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ATX 12V V2.3 backwards compatibility confusion, PSU/Mobo compatibility?

Q: ATX 12V V2.3 backwards compatibility confusion, PSU/Mobo compatibility?


I recently had issues with my PSU and rather than play guesswork on whether its still functional, I rather just replace it.

My motherboard is a m3n78-pro. Its a bit dated but I'd like for this pc to last another 6 months before I build an entirely new rig. If I read the manual correctly, it requires ATX 12V V2.0.

The PSU I'd like to change to (since it just has to last another 6 months) this 900 w PSU. Would the m3n78-pro be compatible with this PSU? One concern I had was that the m3n78-pro requires a 4 pin ATX +12v connector. If I read the PSU's specifications correctly it has one 12V 8-pin (4 + 4) CPU power connector. Is that 8-pin two separate power connector, ie do I just use 1 of the connectors to fit into the 4 pin ATX +12v connector?

Please excuse my noobishness but what exactly does the v2.92 Motherboard specification entail? I tried to google it, but got less useful information and product results from newegg.

Also I read the wiki on the ATX 12V V2.X standard, but it didn't answer my question - is ATX12V v2.3 backwards compatible with the ATX12V v2.0 standard?
Thank you very much for any help you can give.

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Preferred Solution: ATX 12V V2.3 backwards compatibility confusion, PSU/Mobo compatibility?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Should I get an older version of PS3 that has backwards compatibility with Ps2 (so I can play MGS2 & 3, GTA: SA, or other games) or just buy the new version of 160gb. Thank you for your advice.

A:Do I want backwards compatibility on my PS3?

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If Windows 10 is backward compatible would this mean that after upgrading to 10 form XP this would mean that my Epson printer should still work, or would I need to buy a new printer?


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I just upgraded my old 5500 to a 6600 and want to put the 5500 into another machine. The 5500 is an AGP 8X (I'm not sure if it's an 8x/4x) but I was told by someone here that no matter what it was, the AGP 8X would work in a 4x slot with a slight performance decrease. Well, here's the issue, my older machine has a 2x/4x slot and upon sticking in the card (which fit fine by the way, NO SHOVING REQUIRED! ) I commenced with booting. Upon booting, everything looked fine and the card was being picked up, but as soon as it got to the log-in screen, everything just started waving around on the screen like there was water inside... So, should/will an AGP 8x (maybe 4x/8x) card work in a 2x/4x slot?

Please help me!!!

A:AGP Backwards compatibility

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Hi, sorry for posting a lot of posts this week but ive been needing a lot of help with my Vista comp .
Can someone please tell me how to run a program in backwards compatibility? Ive googled it everywhere and found nothing. Is google low on resources or is it just that im a n00b?

A:Backwards Compatibility


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Hi, this is my first post.

I've looked around the net, but sites seem to be giving me different messages about this, so I thought hey why not try here.

Anyway, the machine in question is a Compaq Deskpro EN, with a PIII 1GHz cpu, 256MB ram, and an AGP slot with an nVidia Riva TNT Pro 16MB video card in it. Oh, and it's dualbooting Windows XP Pro and Windows 98SE (the latter for some really old games and a few other older programs).

I thought I'd see what adding $20 of new life might do for it, by way of adding say, a GeForce2 MX400 64MB video card. Some games demand pretty much exactly that kind of card as a minimum, i.e. GeForce2 64MB or better.

So here's the question. The MX400 is 'AGP 4x'. I *think* the slot on the motherboard is 'AGP 1x'. Is that an incompatibility situation?

If it's not workable, what other options might I have, and which one would be best?

A:AGP 1x/2x/4x : backwards compatibility...?

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Is it just my perception but does Vista lack alot of the backwards compatibility that XP and its predecessors had?

Usually in the relm of drivers you have a large base that just gets larger with the new release. It almost looks as though some of the XP okay devices just no longer work. Where when XP was released alot of the 98/NT/2000 stuff was all incorporated into it.

In the realm of games you had all the compatiblity modes that really helped older games. Now with vista some of the games not more than a couple years old that work fine in XP no longer function in Vista even under these compatibiilty modes.

