every time this happens.

A:Black screen of death when switching users in XP

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Hi all,

I'm new to the site. Taking a look around, it seems you guys know everything , so here goes...

Over the last few months, I've noticed that about a fourth of the time, when I or one of my family members either logs off or fast-switches users, the screen goes black, and no combination of mouse-clicking or key-pressing will bring the screen back. We just have to restart the system, and then it's fine.

Typically, this happens when more than one of us is logged on, but not always. We upgraded to SP2 a very long time ago, and this issue was *supposed* to be fixed in the service pack. However, this problem seemed to start independently of any major update.

Edit: Luckily, this has never happened when any program was running with unsaved data, so we haven't lost anything by rebooting.

Any suggestions?


A:[SOLVED] Black Screen/Freeze when switching users?

hello celloblaze,

mike here,

okay just to ask a few questions to get an idea !

what type of spyware /antivirus scanners are you useing ?

are you doing all your updates ( express/ custom )at windows updates ?

are you also updating your drivers ?

have you done a system file check ( windows installation cd required ?

also do you scan each user for spyware /viruses/ maleware ect...... ?

have you done a scandisk ?

what type of errors are you getting ?

are you shutting down all open programs befor switching ?

you see there are many factors that can contribute to one problem also if you could give more details about your computer this would help as in ( make / model / age / laptop /desktop /software a upgrade or full version, factory install or user install)

all we can do is try !!!!!!

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Every time I go to start log off then switch users or log off I get a box saying my computer's locked and only I can unlock it but I never put a password or anything on it.

A:Logging off/switching users.

What OS?

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I have been experiencing random BSOD crashes when switching users or logging out.
This happens about 1 out of 4 times.
What I have done so far:
Applied all Windows Updates.
Updated Video Drivers.
Updated some mother board drivers from Intel.
Run x86 memory scan - No errors
Run chkdisk - No errors.
Virus scan using MS Security Essentials. - No hits.
Malware scan using free Malware bytes. - No hits.
Remove all Cyberware software (I saw this in another post).

This particular BSOD has become a real problem because I am testing software that requires multiple account

Thanks for any help you can provide.

A:BSOD When Switching Users or Logging out

See plfoss.zip

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Recently, my windows 10 anniversary update has either been freezing just after booting or is stuck on black screen after installing AMD Crimson. Even after rollbacking to version 16 from 17, it's not working. But when uninstalled or disabled, everything is working fine. How should I fix this problem? My graphics chipset is Radeon r9 m375 and my laptop is Lenovo Z51-70.

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I use windows 7 ultimate x64 for a long time.
suddenly, after i switch user, screen stucks .This is the screen that it stucks in (for example):

If I change user after a shirt time it doesnt happen, but if I switch after a long use ,it stucks.

What is the reason?How Can i fix it?


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I bought an new pc and since the beginning I've been having blue screen errors during installation of software and while I switch between users. These are the details of the pc:

- Windows 7 Ultimate
- x64
- Full retail version
- Brand new installation
- PC is one month old
- I've installed Windows various times, but I keep getting the same problem.

Thank you for the help.

A:Blue screen while switching users

Hello and Welcome !

Seems like both the Dump files are pointing to Memory. I would recommend Run a Hardware Diagnostic (Memory and Hard Drive) follow this link for instructions Hardware Diagnostic !! ? Captain Debugger

Update the following Driver

Rt64win7.sys Thu Feb 26 14:34:13 2009

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

# Any other values for parameter 1 must be individually examined.
Arg1: 0000000000041790, The subtype of the bugcheck.
Arg2: fffffa8000fa07d0
Arg3: 000000000000ffff
Arg4: 0000000000000000

Debugging Details:
BUGCHECK_STR: 0x1a_41790





LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from fffff80002aea058 to fffff80002a76740

fffff880`099b71d8 fffff800`02aea058 : 00000000`0000001a 00000000`00041790 fffffa80`00fa07d0 00000000`0000ffff : nt!KeBugCheckEx
fffff880`099b71e0 fffff800`02a4968a : fffffa80`062837e0 fffffa80`00000006 fffff8a0`00000252 00000000`00000000 : nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+0x339c8
fffff880`099b7... Read more

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Since over a couple of months ago, I have been receiving a blue screen error when I log off a limited account and log into my administrator account. It only happens when I log off a different user and log in to my account and the error it states is: win32.sys error

Please advise me on how to fix this error.


