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which runs video DirectX or nvidia

Q: which runs video DirectX or nvidia

I have a 31 minute download for nvidia driver. Which one runs the computer. Direct X or the Nvidia. When you type Dxdiag.exe and it shows all the things for Direct X. Video and all. Is nvidia just on there for show? Could not really understand why both of them are on there? If not really needed, don't want to spend a half an hour downloading something I don't need.

Preferred Solution: which runs video DirectX or nvidia

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: which runs video DirectX or nvidia

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Some of the games I have seen have the options to select which one to use, dx9 or 10 or 11.

Honestly, I have just a little approximate knowledge of what these do

most of them from experience.

- dx9 runs smoother (just for me i suppose)
- dx10 just adds shinys and i did not really use it. for some reason (in a couple of games i tried) it just hampered performance
- dx11 has tessellation and stuff

most of the search results from search engines primarily advertise gpu manufacturers boasting about how awesome games will look with their new gpus that support the latest directx (with "little" performance loss)

can someone enlighten me on this topic?

A:DirectX 9 to DirectX 11 : Which runs better?

DirectX is about improving multimedia to include games, videos, and audio - DirectX 11

Your DX modes also depends on not only the game, but the video card and OS - see step 6 of my guide here: Tips on Troubleshooting Game Issues.

Also, the higher the DX mode, the harder your system is tasked due to the increased textures (higher resolution) of the game, and this can have a huge impact on frame rates. This is where system build/components comes into play. Example higher end video cards tends to handle DX11 games more easily then mid to low end video cards. Same with system - a higher end system will perform better than a low to mid level system.

With today's systems being much more advanced than their predecessors were when DX9 was released there is somewhat of a "leveling" effect going on here. In other words today's systems are much more powerful and capable of handling more advanced multimedia (including games), and therefore require a more advanced DirectX API (Application Programming Interface). This is the reason for DX11, and the move towards DX12.

Yes, DX11 can task a system, but if the system is relatively new and upper mid level, this shouldn't be a problem. The problem comes in when trying to game with mid to low level systems/video cards. This is where you take a performance hit via frame rates. In this instance your can lower your DX mode, but at the cost of image quality - what most refer to as eye candy.

Hope this provides a better u... Read more

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Radeon HD 5870, HD 5850 Are AMD's DirectX 11 Cards
Due out in September

The details on AMD's next generation of desktop graphics cards continue to hit the Internet, as we are approaching the much-anticipated moment when the Sunnyvale, California-based company will officially take the wraps off its first DirectX 11 cards. Following the pictures of the allegedly first AMD card with DirectX 11 support, we now have a couple of new details on the manufacturer's future graphics cards. Codenamed Cypress, AMD's upcoming DirectX 11 cards will be released under the Radeon HD 5800-series branding, with the Cypress XT boasting the Radeon HD 5870 name and the Cypress PRO to be known as the HD 5850.

According to a recent news-article that has surfaced on vr-zone, the new cards should be launched sometime next month, with availability slated for later in October, around the time when Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system is due out. There are a couple of technical details available on the new cards, but nothing related to core speed.

Among the main features that will be enabled on AMD's upcoming cards we need to highlight the following:

1GB GDDR5 memory

ATI Eyefinity technology with support for up to three displays

ATI Stream technology

Designed for DirectCompute 5.0 and OpenCL

Accelerated Video Transcoding (AVT)

Compliant with DirectX 11 and earlier revisions

Supports OpenGL 3.1

ATI CrossFireX multi-GPU support for highly scalable performance

ATI Avivo HD ... Read more

A:More about ATI & nVidia DirectX 11 Cards

Is there any official release date of this both cards? (NVIDIA and ATI)??

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Hey Guys
I recently joined but as a back up to my original problem posted here

DirectDraw Drivers

Perhaps if somebody can help me figure out a way to adjust the hardware acceleration (in the Display-advanced settings-Troubleshoot tab) then there might be hope for me to make DirectDraw acceleration available

Please help.

PS: Mods- im still getting used to where things go, If this is the wrong location, please adjust accordingly. Thanks

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The nvidia drivers have been updated on WU, to version 368.20.
I opened DXDiag and noticed WDDM was also updated to v2.1 and the DirectX DDI to v11.4.

Is this a beta driver? Or is DxDiag displaying incorrect information?

Because the latest driver from the nvidia site (368.29) shows WDDM 2.0 and DX DDI 11.3.

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A match made in GPU heaven.

The marriage between Internet Explorer 9, Windows 7?s DirectX 11 and NVIDIA ION is essentially a match made in GPU heaven. Even at the level of Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview, IE9 has no match in rival browsers when it comes down to hardware acceleration of HTML5 and SVG. Just check out the video embedded at the bottom of this article in order to see what the future of browsing on netbooks will look like.