In the realm of Apllications there are quite a few XP built applications that just no longer function and have to be revamped to work as well.

I know Vista has alot of improvements but so has every other OS prior but they still managed to hold onto the fact that you could use alot of older software as well.

What are your thoughts on Vista and its apparent disregard for existing platforms and media that is currently released?

I keep wanting to go to Vista on my home machine (i have it set to dual boot) but I keep finding a ton of reasons I have to boot back into the Windows XP disk. This really never happened to me on prior releases at all and I am a little shocked at this transition.

A:Is it just me? Vista and backwards compatibility.

Yes, there are a lot of hardware and software that will not work with Vista. The hardware issue is that the OEM's have elected NOT to support the not so old hardware, that is NOT a Microsoft problem. The same goes for some of the software, but with the security changes and the way programs can not make changes to the protected system as they could before, you are going to need a new version of that game and/or program.

Games are hit real hard as they were always messing with the system, but most useful programs will run under the compatibility mode.

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Hi guys,

I bought a 'Skype mouse' from Amazon.uk on Saturday, it arrived today and to my dismay said on the box ''for 2000/xp'' (it says this nowhere on the advert).

Its a usb powered device and upon plugging in does work at a basic level (works as a mouse, speaker and microphone).

How could I make this fully compatable, I have tried making the installation disk 'think' its on XP SP2?


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First, an apology: this is my first post and it's not obvious whether this ought to be in Security, Win7 or Vista message boards. here is my issue-

I'm slightly at a loss here and hoping someone can lend me a hand. I have a bitlocked external HD that I locked with bitlocker in Win7. It's my only external HD and serves as my backup. I have no problems using it on my Win7 machine however, I'd like to use it to copy some data from my friends Vista machine.

He has a version of Vista that has bitlocker installed. Going to bitlocker manager, it sees the drive and it is marked as locked, clicking unlock gets the following message: "Error recovering disk D: There is no recovery password on this volume. The volume cannot be unlocked."

Using bitlocker-to-go-reader I get the following message: "Bitlocker To Go Reader could not find any devices to unlock. Please insert a bitlocker enabled drive"

Taking it back to my machine, everything works fine. Am I missing the obvious or attempting the impossible? It seems like this should be able to work.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

EDIT 1: It is locked with a password, (not a usb key/smart card/TPM) I have a copy of the recovery file on a usb, with me.
EDIT 2: using command prompt returns same as first error from Bitlocker manager.
EDIT 3: Forget about bitlocker-to-go. It is made for usb flash FAT32 file systems and not the NTFS system of my external HD.
EDIT 4: There's a lot of Microsoft m... Read more

A:Bitlocker backwards compatibility

Your problem is caused by the fact that Bitlocker-To-Go (which isn't just for FAT32 usb flash drives, it's also for FAT32 external hard drives) is the only way to access a Windows 7 bitlocked drive on Windows Vista on a different PC. But it doesn't work because NTFS is not supported by Bitlocker-To-Go (you got that bit right).

There is no known workaround for this. It requires a bit of forward planning on your part. If you think you might need to access your bitlocked data on a Windows Vista or Windows XP machine, make sure the partition is a FAT32 one.

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Yeah, I'm running Office 2000 (Pro) .

I'm currently running Windows XP but am planning to upgrade (with a new computer) to Windows 7 this year. My big problem is whether or not my Office will work. I have seen for myself that it works in Vista, but Microsoft's database says that Office 2000 doesn't work in 7.

Two questions:

a) Will it work in XP Compatibility mode?
b) If not, will it work with Windows XP Mode?


A:2000 Backwards Compatibility

Not sure who is having a problem with MS Office 2000 in Win 7, albeit I have been using it with my laptop which is running on Win 7 32 bit.

A) yes
B) yes

After reading your post I loaded up Office 2000 into XP mode and it worked just fine. Also, loaded up in VMware's Workstation running XP and it worked without any problems.

Hope this helps, and BTW "Welcome to the Seven Forums."

