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New HP 24-g000no, extremly loud CPU fan - Normal or defect?

Q: New HP 24-g000no, extremly loud CPU fan - Normal or defect?

Right from the first startup I noticed the computer was unbearable loud.I figured that it was the first setup installation and downloading updates that had the processor worked upBut after all the installations was finished and drivers for graphics and processor was updated and turning the computer settings to energy saveing mode the situation is still the same. Is this normal for this model or does this computer have a defect? The fan is constantly running at around 2380-2420 speed. Is this normal? What CPU fan is this model using?

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Preferred Solution: New HP 24-g000no, extremly loud CPU fan - Normal or defect?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Right from the first startup I noticed the computer was unbearable loud.I figured that it was the first setup installation and downloading updates that had the processor worked upBut after all the installations was finished and drivers for graphics and processor was updated and turning the computer settings to energy saveing mode the situation is still the same. Is this normal for this model or does this computer have a defect?  The fan is constantly running at around 2380-2420 speed. Is this normal?  What CPU fan is this model using? 

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Right from the first startup I noticed the computer was unbearable loud.I figured that it was the first setup installation and downloading updates that had the processor worked upBut after all the installations was finished and drivers for graphics and processor was updated and turning the computer settings to energy saveing mode the situation is still the same. Is this normal for this model or does this computer have a defect?  The fan is constantly running at around 2380-2420 speed. Is this normal?  What CPU fan is this model using? 

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Hi,i have a 5 months old L380 (standard, not Yoga). The Laptop gets hot very quick, espcially when charging it seems to overheat, so the fan gets extremely loud. When charging, the fan gets so loud, that the laptop canīt be used in the library or the office, even if iīm offline and only using MS-Office. Does anyone have the same problem with the L380? This canīt be normal so iīm thinking about sending it in.

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My computer is running slower than normal. I know malware and virus can disguise themselves and can be hard to find so here are my reports.Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68Run by Compaq_Owner on 2008-08-05 13:57:34Computer is in Normal Mode.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point.-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --107: 2008-08-05 18:57:54 UTC - RP677 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point106: 2008-08-05 03:46:24 UTC - RP676 - System Checkpoint105: 2008-08-04 02:02:07 UTC - RP675 - System Checkpoint104: 2008-08-03 01:40:25 UTC - RP674 - System Checkpoint103: 2008-08-02 00:40:28 UTC - RP673 - System Checkpoint-- First Restore Point -- 1: 2008-05-10 00:12:21 UTC - RP571 - System CheckpointBacked up registry hives.Performed disk cleanup.Percentage of Memory in Use: 79% (more than 75%).Total Physical Memory: 447 MiB (512 MiB recommended).-- HijackThis Clone ------------------------------------------------------------Emulating logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 2008-08-05 14:02:20Platform: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer (7.00.6000.16674)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\WINDOWS\system32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\csrss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:�... Read more

A:Computer Is Running Extremly Slower Than Normal

Title was: Computer Infected With A Trojan ~ OB;***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ANALYSIS: 2008-08-06 12:48:01PROTECTIONS: 0MALWARE: 43SUSPECTS: 5;***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************PROTECTIONSDescription Version Active Updated;===================================================================================================================================================================================;===================================================================================================================================================================================MALWAREId Description Type Active Severity Disinfectable Disinfected Location;===================================================================================================================================================================================00139059 Cookie/Traffic Marketplace TrackingCookie No 0 Yes No C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9qgr6rqn.default\cookies... Read more

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Hi all, since April, 2018 I have a T580. Good Notebook, but unfortunatley, I have a defect on the storage for the second time. The first time, the system did not resume from hibernate anymore and started to crash with a blue screen during usage. When starting the hardware scan on startup by hittin F10 key, the utility said, that reading from the SSD failed. Hence, the Lenovo contractor changed the SSD, but back in my office, same problems occured. Hence, the mainboard was replaced. So the T580 worked fine for two month, but now is shows the same problems again.The contractor who will repair the T580 said, that unfortunatley, he observed, that this error seems to occur often on the T580 and P52. So I want to ask if Lenovo is aware of the problem, and if they are aware, if they already have a strategy, to get Mainboards, SSDs, or controller board without this defect from the supplier. Best regards, Steve

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I recently bought the Y700 from lenovo. I have a question regarding the fan in this system..  Hoping someone can chime in. Is the fan suppose to run ALL the time? When I'm gaming, the fan kicks in "decently" loud, but the sounds of the game kinda covers it up. When in idle (webbing, videos), there seems to be a faint fan noise. However, when I begin to open more tabs, the fans kicks in momentarily, then lowers back down. The temp of the computer is warm when gaming ~ 65C, and when doing regular stuff on the web ~ 37C.  Is this normal or is something wrong?

