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One XP computer on network cannot access Windows 7 computer

Q: One XP computer on network cannot access Windows 7 computer

I've got a total of six computers on my network - 2 running Windows 7 and 4 running XP. With the exception of one computer, all of the machines see each other on the network and can share files. One XP machine does not see the shared folders of my new Win 7 machine but does list it as a "workgroup" computer. When I try to access the computer itself I am prompted for a password. Passwords are turned off on the Win 7 machine and none of the other computers on the network get prompted for passwords to access this computer. I assumed that it was due to the setting on the Win 7 machine but they are all set for sharing with everyone on the network. Passwords are off. Firewall is off as well. The network name is consistent across all the machines. I've been unable to find any information on why just one computer on the network would be prompted for a password to access another computer on the netwoek. Any help would be great.

Preferred Solution: One XP computer on network cannot access Windows 7 computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: One XP computer on network cannot access Windows 7 computer

Welcome to Seven Forums,

Option 1 - Verify that the password protected sharing is off from your new Windows 7 computer.
Disable Password Protected Sharing — MAXIMUMpcguides – Windows 7 tips, tricks, help, and how-to guides

Option 2 - Turn off the new Windows 7 computer, turn off the XP computer. Turn back on the new Windows 7 computer, wait until it's completely up and running then turn on the XP computer.

Please post an update.

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I have a small home network set up with 4 PCs (1 laptop & 3 desktop). I can see all my computers in my networks but I cannot connect to one of my desktops using my laptop. All the other computers/laptops can read and transfer files without a problem except for the laptop connecting to one of the PCs.

Both the laptop and the PC that is asking for a network password are on the same version of Windows 7 Home. I have file and printer sharing enabled. All are on the same workgroup. I have firewall off and I have turned off password protected sharing yet when I try to connect or print from my laptop to the one PC it asks for a password and I can't figure out why.

This only started recently a week ago. Prior to that never had this problem and shared files/printer without a problem

A:Windows keeps asking for Network Password to access computer


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I have had difficulty networking a second XP (SP3) machine (Fred) to a home network involving a W2k, and XP and a Win7 Ultimate.

Win 7 could quite happily talk to the first/original XP machine but, although Win 7 could see Fred (the second XP machine), Win 7 could not connect to it (Windows cannot access \\Fred) . Network diagnostics declared that "multiple devices have the name FRED" - which as far as I could see was rubbish especially as the first XP machine could see and access Fred quite happily

If I turned Fred off, then Win 7 could not see it at all.
So I renamed Fred to FredMk2 and tried again. Then in Win 7 I could see Fred AND FredMk2.

I could connect to FredMk2 just fine. But if I tried to connect to Fred, I got the same error message about multiple devices. Bizarre since there were actually no devices called Fred!!

So why does Win 7 think there are multiple 'Fred's when in fact there are none?
How can I get Win 7 to access FredMk2 under its proper name of Fred and so use this name throughout the network?

A:Solved: Network Windows 7 to XP - Cannot access \\computer

Cracked it - It seems that in fiddling around I had managed to set up a home group and somehow Fred (despite being an XP PC) had been put into it. Why there were multiple instances remains a mystery
So, delete the (control Panel->)homegroup; stop the homegroup services (just in case) and the problem goes away.
Apologies for wasting everyones time.

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There is a shared printer on my wife's Windows 7 computer (HP7250). When both computers were XP, I had no trouble accessing them with all my accounts on my computer. 3 years ago I upgraded both computers to Windows 7. Same thing, no problem accessing the shared printer on all my accounts. Now I got a new Windows 8 computer and the only account that can access the shared printer is my admin account. Nothing has changed on the W7 box but I cannot access the printer with my W8 standard account, or my new "Microsoft" admin account. Only with my "local" admin account. I don't even see the printer in Control Panel/Printers and Devices, only in the local admin account. If I do a "net view \\HP7250\MP150" I can see the printer share on all my accounts. Therefore I can print on the shared printer only on my local admin account. Is this by design of W8 or am I missing something.

