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Solved: Outlook Express Email I don't want to delete my email from the server.

Q: Solved: Outlook Express Email I don't want to delete my email from the server.

How do I leave me email in the server and not have Outlook Express delete it?
Thank You!

Preferred Solution: Solved: Outlook Express Email I don't want to delete my email from the server.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Outlook Express Email I don't want to delete my email from the server.

theres an option in outlook express
Mail Tab
click on you emal account
advanced tab

at the bottom
leave a copy of messages on server

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i cannot delete email from my inbox in Outlook Express 6. I have tried clicking on the delete button on the toolbar, right clicking on the message and selecting delete, and by pressing the delete key on the keyboard. Anyone have any ideas?

A:Solved: Outlook express cannot delete email

Hi Evil..eva

Locate the directory where Outlook Express keeps it's message store:
Tools > Options > Maintenance tab > Store Folder
Note the location, then Cancel out of the window.
Close Outlook Express.

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to that directory.
Locate the Deleted Items.dbx file and rename it Deleted Items.old
Start Outlook Express, a new Deleted Items folder will be created.
See if you can delete messages.

Let us know if that works for you or not.
Also, keep the Inbox empty, move messages you want to keep to folders of your own creation in Outlook Express. Otherwise, you risk losing the contents of the Inbox should it become corrupted.

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I have my gmail set up as IMAP. When I set up my gmail account in Outlook 2010, it brought in all the email from the gmail server (thousands). That's okay, but what I would like to do is delete most of the emails (and the folders I set up in gmail) WITHOUT deleting them from the gmail server. I see in the gmail settings some instructions on deleting and expunging, but the terminology is confusing to me. Can someone tell me how to do my gmail settings such that when I delete something in Outlook (whether it be a gmail folder of individual emails), they are not deleted from the server? Sorry to be redundant, but I don't think I'm being very clear. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Email deleted in Outlook 2010-want NOT to delete on gmail server

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I have a large email group - over 200 names - in Outlook Express Address Book. A number of outdated email addresses bounced back to me. I wish to remove them from my Group. But OE seems to list only names, not email addresses. I cannot find a way to search by email address. Therefore I am faced with the task of looking up each name's properties to see if it's the email I need to eliminate.
Surely there must be a better way!
Or should I just find a better program to use? If so, suggestions?

A:Solved: Removing email addresses from Outlook Express Email Groups

you can always use the contact search bar at the top, enter the email, then that corresponding contact should appear. delete that contact and it will be deleted from any groups.

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the sub-folder 'all-mail' of the gmail folder: trouble deleting email(s); when i click delete, it marks the email with a red 'x', marked for deletion ? thanks

A:outlook express : can't delete email(s)

If you have been using this account for a while it may be that your deleted.dbx file is over 2GB. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\{userName}\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{Identity-GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\
And rename the deleted.dbx to deleted1.dbx.

After getting into windows explorer you will have to unhide your hidden files and folders and your protected operating system files. To do this --
Go to tools options and click on the search tab and find the options below.

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i can't delete email(s) from the gmail sub-folder 'all mail'; it marks them with a red 'x', they never get deleted ? thanks

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I am not able to delete email from the inbox...I am using outlook express with windows xp .... When I try to delete email, it freezes up and shuts down. Does anybody have any suggestions?

A:Can't delete inbox email (Outlook Express)

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I use Outlook Express and have five email accounts. For some reason one of them isn't receiving email and is on server (webmail). I have taken all the accounts off OE, reinstated them, all protocols are correct (stay on server not ticked), but still email is being bypassed by OE. Why is it happening to this one account?

A:Email staying on server and not getting to Outlook Express

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Does the one webmail site allow you to use IMAP and/or POP3 to access received e-mails? If so, do you need to specifically first enable such access?

Is Outlook Express reporting any errors when you specifically instruct it to check for new messages on the account?

