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VLAN Question: Best way to set this up?

Q: VLAN Question: Best way to set this up?

Hello all. Been reading up on VLANs as I've never messed with them. I've attached our network diagram. The reason for 2 internet connections is they are in different buildings and it's a separate company, however they still need to communicate with each other over the LAN.

My question is, what is the best way to set this up?

Thanks for your time!

Preferred Solution: VLAN Question: Best way to set this up?

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A: VLAN Question: Best way to set this up?

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I'm definitely not a networking expert but I now wish I was. I have to create a vlan for some external equipment to use our network and they need specific ip addresses. The switches are Netgear FSM's which do apparently support managed vlans (I think that's important). I think I can set up a vlan but cannot see what the iprange will be for them to connect to. Maybe I'm totally confused. Can anyone help or advise me where to look for help? I have the manuals from the switches but they seem to make little sense to me.
Thanks for any help.

A:vlan ipranges question for vlan newbie

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I have a Cisco 1711 with 2 vlans and 2 dhcp pools.

Vlan 1 is for data and Vlan 2 is for VoIP.

I'm trying to configure a computer (Linux server) with a static ip address.

The problem is, once I change the Linux server's ip address to any 10.3.176.x address I can't ping If the Linux server pulls an ip address via dhcp it will pull from the Users pool (10.2.176.x) and it can then ping fine.

The default Vlan is Vlan 1.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp pool phones
option 150 ip
domain-name ********
option 66 ip
ip dhcp pool Users
domain-name *******


interface Vlan1
description $FW_INSIDE$Data VLAN
ip address
no ip redirects
no ip unreachables
no ip proxy-arp
ip nat inside
ip tcp adjust-mss 1024
interface Vlan2
description $FW_INSIDE$Voice VLAN
ip address
no ip redirects
ip tcp adjust-mss 1024

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I have ordered an AP that supports VLAN tagging. It will provide two SSIDs. This will be plugged into a router connected to a modem.

What I need is for both SSIDs to communicate with the internet, but not each other. There will be nothing connected to the router except the AP and cable modem.

The equipment I am using:

Unlike my other recent post, I have no experience with VLAN tagging. If someone could tell me what I need to get this to work (or if VLAN tagging is even needed) I would appreciate it.

Thanks for reading all this!

A:Solved: VLAN Question

The Cradlepoint doesn't seem to support IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN tagging) or the ability to do virtual routing interfaces.

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I am using my laptop home and work site. At work site I connect my laptop to a tagged port with 3 VLANs so I setup 3 VLANs on intel Ethernet connection adapter. They works fine. However, my home network has no VLAN setup, and I am not able to connect to
home network with same Ethernet port. Is there a way I can connect both Home and work network without deleting/Adding VLANs every time I use different network?


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Q: VLan

My company is getting too big for our router, so to speak.
I have it giving out 100 DHCP addresses (divided amongst lan, wireless, and phones, not to mention guests), and reserve the rest for internal items such as printers, the phone system, and network hardware, servers, as well as virtual pc's.

Anyways, since we now occupy space in a building next door, and may soon take more space, I think I need to be ahead of things here. I was thinking about a Vlan system between the offices but I don't know much about them.

What I want in the end is that I get a range of IP's, and that everyone in both buildings can easily see the servers and printers, and internet.

I'm currently using simple gear - nothing managed or high end. I've used managed switches for clients, just never needed them in the office before.

The modem connects to the router (RV016) which connects to a Barracuda WebFilter 310 which connects to the main switches (D-Link DGS1024D). There's a wireless AP in each building.

I'll be gone for vacation starting Thursday but I'll be checking back as time allows. I just wanted to get this started before I forgot

Any and all ideas are appreciated.

Many thanks.


Needing a little bit of help. I've got a XenServer which one of the VM's has a virtual VLAN adapter running on VLAN 7. I'd like to enable on our Netgear Prosafe switch to have that link from the server access the network, and the VLAN from the VM only access another device on VLAN 7..

In a little more detail this is the setup..

We have Kerio Control running in a XenServer VM.
The server has two physical network interfaces, eth0 goes directly to a modem/router. eth1 goes to the LAN.

