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Should I get a WiFi extender, an access point, or a better router?

Q: Should I get a WiFi extender, an access point, or a better router?

So, I live in my parents' basement, and I'm positioned at the very front of the house down here. The router (a Linksys WRT54GL, stock firmware) is down here with me right on my desk along with the cable modem and moving them is not an option. I need the simplest solution possible, perhaps something I can put upstairs on the main floor.

My parents have a gazebo out in the back as shown below and they like to take their laptop out there and even though it functions, they say that the signal is just barely strong enough and so it reduces the performance noticeably as compared to being in the house (roughly where that chimney is, but on the main floor). I can see that because I'm literally at the front of the house in the basement (as close to the front as you can get, right about in the center and I'm facing West and so the router is right up against the wall). So, the router is as far away from the gazebo as is possible, outside of putting it in the front yard or something.

So as you can see, it's not exactly close! So do they need a WiFi extender, an access point, or should I get a better router? What's the best option without costing too much money?

Additionally, I don't know what's good or bad on the market, and so I need your help with that as well. I'd like to get them the best unit possible whatever that may be (extender, access point, or router) so that it does an excellent job and can keep working for as many years to come as possible. However, my parents said that they don't want it to be too expensive either. I don't know how much is too much for them, but I know that they probably wouldn't want the most expensive unit available either. Of course, that definitely depends on the prices out there too. I mean, to put it in another way: let's say that there's a better router that would solve this problem. That extender or access point can't cost more than that router. So, it has to be at a reasonable price. I'm open to getting a new router if the price is right and if it would solve the problem.

Again, we need something wireless that will go up on the main floor to be in the middle between the gazebo and the router. Either that, or a router that's known to be much more powerful than the WRT54GL

One final requirement: if we get an extender or an access point, then I would like it to have some kind of On/Off switch or button.

I thank you for looking!

Preferred Solution: Should I get a WiFi extender, an access point, or a better router?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Should I get a WiFi extender, an access point, or a better router?

TwoCables, I'm not ignoring you, I just have little experience with that issue. Maybe this article can give you some ideas.

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I live in an association that provides WiFi (802.11b/g/n). It works fine upstairs, but my PS3 is in the basement, and doesn't get a good enough connection to stream netflix.

So I see two options, and I'm wondering which is better. It seems both would cost under $80.

Option 1:
Get a Wireless Range Extender that supports 802.11b/g/n, and put in upstairs.

Option 2:
Get a Wireless Access point and plug it into a wireless router (which I already have one lying around).

Which option is the best, and would give the best connection speed to my PS3 in the basement?

A:Solved: Wireless Range Extender or Access Point with Router

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I'm confused. Here's the scenario. It's small office with a wireless network. They just installed a computer downstairs with one of those giant printer, scanner copier things.

I want to connect the printer to the existing network. The computer has a wireless card but the printer doesn't have wireless capabilities and needs to be plugged in via an ethernet cable. They want to be able to print to that printer from upstairs.

Should I get a wireless router and plug the printer into that or should I get an access point? Can you plug the printer into the access point? OR, should I get a wireless print server and plug the printer into one of the ethernet ports?


A:Solved: wifi router, access point or print server?

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Okay next Monday (July 21st) I go in for a hernia operation, I am going to be laid up for awhile and thankfully I have a laptop I can use while recovering upstairs in my bedroom. I can access my Netgear router but the signal is not that strong (bedroom and downstairs office are on opposite corners).

So I have been pondering getting either an Access Point or a Extender for the upstairs but there are so many to choose from I am not sure what to choose nor what brand because the reviews are strongly mixed regardless of who the manufacturer is.

My Needs:
1. Both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. I've looked at this one but I am not sure: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=1688200382&pf_rd_i=507846

2. Something simple to set-up.

3. It must work with WPA security. The above one I linked to, after firther research does not do well with WPA.

A:Access Point or Extender for Upstairs Wireless?

Really NEED 5ghz? dual band systems seem to impact the reliability AND the distance reached.
You could lock it down to use only 2.4Ghz and improve the reliability.

I solved my distance issue using an EoP device and then any WiFi router at the remote end.
That's TWO purchases; The EoP master/slave pair to get wired access into the remote location and then the WiFi router itself. I've always been partial to Netgear and bought their EoP.

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My neibour have a WiFi network. He allowed me to access his network. But the signal is very weak in my home. I have a WiFi router in home which can be setup in WiFi range extender mode. I don't have a modem at home. Only this WiFi router. If I configure this router , can I connect my desktop PC to this router for accessing that WiFi network. ????
Is it possible without having a modem???