Source -
Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), DirectX 11 and NVIDIA ION - A match made in GPU heaven - Softpedia

A:Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), DirectX 11 and NVIDIA ION.

Impressive, for netbooks. I look forward to what it will do on a desktop or laptop, especially with the Intel chips that have the GPU integrated with the CPU.

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I've got a computer running Windows 2000 and an MX440-SE. I just installed the latest drivers from the Nvidia website and DirectX 9.0c (so that I could play a new game). When I boot up to Windows, the picture is very badly distorted, sometimes the images disappears completly and comes back after a second, still very badly distorted. If I remove the Nvidia drivers and boot normally using the default Windows graphics drivers, it works fine. Or if I boot in VGA mode, it works fine (the same thing probably).
Unfortunately, I installed them at the same time and rebooted, I didn't install one and the reboot and then install the other, so I have no idea if it is the drivers or DirectX causing the problems. I've heard the MX440 is only compatible with DirectX 8.1, is this true? Could this be causing the problems? If it is true, how can you revert to DirectX version 8.1?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, the computer isn't mine so I need to get it fixed ASAP.

A:Nvidia drivers/DirectX problem

From what i understand, you can install dx9 on your machine, but if you have a dx8 card it wont use all its features. It should still work.

I would goto www.guru3d.com and check their nvidia driver database and see if you can find a different driver to use.

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A quick (BEd: Can it be anything other than quick?) tweet on one of Nvidia's Twitter accounts has revealed that the first two cards based on the GF100 GPU aill be known as GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470.


NVIDIA GeForce (NVIDIAGeForce) on Twitter

A:Nvidia's first DirectX 11 cards GeForce GTX 480/470

Cheers, it'll be interesting to see the prices..

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I previously ran WOW on a laptop from an external hard drive. The Laptop internal hard drive was recently replaced and I now find that I cannot run WOW from the external HD. I get the error message "World of Warcraft was unable to start up 3D acceleration. Please make sure that directX 9.0c is installed and your video drivers are up to date."
I have installed the latest Nvidia GeForce4 440 Go drivers (R58746.exe)
I have run Dxdiag and according to that, DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904) is installed but that DirectDraw Acceleration and Direct3D Acceleration are not Available.

1. Are there additional "video" drivers that I need to install? If so, how do I find them? The Nvidia site makes reference only to video drivers for a GeForce 4 MX series and I am unsure as to whether or not these are the correct drivers.
2. Do I need to reinstall DirectX 9.0c from the Microsoft site (with all their invasive procedures)?

Advice gratefully received.

A:Solved: Nvidia GeForce4 440 Go and directx 9.0c

Try updating to directX 10, and check again in the dx diag that directdraw and direct3d are there or not. Also, you can try uninstalling your drivers for the video card and downloading them again. There is a slim chance something went wrong or you may have gotten the wrong one.

If you don't want to have to go directly through microsoft, google it and see if fileplanet or some other file hosting site has it. You may have to subscribe to their site to use it, though it should be free.

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or am I reading this the wrong way?

It appears to be saying the video card won't support DirectX 8 or 9. Any opinions will be appreciated.

A:nVidia MX 100/200 doesn't support DirectX above 7

That just means that it won't be able to use the special features of DX8 and 9...stuff like vertex shaders, pixel shaders, etc...I'm not sure which features are in which version, but you can install DX8 and 9 with a lower class card, and it will still work fine. It just doesn't have the instructions for the 8/9 built into the card, it only has instructions for 7 and below.

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Hello everyone.

I'd like to see if anyone can help me with this. I have tried many things but nothing works.

The problem started a few months ago. I have the Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 128 card. All of a sudden the screen started flickering. Monitor goes on and off after a few flickering.

So I went into safe mode and had to disable the card. If I enable the card I can't even get past the windows loading screen and it goes into the so called Blue screen of death saying there is a problem with Nv4_disp.dll.

(No flickering during the Dell screen).

Plus. If I try to play a game it says there is a problem with DirectX. I have DirectX 9.0c., Windows XP SP2, Dell Dimension 8300 series computer.

To solve I tried reinstalling DirectX. Nothing happened. Tried with new drivers for the card, nothing either. Check the Registry for errors with a program called RegVac, which did found some errors but nothing with the card.

Can anyone give me a hint on what happened and how I can solve this?

A:Nvidia and DirectX problems (Right forum?)

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I have a fairly old 9400GT 1GB and I am wondering whether it is even possible to install DirectX 11 on my computer and whether it would make any difference if I did. I think at the moment I only have DirectX 9 .

