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Transfer Microsoft Outlook File From One Computer To Another

Q: Transfer Microsoft Outlook File From One Computer To Another

Good day,

I am attempting to transfer MS Outlook file from one computer to another. I have successfully transferred the file from the CD to the appropriate Outlook folder on my C drive. I then utilized the following steps: 1)open outlook 2) tools, services, (the services screen opens) add button, (the add services to profile screen opens) 3)select the personal folders from the drop-down and OK the create/open personal folder screen appears 4) select the appropriate file to be restored and click on the "open" button. At this point I receive an message that indicates that the file which I have chosen is "not a personal folders file". When I close this message it is followed by another message indicating "properties for this information service must be defined prior to use. In the past I have successfully completed an Outlook transfer but it appears that I am not doing something right this time around. It would be very much appreciated if anyone could assist me. Thank you.

Preferred Solution: Transfer Microsoft Outlook File From One Computer To Another

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Transfer Microsoft Outlook File From One Computer To Another

If you're not using exchange server see this outlook synchronization tutorial. Works for Outlook 2003 and older versions. In addition, see other outlook articles.

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Before I upgraded to Windows 8.1 I made a backup of my Microsoft Office Outlook Mail folder which was saved as a .pst file.  I have tried over and over to import this file into Microsoft Outlook.  My email works fine but I can't import any of my contacts.  I am not sure how to get these files imported.  Any assistance would sure be appreciated.

A:Need Help with .pst file transfer to Microsoft Office Outlook

It helps to know what version of Outlook you are using.

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I currently just got a new laptop, and I am trying to transfer my email on outlook to my new computer. I followed the microsoft directions of getting the .pst off the old computer and then importing through outlook. Everything was doing fine, but the next time outlook was opened, it froze. after force closing the program, it went to safe mode the next time i opened outlook, but did a similar thing but showed a check list of things that it was updating. But after 3 hours there was no progress, I force closed outlook again. The third time I opened outlook, it went to a recovery mode where it ran an installer for office, but nothing was changed. Also something that might help is that the .pst file is almost 10gb.

I don't know how else to describe what is going on, but if you have any question that would help you figure out what is going on.


A:transfer .pst file to new computer outlook 2003

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I am using Outlook Express6 on my Windows XP based computer and now I want to transfer/import all my emails, account settings, email folders etc to Microsoft Outlook 2007 on a New Windows 7 based System.

Can anyone tell me please how can I import all my emails from Outlook Express 6 to Microsoft Outlook 2007?

Any help will be highly appreciated.


A:How to Import/Transfer Emails from Outlook Express6 to Microsoft Outlook?


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I wish to know how one can export email and address folders from netscape 6.2 to microsoft outlook.


A:transfer between netscape 6.2 to microsoft outlook

Welcome to TSG, Shelford

Could you just confirm that it is Outlook and not Outlook Express, and if so which version, please?

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I'm trying to use the file transfer wizard that was pre-installed on my new Dell Dimensions E510 computer (to transfer files from old computer to new). It prompts me that I will also need to run the program on the old computer, either by creating a wizard disc or using the Windows XP disc (which I don't have b/c it was pre-installed). It says to create a discby inserting a blank, formatted disc into the new computer's disc drive. It then gives 4 options to choose from, however the option I want, to create a wizard disc in the following drive, is not highlighted. It won't allow me to burn another disc apparently, I can only choose I already have a windows disc, I will use the Windows XP cd, or I don't need a disc at all. WHY?! I already bought a usb/serial transfer cable to do this and I'm not sure why the software won't allow me to burn a disc. Any suggestions?!
Thanks Much!!

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Hi all, any reason that you should not be able to copy over and use an outlook .pst file (Office 2007) from a Vista x64 system to a system running Vista x32 and Outlook (office 2007) ??

I get the error message when trying to add the data file "the file d:\???\???\???.pst cannot be opened."

Thx, Dave

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I have a customer database stored in the "Contacts" section of Microsoft Outlook. I would like to export the contacts to Symantec ACT but the export always leaves out one of the memo fields that has important information in it.

Any suggestions on how to transfer ALL the fields from outlook contact records would be appreciated.

Best Regards

Adrian D.

