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Firefox won't open my gmail accounts anymore. Why is this?

Q: Firefox won't open my gmail accounts anymore. Why is this?

Firefox just up and quit being able to access my gmail accounts. I can get to the login page, but when I go to login the page just hangs with "loading" appearing in the upper right corner. I can still get into it via IE, but who wants to use IE if you don't have to? Anyone know what's causing this? I didn't change a thing on my pc and now it won't work.

Preferred Solution: Firefox won't open my gmail accounts anymore. Why is this?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Firefox won't open my gmail accounts anymore. Why is this?

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All of a sudden itunes will not open anymore, can't browse with firefox, even after deleting both and redownloading. This Happened about the same time bellsouth made us start logging in to emails at yahoo. An error come up with itunes about a folder not found, firefox does nothing. The computer tech at work said I probably had a root problem and directed me here. Last night I tried to navigate the web site and use combo fix, which is what he instructed me to do, but I was multi tasking and in a hurry and I'm not sure if I did it right, well I'm sure I didn't. And root repeal won't do anything, says a drive not found. So should I delete root repeal and dds from computer and start over? We were using malwarebytes.com, I also tried to run update on that lastnight and program won't update. It looks like it's going to, then it says problem and reverses update. Also, several times when on internet using explorer a message comes up that yahoo toolbar wants to open program out side of protected mode, I always say no, but this message comes up atleast 4-5 times per session. Any help would be appreciated! Oh, and I'm a computer dummy.

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Suddenly, my gmail won't open in Firefox 3.6. I'm having no problem with opening it in IE or Chrome. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Gmail Won't Open In Firefox

- Try restarting the browser.

- Try updating to a more recent version of Firefox (if available).

- Try loading the "Basic HTML" version of Gmail.

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since yesterday, every time I try to open gmail using firefox, I am unsuccesful. I can, however, open it with IE. If I clear my web history in Firefox, it lets me open gmail but I would like to not have to do that every time I want to check my email.
I am running XP pro on a Dell Latitude 630

Does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?

A:[SOLVED] Firefox can't open Gmail

i have same problem

, but i'm still can't find where the problem , i always open gmail with IE,

Does anyone know ??????

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please help i am unable to open Gmail in firefox

A:unable 2 open Gmail in firefox

Welcome to TSF!!


Can you give us some more info, like what version you are using? If you are able to get to websites that have the "https://" before them. Like try going to https://www.gmail.com. This will help us figure out if it is all https sites or just gmail.

Also, try clearing you catche and cookies and from the Clear Private Data section in Tools.Go to the Tools
Click on clear private data
Choose which sections you want to be cleared
Last click on Clear Private Data


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Can't get gmail to open when i use firefox.It will go to the site but when i click on a message in the inbox it just keeps loading.is there an add-on that will fix this?

A:i can't open my gmail with firefox.windowsxp

I think you're referring to Thunderbird. If this is a new problem, just re-download the program.

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I am unable to access google search and gmail in firefox 3 and opera 9.52 wheras i can do the same in ie8 and google chrome

A:Unable to open Gmail and Google search in Firefox 3

Try uninstalling Firefox 3 and Opera and then reinstall. See if that works.

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"Firefox doesn't know how to open this address because the protocall (call to) isn't associated with any program"
Specifically when composing emails in gmail in the new compose window, Firefox (multiple tab sessions sometimes) suddenly completely crashes closing exiting all tabs but keeping one new browser window open that has a gray screen and the above error message in the middle.  I recently started using a signature which just has my name and phone number below it.  I noticed when I get to the bottom of an email toward the signature below the 3 little dots, this is when the crash tends to happen, although at other times I'm a couple lines above and it still occurs.
Could this be a javascript error maybe? 
It's starting to affect my work, because I send a lot of emails.  Any help is graciously appreciated. 

A:Gmail: "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, the protocall (call to)..


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OK I have a Vista laptop with 3 accounts, 1 admin, 1 normal user, 1 guest.

I as admin have updated my firefox browser installing addons, java, WMP, flash etc etc etc.