I can create a VLAN adapter in Kerio (which I've done) which is on eth1. I'd like that VLAN to go to our secondary modem/router as a failover connection in kerio rather than connecting to the LAN at all..

the secondary modem/router cannot have ANY access to the LAN, just the VLAN7. I've tried setting up tagged and untagged ports in the switch but to be honest, I haven't really played around with VLAN's and am unable to get the setup to work..



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I have a four-port router with all its ports used at present. I want to add an 8-port switch; but, I am confused about one of the specifications listed at NewEgg on the switch. It says:

VLAN Support: No

I intend to add this switch by connecting it to the router. Is there any reason it will not work?

And, what do they mean by this VLAN Support: No?

A:LAN and VLAN--which one's for me?

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We Have two building connected by fibre, we are updating our swiches, we a bought an HP 2910al. We wanted to split the network into two vlans ip address range and I Having touble spilting the network see below

Hostname "officeswitch"
mirror-port 1
ip default-gatway
ip routing
Vlan 1
name computers
untagged 1-40
tagged 48
no tagged 41-47
vlan 100
name servers
unatgged 41-47
ip helper-address
ip address
tagged 48
intface 40

On our Domain controller, I add a new scope of starting addess - 20
scopt options
router 003 default gateway

When i plug any cat5 cable into 41-47 I get an private ip address. What i'm i missing?

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Hello all,

i have a vlan setup using hamachi.

Im on a 10mb connection while hes on a 8mb, we can both run games in the lan and i can see his shared folders, he just cant see mine. What could be the problem and whos side is it? i have tried turning off both firewalls but its not working?

Please anyone help or tell me how i would setup nvidia hardware firewall to allow the other computer to view to my files.

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I have two cisco switches(24 ports each) stacked together. I wanted to implemet four vlans where vlan 1 and 3 alone should communicate with each other. vlan 2 and 4 should not speak with any other vlan's and in between them.

Please advise.....

A:vlan's in switches

VLAN 2 and 4 part is very easy.

(Depending on version of switch)

Connect an interface (Interface 1) between the two switches with crossover cable.

On interface between switches:
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

On access ports:
switchport acc vlan x (where x is the VLAN you want)

For VLAN 1 and 3 to talk to each other, you're going to need a router. I'm assuming the switches you have aren't layer 3 capable.

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Have close to 700 computers on a network but needs a select group of users form two building to access a database from one of the building. Processing time is extremely slow from one of the remote buidling. One of the techs suggested that we create a virtual local area network. How would I go about doing this? There are only 10 users in this group.

A:Configuring a VLAN

Perhaps they were referring to a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

Before deciding what type of VPN is right for your business, it's best to take stock of your current configuration. So I understand this right, you have 3 "buildings" right? The database is stored in building 1, and users from building 2 and 3 need to get access to this database too, right? What is the bandwidth between the buildings? Do the three network segments (one per building I presume) connect directly to each other, or rather, do they all connect directly to the Internet? Or do they not connect to anything at all?

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone here had a clue on how to trunk my NIC on a windows 7 OS to communicate with my 802.1q enabled switch. I've already enabled it via realtek advanced settings in network adapters. My realtek card is a 8168c if that helps any.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks :-]

A:Windows 7 VLAN


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Hi. I have T61P with Intel(R) 82566MM Gigabit NIC. Is't possible to use VLANs with this configuration? I need to use two separate networks. Thank you.


Hi Jangun, I am looking for the same info because I need to capture the frames from a network router and analyze the protocols. Here is what I have tried so far, but haven't succeeded. In the key location "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Control\Class\{4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002bE10318}\0001",I changed the TaggingMode from 0 to 1, but I don't see the vlan tag in the captured frames. I will try more later on and keep you posted. Cheers,OX

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Hey guys, currently the small network I'm updating hardware on had a Cisco 3640 that I replaced with a 3825. Got all of that done but the next step is to replace the Foundry 9604 with a HP 3500YL-POE.

We have a private subnet and a public also. Previously there was a need for multiple VLAN's due to having access open for customers at this site, but that has gone away and with it the need for the multiple VLAN's.