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I posted what i could about my system spec in the account place using the info program.

My issue is that my fan runs very loudly and does not turn off during idle/slow periods. I downloaded the speedfan program and this is how it looks currently. http://i.imgur.com/Cmjal.png
I don't think the difference between idle and running Chrome + Steam in the background would be enough to matter, so i'm not in a completely idle mode now. This is essentially my constant setup.

I'm rather inept when it comes to these things so i'm really not sure if this is even a problem or not. I know that cpu fans are always running, but i can't imagine 2800-2900 rpm being an idle speed. My temperatures are stable(as far as i know) and they only get to about 45% during heavier cpu usage. The noise on the other hand is not so pleasant, which is the biggest indicator to me that something is wrong.

I cleaned out the dust in the system, but i think i may have missed the heatsink or whatever itself.
I have also heard that doing a disk cleanup and defragmentation can solve the issue of a fan running constantly, however, doing that did not seem to help.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

A:Fan running very loud at idle, temperature and cpu usage normal.

Perform a thorough de-dusting of all system components, including the heatsink (perhaps the most important one). Make sure that you always hold the can upright; never tilt it or turn it upside down as it will spray out liquid. I would also check all of the physical connections to the fans inside the system. Unplug them, and plug them back in.

If you have never performed a system cleanup or defrag, I would certainly do it, but I don't think that will solve the problem. You would have to literally have years of junk and clutter piled up before your processor put out that much heat. Do a complete and thorough de-dusting and post back.

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We have a relatively new, computer store built laptop that has just started "screaming" partway into startup. I have to shut it down immediately. There is no sound in safe mode.
I tried air spraying the fans though I don't think it is a mechanical noise.

A:Solved: Laptop has loud "scream" about 20 second into normal startup

The problem was the built in microphone. It had accidentally been turned way up and was getting feedback from the speakers.

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So i listen to music on itunes and I put it on max volume, then like 20 min of me listening to music it suddenly freezes and makes a LOOOOOOOOUD sound that I can't exactly describe, its like a horn sound?? Well anyway's its very loud and the laptop gets frozen so there isn't anything I can do except press the off button to restart my laptop. Whats wrong with it? I barely got my laptop 4 months ago! And this problem only happens when I'm listening to music please help? :]]

Also I have enough ram because I barely install anything and I don't have many files like music and pictures saved on my laptop either :)

A:Whenever I play loud music, my laptop freezes and makes a LOUD sound??

Your computer may be overheating. Blow all the fans out with a can of compressed air. Consider a laptop cooler.
Does this happen if you listen to music through headphones?

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 My sound from  Dvd or music is not loud enough to hear much,, just started doing this a couple of wks  ago,,,can you give me any advice to try and correct, I listen to my cd a lot. please help me to find the problem, it is set on 97,but bearly
hear it.
Your help or advice would be apprechated I have not changed anything, it was loud enough until a few days ago
Betty Kemp     [email protected]

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Hi there,
When I use headphones with my Surface Pro (Win 8) I cant hear the voices in my videos - the background music/sound effects are just too loud.

How can I fix this? I have tried using the Win 8 Video player as well as VLC Player and I still get the same issue.

I have tried the headphones on my iPhone and have no problems.

It has been a long time since i've used a Windows computer (usually have a Mac) so sorry if this is a silly question.

Thanks in advance

A:Voice not loud with headphones - background music too loud

You cou;d try using Winamp as it has an equalizer. Most DVDs the sound track and effects are pumped up compared to dialog. It drives me crazy, but short of demuxing, fixing the audio yourself then remuxing, trying to boost the voice frequencies is about all you can do.

