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MP4 converting problems and window movie maker problems

Q: MP4 converting problems and window movie maker problems

Ok I have a Windows 7, and a Windows Movie Maker, My camera only does MP4 movies i dont know why either.
Anyways I did download the MP4 converter and i did convert it and importing it now works but there a small problem. The video won;t show up only the sound does when i put the video in the storyboard only the sound will show up but not the video itself can anyone help?!

Preferred Solution: MP4 converting problems and window movie maker problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: MP4 converting problems and window movie maker problems

WMM is supporting your audio convert but not the video convertion, so need to convert to a better recognised file



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I have used WMV and made several short movies with this program for years. I need to be able to transfer footage from my video camera to my PC, edit it within the Movie Maker program, save it onto my computer and then ultimately burn it to DVD's. I had an older Dell for years and recently upgraded to a new one (Studio Version) as to be able to make and save more movies.
My problem is with the new computer (Vista Premium). I am able to load the raw footage and create a file, but when I try to start the editing process the movie in the viewing area gets stuck on a frame. The sound and the movie continue to play but I am unable to see it, therefore I can not edit it. I can try to restart the clip many many many times and sometimes it will play, then once I try to edit it freezes again. Please help! I have spent so much money on a new computer soley to be able to make these DVD's for my job.


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I can't upload videos into Movie Maker. I get this thing saying something aout a codec. I've downloaded lots of new codec files, from help sites. Still doesn't work....

A:Window Movie Maker uploading problems

Wow. Great site...15000 solved cases???? Someone prove it

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Movie Maker:
Apologies if I am in the wrong area but I am a grandmother trying hard to get video and or photo footage into movie maker to make a movie of grandchildren. I can drag (or copy) the first photo/movie, but when I try to add others to make one longer movie it will not accept. does anyone know why?. Dont know anything about Codecs, or technical jargon or if its the type of photo/movie I an trying to import so will need simple explanation. thanks

A:Movie Maker problems

What are you trying to Import from and if you know what Extension is the File

Also If you recieve an Error then Please State or provide a screenshot of the Error


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After editing a video in Movie Maker, when I select save to cd it comes up with an error message saying it cannot detect a recordable drive on the system, although I have an external DVd-recorder and an internal CDRW drive which all work fine ? can anyone help.

A:Win Movie Maker problems

Do not double post.

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I have a POV1 digital video camera and when I try to import the AVI files that it creates, it only plays audio - no video. I can get them to play in Media player, but can't view them in movie maker - any help will be great.

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 I'm having problems transferring 5 minute video from movie maker to facebook. Usually, after editing a video I click the facebook icon and it sends it to the site. Now, when I click the facebook icon the windows essentials 2012 pop up and informs me
to connect my facebook to the microsoft account. Don't know exactly what this means but I click the button that says facebook and another windows essentials pops up and informs me that I'm not logged in: Please login and try again. I'm using windows 10. I
hope this makes sense to someone to help me.
desert tabernacle

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hey guys i really want the live movie maker so i can upload my videos to youtube in either 1080p or 720p however im having trouble
when i try to install through essentials it wants to update msn which i entirely refuse to do as im sticking with the old 8.5
now i was able to install it offline and also photogallery which is requires and works but movie maker comes up with the following error
one or more of the effects files that movie maker needs in order to run is corrupted.
then it says uninstall through control panel and reinstall through microsoft essentials which ill still try to update msn
can anyone help?

A:movie maker problems

Here is a Tutorial on how to install Movie Maker 6 if you do not want all the stuff from Microsoft essentials. Windows Movie Maker 6.0 - Install on Windows 7

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Using Windows Movie Maker/Vista...when I try to input video from my Sony DV camera to WMM, I get the following message " The video device is currently in use. Close any other program that is using the devise and try again. I don't have any other programs open, tried rebooting, checked connections etc. I am in the middle of a project and up to this point I haven't had any problems downloading...any ideas??? Thanx J.R.

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I recently downloaded Movie Maker 2.6. Fired it up, and loaded some jpgs and music, no problem.
Connected my Canon GL 1 via firewire, to import my DV Video. Computer acknowledged the camera, Movie Maker doesen't.
Whats up?.