Current Switch config looks like this (with some of the useless stuff cut to save reading):
vlan 4095 name DEFAULT-VLAN by port
vlan 2 name Staff by port
untagged ethe 1 to 12 ethe 25 to 95 ethe 97 to 100
router-interface ve 2
vlan 3 name router by port
untagged ethe 96
router-interface ve 3
vlan 4 name Customers by port
untagged ethe 13 to 24
router-interface ve 4
default-vlan-id 4095
hostname 9604
ip dns server-address
ip route
interface ve 2
ip address
ip address
ip helper-address 1
interface ve 3
ip address
interface ve 4
ip access-group 101 in
ip address
ip helper-address 1

Here is the interfaces and routing on the router:

interface GigabitEthernet0/0
ip address
duplex auto
speed auto
media-type rj45
negotiation auto
no cdp enable
!... Read more

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sir i have a problem with my company.i have 3 vlan 172 series,152 series,10 series.
the problem is that for a particular pc when i switch the user in a 152 vlan then internet is only working for 1-2 minute after it is disconnected automatically but local lan is working fine means if i access local pc then it is accessible .
BUT if i change it to 172 series then it is working fine as i change it to 152 series agian it is not working.
same vlan setting working for all other user.
i already checked lan cable ,pc,switch port but problem is same.

A:VLAN problem

troubleshooting vlans is simpler if you redo the configuration all over again to confirm its not the configs.Try doing so then see what happens

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I am amit I have two local networks with different domain names and both of my networks have two servers each. one as main and one standby.
I want to remove my second local network and join it with my first local network by creating a VLAN on my first network.
Can u plz guide me step by step, what all i have to do for this

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I'm setting up a VLAN (I've never done one before) in my office to prevent internet misuse and also to allow for better network resource management. We came up with 3 groups (each on its own switch):
VLAN 1 - no internet, no email (example)
VLAN 2 - no internet (example)
VLAN 3 - no restrictions
All VLAN's have to be able to see the server all the time, as well as all the network printers (plugged into the switches).

Currently, the "server" is actually a NAS which has worked beautifully for us (a Buffalo TeraStation). The switches in question are (2) D-Link DGS-1024D gigabits and (1) D-Link DES-1024D 10/100.
Each switch is connected to the D-Link DIR-825 Xtreme N Router (I'm not using the wireless portion of it; I have a Wireless AP downstream which works better).

I'm not attached to the hardware so if it has to be changed LMK.

So, my questions are:
1. How can I make sure that everyone sees the Buffalo?
2. Since all the literature I can find on VLAN is a decade old, do I still need secondary software or is it built into a good router?
3. Anything else, please let me know.

Thanks much, in advance

A:VLAN questions

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ok so wiki gives this discription...

VLANs are created to provide the segmentation services traditionally provided by routers in LAN configurations. VLANs address issues such as scalability, security, and network management. Routers in VLAN topologies provide broadcast filtering, security, address summarization, and traffic flow management. By definition, switches may not bridge IP traffic between VLANs as it would violate the integrity of the VLAN broadcast domain.
This is also useful if one wants to create multiple Layer 3 networks on the same Layer 2 switch. For example if a DHCP server (which will broadcast its presence) were plugged into a switch it would serve anyone on that switch that was configured to do so. By using VLANs you easily split the network up so some hosts won't use that server and default to Link-local addresses.

Virtual LANs are essentially Layer 2 constructs, compared with IP subnets which are Layer 3 constructs. In an environment employing VLANs, a one-to-one relationship often exists between VLANs and IP subnets, although it is possible to have multiple subnets on one VLAN or have one subnet spread across multiple VLANs. Virtual LANs and IP subnets provide independent Layer 2 and Layer 3 constructs that map to one another and this correspondence is useful during the network design process.

By using VLAN, one can control traffic patterns and react quickly to relocations. VLANs provide the flexibility to adapt to changes in network requiremen... Read more

A:whats a vlan?

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Good afternoon all.

I have Netgear GSM7224. I have been tasked with the config and I fear I have let my networking skills go abit rusty. Any help on this matter would be great.

