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Need solid theory for look up/auto-pop

Q: Need solid theory for look up/auto-pop

Good day ladies and gents,

I am seeking an elegant and highly efficient method for my needs. All suggestions are appreciated. There seems to be more than one way to get what I need done but keeping the application running quick is important. It's highly likely that I will need assistance after deciding which path to take. Thanks in advance

The need:
- This is an ideal flow but it is malleable.
A user is going about their business and already has the ap open. They need a new record and the first control they click into on the form is [SSN] "frm_MAIN". As they type numerical characters, options in the combobox or form begin to narrow until they finish the number or they click on one of the listed options. Upon selection of the record, data from the respective fields in "dbo_MBMSTRTB"(table) are placed into the respective fields of "tbl_MAIN" and represented on the driving Access form "frm_MAIN" for further editing.

Current state:
The Access application this will be built on has been in production for about 6 or 7 years. Users are comfortable with the flow but have been asking for "search as you type", "auto-population", and "document generation" functionality. Search as you type and auto-population are essentially the same task and for this thread, are our primary focus however, document generation is related because I will need the auto population functionality in order to achieve a one button document gen/print scheme.

- Access 2007.
- Split FE/BE.
- Multi user.
- 1 form drives the majority of activity - "frm_MAIN".
- 1 record visible at a time on this form.
- "frm_MAIN" has controls that pull data from other tables and has controls for other common functionality.
- All gathered data is housed in "tbl_MAIN".
- [SSN] on "tbl_MAIN" is typically the key.
- Duplicate values in [SSN] on tbl_MAIN are ok.

The data that is to populate a record on frm_MAIN is in a table.
The table "dbo_MBMSTRTB":
- is external to Access.
- is an automated daily export from a legacy system and drives one or two other applications. (My usage of this table will be read only)
- resides in a static location on another server.
- is formatted for easy import or Machine Source link. (tested linking - all good)
- contains roughly 84,000 records.
- contains duplicates in my key field. -This is a member database and the creator of the legacy system chose to use the [SSN] of a member for that member and also for any spouse or dependent. Example: 111-22-3333 John Doe (primary member), 111-22-3333 Jane Doe (spouse), 111-22-3333 Janet Doe (female dependent 1).
- contains many more columns(71) than needed(12-15)

I'm pretty sure you guys can imagine how it starts to grind when it goes to look through all of that. I tried driving this with a query that only contains the 15 columns I need and it still lagged a bit.

That's about it really. Maybe you guys can point me in the right direction?

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Preferred Solution: Need solid theory for look up/auto-pop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I'm looking for resources that covers theory and practice behind how audio, video, and general multimedia are handled and processed within Windows 7, including major apps like VLC, Zoom Player, Media Monkey, etc. Anything is welcomed: links, books, whatever. I know a few details but I'm trying to find things that will help me to tie it all together. Thanks.

A:Multimedia Theory Wanted: references, theory of operation, etc.

What are you wanting to do with this information? Is it academic, or is there something specific you are wanting to do that you think this will help you do?

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Q: Theory

Not being a Techy i would like to ask this=

What is the right way to use the second [slave] HD in the computer?
Should I keep the master just for system and programs and put doc. on the slave? I am approaching 1/2 usage on the "C" and I have a lot of programs that I could switch..I would like to hear your opinions even though they may differ... Thanks a bunch.papaalw


I would use it for MP3s, DVDs etc. unless you're not into that, then I'd use it for data.

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In theory my laptop with a belkin 802.11g wireless network card should just connect to a netgear 802.11g wireless router without any problems?
Assuming the laptop is set to auto detect ip address details etc and that the router has no security set up on it.

A:In theory....


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Hey guys.

Does anybody know if Knoppix is any good. It's supposed to be an 'alternative' kind of op-sys, but I don't think much of it.

Any suggestions ???

A:Laptop theory

i would say it is preety good, u can use it as a recovery tool for windows, preety good tool got all the programs needed.

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My boss has an Old MS Database that he's been using for a few years now. It has alot of info in it. Anyways, the guy that designed it is no where to be reached. I have called him, had the ex call him, emailed him, (over several years) its obvious, I'm not going to get anywhere there. Kinda crappy if you ask me after paying the guy $14k for the program and no support. But in anycase, my boss had downsized since he got this program, and isnt making that sort of $ anymore. But this year he got me a new puter, yay! Its a Win 8, and it has MS Office (w/database) 2010. I noticed there's been some changes and the database doesnt want to work so well on this machine. For me, its not big deal, i found a work around the issue, for my less tech savvy boss though, its like navigating through a maze blindfolded and not able to see the arrows pointing the way out. So i sat and thought, if I were to get my hands on a copy of MS Access 95 or 97, and installed it on this machine, would that fill in some of the missing files to make it run, or are those versions of MS Office/access too old to run on a new machine? Any input would be appreciated, i am not skilled enough to modify the database, nor build a new one and attempt to import the info, so trying to revive this old DB and keep it around till maybe the boss gets his operation back up to where he might be able to build a new one some day.