Now if you can still download MS Office 2010 beta I would recommend that you do, and test it out, it is an excellent upgrade to 2007, 2003, and 2000. There is a compatibility mode so you can convert either forward or backwards.

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I'm using QB 2004 Pro, and I need to talk to a QB 2003 Pro system. QuickBooks says, 'tough luck, sucker' Any solution other than converting bach to (retch) Peachtree?


A:QuickBooks Backwards compatibility

Unfortunatly QB is NOT AT ALL backwards compatable. However depending on what exactly you're needing from the '03 version I might could help...I have 2002 on up

this is not a proposition for business by the way...I'll help if I can (and time will allow me to)...If I can't volunteer my help on here I'll let you know that too...and I also know other QB experts across the country if you'd rather use someone local. JUST FYI

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I have an Excel VBA macro that was written within Excel 2007 and does not run under Excel 2010. Is there a way to force backwards compatibility?

A:Excel backwards compatibility

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I've found Office 2013 too unstable in Excel and Outlook and intend to revert back to Office 2010 with which I had no issues.

However my question concerns the .pst files, will they transfer back OK? In O'2013 I have noted that they are in a different location, so is it just a case of doing the usual export/import operation?

A:Outlook backwards compatibility

yup, there won't be any issues in downgrading your office version. Just need to point Outlook 2010 the location to your pst files. I'm presuming your term pst files = archive files.

Once you have uninstalled office 2013, open up Control Panel > Mail > Data files.

If you don't see your pst files there, you can click on "Add" to tell Outlook where your pst files are.

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I'm going to be buying a new computer that's going to be custom built. Along with this I'm going to be buying a master copy of Win 7. I have a large collection of XP programs I'd like to keep using, so what versions of Win 7 have the XP compatible mode built in? Is it 100% compatible with XP and is it easy to switch modes?

A:Windows 7 Backwards Compatibility Advice

Master copy?

XP mode can be run on any hardware that supports it. (most 64 bit does)

No it is not 100% compatible (most is) but running XP software (IMHO) puts security ho;es in win 7, whihch not perfect is more secure than xp

XP mode will be slower than win 7 native.

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I gonna get a new motherboard and chip probably looking at Althlon Xp 3000+ ish and Asus Socket A mobo with 400 FSB/external clock frequency on both.

Anyway cant really aford to get new graphics card straight away so gonna keep my Geforce 2 MX 400 which runs at either 2X or 4X AGP.

Will my new Mobo AGP 3.0 X8 support it at probably at 133mhz and 2X or 4X instead of the top limit of 200mhz and 8X?

Also will it run my old ram which is 266mhz DDR SDRAM at this setting rather than obviously 400mhz?

really not sure. cheers.

A:Backwards Compatibility of RAM and Geforce 2 MX Card

I m pretty sure everthing will run fine. I m pretty sure your motherboard will support a your Geforce 2 MX 400 AGP 4x card since runs on the same voltage as a typical AGP 8x would.

Your RAM will be working fine as well but probably the one which will slow you down a bit in terms of performace.

Other than that there's nothing much to be concern of.

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The drive in my daughter's Thinkpad T21 has died.

The dead drive is ATA/ATAPI-5, UDMA 4, ie 66Mb max. I think that's the most that the IDE controller can cope with.

My question is, if I buy a faster ATAPI-6 disk drive to replace it, will it work? Or is this only true for some ATAPI-6 dard drives?

Thanks is advance.


A:Solved: Hard drive backwards compatibility

ATA-6 drives will work, they are backward compatible. With the latest BIOS update the laptop should support up to a 120GB drive.

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I upgraded straight from XP to Win7 and unbelievably my Fujitsu FDX310 ADSL USB Modem still works totally fine, no driver problems or anything. I swear, it looks like it was designed for Windows 95 or something (it wasn't even supposed to run in XP) and when I upgraded I had a mental list of stuff I thought would go wrong and my s***ty modem was right at the top. But no, amazingly it still works.

Just thought I'd share that in case anyone else is running ancient hardware and is worried about compatibility.

