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Solved: Missing Global Address List

Q: Solved: Missing Global Address List

I installed a fresh copy of office 2003 std. and then setup outlook, everything works fine except that the global address list is missing. I am connecting to an exchange server, I also am able to login to outlook webmail and the global address list is there. Can anyone HELP???

Preferred Solution: Solved: Missing Global Address List

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Missing Global Address List

I ended up deleting the user's outlook profile and recreating it, this brought back my global address list.

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OK. This is driving me crazy. Using Active Directory I created a Global Security group. I also tried Global Distribution group. Neither of them are showing in my Global Address book. What am I missing?

OS: Windows 2003 Server
Mail: Exchange Server 2003

Please help.


A:Solved: Distribution List in Global Address List

It has to be set up as a Global Distribution group and you have to ensure it has an email address. I am not sure it will show up until you restart Outlook.

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Anybody familiar with exchange 5.5?

i'v got users who dial in to get their email, which is ok cause when they are connected they can see the global address list, so can send emails to people within the company!
how can i tranfer the global address list to these laptops so they can compose their emails offline? (when they arn't connected, they dont see the recipients email addresses!)

any help would be great


A:Global Address List

Open the address book and highlight every adderss, right click and select "add to personal address book"

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Hello All,
I have created 3 new Distribution Groups however, cannot see them in the Global Address List. There is currently a Distribution Group in the GAL that was created before I took over, and the account properties on the new DG's I created and the one that was already there are identical. In AD U&C the Group Scope is Universal and the Group Type is Distribution, on the groups I created and the Group that was already there. If I log onto my terminal server that has Outlook installed, I can see the DG's in the GAL, but if I load Outlook on my local machine, they are not in the GAL.
Anyone have any Ideas for me to try?!?
BTW....Exchange 2010 and Server 2008 R2, and Win 7 on the local

A:Global Address List

Refresh the recipient update service. Entries to not show up until that service fires and I think it is every 3 hours.

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In our organisation, we have 200+ users that use Microsoft outlook 2016 or Office 365 Outlook (clients).

All of them are set to auto for their Global Address List, which unfortunately checked the offline version first before the online version. We want to set the Online Global Address List as default and the only way I think I can do this is via Group Policy. But I have no clue on how to set it up, I've done a few searches and found nothing, apart from older versions of Outlook that it doesn't work for.

Has anyone else done this?



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Apparently I don't know what I am doing.

I have a user who's username ended up being very close to that of the head of our HR department. Because of this, people aren't paying attention and are sending sensitive HR information to this user. We decided the best way to fix this was to rename the user. So, in AD, I changed:

The users name as is listed in AD Users and Groups
The Display Name (under General Tab)
The logon name (under account tab)
Alias (under Exchange General)
and everything under Email Addresses

It is not that this didn't work. The user can now log on as their new user account. The email transferred over fine and if I email the new email account it goes right through. Also, the old user account can no longer log in. However, the one problem that I am having is that the old email account still works and the users old name still shows up in the GAL. I have no idea how to fix these two problems. Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:Need help with Global Address list and Exchange

Actually, nevermind folks. I think I just didnt give it enough time to populate. The name in the GAL has changed now.


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Is there any way I can set up a global address list similar to what Exchange offers but without using an Exchange server?
Specifically I'm looking for one global address list(only email addresses), with the option of every user creating one private (preferably password protected) folder for his/her own private contacts. This should all reside on the server.

I'm using win98 and Outlook 2000 in a small business environment with Novell and normal windows networking. Upgrading to exchange is not an option.

Any help or ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Daneel Smuts

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Does any one know about or have a tool that can map all the members of a Global Address List. We have members all around the world and in different workgroups and team that we would like to visulize? Can it even be done?

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I have a Samung I 730 PDA.
I would like to download the company Outlook Global Address List to my PDA.
Then I would like to keep the PDA and GAL in syn every day.
Can anyone help me?

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I need to update details in the Global Address List for our work's Outlook. The IT have given me permissions to make the changes and when I open the list and the persons details in properties the boxes are there but are greyed out. How do I get into these boxes to make the necessary changes?

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Is there a way to show the GAL sorted by lastname?

We played around with the "File As" option, but when we open up the GAL, it is still sorted by fisrtname.

Work your magic, Dreamboat.