A:I have a theory, think it might work?

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Folks, I don't go for conspiracy theories, but I have to admit that this is a good one.

Hospitals, fire departments, police departments, etc., are rarely the first to change to a new operating system. Most of the pioneering is done by home users. This is fine with MS, because they don't want to be sued. By forcing consumers to switch to 10, MS can get the bugs worked out safely.

But the service organizations are often using XP. The ones using 7 or 8x often have an IT person with the ability to keep them off of 10. They will miss out on having their systems shut down because of glitches in a new OS.

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How does a frame from one NIC reach another within a subnet? Is the frame broadcasted to all NIC's on the subnet and the one with the corresponding MAC address accept the frame?

A:Theory Q: Multiplexing

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Microsoft said to Invest $3.5 Billion in Research in Motion | N4BB - News for BlackBerry

There isn't too much that RIM holds that is of use to Microsoft. There is Mobile Fusion (replacement to BIS), which supports iOS and Android and could theorectically link to Windows Phone (and by extension Windows on ARM) and could replace Domain, but I don't think that is enough for investing over half of RIM's current market cap.

However, RIM owns QNX.
I could go into the technobabble, but basically QNX is an OS designed for very high reliability, security, and responsiveness.

In Windows 8, Metro applications are "sandboxed," meaning there is a clear layer of separation between the application and the OS. This is how the same applications will work on Windows on ARM, and also allows for something else:

If Microsoft was to rebuild Windows on top of QNX, they would be able to take advantage of all of the capabilities of QNX, while still being able to run Metro applications flawlessly. Legacy support could be maintained by turning Desktop into a self-contained virtual machine, sort of like "XP mode"


A:[theory] Windows 9+ to be based on QNX?

More likely based on/around Projects Singularity and Midori

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I have noticed something recently.
Look at the original windows logo, how many colors are there?
4, blue, red, green, and yellow.

Look at the windows 10 Threshold update Logo and Background and Theme. The main color is BLUE.
Look at the windows 10 Redstone update Logo and Background and Theme. The main color is RED.

What I believe is happening:
I feel that Microsoft is basing the windows 10 updates on the main four colors of the old logo. It is possible that the next update could be based on yellow or green.

What do you all think about this?

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Actually, I have a question for one of you tech gurus...

Now it's become standard practice to use the SATA II interface for hooking up multiple drives, SataII to ESata for external drives and all that jazz. It's a fast interface at 3 gb per second and the connection is clean and well designed, somewhat like a USB interface, although far better, faster and better made for things LIKE hard drives...

So my question is this: How -theoretically- possible is it to create a driver that would allow SATAII networking, hooking a small red (or blue) molex cable up to a SATA port on the motherboard of PC 1, then the other end to the SATA port on PC 2...

We can do it via USB, why can't we do it with SATA jacks? Or can we? I mean, it would make file transfers a breeze at 3gb per second... It would be fantastic in my opinion. But how possible is it to achieve?

A:SATA-II Networking Theory?

The SATA cables and interface are just the pipeline... You need a lot of engineering to send and more engineering to receive.
Don't you think they are already working on this as fast as they can...

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How is an IP address associated with a network card?

For example, there are two Windows computers with wireless network cards, and a wireless LAN access point. Both computers are issued DHCP by the access point. How does one computer connect to the other knowing its IP address?

A:Networking Theory Q: How Is An IP Address Associated With NIC?

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Is it possible to create (WITHOUT an existing valid/working internet connection?) a valid/working Wi-Fi internet connection using two pc(s) and each pc having Wi-Fi hardware (i.e. either a Wi-Fi card or Wi-Fi adapter) and physically programming in 2 sets of valid/working IP addresses 9as well as being abler to surf the web/download etc)Both pieces of Wi-Fi hardware I have (a Wi-Fi card in one pc and a W-Fi adapter in another pc) have both an AP mode built into the driver Wi-Fi scanning software as well as Ad-hoc mode as wellBy 2 sets (since this will be using 2 pcs) I mean the IP address, subnet mask address, default gateway address and both parts of the DNS server addresses, as well as the details of the additional DNS addresses (the details that you put into the second tab of the advanced TCP/IP properties option or page) and also the details of the wins server addresses (the details that you put into the third tab of the advanced TCP/IP properties option or page)2 things though, I am not clear where you go putting the DHCP server address (as mentioned in the ipconfig /all command, as part of the command prompt) or do you program that address using the netssh command (again, as part of the command prompt), if so how would I go about doing that, since you can?t enter those details into the 1st tab of the advanced tcp/ip properties options or page (which is where you enter the IP address, subnet mask address, default gateway address and both parts of the DNS server addresses)... Read more