Any help would be great. Thanks, Jack-O-Bytes

A:Solved: DirectX 11 + Nvidia 9400GT

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The nvidia drivers have been updated on WU, to version 368.20.
I opened DXDiag and noticed WDDM was also updated to v2.1 and the DirectX DDI to v11.4.

Is this a beta driver? Or is DxDiag displaying incorrect information?

Because the latest driver from the nvidia site (368.29) shows WDDM 2.0 and DX DDI 11.3.

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Hi there,

I've already tried much of what I've found on this forum, to no end.

Hopefully someone can help me.

Have a Winfast Nvidia 5200 GEForce, slapped it in and installed drivers, now I'm having nothing but problems.

1. Random lockups whilst browsing the internet and checking mail
2. Occasionally booting {only after using System Restore, which always fails.}
3. Detecting two monitors instead of 1
4. Direct X 8.1 and 9 failing to initialize with games {Warcraft 3}

System Config

1. AMD 1.1, 256 mg ram, SiS chipset with onboard {detection disabled in the BIOS}

2. Windows 98, 98 SE and ME {upgrade path. I'm ready to try 2k if it will just freaking fix it, one clean install of 98 *by clean I mean Windows directory and registries killed, no format.*}

3. IE 6 SP1

Past problems:

1. No boot
2. Display limited to 800 x 600 16 bit color
3. ptsnoop.exe conflicts with video card {solved by reinstalling modem which then took a different IRQ}
4. lock up when looking at IE wrong

What I've done:

Most problems have been resolved by updating OS and cleaning out the registry of SiS onboard card entries. Winfast drivers are crap, so I replaced them with the latest Nvidia universal driver {HA!} which has worked for me in the past with office machines. It did manage to boot it.

Today alone:

1. Removed both Direct x 8.1 and 9 with the Direct X buster utility in safe mode {it boots pretty consistently now}

2. Removed any legacy traces of the Winfast drive... Read more

A:Nvidia GEForce 5200, DirectX 9 problems

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my motherboard the P5K premium/wifi-AF would it be compatable, with the new geforce gtx 480.

if anyone knows can they let me know as my 9800gtx/9800gtx+ is getting old, or could direct me to a link so i could test my hardware out,

i did check out the motherboards website but dont know where to look,



A:Nvidia Geforce GTX 480 or 470 DirectX 11 graphics cards

yes .

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First time here so here goes

I have a Fujisu Siemens, Esprimo Mobile laptop with Vista Home Premium. I used to be able to play video files but now all I get is the sound and nothing else when I play on Windows Media Player or winamp. When I try it on Core Media Player I get an error screen.
For some reason, I can view videos fine on the internet.

I've also tried to play some games (Halo, Medal of Honour:Allied Assault) and it just says I have problems with something with direct x

I looked around on google and tried looking at this and found out about running "dxdiag", here is what it said in the display tab

Also here is what the error screen was like with Core Media Player

EDIT: Turns out I get the video with mpg files but not avi

A:Problems with video in video files and running games (directX?)

I've noticed I have no replies yet but other threads have quite a few

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I've been having issues with my NVIDIA Drivers becoming corrupt on my Y700 with the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M. Every few days when I try to play a DirectX games like Guild Wars 2 or Team Fortress 2, the games fail to launch. GW2 doesn't fire up after clicking the Play button in the launcher but there is not warning message. TF2 will give a Direct3D error when I try to launch it. In any case, the only solution I have found is to download and reinstall the NVIDIA drivers. I currently have driver verion 368.22 but this has been happening on older NVIDIA drivers as well. After reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers, everything works fine for a few days.

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hey so i just upgraded to windows 7 ultimate and i put halo on my computer and it said directdraw failed initialization. please use DXDIAG.
so i did and Direct3D is enabled, the other two (DirectDraw, Other One..) say not available.

What ive tried:

New graphics driver, still doesnt work.

Trying to get DX9, said it worked and absolutely nothing changed.

going into BIOS and making sure graphics card is set as priority over integrated, it is.

Looking online for the past 4 hours.

I have two intel 3.2 processers
2GB ddr2ram
80gb hard drive
nvidia geforce 6200 card

Nothing i have tried has worked and i would really appreciate it if someone could help me out here, thanks!

A:Problems with Windows 7, Nvidia Geforce 6200, Directx 11

Your DirectX may be corrupt or your video hardware acceleration might have to be increased.

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I have a Sony Vaio with an NVidia GeForce Go 7400

When I attempt to run a game such as Sims 2 or Zoo Tycoon it comes up with...
" Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c comaptible graphics adapter in this system! Please make sure you have compatible graphics adapter and have installed latest drivers provided by the manufacturer."