A:Solved: can't access network printer with my Windows 8 computer

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I've seen topics that dance all around this, but never exactly match my scenario.  I have Win 7 computers on a domain that have been accessing older network shares since they were set up 2-4 years ago.  In the last few weeks, one very critical PC
cannot access an older (Server 2003) share over the network, though other Win 7 computers can.  I worked on it this issue for 3 weeks, including reading and trying everything in every post that resembles this problem.  None of it worked.  I
bought a brand new Win 7 64 bit PC and set it up 1.5 weeks ago.  It accessed the older shares with no problems.  After being on vacation a few days I booted up the PC to continue the deployment and it starting finishing up Windows updates installation.
 After that was done I could NOT ACCESS THE OLDER SHARES!

It is obviously an update causing this and it has done it on a brand new computer which worked last week and did not work after Windows Updates were installed.  SO, here's MY question:  Does anyone at Microsoft or elsewhere have a clue as to which
update would have caused this?  The updates were downloaded on 7/1/16 and finished installing today (7/13/16) after being shut down for a week.

This is crazy!  Please help!

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Can some one tell me how to give a specific computer in our small network 100% full access to my Windows 7 computer?  We have a windows NT based CNC machine(I'll call that the CNC) that is having a hard time communicating with my Windows 7 computer(I'll
call that the PC).  When I had windows XP I easily found a spot to enter the IP address of the CNC and that seemed to do the trick but, in windows 7 there is about 8 zillion different options and I am not sure where to achieve what I am trying to achieve. 
The folder the CNC needs to see, on the PC, is already shared.  The CNC can access the shared folder but it forgets that it is available every time it is shutdown.  The NT machine essentially sees it as a mapped drive.  Every morning I have
to retell it where the drive is. 

A:How do I give a specific computer FULL access to a Windows 7 computer?

grmichmush wrote:

Well, prior to trying to somehow boot to windows on the CNC, I went
up into to rafters and restarted the router again.  This AM it
connected just fine.  Will be a few days before I know if it stuck. 
If that does not continue to work,  does NT have a config.sys that I
can put that script in?

That script you put into the
"%systemroot%\system32\repl\import\scripts" directory  (where
%systemroot% is probably "C:\WINNT"). Then you enter the name of the
script e.g. "Win7logon.cmd" into the script property of the user
running your applications on the NT CNC machine ( on the profile tab of
the user properties page [via the user management or computer
management mmc snapins]). Both things you can do remotely from the Win7
PC, if the NT machine's systemdrive is shared and the RPC service is
running on the NT machine.

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I tried searching the forum already and it could be the wording im using isnt correct so hopefully i didnt just over look something...

I have two windows 8.1 towers. both on the same network but with the same workgroup and both even on the same homegroup. everything is set to be shared on the homegroup. the HTPC can access my office computer but my office computer cant access the HTPC it says Windows cant access check the spelling..diagnose but that doesnt solve anything.

both drives are set to allow everyone permission to them as well.

the office computer has malwarebytes and avast free. using Windows firewall. the hTPC has malwarebytes and Windows Defender. I can see the HTPC in the network but again cant access it. any ideas? thanks!

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We have a peer-to-peer network with a router with DHCP server. One of the computer can see the computers in the network, but cannot access their shared folders/printer. And it can not access to the internet (shared through the router) as well. On the other hand, other computers can access the shared folders of this computer.

Already tried to ping from this computer to the others and it works.

What would be the problem?

A:Can not access other computer in the network

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I can't access the same computer on the network explorer. So basically, PC1 can't access PC1, yes PC1, on the network explorer. Let me show you a picture.

A:Can't access the same computer on Network.

Hello useletters,

Did you setup a Homegroup?
Home sweet homegroup: Networking the easy way in Windows 7

If you have a Security or Firewall Software, pls. disable it for now. If you are using Windows built-in Firewall, make sure to exclude File and Printer sharing.

In addition to the link please create the same UserName and Password on both computers.

Alternatively, try accessing the shared folder or Drive this way:
Click on the Windows Orb, type \\ComputerName\SharedFolderName press enter, also the Computer Name can be replaced by an IP Address.

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My computer's OS is Vista, because I have some software can't support Vista, so I install a Vitual PC which run windows 98. before, I can access files in other computers with both of OS, but now, Vista no Problem, windows 98 can't access the files in some computers, I don't know why. any advise? thanks!

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I have three problem computers at my workplace. These computers are all joined to the domain, and have access to the network and it's resources. However, I can only see one of the three in the "network neighborhood" view, and I cannot access the UNC path of any of these computers. When I try to connect to these through My Computer (manage, connect to another computer) I get the generic network message that "the network path was not found". Any suggestions as to where I should start troubleshooting? My idea would be to leave the domain, and re-join. However, forces above me do not wish to use this option as it "caused all kinds of problems" the last time someone did it. I'm a newbie IT here, so I don't want to go over anyone's head, but I sure would like to solve this problem soon! Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!!!!