A:Amazing Backwards Compatibility - Fujitsu FDX310

Welcome to SevenForums! It is amazing how many things just work right out of the box.

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Dell Inspiron 17r N7110
Intel Centrino 1030 with Bluetooth 3.0
Windows 7 Home Premium 64

LG HBS700 Bluetooth 2.1

Prior to reinstalling windows 7 the headset would connect and function.

Now when attempting to connect, windows finds the headset then attempts so 'install software' which fails.

A:Bluetooth backwards compatibility no longer works after win7 reinstall

Hi Jason Jones,

I would suggest you to check the driver status in Device Manager. If it’s correctly installed, it should appear in Device manager.

If the driver is missing in Device Manager, kindly reinstall the Bluetooth driver by clicking on the URL mentioned:

Please reply with results.

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Does anyone know of a way to force Word 2010 to save all files as .doc files not .docx for any user that ever logs in to a pc?

I know it's simple to save this setting for a given user but I need to do it for everyone that ever sits at a given pc....


A:Force Word 2010 backwards compatibility to 2003 for all users

I would create a file doc.reg and save it in C:\whatEverLocation\

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
Than I would start a Task Schedule (taskschd.msc) and "Create Task"
(NOT Basic task!!!).

Check "Run with highest privileges" on General tab.
Triggers tab: At log on - Any user.
Actions tab: Start a program.
. Program/script: %windir%\System32\regedt32.exe
. Add arguments (optional): /s "C:\whatEverLocation\doc.reg"

Reg file gives us desired setting in a file form that can be easily imported for any current user.
12.0 is for Office 2007
14.0 is for Office 2010
15.0 is for Office 2013

Task schedule allows us to create a task that will run for any user of the current Windows system with administrative privileges (when corresponding options are selected).
regedt32 will import desired setting for the current user silently (/s).

User can still change this option manually later on, but the next time this user log in, the same setting from the file will be imported and user's custom setting will be overridden.

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I have this HP mobo that I am going to give away to my family and i wanted to make sure if you can put an i3 4170 with its stock cooler. I know that both the mobo and CPU are LGA 1150 but on the mobo spec sheet above by HP it does not list the i3 as a  processor upgrade, is this a problem or did they just not list it there. Another question I have is if I can put in a single stick of 4gb ddr3 ram into its Dual channel memory slots. Thanks.

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Can anyone tell me offhand which socket A motherboards
are incompatible with Windows XP?? What is it about those
boards that makes them unable to run XP?

Tired of ME,

A:Mobo XP Compatibility

Windows Xp. I have not heard of a motherboard that is incompatible to windows xp Windows Xp being the operating system installs on the hard drive therefore not being affected by the motherboard unless the bios doesnt have the required drivers. which can always be updated. Is this answer the question if not you might want to give a little bit more input in what your needing.

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So I am thinking about building a new PC for myself ( I am still in the "buying hardware" phase), and I have a question concerning RAM.

I am planning on buying the ASUS A8N-SLI Socket 939 mobo, with twin sticks of Rosewill 1Gb RAM. However I notice that there are two different versions of these, the Rosewill 1GB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200), and
Rosewill 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 533 (PC2 4200). Which one is compatible with the mobo, and if both are, which one should I choose? Keep in mind that I will be buying twin sticks, to bring my total RAM up to 2 gigs. This will be the first computer I have built on my own. I will be primarily focusing on online gaming, audio, and web-browsing. Thanks in advance!

A:Mobo/RAM compatibility

that motherboard takes 184 pin ram...

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Currently using a Pentium4 3GHz (Stock) CPU
Intel Augsburg D915GAG (Stock) Motherboard

Of course im considering in upgrading into a DUAL-CORE cpu to get more outta my GPU, but will i also have to get new RAM/MOTHERBOARD? or can i just get a dual core that will work with my MOBO?

Here are the specs for my mobo chipset:

Says its "LGA775" Socket which should support any C2D out there cause they all have LGA775 sockets.

