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Black Screen appears 2 secs after Logon Screen shown

Q: Black Screen appears 2 secs after Logon Screen shown

I cannot get to my desktop as this black screen is preventing me to do so.

It doesn't even give me enough time to log in!
It happened once before but it magically started to work the other time.
This never happened when I was still using the stock 640GB HDD that the laptop came with. So maybe I'm thinking it's because of my SSD having problems?

Fortunately, I can still get to Safe Mode and it says I got a BSOD and here's some details that it showed:

BCCode: d1
BCP1: 0000000000000010
BCP2: 0000000000000002
BCP3: 0000000000000000
BCP4: FFFFF8800170F5D6

I went to Event Viewer and took a look on what made my computer mess up and it says that winlogon.exe and Explorer. initiated the restart of my computer and said there was no reason for it.

Preferred Solution: Black Screen appears 2 secs after Logon Screen shown

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Black Screen appears 2 secs after Logon Screen shown

This will probably be moved to http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-debugging/.

Follow http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-d...tructions.html to provide us with more information to better assist you.

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My Dell Inspiron 1100 is over 6 years old at this point, quite the dinosaur. However, I still have a bit of old data I would love to remove before it really bites the dust.

When I boot up the machine, usually the display is clear and bright. However, after no more than a minute the screen goes black and only a faint outline of the desktop remains. What is the problem and what do I need to do to solve it?


A:Dell Inspiron 1100 screen goes black 30 secs after booting up, faint screen outline


backlights or invertor board is failing (failed).

If there is an external monitor socket on it use a monitor to see the screen and then you can backup your data.

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A BSoD issue...

PIII Intel 82845 motherboard PC with Win XP SP2.
I had previously installed Vista Pack (thus replacing the Logon UI interface, other start menu etc) However that was removed half a yr back. It didn't quite uninstall Logon Ui. However, that did not pose any problem, as the XP without traces of Vista Pack continue to Boot up (although Logon screen splashed Vista type Logon Ui)..

That was to prepare you for history of this XP installation.

then, few days back, I used a exhaustive program called TuneUp utilities for XP 2008 edition. Somehow, I got hooked into changing Display setting etc. No probs. However, on few tries of changes, I happened to remember I clicked on the Configuration option of , 'Switch to Default Windows XP Logon UI' or something that prompted that TuneUp wants to bypass the VistaLOGON Ui.

After that setup change, the XP goes to boot process. On appearance of Logon screen, which somehow, it still props up old Vista Ui logon, a BOSD appears. STO P error. "Your system has been shutdown to prevent damage to registry."

I tried all options in Safe Mode, F8 button. I also used the "Don't shutdown on bluescreen option" That's how I managed to note down the Registry thing.

It also prompts me to disable 'Shadowing' option of RAM in BIOS. Although I doubt, cause the XP was working fine without any bios change.

I do not hv any backup disk or a bootable XP disk. Though I am having a Win95 partition and can boot to... Read more

A:LOGonUI.exe corrupt? Blue screen as soon as Logon Screen appears

One small thing to add: How can i copy the LogonUI.ex_ from a directory created for a XP SP2 file set, to windows\system32\logonUI.exe Is it a command called as expand.exe Is it inside XP SP2 directory. Can it be run from DOS bootup without HIMEM access. Basic DOS? Or is it recommended to boot up from XP bootable CD and run expand .exe to unpack LogonUI.ex_ or just copying internet dowloaded LogonUI.exe for SP2?

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3 Days ago while I was playing Dota 2 my screen went black for one second and then it came back (the green led was on), later that night it happened again. The next day happened again when I was playing Star Conflict.

Today it did it like 10 times already, once while I was in firefox, rest in Star Conflict. At one particular map, where I had no problem playing yesterday. When I was facing a supernova (large burning fireball in space) the monitor went black then came back then black, when I turned the ship away the monitor was fine. I slowly moved the ship around to see when the screen goes black and when it reached the fire (or something beyond it).

Powered down pc, took it apart, cleaned it and checked if everything is connected nice and tight. It had some (a lot) of dust, carefully removed it, cleaned the cpu and the vga fans both. Started pc, started firefox, winamp and star conflict (these 3 program were running when I had the black screen), I got this black screen for a second in the garage of the game.