A:router set up as wifi extender

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I am looking to expand wifi coverage to ensure it covers the whole area of house.

Just not sure if I go a wifi extender or connect a router to the isp router modem by an Ethernet cable and have them sit next to each other.

Here is a link of the router modem I'm current using supplied by the ISP

https://smb.optus.com.au/opfiles/Shop/Consumer/Assets/PDFs/Optus F3864AC Datasheet.pdf

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At the moment the Wireless Router is located in my bedroom which is 12 meters from the living room where the phone line is. I basically have one phone line extension from the telephone line to my bedroom where I've plugged in the ADSL filter. The modem part plugs into the actual router and the telephone line is then extended back to the living room with a second extension cable. As you can imagine this leaves a lot of wires around as the cables are really long. It's hard to move furniture around etc and quite frankly just doesn't look nice.

What I'd like to do is have a WiFi dongle for my PC and move the router to the living room. Now the problem is that my phone gets a very weak WiFi signal once you go 10m+ so I imagine if I moved the router to there then I would barely get a signal in my bedroom.

I have two options to solve this:

(1) Use a WiFi extender in between my room and the router and then a dongle for my computer


(2) Upgrade my current G router to an N router. Problem is I'm not too sure the signal will reach my room. There's a 12 meter range from the living room to my bedroom btw.

Here's my choice for an N router:
Belkin N Wireless Modem Router F5D8233 + N wireless USB Adapter 300Mpbs F5D8053 (B5DUK060)
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless [...] 337ebac873


Wireless N Modem Router 300 Mbps 4-Port 10/100 Belkin Surf+ N300 F7D2401
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless [...] 337dcceb8c

& the extender will be thi... Read more

A:WiFi Extender or Upgrade to N Router?

12 meters is well within the range of 802.11g. 802.11n has much greater range but that may not help you if your problem is poor or loose antennas on the adapters or obstructions in the path from router to adapter.

The best solution is to place the modem (or modem/router combo) where the phone line will be the shortest and best. Then run ethernet cable(s) to your computer or to where a router or wireless access point will give you good Wi-Fi service. If you can't run the cable through walls, along duct work, to the attic or basement, maybe you can run it along where ceiling meets wall.

A Repeater (or Range Extender) will slow the network, but may otherwise work very well. Or not. Can't predict.

Homeplugs (ethernet over the electrical system) is another solution that works great--better than Wi-Fi--for some people and not at all for others. Depends on the quality of the electrical system and is also difficult to predict. If you try this method buy returnable equipment.

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Hello, so I recently got my internet back..with a new router..i use a net gear wifi extender because where I have my PlayStation set up, it has poor reception..it's worked before, but since I got this new router I can't connect my extender to my ps4..the router and the wifi extender work perfectly fine.

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Hi everyone

I want to set up an old DSL-G604T Wireless Router as an extender/repeater for my WiFi.
I know that I have to have an Ethernet Cable to do this, so I have set that up between my existing router and my secondary router.

The part that I get confused about is the setup that involves changing the settings in the secondary router (IP address, Subnet Mask, Channel etc...)

I wondered if it would be also possible to make my existing wireless router (which is providing Internet access) to connect with my secondary wireless router in such a way that it comes up as one wireless connection instead of having to switch over between different wireless connections that has the most range.

So overall a Step by Step Guide would certainly help with this.

A:Using a DSL-G604T Wireless Router as an extender for my WiFi

You probably will have to have separate names for the 2 networks. As far as settings, you want to connect from one of the LAN ports on the first router to one of the LAN ports on the second router. You then go into the second routers settings and make sure you turn off DHCP, this basically turns it into a wireless switch or AP. You would probably also want to change the 2nd routers IP to the same subnet as the first router but make sure it doesn't end in a 1, like make it .254 or something like that.

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I have security cameras in my barn. the computer is in barn. cables run into wifi extender on front of barn. this communicates with wifi extender on back of house. cable runs from this extender through wall and into router by ethernet cable. worked fine for a few months. then i started to have real trouble connecting to internet. I was getting DNS address not found error messages. sometimes cameras will work sometimes not. Called carrier and after 2 hours of trouble shooting they said they had no clue what the problem was. they were not even able to get into router. they said somehow it was blocked and they cant get in. said they never saw this before. they sent me new router and all was well for about 3 months. Now its happening again. This am no internet, no cameras, TV took a long time to come on. Back on phone with carrier, another 2 hours of trouble shooting, found out when I pull wifi cable out of back of router all goes well. they can get into router and i can fly around on internet. Well for cameras to work I need internet to work well. Any idea what this is all about?