I went to the NVidia site and it directed me to the Sony site where I picked up the latest driver but it doesn't change anything.

Any potential solutions welcome!


A:DirectX Sony Vaio NVidia 7400 problem with Games

Have you tried reinstalling DirectX 9? You can download it HERE or you can install it online HERE.

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i just got my customied envy with nvidia GPU. 740 M. but i figured out that my pc is running on intel's gpu. also. when  tried to reinstall nvidia's driver from the website. i got the blue screen of death(its kinda different in win8) but things didn't work. also. in nvidia controll panel. i only have 3D settings? how do i fix this and make nvidia card the default. 

A:HP Envy 15-j100 runs on integrated GPU instead of Nvidia's

You should change it in Nvidia control panel - You can configure which programs will use the nvidia or the integrated cards. And also you can change which would be the default one.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5yFO1083ss

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This is a problem that I have had since yesterday, all the programs that are mentioned above and those that I may not be aware of are corrupting itself. What I mean is that firefox can't be opened, and deleted via control panel...same goes for AVG. I get something like "application.ini" or something like that not working/missing the first time I tried opening firefox, all other atttempts just says firefox was missing. Whenever I restart my pc, an error message pops up that says an nvidia file was missing. Whenever I try playing any games, it says a part of directx is missing. The directx parts missing is random depending on the games played, OpenAL21.dll, d3dx9_32.dll, d3dx9_27.dll etc. Now I have tried removing/reinstalling all the ablove mentioned programs properly, and everything would work. But that only lasts for 30minutes or so, after that everything if back to being corrupted again. I have a few virus scans with no results, and my harddrive seems to be somewhat active even when cpu usage is only 4%. Please help! Since this is kind of long, I have attached the hijack log in the next post.

here is my hijackthis log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:43:09 AM, on 10/9/2008
Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.00.1905 SP1)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6001.18000)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intel\IntelD... Read more

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I've searched the Net from top to bottom to find some UniVBE drivers that support the nVidia Vanta chipset and I've turned out blank. Does such a thing exist? Like, I can't play Contructor, that's why I'm asking

Someone said that I can find UniVBE drivers for nVidia cards at www.bootdisk.com, but I searched almost every link there and haven't found it.

A:UniVBE for nVidia Vanta (and other nVidia video cards)

advantis I have the same problem. I've looked everywhere but the drivers either have different series numbers (like 1630 or 2311) and I have a (supposedly the last 4 digits are the key).

Just read a long post from 12/01 and that guy didn't have any luck eithr.

They're telling us to live with what we have or ... get a new video card.

gah. But: you mighat want to read this post:
Drivers padutch All Other Software 28 198 12-09-2001 05:29 PM
by padutch

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Hi, I have a Dell Dimension 9150 with a NVidia GEForce 6series card. I think the model might be 6800xt for the card. When I turn the PC on, the hard drive spins and the Video card fan runs but I get no picture. I tried it with multiple monitors, both DVI and VGA and none have worked. I need some ideas. To buy a replacement card just to test, is kind of expensive and I'm not sure it is the problem (maybe the HDD?) so I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem. This PC is approx 5 years old but has been in great shape until this problem occurred.

A:Pc with no video- HDD runs & Video Card Fan spins

Try to boot from any bootable CD, like the one to test hard drive:Run hard drive diagnostics: http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=287 (or http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=28744&hl=hard+drive+diagnostic)Make sure, you select tool, which is appropriate for the brand of your hard drive.Depending on the program, it'll create bootable floppy, or bootable CD.If downloaded file is of .iso type, use ImgBurn: http://www.imgburn.com/ to burn .iso file to a CD (select "Write image file to disc" option), and make the CD bootable.For Toshiba hard drives, see here: http://sdd.toshiba.com/main.aspx?Path=ServicesSupport/FujitsuDrivesUSandCanada/SoftwareUtilities#diagnosticNote : If you do not know how to set your computer to boot from CD follow the steps hereIf you still have no picture, then the video card is busted.Did you try to remove video card and try on-board video?

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I just had this card installed, and i am now having problems with video's down loaded from the web. The video picture colors are all off, sound is fine. I Am using Windows XP pro. It/videos work intermitantly?? Mostly dont,,, PC Games and still pics are just GREAT. Any ideas on how to fix. I have fiddled with different things but nothing changes the video color quality.

A:New, Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 256Mb Video Card and have problem with down loaded video

Ah, my friend.it sounds not to be a video card problem, but more of a codec issue. make sure your codecs are up to date and if that doesn't work, post your system specs.