Right now im going to reinstall my graphics card driver, will update with result.

In the meanwhile. What can cause this? How to fix? I googled it before I came here, some people claimed its dead transistors on the motherboard, some said its memory fault, someone else said its the cables, some other dude said its vga and go replace it....none of these guys had a solution.

PC specs:

win 7 64 bit (2 months old install)
2*2 GB 1333mhz ram
Radeon HD 5... Read more

A:Screen goes black for a few secs randomly


Reinstalled the vga driver, now whenever I start a game the screen goes black and comes back after a few seconds, then goes black again and again and again. I have music in the background. If I close the game with alt+f4 the screen fixes.

Games I tried: Dota2, Rift, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, Kotor2, Star Conflict
I have other games too but didnt bother with them.

So, what now? If you tell me to buy a new vga I will stick a screwdriver in your arsehole. I have no money to buy a new one.

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Hi, I have an office desktop pc (HP COMPAQ ELITE 8100) running 64-bit Windows 7. I was manually running Windows update and manually updating some of my drivers when the pc suddenly turned itself off.

I turned it back on and now it doesn't get to the login screen anymore. It just displays a black screen with a movable mouse cursor although I can't really click anything or even press any keys on the keyboard.

I tried loading into the recovery environment but it only gives me the option to restore my hard drive to factory settings, which I don't want since I have lots of important files in it.

I've searched around the forums but I can't find a problem that is EXACTLY like mine.

By the way, my pc is on a dual boot mode with an Ubuntu 11.10 and that is how I'm able to access this forum right now. The dual boot was set-up by the employee that I replaced so I have no idea how this is set-up.
Any help would be appreciated!

A:Black screen with movable mouse cursor before login screen appears

Firstly, boot into the Linux operating system, and then create a backup of all important files and data.

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Hey I need immediate help!

It's my sis' previously-formatted HP Pavilion dv5201tx! The problem is as the title above. I can go into safe mode. I've used system restore twice. And in Documents and Settings folder I noticed it has:

Administrator.computer description name
Administrator.computer description name.000

Is it creating more user folders? At some point Administrator.computer description name.000 wasn't there. Corrupted registry hive? I'm not sure! Restarted many times, used Last known good configuration, and it's still black after the boot screen. Please help quick, she uses it a lot. Thank anybody so much..

A:Black screen after boot screen, no welcome screen, no logon screen

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So I started my computer and went to the kitchen. Came back, and my computer seemed like it was sleeping, so I moved the mouse... waited.... and nothing happened. My mouse is a razor copperhead so it lights up. I looked at it and there was no light. So I figured I could just unplug it and plug it right back in just like 100 times before, shake the mouse and my monitor would come on. It didn't work, so I hit the space bar and it still didn't wake up. I know it isn't my monitor because I'm using it on my laptop right now, just to make sure it works. So I'm not sure whats going on. I tried to replug everything back in, restart my computer, turn it off for a while, and nothing seems to work, so I'm here for some help. It is overclocked from a long time ago. I tested my ram by taking out one stick and trying the other, I did it for both sticks, and I substituted my 8800 for my old 6800 video card and the same thing happens. My hard drive light still comes on and I hear it. I bought a new CMOS battery and tried to reset the settings. I was looking at the parts... everything started and the fans started to spin, the CPU fan took a second or two longer than the rest. Is that normal? If so, I never noticed it before. Maybe the CPU is fried? How do I test to see if it's working? I need this thing fixed because I use this PC for everything and I'm a heavy gamer, but I haven't gamed since January! It's murder, lol.

Thanks a lot everybody... Read more

A:Pc starts, restarts after 3 secs, then screen goes black...

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I already did this.Black Screen Hang (after splash screen appears) (usually video driver)- Last Known Good Configuration- Safe Mode- install/reinstall latest version of video drivers. I downloaded the latest video driver and installed it. But the black screen hang still keeps on happening. Please Help

A:Black Screen Hang (after splash screen appears)

What happens when you try to get into Safe Mode?The next most common issue for black screen hangs is a problem with the hard drive.You can try these commands from the Recovery Console ( http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-install-the-windows-xp-recovery-console/ )They will attempt to correct issues with the File System on your hard drive.FIXMBRFIXBOOTCHKDSK /RIf that does not fix it, then I'd suggest a bootable diagnostic available from the manufacturer of your hard drive. There's a list of the most common one's in this thread: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/28744/hard-drive-installation-and-diagnostic-tools/ The diagnostic will tell you if your hard drive is starting to fail (or not).

