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[SOLVED] Can I lock the computer with a password without requiring one to log in at s

Q: [SOLVED] Can I lock the computer with a password without requiring one to log in at s

Okay, I realize this sounds completely pointless, but if you could humor me, that'd be great.

Currently I have no password set on my Windows 7 computer. I'm the only one who uses it, so it's not very important.

I'd like to be able to 'lock' the computer when I'm getting up to leave. I can still do this, but since there's no password, just slicking my user icon brings me back to the desktop. I would like to have a password set for this, but not for having to log on at startup.

I realize this isn't very secure since someone can just reboot the computer if they want to get in. I'm not really looking for a truly secure solution. Think of it more as an "inconvenience" for anyone tempted to snoop. Honestly, I don't really have any reason to believe anybody would have any reason to use my computer...

Like I said, though. Humor me, if you will. Can it be done? Can the computer be locked with a password without requiring one at startup?

Thanks in advance.

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Can I lock the computer with a password without requiring one to log in at s

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Can I lock the computer with a password without requiring one to log in at s

I'd still like to know if this is possible.

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Hello all, I am very new to the computer world, but I found out how to set my computer to require a username and password for every user on my computer from this article: Log On with User Name and Password (I used option two: manually changing the setting in registry editor.) My problem is that when I change my account name, I still have to log in with the old account name. My original account name was Cody, but I wanted to change that to cjacks, then create a new account without administrator privileges, named Cody. When I did this, I set both accounts to have the same password, (now I have two accounts, one named Cody, and one named cjacks, both with the same password) but the only username I could log in with was "Cody", and it logged me into the account that I had just re-named cjacks. (The original administrator account.) My questions are: why would I not be able to log into the newly made, "Cody" account, and why does using the username "Cody" log me into the account that is now named "cjacks"? By the way, when I lock my computer, it goes to a login screen requiring username and password, and I know that this would only allow me to login to the account that I was on when I locked my computer. To login to other accounts, I would, theoretically, push switch user, and then in the next screen it asks me for a username and password, and I could put in any username and password associated with any user account on the computer, and it wo... Read more

A:Multiple Users On One Computer Requiring Username And Password

Hello and welcome Cody mate how exactly are you setting up the accounts? If you want just guest accounts then you just need to add accounts via Control Panel > User Accounts > then do as in pic.

One word of advice - if you want to retain control over the machines settings then make yourself the administrator - it saves so many problems later on. After fixing few of friends computers where the kids have had accounts on them it makes for a lot of work to dump them if you have to.

The pic is done up on my 8.1 laptop so may look slightly different on your machine.

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hi  need help with this please

A:computer lock say admin password or power on password

Hi: Enter any password 3 times and the PC should generate an 8 digit system disabled (halt) code. Write down the code and enter it in the block at the link below, and it will generate an unlock passcode. https://bios-pw.org/ Restart the PC and enter the unlock passcode the website generated.

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hey every1 i got 2 roomies who i no longer want using my comp for a variety of reasons so im basically looking for a good way to lock them out...lookin for something more advanced than just pw'in windows...im runnin xp pro corp sp2...any suggestions would be wonderful...

A:password/lock computer

What would be more advanced then just password protecting your computer. You can also password protect the bios as well so that they would have to enter a boot up password there as well. But if you give anyone physical access to your computer they can pretty much own it within 5 minutes with many of the freely available security tools out there.

I would buy a removeable hard drive bay. Shutdown the computer, pull the hard drive out and bring it with you.

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Is there a way to password lock my computer while I'm falling asleep to Netflix so that no one else can use it? I want to be able to fall asleep to the lights/colors/sounds, but if someone in my house takes my computer before it falls asleep and after I'm asleep, I don't want them to be able to use it even for other shows or surfing the web. I don't want anyone using my computer without my permission. Can anybody help me?

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At least once a week I have to go into settings and change it to Not Require a Password on Wakeup. For some reason this setting keeps getting randomly changed to require a password. I have experienced this on my desktop as well as my laptop. Both are new systems and both are running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

A:Why does Windows keep reverting to requiring a password?

No one else has had this happen? Just today it's done it twice on my laptop and once on my desktop.

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My laptop is requiring an admin password. Won't start windows. I don't know this password & none of the googled instructions or HP support steps work. Now get a disable code after 3 attempts. Someone else gave me a number to try today but that didn't work either!  Please help!