Bob Lindsey

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i have a question about saving a movie i made.
i took a bunch of videos with my friends and i made a compliliation of the videos with wlmm- i took parts from each video and edited them together. i added captions and a song. i've edited movies before with this, and saved them and they were able to go onto facebook. well this one video i edited and put on facebook, i had to change the file so it was compatible with facebook. i told it to open with easy media player and it changed the file to a vlc file which is compatible with facebook. but when i tried to change my new video to open with easy media player it wont change the file. the file right now is a wlmp file. and when i try to save the movie to my computer, at around 20% it just stalls and wont go anymore. and also it only will save as a wlmp file. my other videos have been fine going on facebook, but this one isnt and i cant figure out why. HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

A:movie file converting problems. from wlpm to vlc

Sounds like the file is corrupted somehow or you don't have enough disk space.

I can't help further as I don't know the app "wlmm" and I've not seen nor heard of "vlc" files. I know of VLC player, but I've not seen that file extension.

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Here is my problem. I have downloaded on my computer some movies that I would like to burn with WMM. The problem is the following...Some of the movies I have downloaded appear in a folder, inside the folder there is a AVI file. When I import it into WMM, the AVI Movie Logo turns into what looks like a 35mm negative. When I drag it into the video timeline, all is fine and I can burn my dvd. Other movies that I download, also appear with the AVI logo but not in a folder. When I import it into WMM, it remains as the AVI logo and does not turn into the 35mm negative. When I try to drag it into the video timeline, it will not permit me to do so but instead it will go into the Audio/Music timeline. When I do try to burn the dvd, all I get is sound and funky abstract colors on my dvd player. Yet when I open either AVI files with Windows Media Player...there is no problem viewing it from my computer. I am running Windows Vista and I am using DIVX. Can someone please help me as this is driving me crazy?


White Sugar

A:Windows Movie Maker Problems

You have just learnt that not all AVI videos are the same. In fact there's more than 800 types of AVI. AVI extention is a wrapper format...which means the actual video could be an mpeg2 or an mpeg4, PAL or NTSC & either frame based, upper or lower field...and many combinations in between but it's been given the extention of AVI

WMM should be able to tell you exactly the type of file it is by looking at it's properties.

Judging by the "funky colours" you mentioned it looks like you have come across a PAL/NTSC conflict. But it could also be other things. You don't mention where you got the videos from so my answers can only be of the general kind.

You might be tempted to install Codec Packs...please refrain from doing so as it create more problems than solves.

There is no easy fix for your situation but we can help more if you gave more information

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Hello. This issue may have already been discussed and if so you can direct me to the previous post. Otherwise I am having some serious issues with Windows Movie Maker that has me about ready to pull my hair out. For the past two months I've been trying to clip small segments from longer videos and then put the clips together in a final video. The original clipping process worked fine, I uploaded one video at a time and saved my clips before deleting the video and moving on to the second so I wouldn't overload the memory on my computer with all the original video files. I put the clips together in a final video and then published it, everything working like it did on my old computer. However, when I saved the file to disk and went to play it on another computer about ten minutes into the video the entire video stopped and the screen went black despite the playback counter continuing. So I went back to Windows Movie Maker and tried to preview the video, this time about five minutes into the playback the video froze but audio continued. Now for two months I've been trying to fix the video or redo the video. Although even when I upload the original videos I can't make clips of them because Windows Movie Maker routinely freezes video and continues audio, freezes both video and audio or simply goes to a black screen. I have Windows Vista Home Premium, SP2. My virtual memory files are reading at 2300 out of an available 4500. I have installed the patches recommen... Read more

A:Windows Movie Maker Problems

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hi all,im wondering if you can help me,the internet cant.i produced a windows movie maker file,and did the wrong thing and "saved as" instead of just publishing(yeah my fault).anyhoo,thats not my main problem.it has to do with the fact that i produced the movie on the original movie maker that came with vista.at some point in the past i have upgraded movie maker to ver.2.6 and now i cannot open this file.i have all codecs,and i cannot find a reason for this.i have tried renaming,moving,copying,pretty much everything in my power.surely microsoft wouldn't make 2.6 incompatible to the first one(or would they).seriously pulling my hair out with this.also,i cannot find any decent FREE software to convert these sort of files(.wmm)to .avi or .mpeg or to anything else.thanx in advance for your help.

A:Solved: movie maker problems

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Hi All..