A:Blue Screen when switching between users

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Whenever I switch users then log back in after 3 seconds my computer goes into my screen-saver. The only way I can keep it from doing this is to franticly move my mouse all over the screen. This happened just 30 seconds ago and its really annoying. Please help.

A:Loggin In, After Switching Users, Then Getting Screen-Saver

Set screen saver to start at an later time, or disable altogether.


*this may also be caused by the presence of virus/es on system*

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I have an HP netbook. I had someone 'wipe' it for me because I'm planning to sell it, and when I got it back from her (she's not a pro, btw) and tried to turn it on to make sure everything was clean, it was stuck on a 'logging off' screen. I've tried pressing Control Alt Delete, as well as turning it off with the power switch. Control Alt Delete has no effect; the power switch turns it off, but when I turn it back on, the same screen comes up. Heeeelp! All the solutions I found by googling suggest what to do when the home screen comes up. The home screen isn't coming up at all. Is there anything I can do with it in the state it's in now? Thanks in advance!

By 'wipe' I just meant that she cleared all my personal info from the machine. Thanks for the answer but I finally got it to work by letting the battery run out then restarting everything.

A:netbook stuck on logging off screen

What do you mean by wipe? If you wipe a hard drive you would not get even a log off screen. Here is some useful information.


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The darn thing won't finish logging off, just shows the little thing going round and round for hours. Any way I can do a "hard restart"? I could on the MAC I used to have... other suggestions?

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1: When the screen shows a dark picture, then when I immediately switch back to a mostly white picture, it's far duller, and gradually (over the course of about 10 seconds), the white screen lightens more and more. I presume this is a battery saving feature. Can I disable it somehow? 2: Fan issues. Although the fan is quiet, I'd rather it be quieter still (or even silent). From previous experience, I know Lenovo tends to (heavily) err on the side of caution, but I'd rather be able to control the fan speeds more directly. Can I somehow half the fan speed or by some other arbitray amount? I'll keep an eye on temperatures, and I know all the risks.

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When turning on my windows vista HP computer it will startup and sometimes show desktop after logging in and after about 2 minutes it the screen will turn black and I will have to hard reset the PC its about 5 year old and we have a new computer so I just want to know what the problem is. I don't have access to the computer now as we are away from town and I'm typing this on a mobile is there a way to fox this?

A:Black screen after logging in

Sorry for the typos this phones keyboard is laggy

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My laptop stopped working this morning after i rebooted and installed realtek high definition drivers, the login screen shows but the font is different and after I type password the screen is black but cursor moves around.
When I try to bring up task manager while the screen is black, two white boxes show up and say cancel when I hover the mouse over them.
I tried system restore and it was successful but still have the same problem and also tried refreshing laptop but it says there was a problem trying to refresh pc. Also tried startup repair but that says couldn't repair.
The only thing that seems to work is the command prompt via bootable windows 8.1 usb and when i try the command "/chkdsk /r/ f" it says "Cannot lock current drive." then says may run if this volume is dismounted. Also when I tried "sfc /scannow" that says "There is a system repair pending which requires reboot to complete." have done that a few times already.
Pressing and holding F8 when rebooting doesn't get safe mode to show up either.(It doesn't show up in the troubleshoot menu but for one time for some reason it did and I chose Low resolution mode, now I can't get it to show up again).
Really would like to keep the files I have on there if possible.
Windows 8.1 64bit
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 2 GB
4th Generation Intel Core i7 4700HQ (2.40 GHz)
8 GB Memory 1 TB HDD 8 GB SSD

A:Black screen after logging in

You may try to boot up to safemode and do the system repair there and see whether does it help. Otherwise it's recommended to do a backup and reinstall windows.