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I currently have the NBN with optus using the the Sagemcomm modem router, it is located at one end of house and front of house has a few wifi weak spots. I am looking to make wifi signal stronger. The sagemcomm is 802.11n, are you able to connect a 802.11ac modem router to this?

What would be best to go, buy a second wireless modem router to connect to Sagemcomm by Ethernet cable or a wifi extender?

For the wireless router modem I have been looking at the TP Link archer D9 and for wifi extender the Netgear Ex7000.

Look forward to your reply, think I am getting myself confused with it all.

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I set up my wifi router Linkys WRT54GC (connected by cable to a PC) and Sitecom WL-130 range extender (for a laptop) about a year ago, and apart from the occasional IP conflict in the laptop it worked well. Recently, I attempted to definitively solve the IP problem. After resetting both router and range extender to the factory settings and reconfigurating them I was able to connect to the access point, but not the Internet – and I'm stuck at this point. I followed the set up guides to the letter but I just can't see what I'm doing wrong. Here are the router and range extender details:
WRT54GC router info:
Firmware version 1.00.7
Internet connection type – DHCP
IP Address -
Default Gateway -
Local IP address –
Subnet Mask –
Starting IP address –
MAC Address - 00:18:39:2c:63:6b
DHCP Server Setting – enabled
DDNS Service – disabled
MAC address clone – disabled
Mode – mixed (g+b)
SSID – linksys
Wireless Channel – 11
Wireless SSID broadcast – enabled
Wireless Security – WEP 64

WL-130 info:
Mode – Universal Repeater
Band – 2.4 GHz (B+G)
ESSID - SitecomAP
Channel Nş – 11
WLAN MAC – 000000000000
Root AP SSID – linksys (using the site survey)
Security – WEP 64 (same encryption key as the router)
IP address –
Subnet Mask –
OS -Windows XP Home SP3
Thank you very much....

A:Range extender - wifi router problem

Can the main computer use the internet or is it just a problem with client computers ?

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I was at a home today and connected to their private home network on a Surface Pro 4. This showed their network as Connected. However, the internet kept going to a local open BT network instead! I couldn't select this open network anywhere to exclude it. Thinking about it now, I should have disabled/reenabled Wifi first, and then tried a reboot after that. But otherwise, is there any hidden setting to ignore certain networks?

A:Using 'open' access Wifi point instead of connected private wifi.

Hello and welcome to the TenForums

If the home where you were had a BT hub then it most probably was offering both an open connection also known as BT Wifi or BT Fon and also a secured wifi connection which would have an SSID number with a BThub name with some random numbers and letters. It is possible that you connected to the open one and were then automatically directed to a BT broadband page on the internet to pay for use of the BT hotspot service that they provide via customers routers. See this article for more info: http://bt.custhelp.com/app/answers/d...fi-with-fon%3F

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I recently updated my Inspiron 14" 5459 to the Windows 10 anniversary update, i noticed that when my wifi access point changes or wifi signal drops or turning off wifi, my laptop semi-freezes, you could still scroll with the mouse or track pad and select open tabs but that's all, clicking other icons and even the windows start menu does not work, if you wait for more than 5 minutes, everything goes back to normal. Waiting around for about 5 minutes is annoying so what I do is press ctrl alt delete and from there restart the laptop. my wifi adapter is updated to the most recent version and also both graphics card (intel hd 520 and amd radeon m335) is also updated to the latest version.  Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue?

A:after Windows 10 anniversary update, Inspiron 5459 freezes if wifi is turned off or wifi access point is changed, is there a solution to this problem?

Please confirm the wireless card from the device manger or the network control panel. Also please update the BIOS firmware to the latest version. The BIOS update should ideally be version v1.2.2. Also please try system out with  a LAN cable as well to confirm if is indeed caused by the wireless. Though this may not run a complete diagnostics on the network you can run a hardware diagnostics on the computer using the following steps

Shutdown the computer
Hold the 'Fn' key and turn on the computer
Let go of the 'Fn' key after 2 seconds

This is will initiate the H/w diagnostics. Please let us know if it completes or if  you run into any errors. If  you do run into any errors. 

