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ATA gateway setup is missing or corrupt on domain controller or an attempt was made to run setup from within a zip file

Q: ATA gateway setup is missing or corrupt on domain controller or an attempt was made to run setup from within a zip file

Please i need help about this error on lightweight gateway asap

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Preferred Solution: ATA gateway setup is missing or corrupt on domain controller or an attempt was made to run setup from within a zip file

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I am trying to install Windows XP on a computer that had Linux on it but Linux didn't support the video card. I used gpated and wiped the hard drive all the way down to unallocated. immediately after inserting a Windows XP disc, I get the message inf file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing status 14 setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.
Google only returns results on this error with machines with Windows XP already installed or after just installing Windows XP and after the first restart. also there is way more "status 18" results than there are "status 14 results". and many of the status 14 results do not include "setup cannot continue". However, there is no result anywhere of this error showing up immediately after popping in the disc and before anything is even installed. it is just a completely blank HDD with nothing on it.
How do I get it to install?

A:"inf file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing status 14 setup cannot continue"

See V Craig Response .

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I want to install this administration software for my Network called Ranger for networks. To do this I am required for my PC to become a Domain Controller. I want this software installing on an exact PC which is running XP SP3. How do I make that PC the Domain Controller of my Network.

A:Domain Controller Setup

Posted via Mobile Device
you can't. A domain controller is setup on a Windows server OS.

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Computer was not able to setup a secure session with a domain controller

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hey there, the office that i work at doing odds and ends for everything and anything doesn't have there networking setup in a domain enviroment, its in a peer to peer workgroup i think you call it. Basically my question is this...what does a server need in order to become a domain controller...is there seperate hardware or software or is it built into windows 2000 server. Right now the Dell 1400 SC server has 1Gb of ram and (2) Pentium III 1125 MHz processors. What would we have to do in order to get the server setup as a domain controller????? We plan on doing a clean install of everything if we can use this server as a domain controller... Also, i think one of this initial problems that they never had a domain controller setup is because most of the computers are running 98SE (about 28) some XP (about 6) and some 2000 pro (about 6) Im not sure if the 98's were a issue with a domain enviroment? Any and all info is greatly appreciated!!!!!!! Thanks for reading!

A:setup A domain controller on windows 2000 server???

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I am getting Event Id 5719, source is NETLOGON.  I have tried many different things such as removing and re-adding the computer account.  I have also looked online with no success.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.  I am on Windows
7 PRo.  See below for more info:

This computer was not able to set up a secure session with a domain controller in domain Domain due to the following:
There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.
This may lead to authentication problems. Make sure that this computer is connected to the network. If the problem persists, please contact your domain administrator.




[ Name]



[ Qualifiers]









[ SystemTime]







... Read more

A:Computer was not able to setup a secure session with a domain controller

Thanks for posting in Microsoft TechNet forums.
If you can correctly log on to the domain, you can safely ignore event ID 5719.

Because the Netlogon service may start before the network is ready, the computer may be unable to locate the logon domain controller. Therefore, event
ID 5719 is logged. However, after the network is ready, the computer will try again to locate the logon domain controller. In this situation, the operation should be successful.
Best Regards
Magon Liu
TechNet Subscriber Support
in forum. If you have any feedback on our support, please contact
[email protected]
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I am trying to create a network on my vista computers like the one on my xp computers. Specifically, I want a setup where once someone is logged into their computer, they get whatever permissions are associated with their user profile.

In Vista home premium, I cannot figure out how to do this.