I am trying to configure the switch so that each port is it's own separate VLAN and can only talk to the device plugged into that port and port 24 that provies to connnection to a dsl router

Many many thanks in advance for any help.


A:VLAN config Help!!

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I support a small Workgroup, and one of the machines has become invisible on the network.
It's a combination of XP Pro and Home. All Dells, all up to date.
The Home machine can see the other two machines, but the Pro couldn't see the Home machine until I threw a bunch of crap at the wall and it miraculously became visible. That included installing SP3 on the Home machine, verifying it was pingable, winsock reset, and running the network setup wizard.
In the process I noticed the only difference in the three machines was the "Realtek Vlan" installed on the pro machine.
Did that have anything to do with the problem (This network has worked perfectly for years) and what is it?

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Hi All,

I'm having a strange problem and i don't know what the problem is.....
I have a Mikrotik (RouterOS) vm on my HP Server. The network layout is as follows:

Mikrotik -> TP-Link Router (Acting as a switch + AP) -> Buffalo Router (Acting as a switch + AP).

When i remove the TP-Link router i can connect to VLAN 2 and ping things. When the TP-LINK is back in the network i can't reach VLAN 2 on the Mikrotik and can't ping (Network unreachable). I thought it was the MTU size, but when i do :

ping -l 2048 it works great.

Does somebody know what is going wrong here?

A:MTU + VLAN not working

Things are not adding up here. Changing the MTU (maximum transmission unit) will not affect a switch's ability to deal with VLAN (802.1q) tagged frames. There are a number of different VLAN implementations out there. The first type of VLAN is port based or local only to the switch. If you define a port on a switch say for VLAN 2, traffic entering that port will be classified for VLAN 2 and will go to any port on that switch designated for VLAN 2. But if you connect another switch which only supports port based VLANs, the VLAN definitions will not transfer over to the second switch.

The next type of VLAN used on switches and the one most used by managed/enterprise switches are tag based VLANs or its IEEE reference of 802.1q. The advent of 802.1q VLAN tagging allowed VLANs to propagate between switches and be used to maintain traffic separation and enforcement. If you create the same VLAN 2 on one switch, the traffic which traverses to the second switch will be sent out to ports which are assigned to VLAN 2. How this is done is by altering the Ethernet frame by inserting a 4 byte data field. This 4 byte data field defines the VLAN ID the Ethernet frame is to be assigned to. Here's a diagram of an Ethernet frame without and with the 802.1q header inserted into the frame:

If a switch doesn't support 802.1q VLAN tagging, it will think a 802.1q tagged Ethernet frame is a malformed frame and will drop it. When you adjust the MTU of an Ethernet device, you are sayi... Read more

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Any expert here could tell me if the ethernet card of this model has support for the IEEE 802.1q protocol, so I can configure and use multiple VLANs in the notebook?? Thanks

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Hello Everyone,
I have a very small dough in VLans
For example we are using two vlans i.e. Vlan 20 and Vlan 30
Can we use same Network IP's (like for both the Vlans or is there any problem will occurs,

Thank you

A:Solved: VLan

No problem unless you set up routing between the two VLANs.

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Hi Friends

I m faging problem in accessing tow vlan of same subnet mask,The ip range also same.if I add Route from cammand prompt, other vlan get inaccessable. I m using Win XP please HELP...

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I'm having some issues with a new VLAN i'm creating for an IP camera solution. At the moment, it seems to be working (in and outbound communication) only on the core switches, but no contact to the satellite switches. So you can get to the DVR but not the actual cameras. The following are a few running configs and routing tables. If you need any more info, I will be happy to provide.

(hp procurve 3500yl)

hostname "CORE-Primary"
ip routing
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
name "ServerVLAN"
untagged 1-7,9-18,20,48
ip address
no untagged 8,19,21-47
vlan 2
name "ClientVLAN"
untagged 19,21-39,42-46
ip address
tagged 48
vlan 11
name "PhoneVLAN"
untagged 8
ip address
tagged 1-7,9-48
vlan 1000
name "InternetVLAN"
untagged 47
ip helper-address
ip address
tagged 48
vlan 10
name "VideoVLAN"
untagged 41
ip address
tagged 48
mirror 1 remote ip 40000
ip route
router vrrp
vlan 1
vrrp vrid 1
priority 255
vrrp vrid 10
vlan 2
vrrp vrid 2
... Read more

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I have Gateway 7601-24.2 managed switch.