A:a little theory i have about wifi connections (pc)

seems as though something is up with posting on this site so i'll see if i can do the post againIs it possible to create (WITHOUT an existing valid/working internet connection?) a valid/working Wi-Fi internet connection using two pc(s) and each pc having Wi-Fi hardware (i.e. either a Wi-Fi card or Wi-Fi adapter) and physically programming in 2 sets of valid/working IP addresses (as well as being able to surf the web/download etc)Both pieces of Wi-Fi hardware I have (a Wi-Fi card in one pc and a W-Fi adapter in another pc) have both an AP mode built into the driver Wi-Fi scanning software as well as Ad-hoc mode as wellBy 2 sets (since this will be using 2 pcs) I mean the IP address, subnet mask address, default gateway address and both parts of the DNS server addresses, as well as the details of the additional DNS addresses (the details that you put into the second tab of the advanced TCP/IP properties option or page) and also the details of the wins server addresses (the details that you put into the third tab of the advanced TCP/IP properties option or page)2 things though, I am not clear where you go putting the DHCP server address (as mentioned in the ipconfig /all command, as part of the command prompt) or do you program that address using the netssh command (again, as part of the command prompt), if so how would I go about doing that, since you can?t enter those details into the 1st tab of the advanced tcp/ip properties options or page (which is where you enter the IP ad... Read more

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Hi all!

I'm trying to make the most out of the Windows 7 features concerning networking and resource management and I'm curious as to if anyone else can verify the behaviour of the Homegroup accessibility issues I'm having, namely;

The message "No other homegroup computers are currently available" may show up if you have not logged in to any other computers within the homegroup.

The important part here; logged in. Because my boxes are powered on, I've made sure of that. But they're not necessarily logged in with an account yet and this seem to affect discovery of computers within a homegroup.

Perhaps this is common knowledge because I did search for this issue and didn't find an answer but I'd like to get some kind of second opinion from you others who are getting on with Windows 7.

Thank you in advance!

A:No other homegroup computers are... [Theory]

If you keep getting that error message than try this.

Clear some files from here and restart and see if the issue persits..

If you have an XP machine in the Homegroup then things probably won't work correctly.
If you are having problem sharing with the XP machine in a work group this fix might help.

To resolve this issue, set the value of the restrictanonymous registry entry to 0. To do this, follow these steps: Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
Locate and then double-click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
On the right side, double-click restrictanonymous.
Make sure that the value in the Value data box is set to 0, and then click OK.
Close Registry Editor.
Restart the computer.

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So.. I was looking at all the data rates involved between devices in motherboards and noticed it is quite lopsided.

You've got some things as slow as 10Mb/s and others as fast as 16GB/s (video)

What is so special about video cards and PCI-e 2.0 that lets a whopping 16GB/s pass through? (in theory)

Imagine if your whole motherboard and all components were made out of the stuff they make high-end video cards out of and could actually transfer data like vid. cards and the PCI-e bus does... just wow.

The only thing stopping this that I can think of is cost.. but surely there must be other reasons or rich gamers would be using this tech already?

A:Advanced Computer Theory..

Hi there
High speed Video (Full HD) requires a HUGE bandwidth -- if the Video bus is too slow then your screen will pause between refreshes giving either a flickering display or a pixellated output.

The next area to look for improvement is in the data transfer to DISK -- slow disks will KILL any system deader than the deadest dodo.

Of course to achieve these data speeds the CPU / Motherboard main data bus must be able to operate a fast enough speed to satisfy the data transfer requests.

Other data transfer requests such as Audio aren't so important and can operate magnitudes of order slower for example Network cards. However if you are Steaming HD video from the Net then even the network card will need a fast transfer rate.


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Hi have purchased driving theory test kit from official DSA but it is not running, funny enough a DVD from the same pack is running well. My system is sony vaio VGN FS 315B and OS is windows XP home purchased in Oct 2005. really appreciate if any one could help.

A:driving theory test

Try it on a different system?


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Without giving specifics i want the general on this: is it possible to pass an entire array between two classes (i.e. assuming we have Class A:


Pubcodelic Class A {
int x[][] = new int[#][#]
c b = new b();

and then another class, b:


Public Class b {
public void doWhatever()

so, then how can i pass all the values in the array x, in class A, to class B?

Can it be done....semi-easily?

A:Solved: JAVA Theory

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Hi fellow Window Seven goers. I've heard that the desktop computer & the lap top computers will have a setting on the computer so you can touch what your doing. Well I do have to ponder a question to you guys that are testing Windows Seven out be for the release date comes.