A:15-FO14WM requiring administrator password

Hi: The person that gave you the unlock passcode for the code you got, didn't realize the code generator only works on all numerical halt codes on that model series. The code the PC generated is a hexidecimal code, and the only way I know of that might clear it would be to remove the main and RTC batteries. And if that doesn't work, I have no idea what you are going to do, since you already contacted HP for assistance and they want to charge you. Unfortunately, removing the RTC battery is going to require extensive disassembly of the notebook. http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-15-Notebook-PC-series/7137590/model/7280689/manuals If you want to take a shot at it, consult the Maintenance and Service Guide from your notebook's support page above for the procedure to remove the RTC battery.  

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Hello all,

First off, sorry if this question's been asked recently, but I went back through the last few pages but didn't see something similar. Using 8.1.

Just had to setup a new network. Switched it to private and wanting to require password requirements for log on. However, when I turned on my IPod to test it out, my IPod connected without me getting a password prompt.

I'm know I'm missing something, just not where. Checked both the PC settings screen, as well as the Network Screen under the Control Panel. Could someone guide me please? Thanks in advance.

A:Private Network Not Requiring Password to Log Onto It

When you created the share did you check to allow all other read access? This effectively means anyone can read what is on the share but can not write to it.

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I have a HP Pavilion A6 VISION AMD with Win 8 Home. It will look at and access all the files on that other 2 XP machines but is being stingy. When the XP's try to go to the Win8 machine it want's a password. I have tried my logon password. I have used a password generated by Windows' 8 itself. Nothing works. I'd rather not have the password needed at all. Never did before I did this factory recovery. File Sharing is on.

Thanks for any help at all! Jack ":-D

A:Win8 pc is requiring my XP pc's a password on the network?

Minor confusion. Both XP's were acting the same. When trying to access the Win8 Pc on the network both wanted a password. Now, unless it's a fluke, one of the XP's is able to access the Win8 Pc. Do not know why. The other one is still stalling at the password window. Nothing has been changed on either Pc. Always nice to confuse the issue more eh? ":-\\

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I've changed the power plan to not require a password on wakeup but my system seems to be ignoring the setting. When I go back and check the settings, the "Don't require a password" circle is filled in, but when it wakes up I still have to enter a password. Any suggestions?

A:How can I stop requiring a password on wakeup

Hello Mark,

Double check all options in the tutorial below to disable requiring a password on wakeup may help. One may be sticking causing the other locations to get reset.

Password - Require on Wakeup

Hope this helps,

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I have used FireFox forever and have nevber had issues logging into my yahoo mail account or my on-line bank etc, but lately I have to use IE? What changed?

A:problems logging into anything requiring password

What version of FF are you using? and did you install any Add-ons to FF that might be causing a conflict.
Try clearing your FF Cash, close it and try it again and see if that works

Note: The final version of FF4 was just released just in case you are interested.

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At the local library im helping out, we have the main administrator account and the public account. I use the " netplwiz " or  " control userpasswords2 " to select the public account to auto-login with nothing as the password, so it stops and errors saying the wrong password has been input, this way it starts to that account without starting to the public accounts desktop.
I just want to know if there is any way to start the computer asking for only a certain account without having to make it show that error and just simply show a password box? Its not a big thing and you just click ok and it takes you back to the normal password entry box, however, we'd obviously like to make it a smooth turn on and ask for a password fort he public account.
Also a big note in case it matters, we have reboot restore rx running on these machines (a free program that works similar to windows steady state. You have to be logged in as the administrator when you enable it, so I dont know any other way than the netplwiz to prevent the computer from going back to the state where the admin is the account it wants to ask a password for.), they're not in a domain, and they're windows 8 professional.

A:Start Up To Account Requiring Password

Dude, please explain this better. I can't understand what are you trying to achieve. If I get you right then solution to your pain is editing :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

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Hi, I want a password that only protect my windows from my little kid installing unknown software, but I don't want that password to be required when i open the PC

A:How to make a password for UAC without requiring it for windows login?

The only way I know of: set up a separate standard or guest account for you child; and you keep your admin and your standard accounts guarded with very good passwords.

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My computer recently updated it's version of Windows. Previously it was Windows XP, and now it is Windows 7 Ultimate. It did this overnight and restarted itself. The problem is that now the computer is booting to a Windows login screen and requiring a password to proceed. This computer was setup by my father before he passed away, and now belongs to my mother. Assuming he setup the user "DELL" (which I don't think he did), we are not able to guess the password. Is there anyway around this login screen?

I have tried "reset password" but it requires a password disk, which we do not have.

I have also tried booting with a "restore Windows 7" disk that was left behind, but it only booted to an empty screen where I was unable to do anything.

Can anyone help???

A:Windows login requiring password but none exists?

I used a program called Offline NT not too long ago, you have to burn it to a disk and boot from the disk. You can use it to clear any passwords associated with any local user accounts. Pretty easy to use.