Shows that the Intel 915GAG has a 800/533 MHz system bus. As almost all of the DualCores/C2D's have 1000+MHz FSB.

Ive found two C2Duos the E4600 and the E4500 that are running @ 800FSB - LGA775. (link below)

Does this mean it would be compatible with my MOBO so i wouldnt have to buy new RAM/MOBO to go with the CPU?

Thinking my only option to get a C2D would have to get a new MOBO and RAM also, but now im not to sure if i need to. Would be great if i wouldnt need to and still grab the E4500-4600. Would still be twice as better than my current P4 right, without spending extra for new MOBO+RAM.

A:Help with CPU/Mobo compatibility


My advice...... sell the old pc - motherboard, processor and all - and get a new motherboard and RAM when purchasing the Dual Core..... This should avoid any compatibility issues you might encounter....


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Hello all,

I have a question about MOBO/CPU compatability.

First a little background...a while ago, the PC I was using "fried". Long story short...where the 20-pin main connector plugs into the MOBO, 3 or 4 of those pins/plastic is charred and slightly melted. I'm pretty sure I don't want to trust that the MOBO is still good. However, I'm interested in finding out if the CPU, and possiby the PSU, could still be good.

The "fried" system is an Intel-based system sporting a Socket 478 Intel P4 3.0C GHz w/800MHz FSB CPU.

I have another PC that uses the Socket 478 platform and I'm wondering if I can plug my old CPU into it to check it out. The other PC is a Compac Presario that uses the Asus P4GV-LA MOBO. Specs for this MOBO can be found at: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c00363478&locale=en_US

I saw somewhere that the Asus MOBO supports a 2.8GHz processor. So I'm not sure if I could plug my 3.0 GHz processor into it to test it out.

Is this possible?

Could plugging the old CPU into the good PC damage the good PC in any way?

Is there any way to confirm if the PSU is still good? (I have an Antec PSU tester and it says it's OK)

Any thoughts or comments?

Let me know if you need more info and I'll supply what I can.

Thanks in advance for any and all input,


A:Mobo / CPU compatibility

Not one comment or piece of advice? This saddens me...


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If my CPU has a FSB of 800, and the motherboard I'm looking at can run at 1333/1066, will it still work fine? Thanks

A:CPU and mobo FSB compatibility

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I built a computer recently and for some reason i start it up with no problem but i cant get to the bios ... i had no beeps or warning signs... but still nothing on screen...

I had all my parts tested from cpu to vid card hdd except memory thats the next thing ... i bought 2 of the same mobos thinkin thats it but nope nothing ...

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.73 GHz HT
Mobo: ASUS P5ND2-SLI Socket T (LGA 775) NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI
Video Card: BFG GeForce 7900 GTX

I still think that my mobo is the problem but ima test the memory anyways ...so if you know a really good mobo that will be perfect for the cpu ... gimmie a link or name.. i was looking into a intel one im just not sure if cpu can still work even tho it says Intel EE but doesnt say anything HT .. .


A:CPU & Mobo compatibility...????

What power supply are you using?

do you have the 4pin yellow and black connector connected to the motherboard?

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I currently have a Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 (rev. 1.x) mobo. Will it support a AMD FX-9370 CPU or am I stuck with a FX-8370 tops? Also does it absolutely HAVE TO BE water cooled?
I can't get a clear answer on this matter, as some people have told me that my Mobo can run it and some have said that it couldn't.
If anyone out there has CPU/Mobo knowledge, can you please shed some light on the subject?

A:CPU/Mobo Compatibility

I would recommend the Gigabyte Support for that answer as to which motherboard will work with which CPU Generations.
Why would you have to run water cooled. Water Cooling is very expensive and we have Air heat sinks that work pretty much as well at least as well for normal use. If your interested in drastic Overclocking perhaps the extra expense might be worth while.

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I just wanted to know i have a Foxconn 945P7AA-8EKRS2 motherboard and wanted to know if it would work with a E6420 core 2 duo.

A:Mobo compatibility

I'm surprised with that chipset but no that board is onoy for P4 socket 775 processors.