A:Can't access computer by UNC or see in network?

another thing - when I ping by computer name, they reply.....when I ping by their IP address, it times out.

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I'm having a problem networking my laptop to my desktop. The laptop is running windows 98SE and desktop is running windows XPpro. When I'm on the desktop I can read shared files and access the laptop but when I'm on the laptop I can see the desktop in network neighborhood but when I click on it, it asks for a password. Someone told me that I had to create a user account on the XP machine and use that same name on the laptop and so i tried that but I still have the same problem..........

Someone please help!!!!!

A:Can't access computer on network

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Here is my problem. I have two computers on a wireless network, a desktop and a laptop. Both computers can see each other. the desktop can access the laptop and go to the files. The laptop can see the desktop but does not have access to any of the files. All files have been setup for sharing. I have brought down all the fire waalls on both machines and that does not solve the problem. It appears that there must be something in the desktop that is blocking access, I am unable to find it. The router I am running is Linksys SRX200 wireless.

A:Cannot Access computer on Network

What version and patch level of Windows, XP-Home, XP-Pro, Vista, what?

On each machine, do this.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

Type the following two commands, one at a time, followed by the Enter key:



Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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Hello Techguys,
At the office we have a small network (5 computers with XP SP2) connected through a router. All computers share files through the network, e.g. computer A will have access to files on computer B, C, etc... and vice versa. Recently one of the computers had to be repaired and reformatted, it came back good. The computer was setup to join the WORKGROUP (network) and IP addresses configured, the same way the other computers are configured.
The only problem now is that other computers cannot access files on this computer "Cashier2", while computer "Cashier2" has all access to shared files on the network. I have checked all areas I know about setting up network, but still the other computers dont have access to computer "Cashier2" even though this computer shows up on "My Network Places" > "View workgroup computers".
I have a belief that maybe it has to do with TweakUI XP that was installed on computer "Cashier2" and setting restriction on shared files or network. I am not sure.
Please help. This computer is vital for my company. I have attached a pic of what happens when we try to access this computer through the network.

A:Cannot Access Computer Through Network

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I did a search but didn't find anything that applied.

I have two identical HP laptops with mine running Win7 64 bit and my wife's running Vista 64 bit - both Home Premium. They are connected to a network with a wireless router which has an usb modem (aircard) plugged in. Both laptops can connect to the internet through the router.
Until recently I could put files in her public folders. I can still see her laptop, but now all of sudden I get the following dialog box http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v4...rkerrormsg.jpg when I try to access it.
My wife can still access my laptop and send files to it.

I don't know what the user name is it asks for - I tried "Clay" which is the only user name on my computer - and the only password we have is the one for the network which I am already connected to and it doesn't work.

In "Advanced sharing" password protected sharing is turned off.

Any ideas of what is wrong?

A:Can't access computer on my network

I would check and see if the Public sharing folder is turned on.

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Can someone PLEASE PLEASE help me with this before I LOSE MY MIND!! I have set up a home network with a router, and occasionally I will bring home my work laptop & hook it up via a LAN connection. I never have problems accessing the internet via the laptop, but sharing files always seems to be a struggle. This weekend, there are some files I DESPERATELY need to transfer to my hime desktop, but no matter what I doi, I get the message on my desktop "//(Computer) is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Access is denied". I'm the administrator ... File sharing is enabled for the network. Again, I can access the internet on the laptop just fine, but can't get into my desktop!! I am about to go POSTAL!!!! Please help, and the lives you save will ensure you good karma for the rest of your days!!

A:No access to network computer

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I have 2 Win7 32-bit computers networked in my home.

Computer1 cannot access Computer2. Computer2 shows up in the network screen, but it asks for a username/password. When I do a search, it tells me contact my administrator. I AM the administrator (owner of both machines). So I contacted myself and we still can't figure out the username/password. NOBODY....I repeat....NOBODY uses these computers except ME. Why can't it be simple and just allow me to access Computer2 without all this hassle?

Both Computer1 and Computer2 can "see" each other. Computer2 can access Computer1.

Any way to solve this mind-boggling scenario?

A:Access network computer

Do you have passwords on both accounts?