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I am not receiving some Email messages from my ISP (Road Runner) that are available on the server. I have checked my Account Settings with Road Runner Tech Support and they are correct. I have removed all message rules in OE and turned off Anti Virus and Fire wall. When I check the Mail on the RR Mail server I find messages that do not appear in my OE In Box. There does not appear to be anything in common with the messages that don't come through. Some have attachments and some don't. The same is true of messages that do reach my OE IN Box. I am Using Win XP Pro and have Out Look Express Ver 6.00.2800.1123. When I Check for Mail by Clicking Send/receive I get a message that I have 6 New Messages but I only actually receive 2 Messages. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem?

A:Outlook Express Not receiveing all Email from ISP server

pop3 server should be pop-server.whereyouare.rr.com
smtp server should be smtp-server.whereyouare.rr.com

i have rr

i use norton av and have it check email in and out.

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I don't know what's going on, but here's the problem. I can send email fine from Outlook Express but for some reason it just stopped receiving emails. It gets all the way to the point of "connected"...."receiving mail", but it's getting hung up and not pulling any email through. It just hangs there until I have to ctr+alt+del to exit Outlook.
Any ideas?


A:Outlook Express not pulling email from server

It's probably a corrupted mail on the server.
Try logging in to the webmail interface and delete the offending message.


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Hi Guys is it possible to set up my Outlook 2010 to delete my email from the server once I have downloaded and read them ?

Many thanks


A:Delete Email from Server using Outlook 2010

Yes, you can delete email from the server using Outlook 2010.

Exactly how can depend on: What type of email account(s) you have such as IMAP, POP3, ...
Who the email provider(s) are such as Gmail, Hotmail, ...
How you want your email saved...
I'm assuming this is for Home email and you installed, configure, and control Outlook.

If this is for any Work email account(s) where Outlook is controlled by "Corp. policy / Email administrator" that can make a difference.

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After opening several windows (IE, OE, Word....) I find I cannot delete an email in the IN box, but I can delete any other messages. After rebooting I CAN delete an email in the IN box. But if I open a bunch of windows again, I cannot delete in the IN box again.

Sometimes when I click on the Inbox it says folder cannot be displayed because of low system resources, however, I have plenty of RAM - 256 Meg, and I'm using Virtual Mem - 600 Min/Max, so what's going on?


A:Unable to delete email from Outlook Express after I've opened several windows.

System resources do not have anything to do with ram. They are controlled by the first one meg of ram and they are finite. It sounds like you are just trying to run to much at once. You could try hitting control/alt/delete and see if there are any unneeded programs running and shut them down to free up some resources. Also, if you shut down some of the windows you have open are you then able to delete?

Good Luck

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Cannot delete emails in outlook xpress 6, running xp.

Did a search in the forums, and so far I have deleted the inbox.dbx file, and the folders.dbx file, but I still cannot delete emails. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

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I'm on Windows 2000 using Outlook Express. I have 2 email accounts. They were both working fine for ages then suddenly they stopped sending emails. I checked the configuration and when I clicked on 'Accounts' and 'Servers' I found the pop3/ smtp lines had been changed to a list of numbers! and my user name had extra characters. For example, it changed from smtp.freeserve.com and pop.freeserve.com to on both lines. and the user name changed from MYUSERNAME.freeserve.co.uk to [email protected]

To begin with I changed these back on both accounts and mail would send ok. However it now does it every time i open outlook express, and mail is not sending despite me correcting the settings!!
please help!!

A:Outlook Express - can't send email, server details automatically change to numbers!!

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I've just found a pst file with all my old email. I'd like to put them back on the server (hotmail) but before doing that I've seen that some of them were not recived (or sent) to my actual address (@hotmail.com) but to an old one (@infinito.it). So I was thinking to export them from outlook 2013 to CSV, modify that address into the new one and then import them back on outlook 2013. The problem is that when I export them to CSV, in that file they don't have the date (received or sent) and so when I get them back on outlook 2013 they miss that info.
Can anyone help me doing this? I've been told that VBA macro should be useful for this, but having a look in it I have no idea of what I sould do.
Ah, instead of outlook 2013 I can also use thunderbird (45.3.0) if it's easier with it, but then I'd have to convert that pst file.

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I am trying to troubleshoot Outlook Express on XP.