I try to import a moive my dad captured from his camcorder into microsoft movie maker to cut it up... movie maker tells me it is not indexed and it cannot import it... is there a solution for this or a way around it to get it into movie maker to cut it up...


A:Problems importing in movie maker

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ok well i'm making this video using windows move maker on windows xp and my files are mpeg files and it allows me to add one file but when go to add anther clip i get this:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Palclm project\2.mpg could not be imported. An interface has too many methods to fire events from

what's happening/ what should i do?

help pleaseeeeee


A:windows movie maker problems

you may be trying to import and use MPEG2 files.

It might be an issue with not having an appropriate codec for MM2 to work with.
See the Importing Source Files... Video... MPEG2 page at http://www.papajohn.org/MM2.html
Good luck and please mark the thread solved if you solve the issue

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I just recently upgraded to Service Pack 2 and now I notice that I can no longer import video...It begins to import but never finishes and never creates clips

A:Problems with Windows Movie Maker 2.1

This may not help, but why not make the leap to SP3 all the way?
SP3: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...displaylang=en

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Hello everyone,

I have a friend who is having a problem saving his finished project in windows movie maker. When he tries to save it, the number of minunites to expected finish keeps going up then it says "cannot save file to location".

He's tried saving it in another file but the same thing happens. That's all I know so I can't provide much more info. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows Movie Maker problems

does he have enough free space to save the file. I have never used windows movie maker but most other video software I have used requires about 10 gigs free for the process of making a dvd size file

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I have down loaded my summer holiday from my camcorder and i am trying to edit it. problem is the movie make keeps either freezing or not responding (message comes up) and takes forever to do anything if anything at all. it has taken me about 8 hours to do a few minutes worth of film. any ideas please. please reply in simple terms as i know nothing about computers as you have probably guessed

A:windows movie maker problems

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several months ago i installed internet explorer 7 and ever since windows movie maker "combine" option has not worked, is it possible to uninstall and the re-install movie maker, i understand it comes with sp2. i have tried all the windows movie maker sites, and have tried many different things to fix the problem but without success.

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Last month, my Movie Maker program on my computer is having some bugs and problems that I can't fix.

Every time I make some titles or credits, it only shows a black screen. On video clips, I can see they work, but the titles don't work at all. The same goes with the pictures, except I can only see them on the previews.

And before you ask, I tried making a new user account, but it keeps saying "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment."

Does anyone know what the problem might be wrong with my computer?

A:Windows Movie Maker XP problems

My experience with Movie Maker is that problems with it are cured by uninstalling, then reinstalling it.


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I have been having trouble with the color on my computer. It would be just fine then I would loose the red color. I have been putting off the repair and the color has returned on it's own. However, now when I make a slide show with music in movie maker, everything is fine till I save it to my computer. When that happens the color changes again. Blue turns to red and faces look a pale green-blue. I did send one in an email to a friend to see if it was the same on their computer. They said the colors came out correct. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to find settings on my computer to change or set as default but am unable to find anything. Thanks for any help

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Whenever i try to import mp3 files on windows movie maker, it says (filename).mp3 could not be imported. The selected file is not valid or corrputed. However, it used to work fine, but one day i turned it on and it didn't work. I thought it was the file, so i tried quite a few others but still didn't work. Help!

A:Windows Movie Maker Problems

Try uninstalling/reinstalling WMM?

Especially so, if you have previously done this with no problems.


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Hello again.

I have been having problems running WMM. I am trying to make a music video about Unreal Tournament 2004 with the song "Ladies and gentlemen". I captured video using fraps. Here is my first question: Is there any way to reduce the sound input so the videos don't sound distored?

Anyway, I get the video clips into WMM as normal. I put the song on the timeline, play it, and it plays like you doubled the play length: Low pitch, long notes (not corresponding to the bar, mind you). I try to drag it back like it is supposed to be, and the thing crashes. I restart WMM, but this time put the video in first. I try to get it in the right place, but when I try to move it from where I first put it on the timeline, it crashes. I have done this several times since, with the same result. I made excellent videos with Halo, even with music, without this problem at all. How do I fix this, and if I can't, what (preferrably free) alternative could I get that has all the features, like video cropping, etc? Thanks for your help.