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Hey everyone,

A day after Black Friday at Frys, I purchased an ECS 945P-A (v1.1) for $25, Pentium e2180 for $99, along with other parts to build a PC. When I got home and assembled all the parts and turned it on, the PC wouldn't post. I tried everything I could to get it to work (reseat RAM, video card, reset CMOS, make my own power switch) but nothing seemed to work. After many frustrating hours, I went to the ECS website only to find that my CPU was not on the CPU support list. After some more looking, it appears that a newer version of my mobo (v3.0) does support this CPU. I think people could make the same mistake as me when you can read "1066mhz fsb" and "dual core."

Anywho, the reason I'm here is for some advice. I want to know what would be a good CPU for my mobo. Here is the link to the mobo's CPU support list: CPU Support List

It mentions Pentium 4 Extreme Edition. Does that mean I can get the Pentium 840 EE? I've been looking at it lately and I can get it for $122. Which Extreme editions are they talking about? I don't want to spend more than $150 on a CPU (college student). Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:CPU + Mobo Compatibility

FWIW I would return the board and go with one that will support the c2d cpu. ECS is a pretty low quality board maker. Get a quality board by abit, asus, dfi, intel or biostar. I would go with one running the p35 chipset. Here is an example of a "budget" board that is still of decent quality biostar board It is $59 after rebate.

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i want to upgrade my machine along with intel G4560 and Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 Socket LGA 1151 mobo so my question is will my hard disk and DVD writer will work with this motherboard or i have to purchase a new one my current machine is hp P6-2010ix please help me out

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I want to get a DFI Lanparty mobo:

I would also like to put two BFG geforce 7800 gtx's in sli formation on it, from the pictures of the card itself, it takes up one pci-e port, but is big enough for two. I was wondering whether a second card would cover one of the normal pci slots any ideas?

(the card website http://bfgtech.com/7800GTX_512_PCIX.html)

A:mobo/sli compatibility


Check HERE
Should work fine, unless you're needing to use all the avial. Pci slots.

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Hi, is this mobo LINK supporting C2D E8300 cpu? Thanks.

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I have an issue with my brothers computer. I have upgraded my brothers computer with a new PSU. I connected all the ends and powered it on. Because my brothers computer is an older one, the new PSU came with a 8pin CPU 12v, my brothers MOBO is a 4pin. So I plugged it in closest to the sides. The PSU's fan would spin, the lights in the front would light up, and I see the RAM indicator lights turn on but I never reach the boot screen of BIOS. I double checked the connections nothing is unplugged.

I thought I either fried the MOBO or the PSU was a DOA. So I placed the old PSU back in the computer plugged everything accordingly and it booted up with no problems. I went back to the new PSU, did the paper clip trick attaching the green wire to a black wire and checked all the connections with a volt meter to see if the connections are going through. All the connections are supplied appropriately.

So I went back to the computer leaving the old PSU inside still attached I placed the new PSU to the side. I only disconnected the 24pin connection, and the 4pin from the MOBO connected to the old PSU. Using the new PSU connections, I ONLY plugged in the 24pin and the right half of the 8pin into the 4pin on the MOBO. I pressed the power button still the same result. No boot up screen at all, just the fans spinning, both PSU and CPU fans, and the RAM indicator lights turned on.

Before I hear people saying did you plug in the video card, the video card does NOT need power ... Read more

A:PSU mobo compatibility

What is the new PSU model number, and just check if the 8 pin splits in half to form 2x 4 pin connectors as lots of modern power supplies do this.

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I plan on getting this mobo, GIGABYTE GA-8I915P DUO PRO Socket T.
It has 2x184pin DDR slots, and 2x240pin DDR2 slots.

I plan on putting 2x512 of Patriot of DDR in the DDR slots with dual channel memory, and I plan on putting some pqi Turbo 2x512 DDR2 that aren't dual channel in the DDR2 slots.

My question is...will this work? Here are the links to the products incase I left something out that is important.

Mobo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?item=N82E16813128249

Patriot DDR RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?item=N82E16820220037

pqi DDR2 RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?item=N82E16820141105


A:RAM + Mobo Compatibility?