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I finally realized that my modem has been causing problems for me for a long time. When trying to host stuff on my Xbxo 360 I would always get a strict NAT setting, but I realized it was because of my modem.

People told me I was double NAT'ing. No matter how much I tried with the DMZ+Port Fowarding on my Linksys WRT54G router, it wouldn't go through the modem because of that double NAT'ing.

On another forum it was suggested to me that I should try to make my linksys router into an access point for my modem. The trouble is, I'm nervous about trying any suggestions because they don't seem very specific.

Here is my current setup: DSL ->modem (Alltel/Windstream Siemens Speedstream 4200) ->into a Linksys WRT54G v4 then into 3 computers+1 Xbox 360.

One other person suggested that I should bridge the two connections, but I would just like to know which is more feasible for me to attempt today or tomorrow to get rid of this double NAT'ing. I am leaning more towards the side of using that Linksys as an access point, but other than that, I really have no clue where to go.

Finally, one person suggested just hooking up one computer directly to the modem so I could access my modem's configuration page (the person guessed it would be

Thanks, if you need any more info, just ask!

A:Making my router into an access point for my modem/router

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hi i have just moved into a new appartment that has a free wifi connection the problem is that my apartment is in the basement at the completly opposite side of the office and i cant get a strong enough signal to connect to the internet and im not very good with computers. the first time i tride setting up the repeater i was able to connect everything and get online but it had changed the ssid and when i tride to change it bacck to its origanil name i lost my internet connection and have not been able to get access the internet again.
please help me figure this out so i can get access to online again.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Duron(tm) processor, x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 479 Mb
Graphics Card: S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR (Microsoft Corporation), 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 24385 MB, Free - 3678 MB; D: Total - 13776 MB, Free - 13649 MB;
Motherboard: , KM266-8235
Antivirus: None

A:connecting tp-link wa901nd access point as a repeator without access to the router

my apartment is in the basement at the completly opposite side of the office and i cant get a strong enough signal to connectClick to expand...

So, where are you placing the repeater? In the hall way?

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I just moved into an apartment that has a WiFi connection already set up for the complex, but I have a few devices that don't have wireless cards in them. I was hoping to take my router and turn it into an access point for internet connections but I need some help in doing so. I have a D-Link router; any tips would be really helpful.

A:WiFi Access Point help

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win 7 pro
I have an old Internet Gateway - with access point
Thomson TG585 v7 , b/g WiFi + Ethernet 100Mbps

I have installed XAMPP local server

WLAN IP 192.168.10.X worked in the past i think - access XAMPP WEB PAGES - from mobiles wireless devices, but now not work...
I have to have two IPs one for access point WiFi WLAN and one for LAN Ethernet?
Although my mobile devices get WiFi i have only one connection - access point not shown in Network Connections win 7... ONLY GIGABIT ETHERNET SHOWN But as said mobile devices get online without problem.

how access XAMPP files from Mobile Devices on WLAN? this works in pc but not on mobile

A:I have to have two IPs one for access point WiFi WLAN and one for LAN

I think prior 1mo or so i could access from mobile... via WLAN.

Find your computer's IP address - Windows Help



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A simple question really, if i were to buy a wifi bridge, could i plug it into the internet port on a router to provide that router with internet access?

I have a media centre, connected to a router that does not have internet access, a nas server is also connected to this router. Howevere, connecting a usb wifi dongle to the media pc to acces another router in the house with internet access does not work because there are two connections and it only like 1.

If i connect an ethernet cable from router to router, it works, but i cant have a wire all around the house, so could i plug a bridge into it instead?

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I am using a tplink access point which blocks only 32 mac addresses. I want an access point which blocks more mac addresses like 75-100. Can someone suggest a model please.

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I recently upgraded my netgear router to a more powerful linksys router to extend my network range, and i also bought a cantenna hi gain antenna, but it still isn't getting a sufficient signal. Now i relize that i should have bought an access point in the first place, but i dont want to spend anymore money. So my question is, can i use my old netgear wireless router as an access point? Basically put it between my house and the other house and rely the signal wireless, (cant be corded). If not then i will just got out and by an access point but im just checking my options. Thanks.

A:Using a router as an access point

Read The Friendly Manual and see if this specific router can work as a wireless repeater or not? (Or maybe at least disclose the exact models of your routers?)

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I have a couple wireless routers lying around holding papers down, can I use one of them as a AP to my FIoS router?