So, I added all computers to the same workgroup, and created profiles on each computer in the network with the username of the main login of each of the other computers (5 in the network). This means 5 profiles per computer. I can then assign permissions in my folder sharing dialog. Then, when I login as a user on one computer, I can enter my network folder, click on a remote computer on the network, login using the profile name/password, and access the shared folders BY navigating through the users folder, then the *nam* folder...

although this works, I am not happy with it.
1) Each computer has multiple profiles on it, which I don't want. I want only one profile per computer, and a central list of those profiles in my main server computer, with the permissions. That way, when someone logs in on their computer, they become authenticated in the network, and their permissions are distributed to them. no more passwords, no "just go" to the folders they want.
2) I want each of the shared folders to show up in the "network" tabs, like it used to do in XP. That way, I don't have to navigate a series of folders to get to the shared folder I want.
3) I don�... Read more

A:VPN setup in Vista - domain controller workaround desired

One simplification--for a given user account use the exact same password on all machines. That should save the need to provide a password for remote access.

I don't know if this would work for you, but it would be much simpler to just have the desired user account on each computer and then put sharable files (or a shortcut to them) into the Public folder and turn Password Protected Sharing OFF. However, I infer from your setup that each family member wants to share each file with only certain other members, making this suggestion unworkable.

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I'm trying to put this program on a disk and have it start the installation on its own when its inserted into a pc. I have nero 6 and all I get is burnt disk with the setup file but it does not autostart.

Anyone know how to make it autostart when its inserted?

A:How can I get this setup file to autostart from a disk that I made?


It's not very clear witch program ...Do you want to install a certain program
automatically when insert the CD (where you have previously burnt it?
Anyway the "autoplay" or "autorun" feature for a CD needs a Autorun.inf file to give the necessary instructions. For example, let's say that your program contains :
- a setup.exe file to start the installation
- you also wish a specific icon to replace the generic CD-ROM icon in
My Computer.
- also you wish the name of program to be displayed under icon

Open a New Text Document and type as below, beginnig from the upper left corner :


save as Autorun.inf

Now you suppose to burn as data on the CD, the following files :

Autorun.inf, setup.exe, your_icon_name.ico and of course the rest of program's data.
The best way to get used to autorun is to practice on a CD-RW until you obtain exactly what you wish.

good luck and please post back


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I am trying to add a win 7 pro pc to a domain and I get this error " an attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed"
I am running win server 2003 can anyone help?

A:error an attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed

Ok I got it to work I put in the DNSserver address agine same as I did yesterday ( I must have put it in 3 or 4 times) and it din''t work I did it agine today and it worked the frist time. Thank you every one for your help

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I mistakenly launched XP Setup and want to know how to stop it from progressing further. I have another XP installed on another virtual disk. Rebooting from there allowed me delete the Setup files. Or so I thought ! The main XP installation however continues to try to launch Setup. Just about whatever I do, it ends in tears. My question is … how do I stop XP on this disk from thinking it has to launch Setup? I don’t want to reinstall XP, as that will involve a huge amount of work to recreate my environment.

I am able to choose my operating system when I press F8

If I launch the corrupt system in “safe mode” or “domain controllers”, everything appears to progress normally until the very end… when the XP black desktop appears (and just before the icons appear). At that point I get the error message
“Windows XP cannot run under safe mode” and I am asked to click OK to consult a log file. The screen however is actually frozen at that point, so I have to unplug the machine.

Otherwise if I launch in debugging mode or “Last known good configuration”m I get a message saying “Setup will restart now” and then “ Setup is being restarted…” while the usual XP installation logos start to appear e.g. “An exciting new look etc…”. Shortly afterwards I get
“An error that has been encountered that prevents setup from continuing ”,
Again the screen freezes so I need to unplug the machine.

I looked at the difference config and ini files, and compared the Windows dir... Read more

A:Corrupt XP Setup – trying to remove setup by logging on from another disk

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Hello, I'm here because I have a problem of course. My sister asked me to install her windows 7 after formating (I did this before, on my laptop and others PC's) this time I met a problem. After selecting partition place for installing, on step 2 - Installing Windows at 7-8% of Expanding files I recive this error : Windows cannot install required files error 0x80070570The file may be corrupt or missing.. Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart installation.The DVD is in good condition, I had no problems until now. If someone know for sure how to deal with this problem, please help me.Thank you for your time.