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Hi ... As I said My screen goes blank after logging in and I just can move cursor ... When I Run explorer.exe from Task manager and Desktop appears It's Theme goes to basic Theme and Also Some of my Softwares doesn't Open and Theyd Stop working when I try to open them ...
I think it's a virus and I scanned for it by NOD32 But It didn't have any effect on this problem ...
Please Help Me !!

( Note : I DOn't have regsvr.exe Virus and My windows is activated ! )

A:Screen Goes Black After Logging In

Scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free too.

And try a clean startup - Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

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Hae..someone pliiz help me..Iam running a windows 8 PC..when I power on my PC and after logging in all I can see is a BLACK SCREEN..and my mouse pointer..what is the cause of this n how can I solve it??

A:black screen after logging in

Hi, Try the following. Boot the computer normally and log-in. At the black screen, hold down the ctrl and alt keys and press delete. Select Task Manager. Click on File and select Run new task. Type rstrui - also enter a tick in the box for 'Create this task with administrative privileges' - and click Ok. When the system restore interface has loaded, pick a restore point at least 48 hours before the log-on issue first occurred and then proceed with the system restore. Regards, DP-K

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Okay so every time I restart my computer my resolution gets bumped down a bunch at my login screen, and when I log in my screen goes completely black, everything except my mouse, so just a free mouse moving around on a black screen, and my desktop shows up FINALLY after like 3 minuets of the black screen.

I have Windows Vista 64-bit SP1

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So I installed Windows 7 on my laptop about a month ago, and a few weeks later installed it on my desktop as well. However, after two weeks or so of using it on my desktop with no problems whatsoever, it has suddenly decided to stop working.

When I start windows, everything appears fine. The Welcome screen displays and I can enter my password. Windows gives me the nice loading icon aside the "Welcome..." text and waits for several moments.

Now, normally, it would fade to black and fade back into my desktop and I could continue on. However, the desktop no longer appears. After I finished playing Oblivion today, I did a reboot as I always do (just to clear out the memory). But when I went to log on, it faded to black and nothing else happened. No cursor, nothing.

I did find that I was able to get the Control-Alt-Delete menu, but "Switch User" and "Lock Computer" are the only options that work; they take me back to the welcome screen so I can shut down or try with futility to log in again.

I am able to boot into Safe Mode, so I went to the UAC panel with it and created a new administrator account; same problem there. It just faded to black as soon as I logged on as well.

Now, the only things I installed recently were a few Windows Updates yesterday (but had to reboot after that, and it was fine), and a DirectX version (9.*, I forget which exactly), as well as the DirectX SDK. I have not rebooted since those two installs.

Do you guys have any i... Read more

A:Black Screen after Logging In

Hello and welcome.

In a system working well, a reboot is never necessary for any reason. I have machines going for months at a time with no issues whatsoever.

You can boot to safe mode + networking. Then in the start menu, type system information. Use ctrl+s on the screen that opens. Then rar or zip the saved file and attach to a post using the paperclip. We can look at it to see what may be causing this for you.

If you have AVG, uninstall it because it is causing headaches for so many users. Actually, in your case, it's best to completely uninstall any antivirus and firewall apps to test.

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My husband clicked on something and now we have a virus.
Everyone he closed out of a window another one opened up. He restarted the computer and now we get the welcome / log in screen for Windows but after entering the password nothing comes up just a black screen and cursor. If you hit control alt delete it will bring up the task manager. There are no applications running but there are 59 processes running.
Please help me fix this. We have photos on the computer that we can not lose.