I am wonder since my I have installed java, WMP flash and as well as updated my FF to 3.5.5. can this update be transferred to all users accounts without me manually logging on to all users accounts and updating the browser one by one?

A:Vista Multiple accounts - Accounts/firefox update question.


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I am in desperate need of help. My Windows Xp Home Edition Sp2 (up to
date) will not boot. I turn it on, and it comes up to the welcome
screen, the screen looks as if it is still loading, but i click on my
account (1 of 5 others) to login, and suddenly the other icons
disappear and the hour-glass appears as if loading, but it just stays
that way. I was able to logon prior to this and the characteristics
were similar, some of my desktop icons were missing and my norton
internet security came up with an error report saying something about
not being able to properly run along with my mouse driver and my free
ram xp pro came up with errors. I shrugged it off and went to look at
the event viewer, but before i could start it up the blue error screen
came up. I didn't copy down the entire code (figuring it would come up
again), but i was able to get the first series of numbers: 0x0000008E.
After that, I couldnt even log into windows. I was able to login under
safe mode (after pressing f8 at start up) but i was unable to run my
norton and the event view would not come up. I am in desperate need for
answers, because I am working on a project for work and the dead line
is July 8 and my team and I are nearly a week behind! Thanks for the
help in advanced, and I will try and either paypal the person who is
able to solve my problem (if i still have a job by then).

If this is not enough information, just ask ANY questions you have and I can answer them (I didn... Read more

A:Cannot log in anymore, missing accounts/icons, EMERGENCY

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I got plenty. If you need one send me a private message with your email addy.

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Whenever I, or my husband, try to enter our gmail accounts we get the message
"Sorry, Google doesn't recognize that email"
I decided to make a new account and this worked for a while but now Gmail does not recognize this email address either even though I have sent and received messages using it.
My husband has his address attached to his Amazon account so its really affecting him.
Is anyone else having these problems? its driving us mad and there doesn't appear to be any answers from Google - some of them say "first sign into your account"!!!!!

A:Can't get into any of my Gmail Accounts

Nope. Just signed into my gmail. What page are you signing into? accounts.google.com ?  Did the account use a alternate email to sign in? 
Anyone know how to actually contact Google. For being the richest company in the world, they sure have a VERY bad support system. Like worst then Dell and HP. 

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give your name and mail address (50 left)

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Does anyone have a Gmail accounts left?? Thanks ........Isaac

A:Gmail Accounts?

I have two invites remaining... would you like one?

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Whenever I, or my husband, try to enter our gmail accounts we get the message
"Sorry, Google doesn't recognize that email"
I decided to make a new account and this worked for a while but now Gmail does not recognize this email address either even though I have sent and received messages using it.
My husband has his address attached to his Amazon account so its really affecting him.
Is anyone else having these problems? its driving us mad and there doesn't appear to be any answers from Google - some of them say "first sign into your account"!!!!!

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Its been a while since ive posted anything , but I would like to extend my gratitute of "Tech Support Guy" by giving away 50 gmail invites.

First come, first serve... Email me at:

(replace "AT" with "@")

Best of wishes,

A:50 FREE Gmail Accounts

they`re everywhere , they`re everythere ......









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I know it sounds simple, but it's confusing the heck out of me, and I've checked a few simple "how-to's" that didn't work. Here's the problem: I have several gmail accounts I've created over the years......one I use daily, another once in awhile, another I wish to make my primary account, and some others. Here's what I need to do: 1) eliminate ALL but the 2 accounts I'm going to be using, and 2) easily switch between the two. I realize that #2 is a totally separate issue; let's just try to get the first one done for now.

What happens is, first I sign out of the regular account, but cannot get into any others. The one I previously created that I want to use as my primary, when I try to sign in, it says "no account exists." But when I try to create a new account using that name, it says "that one's already taken." If I try to retrieve a password, and go through that whole laborious process, it says "nothing here." The process just keeps going back and forth.....

So......how can I go in and get rid of all but the two accounts?