(option five)
User Account - Reset Password in Windows 7

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hi.....windows 7 pro question.....

until recently, this is what happened.....if i did not use my computer for 15 minutes it would go back to the screen which required my password before it would allow me to continue working.....the screensaver which was a blank screen would also kick in....i am the only user of this computer.....

i changed my monitor recently and everything was fine until a few days ago.....i noticed that whilst my computer had gone back to the screen requiring my password before allowing me back in, the screensaver had not kicked in which would give me a black screen......now it seems that on occasion the computer doesnt even go back to the password screen after a period of inactivity.....as far as i can see having checked the tutorials o this site, all the required settings are in place.....can anybody help please?.....

A:Inactivity requiring password and screensaver not working

Hello Wooster, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if toggling the screen saver off and on may have it work properly again. Double check to make sure that you have the Blank screen saver selected, and that you have the On resume, display logon screen box checked.

Screen Saver Password Protection -Enable or Disable

In addition, check Option Two below to see if you have Require a password selected. It's the same in Windows 7 as well.

Password Protection on Wakeup - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

Hope this helps for now,

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I am not quite sure where to start...as it is not a hardware issue, so me mentioning the hardware would more than likely not make the difference.

A few weeks ago, after a security update came down from Windows update, my home setup mysteriously started password locking when the remaining idle for a period of time. I do not have any other user accounts on my computer, just the Administrator account that I normally use. This same thing happens on my networked office computers, even if you aren't an administrator.

I have made sure that my screensaver is off, and I have also even messed around the power options, making sure that it was not the "one wake-up ask for password option."

I am not quite sure what caused this function to turn on, perhaps it was the security update, perhaps it was not.

Does anybody now how to turn off this function?

A:Vista will password lock when computer is idle for a period of time


Right click on your Desktop and click on Personalise. Click Screensaver in the new window. In the Screensaver window, uncheck "On resume display logon screen", click OK and the problem should be fixed!


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Hi all,
I set up windows home server for my family about 1 or 2 weeks ago, and we have just been getting to grips with it. The first time i connected to the shared documents, on all computers, it asked for a username and password. The files i needed to set things up were in a locked area (specificly), so i entered the Admin logon. Now i have finished with that, how do i re-enter the username and password, so i can enter the individual accounts that can only view their documents, and not everybody elses.

Also, while i'm here: On Windows Home server, how do i view/restore/copy files from the backups?


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Requiring user name\password when accessing a machine over the network\router,

I have multiple machines connected by switch\router. What I want is to let the system ask any user for the ?network password? when wanting to access any machine via the network (attached). This message (Enter network passwords) sometimes is available and others is not. how to make it appear all the time?

At which level this property is set?

1. At the level of sharing\security of a folder?
2. At level of network sharing?

How to manage this issue? To share a partition\folder but to allow accessing it with user name and password?

Thank you





A:Requiring user name\password when accessing a machine over the network

The problem is that Windows remembers these user names and passwords unless you tell Windows not to remember them.

I haven't tested out this Security Policy yet but it does tell Windows not to not allow storage of passwords and credentials so it may have the desired effect you seem to be looking for.

Just go to Control Panel, > Administrative tools,> Local Policies,> Security Options,>Network Access, Do not allow Storage of Passwords and Credentials per the picture below. Enabled should restrict Storage of Credentials.

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I have a Dell Inspiron running Win 7 Home 64 bit. Previously, it would require entering a password after it had gone into sleep mode. I found the settings that should cause it to do so, and they were set properly, still the machine is not requiring a password upon waking.

It still requires a password after a reboot.

Would appreciate any help.

A:Issue with Win 7 Home 64 machine not requiring password after sleep mo

Is it actually going into standby, hibernating (hybrid sleep) or just powering off the display and hdd?

Have you tried enabling the screen saver and asking that to show logon screen on resume to test if the problem is the standby or the loading of the logon screen when already logged in?

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There are two methods for password protecting an archive, and for some crazy reason
I've forgotten one of the two procedures.

I remember how to create a password for files within an archive, but I forgot how to
lock an archive so it will not open without a password. This is embarassing to admit,
but I'm deleting all the files from old locked archives, changing the name and adding
new files. I've created countless locked archives, and now I can't remember the

I haven't needed to look at the WinRAR help file for years. The help file doesn't seem
to have the procedure for password protecting an entire archive.

If I Google "WinRAR Password" I get a long list describing the procedure for adding
a password to files within an archive, not locking the archive with a password.

Can someone remind me how to lock an entire WinRAR archive with a password?