As both computers are W7, have you tried setting up a HomeGroup?

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i got two xp pro on my network. both firewalls are turned off, both are in same workgroup, both have enabled option under "My computer-->tools-->folder options-->view-->simple file sharing", both have some files shared but...but...but i can not access either of the computer from either side from My Network Places.

THOUGH, I can access both from both side if i type

I dont know why is that???? anybody got an idea???

A:can not access network computer by name...

I would disable simple file sharing
re-enable firewall and add file and network sharing setting under exceptions.
I am new to xp so ??
I am having problems with remoting
one minute I had it the next it was gone

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My company computers is using network resource.Recently,there's a user with the computer's name,X facing a problem. The other computers cannot access X while the user of X can access other computers through networking. X is already inside the domain ,L(server). That user cannot share his file as other computers cannot access. The following message comes out:-
//X is not accessible.You might not have permission to use this network resource.Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you gave access permissions.
Logon Failure: The target account name is incorrect.
I have checked the security and it's fine.
What's the problem of X? i don't understand as X is registerd in the domain,L.

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Hi all

Every time i try to setup the sharing it's drive me crazy and spend a lot of time to make my friend PC accessible from network ... and when i am able to make it right it's only by luck

i want the guide that allow me to setup my homegroup and sharing to be able to access to my friend PC and he can access mine video or photos


and why it's so hard to create this !!!

thanks a lot and waiting your help ...

A:Can't access computer on network ...

Here is the tut.

Homegroup - Create

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I have a new computer running Windows 98 and an old computer running Windows 95. When I connect the new computer to the cable modem and run Explorer, I get a message that it cannot display the page. I also do not get an IP address or default gateway from Adelphia. But if I attach the old computer to the cable modem, everyting works fine.

All of the Network Neighborhood settings match between the two computers.

A:New computer can't access cable network

Check your settings in Internet Explorer. Go to tools>internet options and the connections tab. Click the LAN settings button and make sure none of the boxes are checked for proxy server.

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I have a new Windows 7 Home Premium computer, and am trying to integrate it into an existing network, which includes 2 Win XP computers. When I set up the Win7, at one point it asked for a username and password, and I don't want to bother with that, so entered nothing and closed that dialog box. Computer seemed ok with that. I asked it to set up networking, and when it was done it gave me a password (said it was an "eMachines networking password to access files on other computers").

Now, the Win7 computer can access all files on the 2 XP computers without any passwords, but when an XP tries to access files on the 7, it asks for a username and password. I didn't think I gave it one. I've tried the computer name, the owner's name, leaving it blank; and the only password I know of is that "eMachines networking password". Can't get in. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Can't access Win 7 computer over network

Hiya Carolsm,firstly clear all passwords on all machines,on xp machines enter the workgroup name as WORKGROUP,In windows 7 do not use the Homegroup setup.just use WORKGROUP as the wokgroup name(this is default in 7)in network sharing on 7 choose advance sharing settings making sure Network discovery is on,file and printer sharing on,public folder sharing on,media streaming on,and password protected sharing off.Restart all machines see if that works

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There are two computers on the network.
Computer 1 shows both computers and can access the other computer's files.
The computer 2 does not show computer 1 on the network and cannot access the files on computer 1 even though it is online.
Have tried disabling the firewalls but this does not help.
Any ideas on how to solve this ?

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There are two computers on the network.
Computer 1 shows both computers and can access the other computer's files.
The computer 2 does not show computer 1 on the network and cannot access the files on computer 1 even though it is online.
Have tried disabling the firewalls but this does not help.
Any ideas on how to solve this ?

A:Cannot access files on another network computer

Are they both windows 8.1? You need to make sure everything is turned on :

file sharing, network discovery.. and such..

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Hi All,

I have a problem with a computer on my home network in a Workgroup. I can make the computer appear using the search function or using the "View Workgroup Computers" under Network Tasks, but when I click on it to try to see the shares, i get an error message:

\\Laptop is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the amdinistrator of the Network.....

Simple File Sharing has been turned on.
All computers are using Windows XP. Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Can't access computer on home network

Did you run network setup wizard for both computers? If not, then that should be your first step.

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I have three windows 10 PCs and one NAS on my network. One PC (Lenovo 220X) and the NAS are hardwired. The other two are wireless (Surface Pro 1 and Surface pro 4)

The surface pro 4 can see but not access either of the two other PCs. The other PCs can see and access each other and the surface pro 4. All the PCs can see and access the NAS.