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Hi, if got a question

i have a 160G noname Harddisk, bought it a year ago in germany and used it as an extrenal HD conected on USB.
I went to Seattle for 3 Month and used it there with an american power adapter for 110V... did run a little slower as in germany but i still did work. So now, when i came back to germany and plugged my HD in the PC it totaly crashed and all the files were deleted (wierd pathnames and filenames, not accessable) so i formated it and recovert almost 90% of my file with getDataback.
K now, here is my point... i have now 2 Partitions on that HD in makes sounds like an old P386 and it is slow I plugged it on the IDE port but it is as slow as it would be on USB... if i try to format it it will stop at 23% and won't move on ... ... i am able to use 20G of my harddisk but the rest can't be formated ... it there maybe a chance to repair the HD with any software or is this a hardware defect and i have to buy a new one?

Thanks for reading this.


A:HD defect?

Hard drives are not something you can put together in a small shack in the chinese countryside. That drive has a real manufacturer. Look for serial numbers on it or what is being reported by the BIOS. The maker of the HD can be recognised by the serial numbers and after that you can use the respective disk diagnosis tool to find out for sure that your disk is dead.

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I literally just got this laptop like a few hours ago and I already seem to have problems with the sound. no matter what I do play a game or watch a video after while of having the sound on it just goes extremely soft where at 100% I still barely hear anything. if i then re-open the video or restart the game it works again but then it does the same exact thing after a while. I really don't know what to do with this.

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Hello, I have a Lenovo Y50-70, model 20378. The one with a 4k screen. Mfg date is 09-12-2014, so not the newest one. But perfect for me. A few weeks ago the laptop stopped completely while I was working. It won't turn on and the leds on the front were not lighting up. So I searched for the problem. I found a little gap in the ENE KB9022Q D chip. So I decided to buy a secondhand motherboard from China. Exact the same model as the defect one. I have (ESD safe) installed it and the laptop worked then. But after five hours of working, the laptop won't not start up. I think it is the same problem as before. Now I want to know which component(which is connected to the motherboard) cause this problem. Does someone had the same issue with this model, or does someone know which part the error causes? Or do I have bad luck with this second hand motherboard? Hope to hear youre ideas about this, thanks in advance!

A:Motherboard defect Y50-70

Did you try pressing the OneKey recovery button? If that also doesn't turn the laptop on, it might be the power button board. I've seen those go out before, resulting in the laptop not being able to power up with the power button. 
Here's a board on eBay with free returns just in case it doesn't work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lenovo-Ideapad-Y50-70-Power-Button-Board-with-Cable-LS-B111P-Genuine/322758...
Hope that helps. 

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When i put on computer monitor gives instant colourscreens, flashes red,green,white, black and blue. Does not start up windows. Keeps on flashing.Ideas anyone on how to fix this??

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from the last few days my monitor changes colors on its own when running......it runs fine for quite long but sometimes in between while running the screen changes colors...it changes the hue i guess...the screen turns kinda greenish but agn within a few seconds it starts working fine....what cud be the problem????
is it with the wires or there is some problem with the hardware..i maen the monitor itself....this is not a regular problem...i mean not every time but u knw whenever it happens it disturbs me...


A:Lcd monitor defect

cmon ppl.....whats wrong....

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sometimes the computer JUST WON'T recognize my tv as samsung display and shows only generic, and it can't see it's a widescreen so the resolution is all wrong. so i have to unplug the cable and plug in a regular 2m vga cable and then it detects it perfecly, THEN i plug the 5m cable back in and now it detects the samsung again, with correct resolution.

so my question: what the hell?!

A:VGA cable defect or what?

Not all cables are made to the same high spec's. the longer the cables the more info is lost or weakened. 5m is at the length were I would consider upping the quality or do you by chance have HDMI options even with an adapter?

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 I send you because i alawys works on HP product , but am disappointed from  my laptop . after i brought it ayear , it have problem in the touchscreen its like some one click on it always and i change it in warranty but this problem after i change the screen appear again afer one year from the new one . so i sent to you to help me and i hobe you will care about my massage .        

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Please look to photo , the centre of the CPU on the core has a small chip.. Does this degrade the CPU in anyways..

its an AMD BArton 3200 + 400 FSB

Thx for any info...

A:Photo of CPU is this defect or not ?

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My computer is showing at the time of booting that there is defect in one of your harddrive this can be viewed in setup in log

A:Defect in hardware

run diagnostic tests on the drive. Make a bootable disc from the ISO download with IMGBurn and boot off of the CD and run the tests.