A:Solved: Lock WinRAR Archive with Password

I don't know what to say. I'm a senior partner in a business that started in the
early days of Windows. Believe it or not, I was a software beta tester many years
ago. The other partners often come to me with their software problems, so I
couldn't ask them a stupid question about WinRAR.

The solution to encrypting or locking an entire WinRAR archive is very simple.
You put a tick next to "Encrypt File Names" after creating your password.
That's it! I've done this a million times before, but for some reason my brain
completely stopped working.

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Hi-I have WinXP Home, SP 2. I cannot get my Disk Cleanup to work when scheduling it in Scheduled Tasks. Under "Last Run Time" it shows "Never." Under "Status" it shows "The scheduled task did not run because no user account password was entered."

When I set up this computer several years ago, I did NOT enter a password for the administrator, which is me. There are no other user accounts besides me on this computer. I even went into "User Accounts" in Control Panel to verify that. Sure enough, there is no password set.

Any ideas how to fix this? I've Googled the issue and can't locate any help, which is unusual. I also have a friend who is having the same exact problem on her computer, and she is the only user on her computer also, with no password set.


A:Problems with Disk Cleanup requiring a password when using Scheduled Tasks

Try this cleaner instead its very well thought of http://www.ccleaner.com/

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Dell 1558 Windows 7 64b Home Premium

Performed system restore to factory point when I first recieved the computer. When windows starts, it states that it is rpeparing the system for first time use, however it will get to the welcome screen and prompt for a user name and password. System restore never asked for a user name and password. I tried using the account information from when I setup the computer originally but it does not recognize the username. Also tried to type in administrator for the user name and it says the account has been disabled

I have tried to setup user through the command prompt and through the registry using the windows recovery disk. When all this failed I contacted Dell and they said I disabled the admin account during restore (I would like to know how) and I would need the windows installation disk which were not included.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this issue? Thank you.

A:Factory restore requiring username and password Win 7 64 Home Premium

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

I think Dell are being a bit unfair as they do have OEM recovery discs in stock.

I'd be inclined to get back onto them and ask them to send you a recovery disc for your computer.

It may cost you a few bucks, but that would be a small price to pay.

I assume you haven't created a set of recovery discs yourself?

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I had several months ago loaded "2009 Card, Mahjongg & Solitaire Games" on my wife's laptop, a Compaq running Windows Vista. Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I loaded another purchased same game on my brother-in-law's laptop computer. Both computers are the same Compaq model running Win Vista. I also loaded another hunting game on his computer. Both games require disc insertion to run the games on my brother-in-law's laptop computer. My wife's laptop does not require disc insertion to run the game loaded on it. Therefore, I would conclude that there is something associated with some setting(s) of my brother-in-law's computer that is requiring the disc to run the game. The games were identically loaded not using any "custom" settings. I did not have time to do any "search" for various settings on his computer versus my wife's computer. We are many hundreds of miles apart and he and his wife are just beginning to become computer literate. Does anyone have any idea(s) that could be of help in this situation? I had seen a prior thread where it seemed to indicate that this should not happen when running similar systems (at least I inferred that from the responses). Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Games Requiring/Not Requiring Disc to Run

While installing the game to the other computer, you propably chose some "compact" installation method, and therefore it has to load videos/sound/some other material from the disc, because it wasn't installed on the hard drive. I'd try reinstalling the game and choosing the full installation.

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This is not a blue screen crash. My laptop simply freezes and nothing works requiring a reboot.

One characteristic is that once the computer has been rebooted the problem won't occur again during the same day.

Further, I consistently use Hibernate rather than Shut Down, and this problem may not occur for several days if I hibernate it every night. Eventually it will freeze after being reopened from Hibernate.

However, if I do shut it down at night and boot it in the morning it always seems to freeze within the first 15 minutes of being booted. Again once rebooted it won't happen again until the next day.

I would appreciate any input someone can offer on this since it is annoying and time consuming.



A:Computer freezes requiring reboot

Sounds like an application on startup that's to blame to me. Have you tried using msconfig to help figure out the culprit (if there is a culprit)?

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Ok, talk to me like I do not know anything. I understand enough to get me into trouble. This problem has been going on since Summer of 2009. I purchased this system in November of 2008. I have changed out no hardware, only changing to Windows 7 64-bit in December of 2009 (after the problem started). The system is a 2.8 ghz quad core, 4 gigs of ram, with 2 9800 gtx nvidia graphics cards. I do not run in SLI since WoW does not support it. Before I ran Windows 7 64-bit, I ran Windows XP 32-bit. I should point out that my system is NOT overclocked.

The problem primarily happens when I am playing World of Warcraft. In fact, I can only recall it happening two times outside of World of Warcraft, but I probably spend 90% of my time on this particular computer playing that. The only two times outside of Warcraft, was surfing internet, and once in another game. It happens about 1 to 2 times every 4-5 hours.