A:Windows Movie Maker problems

There should not be any distortion if you used fraps correctly, they video file that you loaded from UT should be just the way it is, all you do is import the files and place them in your timeline change them accordingly.. import music and place that in your time line music area, you can mute the sound of a video clip if you want, other then that it should be fine. Maybe you want to check your sound settings and make sure they are at default and make sure you have your video settings and sync straignted up. If that doesnt work and you havent made a mistake, maybe its a problem with your software. Get vegas its much better ^_^;; not sure if warez is allowed so i wont post anything ;o

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I use VLC media player most of the time because it plays just about movie. I am trying to edit my videos through windows movie maker and when I play the video's, I get audio but nothing except a black screen.PLEASE HELP!!!

A:Windows movie maker problems!

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My son is trying to save a movie to the desktop or to a dvd, but it gets to about 4% and it won't ever finish saving. Help, this is for his final. The file size is about 18M

A:Windows Movie Maker Problems

18M---Whats that mean? What is he saving the movie to--a hard drive I assume. What is the capacity of the hard drive?

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I have Windows XP and have transfered some MP4s over from my phone and these play fine. Now, I want to work with these MP4s on Movie Maker so I have attempted to convert these to AVIs (as Movie Maker doesn't recognise MP4s) but Movie Maker doesn't accept these. I have ticked the box to automatically download the correct codecs but then the message that my computer doesn't have the correct codecs is shown.

Codecs seems to be such a big, grey area. What codecs do I need? where is the best site to download these from?


C h r e d g e

A:Movie Maker/codecs problems

I am new at this too. Try www.VirtualDub.org (info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VirtualDub). This video/audio processing utility allowed me to save to .avi which I could then pull into Vegas Movie Studio 8 and Windows Movie Maker (which can't handle large files).

I did have to download ffdshow codecs to get it to work though. Apparently there are "Video for Windows" (VFW) and "DirectShow" codecs. VirtualDub uses VFW (ffdshow). Movie Maker uses DirectShow.

Other possibly handy utilities are:
GSpot v 2.70a -- analyzes and reports on avi file information
AVI 4CC -- 4 character code changer allowing you to modify the 4 characters that map the avi file to the codec

Good luck! It was frustrating and I spent a lot of time browsing but it was fun when I finally accomplished what I wanted ...

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I need help! I made a Pivot animation and saved it as a gif, loaded it onto WMM and put sound on it, it was almost finished with the sound then this morning i went to finish it and the gif wont play in the screen. i would click it a thousand times and it would say its playing but the screen would be black! So i'm freakn out because it took a long bloody time to do that!!! HELP ME!!!!!!

A:Windows Movie Maker Gif Problems

It could just be the preview screen that's messing up. Try finishing the movie by exporting the movie and see if it plays properly.

If not, I would advise going to the WMM forums for more help. They will be a lot more useful than us, more than likely.

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hey guys
I've got a darn awesome friend who's having some problems with movie maker
, she's bin making a movie maker video for weeks but she cant get it to publish
properly somehow I've tried everything in my power to try and solve this but cant...
so can you help
here's the problem
when she tries to publish the video it publishes it all but when she plays it back the video clips she has put into her video with titles and transitions don't play, the transitions and titles do but the video clips from her camera don't,
any solutions
thanks a bunch
blix123 (Steve)

A:Stupid movie maker problems


the probleem with codec !
try to conver it before use in M-maker , for EX: convert it to avi or wmv "extension" then use it in movie make .

waiting your replay after you try this !

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I have some clips saved as windows movie maker 1.1 files that i need to put in a powerpoint presentation but pp will only insert mpeg files.
I had to edit them in movie maker first because they need trimming but now need to use in powerpoint.

I have tried saving the files as xxx.mpeg in movie maker but when i try to insert them in powerpoint it says "Powerpoint couldnt insert a movie from the selected file"

Is it possible or am I fighting a losing battle trying to do this?!


A:Converting files from Movie Maker to mpeg?

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Ladies and Gents,

I've just gotten a Flip HD cam. It's a great little thing. The problem is that Windows Movie Maker, the software that came on the computer, will not accept MP4 format. I've tried converting (using Magic Video Converter) to AVI, but all I get is audio without video. So I download codec packs (ffdshow, Divx H.264, etc), with no result. I've got to be doing something wrong.

So, here are my questions:
1. Is there a free movie editing software that will let me play with MP4s, making the whole problem moot?
2. Is there a better file converter? Magic, in addition to not working well, constantly reminds me to pay, which is mildly irritating
3. Is there a better set of codecs? Maybe that's something I'm not doing to activate them?