What gives? The network settings are identical (as far as I can see) and the SMB is enabled on this machine as well. for some reason, the surface pro 4 cannot connect to any other machine but every other machine can see and access it.

Not sure what to do here. Thoughts?

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Hello and thanks for any help... as I have exhausted resources trying to figure this out myself...

About two weeks ago, lots of internet servers had an issue with the global attack on Wordpress. We had issues with that and thought they were still continuing but figured out it is only one computer now.

We have four computers, all three can access OUR website tireball.com which is a blog site on the Wordpress platform, hosted with 1&1. The other computers can login to the admin panel with no issues... the problem lies in the main laptop on the network.

Anytime you try to access the admin panel at the website (tireball.com/wp-login) from the laptop - it times out and then locks ALL computers out on the network...so none of the computers can access the site for 20-30 minutes. (Computers get served with a "this page cannot be displayed" or a "diagnose internet connection" After the time has lapsed, you can then again access the site through the other computers... we have no idea what is going on and this laptop NEEDS to be able to access the site. The hosting company says it is NOT them, but who knows... it is 1&1....

Logs below:
Hijack This:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 4:38:06 PM, on 4/26/2013
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16476)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamgui.exe
C:\Users\Carrie\AppData\Local\Autoba... Read more

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Hey guys,

I have set up a home network using a D-Link router. My desktop computer is connected directly to the router with a LAN cable and my laptop is connected to it by wi-fi. On my desktop, I have Windows 7 (32 bit) installed, and on the laptop I have Vista (32 bit) installed.

For some reason, even though all the settings are on "allow" for file sharing and there is no password required to access either computer, I am running into problems. The laptop can see the desktop and access it, while the desktop can see the laptop, but cannot access it. When I try to access the laptop, it give me a "unknown network path" error.

Please can somebody point on what I am doing wrong?



A:Solved: Cannot Access Another Computer on the Network

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I am befuddled and need to know what sort of diagnostic procedures I can apply to try to find out what is wrong with the networking situation.

I have 3 computers that I'll call A, B, (desktops) and C (laptop from work).

All three run Win98 SE (all critical updates).
All three talk to a wireless router with wireless cards (.11g).
All three can talk to the router and the internet beyond with no problem.

All three have been setup with windows login, the same userid and no password. I.e., entered COLE FAMILY in the userid then clicked OK without entering a password so that I should never get the password login screen again.

I've tried to set up all three identically but one of these things is not like the others because A and B talk to each other nicely but C refuses to play along.

Both A and B have shared disks and printers. C has a shared folder. I want C to be able to access the disks and printers on A and B.

1) A does not show up in C's network neighborhood and C cannot "Find" A
2) B does not show up in C's network neighborhood and C cannot "Find" B
3) C does not show up in A or B's network Neighborhood but both A and B can "Find" C. When C is "Found", the system says it's in the COLE_FAMILY workgroup.

Here's the setup in Control Panel> NetworkÖ all three are the same. I've checked this several times:

Client for Microsoft Networks
No, do not log onto NT domain
... Read more

A:Cannot access third computer in Win98 MS network

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My network was working fine until I did the 8.1 upgrade.

Now my 8.1 machine can see and access the other computers (both win 7). Both win 7 machines can see my 8.1 machine but when I try to access the 8.1 machine from them I get ?Windows cannot access \\XPS8500 Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose.?

When I click Diagnose I get ?Windows can?t find ?XPS8500?. If the computer or device you are trying to reach is nearby, make sure it is turned on and connected to the network. Otherwise contact your network administrator for assistance.?

When I click next it says ?Windows can't find a computer or device named ?XPS8500?.

The computer is turned on and can access shared folders on the other two win 7 computers.

A:After 8.1 upgrade other network canít access this computer

First to start with basics.

Have you turned on Network Discovery and File and Printer Sharing in the Advanced Sharing Settings at the Network and Sharing Center? If those settings aren't turned on then the machine will not be findable on the network.

You may also need to turn those settings on for the Guest and Public Networks and for All Networks depending on your how this network is set up.

It's also required that all machines are in the same workgroup.

You could also try setting up a Homegroup since the other machines are running Windows 7.

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I have purchased a computer with Windows XP OS from a Browsing center. I am getting access denied error message on all external drives. Even in a administrator account I cannot change the audit/ security settings of my pen drive. It indicates that only member of the particular domain can change the security settings.