A:black screen after logging in

This worked for me. .
This problem is most probably a software installation/update related. And if this is what it is then it must be reversed in order to put things right. Talking about restoration to an earlier date.
As windows vista boots, press f8 to bring up the boot menu, and choose safe mode with command prompt. (Other safe mode options may be just as painful as normal windows, but if they are good, then go ahead and use them).
Login with an administrator account and at the command prompt, run explorer.exe. This should show you the desktop after a while. Follow Start ->All Programs->Accesories-> System tools-> System Restore. Choose a restoration point that you are had the best settings, it can the one just before your computer started acting. Go through the steps of the restoration. In the end your system will reboot and you should be good to go.

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Hi guys

A week ago I upgraded my CPU from Intel C2D E6300 to E8500. My brother tested over clocking combinations on his account on my PC while I was away. When I returned and tried to log on to my account I got a black screen. I could move my cursor though. CTRL-ALT-DEL and other keyboard shortcuts have no effect. So basically, I have to restart with the button. Strange thing is, I can enter my brother's account and it works fine. I can also log in to my account when using Safe Mode.

Tried everything like restoring from disk, reducing overclock, removing E8500 drivers and re-installing them. Nothing works.


Motherboard: Asus P5Q PRO
CPU: Intel C2D E8500
GPU: Leadtek GTX260 Extreme plus
PSU: OCZGXS600w + Thermaltake Power Express 250w(for my hungry GPU)
RAM: 2GB Corsair dominator DDR2 1066mhz
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

This problem is very frustrating so any help will be appreciated.


A:Black screen after logging on

boot like normal. open task manager>run >cmd>type sfc/scannow

and to make sure if your explorer.exe is okay,you can do the same ,task manager>run >explorer.exe

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As the title says i have to wait about 2 minutes before i can see my desktop due to a black screen. I had this issue a while ago and i fixed it somehow but i cannot recall how i did it lol. It's a 64 bit laptop with zero malware or viruses on the machine and i shouldn't really have to wait that long just to wait for my desktop to appear as it's a really quick laptop. If anyone can give me a fix for this issue i would be delighted. Thanks

A:Black screen upon logging in

If you have the installation CD you might try a startup repair to see if that clears the problem
Keep us posted

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When I turn on my laptop and choose to load Windows 7 (I have Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 dual-booted) everything goes fine up until the point where the login page comes up. After my account is automatically chosen (it is the only account and I have no password set) it looks like Windows is going to log on but nothing shows up.

This started happening after I got a screen (upon startup) asking me to let Windows scan for/fix some problems, or something like that.

I've been trying to use Ubuntu but I just can not get used to Linux.

Let me know what I need to do to get this fixed!

A:Black Screen After Logging On

It sounds as if your video driver may be the cause.
This sounds like the time that Windows goes from standard VGA into XVGA.
Can you boot into safe mode?

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Hi all, I have a severe problem with vista premium SP2.0 with just one partition. Vista was installing updates and supposed to shutdown last night. But, don't know what happened. All that I have seen is my child pressing buttons etc this morning. When I try to switch on before log in screen I get the error message Ordinal 2000 could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll, with the title of the window displaying "LogonUI.exe - Ordinal not found", after logging in it comes up with another window with title "AtBroker.exe- ordinal not found" with the message -The Ordinal 2000 could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll. Some more windows with messages "windows problem reporting has stopped working", "Transitions accessible technologies between desktops has stopped working". Also another window with title "explorer.exe ordinal not found" and message , Ordinal 2000 could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll. All that I get is a black screen with the mouse pointer placed somewhere nothing happens when I move the mouse pointer. All that I can do is shutdown or restart.This is same even in safe mode. I have tried to restore to previous many restore points that I have, but none of them work. comes up with error trying to restore to previous restore point. I have tried to fix with a repair disk found online, nothing has progressed positively. ... Read more

A:black screen after logging in

This is what we do
Install Ubuntu. If you can install, you have a sofware problem, which is easier to fix than hardware. If hardware you must bring it into the shop
If you can load Ubuntu. Save your stuff and report back
Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer - How-To Geek

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Everytime i log in on my laptop (r710 samsung) i get a black screen with my documents folder...

now i know this is because explorer.exe is not starting well and that i can manually start it. but i'd like a solution which fixes it...

thanks in advance

A:black screen after logging in

Do you have access to a Windows Vista Installation Disk?