I'm leaving in a couple of days for a place without internet, where I'll stay and (try to) put together some great videos. But I've got to get this up and running beforehand. I'm only semi computer-literate (limited to big shiny icons and unadvanced preference menus). The people of this site have saved my ass from a number of computer ailments before, and Google brings so much conflicting information on the issue I'm not sure where to start. Can you help me?

UPDATE: MP4-AVI converters seem to work fine -- I can play the converted AVIs in Windows Media Player, but still no image in Movie Maker. WTF?

A:Windows Movie Maker / Converting MP4s

VLC player is able to convert video files, and it has support for MP4 so in theory it should convert MP4's. I don't know cause I never tried. But VLC player is free and stable so you can't really go wrong. Alternatively, you might look at Virtual Dub and Virtual Dub Mod. They are advanced, open source video manipulating utilities, but I don't know if they are still updated and have support for mp4's.

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I put together a Movie Maker project which includes digital photos and some audio to go with it. Once completed, I chose the option to Burn to DVD. The wizard comes up and starts formatting/preparing my project. After it gets to 100% complete another screen comes up where it is ready to start the DVD burning process but the Create DVD button is grayed out. Everything on the page with the exception of the Cancel button and the Help Button are grayed out. I have a Dell Insperion (less than 2 years old) with a DVD/CD-RW drive and I am using a blank DVD+R disk. Any suggestions?

A:Problems Burning Movie Maker file to DVD

From MS:

Burn your movie to a DVD

To burn a DVD that you can play in a video DVD player, you need to have a DVD burner and video DVD burning software on your computer. Many new computers come with an internal DVD burner. However, if your computer does not already have one installed, you may find it easier to install an external USB DVD burner.

You can choose from a number of programs for burning video DVDs, such as Roxio MyDVD. Keep in mind that every program is different, but the basics are the same.

You basically need an authoring program to convert MM's output to DVD compliant files (a VIDEO_TS folder etc.). You might have one already.

This free app might do it, note what input it accepts and same your MM project accordingly.


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Okay, first off. I'm SINCERELY sorry if i've posted this in the wrong section, and i know there have been many solutions to my problem on google, yet i've tried many of them, none have worked for me.
Problem: I've created a Movie using Clips in the form of WMV files and I CANNOT "Publish" my video in ANY way . Whenever I attempt to publish my movie, MovieMaker turns inactive and either a "Restart the Program" or "Close the Program" box appears .

I've tried many solutions from google, such as disabling third-party drivers in the tools>options>compatibility box. I have also checked for Nero, which is NOT installed on this computer and hasn't been since this is still new. [HP Pavilion Laptop with Vista Home Premium]

I've tried renaming a certain file in my registry to resolve this problem and it still proved to be ineffective ( I can't remember what file it was, but after i found it didn't work I used ctrl+z to undo the removal ).

I've also tried deleting the "msacm" files in my registry, and still nothing, i've also conducted a test of using a single clip ( a random one, which i've used in the video i wish to be published ) and it works. It actually publishes, however i find that if i add any more clips, the publishing will indeedingly fail, the music i've inserted works fine, as it can be published without the images, but when i remove the audio to test if the images were the problem, it cannot publish, meaning there's someth... Read more

A:Windows Vista Movie Maker Problems

Okay. I posted this pretty late x_x . I'll come online tomorrow and check for your solutions. PS: Even if you have the slightest idea, reply <3.

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Hey guys, my dad created a dvd from some old VHS cassetts and I tried importing the files into movie maker and for some reason it only plays like the first 30 seconds of the clip and then stops.

1) I copied the files from the disc onto my desktop.
2) Renamed the .VOB files to .MPG
3) Imported the MPG into Movie Maker and the clip is cut to 30 secs.

I opened the MPG file in Nero Showtime and it plays all the way through so I checked it in Windows Media Player and it only plays the first 30 seconds.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: Windows Movie Maker Problems

Hi theITfacto

Do you have the latest Windows Movie Maker, which is version 2.1? Check by launching Movie Maker and click on Help and then 'About Windows Movie Maker' option from the Help Menu.

Not sure which Windows system you are using, but I understand that Windows Vista's version can edit HD footage but some Vista users may find that they need to obtain an alternative version. Maybe this version is better for you.
To find this, Open your browser and go to


Windows Movie Maker is to be discontinued in Windows 7 but you can download a free alternataive, called Windows Live Movie Maker.