A:W7 setup.exe corrupt file

I'd be inclined to re-format the drive and try again. It's just taken me three goes to re-install Win 7 onto a hard drive, If it happens once, that's a nuisance. If the same thing happens again, that's a problem !

Chris Cosgrove

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I have an oldish Advent PC which last night froze on my wife whilst she was surfing eBay, nothing would work on keyboard or mouse so she switched it of at the power button, when she tried to switch it back on she got this message (word for word)...

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


you can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD-ROM

Select 'R' at the next screen to start repair

The PC was bought brand new and i have the system recovery CD-ROM

The only reason why i have not done anything with it yet is i have 1000's of pictures on the PC and although i backup my important Docs i don't want to lose anything since my last backup which includes my daughters 1st birthday pics

I am hoping someone can tell me the best way to proceed.

I have a newer PC and can if needed could take the hard drive out of the old one to get the files but would like to avoid the need to do that if possible.



A:Missing or Corrupt: \Windows\System32\Config\Setup

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I followed the steps to install microsoft ATA. Unfortunately, im at stage where i downloaded ATA Gateway setup and extract the zip and ran as in administrative mode. I comes with error " Windows KB2919355 update is missing".

However i tried to install the KB2919355 (windows8.1-kb2919355-x64 707363KB), it comes up with error windows update standalone installer " the update is not applicable to your computer". I cannot seems to figure out the problem here.

Could anyone help please?

OS: windows server 2012 r2 stdType: VM x64-bitATA center was setup was seccessfully without any error. it has .NetFramework 2.0 & 3.5 installed as well.

Vinnie Grack IT Administrator/consultant, London,UK

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"windows 7 setup.exe corrupt file the file or directory is corrupt"

I'm trying to install 7 32bit OEM Home Premium with the legit bought holographic CD (not a burned image of any kind) onto a Gateway laptop with a brand new hard drive.

I was getting this error installing the OS the regular way booting to the cd and installing from it, so instead I copied the contents of the cd to a freshly quick formatted NTFS partition on the new laptop hard drive, then used bootsect and diskpart to setup the disk. It boots just fine and also gets the same error installing straight from the hard drive.
Is there some kind of update I need to slipstream into this cursed cd? How would I go about doing it? Thanks.

A:Getting the setup.exe corrupt file install error help!

Your DVD is probably damaged, return it for a fresh one.

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Request for problem that cannot enter my setup in my computer after my file corrupt when sudden put power off when loading on the file. I need help of how to repair the setting up again.

Thank you.


A:Lost or corrupt one File cannot enter setup

Try this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307852

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Hi everybody.
I got dell latitude d800 laptop with dead display and without os (supposed to be XP, sticker is intact).
Hunting for affordable good shape lcd panel will take a while so I made unattended cd with nlite and installed XP but external monitor didn't fire up
I checked the installation with live CD and it looks like complete install so I got an idea that the install is lacking dell drivers particularly video driver (nvidia fx 5200 go card).
Even more: it's possibly lacking any video driver 'cause native display was disconnected.
So I have to somehow inject video driver and force setup to install it. Then XP must fire up external monitor and then I can update all the drivers.
I read about winnt.sif and $OEM$/Drivers directory but that all about "naked" drivers like .sys .cat .inf ... but the drivers I got from dell have also .dll .exe and other files but nvidia driver even has its own setup.exe.
How to make XP setup to install such drivers during unattended setup?

A:[SOLVED] Inject drivers with .exe extension or own setup file in unattended setup

Hi I 'am not entirely certain but this might help Customizing Unattended Setup
How to Add OEM Plug and Play Drivers to Windows XP
Talking Shop: Windows XP unattended installation | TechRepublic

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Hello Gang,
Great site. I have been lurking for a while and can't believe the plethora of info here.

Now I have a prob and signed up hoping to get help.

Laptop P4 running XP Pro
Can't load Office XP because I get an error missing setup.ini file.
Ran a spyware but no help.
Any suggestions??