My question's:Will the screen break if you use the touch screen on a lap top?
Do I need to get a specially monitor for the touch screen that will be add to Windows Seven?
If I do need a specially touch screen, will Windows Seven come up with one that does expect Windows Seven software. An if I wanted to get a touch screen how wood I know if it is a touch screen other then a regular monitor, wood it say it is a touch screen ect.

A:What do you think about the touch screen theory?

You are going to need a Touch Screen Monitor..

Examples of touch screen monitors..


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I know they say we shouldn't use more than one Anti Virus, but wouldn't that be a good thing? You would have combined virus definitions for more protection.

Am I wrong with this? Everything seems to work in theory. =P

A:Anti-Virus theory.

Would not most of those definitions be duplicated and just make your system work hard for no benefit?

I guess that an AV with good detection rate such as Avira would give more protection than two with poorer detections combined anyway.

The greater problem seems to be with new and unknown viruses and how to detect and stop those before they can infect your computer.

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My PC desktop uses the network "bizz1" as how it was set up. I couldn't make the network to connect for my new Macbook, so I called the internet provider. The tech told me that the network now is "bizz123." So, I used the new network name in the MAcbook to set up the network connection.

The strange thing is that the X-box has always connected to the network with the original network name "bizz1" even since a week ago, when I needed to change the network name to bizz123. Then, yesterday, after being OK with bizz1 for a week, the X-box couldn't work with bizz1. Nothing worked yesterday, but today bizz123 was shown up on the screen. We got it connected, while the MacBook was off. How can the Mac be off, yet provide the connection to the X-box. The Mac is not even the primary network that connects the internet gizmo directly. I don't understand the theory. Can somebody explains why different networks connect each other, why X-Box was fine using the original network until yesterday, and why Mac can connect the X-Box while it's off? Thanks

A:Solved: Theory behind different networks?

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yesterday i had a dream: i changed the default program for .exe extension and nothing worked
so in reality, if i change the default program for .exe files(like we do with other files open with,...), what might happen?

A:[Theory]Messing with .exe's default program

...your dreams will come true...roflmao.

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has any body beaten or very far in splinter cell chaos theory? i am stuck on one of the levels. i think it is the last level. its that very long level with the elevator, and where you have to deal with a missle launch. it looks like i have killed everyone, i got all the logs. i dont know where to go next. seems like i have walked the entire map. i read a walkthrough and it said that i haave to go to some train. how do i get to the train. i dont see anyhting.

A:Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

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i have a small problem. i got almost halfway through the game, and i needed to format my HD. so i lost all the save files and have to start allover agian. but before i formatted i backed up the save files. but when i tried to put the files back to how they were, the game does not see them and still starts me from the begging of the game. how can i fix this problem? thanks.

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The user would be running Windows 2000 or XP.

I want to place a file on their computer from a remote location (with their permission as they would be downloading it from me) that they cannot move, copy, or rename in any way. They would not be able to edit any settings within their system or use a crack to make this possible either. They would on the other hand be able to open this file with a program I provide them. This file would also auto-delete itself after a 1 month period.

Is this possible?


A:Windows 2000/XP Theory Question

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I have had two different infections on two XP machines that I use, one at home and one I travel with for work. Acquaintances of mine have also had similar if not the same infections in the past since before December 2009 approximately.

I've become very good at getting rid of it quickly after having dealt with it so many times. But it boggles my mind how I could see it recur again on my own machines. Well, today, after half a year of first seeing this, I got infected again, and here's what I noticed:

I was using Google Chrome. I did a Google search for Acer Aspire X1301 quieter fan replacements and was going through the search results and one of them was one of those "FixYa.com" web results. I think its a site that harvests posts and puts ads all over their pages, not exactly sure though, but the instant I clicked on it I knew something was wrong, Chrome wasn't responding so I immediately shut it down, then I got an error about Adobe Acrobat and a memory allocation error (my big clue if you read on).

I closed all the open programs (not through Taskmgr, just closing open windows), and then restarted Chrome and continued my browsing. Within 30 seconds I had the popup in my taskbar saying I was infected with spyware and it was scanning my system, and I had the wonderful splash screen with the good ol' Anti-Virus Live or 2010 or whatever it said, I didn't pay too much attention, I recognized it immediately. I just hit power on my computer i... Read more

A:AntiVirus Live - Recurrences - Theory

I just realized I had the Mbam log... so here is what it found today just by the Google search and the FixYa.com link I clicked on and about a minute later...