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Does anyone know what would cause the screen to go black after displaying the boot screen where you can press F2 / F4 etc. I can get into the bios and into the F4 for recovery. 
But the minute it goes past that screen normally, it just stays black and can't see anything (no windows load logo, no white cursor etc)
Hope someone can help

A:Screen goes black after 5 secs. Past bios option

Have you tried f8 to see if you can get into advanced boot options?

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Hi, please i need help.
i just installed some updates on my windows 7 Dell Laptop, which the updates includes: Microsoft Essential and i updated my vlc. later on i did restart and after welcome screen i just saw my laptop black out with mouse cursor. i thought it will just be for
some minutes or maybe due to some changes i just did. but it was all like that for more than 30 mins. it was so really frustrating, i wanted to browse to do some work i couldn't do anything again i have to stay awake for two hours shutting the laptop down
and booting again still  the same thing.
after on i tried to boot in safe mode, which was successful but i realized that some of my softwares would not open, i shutdown again to boot to normal windows thinking maybe is because i boot in safe mode. it was so worst in normal windows. still on black
screen but it didnt last long for 15 mins and the desktop background came up. i was happy  but still my softwares like browser, corel and some other apps will not open, i decided to uninstall the vlc again, but showing me you dont have sufficient permission
to access the application please contact your computer administrator. i was just helpless.
the screen task bar atimes turned to white if i restart the windows or shut it down and put it on again. but windows media player works perfectly i can watch film and i can scan with the Microsoft Essential. i checked the settings to see maybe is the Microsoft
Essential i downloaded that deni... Read more

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---Wow this is frustrating, I just got done fixing two other computers- one was helping someone else fix their computer, because they were seeking someone with basic expertise, and here I am seeking someone with higher knowledge to help me out! thanks in advance to all who contribute!--- HP Media Center M8330FWindows Vista 32 bit4GB RAM, NVIDIA graphics card, and plenty of HD spaceF9 hardware diagnastics: A-OK!Suddenly this computer decided to malfunction, without installing anything new, or updates prior to its "crashing." I'm pretty wary to spyware and virus of the like, so I am careful to what is installed and opened on this computer. But for all I know, when I was out of the house someone could have accessed the the machine, infecting it with something. I noticed before I left the house that it took a ridiculously long time to empty out the recycle bin (has anyone else had this problem in vista?). I know there were a lot of high res pictures in there, so I'm guessing quite a few gigs of deletion, but after an hour it hadn't even progressed. It said 13 minutes and appeared to be frozen, but was still moving. I restarted the computer and tried the same thing-- exact same result. <--- this is the only hint I have as to what happened, because before this everything was fine!Anyway, I got home and turned on the computer (after someone turned it off) and it just booted up the HP screen and then went to the windows logo loading page, except t... Read more

A:Windows Vista black screen, no bootup logon screen

It may be that someone didn't turn off the PC rather that it experienced a damaging event and shut down.Suggest you check the RAM - remove and reseat and try rebooting. If not successful your mother board may be damaged - nasty thought.There is also this site which may be relevant.http://support.microsoft.com/kb/831515If you can get your PC going suggest you check Event Viewer. Then restore files from the recycle bin and then use SHIFT/DELETE to get rid of them, delete a small file and see if emptying the recycle bin works OKPaul

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After installing the latest NVIDIA 182.50 Drivers for my 8500 GeForce 8500GT card on my Gateway AMD x64 with Vista Home Premium 64bit, now at start up the Boot screen doesn't come up and neither does the Vista green loading bars, just get black screen, no signal until the Vista Logon screen appears. I used to get the Boot screen with F10 boot options and F2 BIOS options and the Gateway Logo, but not anymore.

Any idea why and how I can get the boot screen back ??

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Hi people, i've just registered to this forum to ask you about this, Since i've made a registry defrag with TuneUp Utilities (which probably has gone wrong), when i reset the computer, and I logon to my user, it shows a black screen, then back at the logon screen. If I do it again, the user doesn't show up anymore!
It happened three times already, i had to make new users, and i'm sick of it. Any ideas of what could it be?