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My 3 day old laptop stays on a black screen, but fans start to run very loudly and keyboard lights up, after I put it out of sleep mode. Typing on the keyboard, moving my hand around the touchpad doesn't do anything. This goes on for 10 minutes before I decided to hold down the power button to reboot the computer 

A:Possible defect on v17 nitro

Hello Glim,  Is your V Nitro running Windows 10? I've seen a few cases where strange behaviors such as these would happen on Windows 10 units, especially those that were upgraded from 8.1 either by the end user, or prior to being shipped. (This may not apply to new in box units). I see that you have only had the computer for a couple days. Have you installed any applications or migrated any personal files to this unit yet? One of the possible solutions to this problem involves wiping the unit and reinstalling the Operating System via the recovery partition, and I understand the inconvenience this process could cause if you already have this unit set up just the way you like. If you'd like to continue with this option and would like a set of instructions on how to perform this wipe/restore of the Windows OS, just let me know and I'll post it for you. If the problem still persists, I also recommend if possible to toggle off any Wake on LAN feature or Fastboot/Hybrid Shutdown feature to see if this helps solve the problem for you.

Jonathan | Level 2 Technical SupportAcer Recertified Support Team

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My laptop Inspiron 5000 made cracking sounds when open and closed normally, and then the hinge popped out when I opened it. I have never dropped it. Many other people have had this issue, so it is product defect that Dell should have taken care of. I'm now going through BBB to see if they can get it fixed because this is not my fault. 

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A few days ago, the hinges squeaked when opening the notebook and since yesterday, the notebook is very difficult to open, the hinges are very stiff. It is only possible with considerable effort to open or unfold it. Had anybody this problem in the past? My notebook is covered by warranty.

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Hinge on my Spectre XT laptop is separating.  The screen itself is intact.  However, the computer sleeps as the screen is moved.  I am unable to close the laptop screen without worrying that the screen will completely separate.  The damage occured as the screen was being closed. I do not believe the laptop is under warranty, however this defect seems to be a common problem.  Is there anyone that can assist or suggest someone to assist with this matter?   

A:Broken Hinge Defect


  I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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Hi,  I've had issues with creaking noises from the the left hinge on my HP ENVY 17 Notebook PC machine and having opened the screen gently as I always do today, the hinge seems to be broken and plastic screw casing has fallen out.  I've checked the forums and this has been a defect issue for a lot of the machines and I'm having the exact same problem with overheating too. (I thought this was a genuine issue with most HP's as per the customer rep who sold me the laptop).  Sometimes the keyboard becomes way too hot in the top left corner to type. Please can someone inform me what I need to do. The laptop is around 18 months old. I've enclosed an image of the problem. 

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Hi, I literally just unboxed this about 20 minutes ago, and upon booting up, I immediately noticed what appears to be a screen defect when the screen is lit but black. I can replicate it with any solid black image on the screen. Attached is a picture of the issue. I don't know what to do. I'm pretty annoyed since I just bought this.

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We have several HP Probook 640 G2's in our company.But one after the other (new out of the box) has a motherboard problem. Only things done on the laptop:Went to BIOS;- set the BIOS administrator password- changed shared memory from 32mb to 512mb- turned "automatically switch lan/wan" on. Laptop can booth 1 time or 2 times, after that the motherboard is dead. Issue:Laptop is booting, capslock and numlock are blinking 5 times.After that the screen stays black and the fan goes balistic. Already had 6 HP Probook 640 G2's send back to HP for repair.Are there more persons with this issue?

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Well I Just Purchased Battlefield 2 And Every Time I Want To Join A Server...I Click Join Server And My Battlefield 2 Closes And Takes Me To Desktop..Whats My Problem???

Please Help



A:Battlefield 2- Maybe Hardware Defect

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I have a pavilion G7 2310ed, and after two years the fan started to make a rattling noise. (as if I put a card between the spokes of a bike)I've disassembled the notebook, cleaned the fan/heatsink and reassembled it again. Unfortunately the sound didn't disapear. Unless there's a solution to fixing the fan, I will buy a replacement fan.This concludes to my question: Is there a better fan/cooler on the market, than the stockcooler?Or is there a way to repair the fan?