Is it possible to have so much email being sent to your email address that your Computer

would freeze or react very slowly?

Would the Bulk Email take up so much of the Operating System

causing the system to react this way?

I have XP Home Version. 256 Ram .

Any help would be appreciated on this issue.

Thanks, David L.

A:Solved: Outlook Express and XP Email Log Jam

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carnt send email in outlook express error saying adrees book not installed properly if any 1 canhelp plz

A:Solved: email outlook express

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Could someone help me as I have both Outlook Express and Widows Mail. I can send mail from Windows Mail but when I click on a link in a webpage, Outlook Express always opens. When I type my email and press send it appears to send it. However I recently found that all my emails were sitting in the outbox and there is no way I can get Outlook Express to send them. Perhaps I can only have one email program at a time?? If someone could advise how I get Outlook to send emails I would be very grateful. Judy

A:Solved: Outlook Express will not send email

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Some how I got a security alert tool notice and it locked up my computer. I was able to fix the problem by using my computer repair tool. I use Outlook Express and had to start all over. Is it possible that my old e-mails are still in the system. While rebooting/fixing, the message said that I would NOT lose any data. Thanks.

A:Solved: Outlook Express email reocvery

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I have been asked by a friend how she can find out the senders email address in outlook express. I am not familiar
enough with Express to get an answer for her. It seems like it should be an easy task. Any ideas??

A:Solved: Outlook express senders email

Not in front of a PC with outlook express right now , so cannot test this - this may help

Double-Click on the email so that it open in its own window
File menu
Properties or I think you can get to the same point by using Ctrl+F3 to get to properties
"Details" tab
"Message Source"
Copy and then paste into notepad to see

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I don't know how to have my email directed to outlook express.

A:Solved: How do I direct my email to outlook express?

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I have a friend with a freshly restored computer.
He can no longer read his Emails that have a ***.email attachment.
But ***.eml attachments work fine.

And his computer now works the same as mine, probably because I restored it for him.

If the ***.email attachment is read, OE doesn’t know what to do with it.
His Email with ***.eml attachments work fine.
If the ***.email attachment is renamed to ****.eml .. it reads fine.
If ****.email files are associated to OE .. nothing happens.
The ****.email attachments can be read in M$ Word.

So how would a computer be setup to read ***.email attachments ??
Is C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msims.exe the correct application ??

I’m curious why he’s getting these weird attachments from several sources ??

A:Solved: Outlook Express ***.email attachments

I'm not exactly sure why he gets these attachments. Some could be attached messages from people who use MSN. http://filext.com/file-extension/email doesn't say too much, but does mention that they are easily infected with viruses.

You should be able to open these by creating a new file type with an email extension. (Tools, Folder Options, File Types) Just use everything that you see listed for the .eml file type. The program would be "C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe" /eml:%1

An alternative would be to use Regedit. Export the [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.eml] key. Open it in notepad and change the eml to email. Now doubleclick to merge.

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I'm running Outlook Express on Windows XP Professional. When I send an email the message is sent with an undisplayed warning and the message remains in the Outbox after it has been sent resulting in it being continually resent until I manually delete it from the Outbox. A copy of the message is not saved to the Sent Folder even though the option is checked.I have run Nortons Utilities - and other utilities - and cleaned up Windows Registry and other Windows Errors - to fix my problem (without success). Is my Outbox damaged? Do I have to restore Outlook Express? How? Could anyone please assist. me.

A:Solved: Outlook Express Email error

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is there a way to setup outlook express on a childs computer and only allow a controlled list of users that can send email to the childs computer. also a controlled list of users that can be sent to ?

A:Solved: filtering outlook express email

You can use the same general idea as fighting spam. Here is one thread from here. You can search TSG for more, if needed.



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Hey everybody

I've recently setup Outlook Express for POP3 with my email accounts. It is working great, except I have to leave it open, in order to know if I have a new message or not.

I am used to have a program such as Gmail Notifier, that alerts me when a new message comes in, and where I can click on "Go to Inbox" to go straight to my mailbox.

Is there a similar program that can do this for Outlook Express?