A:Global Address List (Outlook 2000)

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Just recently upgraded from Ex5.5 to Ex2000.

Is there a way to change the format of the Global Address List from (First Name - Last Name) to (Last Name, First Name) other than using a utility from Ex2000 resource kit?

The AD on the W2k server was initially set with the FN - LN format. We have changed the format when adding new users, but have not been able to globally change existing users.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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I forget how to make contacts available under the global address list. I have some distribution lists set up, but when I click "To" I can't find them (or my contacts under the Global List).

Anyone remember how to do this?


A:Making Contacts available under Global Address List in Outlook

Sorry, Doc. Not sure. Go to the properties of your contacts folder and make sure it's an Outlook Address Book.

My main reason for posting is your absolute CLASSIC signature. LOVE THAT LINE.

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I'm pretty sure the answer to this question is "no", but I just want to check to be sure.

Is there a way to remove a name from the Global Address List in Outlook 2003 on a local user's computer? Since the list is coming from the Exchange Server I doubt there is a way locally, but maybe someone out there has an idea.

I want to do this because a person I email regularily has almost the same name as someone else whom I never mail, and the odd time I send an email to him by mistake.

Thanks in advance.

A:Removing name from Global Address List on Local Computer

No, not directly from Outlook. You can change the display name for the person in a personal address book and turn off the auto complete feature altogether.

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I've never used it before, but we just want to do a simple update to it. We want to clear out all of the old email addresses that we have collected over the years. We went on the server and honestly, didn't know what we were doing. If some one could just point me in the right direction that would help tremendously, otherwise we have to spend a small fortune for someone to come in and do it for us. We are running Exchange 2003. Thanks in advance for anyhelp you can offer.

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After users have been deleted from Active Directory and their Exchange Mailboxes deleted, is there any way to remove their names from the Global Address List? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I googled and founf nothing as well as Microsofts web site, but could not find a solution.

Feral Geek

A:Global Address List - Exchange Server 2003

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We are using Server 2003 with exchange mail. Users are all using Outlook 2007. Some users do not get a Global Address Book displayed in the address book of Outlook. Can anybody help?


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Is there a way when creating a Distribution List then place it in the Global Address Book, that only 2 or 3 people can open the Global Address Book and see that 1 Distribution List and not all the other users can see it.
For an example: HR Department wants to have a Full Time personnel distribution list, but only the person in HR Department can see it and all the other users can not see it when they open the GAB.
I've google it and was not able to find anything.

Thank you for your help if you provided an solution.


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Normally when i click on the blue button with this "^" upsidedown in my address bar, i get all the URLs I've most recenlty typed into it, but this morning when i clicked on it, all of them were gone.

A:Drop down list of URLs in address bar missing?

Did someone go into and clear the Clear History?
Just to check this g to the History Icon on the top of IE Should be to the Right of the Favorites Star Icon.
Click it and see if anything ls listed here?
Most likely someone Cleared your History.

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Address bar drop down menu is suddenly disappeared though I did not delete the browsing history or cookies using Tools menu. I am using IE8. Apprecaite help to restore the drop down menu. Thanks

A:Address Bar Drop Down Menu List is Missing

This Tutorial might help:
Internet Explorer - Reset[11]=Networking Internet

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We have a Domain Controller that has a disabled account setup. It's OS is Server 2008. We also have an Exchange 2010 Server that I can't find that account setup under Recipient Mailbox. It does however show up under To in Outlook when creating a new message. Does anyone have any ideas? There is no account in Exchange to mark not to show up in list.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!!

A:No Exchange Account but shows in Global list

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How can you make internal office email available if you do not use Exchange? If I wanted to set up a global contact list and have users be able to email users internally but do not have an Exchange server set up, how can I do that? Are there Exchange services I can install?

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60 client machines (outlook 2002)
1 linux box (email server) supported by ISP
Windows2K PDC

Looking for some kind of free solution whereby i can centrally manage the contacts on all client machines without having an exchange server. There are tons of packages out there but my budget is a bit tight so first prize would be a free solution. Ive managed to set up some kind of LDAP lookup with the linux box but that just resolves addresses and doesn't display all them in outlook. Would also need address distribution lists.

When theres money in the budget I'll get an exchange box so for now im not to keen on spending money on this temporary solution (1yr)

Any ideas??