The computer screen completely locks up and the only thing that can be done is a forced reboot by resetting or holding down power button. It immediately restarted. The event log shows no errors except that the computer was improperly shut down.

All the sensors are showing no heat higher than 39 degrees Celsius which includes both Asus sensors and sensors on the case. The system has 7 fans and one is high performance so I do not see how it could be overheating.

All drivers and windows are up to date, but this has been happening with a wide set of drivers and updates since this ha... Read more

A:Solved: Computer Lock Up With WoW

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i'm running windows XP home edition and i have had a lot of problems recently with malware and trojans. the most recent incident involved one of those fake virus removal pop ups that pretty much debilitated my computer on startup. i couldn't run malwarebytes or avira antivir. however, i was able to figure out which process to end so that i could run both programs. i finally got them to run all the way through and after several times, they came up clean.

however, my computer continues to freeze for no obvious reason. there doesn't seem to be any one action that sets it off. sometimes it's when i'm watching video, sometimes when i'm just surfing the net or on photoshop. if there's audio going on at the time of the freeze, it starts skipping. my only option at that point is a hard shut down. and sometimes it seems to "hiccup" too - something i'm typing may pause for a moment, and i'll think everything's about to freeze up. either way, my computer doesn't last for more than 20 minutes at a time without freezing. sometimes no more than 3 minutes.

i have run combofix to try to solve the problem (my ISP reccomended it as a last resort for the previous trojan problem i had), but it's not working either.

any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you, in advance!

A:computer freeze requiring hard shut down

Oh, one other thing (I'm not trying to bump the topic):

I just had to shut down again and when I booted back up I noticed an error message pop up titled "Anti-Spyware" that says "An Unexpected Problem was encountered Error# 0x80004003"

Thanks again.

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Hello, im quite new to this forum so please be patient with me......
Im decently tech suavy, able to do my own hardware and software upgrades and identify some problems, but still learning.
My computer is just over a year old, and it began acting up nearly a month ago...
The problem occurs during gameplay. I only currently have 2 games on my computer, WoW and CoD4MW2, and during both games, and no given specific time, the computer freezes, and the monitor loses signal. I have recently noticed that during this freeze, I still receive audio, which makes me think it has something to do with the video card.

My specs are as follows

Processor: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 @2.33GHz
Ram: 4GB
64 bit Operating system running on Windows Vista w/ service pack 1
I have a newly installed PSU (about 5 months old) running at 1200 amps (i believe)
And a GeForce GTX9800 Video card, installed around the same time as the PSU.

If you could help me with my situation in any way it would be greaty appreciated.

A:Computer freezes, requiring hard reset

Ive recently installed Speedfan, and am now noticing my GPU runs at 65C whilst no games are running... any tips on getting this down? (Not a laptop)

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The Lock Computer option has disappeared from my CTRL+ALT+DEL Screen, and the Windows+L keyboard shortcut no longer works to lock my computer! I tried the methods described on these pages...



...but nothing seems to work! Please help! I am using Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit with domain login. Any other ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Solved: Lock Computer Not Working

I resolved this using System Restore.

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Hey in Win2k when do the (ctrl+alt+del) you can: lock-Computer,Change passw,Shutdown ect...

How can i do this in XPpro, DAmn it ? THX.

A:Solved: Lock-Computer option?

Lock is Windows Key+L.

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I have a Gigabyte 3GHz AMD with 4Gb RAM, almost never have more than 2Gb RAM being used even if a lot of programs are running, 3 monitors running as well (1 off USB).
I am having a problem where the computer will just lock up when I click on something in an application. Usually the application is Excel or sometimes an application called Dealbook 360. The software vendors of Dealbook 360 say it is not a problem with the software and I have it running on another computer and it does not cause the system to lock up on that. I can't figure out why only these 2 apps would cause it to crash but maybe it is just coincidence. Is there anyway to figure out what might be causing this? I can analyse the dump files if needed but not sure where to start...

A:[SOLVED] computer crashing / lock up

Have you tried to look in event viewer? That may shed some light on what exactly is happening.

Does computer ever actually restart or display a blue screen?

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Greetings once again,
I am making one final attempt to avoid re-loading Windows from scratch. Your help is always appreciated.

I am running Windows XP Media Center version. Of late, it has taken to simply locking up after sitting idle for some time. Because it does this while sitting idle, I thought it might be related to powering down to stand-by or screen saver. I turned both of those of, ie, system is always on, no screen saver. It still happens.

When it happens, nothing works. The mouse moves, but does not work. The keyboard does not work. It matters not if any programs are running or not. I am forced to cold boot.