A:Black screen after login for some seconds, then back at logon screen!


Yet another case of registry defraggers causing harm. In the future, you know now to stay far away from them.

I suggest a system restore to get to a point before TuneUp utilities. If that doesn't work, it will be time for a repair install.

Good luck!


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Recently XP Pro has been taking ages to boot up. The system post screens come up and the windows loading bar shows no problem but then before the windows welcome screen appears followed by the desktop i get a black screen for approx 30 - 60 seconds.

Once the desktop has finally loaded the pc works absolutely as normal

I have not installed any new hardware or software recently.

I cannot hear any drive activity during the black screen

Would appreciate any ideas

A:Solved: Black Screen Before Welcome screen appears

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Hey Guys,

I have just installed a new Corsair SSD and for some reason after the windows animation the screen stays black for around 15 seconds and then goes onto the log in section. I am unsure what is causing this but any help would be appreciated. This is a fresh windows install and I have got all of the required drivers. The SSD is going through an Intel SATA 3 socket with ACHI enabled. I have disabled the Marvell adapter and the ASUS boot screen to try and speed things up but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

I know my SSD is working fine as it is blazingly fast once I am in windows. I have the latest BIOS for my motherboard as well.

Video Link Windows 7 hangs after animation - YouTube

My components are:

Sabertooth P67
Intel i5 2500k
Corsair Sandforce 3 60GB
Seagate Barracuda 500GB
Corsair Vengeance 2 x 2 GB

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My laptop was working fine the other day... Came back to it the next morning and the screen wouldn't come on and it kept resetting every 30 seconds or so. Once I finally got it to boot and get to sign in page the screen was all scrambled. But, everything else worked I could log in but couldn't do anything...

Anyone got a solution?

A:blank screen and restarting laptop every few secs or scrambled screen at sign in screen

What do you mean scrambled?

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Hi all,

My desktop runs on operating system, Windows XP Professional.

This morning, when I switched on my computer,I see a SETUP dialog box appearing on after the logon screen.Picture of SETUP dialog box is as follows:

I have scanned my computer for viruses,spywares and trojans with McAfee, TrendMicro & Webroot Spysweeper,and the results showed that my computer is clean.

Could anyone tell me how do I get rid of the SETUP dialog screen?

For additional information, I have listed my Hijack This log entries below:
================================================== =
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 11:13:08 PM, on 29-May-07
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
D:\Program Files\Lock My PC 4\LmpcServ.exe
D:\Program Files\Lock My PC 4\lockpc.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Gmail Notifier\gnotify.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro\type32.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\point32.exe
C:\Program Files\SiteAdvisor\6066\SiteAdv.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_01\bin\jusched.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\fpdisp5 ... Read more

A:Solved: SETUP dialog box appears on after the logon screen

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I tried to do an advanced startup for my Lenovo because i wanted to clean it of some unwanted files, once i did it i got a loading screen then a blacl screen, now im stuck with a computer i cant even use. Please help!!

A:Black Screen with no cursor shown

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I did have the command prompt and the registry opened up but what do I do next? How do I run the dm_log if I can't see my desktop? Please help?

A:Black Screen after Ransomware Ad was shown

Hi sriddle,

Welcome to the 8forums.

Everything between quotes are commands, please type the commands WITHOUT quotes.
Everything between {} are variables, please type the word that is correct for you without the {}
In command prompt use the "cd C:\users\{username}\desktop" command to go to the folder of the desktop.
Type "dir" to get a list of everything in the desktop.
When you find the file you want to run type the command "dir {filename}.exe" and press enter to run it.
When the tool is finished, type the command "copy {filename} {location where you want to copy it to}"

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hello for all, yesterday when i was making log out from my computer, there is no log out screen!! just black screen and mouse cursor, and when i did restart again , no logon screen appears or no any thing in screen , just black screen and mouse cursor too.

I was tried every thing and no difference :
safe mode
startup repair
restore to some point (i dont have a point)
upgrade windows or reinstall it

i think the things maybe was made this poblem are :
i was edited userinit.exe value from registry by deleting the comma from the end of its value.
i used Windows 7 manager to make some clean and fixes some things on computer.

any help please??