A:Global Address book without exchange

Hi User Name:

This site may have some solutions: www.slipstick.com


Let us know if you find something there you can use.

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Hello, When I fget into my GAB in outlook 2013, a name doesn't appear under "global address book" but it does appear if I switch it to "all users". This person is set up on the exchange server and in active directory, as they rest of the people are. Why would the name not appear in the default GAB, but WILL appear when switched to "all users". All users here have "global addressbook" as the default view, and getting people to switch views in order to find contacts is not something I want to mention, as it will be met with resistence lol. Any help?

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Is it possible in exchange 2K to make a global address book accessable to POP3 users. Or is it possible to save a global address group as a .pab?

ANy help would be greatly appriociated?

A:Global address accesable to POP users?

I wonder about the purpose. But to make a gloabal address book, you can simply create a web-page containing all the email addresses and password protect the page to avoid unauthorised access.

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Hello, I am running Office 2010 on exchange. I am wanting to export the contacts (global address book) to a .csv file so they can be imported into people's phones via gmail, so all contacts are in their phones.

I was able to export to a csv, but not with the information I need. I would need email, name, phone and mobile phone. All it was giving was the name and phone, no mobile.

When you look at the address book, you have to click properties and "phones and notes" to see the mobile number. Pleas etell me that there is an easy way to do this? It is a nightmare trying to export and get all of the information. The main thing is the mobile, doesn't show up.

I was under the impression that exchange was a big step up and supposed to make things easier. Yet not one person has been able to tell me (A) if it is possible and (B) how to do it!.

So frustrated that something so easy is so difficult. I mean, I go right to gmail, export to csv and boom, everything is there. As of now I just export from a Google account and import that onto someones phone. But the numbers do not update in google as they do in exchange. For examle, if tomorrow I have 5 new people start, they will not be on that list unless I manually put them there. Please help!

A:Exporting the Global address book to CSV? With all info.

I think you already know the basics, but here's a step-by-step article: Export Contacts from Outlook 2010 to a CSV File

the key thing is, which is not explained very well is mapping the data:

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Hello, we run Exchange and have Office 2010. Is there a way to export the entire address book to a csv file that will include all information, such as mobile number? I messed with it, but the numbers were not exporting I only see names. Active Directory is where we add the information, then it syncs with exchange. Do I do it via the active director? If so, how? If via outlook, how?

Again, I am wanting to be able to export all numbers attached to the name.


A:How to export all details of Global address book?

Hello Mike6623,

Have a look at this tutorial at our sister forum.
Pay special attention to step E of part four of option one.
Good luck and keep us posted,

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Recently I've had some odd experiences with my internet. About two weeks back my global IP address has changed itself without my router restarting. Previously, my IP would only change when I restarted my router. This IP changing seems to occur anytime from 1-4 days. After each automatic IP change, I restarted my router to see if the address would change (it did). After about the second or third time my IP changed, I messed around with some router settings which I've since reverted (the DHCP renewal time is now set at 999 hours although I'm not quite sure whether this has any effect on anything). I also cleared my DNS cache on my laptop. Is there a reason for my IP changing? To my (limited) knowledge, the IP shouldn't change if the router has not been restarted, am I wrong?

Also, as a sidenote, only a few days back, my internet ping retrieved from speedtest.net has increased from ~20ms to around 50-60ms but my speeds have increased slightly. This probably has no connection to the IP changing since it occurred more than a week after. Thanks in advance for any responses, my ISP has always frustrated me a bit and I really want to get to the bottom of this issue!

A:Global IP Address Changing Without Router Restart

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Why can I not sync my Global Address Book? When I add info via active directory, it updates in the GAB, not in the contact list, and the contact list is what shows on the phone....and is what we need to update as we add info!!!!! Why isn't this possible? That isn't "syncing" that is just refreshing what is already there! We have around 500 employees, and having to log into each of there emails and add new contacts manually is NOT ok.

How do I sync my droid with exchange's GAB? Like I said, I can copy all of the GAB to contacts, but that doesn't do anything? It doesn't update in there when you add or change information....Pleas, please, please, tell me I am crazy and just missing one little thing, because if not, this exchange is worthless.

A:How to sync Global address book with Contacts?