But now it is not a part of any network or domain, I using at my home and I am the administrator. But I am not able to change the setting. Can somebody help?

A:Access Denied from a network computer

It's being affected by the security policy of the domain for which the computer was originally a member of. I would have thought they would have unjoined the computer from the domain in order to sell it. I'd contact the administrator of the browsing center and see if he can help you with that, or you'll need to reinstall windows.

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I have a home network with the following computers:

#! Win XP
#2 Win Vista
#3 Win XP Home

All three are set for File and print sharing and file modification.

#1 can Access and Modify Files on #2 and #3 but...
Although #1 appears as a network group computer on #2 and #3, when I attempt to access a file directory for #1 I receive the message:

Computert1 (C) is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Not enough server storage is available to process this command.

What is this all about??? I am the administrator and logged in as such. What is "Not enough server storage is available to process this command." all about? How much storage space do I need?

I guess something needs tweaking, but I can't seem to discover the cause of this problem. There is no problem of sharing the printer or internet access from all three computers

A:Solved: Cannot access network computer

See the Microsoft article Error message: "Not enough server storage is available to process this command".

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I just purchased a new computer with Win 7. All my other computers have XP or Vista and I can share files but the Win7 computer cannot open files on the Vista but can open files on the Xp computer. None of the other computer can open files on the Win 7. All are on the same workgroup and can see the Win 7 but not open. I have enabled all file sharing that I can find. What else can I try?

A:Solved: Can't access Win 7 computer from network

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I have three computers networked, two are on ethernet wires, one on wireless (laptop). I can see the two wired computers from the laptop but can only access one of them from the laptop. When I go to "entire network" on the laptop I can click on the one wired computer and get the message that I can't access it. I have added the folders I want to share from the wired computer but they don't show up in "My Network Places" on the laptop, only on "My Network Places' on the wired computers. This puzzles me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Can't access one computer in my network

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hi there i have a vista based pc and laptop, with a wireless network router netgear wpn24. my laptop is connected wirelessly and cpu is wired to router, my problem is a few days ago i lost the ability to access my shared files on the pc. when i try, the id password window pops up and i never had a password or user id set up before.. i have always had that problem with the pc being able to acess the laptop but never the other way around... plz help i have turned firewall off on both pc and laptop and that didnt help.. i can acess the internet through the router with both computers just not eachother

A:Trying to access my other computer on my home network

Turn off Password protected sharing first.

Click on
Control Panel
Network & Internet
Network & Sharing Center
Password Protected Sharing...Switch to off!

Good luck hope this solves your problem...

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I have been pulling my hair out with this one. I have a home network with six computers and a DNS 325 network storage device. It starts with an Actiontec DSL modem/ 4port/wireless access point. I have one XP computer, a network printer and a DIR 615 router plugged into it. I have DHCP turned off on the Dir 615 and use it as a second wireless access point on another floor. There is a BD player and the NAS plugged into the dir 615. 3 XP, 1 Vista and 1 Win7 computer all work as advertised. I could map to the NAS and they all 'see' each other in the WinExplorer network tab. The 5 'good' computers can all ping each other and the NAS via IP or name.
The problem is with the 6th computer running Win7. My main goal is to be able to map to the NAS. The NAS appears in the network map, but does not appear in the WinExplorer network tab and I therefore can't map the NAS with this computer. My network printer and the good Win7 computer appear in the WinExplorer network tab. The music directories of the 'good' computers are also accessible as media devices. I can print and access Win7 to Win7, but not access the other computers or the NAS (except music under media devices). I tried using the Dlink software to map to the NAS as well. The NAS appeared with the correct IP and showed available, but the software could not MAP to it either.
The good computers can ping the bad one via IP, but not name. The bad computer can ping the good via IP, but not name. The ... Read more

A:Solved: One Win 7 Computer Can't Access Network

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Dell Desktop -Windows Vista Home Premium
Ibook -OSX

Im trying to access my Ibook from my Dell Desktop through my home network. I use the command prompt from the start menu from my desktop to connect to the Ibook. After I connect, a small box appears demanding for a user name and password. I dont know what password or username to enter...I've tried everyting I could think of.... Has anybody had this problem? What password and username is the computer asking for?

Any help is appreciated,

A:Trouble using network to access other computer.