A:Router as Access Point

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My client gave me a bt router a while back as he upgraded to a new one. I set it up as a wireless access point because I have got a NetGear DG834 wired router, to access my test machine, which is wireless, my Windows 7 laptop, and client laptops. It has been fine on all laptops and the desktop, until last week I had to reset it once because it lost the connection, then again the following day; I am looking at a client computer at the moment, and I even had to force a repair on the adapter! Also, I can't see the network either from my machine (wired) or the test machine (wireless) but I can from the Windows 7 64-bit laptop.
Is it time to change to a NetGear wireless access point?

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I need to configure a port for minecraft.

It says configure your Router.

I don't know what exactly to configure and here's why:

I'm connected with FTTH fiber optic (ONT). Which the cable inside the house is connected to a Huawei HG8245 (I don't know if it's a modem or router)

And then in my living room I have 2 phone plugs one is for the phone and the other is for the linksys E3000 (Router or access point I don't know)

Where or what should I configure?

At first I was able to connect directly to Huawei, but after having linksys to cover the second floor I only connect to linksys and don't see Huawei. (I think)

A:Need help (Router and Access point)

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Hi Im working in a B&B and the owner has asked if I can get network coverage all over her building. She has a Netgear wirless ADSL modem router at the min but it doesnt cover all parts of the hotel. Is the there something on the market that I can install with out having to run a cable between the two units. I can get power but dont want to have to rip floors up to get a network cable between the two units please help. Thanks

A:router to access point

"Repeater" or "Range Extender." Usually you look for a Wireless Access Point that includes that feature. A few wireless routers also have the feature. If you like videos here is an example.

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My son is living in a dormitory, and he's connected to a campus LAN. He has an Ethernet jack connecting him. He would like to make it wireless. My question is: Do I have to set him up with a wireless router or wireless access. I'm aware that many routers also can be set up as just access points. (I was thinking of the cheapest WallyWorld model, a Belkin, which brand I have some experience with. I believe that one can be set up as an access point.) In other words, do I have to go one way or the other, and, if not, which should I choose? About once a year I work on my network, at which time I gain a lot of knowledge, which is then forgotten in about a month. Right now I'm in the forgetting period. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Router or access point?

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hi ya

I have a cheapo ADSL wireliess router (54mbps) in the front of my shop and I want to increase the wireless signal I recieve in the office in the back of the shop. The signal is strong but the connection speed drops as low as 20mbps, also I have a desktop with no wifi card in the same room which I need to connect to the network.
My aim is to get the very best connection speeds between the two rooms without cables. I was thinking that if I got a draft N router and access point then the shop front and office would have a very strong connection allowing me to connect multiple machines via ethernet cables in each room and at the same time increasing my wifi signal in the office. This way I wouldnt need to buy another wifi card and would get better signal for my laptop

I dont know if I am completly off track and would better off getting a good router a range booster and installing wifi cards when needed.

if anyone could give me some help with this and also what routers/access points you would reccomend would be great

many thanks


A:Increasing wifi signal using access point

N will give 300mbp (realtime is 240 to 270mbps) of data in / data out
Range is greater than G but just to let you know your range my vary due to interference in your shop.
2.4GHz cordless phones
Some lighting systems
Microwave devices
But the Draft-N clears up some but not much again depends on what's you have in the shop. Place the wireless router higher away from other electronic devices. Wireless access point can be use but if you want to go without wires then you need one that can do WDS. That WDS taps into the wireless signal that you presently is transmitting in your store.

Another issues you have one of those all-in-one modems that have wireless router feature. They tend to be slower than just using ADSL modem and a wireless router combination. Cable Modem from the Cable company is much faster, but you'll have to be able to get cable business customer plan. But in any case what you have reported is normal 54mbps can range from 24, 48, 54mbps. So for you N would do a better jobs.

DIR-655 ($89 to $129) Xtreme N Wireless Router
DAP-1522 ($99 and up) wireless access point Xtreme N Duo 2.4GHz/5.0GHz wireless
DAP-1555 (new) more for high def media

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I would like to know the step by step to :

1) set up a repeater using an another router.

2) set up an alternate access point (with out Ethernet connection to it if possible using the routerlogin.net)

What are the major advantages and disadvantages of both.

My router is a Netgear N750 Dual Band Gigabit Router and the router I would like to use to boost the signal is the same model.

The problem is that the signal is not strong enough sometimes to use my Galaxy S4 on the other side of the house away from the router. And sometimes the signal does loose strength to my desktop using an internal wireless adapter for WiFi .