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i went from windows 8 to 10 about a year ago ans now i got this problem... https://youtu.be/-P4mBrUUhto and also sometimes it loads up pc detected a problem restarting for u.. and it just keeps doing that... and then gets stuck tp another black screen...i have this pc for more than 2 years.

A:Pc stuck in hp logo then stuck in black screen and startup r...

Hi, Shutdown the notebook.  Tap away at the esc key as you start the notebook to enter the Start-up Menu.  Select the Diagnostic Menu option ( f2 ) and run the tests on the Hard Drive and Memory. Post back with the results, including any error codes that may be generated. Can you also post back with the full Model No. and Product No. of your hp 2000 series notebook - see Here for a guide on locating this information. Regards, DP-K

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After switching on the laptop a red light on f12 button and a light on caps lock is continuously blinking but the screen is still black. HELP.

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when the other user switches off we get a black screen can someone take a look at this log and see what is going. I have been away at school for the past couple of months and this computer was not on. itwas just hooked back up to the internet last night and this started to happen


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When I try, on Windows XP, to switch user (between 2 administrator accounts) going through run – close session – switch account (or something like this, my OS is not in English), I get a black screen from which I cannot exit without starting again my computer. If I close the first session before opening the second one, it’s OK. This problem came after installing SP3, but I cannot restore because the system tells me nothing has been changed.

Thank you for your help,

A:Black Screen When Switching User

Here's a link to a blog with some suggestions for SP3 errors: http://msinfluentials.com/blogs/jesper/arc...ing-xp-sp3.aspx

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When I try, on Windows XP, to switch user (between 2 administrator accounts) going through run – close session – switch account (or something like this, my OS is not in English), I get a black screen from which I cannot exit without starting again my computer. If I close the first session before opening the second one, it’s OK. This problem came after installing SP3, but I cannot restore because the system tells me nothing has been changed.

Thank you for your help,

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I upgraded to Windows 10 recently then while running Grand Theft Auto V, something really bizarre occurred where a little over half of the screen was split in two, the left side of the screen was on the right side and there was a split. It was really strange and there was blur on the left side. I restart the pc, see that my motherboard's splash screen now has tiny dots on it, Windows 10 loads up but after the logo loads I get a blackscreen.

So I press F8 while restarting, and after a number of times I make the OS go back to Windows 7. I restart, Windows 7 loads up, black screen again.

I can load Windows 7 just fine in Safe Mode and I could also load Windows 10 just fine in Safe Mode as well. I have no system restores, and Start Up Recovery doesn't work for it gives me a blue screen of death that says "Unmountable Drive" or something of that type. My hardware seems just fine with the exception of my PSU or GPU that is causing the dots on the splash screen of my motherboard, but regardless of that it shouldn't be affecting my OS to this scale.

I've uninstalled drivers from my graphics card and reinstalled them via a scan for hardware all in the Device Manager.

What I want to do is to be able to start Windows 7 in peace and then upgrade to Windows 10 but only as long as I'm away from any possible troubles. 10 is a great operating system and I'm very eager to get back into it again.

A:I get a black screen after logging in and can't find a fix

Try the GPU on another machine.
To be honest I have no idea why this is happening. You can search for "black screen of death" in forums, there are countless threads about the subject.
Some solutions:
- Boot with Last Known Good Configuration (F8 menu)
- Restore to a prior date (System Restore) - System Restore
- Scan for malware (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free)
- Try a clean startup Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
- Check if explorer.exe is running and start from CTRL+ALT+DEL (task manager - new task)
- Verify in registry: HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsot\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon to make sure 'shell = explorer.exe'
- Follow SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
- Try loading defaults in BIOS

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I have this problem already for more then 1 month and I can't find a
solution for it. I already asked this on an other board but they couldn't
give me an answer either.