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hi, yes, my motherboard has ATI on board video and it's still on. I have a Nvidia geforce 550 ti video card that i much prefer to run my games.

I'm having a video confusion problem in my games where i can't see some of the video. I was told by the maker of the MOD for the specific game that i need to disable the ATI on board video so there wont be any more conflicts with my Nvidia video card.

How do i disable the on board video on my motherboard. the motherboard is the following:

MSI 790FX-GD70


A:how do i disable the ATI on-board video so my nvidia 550ti video card will run my gam

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I'm having problems with DirectX and how much memory my computer has. It is definitely something to do with DirectX 8, because my computer originally had DirectX 6, and it read the memory correctly then. DirectX 6 and Dr. Hardware read my computer with about 19 MB of video memory. DirectX 8, however, disagrees. At first, it said I had 6.45 MB of video memory. I had to reformat my computer after trying to reinstall DirectX 8.1a. I reinstalled everything, checked DirectX 6 - 19.something MB of video memory. I reinstalled DirectX 8- now it claims my computer only has a little more than 3 MB of memory. Does anyone have any ideas why this would be happening? I can upload my dxdiag.txt file, if it would help, and the old one (before the reinstall) is already uploaded to a different thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:DirectX 8 and Video memory.

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Gooday. I have wwtelescope installed, havn't used it for a few weeks, went to use it and it said install directx and video. (these had been working before). I looked in device manager and there were no display adapters, there was a yellow other devices and the video card is in there, the device manager says nothing installed and when I went to install driver, card is Nvidia gforce 11 mx200, it says driver installed. Also I can't install directx, it does everything and stops before finish. I hae acer pc , winxp, 768 ram. Any suggestions.

A:Video And Directx Drivers

Hi .I don't understand what you are saying or attempting to say...so pardon me if I ask questions that seem to already have been answered.When you look in Device Manager...does it reflect a video card or chip? What is listed under Display Adapters? Is there any indication in Device Manager that this is not working properly?Do you have problems changing your video resolution?Is this onboard video?What model Acer PC do you have?What was the exact error message you received?Did you uninstall this wwtelescope program...and see if the error message repeats?http://www.worldwidetelescope.org/Experien...t.aspx?exp=trueFrom what you've provided thus far...I suspect that your system does not meet the minimum requirements for installing/running this software properly.Louis

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I'm looking to buy a DirectX 9 compatible video card (for everquest2)...are there any others than geforceFX and radeon (whatever the hell it's up too)

A:DirectX 9 Video Cards

No.. For truly DirectX 9 support GeforceFX and ATI 9XXX series is what you need.

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How can I find what DirectX is suitable for what video card?

Machine: Windows 32-bit


A:What DirectX for what video card?

Are you using windows 7-32 bit?
Your system configurations?
Generally updated Direct X 11 is recommended.

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hey guys,

i'm having some problem with playing game since i format my computer. i have downloaded the video driver for my laptop t43 from lenova support site
http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/s...PathEntry=1872-MA1&operatingSystem=Windows XP

and i have gotten the directx web update programme. however after i ran the directx diagnostic test, i realised that i am stil lrunning on generic video driver and i cannot play game.

sigh. can anyone help with that?

A:Help with ibm video driver / directx

To install drivers from the internet:

go into Windows Explorer, left click on Desktop, then File, then New and then Folder - name the folder XXXDrivers (where XXX = type, eg, AudioDrivers)

go to the site for your driver, find the RIGHT one for your mobo and OS,(click on the nearest site to you if appropriate) and then download button - when asked where to 'save' the download specify your desktop folder XXXDrivers and wait until the download is complete.

Once it is done, clear your screen and click on the desktop folder and then on the file inside - if it is a zip or rar file it will need to be unzipped or unpacked - make sure if you are asked to specify where to unzip/unpack to tell it to do so to the XXXDrivers folder.

Once you are done that, uninstall the old drivers for the device and then select the device and specify update drivers and direct the search to the folder you made (don't let Windows do it).

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Hi Guys, its been a long time sense i've played this game, and my computer used to be able to play it, HOWEVER, 1 year later it cant!

When ever i start up the game, the screen goes black (as if starting the game) and then an error comes up saying "Cannot create 3d3 device, please check DirectX or display card driver"

Currently i have DirectX 9.0c. Not sure about the display card driver.
1. in run>dxdiag>display, some people have told me to check if some things are enables, BUT a problem.
Under DirectX Features it says

DirectDraw Acceleration: Not Available (Here in gray it says DISABLE, unclickable)
Direct3D Acceleration: Not Available (Here in gray it says DISABLE, unclickable)
AGP Texture Acceleration: Not Available (Here in gray it says DISABLE, unclickable)
Under the drivers menu it says

Main Driver: SiSGRV.dll
Version: 6.14.0010.3630 (english)
Date: 3/9/2006/20:30:40
WHQL Logo'd: n/a
Mini VDD: sisgrp.sys
VDD: n/a
DDI Version: unknown

I have done Test DirectDraw, outcome was sucessful
I Cant test Direct3D because its in gray and unclickable.