Is this something that is really that hard? I usually get a lot more of a response in these forums.

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What my question is, is how do I delete the addresses in the "address" box?
Secondly, how do I do the same in the "open" box?
I just want to start anew?
Any help greatly appreciated.

A:(solved) Internet Explorer Address Bar List

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I export my address list as a WAB file. When I import this list back again ALL the deleted addresses are replaced. How can I stop this happening?

A:Solved: export and import address list

Hi biswas

Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Were you able to resolve this?

If not, try Exporting the Address Book as .csv file. Open the .csv file and make your edits then resave the file.
Try the Import to see if you get different results.

Let us know if that works for you or if you already solved this issue.

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Today, I converted my PST file from Outlook 2000 format to the Outlook 2003 format and it works fine but tonight when I went to send an email, the Contact list displayed but it would not enter any of the contacts into the "new" email that I wanted to send. An error message appeared and it says;

"Address list could not be displayed. The Contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened. It may have been moved or deleted or you do not have permissions. For information on how to remove this folder from the outlook address book, see Microsoft Outlook Help."

I tried every word I can think of to search for a solution in the help section and nothing worked or even seemed helpful. I have also tried to import address lists from various sources but that does not work because the list is already there but not associated with the Contacts list present in my program.

Any ideas on how to get my address list to work?


A:Solved: Outlook 2003 address list will not display

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Despite having a Win 7 laptop, I still have an XP desktop and have for many years used OE as my e-mail client. However, I use Thunderbird on the laptop, and thought about switching to it on the desktop. But T-bird has one huge flaw for me. I use a LOT of group address lists. They are very easy to create in OE by just naming the group the SELECTING the addresses to put into the group by clicking the "Select Members" button and double-clicking the person from the address book. In T-bird, there's no such "Select Members" button; you're asked to manually enter the e-mail address -- a royal pain in the arse. So I've been looking at Outlook as an alternative, since it is available in all versions of Office.

I still use Office 2000 on the desktop, mainly because MS destroyed the ability to do easy mail-merges with Access in Office 2007/2010 (cannot use queries as written; have to replace all "*" with "%" -- which only works with mail-merge, but not when run as a query in Access). I imported my OE address book into Outlook's Contacts folder, thinking that was the same as an address book. But when I try to create an e-mail and click the To: button, it tells me, "The address list could not be displayed. The Contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened; it may have been moved or deleted. . . See MS Outlook Help."

MS Outlook Help, like most MS Help, is useless. I found MS pages like this whi... Read more

A:Solved: Associate Contacts with Address list in Outlook

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When I type the first letter into the address box in a new email (in office outlook 2007) it brings up anybody I have emailed in the past, in a predictive way, even if they are not in my contacts list. Is there any way to delete these people from the list that it brings up?

Thanks in advance


A:Solved: How to remove old contacts in predictive list in address box Office 2007


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when i right click a song in my music i used to have an add to sync list option but now it has gone can anyone tell me how to get it back.

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I had a problem the other day with my wife's PC running Windows Media Centre. The "Most Frequently Used Progams" list on the Start Menu disappeared. So I did some googling and the most common results came down to these two registy values"

Neither key contains NoStartMenuMFUprogramsList or NoInstrumentation which might cause the list to disappear.

I checked my XP-SP2 machine and it also did not contain NoStartMenuMFUprogramsList or NoInstrumentation. However my list works fine. So there is something else causing this malfunction. I run scans on her computer on a regular basis with the F-Secure package and it says her machine is clean. Also HiJackThis shows no programs or processes that don't belong.

I went into the Start Menu properties and saw that the menu list was set to 6 items. I did a clear list but this still doesn't show any entries on the Most Frequently Used Progams list.

So I tried searching my registry for a program, I picked WinRar, hoping I could spot where in the registry it appears so as to be included in the Most Frequently Used Progams list. No luck. So where does the registry store the values for the MFUP list?


A:Solved: Most Frequently Used Progams list missing

dvdguy, Go to the link below, scroll down to line 133 (left column) and click on " Restore Most Frequently Used" to download a reg file fix. Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt.



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I mistated this problem in my original post, I guess I slept since I discovered the problem. The actual problem is that the entire Internet Explorer section is missing from Administrative Templates / Windows Components under both Computer Configuration and User Configuration. The question is still how I can retrieve that section. The machine is running XP Pro sp3.