If I start up my laptop --> windows vista home premium, then I need to log
in (so I do) and then the screen turns black and I only have a box that shows
what is on my laptop.


So then I need to do this to get my background up and running --> Right
Click on C: and press "Search" and then my background shows up with Start
button and all...

I'm really tired of doing this every day so I'm desperate to find a solution
for this problem and I hope someone can help me out.

Thanks in advance,


A:Black Screen when logging in on desktop


1. Did your Windows Vista come with your computer installed?
2. Do you have your Windows Vista CD?

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Here are my laptop specs..

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Single Language, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3956 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, 2042 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 214447 MB, Free - 62065 MB; D: Total - 25599 MB, Free - 5529 MB; F: Total - 213671 MB, Free - 83642 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, Lenovo
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled
off late, whenever I restart my computer, and log in, a black screen with a cursor appears. I have to go to the task manager, end some random processes and log out and then log in again to get the desktop back. I tried to restore my PC to a previous date, it failed and said antivirus stopped it. I disabled the windows defender and tried again, still no luck. please help. thanks

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Hi folks,
I'm having some problems with my Windows 7 Ultimate installation.

After applying some Windows updates last night I get a black screen with a pointer when I log on to my main account. CTRL + ALT + DEL do not work. I can't get the task manager up.

Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking give me the same black screen. I can log on using the command prompt and then load explorer.exe manually. This gets me a barely usable system. Things happen very, very slowly.

I tried restoring to an older restore point and running the startup repair and neither worked.

Then for the hell of it I tried using my Boot Camp partition as a guest OS in Parallels Desktop. It didn't immediately work, but I was able to use the Parallels menu to send the CTR + ALT + DEL keystrokes and that got me to the regular screen showing me a few options (start task manager, etc). If I hit cancel, it goes to my regular desktop and all seems fine.

However, when I tried to boot from the partition again, I still got the black screen.

I finally tried to log on as a different user and guess what? That worked without a hitch. . . Everything seems fine with any other user.

So in a nutshell:I get a black screen with the cursor whenever I try to log on using my preferred account. The keyboard is not visibly responsive (I think it's doing something when I hit keys, I just can't see it)
Parallels can run log on using the user.
All other users work just fine.

Does anyone have an ideas?

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A:Another black screen after logging in thread


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This doesn't happen often, but it started a couple of months ago. Sometimes if I log out of a user account on Windows XP, it won't take me back to the login screen. The computer is still on, but the LCD monitor is blank and the power indicator light turns from green to amber. No keyboard or mouse actions bring the display back; I have to shut down the computer cold with the power button. Can anyone provide advice here? Thanks.

A:Black screen after logging out of Windows

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My laptop screen goes black when I choose to log off or switch user. I have to restart the computer to turn on the monitor again. Does anybody know what the issue could be? I'm using Vista.

A:Solved: Screen goes black when logging off

1. Try another monitor, this will tell you if the problem is with the monitor or Vista.

2. Upgrade the video driver.

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I have a serious problem with the laptop from a neighbour. He asked me to take a look at the pc because software was installed which he didn't want on his laptop (pcperformer). There were no blackscreen problems before I started to work with it.

The laptop boots fine with its own logo. After that I get the loginscreen from Windows 8 when I swipe the screen or use the mouse. His account is the same as his hotmailaccount.

That is where the problem started, I filled in the wrong password inittialy, so his account was locked. Later I received the right password and went to the windows live account on the internet and logged in succesfully with my own pc.

Now whenever I try to log in again on the laptop, it takes long to login and after that I get a black screen with a mousepointer.