I have tried downloading DirectX 10 but it wont let me (it says it has it download and up for use) but dxdiag still says DirectX 9.0c
Can anyone please help me? I really want to play this game. Thanks

A:Problem With Directx And Video Card!

I may have missed it...but what game is it that you refer to?

What is the video card or video chip?

If boxmaker (name brand) system, system manufacturer and model?

And the O/S is XP?


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Alright, I bought the video game Sims 2 about 3 or 4 months ago. I installed it and everything was running smoothly. I eventually needed more space on my computer so I decided to remove the game from my computer.

All is well until I tried to download it today into my computer again. Then i get this message that states that I need a Directx 9.0c compatible video adapter or I need to get the Directx 9.0 upgrade whatever.

I download it. Time goes by, open up Sims 2 again. Nothing. What is going on I ask myself. So I go into programs/accessories/system tools/ system information and go into Display. Whats there? NOTHING!

Maybe my computer is just messing up, so I go into run, put in "dxdiag" and go to display. I get this screen right here.

Umm... whats going on? Video driver is missing?
I was then suggested to crack open my computer and see if anything may be loose.

Nope, dusty but nothings loose.

Can someone please help me? I have no idea what is going on here.

A:Directx 9.0 & missing video card?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your video card is running on the generic vga driver provided by Windows.

Go to your videocard manufacturers website and download and install your videocard drivers again.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hey all, iam new to this website. I cant install directx 9.0c. My directx error is "directx failed to copy a required file". But i think its because my video card wont support it. How can I check to see if my card can support direct x 9.0c? Is it the ddi version, cause if it is i have version 7. It is supposed to be 9? I tryed installing the new driver from nvidia but i still get version 7 ddi. Does this mean i have to buy a new video card? Sorry i have so many questions but i am also new to computers and stuff. Well here are my specs:

System Information
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 1 (2600.xpsp1.020828-1920)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Gateway
System Model: E-4000
BIOS: BIOS Date: 10/16/02 08:39:45 Ver: 08.00.05
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz, ~2.4GHz
Memory: 766MB RAM
Page File: 308MB used, 800MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINNT
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 5.03.0001.0904 32bit Unicode

Display Devices
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip type: GeForce4 MX 440
DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN... Read more

A:problems with video card and directx help plz

I don't think it will

Check this link
Dx info
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i went to the support forum of a game site asking why im experiencing delay even if i meet its system requirements. they said that i need to update my video card and direct x.can you help me update my video card and direct x?. sorry for being a noob but when i went to the update site. from there i dont know what to do.http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx (here is the site if i want to update my video card.)heres my dxdiag (in the display section)name: RADEON X1300/X1500 seriesmanufacturer: ATI technologies inc.Chip type: ATI graphics processor (0X7146)DAC type: Internal DAC (400MHz)approx total memory: 512 mbcurrent display mode: 1024x768 (32bit) (60Hz)when i went to catalyst control center it shows the graphic adopterRadeon X1300/X1500 series [HW191]and the product feature says:RADEON HD 4870 redefine your game!.my direct x version:direct x version: directX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)my OSmicrosof windows xp professionalversion 2002service pack 3i thank guys for your help in advance.

A:help me. update video card and directX

What game site is that?If you are running XP...you are running the latest version of DirectX, 9.0©.DirectX 10 is only available with Vista, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DirectX .Louis

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when you turn on the computer green lines are on the boot screen, but go away when it finishes loads. I have a geforce 6800 and when i go under divice manager it says "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)". when i try to install or update a driver to a newer version it goes about half way through the little bar and the screen goes black and restarts the computer, without installing it. if you try to play a game it says "D3DERR_Notavalailable" which i am told has to do with Direct X. has anyone had a problem like this or have anything they can tell me to do.

ps yes i did use recovery disk and did not work

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Hi all, like the title says, I have a DirectDraw Acceleration problem that causes my video colours to become messed up (in all my players). The human skin is freaking blue!, for example. Currently, I have the DirectDraw Acceleration disabled in order to bypass the problem, but of course, my videos won't be as responsive. Tried updating my graphics driver with DriverMax, but that didn't help much. Please help me fix this problem!