The "Popup Allow List" setting is missing from the Internet Explorer section when I run gpedit.msc on one particular machine. How can I retrieve that setting as it's a pain having to set it through IE for eash user that uses this machine. The machine has XP Pro sp3.

A:Solved: Popup Allow List setting missing

Welcome to TSG!

If that section is missing then you are likely missing the inetres.adm file that should be in the Windows\system32\GroupPolicy\Adm folder.
These can be downloaded from Microsoft, or copied off of another PC
Group Policy ADM Files

If one machine is missing that one setting, then the adm file has been modified by something. Replacing the adm file should fix it.

The Pop-up Allow list is stored in the registry at

HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\New Windows\Allow
Once you've enabled the setting in gpedit you can import the list with a .reg file. Saves typing it on each PC.



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I'm using IE 6. The address bar is checked but not showing. I unchecked and rechecked it. Still no address bar. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Address Bar missing on IE 6

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Hi, i am running windows XP, my address bar does not show up on screen, when i go to view and toolbars it shows the address bar is on but it does not show up on screen.

Thank you


A:Solved: Address bar missing

Are you sure it isn't just so narrow that it isn't visible? Do you see the word Address? If so, unlock the task bar, and drag the border of the Address bar out.

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I just bought a used dell pc. It was flooded with viruses. I installed Avast anti-virus and cleaned about 5 Trojans 3 trojan-gen and about 10 adware files-viruses whatever they are called. now i hooked up a router using the laptop i already on and got it working so now i have wireless and dsl. so i hooked up the dsl cord to the pc so i can have internet on the pc also and just use wireless on my laptop....now i know its not a problem with the modem cuz i am usin the modem to be online now....so trying to configure my network connection i go to run and type cmd and then when i typed in ipconfig to get my ip address nothing came up....what happened and how do i get my ip address back

A:[SOLVED] Missing Ip Address

by the way i have windows xp home on the pc

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This doesnt realy have to do with the Windows Xp. But, my address bar is missing. Everything else is there (yahoo search engine etc.) except the address bar. Now I know its not a virus because I did a virus scan 2 days ago and it came up clean. I think i might have just clicked on something I wasnt supposed to and it went off. How do I get it back on again?

A:Solved: Address bar missing

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My IE7 address is missing. It's not even in the Toolbars submenu under the
Views menu like in IE6. What should I do?

A:Solved: Address Bar missing in IE7

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In Outlook 2003 when forwarding, replying or a new email when I go to insert addresses using the To button I get an error message that "The address list could not be displayed. The Contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened; it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions..........." If I go to Contacts in Outlook 2003 all my contacts and addresses are there, even adding a new contact does not appear in the 'Select Names' drop down list. Hope you can help.http://images.techguy.org/icon/icon8.gif

A:Solved: Missing contacts list in Outlook 2003


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Hey Guys,

I am having this problem where in the system tray the network icon is showing incorrect information. It displays a red "x" even though I am surfing the internet. When I hover over the icon it displays "Connection status:unknown The specified service does not exist as an installed service".

I stumbled upon this post and I noticed that I am completely missing Network List Service. How do I make this option visible in the list of services? Can I somehow install this service?


A:Network List Service is missing from the list of services

Hi Digital-flex,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

You might try running a sfc /scannow command to see if it can find and fix any system files that may be causing this. This tutorial will show you how to if needed.

System Files - SFC Command

If that does not work for you, then you can do a Repair install. This tutorial will show you how to if needed.

Repair Install For Vista

Hope this helps,

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How do I get the address box back on my browser? I want to retain the Google bar that I"ve added.

A:(Solved) IE Browser Address box missing

Are you refering to the links bar with links to websites?

If so, go to the view menu and click on view--toolbars and put a click on the links item. This should pop it back up for you.

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Hi folks. I've just got my PC running after it crashed big style. I had to reformat and reinstall all of my programs. Fortunately I had everything backed up. The big but is, I can't find my address book from outlook express.
Can anyone tell me what this file, or files, would be called. Not the actual running one, wab.exe but the one that stores the details.


A:Solved: Missing address book

Search your backup for these 2 files:


If you backed these up on CDs, be sure to remove the Read Only Attribute before running them.


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