I want create VLAN with the fallowing description

Vlan 1 ports: 1,25,26
vlan 2 ports: 2,25,26
vlan 3 ports: 3,25,26
vlan 24 ports: 24,25,26

-port 25 is connected to the internet
-port 26 is free
-other ports are connected to clients PCs

no communication between clients.

how to setup the switch to have this configeration?

A:vlan on Gateway 7601-24.2

the manual:


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I have a client with a campus of 7 buildings, one main building and six outlying buildings. In the main building they have a PowerConnect 6024F connected by fiber to six KTI KGS-520F switches and a KTI KGS-1604 switch in each of the outer buildings. They have Cisco Aironet WAPs plugged into each KTI switch, and 2 or 3 Aironet WAPs in the main building. All devices in the main building are connected to a Dell 48-port switch, but i'm not sure of the model number, and that switch is connected via copper to one of the ethernet ports on the 6024F.

Currently they are setup in a class C network using subnet.

They want to setup vlans for the buildings using the following scheme:
Code: vlan1 main building vlan2 building 2 vlan3 building 3 vlan4 building 4 vlan5 building 5 vlan6 building 6 vlan7 building 7 vlan8 wireless

and also allow traffic to pass between all vlans, and for all vlans to get DHCP addresses from on vlan1. All vlans will also need to be able to access the internet through a Sonicwall NSA 2400 on

Currently, fiber is connected on ports g1, g3, g5, g7, g9 and g11 (one of the 520Fs appear to be connected via copper, but haven't been able to find it yet).

g17, g18, g19, g21, g23 are connected via copper, one to the 48-port switch, one to a Sonicwall NSA 2400 and the others to servers.
My plan is as follows:
g1 v... Read more

A:vlan newbie, help and advice

You have a couple of ways to do this. One way is to set up the 6024F as the main core router for the network. You would set up a virtual interface for every VLAN and assign an IP for each one on the 6024F. This will be the default gateway/router for the devices on that subnet on that VLAN. The other option would be to leave the 6024F as a layer 2 switch only with all the VLANs configured on it. Then trunk all the VLANs to the Sonicwall which you would then configure sub-interfaces on the trunk interface.

I wouldn't place any of the switch management IPs on the same subnet as your user hosts. There's a concept of running a management VLAN for all devices on your network where you limit access to.

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I currently have a network that has pretty much grown as required, and now I'd like to add some partitioning and management capability.

I've been discussing VLAN capability with zx10guy behind the scenes, and I thought I'd just jump out here and see if anyone has anything to add.

Right now, everything works and all machines and other IP devices are on a common subnet. The goal is to segregate the network so that some of the resources are protected while still allowing management and access to the whole network from a common point. Since this is my personal money, a major issue is the cost of doing this. Obviously, the switches will have to be changed to managed switches at the least.

Since I'd like some flexibility in managing the network, I'd like to do this with dynamic VLAN technology that controls access by MAC address rather than physical connection. I'm not entirely sure that this is practical given my cost constraints. I don't necessarily want all the workstations in a given location on the same VLAN.

Another goal is to allow at least one of the workstations access to the entire network to perform a management function. Again, I'm not sure exactly how I'll accomplish this across the VLAN boundary.

Another wrinkle is there are a group of NDAS disks that don't use TCP/IP for communication, and I'm not sure how the VLAN capability deals with that issue.

The switch family that seems to fit within my budget is the... Read more

A:Implement VLAN for Network

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Just got myself a brand new Cisco RV110W firewall/vpn/router, and would like to configure it to use VLANs to separate my wireless network from my wired network, but still allow each VLAN to talk to each other (so to speak).

I guess I'm looking more to "segment" the network, if that's the proper term for it, as I eventually want to add a "guest" wifi network, but not allow that part of the network to talk to the rest of my network.