Windows XP SP3
Direct X Redistributable 9.0c November 2008
S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR, Driver version:

A:DirectX video overlay problem

Try to download new version on Direct X. There are lots of New pactche for enhanced its functionality

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ok i try to play the game medal of honor pacific assault and it says that it requires a video card that fully supports directx 8.1 and i have 9.0 installed. so i am stumped for what i need to do.. plus i have 254 ram in the computer... plz help... thanks

A:problems with video card and directx

Even though you have 9 installed your video card or onboard video chip may not be DX 9 capable. WHat are your computer specs?

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I reformated my computer and all the blah a while ago, but now my Sims2 game won't find the DirectX eventhough I have it installed. I get the message:

Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system! Please make sure you have a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer.

The thing is I installed the driver disk on my system afterwards. I thing the card is a 128MB NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440.

XP Home Edition
THx 4 UR X! MOe

A:Video Adapter Compatiblity with DirectX

Uninstall Syms and reinstall it.....

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I was attempting to install a PC Video Game (Men of Honor Pacific Assault -demo) and a dialog box opened informing me that my video card doesn't support DirectX 8.1, necessary to run the game. My Vid. card is : NVIDIA GeFORCE 4 MX Integrated GPU. My questions: Can I merely download DirectX 8.1 and expect it to allow me to use this game?

A:Compatibility of Video Card & DirectX 8.1

The game should come with the latest version of direct X for the game (when it was published), if not, download it from the windows update web site.

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Hello everyone,
My problem occurs with playing games / some movies. It occurs after updating directX. When I reformat Windows the directX version thats installed is 8.1. This version plays games fine and I have no video problems. However I have come to the conclusion that when I update, and get directX 9.0c. Problems start poping up. For example if I install dirextX 9.0c. Almost any game I try and play states that I need a higher version of directX or my video driver is not up to date. So I have updated my video driver and have dirextX 9.0c....It still gives me errors however with almost every game and some/most movies.

So generally, does anyone know why 9.0c won't work on my computer?
Or possibly does anyone know of a way to get rid of 9.0c and get back to 8.1, without a full re-format.

Thanks for your time,

A:DirectX and/or Video Driver Problem

I'm not quite sure if it matters but I forgot to mention...
When I have directX 8.1 installed, directDraw and direct3D are both enabaled. However when I install 9.0c, for some reason direct3D becomes disabled...Not sure if this matters but thought I'd add it,


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I have a HP Pavillion slimline, model # s5-1414. Everything seems to operates fine, but I get no video? I have changed the ram, video card, and checked the CPU to no avail?  running out of options HELP

A:PC runs but no video

Hello @dell48, Welcome back to the HP Support Forums! I came across your post about the video issue, and wanted to help! When you say that there is no video, are you indicating that the desktop starts with a black screen?  I understand that you replaced the Memory Modules, and the Graphics Card.  Try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes: HP Desktop PCs - Computer Starts but Monitor Remains Blank (Windows 10, 8) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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My PC suddenly has failed to be able to play video (streaming or from hard drive) or audio (streaming or hard drive) without garbling/scratching/skipping/freezing, and then going to a blue screen of death.

I have identified the approximate day or so when this started and when I did the following:
the latest XP updates
the latest .NET framework update
downloaded a free video editing program called lightworks
silverlight update
possible directx update

I first tried to do a system restore to several dates prior to these events but each time it failed "unable to restore".

I un-installed lightworks
re-installed directx

I ran malwarebytes full scan and nothing was found.



A:Sound & video messed up=xp update/.net/directx?

Hello and welcome -Please Re-install Direct X Here <<==Direct X is required to help you operate many games etc. There was no DirectX update that I knew of in the last updates -There was a Silverlight and a .NET frame work update that caused minor concerns -Thank You - EDIT -For the first time, you’ll be able to download the Free and Pro versions of Lightworks for Windows, which have been completely re-engineered to run on modern, multicore hardware. You’ll be able to use the same software that Hollywood editors use to craft films like The King’s Speech and Hugo.Please note that the "Free" version of Lightworks for download was only a Beta (Untested) version and not a full Release version

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I want to know how to clean my video memory . I sometimes go to play a game which needs directx and java i downloaded them and it said it cannot find java nor the directx.
Sometimes the computer says it can not find any compatiable 3d devices.I went to play a game it said make sure you have a graphic card that supports pixel shade 1.0 .