A:Outlook File Transfer

Try this:

From within Outlook (I am using Outlook 2002)

Choose File
Choose Export
Export to a file - click Next
Choose Comma separated value (windows) - click Next
Choose the file to export (Contacts) - click Next
Type the file name and path - click Next
Click to select the Export box...... and click on Map Custom Fields
Make value selections (see what is in the memo field), choose the field to populate and click Next. Clear All to redo selections.
Click OK
Click Finish when done.

I've done this before and had to redo it a couple of times to get the right values to populate the right fields in ACT.

Good Luck!

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I originally had windows 98 with "Works". I typed an address data base for labels. I now use windows XP which doesn't have Works but does have Outlook. Can I transfer the addresses I have on a floppy to Outlook so I can still print labels?

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I have Outlook Express 5.5 which I use as my main e-mail programme. I am going on holidays for several weeks, and there will be internet access available at the holiday location.
I would like to 'upload' the contents of all or most of my e-mail files and folders to one of my webmail files so that I can go on with some e-mail projects I have.

Is there any way to do this? Any advice appreciated.

A:Outlook Express file transfer

Hi rover1...<BR><BR>Tricky... but it can be done. I take it you mean you want to copy e-mails from the Drafts folder of your desktop to the Drafts folder on your Laptop or an on sight computer?<BR><BR>Like I said... tricky. Have a floppy disk ready. First you open the e-mail you want to transfer. Then either on the open e-mail or in the top toolbar of Outlook click "File" then "Save as..." In the new window that pops up... first make sure the file type at the bottom is "Mail(*.eml)". Then name the file and save to a floppy disk. Now you can take the e-mails and load then to any computer.<BR><BR>Now comes the tricky part... getting them back into Outlook. First after you put the floppy into the other computer. Then open the floppy. (My Computer double click A: ) Then reduce the window and open Outlook. Then Put floppy window back up and open one of the e-mails you want to transfer. The key on getting it back into Outlook is to change something in the saved e-mail. Even if you have to change it back. (Good way is to type anything at the end of the last sentence in an e-mail then remove it.) Then try to X out said e-mail. You will then be asked "Do you want to save changes to this message". At witch time you will click the "Yes" button. This will drop the e-mail into the Outlook Drafts folder of any computer.<BR><BR>I don't personally know any other way to do as you ask. Hope I... Read more

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My old laptop died and want to port my outlook contact list to my new laptop (Window7)
I pulled the old HD and installed it in a USB 2.0 device housing. The old drive is OK and have ported my excel files to my new laptop.What is procedure for transfering Outlook Contact file from old to new computer ?

A:Transfer Outlook Contact file

According to MICROSOFT the file you need to copy from the old hard-drive should be in a folder with a path like the following: "drive:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook" You need to replace "drive" with the drive letter (e.g. D) and "<user>" with your Windows user-name (e.g. Administrator). Then, just paste the file in folder of a similar path on the new hard-drive system partition. You may need to enable the "Show hidden files" option in "Folder Settings" in "Control Panel" in Start menu to be able to access those folders. Or follow the Microsoft guide step by step.

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On a win98 box I need to export all the files (the emails) from a particular outlook express acount to another folder, preferably My Documents. Then i need to send My Documents from the 98 across a LAN to my WinXP box.

I have not the faintest how to do this. My friend mentioned NetBios( maybe?), which i'm assuming is a file-transfer protocol for machines on a LAN. I'm really new at all this, so assume nothing. If anyone could be of help with explanations, links, etc. I would love you and your kin. Or if you prefer i would leave you alone.

But i could use some advice. Getting files out of outlook express in win98, across a lan to winXP.

A:outlook express on win98 & LAN file transfer

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I have Outlook Express 5.5 which I use as my main e-mail programme. I am going on holidays for several weeks, and there will be internet access available at the holiday location.
I would like to 'upload' the contents of all or most of my e-mail files and folders to one of my webmail files so that I can go on with some e-mail projects I have.

Is there any way to do this? Any advice appreciated.

A:(Solved) Outlook Express file transfer

if you have outlook express and you have a hotmail account, and the hotmail account is setup in outlook express, you can just drag your email to the hotmail inbox icon and it will upload it.

so if you have any webmail that works with outlook express you should be able to do it.