I can use CTRL + ALT + DEL to get into the taskmanager. I can see eveything is working, I just can't get into windows. I tried Safe mode at startup (F8, Alt + F8) but no luck.

There is no recoveryDVD.
Medion Akoya S6212T MD99270
Intel i3 4010U, Intel HD Graphics 4400, 4GB DDR3L, Seagate 500GB SSHD
Windows 8 or 8.1 preinstalled

Any help is appreciated because I'm quite desperate, he needs this laptop for his work!

A:Windows 8 black screen after logging in

How long did you wait? I have the issues with the black screen and pointer a lot. You just have to wait. It is loading.

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So when I go to the office I sometimes use remote desktop connection from my office windows xp machine to login to my windows 7 ultimate (builde 7600) home pc.

This all works flawlessly, but I guess about a week ago there have been some windows updates (fixes) that I have installed.

Now, when I come home from work to login to the windows 7 machine, the system gives me a black screen when I enter my password.

From the harddrive activity i know the system is still running, only nothing to be seen on screen but blackness.

When I now login to the office domain with my laptop and try a remote desktop connection to the win7 machine with a black screen but with harddrive activity, I still get to the windows 7 login screen, but when I select the user and enter the password, the small circle stops spinning within a second and the login seems to freeze as well. Funny thing is that I do get to see the welcome screen that seems to be stuck but only via the remote desktop connection...

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Thanks for your time,

A:Windows 7 black screen after logging in

This sounds like a graphics card driver issue.
Go to the manufacturer (or Ati, Nvidia or other) and try the latest drivers.

Otherwise if you have the latest try a few versions back from the latest.

You could also try disabling Bitmap Caching on the remote desktop computer by going into safe mode and adjusting the graphics card settings.

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I used combofix in addition to some more regular programs I use to get rid of malware. I seem to have removed it but i wish i never used combofix. It made my internet connection non existent, changed backgrounds, and one user gets a black screen with only a cursor-->and that is the reason I am here asking for help.

I cannot do system restore as I do not have any prior restore points.

I only used combofix because I was simply following directions on malware removal on the majorgeeks website.

I would appreciate any help.

I can post the combofix log if that would be of any help.

I also have two desktop.ini icons that are now on my desktop that sort of look transparent that were not there before.

thanks in advance for any assistance.

i'll be waiting for a response.

A:black screen when logging in after using combofix


also. . .forgot to mention -- i am running vista 32 bit

i also tried startup repair and it didn't help

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I did a post a few months ago about having a black screen upon logging on but after cancelling a few services and programs that i didn't need on start up it finally started to work again but the problem has started yet again it seems. This time it's taking nearly 5 minutes for the desktop to finally appear which is far too long i think considering i have cancelled many services + programs as i said. Also, my PC has zero malware or viruses on it as i have checked.

A:Black Screen Upon Logging Into Desktop..Again

What are the specs on your hardware? HDD size and free space? Security program(s) installed, current?
Keep us posted

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Hey there, i usually do tech support for my house and a little at my job because i'm rather knowledgeable about computers, but i'm getting a problem that i can't seem to find on the web.

This is on one of the kiosks we use at my work for customers to transfer they pictures to our machines to print them. The computer in specific runs windows xp and doesnt have to much a history of problems hardware wise. It gets shut down every other nights so it runs for about 48 hours then is shut down and then booted up by an employee several hours later in the morning.

My particular problem involves the black screen of death. I am able to normally log into xp and browse a bit before it suddenly flashes to a black screen. No warning and no flickering of the screen are apparent when it does this. The main computer then registers this machine as off while it's still running after the BSOD appears.

I managed to check event viewer prior to it crashing and found nothing in the logs to indicate there was a problem with windows.

I've yet to find an article that discusses the ability to use xp before it black screening, mainly during boot and immediately after log in.

A:Black screen of death after logging in

Black screens in XP usually have to do with video. What are the specs of this computer, make and model would be nice?

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