A:How do I delete gmail accounts I don't want/need?

i think this is a little more than posted
this is the key question
The one I previously created that I want to use as my primary, when I try to sign in, it says "no account exists."Click to expand...

can you log into that account

When you delete gmail account, it still exist and cannot be re-created , although it will not be available to anyone else
this sounds like the situation

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I don't know if anyone is familiar with the Firefox Extension GSpace, but what it does is that it allows you to use your GMail account as a 2GB storage space, so you don't have to carry around a jump drive. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to link 2 or more accounts so you could get more storage space than 2 gigs. Or at least till GDrive is released anyway...

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I forgot my gmail password, and in my attempt to recover, I inadvertently established a gmail account with a new user name against my RoadRunner e-mail. This has greatly confused things. My messages still exist against the first user name, but whenever I try to sign in to gmail, it takes me to the new user name and empty mailboxes. I've tried but I haven't been successful in killing the second username. Any ideas on how to get back to just my first username and messages?:

A:Conflicting gmail accounts

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I have been using Gmail for a few months now. At first it seemed to work very well but over the last month I get repeated problems with Error No. 102. This can happen when opening a mail item, trying to delete a message, forwarding a message or even trying to get into the Sent Items file. (Almost anything I try to do !) I reckon it's happening 50% of the time. I've tried asuggestion of using the alternative URL https://mail.google.com/mail/s/ but no joy.Anybody else on Vista had problems? Any more of it and I may have to change.

A:Problems With Gmail Accounts

Hey there! Sorry to hear that you are having issues with GMail! I've also been using it for awhile now, and love it! My dad runs Vista and has been using GMail for over 8 months, and has never had a 102 error.. But, a friend of mine that is running Windows XP HAS gotten 102 errors... From what I understand, the 102 error in GMail is related to SMTP, not Vista.

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I have about 6 GMail accounts left. if somebody needs, msg me.


A:GMail accounts left.

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Subject says it all. I want to delete several, but I want to find a list of all of them to make sure I delete them.

A:How to Find Out How Many Gmail Accounts I have

I'm unaware of any yellow pages of email accounts that has a search for creator

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, Build 18363, Installed 20191026163536.000000-240
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100 CPU @ 3.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 9, CPU Count: 4
Total Physical RAM: 8 GB
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630, 1024 MB
Hard Drives: C: 118 GB (47 GB Free); D: 918 GB (871 GB Free); E: 13 GB (1 GB Free);
Motherboard: HP 82F2, ver A01, s/n PGAQP0GWJAFBKX
System: AMI, ver HPQOEM - 1072009, s/n CNV8060L9Y
Antivirus: Norton Security Online, Enabled and Updated
I have an existing Gmail account and my wife wishes to use a separate Gmail account for herself. It was easy to set it up. However, can I have a separate Google Contacts for her and if so, how do I set it up?

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I don't know why anyone would be still using a hotmail or yahoo account.

Gmail offers so much more, such a more simpler interface with no banners and unlimited space along with a google search.

I just don't get why people stay with hotmail or yahoo other than they have been using it for years...

It's time for a change..

A:Gmail Accounts are Magic

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I am having some problems with the Gmail application and Notifier as of late. Basically the Gmail Desktop Notifier I have is unable to connect to my Gmail account.

A quick run down of what I know.

* No matter what web browser you tell Gmail to use as the default, it always goes through IE to access your Gmail account.

* The notifier doesn't actually use POP3 or IMAP to the best of my knowledge, meaning if something is messed up with IE/Gmail the application won't work correctly.

* I can access my Gmail account from any non-IE browser (but can't use the notifier).

*I can technically access my Gmail account from IE, but I have to clear my cache/cookies to do this and every time I reboot the problem returns and I can no longer access Gmail from IE.

* I have both Gmail and IE set up to use SSL2 encryption, makes no difference enabled or not.

* I have tried uninstalling the notifier, removing all traces of it from my system, clearing IE's cache/cookies, and reinstalling with no luck.

* I have reset IE7 to defaults and this made no difference.

* I have tried without a firewall/AV active

* Using a fully updated XP Pro SP3

* This is a new problem that has plagued only my last few reformats, even though I am using the same disk as I have for a while and have never had this problem previously.

* I am using an nLite disk, but it has worked fine for at least 10 reformats before I started having problems.