My question is...Is there any log that windows maintains that allows me to discern what process is causing the system to hang. Alternatively, is there a third party software which might do this. Or is there any other method to detect the culprit.

Personally, I am very suspicious of an upgrade of .NET Framework which recently upgraded. I have read of others who have experienced similar problems with .NET. I have also recently loaded a logitech webcam, along with Skype. I shut those down, and the system still hangs.

Any help, thoughts, of course would be appreciated.


A:Solved: Need help to track down computer lock-up

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OK where do I start...mmmmm...... Since about a week ago my computer randomly freezes. By that I mean - whether or not I'm actively using it - a window will pop up saying 'insufficient resources to process command' - and eventually anything thats open will become unresponsive. The text will disappear on the taskbar buttons. Ctrl-alt-del will give an error and not display the task manager. I then have to pull-the-plug so to speak. I use MS Outlook 2003 and that may or may not crash a few times on starting-up but if I persist with it (and keep re-starting it), I can eventually login & it's OK. I have SP3 totally up-to-date. I've uninstalled & re-installed Online Armor firewall & Avira Anti-virus plus Malawarebytes & SuperAntiSpyware. All run clean indicating no viruses, spyware, etc etc. I've restored an image of the C-drive from 2 months ago - way before this started happening, but the problem persists. I've also run Windows Memory Diagnostic test & it passes OK. I've unseated/reseated the RAM (physically). Anyone any ideas on what's going on here ?? You think hardware or software ?? Thanks in anticipation.

A:Solved: Computer has begun to lock-up

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Computer is acting strange. Printer has several times failed to print and has required a reload os software. During one reload the HP program stopped at 96%, I ended the program with CTRL-ALT-DEL and rebooted. The HP program restarted and when I inserted the disk it completed. That was wierd. How can I check if my computer is infected. I have McAfee and microsoft security essentials but no alerts.


A:Computer acting strange; printer requiring reload

Welcome to BChas required a reload os software.Which software did you reinstall, Windows or the printer's?

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Hello All,

I was wondering if I could get some assistance regarding a freezing issue I'm encountering. I'm currently on Windows 8.1 and have noticed that when I leave my computer alone it will freeze completely, including the screen. I was having issues where I would put it into sleep mode only to find that it booted back up later on and froze. Then I added a screen saver instead of putting it to sleep and the issue persists.

Any suggestions on what the possible causes may be? I've recently replaced the graphics card to a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti and I'm unsure if the problems started after that.

Thanks for the help!

A:Computer Freezing and Requiring Restart from Power Button

Try going into Device Manager and deleting the card. Then reboot. Windows will detect the card and reinstall the same driver you deleted. This is a support trick that works quite often. If it does not work at least it has the virtue of being very low risk.

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I recently built a new computer for gaming (specs posted below) but it freezes completely while I play any game (Specifically Skyrim or Borderlands 2), requiring a system restart by holding the power button. I've tried everything I can think of. All my drivers are up to date, I've tweaked graphics settings both basic and advanced (such as setting the affinity of the games to just 2 cores, as I have seen suggested online, as well as adjusting the 3D settings in the NVIDIA control panel). I've run memtest86 and the memtest that is on the Windows 7 disc. Reformatted and reinstalled fresh Win 7. System temps are well within limits. There are other things I've tried that I can't think of at the moment, but I've spent a week troubleshooting this problem with zero luck.

Both memtests came back clean, by the way. 0 errors. I have also run a chkdsk /r, will post the log if it will help any.

If anyone can help me solve this, I would be so grateful!

System Specs
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Service Pack 1
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Revision 1.1 with BIOS version F8
CPU: AMD FX-8150 3.6GHz Eight Cores
Ram: Corsair DDR3 1600MHz 4x4Gb
GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 660
HDD 1: Hitachi 300GB in 2 partitions, Windows on C:
HDD 2: Seagate 2TB
PSU: SilverStone 700W

A:New computer freezes when I play any game, requiring reboot

Are you using the original fan that came with that chip. If so use HW Monitor to check the CPU temperature I think you will find its not cooling the chip enough.

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Hi all,

I've been having this problem for quite some time now (I would say a year or more) where my computer completely freezes up without any prompting. It's quite frustrating to diagnose since it happens on such a random basis -there seems to be no trend as to what kind of programs I have running, what kind of things I am using it for, etc. Sometimes it happens when I'm just browsing the net, other times it happens when I just have some files up (ie. not memory intensive tasks) -today it even happened when I put a USB stick in!