Iam a programmer and have alot of projects and i cant access the

A:no logon screen with black screen and mouse

Why is my screen black when I start Windows 7&#63;

Windows 7 Black Screens of Death for Some AMD/ATI GPUs - Softpedia

windows 7 black screen after login, no desktop show up

Windows 7 Loads to a black screen. Whats the - Microsoft Answers

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Hello I have Windows 8.1  and a I got a Black Screen after Ransomware Ad was shown. I thought I had closed out of it but apparently it took. Now when I try to boot up my PC, it just goes to a black screen and I don't know where to go from there. Please help!

A:Windows 8.1 Black Screen after Ransomware Ad was shown

I do have the command prompt and was able to use regedit to get the registry. I tried to restore the computer but it said my computer is locked. Can anyone tell me how to unlock my computer?

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after shutting down my laptop at night in fine state but in moring i found my laptop shows only black screen and nothing no bios no,nothing ...................and i've been trying to repair it deassembled and reassembled but nothing works ...............and 2,3 times i got an error message 502 and something about CMOS ..........and  got nothing what should i do................i've seen many post about complaing about their product .................so please don't make garbage products because of that people has to suffer alot .............Since i bought this laptop the only thing i got is suffering for so many problems...................switchable graphics drivers problem here they suggest me to follow this link and download from hereand why don't they uploaded the driver on the laptops drivers and software section..........my laptop battery gone totally..............my usb ports gone ........ so please stop making garbage products everyone is not rich like you....AND PLEASE CLEARIFY MY PROBLEM 

A:99% times Black screen and nothing and 1% error 502 shown

Hey there @ijustHateHP,  I would like to welcome you to the HP Support Community where you can ask questions, find solutions and get help with your HP Pavilion g6-1302tx Notebook PC not turning on all the time. Please make sure to remove any and all USB devices before troubleshooting. Please disconnect all non-essential devices, as these could cause some issues. Have you connected the Notebook to an external monitor or TV? Please try this step first to see if the display on the external Monitor or TV is black also.  Have you tried performing a hard reset?Do you have any beep codes or blinking LED lights? Have you done a BIOS reset?Do you hear the fan running at all? You had also mentioned that sometimes you get the CMOS Reset (502) Error message. To resolve a BIOS issue, you should install the latest BIOS for your Notebook.  Here is a document for you called Troubleshooting Black Screen Displays with No Error Messages During Startup or Boot.  The document says "there are many reasons that a computer does not startup or boot into the Windows operating system. If your computer will not start or boot, you will see or hear symptoms to indicate the general area of the problem."  Here is another document called Computer Does Not Start: this document has multiple sections that describe the type of issues that are most like the one you are experiencing and under the sect... Read more

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I finally got the command prompt and was able to use regedit to pull up the registry. When I tried to restore the PC it says that my computer is locked. Can anyone help me please?

A:Windows 8.1 Black Screen after Ransomware Ad was shown

Greetings and to BleepingComputer,
My name is xXToffeeXx, but feel free to call me Toffee if it is easier for you. I will be helping you with your malware problems.
A few points to cover before we start:
Do not run any tools without being instructed to as this makes my job much harder in trying to figure out what you have done.
Make sure to read my instructions fully before attempting a step.
If you have problems or questions with any of the steps, feel free to ask me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.
Please follow the topic by clicking on the "Follow this topic" button, and make sure a tick is in the "receive notifications" and is set to "Instantly". Any replies should be made in this topic by clicking the "Reply to this topic" button.
Important information in my posts will often be in bold, make sure to take note of these.
I will attempt to reply as soon as possible, and normally within 24 hours of your reply. If this is not possible or I have a delay then I will let you know.
I will bump a topic after 3 days of no activity, and then will give you another 2 days to reply before a topic is closed. If you need more time than this please let me know.
Let's get going now
Hi sdockery,
 FRST Scan from Safe Mode with Command PromptOn a clean machine, please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to a flash drive.Note: You need to run the version compatible with your system. If you are not sure ... Read more

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This doesn't quite fit into the BSOD section, because it's not really a black screen of death.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate, 64x,
ATI Radeon HD 4800 series video card
4 Gb Ram
And an Intel 2 Quad.