Thanks for the help. If I have left out any... Read more

A:Gmail Notifier Unable To Connect To Server, Can't Open Gmail Webpage In IE7


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gmail notifier goes to wrong site
it used to work
now it goes to http://%1%20"http://mail.google.com/mail/"
any way to fix?

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So I've had this wansview camera and it seemed like it took me forever to figure it out. I've tried all TLS/STARTLS port configurations. I've tried my outlook account made a GMX mail account and nothing is working. I know it used to work because I still have the e-mails it sent me in my inbox from about a week ago. I accidentally unplpugged it and it lost all info. So I got it working again but cannot figure out the e-mail settings. I have not touched any of the settings in my gmail and allow less secure apps is turned on. Do I need to be connected to the camera through my LAN and not remotely. This is just driving me up the wall. When I hit test it opens a new page and the text "test...." appears and nothing happens it will just eventually time itself out.  

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Can anyone tell me if I have to sign in to Gmail accounts regularly??

I have been having such problems with Bigfoot recently (no emails being received, at all!) that I have realised I'll probably have to use an alternative [free] service, in its place.

Hotmail is an option, but MSN state that the user has to sign in "at least once every 270 days"; which frankly I haven't got time to do! as I like to use a variety of different e.a.'s so will be setting up several different e.a.'s, no matter which email-address provider I opt for.

Any suggestions?


A:Do I have to sign in to Gmail accounts regularly

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I have a friend who has 2 gmail account that seem to be linked in a way that is not letting me unlink. Here are the peculiar things happening:
1. two account [email protected] and [email protected]
2. SusyA is getting mail from both accounts
3. If I try to isolate with Google settings one account I cannot seem to do that
4 When I go to Gmail>settings>accounts>send email as and I change SusyB to SusyC it still shows on the Google account page as SusyB

This friend had an abusive husband who is tech savvy and she suspects he has access to one of the emails as he seems to know things he should not.

Should she just bite the bullet and scrap both accounts and start fresh with all that entails notifying everyone of her new email? Or am I missing something obvious.

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I have multiple email accounts: 1xGmail, 1xiCloud and 3 others hosted with other providers. Is there a way to integrate them so I can see them all from Gmail? Currently I have them all on MacMail, but planning to move to Gmail from Mac.

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My gmail account got hacked. Offenders changed my pw, alternate email address, and deleted my contacts. They sent email out to all the contacts saying that I was stranded in the UK without money and asking for contacts to respond to arrange to send $2000.00. Offenders changed settings so that response email would be forwarded to their account. Friends who got these fraudulent emails called and alerted me and I contacted gmail and reset the alternate email address so they could send me a link to reset pw. Upon regaining access I discovered the extent of compromise.
I also rec'd email from facebook that my account with them has been breached. I still have not regained access to that.
I had Norton360 v 3.0 running on my computer the whole time. I have scanned my computer with it then with Norton 360 v 4.0 and with Trend Micro and no virus or malware is detectable. How did my account get hacked?????

A:gmail and facebook accounts hacked

Norton is mainly an antivirus product, maybe they include anti-spyware too now, not sure. There are many ways to steal access to your gmail. One of the ways is to install a keylogger on your pc, and steal username and passwords as you type them. But if you have accessed your gmail from another computer, like at university; public library, your friend's PC etc, then it may be that those computers are infected and not yours. Also, it may not be a technical attack. Simply being able to look over your shoulder as you enter the passwords will get you hacked just as easily. Then, there are whats called brute force attacks, where a program simply points to a login page, and tries each combination in sequence till it hits the right one. Gmail may not fall to brute force attacks, but if you use the same password on multiple sites, then there is a chance that they hacked that account first and tried to use the same password on gmail. Then there may have been phishing attempts made at your account and you mistakenly entered your password into a web site that only looks like Gmail. There should be more ways to steal your gmail, but I am not a hacker.

If you are running Trend Micro along with Norton, you might end up with them interferring with each other. You cannot run multiple real-time antivirus products together.