I am at a complete loss as to what might be the cause. I have already deleted some old programs that I'm not using, but that hasn't seemed to have done anything. I've done a disk cleanup and run a scan for viruses. The freeze can only be resolved with a hard restart, which I know is not good for the computer. I've already had to do this some 20 or so times already.

I've attached the event viewer, taken about 30-40 minutes after the last freeze I had (the one when it froze after I put my USB stick in). Any help or advice at all would be much appreciated!!

A:Random computer freeze requiring hard reset


please refer to here:
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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I recently reinstalled Windows 7 on my custom built PC. Since doing so I have random freezes that allow me to do nothing other than hard reset the computer. There is no particular time that it does it, and it has mostly been noticed while either on the desktop or using Firefox.

Attached you will find the files from the Seven Forums Diagnostics Tool.

A:Random Computer Freeze Requiring Hard Reset

Welcome to the forums Watson1,

BugCheck 124, {0, fffffa80045668f8, 0, 0}

Probably caused by : AuthenticAMD

Usual causes: Hardware, Incompatibility, May be driver corruption

2: kd> !errrec fffffa80045668f8
Common Platform Error Record @ fffffa80045668f8
Record Id : 01ce6f6c49e47881
Severity : Fatal (1)
Length : 928
Creator : Microsoft
Notify Type : Machine Check Exception
Timestamp : 6/22/2013 17:17:00 (UTC)
Flags : 0x00000002 PreviousError

Section 0 : Processor Generic
Descriptor @ fffffa8004566978
Section @ fffffa8004566a50
Offset : 344
Length : 192
Flags : 0x00000001 Primary
Severity : Fatal

Proc. Type : x86/x64
Instr. Set : x64
Error Type : BUS error
Operation : Generic
Flags : 0x00
Level : 3
CPU Version : 0x0000000000100f53
Processor ID : 0x0000000000000000

Section 1 : x86/x64 Processor Specific
Descriptor @ fffffa80045669c0
Section @ ffff... Read more

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I have an Athlon 650, 512 MB PC running Windows 2000 server edition running Internet Connection Sharing (for cable modem), and IIS 5.0 for several web sites. I also use it as a file server. I usually leave it just sitting there and just update things every once in a while. I don't even have a monitor hooked to it. Should I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and click the "lock computer" or log out? Would this make it more secure somehow to hacks? I haven't had any problems yet, but I just want it secure as possible.

Any help would be appreciated!


A:Win2K server - ICS, IIS, etc... - should I lock the PC - CTRL-ALT-DEL -Lock computer?

According to what microsoft says, Yes, it will provide an added layer of security.

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my computer is completly lock-up by virus

- when i start my computer seek&destroy keep asking me too change registry and it spam all my window whit request . too stop it i got to kill the process (something)tea.exe

-when i try to go on the internet im automaticly redirected no matter what ulr i put

-i cannot update my anti virus AGP. it say cannot find the server and its like that for any program

- my background changed to a blue and red picture and i cant change it

-when i run a programm 15 minute latter it froze and i got too pull the plug
Right now im at the job i might not be able to reply for another 24 hour . but i can read reply from my ps3 tonight and do small reply

i can also download stuff here and put it on memory chip and run it on infected computer tonight

il try to borrom a portable too

help me pls i manage to do a hijackthis log last night if it can help
i canot run combo fix it say it got to restart computer it do it but nothing appen when it restart
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:52:12 AM, on 8/25/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
... Read more

A:Solved: Computer completlely lock up got to post from job

i don't know if this can help but this is exactly what happen to me


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I seem to be having the same issue as another poster. My computer has been running very slowly for a while. Now it keeps freezing at random times and there is nothing I can do (right click to close, ctrl/alt/delete, etc)so I have to do a hard reboot. When I try to run scans it either freezes or completely turns my computer off. I have tried to run them in both normal and safe mode.

Any help would be appreciated and if you need any more information I will do my best to provide it.

Thank you

A:Computer Freezing, Requiring Hard Reboot. Scans Won't Complete

Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=============================================================================Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply.====================================================================================Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result.=============================================================================Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free to your desktop. * Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program. * At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwar... Read more

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Hey Guys,

When I try to connect pretty much anything to my USB ports, it get a found new hardware message and it asks that I install drivers. This happens when I plug in flash drives, USB to SATA/IDE cable, and external DVD burner. Any Ideas?

Thanks guys,

A:Solved: USB ports requiring drivers in Win XP

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I am trying to add an If Statement to check for required fields on an Access form on a button click. I want the following fields to be checked for null before submitting:


If any of them are null, I would like it to pop up a Message Box stating "You must complete the required fields before submitting!". It should return to the record without submitting until all are complete when they click OK. How do I accomplish this - I am terrible with nested IF's.