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I just don't want to waste a bunch of money, and then have to return or replace parts. Can you guys help me please? I believe that these 2 pieces are compatible, just want to double check with you guys.

Upgrading PC for my Oculus. Here's what I was going to get:



Was thinking about hex core, settled with the current cpu. Please, feel free to comment any upgrades or maybe something different/better.

They're both 1151, just not sure if they will work together. Here's my current setup:

inb4 windows 10 fail

Please give me some feedback, really confused. Thank you very much.

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Hey peoples,

I just wanted to check with the people who actually know about matching hardware (i'm a novice comparatively) if the following pieces of hardware are compatible.

I want to buy a Gigabyte GA-B75-D3V Intel B75 Socket 1155 Motherboard (Gigabyte GA-B75-D3V Intel B75 Socket 1155 Motherboard - Scan.co.uk). Is it compatible with the following hardware?

Intel I5-2400
Corsair h60 cpu cooler
2x 4Gb Corsair DDR3 XMS3 (1333MHz & 9-9-9-24) RAM
2x ASUS ENGTX550 1Gb graphics cards in Dual Sli.

I'm going for this motherboard because I want to Sli my GPU's (yet to buy 2nd GPU), my old motherboard is being repaired so my computer is in bits (this is an upgrade anyway) and because I don't have a lot of cash to spend (student).

Is all of this compatible and will it require a re-install of my Windows 7? Should the mobo come with the Sli bridge?


A:Mobo Compatibility

Looks OK to me.

I didn't check on the motherboard's SLI capability or do a deep dive into the RAM specs.

If you install a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM, a clean install is much preferable. You might be able to boot without a clean reinstall, and may then have to troubleshoot. All you can do is try and see what happens.

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I just purchased an Asus P5b Deluxe mobo.


I want to know if this ram is compatible before I put it in and my brand new mobo gets fried!

2 sticks of: PNY 1GB PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 Desktop DIMM

A:Ram/Mobo Compatibility

yea they are compatible see in this line DIMM, max. 8GB, DDR2 800 / 667 / 533 MHz

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I was thinking about upgrading from my 512 ddr pc2100 64M X 64 to 4 times 512 pc3200 64M X 64. My mobo says it supports pc2100 64M X 64 and I here most of them are backwards compatible and should work right? I would take the pc 2100 out and put in the 4 slots of 512 pc 3200 to make 2 gig as my mobo supports up to 4 slots/4gigs. Is there a point where more memory doesn't really make a difference when it's already fast as heck? I guess that depends, but for like regular windows applications or the today's new games? -Thanx

A:Upgrading Memory "Backwards Compatibility"

Need more info

What kind of MoBo?
Version of bios?
etc. :hotbounce

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hey - has anyone ever run into this problem before? or know how to tackle this?
i had 1GB on the mobo (2x512) and now wanted to upgrade to 2GB. there are only 2 slots, so I wanted to get rid of the older modules and just put 2 new 1 GB modules. my computer won't boot up with either of the new modules fixed in.

with 1x512, it boots up. with 2x512 it boots up. with 1x512 & 1x1GB, it won't boot up. with 2x1GB also it won't boot up.
the computer sometimes gives 2 beeps, and sometimes gives continuous long beeps forever. i looked up the beep codes and they said it had something to do with memory, but i don't know how to debug this situation.

here's the mobo:
nVIDIAŽ nForce3 250

anandtech.com has decent reviews. the mobo site says it can handle 2x1GB; it's not dual channel.

and the memory brand - here's the thing: i bought it on ebay and just got it today. from "fastmemoryman" (that's the user - who has over 3000 reviews and 98.5% positive). on the cover, i see www.emartbuy.com
and on the memory stick, here's what i see (on a sticker)

1GB DDR PC-3200
400 Mhz Module DIMM

the 512 module that works has the same exact info on its sticker (except it says 512MB instaed of 1GB).

so, if anyone has ever run into this compatibility issue, please let me know. i gotta try something by wed and return this ... Read more

A:nForce3 250 Mobo & RAM compatibility

btw, i updated the bios (also from the ecs website)...just wanted to let you know.