When you reset your Gmail, use a complex passphrase that is easy to remember. Eg. The phrase "Kirk is the rightful captain of the USS Enterprise" can be tr... Read more

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Hello, does anyone know the best way to accomplish having two gmail accounts open SIMULTANEOUSLY, whether in Chrome (preferred) using a workaround or extension, or in Firefox?  (There are plenty of options out there to handle password management to switch between accounts with a click or two, but if you want to be in two at the same time, the only things I've been able to find for Chrome at least is to open two different windows one in Incognito the other in regular mode.)  It would be MUCH easier to have both email accounts open in respective tabs within the same window.   
Anyone found a way to do this yet (in either Chrome or Firefox, Opera)? 

A:Being in multiple gmail accounts simultaneously

I don't think its possible natively, due the nature of how cookies and sessions are handled.

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I tried everything and I can only send but not receive. The one displayed is one of 3 that I need to sync: [email protected]

This is the error message that I get:


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I had a few gmail accounts set up for different purposes. Google has made some changes that seems to have blocked my access to these accounts. They will only allow me into my primary email. I used to be able to go to gmail sign in page and sign in to any account I wanted. Now I can only sign in to the primary one. So very frustrating. Don't know what else I can tell you to figure this out.

If I ever get back into them, I plan to move all email's away from Google, but have to get access first.

Appreciate any help.

A:No access to my misc. gmail accounts

if you log out of gmail
add an account
now when you want to login
all accounts
will be shown on the page and you can loginto any one you want

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hello! hoping you can help solve this problem: when I am working in two gmail accounts and/or gmail and other gmail acct calendar I get the message" oops..gmail has timed out" or oops..an error has ocurred" then I have to close gmail, reopen , and log in again...OR I get the message" problem loading page" in both gmail accts and I have to close both tabs, re-open, then re-sign in....
this is SOOOO frustrating..

I have tried various add-ons regarding "multiple cookies" and none have worked!

please help!!! thank you techies :)

A:multiple gmail accounts problem

I do not believe you can be signed in to multiple gmail accounts on the same browser at the same time.

However if you open one of your gmail accounts in a different browser (Internet Explorer for example) you can do that.

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Internet displays properly; when google is opened and i try to login, it says page cannot be displayed, check lan settings etc.

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All my gmail accounts open to page 1, but the mouse cursor just highlights whatever I hit.
The sign out function works, so I can call up the other accounts
It had been working fine for years.
These accounts are ok when I use my ipod or another desktop.
I am trying to access through Firefox. My os is Windows XP.

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I've been using Outlook 2003 to get my Gmail for the last two years. I've been using Gmail to gather all my email in one place (mainly for the excellent spam filtering), then I use a POP3/SMTP account in Outlook to retrieve everything from Gmail, and it worked great. When I installed Win7 64 last October it was easy to import everything from my XP installation of Outlook to my new one, and I continued getting Gmail in Outlook just fine -- until about a week ago (Feb 21). The problem started with Outlook only getting a few messages but leaving most behind. By the next day, however, Outlook had stopped getting anything from Gmail. (Or Gmail had stopped sending anything to Outlook, I don't know which.)

I tried various fixes, and finally deleted the account in Outlook and set up a new account for Gmail all over again. This finally worked and I was getting Gmail messages again! Then it stopped again. I can go to Gmail online and see all the new messages, but Outlook pretends that it has nothing left to get. No errors, it just says "Send/Receive Complete" after a few seconds. I have to delete that account and make it again if I want to download messages from Gmail now -- each day! There must be an easier way.

Considering that it has worked well for so long, I immediately wonder what has changed in the last week? Windows Update downloaded a new definition file for Defender... my anti-virus (Avast) gets daily updates... and that's about it. I have not... Read more

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Having got all of my standard stuff, including having MS Outlook handle my email accounts, sorted out; I decided to give the new Windows 10 Mail Application a try.
Unfortunately I cannot get it to do a darned thing:-
1. With my Hotmail account I get error code 0x80070032. I've tried a couple of suggested "solutions" without success.
2. With my Gmail account I get "We didn't find anything to show here" or "Still working on it". Either way nothing shows up.

Maybe I should just stick with MS Outlook.