A:Missing setup.ini file

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I can't
install Defender Pro . Error msg : above named file missing. Have cleaned up fles, deleted all temp worked with Defender tech but no luck. Help

A:missing IXP001.tmp/setup.exe file

I would pass on Defender Pro.

Install MSE --> http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/

Regards. . .



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I am doing a repair install of xp due to the fact that I lost my use of my cd drive and could not figure out how to get it back no matter what i did.....Now I got big problems more...... I put in my windows CD, set up starts okay and then after it rebooted to continue with setup, it said that it needed a file and I cannot seem to point it in the right direction to find the file. I have the stupid Cd in the drive so why is it tripping???
I need file "asms" and i cannot even get back to the state i was in before...i cannot do anything cause of set up being half way through!!! I am gonna cry....help.....

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after i cleared boot write virus, i went to reinstall my iso windows XP Pro W/sp3
installation disk and recieved above message I have since loaded a version of XP Home ,but Iwant to know how to get my XP Pro disk fixed or whatever it takes so i can reinstall XP Pro sp3

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Installed a new M4 ssd today and loaded windows on it. Previously i was using 2 raptors in raid 0 for the os and programs. I re raided the 2 raptors and connected them to the jmicron ports and set them up for raid in bios, then created the raid 0 array no prob. Windows doesnt see the array when loaded up and i have the latest rst drivers installed..did this prior to the os install on the ssd. did i do something wrong? using the x58 e760a1 mobo. under device manager, the raid controller has an exclamation mark and no driver installed yet i have the latest rst installed..

A:Win 7 raid 0 setup / missing raid controller driver

Try loading the JMicron drivers from the motherboard manufacturer. RST is for Intel chipsets.

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I was having problems with my Maple Story, so I un-installed and re-downloaded the program. However, when I tried to open the setup wizard, it gave me the error:

Error reading setup initialization file

I looked online for troubleshooting solutions, and I have so far found two options:

-Re-download because the error could be the result of a failed download that wasn't identified when the file was downloaded.

-Find and delete old files that could be stopping the file from being reaad properly.

I need help with the second solution, as in how I search for those files. Also, any other solutions for this problem would be much appreciated.

A:"Error reading setup initialization file" for Maple Story Setup

test reply

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I know ATA Light Gateways can be installed directly on domain controllers.  What if those domain controllers are running server core (without the GUI)?  Will that work?


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I have had to re-install windows alot of times and it make folders on my 2ndary HDD that i cant delete Brcause access is denied. ive tried unlocker and it dosent work can you help

the folders are also made bu any .net framework install and virtually every update makes one/shares one its getting anoying

A:how to delete files made by setup programs on secondary HDD


Can you access the second hard drive, as in logging into it like the primary drive? Are you running Windows XP?

Have you looked at this program:




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I have 2 PC's Running XP Pro Connected to router by Ethernet Cable and 1 Wireless Laptop running XP media edition.
Using a Linksys WRV54G Wireless Router with 4 Ports.

I wanted to setup 1 of the PC's as a makeshift Server and the other 2 as Clients and create a Domain on it. But I am stuck on how to do this.

Need any help/ideas on how to do this or to know if it is even possible

A:Can a Domain be setup on Win XP Pro and how to do it?

To set up a domain you need a server version OS.

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Hey guys. Im looking for some suggestions. Some friends and I are looking to make a VPN with all the computers connected to a server. We are using Sever 08.

Can someone explain any way they know of allowing the computers to connect to the server without and cables or being in the same LAN. We were thinking hamachi but still from there don't know where to go.

Also, is there is a way to store docs locally instead of on the server and only keep things like credentials and software on the server, but still allow users to access the files stored on each others PC via the network?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Bought a new HP Desktop computer and made a mistake when setting up my Microsoft account with my email. Can't seem to get in to edit the "administrator's" password. How can I correct?