The desktop is not so much the issue but the phone is.

So, I thought I would try to increase the range of the router to cover the areas of the house that are receiving a week signal from the router.

Thanks for all your help.

A:Setting up a WiFi repeater or Access point

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Hello, I have a HP Pavillion x360 i3 2 in 1 laptop. I am having problems with the wifi staying connected, and when the laptop is connected to wifi the internet speeds are slow. The speeds are slow as in I cannot stream videos on youtube without constant pausing, and even downloading something as simple as google chrome takes much longer than it is supposed to. In my house there are plenty of other devices that are connected including my old laptop, which, has no problems downloading/streaming and iphones, and an ipad. All of the other devices except my new HP laptop has no problem streaming and downloading. The laptop is extremely new;less than a week old. I have tried updating the network driver, resetting the network driver, and disconnecting then reconnecting the wifi; yet the problem keeps occuring. I do have MacAfee so I guess that could pose a problem, but I am unsure. The adapter I use is a Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565, with internet provided by COMCAST. It could be an adapter problem, but because of the other devices working fine I do not think that the problem is from the adapter. Also, the OS is Windows 8.1

Thank you for your time and help

A:HP Pavillion wifi access point problems

How does it perform connected by LAN (Cat5/6) cable?

And welcome to the forum!

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I have got this new Lenovo Flex 2 Pro-15 computer a month ago, but I have never got internet on it in my room. My room is 7-8 meters from the access point, and the signal is very weak or not existing. My Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini have a strong signal, if it lays just next to the computer. The computer has fine signal, if it is only 3-4 meters from the access point.

I sent the computer for a repair, and they changed the WLan card, but it did not help. What to do? I think I have installed the correct driver.

- Peter

A:WiFi does not work 7-8 meters from access point

What wireless adapter does it have? What make/model access point? What band are you connecting with, 2.4 or 5 GHz?

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I think I know what I want, but I just wanted to check before I splashed the cash and made the wrong choice!

I have a Humax Freesat recorder and a Panasonic Blu-Ray player. Both of which have services that need internet access, but neither are WIFI enabled & are the wrong side of the room to be connected via cabled ethernet.

I believe that what I need is to wireless access point? I'd like one with a built in switch as well, as most seem to only come with only one port. The one I found has four, which would be useful as I could replace the poor wireless Xbox 360 dongle.

The one I was looking at was http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004JV42A0/sr=1-1/qid=1325091993/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&qid=1325091993&sr=1-1&seller=. This seems very cheap.

Can anyone tell me if this will do what I want & whether there is anything better without spending a fortune?

Many thanks in advance

A:WIFI Network Access Point with Switch

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Hello, and thanks very much in advance for any help you can offer. I am having wifi issues with a Netgear access point. I replaced the old access point thinking the hardware was the issue, problem has persisted. All devices (six Samsung android tablets and an iPhone) drop the wifi network, rebooting access point allows all devices to connect again. This has to be something simple but the solution is evading me. I'm using a Netgear WNDAP350, same exact model as the old unit. The access point has a static IP (.239) which is well above the DHCP pool which I believe ends at .51 (we are the US branch of a German company and our network admin is based in Germany).

Having the same symptoms with two identical access points in a row makes me think this is a network issue of some kind. The new access point is in a new location in the building, so new wall jack which the runs to a new port in the switch etc. (so the entire path back to the gateway router is different than it was for the old access point), and I used a brand new patch cable to connect it to the wall. It's crapped out on me at least three times today throughout the day. I reboot it and it works fine again. When the tablets we are using all drop the network at once they all keep trying to reconnect and they all fail to obtain an IP address. I have three diagnostic apps installed in one of the tablets now (WiFi Fixer, Net Analyzer and PingTools), so I can provide additional info as needed. Everything is currently... Read more

A:WiFi issues with Netgear access point


Would it be possible for you to obtain a network map with all of your infrastructure? That would be very useful in assisting you.

What is the distance between this access point and the C.O. / Server closet? Does this happen on all of your access points or just this one? Have you attempted to use another access point's Ethernet-run on this access point?

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My usb wifi adapter comes with both drivers and a utility. The utility switches the adapter from adhoc to access point. Problem is, the utility doesnt work with Vista, but the drivers do.
Is there any way I can set the usb adapter as an access point through Windows Zero Configuration?

A:Setting wifi adapter as access point

Nope, that's not a capability that WZC offers.