I currently am using the "default" VLAN for everything, but have reserved DHCP addresses based on they type of connection - wired connections are from 2-99, Wifi is from 100-199, and in the future, "guest wifi" will be 200-254.

My question is mainly as far as the "Tagged", "Untagged", and "Excluded" options for each port (1-4) - not exactly sure what these mean (although I'm assuming the "excluded" means the particular port will not be included in that particular VLAN.)

I only have two devices plugged directly into the firewall - my Vonage router, and my "other" router that connects to the rest of the network. I just don't see what "port" would be used for the wireless.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: VLAN configuration

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I've been involved in tech support for well over 2 decades. Have a ton of experience with networking and WiFi. An opportunity is presenting itself to me, but I realized that I have no experience with VLANs or VPNs.... And very minimally with managed switches. I'm sure there isn't anything overly complex (for someone with my experience) regard these points, but is there a resource that can give me the "nuts and bolts", basic info I need to speak to these when I meet with my potential new employer? I'll be googling on my own soon.... But always look to the collective for a better answer. Thanks

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Im looking to buy a new router, probably a Linksys WRT AC3200

my ISP requires I enter a vlan tag for internet to work which I dont completely understand what it does, ive read about rerouting packages, anyway, I plan to use dd-wrt firmware and run a vpn on the router. Does the vlan tag interfere with this?


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This is a toughie, even my network teacher is stumped:

In the attachment we set up a test VLAN situation. Hosts B, D, and F were not included.

The VLANs had the networks of:
VLAN 1 =
VLAN 2 =
VLAN 3 =

The hosts are, and (one on each VLAN). The D/Gateway is set as the same as the ip addresses below.

The router (Cisco 2600) was set up as:

int f0/0, no ip address, no shutdown
int f0/0.1 - encapsulation dot1q 1, ip address
int f0/0.2 - encapsulation dot1q 1, ip address
int f0/0.3 - encapsulation dot1q 1, ip address

Switch (Cisco 2950) was set:

int f0/1 - switchport mode trunk
int f0/2 - switchport access vlan 1
int f0/3 - switchport access vlan 1
int f0/4 - switchport access vlan 3
int f0/5 - switchport access vlan 3
int f0/6 - switchport access vlan 2


Hosts on VLAN 2 and VLAN3 can ping each other. They can ping but not Hosts on VLAN 1 cannot ping anyone, including I temporarily (sp?) changed the IP address of Host A to and the host could ping. The router could not ping VLAN 1 but was sucessful in pinging VLAN 2 and VLAN3.

Question, is there a setting for VLAN 1 to get it to start accepting requests?

Note that this was a class project, until we came across this problem. We had 4 setups of the same thing as above and all 4 h... Read more

A:Solved: VLAN problem

OK, I figured it out... This will be an info for other Network Admins. The problem lies within the IOS of the switch. Pre 10.2 (i think, it's at school right now) versions cannot allow for the VLAN1 to be configured the way I had it configured so now the school will need to get the latest IOS... which won't be cheap... to allow for the configuration to work.

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Hi, i hope some can help me with this problem,well here i go,

i have two vlans connected to cisco 2950 switches, and the connection between the switchs is made with a wireless link, in order to interconect both vlans the ports of the switchs connected to the wireless radio are configured as trunking, so far so good, basically this is the topology:

Vlan A -->Switch --> radio - - - - (Wireless link) - - - - radio<-- Switch <--Vlan B

Now, i want to manage the wireless link, hence, access the radio config but the radios do not support 802.1q (vlans) so when i, for example, try to ping any of the radios they pass the packet to the switch because is tagged with a vlan that they dont "understand", so i need to make the swiths remove this tag and pass the packet back to the radio, anyone knows how to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Vlan access issue

Not gonna work with a 2950.

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Got a problem with Vlan's, I have created 2 different Vlan on Realtek or intel network card.
Work ok, virtual cards getting the correct IP address, but Windows 8 using DNS server from virtual network card  who has the lowers metric.
PC show takes DNS server setting from Vlan200 with metric 5 but instead, he using the DNS server from Vlan37 with metric 22.
Maybe someone know how can I fix this issue?
On Windows 10 don't have this problem.