A:Change Administrator Password - Made Mistake in Computer Setup

I am frustrated and can't even get my question right. When setting up my new HP Desktop Computer, I was prompted to establish a Microsoft account. I used an incorrect email address in doing so. How can i change my "administrator's" email address?

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I am trying ot put my server onto its own domain so that when I go out of town my laptop will still have complete access to my files at home. I created a free Dynamic DNS through DynDNS.org and have my Linksys router set up to see it. I also have their DynDNS updater software set up so that it will update their site with my new IP address when RR resets it (it sees my routers IP, not my servers which is assigned by my router, I'm assuming this is correct.) At this point I'm not quite sure what to do. I've attempted to log in through a remote connection on my laptop, which I know works because if I run through my router I get the connection, but if I go through my neighbors router to IP address of my server (the router assigned one) with my DNS as the domain name, I get nothing. If someone could give me a link on how to finish the set up so that I can see and transfer my data from my server to my laptop and vise versa or walk me though it, I would appreciate it.


A:Domain setup issues

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Is there a way to enter domain & DNS info from the basic install or will that only be available for Enterprise?

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Hello i am in my first systems admin position, and i have been assigned the task of building a new domain, adding exchange and a few other things. I know that i can handle all of this but i figured why not get some suggestions from some people who have more experience then myself. Also, i have maintained domains for quite sometime, but this is the first time ill be building one on my own.

Here is the setup, all servers will be running Window Server 2003 and exchange will be Exchange 2007. At the moment we have 2 servers in our office, 3 servers in a server farm and we have about 25 users, which could double in 18 months. We have a constant VPN connection to the server farm and very fast connections on both sides. A dc and exchange will reside at the farm, they have 3 backbones running thru there, so their connection never drops. We will have 2 domain controllers in our office.

(FYI: This will not be the real name of our domain just using them as an example)
The first domain controller will be in our office on office.domain.com then i will be joining one server in the farm on production.domain.com. My boss had suggested this and im not sure if this is how we should do it. I would like to setup a Barracuda spam filter and use the LDAP features and was wondering if anyone knew if having the 2 different domains would effect that? (in my last position i helped deploy a spam filter and we had problems filtering spam on 2 different domains, but they were not child domains. here t... Read more

A:Suggestion for Domain setup.

Well, as long as you have the permissions set correctly and now how to write the LDAP strings you should be able to point that barracuda at the OU's you want too. Now a Top level enterprise admin has rights through out the domains.

As far as the naming???

So the domain would be domain.com

and production and office are just host names right?

Because how you have it listed here is as two different domains, or as both office and production as child domains of domain.com

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I have a a few computers for my small business, and I find it a pain that when one computer password expires I have to repeat the process on every computer on my network. This is because they are all part of the same workgroup instead of a domain. If possible I would like to switch them over to a domain but I don't have any servers on location. Can this be done using ann online service? Any suggestions besides other than actually buyiing a server.

Thanks for any input you can provide.

A:How to setup and joing domain


I know that you've asked for replies which would not involve a server, but that would mean that you would get no replies. It's the nature of Windows domains to require a Domain Controller (DC). This requires a server. An ultra cheap workstation would suffice for an NT 4.0 domain. An Active Directory domain will require Windows 2000/2003 and a more powerful computer. Sorry.

Optionally, you could change the workstation policies to disable password expiry.


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Hi all i recently got this idea centre 300s   120 gb SS  1 TB drive  no extra videocard yet or more RAM  with windows 10  I wanted to make a dual boot  since some of my games simply would not install or just crash during install or final setup Any tips on how  to setup ? what is best both OS's on SSD  ?or windows 10 on  SSD windows 7 on  HHD ?    

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Hello everyone, I was having a small problem with a computer at one of our regional offices.

Basically, we have a small office workgroup set up for them, I recently sent a computer that has WIN 98 SE installed on it to that office.