Take a look at this. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=19652

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We have a small home network with 4 pc's (all Windows machines) on the network. One of the machines is an "All in One" machine. For some reason that I don't understand, it suddenly could not access any other computers on the network. I finally realized that it was showing up as a "Media Device" rather than a computer on the network.

After making some changes to the setting of this pc, it is now showing up as both a computer and a Media Device. I'm afraid I still don't understand what a "Media Device" is, or why it is showing up as a Media Device, or if that has anything to do with the current problem at hand. This pc is a Win 8.1 machine, 64 bit.

That machine can now see my Win 7 computer on the network, but it doesn't seem to be able to access files that are shared on the network. When I try to access shared files on this Win 7 machine, from the Win 8.1 machine, the green line across the top (sorry, I don't know what that green line is called) moves SLOWLY, and then ultimately says, "Windows cannot access (name of the computer). Check the spelling of the name, otherwise there might be a problem with your network. Click diagnose." When I click Diagnose, it tells me that "Troubleshooting cannot identify the problem."

Coming from the other direction, on my Win7 laptop, I can access the Win 8.1 machine and its shared files quite rapidly.

The Win8.1 machine is a FAST machine, while the Win7 laptop is about 2 years olde... Read more

A:Cannot access files on other computer in network

Just this week I had a similar problem when I had to reset my dual-band router and set it up again. I gave the wireless networks the same name and passwords as before but when my 2 computers automatically reconnected, both of them identified them as "Public" networks and, additionally, the firewall on one of the PCs restricted the "new" network, which made that computer unable to see shared resources on the network.

I was able to change the network designations on both machines back to "Private" and in the firewall settings I changed the restricted network back to "Trusted." That fixed things.

So those are 2 things to check -- your firewall and how Windows is classifying the network you are connected to. Go to Control Panel> Network and Sharing to see if the network on the problem machine is being labelled public or private.

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I'm new to Windows 7.

I'm attempting to access an XP computer from a newly-set-up Windows 7 computer. I use the same user name and password on all six of my systems. I get a dialog box that asks me for the user name and password to access the XP computer. I enter the user name and password and click OK. I then get another screen that says enter network password. I enter the network password (which is different from the previous password) and it says "logon failure".

What am I doing wrong?

A:Solved: Cannot access XP computer from Windows 7 computer.

Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt.

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands:

PING each remote computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. Open a command prompt as described above and type.

PING <ip address>
PING <computer name>

<ip address> - is the x.x.x.x IP address
<computer name> - is the computer name

A failure to PING is almost always a firewall configuration issue. Any failure to PING needs to be corrected before you go any farther.

Note: You can obtain the IP address and computer name of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG /ALL. This should work for any Windows version. The IPCONFIG /ALL display will provide a wealth of useful information for debugging your network connection.

Check your Services are Started on all PCs:

COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configurations)
WLAN AutoConfig (Vista wireless configurations)

Note: You can check the services in Con... Read more

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A few days ago I reformatted a 4 year old computer, which was able to connect to the internet. After reinstalling windows XP and installing the drivers that came with the motherboard the computer still could not detect my network or connect to the internet. I've tried updating the drivers for the motherboard (a nivida nforce 3) but they do not change anything. Does anyone have any idea why the computer wouldn't connect?

Here is the output of an 'ipconfig /all'

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : mark
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-0F-EA-8C-C0-95
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration IP Address. . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
Click to expand...

A:Reformated computer unable to access network.

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I have a home office network with a main PC (Vista) and a laptop (XP) which share files and an internet connection via a Netgear WGR614 v6 router. All worked well until my eldest son bought himself a laptop with Windows 7. I wanted to give him access to the internet via the wireless network - but not to be able to read or file share with files on the main PC or the XP laptop.

I tried renaming the Workgroup on the main PC and XP laptop - but his Windows 7 laptop still seems to be able to access the shared files on both of the other computers.

I have since tried using the 'Deny access to this computer from the network' on the main PC, but I get an error when I try to add his laptop name to the list and the database won't update.

How do I still allow him to continue with his internet access but prevent him accessing the business files (whether by accident or intentional curiosity) on bit the Vista PC and XP laptop (while still allowing normal sharing bewteen the Vista PC and XP laptop)?

A:Limiting specific computer access to a network

Go to Network and Sharing Center on the Vista machine. There, enable password-protected sharing. Now, you will require the administrator username and its password to access any folder on that PC. I am not sure about Windows XP, but try the Properties on the shared folder(s) on that laptop. There surely must be something.