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I am transferring info from my old computer to my new one.

and from MS Outlook Express to the same program on my new pc.

I know how to export the Address book, only the instructions in Outlook appear to be for exporting the file contents to another windows address book, and not between computers.

I've searched for .WAB files and found them. When I opened, one seems to be just a shell of Outlook Express. This one is called Default.WAB

Another .WAB file has my name, but when I click, the information is older than the contents of my current Address Book. I checked the date and it's 2001.

(( scratching my head )) Where's the contents of my CURRENT Address book stored?


Once I find this, I would also like to locate the files that comprise the contents of my current e-mail INBOX so that I can transfer them over to the new computer too.

Any thoughts?

This should be possible, right? As long as I can isolate the right files to copy over?

Help appreciated.


A:How to Transfer Outlook Addressbook file between computers

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Can I take the Microsoft office from another computer that is not working and put it on this computer?

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A:Solved: Transfer Microsoft Office from dead computer

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Hi folks
I have around 500+ MB *.dbx file which i backed up from old pc running outlook express 6. Now the old pc is not with me.
I'm now using vista home edition.
could any one please guide me how do i put all those *.dbx file to work in Windows Mail in vista? so that i can read all my email in windows mail.

A:Solved: Transfer .dbx file of outlook express to windows mail on vista

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Hello, everyone!

I have a friend that has used Outlook for many years on her Windows XP computer. She has now bought a new Windows 8.1 computer and would like to put Outlook on that one, too. She knows she probably will have to buy a new Office Suite software, but the problem is that her current Outlook has a L.O.T. of folders and emails saved from her business. She would like to have all that plus settings and email address information transferred. I looked at the Outlook program (I don't use it so I am quite unfamiliar with it), but only saw the option to export one file at a time.

Really? Am I missing something? Because on her Outlook, this could take days!

My email program has an export function that basically packs up the ENTIRE program into a data .cab file and once the new program is installed on a new computer, will import EVERYTHING all at once, setting the program up so that it is identical to the original one.

My accounting software will allow me to make a backup of the whole thing, then once the software is installed on a new computer, I can run a back up and voila' ...... it's just like the original.

Surely Outlook will do the same thing?

A:Transfer Outlook to a new computer?

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Can someone show me how to transfer folder from out look to another computer. thanks
Hunter T

A:Transfer folder from outlook to different computer

If you only want to transfer a particular Outlook folder (ie not every Outlook folder), open Outlook, click File > Import & Export > Export to a Personal Folders file (pst)

In the dialog-box, expand the folder tree and highlight the folder you wish to export.
Export it to a removable storage device. The file will be called backup.pst

Plug the removable storage device into the other PC.
Open Outlook on that PC.
Click File > Import & Export > Import from another program or file
For file type choose Personal Folders File (PST)
Navigate to where the backup.pst file is on the removable storage device.
Double-click that file, then click "Next" etc.
That folder should now appear in Outlook.

I probably missed a few steps in the export and import processes, but nothing which would cause any problems as it's quite intuitive to follow each dialog-box.

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Hello All,
I am trying to transfer a pst file from Outlook 2003, WinXP, to Outlook 2007 Vista 64bit. I have followed the instructions on Microsoft support and backed up my profile, the tried to import it into the new computer using the Import command on the menu. I have not gone through the trouble to configure the new program, I hope by importing I can avoid all that pop... smtp... stuff. When I try to import I get the message that " you do not have permission to access the file." What is my next step?

thanks all

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i wanted to copy some folders from outlook to another machine and its a pain. but in case anyone else run into this problem here are some instructions.

- if your moving everything its easier, you can just copy the pst file. ms has instructions at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/o...tructure-to-another-computer-HA001116603.aspx

- if you just want to copy some folders then its more of a pain, you can export each folder to a pst one by one and then import it on the other machine, like in http://www.techsupportforum.com/mic...transfer-outlook-files-computer-computer.html

- theres a pandali tool mentioned in that link which makes it quicker. you can grab a bunch of folders at once. theres more info at http://pandali.com/move_outlook_folders.html

- if you want to also copy over signatures and stuff theres some outlook backup tool addin but i havent tried it.

hope that helps.