Originally I was trying to reformat this computer, but it wasnt able to boot off the cd, so instead, what I did was delete all the files/programs they don't need off the computer, and install the programs (driver etc.) they need for their office, and send them the computer (as I did two days ago).

So therefore, when the user at our regional office connects her computer, she gets a log in prompt box that is asking for her username and password to log onto a domain. (which was what i was doing at our head-office when i was installing/uninstalling software from it, logging into the domain)

However, she does not need to log onto a domain, her office is configured to function on a small workgroup.

HERE IS A solution I have came up with, can u please take a look, and let me know if it will work, and if so/if not, could you please provide a solution(s) that may work??

1 - press cancel on the original log in prompt box, and when u do press cancel, another prompt box pops up, asking you for a username and password (which i believe refers to user accounts for the computer, and not domain accounts)??

2 - log in with the default admin username, and once u log in create a username account for the user of the computer (remember this is WIN 98 SE)?... Read more

A:Solved: Workgroup & Domain setup??

Isn't this the exact same post that is in the Win98 Forum?

Right click on Network Neighborhood

Double click on Client for Microsoft Networks
Uncheck for it to Logon to NT Domain

And that's where you would put the Domain name if you wanted one.

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The company I work for has recently purchased a new computer with Windows Vista Ultimate as the operating system. All our older computers (On XP) are linked on a domain. I have managed to add the new computer to the domain, however, we can no longer access the internet since we linked it to the domain.

Now when we try to access the computer normally and not through the domain, it asks us for a password - But we never set up a password for the original administrator account.

Please, help us figure this one out, we're all stuck on this one.



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Hi all -
Hoping someone can help me. I'm pretty new to networking and setting up a server 2003 domain is driving me crazy. I work in sales in the it field and wanted to setup a network at home using a PC I built ( will refer to as my server) running Server 2003 Enterprise to help me get more familure with the products I sell and I'm just a big geek and like this kind of stuff. I setup the server as my DC. I had my other PC added to the domain until I decided to do a fresh install of Windows Vista on it. Now I can't add it back to the domain and its driving me crazy. Here is the hardware I have and the way I have it networked:
Comast cable modem > Vonage Motorola VT2442 Router > PowerConnect 2216 Switch > Linksys Wireless Router > Server 2003 Enterprise "Server" > Home built PC running Windows Vista Ultimate > Dell Inspiron Notebook runign Windows XP Pro. I have the cable modem connected to the internet port on the vonage router, I then have port 1 on the Vonage router to the Internet port on the wirless router. I have Port 2 of the Vonage router connected to port 1 on the PowerConnect Switch and then have my server on Port 2, PC on Port 3 and XBOX360 on Port 4. I have interent access on the server, pc and xbox. The vonage router is acting as DNS and DHCP server. When I try to add the PC to my Domain (heck.local) I get the following error: "An attempt to resolve the DNS name of a DC in the domain being joined has failed. Please ... Read more

A:Going Crazy trying to setup a domain at home

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I'm going to be setting up new email addresses for a company later that has a domain setup. I understand their email settings will be different because it's going through their domain. I'll make sure to get the settings for an existing account, so I should be good to go. I just haven't seen their setup and want to be quick about it.
Would there be anything specific I should know about adding new email addresses to a domain? I may be over thinking this, but it's a new setup and want to get it right first try. I realize it's kinda open ended, but any information would be appreciated.

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I need help finding the easiest way to setup a domain on Windows 7 Pro. Any comments and help are appreciated!!

A:Easiest way to setup a home domain

An active directory domain requires a domain controller which can only be hosted on a server OS. Windows 7 Pro cannot do this.
Or is your question something else?

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How would you setup a wifi router inside of a domain. The domain already controls the DHCP.

A:WIFI Router Setup in Domain

I may be wrong on this, but I believe you set up the router as would normally(SSID, security, etc), then disable DHCP in the router. After that IP addressing should be handled by the server with the router just acting like an access point and passing through IP's. That is how I've done it before with ICS and the IP's were assigned by the ICS computer not the router; it also allowed file sharing with the ICS computer hence why it was done that way and the customer had the router already.