I have used DVDflick.net and found it very good and it's free. Here's a link in case you wish to give it a try http://dvdflick.net/

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Hey guys, 2 Bunny here once again with a new and fascinating question.
I've been dualbooting Windows 7 and xp on this computer, and started a lengthy video in Movie Maker 2.1 (WinXp). I saved the file and some time later opened it in Movie Maker 2.6 (Win 7), during which I tweaked and edited it some more. Today, I came back to Movie Maker 2.1 and it refuses to open the MovieMaker Project file (.MSWMM), returning the error "Windows Movie Maker Cannot Open this file". No, I am not trying to open a WMV file with it or anything. This is the same project file that I have been using all along. Does MM 2.6 do something to the files that prevents them from opening in Movie Maker 2.1?


- 2 Bunny

A:Movie Maker 2.6 and 2.1 .MSWMM Compatibility Problems...

I am curious why you would be using such antique video editors where you could use WLMM in Windows7. You can even make WMM work in Win7.

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Okay so I have to make a video and I used windows movie maker to cut the video into parts and make an edited video. I save the file, but whenever I try to convert the file or open it in a program, it asks about ffdshow or something like that and then I click okay, and then the program just closes. I need to finish this by tonight so all help is appreciated.

A:problems with windows movie maker and other programs

What's the original format of the video? WMM may not be your best choice if all you want to do is just cut it.
If you're not sure, feed the video into a utility like gspot from http://www.headbands.com/gspot or avicodec from http://avicodec.duby.info and report back what it says about the video.

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I've used WMM for almost a year now, and I've been able to fix all of the problems I've run across until now.
So, I make a video, and go to save it. Then, it says that there's not enough memory, when I know that's not right. But it saves anyway. Then, when it freezes up like it always does, when it unlocks itself is says "operation completed" or something like that. Those things just started happening recently and I don't know why. Then the worst thing is, when I try to save it as a movie, I go through all the steps like normal, then it normally would go to the screen that tells you how much longer it will take to save and stuff and the green bar. But no it just skips that page and goes right to the finish page. Then when I hit finish it doesn't pop up and play like it should. Then when I go looking for it, it didn't save as a movie file at all. I've tried a few different videos, and the same thing happens. But the strange thing is, the day that started happening, I saved something and it worked. Then the next thing I went to save it did that.
I am an amv editor and am on deadlines. I NEED to be able to save thing! I need help soon!!! Please!!! Thank you for your time!!!

A:Windows Movie Maker Saving Problems.

Have you seen this article, Window's Movie Maker file compatibility. If you have any files on your timeline that are Mpeg, MOV, Mjpeg, Divx-avi, MP3, and Jpeg then they may cause problems like the ones you listed. If it says that you don't have enough memory, then you probably don't.

If you can use a video converter such as total video converter to convert the video,audio or picture files to compatible files. I think total video converter offers a free trial, but I'm not sure.

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I've been trying to use Windows Movie Maker to edit a few videos, but lately it's started messing up filetypes that it can usually use fine, especially .avi files. Whenever I try to import them, it'll show the audio just fine, but it doesn't show the video. After reading a bit of information on WMM from a couple Google searches, I'd guess that there's something wrong with the video filters, but damned if I know what, much less how to fix it. Does anybody have any ideas?

A:Solved: Problems with Windows Movie Maker

ok.... have you checked for new codecs? you can download k-lite codec for free are any other programs playing these videos well? like WMP? you would get a bit more of a response in the multimedia section.

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I have a file that i made in Windows Movie Maker, I have saved the movie and i need to change it to a format in which i can but it in sonic dvd burner. And i have tried to use tmpgenc and it also says that it cannot support this file. When i open sonic and try to add the Movie Maker File it says that it cannot support that type of file. So does anyone know how to do this? Thanks alot.

A:Solved: Windows Movie Maker Converting File

Save it as an AVI file from within Windows Movie Maker.
When you save it to your computer click on "other settings" and select DV-AVI

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i wanted to upload my youtube video, but when i use windows movie maker to edit it, it wont let me. it says it cant read the file. any suggestions?