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I happened to be using another PC today and went to connect to wifi. I noticed there was an access point that was DIRECT-XXname of my computer-XXX. where the Xs were some capital letters.

I didn't set this up and I've hunted on the internet for it. It does not appear to be the standard Windows set up an access point because a) it isn't turned on and b) if it was, the wifi name would be different.

The only thing I "might" have done today to do this was share a printer over bluetooth or wifi. I didn't mean to do this and I deleted it. Could that be it? That said, it appeared in the wifi list again briefly but that could have been a refresh issue.

I've never seen this before today and I have not noticed it when I've been connecting devices to our wifi.

As I've spent about 40 mins unsuccessfully trying to look this up, so any info, help or advice would be great.

Also, I have run a full virus scan and it's clean. Plus I have found the wifi name in the registry under profiles and unmanaged. But no other links.


A:Strange wifi access point in Windows 10

If you turn your printer off does the wireless network disappear? Sounds like direct print option that many printers have. If so then you can disable it from the printer menus or printer's web interface.

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Hey guys,

There is a difficulty i am facing recently in my girlfriend's house only(in all other places it works fine).
I have recently established a WiFi connection for her to use on her phone. It worked great the first day. It continues to work perfect on her mobile. On my net book, though, i can not see WiFi access point in her house.

It appears randomly for several minutes, i try to connect, it does not want to and then the access point disappears for some uncertain period of time. From time to time it appears and works fine from than on but disappears again if computer goes to sleeping mode...

Do you have any ideas what could it be?


A:Solved: Enable to see WiFi access point

guys, anybody. please have a look. this is serious for me. thanks....

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I have a d-link wireless router as the main router. i have netgear wirless router that i want to use as an access point. will this work and how would i go about doing this?

A:Wireless router as access point

If you can disable the routing functionality on the netgear router to make it a plain old switch (not sure that this can be done) and then can connect the netgear 'switch' to the d-link router via a cable, it might work for you. But, I am highly doubtful...

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Hi, Ill explain the situation, i have one computer attached to a wireless linksys b router downstairs, while upstairs i have 2 computers, one with a wireless b pci card (linksys), the other with no internet right now, i just bought a wireless WGT624 netgear router with high hopes that i could easily connect my other computer upstairs, with wireless internet, however, the manuals give no info, and no explanation whatsoever to turn the router into an access point, I was also hoping to get a few more computers attached to the wireless router upstairs. So my question is, can i use my new router to connect other computers to the router downstairs, or to the computer with the wireless pci card?

A:Wireless Router as an Access Point?

Nope. Routers only work in gateway mode, and will not communicate directly with each other wirelessly.

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I currently have a linksys router and am trying to add a wireless router to use as a wireless access point for a laptop. I got a D-Link (DI-324) wireless router and when I attempt to install it, I get to the configure router part & it goes through locating the network & restarting the network, but then bombs out on configure router.

I tried to enter the router IP address in the browser bar but it doesn;t do anything.

Any suggestions?

A:wireless router as an access point

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Would it be possible to use an old router (Dlink Di624) as an access point on a wireless network, if I as to buy another router.

If a new router is connected to the modem and configured as the gateway, would the dlink be able to connect to it and keep transferring the signal, or is that out of the question?

A:Using old wireless router as access point.

You'd have to plug the (old) Dlink Di624 to the (new) router/gateway by wire; you could not use it to communicate with the (new) router/gateway wirelessly. But connected by wire to the (new) router/gateway it would still be able to operate wirelessly to all the wireless-connected PCs on your LAN.

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Hi after reading through various online guides about setting up a 2nd router as an access point i have a few questions. First things first i did attempt this before and it worked but after the wireless on my original router began to go out until it eventually broke. i don't know if the this is connected with setting up an access point. I realize now i did not set the routers on a different channel and the SSIDs were different. I have a new router from AT&T and i want to try again to set up an access point. my question is what should the settings in the 2nd router page be. Does the name of it and password need to be the same? And also is it possible that setting up this access point will break my original router?

Thanks in advance

A:Setting up 2nd router as access point

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I am using an AT&T U-Verse Residential Gateway (RG) 2WIRE wireless router as the main router the basement of my house. I have a Dlink DAP-1555 wireless access point on the second floor of my house in the opposite corner of the house relative to the AT&T router in the basement to give me a stronger wireless signal on the second floor of the house.

The AT&T router and the Dlink access point currently have separate different SSID's and use different wireless channels.