What happens is the windows boot screen appears, then I get a black screen with a mouse cursor.

If I hit "Enter" on my keyboard, then type my password, windows boots onto my desktop.

So really the log on screen is still there...it's just kind of not.

If there are more details I should post please let me know.


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Hi everyone! I was installing a new theme from custopack tools and suddenly my dell x64 laptop (Build 7601 windows 7 sp1 installed) crashed on me. Most probably due to the loose power adapter wire. Now i cant get it back to work. It goes fine till the logon screen but then the screen turns black. I can see the mouse pointer. Same thing happens when i login with safemode settings. Anyone familiar with this!

A:Black screen after the logon screen

You know we could run a lot of complicated procedures, but I think a repair install is your quickest direct route to just looking at your desktop again.
Repair Install
^^^detailed instructions

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I am a new member so hope you can help me. I have a very annoying problem. My computer screen will just go blank (totally black) for about a second and then will return to normal. I also have problems with the mouse cursor freezing up for a second or two. I should say that I am not very technical.

It doesn't appear to be a monitor issue. I have reformated the hardrive and reloaded windows XP and it is still doing it. Is it a hardware issue do you think or could it be a virus. I installed SP2 before connecting to the web and the first thing I downloaded was AVG antivirus. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Thank you

A:Totally Black Screen appears for a second

When you formatted did you install motherboard drivers?
Have you looked in device manager for any yellow or red flags?

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Hi to all EightForums.
today I installed Windows 8 64bits Pro with mediacenter. my problem is very familiar, black screen appears. but its appears only when I restart the computer. and in one thing I m in luck that in black screen if I simply press the power button (which I set to shut down) computer going to shut down and on pressing again its start normally and desktop appears only in 5 seconds. (takes just 5 second after the dell logo, and this is the charming thing I like on win 8). I seen many articles and threads that out of date video driver causing this. but win 8 install my laptop all drivers by it own. but as a precaution, I download again win 8 64bits driver from support.dell.com site. and again I m in luck that dell also have the win 8 64bits drivers for this laptop. but when I install this driver windows says newer driver already install.
any suggestion would be very appreciated.

A:Black Screen appears only on Restart.

You need to update your system BIOS.
Computer Boots to a Black Screen After Windows 8 Upgrade | Dell Asia Pacific

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I have been having this super annoying problem with my windows 8.1 laptop, and I can't remember when it started but it has gotten worse. there is this black box that pops up on the the screen every 2 min. (NOT LYING I HAVE SERIOUSLY TIMED IT) Anyway the
only thing I have seen so far was it says SYSTEM 32 in the green bar on top. Now where this really bothers me is when I'm in full screen mode, watching a movie ,playing a game and so on it just minimizes to the taskbar and I have to open it from there, otherwise
if I'm in windowed mode this "black box" still pops up but doesn't minimize the program.
Usually I would try and figure this out myself but I have gotten nowhere, and the internet has LITERALLY got nothing and the frustration is killing me, so please I need some ADVISE.

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Each time when I turn off my computer it displays a black screen for a few minutes, then Windows XP starts. The computer works just fine, but I don't know why the black screen appears!

The black screen appears this way, as it is shown in the picture:

I will appreciate you help
Thanks in advance

A:Black screen appears before windows starts

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Lately my screen has been acting up. My screen will go completely black for half a second then return to its normal state. It does this every few minutes or so. Anybody know what this could be and what I could do to resolve this issue? I don't know if HighJackThis is useful but here it is:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:58:20 AM, on 29/10/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.5450.0004)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NetworkAccessManager\Apache Group\Apache2\bin\apache.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NetworkAccessManager\bin\nSvcIp.exe
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NetworkAccessManager\bin\nSvcLog.exe
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NetworkAccessManager\bin\nSvcAppFlt.exe
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NetworkAccessManager\Apache Group\Apache2\bin\apache.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\bin\jusched.exe
C:\W... Read more

A:Solved: Black screen - Appears for half a second

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Someone help me please, I need my laptop for school.