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Just bought new computer with Win 7 how do I transfer all my Outlook stuff to new computer. Please

A:transfer outlook from Vista to new win7 computer

Please see -

How to manage.pst files in Outlook 2007, in Outlook 2003, and in Outlook 2002

Export contacts - Outlook - Microsoft Office

Regards. . .



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I did try copying the folders titled outlook express on my old computer onto my new one but it didn't work (although i think i missed one anyway)

I have figured out how to individually save the messages as text files, so can save them that way, but is there a quicker/more efficient way of doing it?

Would be great if i could just copy the lot with accounts already set up etc, but main thing i want to do is save the messages, so anything that will acheive that is all i really need (& ideally quickly as my old hard drive is pretty dead and i don't know how long it will hold out for before the CLUNKING is replaced with nothing)

Also my old computer is set up on Windows 98. When my friend FINALLY remembers to get the disk for me, my new computer will be on Windows 2000 i think, but could be XP, so i'm guessing that could also effect what i'm able to do with outlook express transfer stuff.

A:Is it possible to transfer messages etc in Outlook Express to a new computer?

Have a look under Export the Mail Account to a File,

How to Back Up and Recover Outlook Express Data

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How do I transfer files from my old computer to my new computer? I am interested mainly in data files, Saved email messages, mp3 files. Is there a cable to cable method? Both are running Windows XP.

A:File Transfer to New Computer

You could use a USB Datalink cable, you can identify these from normal USB cables by the moulded electronics bit in the middle of the cable. Have a look on the Maplin site they are very good at supplying special cables like this.

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I saved the old files on discs but need to transfer them to new computer.* There were some things on the old ones I don't want to lose such as a special message from my grandaughter.* The old computer was XP.* How do I make the transfer?

A:transfer outlook express files to new computer with Vista.

You can import to windows mail by selecting file>import>messages (if you are only importing the messages) and then just follow the steps in the wizard by choosing where you are importing from etc.

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My father has purchased a new computer. On the new computer he has Outlook 2003. On his old computer he was using Netscapes (I think Netscape 6.0) built in email for his email account. How do I transfer his old email and address book to the new computer? What are the file names, where would I find them and where would I place them on the new computer??

Thanks so much for your help!!

A:How to transfer Netscape 7 email to Outlook 2003 on new computer

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I have just purchased a new computer which runs XP, my old system runs 98se...I am wanting to copy a bunch of files from my old computer to my new system and would like to know if there is a software program that I can use that will allow me to just drag and drop...there used to be one that included the software and a cable(printer cable(?))...that was quite a few years ago...I am wondering if anyone can provide me with an easy way of doing this...all answers would be welcome...

thanks in advance

A:file copy(transfer)from old computer to new

There's one that'll move your files over to your new computer via a network. It's called Aloha Bob. You can get more info on it here.

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I'm new to Windows 7 and am getting frustrated that I can't transfer to another site recommended on a page. ie: I'm on Nextag and it lists Newegg as a site that has my product but when I click on Newegg it won't open that page. Another example just happened when I was on a page that listed some forms available for download or print however my computer won't bring up those pages.
Am I missing a program like Adobe 5.5 or is this something to do with my set up?
I am using an HP 6200 Pro with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.
I have installed Foxit Reader 5 and Adobe Reader X.

A:Computer won't transfer to a secondary file??

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

To go to another website through a link from the website open on your browser, you do not need Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. These programs are required only to open PDF files either on local drive or on a website.

In your example you are in Nextag web site and you tried to go to Newegg website by clicking on the Newegg name. Is the Newegg name on the website given as a link or not. Usually a link is indicated with a different color for text and when you keep the mouse on this link, the mouse cursor changes to a hand and in the web browser's status bar the target website's address is given. If it is a link with Newegg website as target you will be transferred to that site, when clicked on the link. If it is just text then by clicking on it, nothing happens.

About the forms on the webpage also you could not download the forms.

Could be your mouse not working properly? I mean the left button to select and to open a link not working properly. Try the Right button for the Left button function and see. If it is working then your buttons functions have been reversed. You can fix this by going to the mouse applet in Control Panel.

Please check your mouse. It it still does not work, give us more details.