Database version: 4214

Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 (Safe Mode)
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702

6/25/2010 8:09:20 AM
mbam-log-2010-06-25 (08-09-20).txt

Scan type: Full scan (C:\|)
Objects scanned: 306370
Time elapsed: 1 hour(s), 21 minute(s), 42 second(s)

Memory Processes Infected: 0
Memory Modules Infected: 0
Registry Keys Infected: 4
Registry Values Infected: 2
Registry Data Items Infected: 3
Folders Infected: 0
Files Infected: 2

Memory Processes Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Memory Modules Infected:
(No malicious items detected)

Registry Keys Infected:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\avsoft (Trojan.Fraudpack) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\avsuite (Rogue.AntivirusSuite) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\avsoft (Trojan.Fraudpack) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\avsuite (Rogue.AntivirusSuite) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

Registry Values Infected:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\brroruta (Rogue.AntivirusSuite.Gen) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.

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- Access 2007
- Standard dual core Intel desktop
- Split FE/BE
- Multi-user

What I'm dealing with:
- I have a form that drives user data input into my main table repository. Form consists of the usual text fields, combos, and control buttons.
- One field is called [SSN] on the active form. We'll call the form "MAIN"
- I need to use the data from the [SSN] on MAIN to challenge a separate table of records in which each record contains two SSN fields under different column names.
- Both fields must be searched for the currently active data in the [SSN] field.
- Let's call the challenge table RnLCheck.
- Let's call the two fields that must be searched [AltPayeeSS#] and [MemberSS#].

My general idea:
- User creates a new record with an [SSN] on MAIN form
- A document type [DocType] is selected along with other choices. [DocType] is a combo. [DocType] with a selection of "Death" is the only condition in which the challenge should occur.
- Some point, after which the [SSN] is entered, a query is kicked off.
- Query with positive result (meaning it found the same SSN in one of the fields of RnLCheck) returns a form with the data from that record.
- Form is pre formatted with verbiage and record data (verbiage not currently in challenge table but can be added if it's easier).
- Form is emailed via MS Outlook to addressee.
- Proceed... Read more

A:Solved: Input needed: Best theory for my need

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Hi, Recently in my network I had two infections with CryptoWall Version 3.0, so after reading as much as possible about this kind of infection and doing some test I found out some file, that gets deleted right before the encryption starts, that could be handy. Here is my theory: The virus get's on the computer and it runs, before it starts to encrypt the file it does erase the shadow copies and restore points, and at some point it needs to generate the public and private key in order to be able to start the encryption. Also because the links in the final page (and on every folder) are ending with some string that is different from one infection to another, that raises the probability that the keys are generated locally, uploaded to a database over the internet, and only after this succeeds the encryption of files starts. The idea explained before is based on a file discovered on both of the infected computers. It is called Recovery_file_[random chars].txt. I was able to recover with Recuva the files from both computers and what I found inside raised some questions and the before mentioned theory. Inside the file there are 5 lines with scrambled characters. The last line is matching the ending string from the links from the ransom page/text file, the others could be the private key and the public key with some check sum ??! What is your opinion on this? Is anyone who paid the ransom able to send me the Decryption software so I can test the st... Read more

A:CryptoWall infection - THEORY - possible solution

No one? (if you cannot reply to this post and have the decryption software from a paid ransom, please feel free to PM me)

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Sup ppl,well as my title says

First of all heyia everyone ^^ New here

Well ima start my story.

Bought an Acer M1640 like an year ago it came like this :

CPU : C2D E2180 @ 2GHz
RAM : 2GB Ram @ 667 MHz
GPU : Integrated Gefocre 7050/Nforce 620i
HDD : 320GB
PSU : 250Watts

but i wasnt even looking at the PSU And bought a 8600 GT 512 MB DDR2 also OC'ed my CPU to 3GHz and the ram at 740MHz and it worked fine,well later after that i bought a Gigabyte GT 220 1GB DDR 3 740/1620/840 which is my current and i get RE5 with maybe 40-50 FPS at least at max settings 4x AA.

So my question is....

After searching that i wanna have 4GB Ram and another HDD 500GB + a Chipset cooler, i just saw my PSU Only at 250watts,isnt it gonna damage my computer ? As only the GPU needs at least 450Watts ? What about the rest ?Isnt the CPU Needing a bit more at 3GHz ? I mean,my computer seems to work fine,no restarts nor any other problems but is it beeing damaged atm or would it be damaged after i put 4gb ram + hd 500gb + chipset cooler ?

Thanks in advanced people ^^

A:PSU : 250 Watts / But Computer requires more (In Theory)

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I have Word 2002, SP3, for Windows Office XP Pro.

My problem is I want to permanently turn OFF the autocorrect options (all of them: correct initial capitals, correct first letters of days, etc etc, autoformat, as well as auto text and auto type).

Yes, I have unchecked all the boxes in Tools > Autocorrect Options, the problem is I have to painstakingly go though all the boxes every time I open Word and uncheck them. My setups are not remembered.

I can't figure out how to make these options stay set this way.

I've tried installing the Office Resource Kit and setting a system policy (though I am the only user on this PC), but no success.

I had to rebuild my system a month ago -- before that, I never had any problems, Word seemed to remember exactly my preferred set up and saved autocorrect options etc to the normal template.