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Hello all, Whenever my fingers are on the keyboard, touchpad, screen, or surface of the keyboard, the screen blacks out completely. Every time light pressure is added, even a gentle tap, the screen blacks out. Music continues to play on the laptop even when the screen is black, and if I'm typing, all of the text that I entered while the screen is black remains. Occasionally, by applying pressure to either the bottom left or right corners of the keyboard surface, the screen remains. But even so, slight changes to my hand positions are enough to make the screen black out again.I recently sent in my laptop to Lenovo repair services due to a wifi connection-related problem, but I don't think this could be connected in any way. If anyone has experienced this before or is aware of how to fix the problem, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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recently i have enabled vtx .... while restarting logo appears twice and a black screen appears before windows is looded..

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When I use my computer a black screen appears for 2 seconds and then it goes back to normal

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Yesterday my PC was working perfect. Zero problems. I shut it off for the night, then turn it on this morning. The BIOS image appears, and then it goes to a black screen. I can't do *anything*. I've tried putting in the Windows disc to try repairing, but it won't let me boot to the disc. There's never any option to. I've tried spamming F8 for safe mode and Delete/F2 to enter the BIOS, but nothing changes. It goes straight to the black screen.
Any help in resolving this issue would be much appreciated.
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel i5 processor
gtx 970 Video card
16gb ram
Asus p8z77-v pro motherboard
EDIT: Probably should've done this in the first place. Unplugged everything but the power and monitor cables and it works now.

A:Bios image appears, then black screen

Feedback appreciated...happy computing .

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Vista - Screen/Monitor Problem

I just upgraded to vista about 3 weeks ago, and everything was working fine. I shut my computer off a couple nights ago and when i went to turn it on it went through the regular start-up, and Welcome screen, and then went black. I had an error message that popped up (i will turn the computer on to check what it said and will post it) but everything behind the message was still black.

When i turn the computer on in safe mode the screen works fine. Is there a way for me to see what the problem is in safe mode? I backed up everything, but my recovery disk 1 isn't working (i dont now if it is the computer or the disk, so before i buy new disks i want to see if there is anything that could be done to fix it).

Does anyone recognize this problem? Please Help!

A:Vista - After Welcome screen appears, moniter goes black!

HI sdouce4

You mention that your Recovery Disks don't work -- does that mean that you have attempted a Recovery using those Disks since your problem with the monitor appeared? That could complicate things a little, since such recoveries tend to overwrite areas of the hard drive.

If you haven't tried the Recovery Disks yet, or if you started to, but the recovery was aborted by either you or some error message, then you might still be able to troubleshoot & repair things from the PCs current state.

2 Quick-Fix tries:

Quick-Fix #1
1) Boot your computer into Safe Mode.
2) Right-click on a blank area of your desktop, and select "Properties"
3) In the "Settings" tab, select "Advanced"
4) Look for a "Monitor" tab (the Advanced Settings can vary depending on what graphics card is in your computer)
5) In the Monitor tab, look for a selection area for refresh-rate -- make sure it is a rate supported by your monitor.

(you can do the same for the 'resolution' setting)

Quick-Fix #2
1) Boot your computer into Safe Mode.
2) Use System Restore, selecting a restore point from before your display problem. You can find System Restore by navigating: Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Restore. (You can also simply type "System Restore" in the 'Start Search' box on the Vista Start Menu, and press Enter).

Check in your Event Viewer logs & see if you can find... Read more

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can anyone help with this? i have no idea why its doing it. i've tried restoring to an earlier date and doing other malware amongst other scans.

the desktop will show up once the computer starts up,go black, come back up then go black again before coming right back up.

A:screen goes black when desktop appears at bootup

Is your system XP or Vista?

Did you install a video driver lately? What other changes did you make before this started happening?

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Black Screen appears on returning from DOS to Windows!

While playing any DOS based game in Full Screen mode or while working on Turbo C++ in full sreen mode, when I return to windows, the screen turns black and no display can be seen. In the background, windows sounds like Logging off, etc. can be heard but the only problem is that the screen remains blacked-out. Ultimately I've to restart my system to resolve this error.
I also have the latest graphics drivers installed and I think that this problem started after I installed SP2. Please help so that I do not get a blacked out screen and also that I do not have to restart my system several times.