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How can I block my son's computer from internet access through our wireless router without having his computer in hand? I have accessed the router on line but don't know what to change there.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P7350 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4093 Mb
Graphics Card: LogMeIn Mirror Driver, 6 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 464950 MB, Free - 334176 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, Portable PC, Base Board Version, Base Board Serial Number
Antivirus: AVG Internet Security 2011, Updated and Enabled

A:Blocking internet access to one computer on network

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A couple of days ago, my system did a major slow down and I lost my access to my network. I looked at Windows Task Manager processes and see that two programs are running high CPU values: guard.exe which is a Grisoft AVG program and csrss.exe. Guard.exe continues even though AVG programs are not running. There is only one version of csrss.exe running.I have run all the diagnosices mentioned in the "Preparation Guide for Use Before Posting ..." and found and remove several viruses. There is no change in the system's speed.Here is my log from Hijack This:Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 10:46:19 AM, on 8/21/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\Antivirus\MSMPSVC.exeC:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exeC:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows OneCare Live\Antivirus\MpEng.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG7\avgcc.exeC:\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zlclient.exeC:&#... Read more

A:Slow Running Computer With No Network Access

Hi Lodgingman, If you still need help please post a fresh HijackThis log and I'll be happy to look at it for you. A new version of HijackThis has now been released, so before you repost your log please download and install the new version by following the instructions in Step 9 of the Preparation Guide For Use Before Posting A Hijackthis Log. Thanks for your patience!

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Two computers on the home network:
Dell desktop (PJ) wired to a Belkin router
ThinkPad laptop (ThinkPad) connected wirelessly

The desktop (PJ) can see the laptop (ThinkPad) and access it's shares.
On the laptop the desktop name (PJ) shows up under NETWORK but clicking on the computer name shows: "Windows cannot access \\PJ"

I have checked the network settings on PJ and the workgroup name and computername are correct.
The two shared folders on PJ have "Everyone" as "Co-owner".

The desktop (PJ) is a Dell Inspiron 545S
The router is a Belkin Wireless G Router, Model No: F5D7230-4
Internet is via ADSL2 connection

Any help as to why PJ is not accessible would be much appreciated.


MiniToolBox by Farbar Version: 25-06-2012
Ran by Paul (administrator) on 14-07-2012 at 16:24:36
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium Service Pack 2 (X64)
Boot Mode: Normal

========================= IE Proxy Settings: ==============================

Proxy is not enabled.
No Proxy Server is set.
========================= Hosts content: ================================= localhost

========================= IP Configuration: ================================

Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller = Local Area Connection (Connected)
# ----------------------------------
# IPv4 Configur... Read more

A:Cannot access Vista computer on home network

My first thought would be the firewall on the Windows Vista pc is blocking access to it. To turn it off, see this link.I would do this as a test. If it works, turn the firewall back on and we will find exactly which policy/policies are blocking access. If it still doesn't work, we'll look elsewhere.

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I have a two computer home network. Computer #1 is a ?Vista? Home Premium (?Vista?) wired to the access point. Computer #2 is a Windows 7 Home Premium (?Win7?) which connects wirelessly. Vista can see and access Win7?s Public folders. Win7 can see Vista on the network but cannot access it. On Win7 when Vista is clicked I get a popup that states ?You do not have the necessary permissions to access \\Vista\Folders.
I?ve checked all the necessary settings in Network Share and Vista is allowing Sharing and Discovery.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A:Win 7 cannot access Vista computer in Private Network

Go here and try this:
Windows 7 & Vista File Sharing .... Ease It Up | TechnoPlanet

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I have 3 computers running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

I connect them to a hub and set a workgroup name. Everything is working fine. All of them are able to see each other and access their shared drives.

However, once I unplug internet line (all computers still connect to the same hub), computer cannot see each other and cannot access shared drives anymore. Also, workgroup name is changed to 'Unidentified Network'.

What should I do to connect to a network without internet connection?


A:Cannot access network computer without internet connection

Network hubs are literally archaic. I hope/presume you're using a switch.

There's ways to make this work but you need to do something about your network topology first as what you've described is hideously insecure.

Do you have a router between your switch and your Internet connection or is your ISP giving you three IPs when you connect your 'Internet line' to your switch?

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