I checked the normal template and it is in Doc Settings folder where it should be.

I searched the forums and Word help but can't seem to find any advice, mainly because most people usually run these options and they only wish to modify the instances where they apply, rather than permanently disable them.

Please help! Much appreciated! Thanks!
Sydney Australia

A:Solved: I want to kill off autocorrect, auto format, auto text, auto type

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Hi, is there anybody who would no how to run a pc game without it running on cd?
The main objective is to run Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory on my laptop but will run down the
Batteries, with the laptop looking for the cd is there a patch for this ?? if so how and where,
I am off on holiday soon and a long boring flight will be less painful ( if the batteries last )
And yes I no I could buy another battery but at a 100 not poss

Regards Keith

A:Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory patch

Most (if not all) new games require the CD to play.

Getting a programs that doesn't require the CD is illegal, and that is something TSG does not support.

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how can i play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory without a CD? i do this all the time with all the games i own but splinter cell is very hard to get to work without a CD? this is legal becasue i do own the actual DVD of the game. i have tried some of the exe fixes at gamecopyworld.com but they do not work. has anyone got it to work? if so can you show me step by step? Thanks. i like to play it on the laptop, and when running on battery power the DVD player really sucks power. i could stay longer unplugged if the game ran off the HD. Thanks

A:Play Splinter Cell Chaos Theory without CD

I am fairly sure what you are doing is illegal; although you have the CD, or atleast say you do, it is against what the company originally intended.

If you are using sites such as gamecopyworld.com to help you, we will not be assisting you.

Wait and see what the mods have to say.

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I am debating how to approach my home network. I have been running network of 3 computers all on XP, with one doing dual duty as a printer and file server.

I have added two new additions to the family, a desktop and laptop running Win 7.

I am debating what to do next. I have successfully networked my new computers to the old network (Win7 rocks for that).

My dilemma is do I continue to use my old XP server box, or make my new Win7 desktop my shared computer. I have had no issues, and my old XP box, although 6 years old, is humming along and has plenty of capacity and also has a backup solution in place. My new box is quite peppy with a 1TB drive

I am thinking I have 3 options:
Change nothing
Make the new desktop replace the xp desktop as the server, and turn the old box into a glorified backup device and maybe a printer server.
Reimage and keep old box as a server (PC has lots of junk that my wife and kids have put on it)

As I stated, everything is working fine. Just wondering if I should do something else.


A:Windows 7 / XP home network general theory

Truthfully, I like to present a 3rd option. Install a NAS like the D-Link DNS-323, it includes a print server function as well as the network attached storage. When you add up the cost of running a computer 24/7 in just power consumption, it doesn't take long to pay for the NAS. It will sit in standby and consume around 6 watts, about what a nightlight would use. The full computer configuration will be consuming at least 100 watts, and likely more. Do the math.

Another nice thing about the NAS is it's a whole lot smaller, quieter, and in the summer doesn't add to the heat load for A/C.

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I am a fan of the Splinter Cell series and am replaying it again. Chaos Theory is the 3rd one and I already played the first 2 without any problems on Windows 7.

I installed it, tried to start it and got this message:

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and have a legal DVD of the game.

A:Can't Run Splinter Cell Chaos Theory in Windows 7

hey this should be very easy to fix i mean very easy!

right click on the game icon and go to properties then go to compatability then select the tick box that says run in compatability mode for: then select your choice of one from the drop down menu. (obviously one of the listed ones in the game error message) then select ok and done.

if this works get back to me just so i know.
its a realy good game wy the way have fun playing.

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a while ago i obtained a copy of SCCT(used) and i have pretty much beaten the game but right when i get to the end or at least i'm pretty sure its the ending, my computer freezes at this one part and seems to go into a hibernation mode that i can't stop, only by holding down the on/off button on my pc can i do anything. Anyone know what the deal is? This game plays great up till that part.
im well within the game requirements even though this pc is old


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Exhibit A: The Domain management uses the registry to impose restrictions or configurations.

Exhibit B: The registry is used and accessed by legacy (non-Metro) applications

Exhibit C: Metro applications are sandboxed and cannot access the registry

Exhibit D: Windows on Arm will NOT have access to legacy (even recompiled) applications, nor will it connect to Domains

Conclusion: Microsoft may be attempting to slowly replace the domain for non-Enterprise use

UPDATE: I found this article that explains that Windows 8 will use the registry to manage metro applications. While this throws a ship's spanner into my theory, I have to note that these registry keys are OS-side, with zero ways for the Metro applications to interact with the registry. This means that Microsoft may still be slowly replacing the registry; just that it is still important to Windows 8. This design also allows for the possibility for an update to Windows 8 to (or W9) to replace the registry method without breaking application compatibility.