A:Solved: Email Notifier for Outlook Express

Found a solution.

I am using Thunderbird now as the email client, and then installed the Minimize to Tray extension for it. It works perfectly for what I want to do.

Got to love Mozilla for Firefox and all their apps.

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I have been locked out of my email,I was told to get a verification code to unlock my account,I have obtained at least ten codes each one I get the same message "wrong code" can anyone help,this is so frustrating.

A:Solved: locked out of outlook express email

Maybe somebody could help if you told us what email service,
from where and how you obtained these codes,
what you do with a code when you get it,
what (if anything) this problem has to do with Outlook Express,
and any other relevant information.

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A friend has a problem sending email, he can receive but not send. Using Outlook Express and demon.co.uk as his email provider (pop3) and EE as his ISP.
I had a look at his problem and changed the outgoing smtp server to orangehome.co.uk from demon.co.uk but no joy, I then changed back to demon and changed the outgoing port from 25 to 587 and emails were sent to himself as tests. Thinking that was fixed I went home but now he says he can send email to himself but not to anyone else leaving me baffled.
Does anyone know what is going on here please?

A:Solved: Email (Outlook Express) problem

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hi i tried to send a download from itunes to another address using outlook express and its stuck in "outbox"and not sending and it wont let me delite

A:Solved: stuck email in outlook express

Hi mattytun

See if placing Outlook Express in Work Offline mode will allow you to delete the message:
File > Work Offline
Close Outlook Express.

Restart Outlook Express, access the Outbox and see if you can delete the message.
Let us know if that works for you or not.

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At one time I had an email account with Bellsouth.net. Presently, I use Firefox and Yahoo Mail. My problem arises when I try to send an email of a web page via Outlook Express. The message is never received by the recepient. How can this problem be fixed?

A:Solved: Outlook Express email not received

Solved the problem by changing my default email client.

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I configured outlook express exactly the same way as thunderbird. Thunderbird is working flawlessly but im getting an error message saying "the host blablabla could not be found. Please verity that you have entered the server name correctly, socket error: 11004, error number 0x800CCC0D." I triple confirmed that I entered the server name correctly and all the settings are identical to thunderbird's.
Im using windows xp sp3 connecting to a exchange 2003 server. Please advise, thanks.

A:Solved: Cannot send email with outlook express

nevermind... they were doing something on the exchange server. that explains why.

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When maximizing my outlook express, it came up with a blank screen except an MSN search box. I have downloaded the current version of OE5.5, installed it rebooted and still the same. When I check "view" it's marked to show me "all messages". Even though the screen won't show anything. Lastly, if I "go to a folder" it acts like its changing folders but nothing comes to the screen. I found this site to me most helpful. MS has been no help in the past. Thank you.

A:(Solved) Outlook express won't shows email

My first suspicion is system resources. Go to TSG's April Newsletter. Scroll down to Article III, the Periodic hard drive maintenance article and do it. Let me know if the problem remains.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I have been using Monster.Com and lately when I try to send an email to someone the computer tells me it cannot locate microsoft express. I know it is loaded as I am able to check my emails and it is in my stall/uninstall file. Someone said I have to fix my registry??? Can anyone help. Think I created this problem by loading then unloading Microsoft Office 97.

Thank You

A:{SOLVED} Outlook Express not Default Email

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My netgear died so I installed the verizon 7501. Now I cannot get outlook express to send or receive email in my windows xp. I have changed the ports and checked/unchecked boxes for authentication to no avail. i use outlook to get my godaddy mail/gmail/yahoo. I realized xp is out of date anyhow and perhaps I should try gmail notifier instead...well i'm having the same problem it wont get mail, obviously a port problem? I was able to get the go daddy account to receive but not send mail by changing a port. I am getting the typical errors in outlook express such as 0x800CCC0F any thoughts? thank you

A:Solved: new router cant get outlook express email

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I'm looking for a free email to use with Windows Mail/Outlook Express. Every 6 mos. I have to swap back and forth between ISPs due to travel. So I need one email I can use all the time - not one associated with my ISP. I thought Yahoo was the answer but found out that unless you pay for Yahoo Plus you can't access your free email on Outlook Express.