A:converting windows movie maker files onto youtube!

im assuming you are using windows xp? to upload a video u have made to youtube it has to be 10 minutes long or less, 100mbs or less and it should be in wmv. format. thats the way ive always done it and had no problems.if u need a good video converter that converts all formats prism video converter is a very good one and its totally free and easy to use. hope this helps u.

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Bought a DVD, and would like to edit out one particular scene. I try to import the file (23 minute portion)from my Desktop, where it is saved, but it it keeps coming up as a 5 second file, with no sound. It is a VOB file, and in the Windows Live Movie Help page says that Supported file types in Windows Live Movie Maker include VOB files, but it is still not working. Help? http://help.live.com/help.aspx?project=wl_movie_makerv1&market=en-US (help page link)

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I have edited all my holiday videos using movie maker, and saved them as an .avi file. It is over 30Gb, so I have also saved it as a .wmv (worse quality) at about 3Gb. I want to use pinnacle expression (that came with Instant CD/DVD 8) to write it to a DVD somehow. When I opened expression, and tried to open the avi file, it said not recognizable. It says it recognizes MPEG and avi files, but it hasn't. Is there a conflict between movie maker and other programs, and how could I write the movie to DVD?



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I'm having some major problemns with my Windows Movie Maker application. It first started a while ago, but I haven't had time to do anything about it. Heres my problem:

I open up WMM, and import a few video clips in AVI format. They appear in the collections pane, and also play in the peview screen when you click on them, and press the play button. The problem comes when you try and add them to the timeline. I drag them into the timeline area, and let go to drop them. Nothing happens. No changes to the timeline, and no error messages.

I thought this might be a problem with the type of file, so I tried it with some music, and photos instead. Still the same problem.

I then thought that prehaps the problem might be with the timeline, so I clicked the AutoMovie button to see if WMM would create a movie for me. I followed the on screen instructions, clicked OK, and an error message appeared saying: Invalid Pointer.

I haven't got a clue what this means, or what caused it. At the moment, I can't use WMM at all, because obviously without a working timeline you can't produce movies!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have for me.

A:Major Windows Movie Maker Problems With Vista

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I am new to the site, and I do not quite know how everything works , but anyway, can you tell me how you resolve the issue of Windows Movie Maker coming up with the XP Send Error Report Dialouge on start up and how, if I drag it out of the way, I cannot place video clips, audio or anything onto the timeline- I do not know if I have WMM 1 or 2, but my computer operating system is: Windows XP Service Pack 2. Please help as I want to make videos!! Also, please vote in the poll, it helps me as I can then think: "there are more video making software for free out there!" or "stick with Windows Movie Maker"



A:Windows Movie Maker - Error Message and other problems

I have just worked out how to access Movie Maker's Files, if this is any help to anyone! Follow this link: http://www.download.com/3000-2194-10187903.html . Select Download, download and install WMM and then find it in the Start menu. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties, then click on "Find Target" it opens a folder with all the WMM files in- is this any help to anyone?

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Hi there,

I have been unable to import any of my video files (in MPG4 format) in Windows Movie Maker. I read an old thread here that there was a converter that can be downloaded and it coverts the file to AVI. I ran the recommended file (mp4cam2avi.exe), converted and imported the new AVI file successfully. However, only the audio works, not the video.

Do you have any recommendations on a solution for this? I have Windows Vista.


A:Need solution for converting MPG4 files to AVI for Windows Movie Maker

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I had movie maker on my laptop computer but noticed that it did not have the sound recorder like some of the later versions. So I tried to install the newer version and then something did not work out.  I could not find movie maker on my system. When
I tried to download windows essentials 2012 which includes the movie maker it suggested that I already had it on my system but I cannot find in program files or program (x86) files.
So then I went to a link on Microsoft support and followed the steps and got the sfc details. I am unable to post the link right now but will do so soon.
From the sfc details, I gathered the problems files -
Then the next steps were to take ownership of the files and then replace them with files copied from another computer that has windows 8.1.
I have not yet been able to do the "take ownership" step as I tried many combinations of
commands at the
elevated command prompt but none has worked so far.
I also tried doing what was suggested in a link:
 To fix corrupt windows system files in the answers thread on your website.
I am unable to post the link here. But it had to do with DISM clean up and restore health.
And I got this:
Error: 0x800f081f
The source files could not be found.
Use the "Source" option to specify the location of the files that are required t
o restore the feature. For more information o... Read more

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