A:[theory] Microsoft attempting to replace the registry?

If the Metro Apps can't access or use the registry I think it's for the same reason you can't use flash players in Metro IE, = Security.

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I recently bought Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (SCCT) and installed it on my computer with no expectation of trouble. I installed it successfully and entered the installation key that comes with the game. The closest I get to the game starting up is a prompt that says 'Checking Disc...' when you click the shortcut and once the bar fills up, the prompt disappears as if the game were about to start. But it doesn't start. Splintercell3.exe is in my task manager, but the game doesn't start.

I tried every reinstall operandi you can think of. Without patch, with patch 1.01, with patch 1.02, with patch 1.03, etc...none of them worked. So I called UBISOFT tech support. The lady there told me that because I have a 9800GT video card, the game is predated by that card and thats why it's not compatible (can you believe people like that work in tech support?). I took the bait though since my drivers weren't updated fully. Once I updated, nothing different happened. The same thing was told to me by the company I bought the game from on Amazon.

I was so sick of being told that a 2.8ghz P4, 3GB ram, and 9800 gt gaming machine couldn't run a 2005 game, so for the heck of it I downloaded the SCCT singleplayer demo, and everything ran fine. Full graphics, no lag. I can provide a screenshot if needed. No problems at all. So I looked at the disc of the full game, and there were no scratches or anything - it was like brand new.

Totally stumped, later that night ... Read more

A:Splinter Cell Chaos Theory problem

Not suew what the current situation is, but I had this problem for years- first was half life when it first came out, since then rarer but it pops up sometimes. Even though you dont have a writer, the programme still detects it as a "known unit"- for want of a better term- for copying, and as such wont run. I know its a major pain, but the PITAs that decode on copy units dont leave a lot of leaway. Wityh mine, I got rid of the unit I had, after which it worked fine.
With mine, I took the game back abd asked for a refund. The shop gave the usual "cant refund PC games" rubbish, but I pointed out that the box states it may not work, and they did not inform me of this. Stuck at it and eventually got the refund.
The other workaround is to ask, when you buy a game, for a copy of the EULA (end user licence agreement). If they cant supply it ( and they wont, I pretty much guarantee), you can return the game for not agreeing to the EULA. These say if you dont agree to the T and Cs, return tostore. As they didnt tell you this, you can return it. This worked every time, as they are legally bound to it. Return the game, stick to your guns, and be noisy. Not abusive, but point out that it doesnt work, why it doesnt work, and they did not tell you about it. Pick a busy time, they prefer to refunfone than lose other sales.

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In the game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, turning on night vision doesn't show the night vision effects, instead making it completely white. Thermal vision and everything else works fine. It's just night vision. I've messed with the graphics options, but to no avail. Windows Vista 32-bit, nvidia GeForce 8400, latest drivers, I just checked.

I found some other people who had this, but either they didn't get a solution, or their solution didn't work for me.

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Okay so I'm well aware that there's a thread dedicated to explaining how to restore using system image etc.
But what I would like to know in my situation is whether or not I can do what I'm thinking of doing.

(It's probably a no-brainer in which case I just need the thumbs up from you wise people)

To summarize this..

I am using 1 hard drive

I bought a new one

I use the new one to save my system image.

Would I be able to boot up the system image to install the OS into that same hard drive?

A:Transferring files using system image (Theory needs confirming!)

No Starstruck you don't boot the disk with your system image. You need to create a Windows repair disk (or use your installation disk if you have one), boot from that and restore your image using that. You cannot restore to the drive that contains the image, but you can restore to the original HDD.

System Repair Disc - Create

System Image Recovery

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I was trying to install and program and when it reaches the "Registering Files" part an error message appears which says:


unable to register the dll/ocx regsvr32 failed with exit code 0x3

Click to retry, abort or ignore (not recommended).

Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Error when installing Driving Theory Test program

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When I play the demo after restarting my PC, it runs beautifully for about 2 minutes. After a certain amount of time the game starts slowing down. Eventually the game slows to a crawl and I can't get it running better unless I get out of the game completely and restart my PC. Now honestly my system is not the best but c'mon, on all low settings with a clean PC and the latest drivers on everything, the game should not be going below 10 fps in any area.

Here are my specs:
2.26 Ghz Pentium 4
512 RAM
ATI Radeon 9600XT 128mb (Catalyst 5.2 Drivers)
Latest Sound and Video Drivers
Clean of all temporary files, spyware and viruses

Whats wrong with it?

A:Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Demo, Low Performance

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I've just installed Splinter Cell Chaos Theory on my machine. After I double-click the game's icon, a window opens and it says this:


Application installed successfully. Reboot the computer to complete the installation. Continue?

If I click NO nothing happens. If I click YES, the machine reboots and I get the same message again and again....

I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit if it makes any difference....

Please tell me how to fix the problem.