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Whenever I turn on my pc, it comes up with a message that says something about my setup controller and then it will say to check my log files. I get an install flag when I click on my explorer. It takes about 4 minutes, but the explorer will finally come up. Does anyone know what is wrong?

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Hey guys, I recently moved to a new home and I'm trying to set up my router to the new internet connection and get the wifi going but for the life of me I cant get it set up. The internet connection itself is fine, from modem to pc.
Once I have the modem in the mix,it gets no/limited connectivity and cannot reach the setups. I have tried the classic and and about 5 other variations, along with 'http://router'. My router is a Belkin N300 Wireless N Router.
If I use a command prompt and do 'ipconfig', there is no ip address beside 'gateway default' once the router is connected. I have reset my router to factory settings. I've tried using a static ip address for my computer [though not sure if i did it correctly]. My DHCP is enabled.
I've been at it for several hours and I'm sorta at my wit's end. Please help!

A:No gateway default on router, cant setup

For Belkin, How about trying:
and do not set any static IP.

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Hi all,

I recently bought a gateway MT6821 which has vista OS installed on it. I want to be able to install XP to duo boot but the XP installation was not able to detect the hard drive.

Any pointer on this is great appreciated. Thank you everyone.

A:how to setup duo boot on gateway laptop

Thats probably because Vistas on there so its ignoring XP, my guess is youll have to use partitioning software to create a partition on the HD, set boot order to CD, and boot the XP setup disk and install on created partition.

CAUTION: TAKE CARE WHEN PARTITIONING AS IT'S RISKY, if you need help with partitioning lets us know.

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Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to automatically setup outlook for a domain user. Instead of having to
setup Outlook manually by running the Outlook configuration wizard and
typing in the name of the exchange server and their exchange username.
Thanks Adesh

A:Setup Outlook automatically for a Domain User

Might try Group policy via the Domain. I know you can push many user settings that way.

See this link: http://office.microsoft.com/en-ca/assistance/ha011402631033.aspx

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Hi Gurus ,

I m new in Fedora Linux , now currently i m installing the Fedora Core 3 in my office . I would like to find out How to configure Firewall and to setup a domain . One more thing do i need to do any other setting because all my clients are running on WINXP . Kindly help on these . Thanks


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Hi All,

Hopefully a straight forward question for you...

We have a company laptop that is normally used on our domain and the user wants to setup a local user account on it for home use. We have tried adding a new user but it keeps asking for the domain. I am presuming we have to leave the domain and setup a workgroup for example and do it that way?!? But this causes an issue when the user wants to go back on the domain at work.

Appreciate any advice/help.



A:On Domain want to setup local user account?

New user account

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I have a Machine with windows 7 x64 pro which was connected to a domain controller that is dead and not available anymore.
I want to continue to use this computer standalone and keep all the software and configurations already installed, however i need to change my pass and i am not able to do it getting this msg : configuration
information could not be read from the domain controller, either because the machine is unavailable, or because access is denied.
How can i solve this (change the pass or copy all the user settings to local) without the domain controller server?
thank you

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from Alan Goodjohn MCP

wondered if you Can help BT no use.
have a client 14 machines 1nt4 9 win98se on local area on up to 10 subnet
all see each other.
bt 500 plus adsl hubwith four ports out has fixed ip in the hub and four more no's available can put any of those no in a pc ie: subnet, and can get out on the net we only to use one of bt's ip the one in the adsl hub
Now I need to fit soho watchguard firewall this I plug in the adsl in the wan port on the soho cat5 to 10 port up uplink. I can bring up the menue out of the soho hub to set ip firewall etc .
I can't get out on the net throu the hub/soho/adsl.
Have tried all sort of settings.
local subnet gateway use bt dns no.s not working.
any Help please
Regards Alan

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