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Hey! I am listening and learning at work as a new project is coming down the pike. I just want an easy to understand explanation or "how to".

If a business is getting an ip phone system and they say that a subnet will need to be created for this system or vlan. How does that work and how would one do so? I realize that a subnet would be a separate network for said devices, but am not sure as to how you begin to start such a task

A:VLAN questions. Experience will help!

VLAN is a switching technology. It is used to group switch ports according to some common property, for example by department. It is used for security purposes and to reduce broadcasts. In virtualized environment, VLANs can be created for example in VMware ESXi, on a virtual switch: Configuring VLANs on ESXi

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Hoping someone can help me. Not Win8 related but attached to a Win8 PC.

The switch is a Dlink DGS-1100-16 managed switch.

I have my router to the internet on port 1, ports 2-14 are general usage, and ports 15 and 16 I want secure from all the other ports but the router.

I have the default VLAN 1 set to ports 1-14 untagged and 15-16 not a member.
I have VLAN 2 set for port 1 tagged, 2-14 not a member, and 15-16 untagged.

With this ports 2-14 can see the router and each other okay but not 15-16. However port 15 and 16 cannot see the router.

Anyone with a same or similar switch able to help? Searched hi and lo and can't see anything related to Dlink on how to set it up.


A:DLink Switch VLAN

Hate to tell people to go elsewhere but you may really get more help on the D-link forum: D-Link Forums - Index

Router/switch problems are really very unique because of so many different configurations. If you find an answer there please let us know.

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I need to split a client's current LAN into 2 LANs so that the staff's office computers and devices are not accessible to the residents/guests. They currently have a modem+router device that gets it's public IP via DHCP, a couple of switches and a wireless access point that both staff and residents connect to (same SSID). The catch is they don't have static public IPs and the modem+router device MUST keep the current LAN IP network schema ( or the ISP won't provide technical support.

Any ideas?

A:Split network without VLAN

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I'm running into a bit of a snag this afternoon trying to configure guest wireless.

I'm looking to isolate Cisco/Linksys E1200 wireless router on it's own network that it can only use to get internet.


Charter Internet Modem --> LinksysE1200 (used to get internet from charter) --> HP ProCurve3500 SW1 --> HP ProCurve3500 SW2
Currently there is a default VLAN1 and that's where everything sits. I'd like port 34 to be on it's own VLAN along with one of the uplinks from the LinksysE1200 to get internet. I do not want it to access any other parts of the network.

I have four ports on LinksysE1200. One goes to port 48 on the HP ProCurve 3500 SW1 and provides internet to everyone. Port 2 should go to port 33 on the ProCurve SW1 (VLAN 300) to provide internet to anyone on VLAN300.

Am I making sense? Am I off on my VLANs? I haven't needed to use VLANs in years.

A:VLAN and Guest Wifi

So you want to isolate your guest network from the main network is what I'm getting. To isolate the guest network, you would have to create a new vlan and configure that port for the vlan (ex. Vlan2 port34), although all the other ports may sit in vlan1 you can take port 34 and assign it to vlan 2 ONCE you create vlan2. Everything that you've stated seems to be accurate as stated and should work. Jus assign the ports that you want in alternate Vlan in another Vlan.

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Dear All,

Iam using a cisco catalyst 6506 switch. I have defined two vlan interfaces on the switch. one is vlan100 having an ip of and the other is vlan101 with an ip of .

The problem is that iam not able to route the traffic from vlan101 to vlan100
ie iam not able to ping from a machine with gateway , ie vlan101 interface of the switch to a machine in the network

Note : the and the are two networks in two interfaces and respectively of alteon switched firewall


A:vlan access problem

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We are implementing a new WiFi system here at work and I am having issues creating a new VLAN on my router that goes to my onprem DHCP server. I have verified already that my new Meraki APs are working with my RADIUS server when I tag the SSID with my current VLAN that works. I have attached my router config as well as 1 of my network closets. What is missing?

I also have to work with a 3rd party because the router is managed by them. Any help would be appreciated. I believe the DHCP server is fine because I just added another IP range in the same subnet.