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I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop, with a touch screen about half a year ago and have had nothing but problems with it.
I have spent hours and hours one the phone with Dell, who finally acknowledged a defect.
When attempting to use the laptop, small "circles" appear at the bottom of the scree, bouncing up and down.
This is followed by the rapid-fire opening and closing of various windows on the screen, rendering the unit unusable. Dell had me send it to them for repair, and I received it back today. It's doing the same thing, no one tested the unit prior to sending back to me.
I am very frustrated and greatly regret buying this unit as it remains defective.
What options can Dell offer me, given that this unit has never worked, despite many, many hours of back and forth, which I am no longer prepared to do, given the lack of results so far.
I have video showing how this unit  malfunctions. This is a nightmare.

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Hi everyone.  I bought a 2018 YOGA 730 15.6" 2 weeks ago and I've been enjoying this laptop so far w/o any problem. But there is one little thing that's kind of bothering me. The right hinge seems to miss a connection!  The left hinge has a wire or some sort of connection in both upper and lower part of the hinge, while the right hinge doesn't have anything that connects the upper part. I hope you can see and understand what I mean from below photos. There is a noticeable gap in the red circle at the right hinge.  So far I haven't found any functional error even though it looks a bit insecure since the hinge connection isn't symmetrical. I somehow feel like it should be. So... could this be a defect? Or is it just how it's designed? I'd really appreciate it if some could clarify this for me. I seriously hope this is not a defect that will cause the hinge to fall apart with months of use.  Thank you!!   

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Hello. Monitor U3415W. When i turn on the monitor, on a light background across the entire screen, i see divorces similar to streaks. After a while, they disappear. And so every time i turn it on. Where can I go to fix this? Ukraine. Kiev.Thank you.

A:Display U3415W defect

If it's under warranty, you'll probably have to contact Dell Tech Support in the Ukraine:

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Hi, well i have just purchased a X850PRO video card and i am having 1 problem with it...
when i put all the settings maxed out in the drivers...i still get an ugly vision on the graphics...for example in counterstrike i have these jagged edges on my gun and squigly lines also...i dont understand the problem....

maybe my drivers? i installed omega's newest...

plz help me in anyway

thank you!

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I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this problem. I have a Yoga 15, and earlier today I opened it up to use it and the screen cracked, starting from the lower left. It looks like the frame inside of the LCD apparatus broke, causing it to not bend with the hinge, and that ended up cracking the screen. I talked with support and they basically told me to pound sand, even though this is a defect in manufacturing and not an accidental break. Is there anyone who has had this happen and how they dealt with it, or a Lenovo rep that can give me some help? I appreciate any advice! Thanks!

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hp 250 note book, intel core i5 the  touchpad and the keyboard not working.  please help me

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one of the two hinges (at the bottom right) which connects the screen to keyboard and the frame around the screen has been broken and needs to be changed. It has made it difficult to open and close the laptop freely.  I was wondering if it can be repaired and how much it would cost. I am trying to find a service center in Rotterdam but HP website didn't help. Thanks in advance

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I have a Z50-70 Laptop (Lenovo),  the right side hinge defect has now affected me, which seems to be a popular issue with these laptops. Of course the warranty is expired.  I have contacted lenovo through chat and the agent was not eager to help me.  What can i do? Please help ! 

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hi wen i run a clean instal of windows 8.1 on my i-3 desktop pc with 4 gb ram and a harddrive of 500 gb i know its not mutch of a computer but its 2 years old so when i run my windows 8.1 it gets crazy with all hardware like shit first my harddisk runs slowly to 100% of use with only a windows 8.1 instalation and nothing more dint chance any thing to it yet so next my ram gets 100% and then my processor gets crazy like 100% too so uhm any fix or is my pc dead ?
or is it the ram or hard drive ? any more info i can get to you on request

A:windows 8.1 hard drive defect ?

What was the OS originally? It's possible that W8.1 overruns 4GB memory. Did you try the following URL before installing W8.1?

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Greetings again,

Unfortunately I suffered from BSoD's for months and I was required to send the PC to be tested. Turns out the RAM was defect and, as said by the first specialist that checked it, so was the Motherboards Chipset. I got new RAM and send the mobo to be checked by the retailer. After I week I get an email from the retailer stating that after 55hours of using a Burn-In test it showed no faults. I called the original guy and he 100% assured me the chipset was indeed defect. The retailer wants to send me my original mobo back and I'm not sure what to do... Is the Mobo defect or isnt it?>< Any insight would help me out a lot. Thanks in advance!