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I just ordered a new CPU, but I'm not sure if it's compatible with my mobo.

New CPU: Intel Pentium E5200
Old CPU: Celeron D 356


Property Value
Manufacturer Intel Corporation
Model D101GGC
Version AAD54032-300


Property Value
BIOS Vendor Intel Corp.
BIOS Version GC11010M.15A.0011.2006.0503.1701
BIOS Date 05/03/2006
BIOS Size 512 KB
BIOS Starting Segment F000h
DMI Version 2.4
Please note, this is an eMachines desktop. The mobo and CPU that I am currently using are stock; Intel's website didn't allow me to check for CPU-Mobo compatibility, as their compatibility tool lacked an entry for my motherboard.

A:Solved: New CPU; Mobo Compatibility?

Your motherboard is eMachines proprietary wth a proprietary BIOS. Only eMachines could tell you for sure what processors are supported by your board, but I'm 99.99% sure your board will not support a E5200.

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Im lookin into building a computer and Ive picked out all the parts, but I just have a simple question. The case Ive chosen, Aspire (Turbo Case), I noticed that there are two USB ports and one Firewire port in the front middle of the case. On the Mobo, Intel Motherboard, I noticed that there are two front USB ports and one front Firewire port located near the top of the motherboard. Wouldn't this mean that the slots in the front of the case wont line up with the ports on the board? If so, is there a way to fix this? Thanks for any help.

A:Case and Mobo Compatibility

Normally the usb and firwire on the front of the case are just sockets that connect to the mobo via cables already inside the case.

Regards Howard :grinthumb

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My new motherboard (Asus M4A89GTD PRO) says it supports DDR3 2000(O.C.)/1333/1066 MHz memory. Although it is not listed, could I use 1600 MHz because its inbetween 1333 and 2000, or can I use only the speeds listed?

A:Memory-> Mobo Compatibility

YES, it is fine on that Mobo. And your assumption is correct... the mobo also supports 1800 & 1866MHz!

According to the ASUS Memory QVL (Qualified Vendors List)
Here: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-

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Problem Fixed...

Delete Please...

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Double checking with you guys.

Mother board: http://www.esaitech.com/ecs-h55h-i-lga-1156-intel-h55-hdmi-mini-itx-motherboard.html

Sorry for lack of links.

Unnecessary information:
Own these parts from a build five years ago. Am looking to get new mobo to fit this into another case so I can swap cases between these two computers.
The cases are Antec Skeleton and Bitfenix Prodigy.

A:Mobo Compatibility check

I wouldn't touch an ECS motherboard with a ten foot pole, ECS boards are not known for stability, performance, or longevity.

Are you looking to replace the Gigabyte board with a smaller mATX board? Your post/question is very unclear.

Also, the link to the ECS board doesn't work.

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Will this motherboard: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813121035 Take a western digital caviar SATAII 250gb hdd?

It only appears to take sata, or is there no difference between sata and sataII?



A:Mobo/hdd compatibility Question

Sata run at 150mbps, sata2 run at 300mbps, sata2 hdd's should be backwards compatible. I have a friend using 4 sata2's on his system with a raid card and mobo that are both sata1 with no problems.

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I just purchased a MSI 850E Max motherboard for some RDRAM that I had. I have 4 sticks of 256Mb Samsung 1066Mhz RDRAM and needed a motherboard for it. Anyway, I purchased the motherboard below for it:


Funny, the manufactuer that I purchased the motherboard from said on their product page that the motherboard will work with PC1066 RDRAM. Well, I popped open the manuel today and it said that the mobo supports PC600/800. It never said anything about supporting PC1066.

Question: I haven't installed the components yet. I am just asking you ahead of time to see if this mobo will still work with this RAM? I don't care if it runs at a lower speed (EX: PC800). I just need to know ahead of time if faster speed RAMs will still work in mobos that take slower speed RAMs. IF not, then you saved me a lot of time and work. Thanks!

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