However, if anyone could help I'd be very grateful.

A:Cannot get Mail App to work with Gmail or Hotmail accounts

For your Hotmail account, change the setting for getting the emails to 'last 3 days' and see if it works. If it does, change it back to whatever interval selection you want.

Usually when Google or other account say those, it's also a syncing issue. Might want to try playing with those settings as well.

I have both outlook.com (same as Hotmail) and Google working in the new Windows 10 mail app and even on my Windows 10 phone preview build. So they can work if you find the problems with your settings.

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I have been using several gmail accounts over the years and I cannot remember if they have stored any data like bookmarks, history , cache on the?Google server. Nevertheless now I want to combine everything into one gmail account and delete other account. How to do it and any tips for that?? Thank you!

I'm usingChrome Broswers

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Exploits allowing hackers to break into Gmail accounts are likely to occur, if they're not already circulating, after security researchers released details of a hole that Google has reportedly declined to patch....Make sure you have a strong password Many PC users select weak passwords that consist of common names or dictionary words, leaving them susceptible to brute-force discovery and configure Gmail to use SSL by default:To benefit from encryption when accessing Gmail, you should configure the service to use SSL by default. To do so, click Settings in the top-right corner of the main Gmail window, select Always use https in the "Browser connection" section at the bottom of the General tab, and click Save Changes.http://windowssecrets.com/comp/090423/

A:Gmail accounts hacked via unpatched hole

Or you can stop using a browser for accessing Gmail and start using Thunderbird for having all your emails delivered to your desktop.

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Hi everyone.

I have 3 gmail accounts. I have setup auto forwarding for gmail accounts 1 & 2 (which seemed simple enough) to forward all emails to the 3rd gmail account. For some reason the emails arriving in account 1 & 2 are not being forwarded to account 3.

I have double and triple checked the forwarding setting and email address but it's just not happening. I've sent test emails to both of the accounts which are set to forward and they arrive... but just don't get forwarded.

I'm totally at a loss.

Please can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi there
My main e-mail client is Outlook 2010 with IMAP (I've tried email clients but Outlook for me is still the best and most convenient for handling multiple e-mail accounts including work ones).

I'm thinking of upgrading to Office 2013 -- if I do this has anybody tested the GMAIL integration with Outlook 2013

Works fine with Outlook 2010 on W8 Enterprise edition X-64.


A:Use IMAP with OUTLOOK 2013 for gmail accounts

Work fine on 2013 with my Google Apps own domain email ( [email protected] )

the auto setup don't work in my case I enter the info maually make sure your incoming is imap.gmail.com and your port is 993 and SSL encryption

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Exploits allowing hackers to break into Gmail accounts are likely to occur, if they're not already circulating, after security researchers released details of a hole that Google has reportedly declined to patch.Click to expand...


A:Gmail accounts hacked via unpatched hole

Is web mail safe, or is your mail safer when retrieved to your PC ? What is your opinion?

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I was able to run this fine until today for some reason now every time I try to start it, it gives me this error:
c:\program files (x86)\Mozilla firefox\firefox.exe is not a valid win 32 application

A:Cant run firefox anymore...


When you right click on the Firefox shortcut on the desktop and choose Properties . On the first tab General what does it say on the Target section ?

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I used to manage two email accounts (from gmail service) for my work from the mail app. My access to them has now been revoked as I changed jobs. I would like to remove them from the mail app however am unable to do so since I can't log into them in the
first place. I've been through quite a few forums and find it almost impossible!
Any help would be appreciated

A:Removal of email (gmail) account from maill app that I do not have access to anymore

If you can't remove or change the credentials on your gmail account in the Windows 8 Mail app because it keeps trying to connect to the account, we could try this:
1.Close Windows 8 Mail app.
2.Disconnect from the internet (either turn off WiFi, or disconnect your network cable.)
3.Open Mail app.
4.Click on Settings on Charms bar.
5.Click on Accounts.
6.Click on gmail account.
7.Menu should open as normal, make changes or remove account as you desire.
8.If account still tries to connect when you do this, shutdown/restart and go back to step 3.Karen Hu
TechNet Community Support

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