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I need help my computer has a black screen and the only thing that says is " hard disk not found , please install and operating System on your hard disk "

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Sometimes my monitor goes black for a second, sometimes 3-4 times, and then it locks the screen.
What could cause this?
Can this be related to security?
I have a turn monitor off shortcut, created with nircmd. Can it be related to that?
(No, it doesn?t happen when I use the shortcut, it is on the desktop. It happens, when I turn the mouse wheel sometimes).

A:Monitor goes black and login screen appears

What do you mean by "locks the screen?"

Does the lock screen come on or does the machine freeze (or just become unusable) and you need to hard reboot it?

Sounds like it could be a TDR issue, but we'll see about your response.

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Computer:  Satellite S75D-A7272 Windows 8.  When I power up I get the usual Toshiba logo with loading circle then the screen goes black.  I have kept it on to see if it was loading updates but after 15 minutes nothing.  I've reset my defaults using F12 when powering up but this does not work.  Any suggestions?

A:Black Screen after power on and logo appears

Do you have the installation CD? If so can you boot from it and do a startup repair?
Keep us posted

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Hi all,

This morning when I tried to log-in to my computer as per usual, I was faced with a black screen and could only move my cursor.

I then tried to reformat my desktop with a USB, and it was going on well until the end where the black screen and cursor appeared once again.

I have seen some responses here/online and I have tried a variety of measures but to no avail.

I appreciate any advice. Thanks!

A:Black screen appears towards the end of reformatting Windows 7

Work through the steps to Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums

If these fail then test the hardware from the Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7.

Report back all steps' results as there will be other ones indicated.

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Help appreciated with the following:
A black box appears then disappears then reappears then disappears.....not sure what it could be..I am worried it may be a virus of some sort.
Can someone please assist bearing in mind that I am not a whizz with computers
Many thans in advance!

A:Black box appears and disappears on my screen..is it a virus..please help..

Does this happen when you first turn the machine on? Or just at random times?

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My system windows 7 has been showing the logon screen after cicking on my account,.
It shows welcome and again its shows logon screen.
I logged  in with safe mode and created another account . New account worked fine. After shut down and i again logged in,It shows same problem.
Again logon screen is displaying
Kindly help meee out

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Today I decided to try out Windows 8, and found the free trial of Windows 8 Enterprise at MSDN. I used the upgrade assistant downloaded to install windows 8, and had to choose the option that deleted my previous files, since the original upgrade option was apparently not compatible with my windows. The installation started, and after the second-reboot my computer got stuck on a "getting ready" screen. It then restarted again, but this time would go into a loop where a screen would pop up saying my computer "restarted unexpectedly or has encountered an unexpected error." After clicking "OK" and the computer restarting, the Windows 8 logo with the spinning circle below appears for a few seconds, then my screen turns black (completely black), and then goes to being back-lit, but still being black. I can't put the CD in to try to re-install windows, since this was a digital download. I also read on other topics that putting the computer to sleep and then waking it up again will fix this, but I can't put the computer to sleep when I have no interface to work with. I thought this might be a result of my graphics card, so I reverted to the onboard car through the BIOS with no luck. I've tried booting in safe mode with no luck, and can only seem to get into the BIOS. 
Computer: HP Pavilion P6000 series New Graphics Card: Radeon Core HD 6670 Old: ATI Radeon HD 4200 I can try to provide additional information if needed, going to find the box the computer right now.
... Read more

A:Black, Back-lit screen after Win8 logo appears

Do you have restore CDs to go back to the original OS? If so, that's where I'd start, then you could try the installation again.
Also, somewhere in the upgrade assistant, it provides the option to burn a disc or make a flash drive to boot off of. Once you get the original OS back on, create a bootable disc for Windows 8.

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Ok , so I have been having this problem since the last summer ... Basically I turn on the game (any game) and it works just fine . Ok? For 5-7 minutes it works ok ! But then ... well.. it lags , it freezes and then the screen turns black , what's interesting about it is that right after the screen turns black and display the message 'd-sub no signal' is that an error sound pops-up...
Please help , I tried to solve it from last summer , everyone said it was a psu problem , so , i bought a new one ... but no .. it is not the psu ...

A:Computer lags , freezes , then an black screen appears

Oh yeah , and also , when the pc used to work it heated up really bad , almost like it was going to explode .. But now it's cold AF whatever i do..
(Sorry for double post)

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