A:Motherboard chipset defect or not? (P8P67 Pro rev 3.1)

Unless your box and motherboard are marked as "Rev B3" then the chipset is defective.
The initial P67 intel chipsets had a flaw in the sata 3(6g) controller. With continued use of the controller a transistor suffered degradation which resulted in diminished performance from sata devices connected to it.

I contacted Asus directly regarding this issue and sent my motherboard back to them and they sent me a replacement out within a week. I'm not sure if their replacement scheme has ended now. If it has you might only be able to return the motherboard to the retailer for replacement. On the other hand, unless you have any Sata 3(6G) devices and are using the intel controller (there is also a marvell controller on the motherboard which can handle Sata 3(6G) devices) you won't notice any issue with it.

- My experience with dealing with Asus
- Techspot news details regarding the chipset flaw

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A couple of years ago I bought a brand new y50-70 laptop. Since the first start I noticed problems with the battery, it lasted for only 20-30 min at best.Right after buying the laptop I got into several projects and changed the shdd for an ssd and also doubled the RAM (of course, invaliding my warranty) due to the laptop being very slow. I overlooked the battery issue until today when I decided to buy a new one so I could get more mobile with my laptop.Before doing that I had a hunch and opened up the battery that came with the laptop only to find that the soldering between the battery leads and controller has failed. This must have been like this since the day I bought it. I will try to resolder the connection and let you know the outcome, but this is not normal. QC should have noticed this issue right away. The controller pads have no trace of soldering on them. 

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Recently we have bought XPS 13 2-in-1 (XPS 9365) with Qhd Touch display, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD with 4 years of Premium Support and 4 years of Accidental Damage warranty.
after placing order it took 30 days to delivered by Dell, and sadly the product was having manufacturing defects. The system was not properly aligned and screen was flickering automatically, after connecting with dell Tech Support and so many troubleshoot and mails, you cant imagine such a system with unboxing, after that they moved me to Whole Unit replacement Team, But again WUR dont have the the same system which i have ordered. I have ordered the system with 16Gb ram and 512Gb SSD, but WUR team is offering me lower version of system i.e. with 8GB ram and 256 GB ssd for the price i have paid. also they are not ready to refund my amount. So I am moving to consumer court for the same.
This is happened with me when i bought highest possible tech specification system with 4 years of Premium Support and Accidental Warranty by paying 174000 INR. Its my suggestion please don't buy Dell laptop.

A:Manufacturing Defect in Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 9365

I'm a big fan of Dell, and really won't buy anything else. I've had my share of problems though and the most recent was with an Alienware purchase. They replaced 3 of them for what sounds like the same problem you are having. What's bad about it, at least what was the case with mine and after getting a 4th system with the exact same problem, all it was, what I suspect was a faulty driver on their installation master. What I did was uninstalled the Intel Graphics Driver from the device manager and then reinstalled it. No more flicker. In the earlier days of Windows 10, that was a common problem on not just Dell's, but others as well.

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windows 7 hp 32bit
notebook made for vista, but upgrated to win7
realtek high def audio, driver 31-May-11
I tried to install a later driver from realtek homepage. Didn't work.
In "sound" -> "config", audio channels are set to stereo, the only setting available.
If testing the left speaker, test sound can be heard.
If testing the right speaker, test sound can't be heard.
If I plug in stereoheadphones, I can hear both left and right test sound.
Q: Can you determine if the right speaker is defect, and it's not a software or setting error?

Note: I think the right speaker used to make sound, but I'm not sure.


A:Notebook right speaker not working, defect?

From what you have done it would point to the right speaker. Either the speaker or a connection to the speaker. If it's still in warranty contact the PC Vendor. If not, check with your PC vendor on documentation on how to take it apart so you can check the connections.

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Hi, I bought my Yoga 910 last September (2017) and it has glass cover with a silicone band. However, this band broke (see attached photo). How the band could be repaired. As per the local support, the entire cover should be replaced, which costs a fortune.The laptop is still in warranty period.silicone band broken 1silicone band broken 2

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Good morning,
Two months ago a bubble appeared inside the screen of my PC and a new one appears yesterday and some small also on top of the screen.
Is it a normal evolution and may be a signal of soon destruction ???
Thanks for advise

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