So does anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance.


A:Solved: Free Email w/Outlook Express

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hi guys

I have googled how to set up an email signature in Outlook Express and followed it to the letter i think http://email.about.com/cs/oetipstricks/qt/et121503.htm. It seemed simple enough and I have a small understanding of html.

Unfortunately it hasn't worked . It keeps displaying as code and not the image

This is the code i have used

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<META content="MSHTML 6.00.6000.16890" name=GENERATOR>
<BODY bgColor=#ffffff>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial color=#800080 size=2><A
href="http://www.janeeporter.co.uk"><IMG alt="" hspace=0
src="file://D:\Documents and Settings\Janee\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures\Jane E Porter-art-uncut-smaller.jpg"
align=baseline border=0></A></FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT face=Arial color=#800080 size=2></FONT>&nbsp;</DIV>
<DIV><A href="http://www.janeeporter.co.uk/contact.htm"><IMG alt="" hspace=0
src="file://D:\Documents and Settings\Janee\Application Data\Microsoft\Signatures\mailing-list-smaller.jpg"
align=baseline border=0></A></DIV></BODY></HTML>

Any help would be really appreciated.



A:Solved: Outlook Express email signature


been so long since i did it and also not using Outlook Express any longer on that page is the start of instructions click on the next page and so on, pages are just below the first instructions, its all in pictures, can not remember going through all that myself though

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My friend is having a problem with OE.

He goes into his INBOX and reads his emails. He does not delete the emails he has read and then he signs off. When he goes back into OE the read emails are now in his DELETED folder

I have checked the settings and cannot seem to find anything that he may have selected in error and cannot stop this from happening?

Can anyone out there help with this


A:Solved: Outlook Express Email Problem

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The email program I actively use is Outlook Express. When I click on a direct link within an email or web site context, my computer uses Microsoft Outlook instead of Outlook Express. Then it puts the message into MS Outbox and it dies there. Please help me! Trish Miller email: [email protected]

A:MS Outlook email is stealing Outlook Express email

Not sure how to get Outlook Express to steal back your Outlook email, but here's how you stop Outlook from stealing the email in the 1st place:

(1) In IE, go to Tools >> Internet Options (you can also access Internet Options from Control Panel).
(2) Click on the Programs tab.
(3) Click the drop-down next to Email, and change it to Outlook Express.
(4) Click Apply and OK.

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WHen I started outlook express this morning, all my email in all my outlook express folders (inbox, sent, delete) were gone. I am using Windowes XP Home edition. I recall there was a popo window last night asking if I want to compress email to save on disck space which I indicated yes.

How can I go about recovering them?



A:Solved: how to recover lost outlook express email

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I received an email yesterday & when I clicked to read it, Outlook Express seized up. I got the "(Not Responding)" message at the top of the screen. When I try to close it I get the smaller window with the option to End Now or Cancel. This also happens when I try to right click to delete the mail.

I've noticed that in the "To" column it reads "monthly newsletter" instead of my name or email address. It also has an attachment but obviously I can't find out what this is. The email is from a company that has sent me emails in the past with no problems so I don't think it's anything malicious. My spam filter recognised it as safe anyway.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Recieved email crashing Outlook Express

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I get the Outlook Express has stopped working and needs to shut down" pop up when I click on one specific email. It is from a trusted source so I know it is not virus related.
I can not delete the email because as soon as I click on it, it stops working and shuts down. I did the error reporting but don't know what to do now. I need to delete the one email.

A:Solved: outlook express stops working on one email

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I've just had a problem with Outlook Express that I've never encountered before. When I right click on a document and select Send To, and then Mail Recipient, I get a message now that says-

No profiles have been created. To create a new profile, use the Mail icon in the Contro Panel.

Could this have been caused by any of three new security updates from Microsoft yesterday?

I tried to remove them but it cautioned me that several programs on my computer may not work properly if I uninstall them. I send files to lots of people and I don't want the hassle of of creating a new profile every time I do.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Outlook Express 6- can't send files by email

You could try the fixes suggested here:
Watch you get the spacing right.