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I know networking up to a point. I don't quite understand how to make a VLAN work. If I was just using 1 switch, maybe. But I have 4 switches (Dell PowerConnect 2808) and I don't understand how to do trunking.

zx10guy, I've read some of your posts and it appears you could do this with your eyes closed. I'm willing to pay for some support and I can probably get you remote access to this switch.

If not, here's my situation:

Customer has existing network with 4 dumb switches. He installed an HDMI over IP transmitter in his entertainment room and he wants to be able to watch TV in his kitchen where the receiver is. The devices work fine but when you plug them in, the internet goes away on the rest of the network. The mfg. said putting the devices on a VLAN would solve the problem.

Because we have 4 dumb switches throughout this house, we have to replace them all with smart switches.

Do I need to create 2 VLANs or can I leave the default VLAN as my internet VLAN and put the HDMI devices on its own? (The HDMI devices don't require internet access. They just need to talk to each other)
Thanks in advance!

A:Need help configuring a multi-switche VLAN

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Hello, i create a network topology ( i attached picture) and i don't know what exactly IP addresses should be assigned to routers and switches + there should be five VLAN's created and just one vlan (vlan 2) must see others vlans (for management purposes) and others vlans should not see each other. So i need that: 1) What IP addresses should be on routers and switches 2) How to create a 5 vlans, that they should not see each other, but one should see all, for example where i have to put "tagged" ports where "untagged" or "not member" ports etc. thank you very much for every one for yours attention, i very need help

A:Need help of network topology IP addresses and vlan's

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Hi all, new to the forums and I'm looking for some friendly suggestions on how I can achieve this:

1) Segregate private network from public wireless network using VLANs?
2) Allow public wireless network clients on a VLAN to get DHCP info from a server?

Basic diagram of physical network layout:
I have a couple questions:

I want to create a VLAN just for the public wireless network and leave the rest of the network traffic alone. Can I tag/untag all ports on all switches with the VLAN created specifically for the public wireless network?
What happens to traffic that is not tagged with a VLAN ID?
I'm a little confused as to what the default VLAN actually does and how it works into my scenario above. Any light on that would be great!
I have a combination of various switch brands and wireless AP's from Cisco SG30028P, Netgear FS752TPS to Dlink DAP-2553 in place, everything supports VLAN's, I know its disparate technology but budget to replace everything is non existent, as much as that would be a smooth solution I have to work with what I've got. The Cisco and Netgear switches are both Layer 2 capable.
Any input would be appreciated.

A:VLAN for Private / Public Networks - How To..

What are you using as a router and where is it in your topology?

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Hi All,

I would be extremely grateful to anyone who can solve this problem for me...

How is it possible to configure 2 VLANs to communicate with each other on the same switch? I have managed to create 2 VLANS and they both work (and can access the internet), but they can't communicate with each other.

VLAN1 has an IP range starting 10.4.160 and VLAN2 has an IP range starting 10.6.192.

Is it VLAN routing that I'm looking for? Are there any Netgear switch experts out there that can help me set this up? My switch is Netgear GSM7328FS.

Thanks in advance

A:VLAN Routing (Netgear Switch)

To allow routing between VLANs on the same switch, you need a layer 3 switch, which you have. I've never configured one of those. The only Netgear switches I've configured are the web managed ones which are layer 2 only but have configured other layer 3 switches. Basically, you need to create a VLAN interface and assign an IP address to it. By default when the switch has multiple VLAN interfaces with IP addresses, it will route between them without needing to have any static route entries or the use of routing protocols. It is known as locally connected. With the connected clients on both subnets, you would make the default gateway the IP address of the switch on that respective subnet/VLAN.

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Please help

(No sure if this post should be under network)

I work for an IT support team for a bank up London -

In the last 3 days or so there have been lots of reports of pc?s freezing on login some eventually go through and some don?t they just hang

Some info -
All the pc that are having the issue are on the same VLAN (this makes me think that this is the cause)
No errors in event viewer
If you unplug the network cable and login with cached account it will work
Doesn?t matter who logs in same issue

It freezes as soon as you login to the domain. It doesn?t even run the login script or load the desktop etc

A:Login Issue on a certian VLAN

have you checked all of your hardware inline with this VLAN?

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