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I bought a game to play (Treasure Island c2009) and after installation, went to start it and had an error message regarding "shader obsolete" issues and the game will not start at all. I emailed the game creators (Dreamcatcher) and they say I need a directx 8.1 compatible video card. On the game box, it says Directx 9.0 compatible. I have a Dell Inspiron 530 with 2038 mb RAM and have played newer games than this one. I did the "run" thing to find out the version I have. I have an Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset. It says I have Directx 9.0. On the "directx" tab of info, on the day I loaded the game, all these new "microsoft.directx.direct3D.dll" files were installed. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times and still get the shader error message. The game creator says my video card is not compatible. Is this true? Is there a magic list somewhere that says what my video card is compatible with? I am not a techie (I know a little about some things) so if you could speak to me like I'm five years old, that would be great! Well...maybe 12 years old. Thank you ahead of time. I should also add that the driver is dated 1/13/10 for the Intel thing. And I have Windows XP. Here are the game specs: * Windows 2000/XP
* Intel Pentium 1.4 GHz
* 1.5 GB RAM
* 15 GB Free hard drive space
* 64 MB DirectX 9 Compatible Video Card
* 16-bit DirectX Compatible
* 16x CD/DVD-ROM

A:Video card compatibility Intel, DirectX 8.1-9.0

Have you tried uninstalling DirectX 9.0 and installing DirectX 8.0?
I don't know if this works, but I have heard of the problem before... One would think the upgrade to 9.0 would work... and if a recent card since 2006, why wouldn't it work.

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I am so frustrated I could scream...having said that...I think I can be lucid enough to state my problem.

I play everquest. On March 23, sony did a massive patch that required DX9.0 (no problem..I had upgraded already) When I tried to load the game, I got the message "no 3D device found". So off I went to the ATI website to get the newest driver for my Radeon 8500 vid card. I also downloaded the uninstall tool (to be used in safe mode) for the previous driver before installing the new one. Having done that, I installed the new driver and ran the Dx diagnostic tool only to find that the acceleration test could not be performed because my device did not support that.

Back to square one. Everquest would not run. I then uninstalled that driver and looked for the previous version. Installed that and got the game to loading the characters when it hung...locked up. Had to be rebooted. This occurred twice. (I was determined that this Radeon 8500 would be compatible especially if I could get the driver to work)

SOOO I uninstalled that driver and went back to look at the ati and sony websites to get more info regarding my problem...and as I restarted the computer, I began having error messages....first it was the wnsock23.dll message then when I fixed that, iphlpapi.dll file was missing....and the Microsoft Broadband Network had a file that wasnt working. I have recently run a virus scan and have had no viruses found. AND no internet acccess from that machine.

SO that b... Read more

A:It all started with updating my video driver for Directx 9.0b....

try last known good configuration from the menu that comes up when you press f8 whilst booting up

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Ok..so I keep getting the "directx" message when I start the sims 2. This has happened to me countless times, and each time I have easily been able to fix this problem, except this time.

Windows XP home
System Man- NVIDIA
Processor- AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2800
Memory-1024MB RAM
DirextX version: DirectX 9.0c

ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series
Manufacturer: ATI Tech
Chip Type: ATI Radeon Graphics Processor AGP
Total Mem: 256.0MB

DirectDraw Acceleration: Enabled
Direct3D - enabled
AGP Texture - N/A

at the bottom it says 'No problems found". When I run the "Test Direct3D" it says "failure at step 7" "failure at step 8" "failure at step 9"

A couple of days ago I played the sims and it was fine, then suddenly today that message pops up. I updated my drivers a bunch of times, installed things and uninstalled things trying to fix this problem.

Anyone know any possible solutions instead of buying a new video card?? How can I tell if my video card died?

A:Games, directx, direct3D and video card

1. Click on Start, then Control Panel, then go to Add/Remove Programs.
2. At the top of the list you should see several ATI entries. Select the entry entitled ATI Software Uninstall Utility, and click Change/Remove.
3. You will be prompted to restart your system once the uninstall is complete.
4. Once restarted, check the Add/Remove Programs list again for any remaining ATI software or other drivers that you have tried.
5. If any ATI software is still listed, click Change/Remove on those entries to uninstall each one individually.
6. Next, please scroll through the list until you find an entry called DAO
7. Select DAO, then Click Change/Remove to uninstall this program.

1.Go to link below - Double-click on the downloaded driver file. Click Run
Use the default directory for extracting the files and press the Install button.

2. Click Next on the first install screen.
3. Click Yes to the License agreement.
4. Click the Custom button.
5. Select the driver, catalyst control center and uncheck the box for steam
# The installer will start to load the display driver first.
Next you will see the WDM Capture drivers load (for VIVO or All-In-Wonder).
The Catalyst Control Center setup will start shortly after.
A dialog box will indicate the install progress.

6.Click Finish to restart your computer.

If it still doesn't work continue below
7.Device manager=> have disk => you pick location
8... Read more

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