I have two iPhone 5's, an iPad and a Macbook Pro in my household all using the wireless signal from the AT&T router and the Dlink wireless access point. When I am on the first floor of the house the iPad and iPhones are set for the AT&T 2WIRE router. When I move to the corner of the house on the second floor where the AT&T 2WIRE router is weak I have to change the wireless connection on the iPad and iPhones to the Dlink wireless access point which is a pain. When I move back to the first floor or the basement I change the connections back to the AT&T 2WIRE router.

Apple support tells me that the Apple devices do not recognize which wireless signal is strongest and automatically switch to the stronger signal. From my observations I think they are correct.

To get "seamless roaming" connectivity as I move my wireless devices around the house so I don't have to change back and forth from the 2WIRE and the Dlink access point, would it work for me to make the SSID's ... Read more

A:How Do Set A Router and Access Point For Best Performance?

Quote: Originally Posted by artmanphoto

I am using an AT&T U-Verse Residential Gateway (RG) 2WIRE wireless router as the main router the basement of my house. I have a Dlink DAP-1555 wireless access point on the second floor of my house in the opposite corner of the house relative to the AT&T router in the basement to give me a stronger wireless signal on the second floor of the house.

The AT&T router and the Dlink access point currently have separate different SSID's and use different wireless channels.

I have two iPhone 5's, an iPad and a Macbook Pro in my household all using the wireless signal from the AT&T router and the Dlink wireless access point. When I am on the first floor of the house the iPad and iPhones are set for the AT&T 2WIRE router. When I move to the corner of the house on the second floor where the AT&T 2WIRE router is weak I have to change the wireless connection on the iPad and iPhones to the Dlink wireless access point which is a pain. When I move back to the first floor or the basement I change the connections back to the AT&T 2WIRE router.

Apple support tells me that the Apple devices do not recognize which wireless signal is strongest and automatically switch to the stronger signal. From my observations I think they are correct.

To get "seamless roaming" connectivity as I move my wireless devices around the house so I don't have to change back and forth from the 2WIRE ... Read more

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Hello all

I am trying to connect several computers to the internet but they are out of range of the access point I need to connect to. I have a Linksys WRT54GL router with attached Super Cantenna that can view the access point but I don't know how to connect the two (if this is even possible). I only have access to the settings of my router not the access point. Does a WRT54GL have bridging capabilities? If not would a Linksys WAP54G help(I must use cantenna compatible devices listed here: http://www.cantenna.com/wifi-antenna/index.html

My knowledge of networking is limited but any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:connecting router to access point?

The WRT54GL does not have wireless bridge capability, but if you load the DD-WRT 3rd party firmware, it will give you wireless bridge capability.

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I am having an issue with my network that started when we got a new router.

The main router is the one that was replaced, and it's a Netgear R6300v2. It's plugged directly into the modem and has a wireless network. That is what I connect to with my laptop.

The other (second) router is a Netgear R6100 which is set up to a a Wireless Access Point. In the Modem port on that router I have a wireless adapter.

To have them conencted, I use the WPS button on the main router and then press the WPS button on the adapter. This worked just fine with the old main router, but since getting the new one it will be connected for a short amount of time (half hour to one hour) and then it disconnects and I have to reconnect it. I am honestly not very good with networking so not sure if there is a better way to do this. I am trying to keep it wireless.

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Hi all...currently I have a wireless G router...I have a booster on it...however I have one computer three rooms down that is getting a weak signal...my question is can I purchase an access point device for a wireless g and just plug it into one of the available Lan ports on my wireles G router then try and move the access point as close as possible to the room that the desktop is in?


A:Access point for wireles g router

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Is there any possible way to configure my old router to act as a wireless bridge / access point? The way I'd like it is that the old router acts as a bridge (wirelessly) to the current router, then I wire clients into it.

A:Turning a router into an access point

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I have a Linksys WRT54G2. I want to be able to use this as an access point. I want to use this to use my wireless and then output to my ps3 and my tv for viera cast. So basically I want it to soak up the internet, and then wire my ps3 and tv into it. Im not sure if I want to set it up as an access point or bridge. I am really confused as to what to do. I want to be able to plug my ps3 and tv into the router, and have the router use my already set up wireless network. Thank you in advance.

A:Using 2nd router as access point/bridge?!?

You want a bridge, which that router's native firmware doesn't support. You can use the DD-WRT 3rd party firmware to give that router wireless bridge capability.

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