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Hi, when I send and receive the following error appears all the settings and passwords are correct and I have 2 other emails on the same account that work fine????
Any HELP would be great.

Task '[email protected] - Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC92) : 'Your e-mail server rejected your login. Verify your user name and password in your account properties. Under Tools, click E-mail accounts. The server responded: -ERR Authentication failed.'

A:Solved: Outlook Express (2007) email problems

Check the one that does not work against the settings of the ones that do again. I once was pulling my hair out because of an error and I finally noticed I had entered a period when it should be a hyphen in the servers.

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email tab in ie 8 wont start outlook express, mind it never did in ie7 either, it used to work but wife installed lots of stuff now and it doesnt do anything.

please tell me how to link it, i have been into internet options and outlook express is in there it just wont start when i click the tab on the toolbar.

i know it will be very simple (but so am i) so please help

cheers bob

A:Solved: email tab in ie wont start outlook express

Hi bobbobb

Right click the Start button
Properties > Start Menu tab > Customize button for Start Menu (not Classic Start Menu)
At the bottom of the General tab for: Show on Start Menu click the drop down field for the E-mail field and select Outlook Express.
OK, OK to save and close.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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So yeah, i still pay for my hotmail email just for the option to be able to use it with outlook Express (OE6)....without POP3.
Long story short, MS is killing OE6 ability to work with hotmail as of Sept 1. 2009!!!
(well except for POP3 access which i cant stand)

I liked thunderbird and the bat, but i really love the abilty to have totally separate identities like the OE6 offers. Not to mention the ability to password protect the entire identity / email client if wanted to with a password. (Without even being able to see any previously downloaded emails and whatnot)

Those are my two main things that i love about OE6 that i surprisingly have yet to find in any other email client....thus why i am still using OE6....and paying for a hotmail email.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Ill have to start my email client search and trials again...it's been about a year since i looked at anything else other than OE6.

Thanks for reading.

A:Solved: Outlook Express / email client alternatives

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When I am in FireFox and Click File/Email Link, Outlook Express used to open in the new composition window.

Two days ago I ran Outlook and it made itself the default email program in both FireFox and IE8.

I was able to just change the email program in IE8 to Outlook Express and when I send a page by email the new composition window opens fine.

In FireFox I made a similar change but instead of opening a new composition window, it just brings up the Outlook Express inbox window. Then I have to start a new email and go back and copy the link blah blah blah.

Before I ran Outlook FireFox always opened the Outlook Express new composition window just like IE8.

How can I get that back?


A:[SOLVED] FireFox Email Link Using Outlook Express

Hi Pete,

You said you made a similar change in Firefox, was that the mail:to setting? If not open Tools > Options > Applications > then find the mail:to setting and change it.

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I have a question about emails can you save them from Outlook Express 6 to lets say a thumbdrive. I have Windows XP Home and would like to place a large amount on a reviewing source figuring that a thumbdrive would work. Is the .ext on the emails from Outlook Express able to be copied. I tried to Cntrl A and Cntrl C but when I opened them they had the HTML coding above the email message. Should I copy them to my desktop, if so by what means? Then with explore move them to the thumbdrive?

Any thoughts.... Ideas would be greatly appreciated.
David L.

A:Solved: Outlook Express Email saving to thumbdrive

For single meesages in outlook express you can click file, save as, and save the email anywhere you like as an .eml file which can be read on it's own.
For saving emails in the same manner en mass :-
Create a folder on your desktop and give it any name.
Then open up outlook express. Once opened, minimise it a bit (dragging the programme window edges in) so you have the outlook express window open big enough to see the message headers, but small enough to see the folder on your desktop. You can then drag the messages, by the header/subject line into the folder. You can select multiple messages by selecting the first e-mail, then whilst holding down the shift key, select the last e-mail in the list. All in between will be selected. Then drag them to the folder on mass. You can select multiple random messages also by holding down the control key whilst selecting them, they all stay selected this way)
Copy/move the folder to your thumb drive.

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