A:Solved: Requiring field completion

I figured it out.

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I ran a spyware scan using Spyware Doctor from PCTools this morning. It found and fixed over 400 spyware issues. The reason why there was so many was because I updated the spyware definitions for the first time in a while and it recognized new stuff that it hadn't before.

I now noticed that there is a problem. When I use Internet Explorer, I am no longer able to type an address into the address bar without using the prefix (four letters and three symbols- the site here doesn't let me post parts of a website).

To be able to access the site, I'd either type in the prefix or do the short form using my Google Toolbar.

I think Spyware Doctor may have deleted a file (dll or registry key perhaps) that is preventing the internet from using the quick shortcut that I find to be so handy.

Is there any method of solving this minor issue without doing something drastic like reinstalling Windows XP? I can live with the extra annoyance of typing in the the prefix before everything, but I would like to go back to how it was before.

It's not a big deal because I can still type the old way into the Google Toolbar, but I'd still like to know if I could fix it to how it was before just typing the short form into the address bar.

I have Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and Internet Explorer 6. The problem began today.

Thank you in advance for your help!

A:Solved: IE6 Requiring Prefix Every Time

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Brand new custom computer running windows 7 64 pro with SP1.
I installed the Os, and drivers from the Asus motherboard disk, on the first day I got it, and
from the 2nd day the computer started having random freezes that vary from 1-3 times per day.
The first time was while watching a video, after that freezes would occur during virtually anything.
Sometimes even just from leaving it on without being used.
These are hard freezes and a hard reboot is the only way to get the computer working again.
During the freeze the mouse cursor disappears, audio stops (if on), and the keyboard and mouse produce no response whatsoever.
I can still open the dvd drive but that's it
I've dealt with a lot of PC problems over the years, using different computers, but none like this.

When I check the Windows event viewer logs, there's nothing I've been able to find about what's causing the freezes. Just the error message of "unexpected shutdown", from me having to do a reboot.
I have"WhoCrased" installed on my computer, and that reports nothing about the freezes either.

My temperatures seem to be fine. I have "CoreTemp" installed and "System Information for Windows".
I ran Memtest with no errors.
I flashed the Bios and there were less freezes for a few days. Then they started reoccurring.
I ran a stress test with no problems, and updated all of the drivers from the manufactures website

My computer is
Intel i7 3rd Generation 3770k, Samsung Evo 840... Read more

A:New Custom Computer, Random Hard Freezes, requiring cold reboot.

Reading all of that the first thing that comes to my mind is your power supply.

Orion 585 Watt

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New custom computer running windows 7 64 pro with SP1.
I installed the Os, and drivers from the Asus motherboard disk, on the first day I got it, and
from the 2nd day the computer started having random freezes that vary from 1-3 times per day.
The first time was while watching a video, after that freezes would occur during virtually anything.
Sometimes even just from leaving it on without being used.
These are hard freezes and a hard reboot is the only way to get the computer working again.
During the freeze the mouse cursor disappears, audio stops (if on), and the keyboard and mouse produce no response whatsoever.
I can still open the dvd drive but that's it
I've dealt with a lot of PC problems over the years, using different computers, but none like this.

When I check the Windows event viewer logs, there's nothing I've been able to find about what's causing the freezes. Just the error message of "unexpected shutdown", from me having to do a reboot.
I have"WhoCrased" installed on my computer, and that reports nothing about the freezes either.

My temperatures seem to be fine. I have "CoreTemp" installed and "System Information for Windows".
I ran Memtest with no errors.
I flashed the Bios and there were less freezes for a few days. Then they started reoccurring.
I ran a stress test with no problems.
I updated all of the drivers from the manufactures website

My computer is
Intel i7 3rd Generation 3770k, Sam... Read more

A:New Computer Randomly Hard Freezes requiring cold boot to get working.

Did you substitute another power supply? Did you reseat all connectors?
Another thing -you say that you Flashed the BIOS and that produced a temporary fix. You might want to contact Asus about the issue based on this alone.

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A white square measuring 2" x 2.5" appears at the top left of my screen only after the computer is unlocked. It does not appear after reboots. Reboots are the only way to clear it. It appears after I unlock the computer when I manually lock it or when it's locked by a screensaver.

I've read some other threads on there about white squares appearing and have tried suggestions on them with no luck. This one seems a bit different.

A:[SOLVED] White Square at top left of dekstop only after computer lock

I see that you are using Rocket Dock? Try disabling it lock the computer than unlock to see if Rocket Dock (If that is what you are using) is causing the issue.

If that is not the problem update your graphics drivers by going to the manufacture of your computer's website or the manufacture of your graphics card.

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