A:Problem with Splinter Cell Chaos Theory installation

Hi -

How old is the Splinter Cell Chaos Theory software app?

Windows 7 Compatibility Center - http://www.microsoft.com/windows/com...eory&os=32-bit

Windows 7 compatibility problems - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/w.../compatibility

Regards . . .



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is any way to fix these problem?
the message are:
setup has experienced an error
please do the following:
- Close any running program
- Empty your temporary folder
-Check your internet connection
then try to run setup again
Erroe code -6005

ive tried to fixed with delete c:/program files/common files/installshield/profesional/runtime
but nothing change..

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Hi, how are you?
I bought that games yesterday, and I tried to connect to the servers at ubi.com But when I put my password on the game with my user name, the program would tell me: Unable to connect to UBI.com I read the ports that should be open for the game, and I think I opened them, but I'm not sure.
I have one firewall on the computer, which is the ZoneAlarm, another one on the router, the router is a Linksys WRT54GS, and then I think there's a 3rd firewall on my modem, the modem is a 2Wire Homeportal 1000S (can not remember how to access it though).
So, what I did yesterday was to disable Zonealarm, and then I disabled the firewall on the router, but the game wouldn't connect. I don't know if the one keeping me from connecting to ubisoft's servers is the modem.
Any help is greatly appreciated!


PS: I am running the game on a laptop, the connection that the laptop is using it's a wireless one.

A:Solved: Chaos Theory Versus mode connection problem

After talking to LinkSys and SBC... I got my problem soolved.
The problem was the firewall on the modem, that was the one keeping me from connecting to the servers, so yeah, if you have the same problem as me, and you have the 2Wire, it's probably that the one that is keeping you from enjoying it .
I completled disabled the the firewall there, and it looks like it's working now.
Thanks anyways!


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My computer has been like this for the past months, every minute, every hour, every seconds. it reboots, shutdown, and hibernate automatically, and sometimes wait for around 5-10mins before it my pc turn on. I full scanned my computer but found nothing. Can someone help me? This is my Hijack log.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:17:59 PM, on 11/6/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\CLI.EXE
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\GrooveMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ulead Systems\AutoDetector\monitor.exe
C:\Program Files\SpeedBit Video Accelerator\VideoAccelerator.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InterVideo\SchSvr\SchSvr.exe
C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\InCD\NBHGui.exe
C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\InCD\InCD.exe
... Read more

A:auto reboot, auto shutdown, auto hibernate ~_~

I see you have My Web Search installed. Do you use this?

Most of the time, this is actually malware.


every minute, every hour, every seconds.
That's a very broad piece of information. So you are saying sometimes
you get hours out of your PC before it shutsdown/hibernates?

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My computer has been like this for the past months, every minute, every hour, every seconds. it reboots, shutdown, and hibernate automatically, and sometimes wait for around 5-10mins before it my pc turn on. I full scanned my computer but found nothing. Can someone help me?

A:auto reboot, auto shutdown, auto hibernate

You need to check Control Panel, Power Options. (screenshot)

Note the tabs. In this dialog you set your options and they are set for the Power Scheme shown. In Laptops, there are usually 2 schemes listed, one for AC powered and a separate for Battery powered.

Desktop OR AC powered Laptop, the only thing you MAY want to turn off is your Monitor.

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I am looking for a new laptop. I currently have a X121e and recall it being extremely easy to configure on Lenovo's site. So I decided to look at the X270. However, having had great difficulty even starting to configure it (apparently, Lenovo does not favour Firefox any longer), I'm currently having trouble understanding the choices. The first is the choice between PCIe and SATA PointingDevice. Following some discussion, I gather this has nothing to do with any kind of pointing device, but affects my HDD/SSD choices. OK, so let's see what the PCIe choices give me. I get 5 'first hard drive' options. (Nothing I do gets me a 'second hard drive' option, so not sure about this. Or rather, I almost understand this now I've read the platform specification, the user manual, the hardware maintenance manual and various posts on Reddit. Lenovo do like to make buying a challenge!) Now, however, I've reached the end of my google-fu. Intel 256 GB Solid State Drive OPAL2.0 PCIe-NVMe256 GB Solid State Drive PCIe-NVMe OPAL2.0 - CapableIntel 512 GB Solid State Drive OPAL2.0 PCIe-NVMe512 GB Solid State Drive, PCIe-NVMe OPAL2.01 TB Solid State Drive OPAL2.0 PCIe-NVMeI understand the difference beween 1/2 and 3/4 and 5 is obviously size. Fine. But what is the difference between 1 and 2, and between 3 and 4? 1 and 3 are Intel, whereas 2 and 4 are what? Not-Intel? Presumably, Then what's wrong with the Intel drives, that the unbranded versions are cheaper than the branded ones?... Read more

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