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I currently have two computers (comp1 and comp2) networked and having internet sharing with a dlink router di-704up. Both computers are running windows xp home. I am able to access files on both computers from the other one but when I try to copy files from comp2 to comp1, comp1 freezes and I am unable to do ctrl-alt-del or move the mouse at all. I have also disabled zonealarm on both computers.

comp1 is a amd 2000xp with 512mb ram 80gb hard drive
comp2 is a p4 3.0Ghz with 512mb ram and 80gb hard drive

so I wouldnt think that it's because my computers are slow.

It would be much appreciated if any of you could offer some insight into my problem.


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I have a home LAN with winxp computers and one win7. I frequently transfer files across the Lan to that win7 machine because it has a 4T drive on it that I use for backups.

But I find the win7 machine will shut down. I'm not entirely sure if this is during transmission or during some break in transmission but anyway the thing shuts down and I want it up all the time.

Can I control this somehow?

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Got new computer (hooray). Has windows XP Home Edition on it. My question is how can I transfer files from my old computer to my new one? The old one was running Windows 98. It has no disc writing capabilities but does have floppy available but new computer does not have floppy drive. Can I get some type of cable to connect the two computers? If so once I get proper cable how do I go about making the transfer? Any help will be appreciated.

A:Solved: File transfer from old computer

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What is the best software to remove an encrypted password on a PST file created with Microsoft Outlook 2003? Thanks

A:Microsoft Outlook PST file

Obtain the password from the person that put it on the file.

Please see the TSG Rules, we no longer provide any help with lost passwords or getting around password protection. Obviously, we can't determine the real intent here, so our policy is to abstain from any assistance in these matters.


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........This post is getting a lot of views, but no replies. Why is that? Please let me know your experience.........

What are others finding works best for email in Windows 7, when you have to transfer your old Outlook Express emails and folders from your XP machine? This is something that millions of people have had to deal with, but I cannot seem to find the simple answer.

I bought a new desktop and didn't want W8 or W10, so I got W7 Professional. I have W7 in my laptop and am satisfied with it (although I would rather keep XP, like many people).

I am a HUGE fan of my XP Outlook Express and have to move all of it to the new computer.

I have read that Windows dropped OE after XP and has had a couple of different programs since. I want something that can be relied upon year after year since my email is loaded with years of archived documents and correspondence and I cannot be moving to a new program all the time.

What have others found best as a day-to-day program and also best for transferring Outlook Express with years of important emails? I do have Outlook in my Office 2000 but have never set it up. I will be moving that to the new desktop, and probably upgrading to a newer Office eventually.

I have read about possibly using an XP compatible-mode in W7 that will run the old Outlook Express. Is that true?

My Outlook Express email is filled with business correspondence, official documents, etc. and I MUST be able to transfer all the unsorted and sorted ema... Read more

A:Best email to transfer Outlook Express to new computer running W7 Prof

I liked Outlook Express also, but it is dead in the woods after XP. Thunderbird is a good substituted. It is similar. I use Outlook, but that is not free. You might try this site for a comparison.
The Best Free Email Services of 2015 | Top Ten Reviews

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I am trying copy my personal folders from Outlook 2007 on a Vista desktop computer to a laptop computer that also has Outlook 2007, Vista 32-bit on it. I go through the import export process but all that seems to transfer is the inbox. Does anybody have any suggestions on this? Thanks in advance.

A:Transfer Outlook 2007 in box personal folders from one Vista computer to another

Copy the entire Outlook.pst file, but you have to do it before you run outlook or it will be locked.

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........This post is getting a lot of views, but no replies. Why is that? Please let me know your experience.........

What are others finding works best for email in Windows 7, when you have to transfer your old Outlook Express emails and folders from your XP machine? This is something that millions of people have had to deal with, but I cannot seem to find the simple answer.

I bought a new desktop and didn't want W8 or W10, so I got W7 Professional. I have W7 in my laptop and am satisfied with it (although I would rather keep XP, like many people).

I am a HUGE fan of my XP Outlook Express and have to move all of it to the new computer.

I have read that Windows dropped OE after XP and has had a couple of different programs since. I want something that can be relied upon year after year since my email is loaded with years of archived documents and correspondence and I cannot be moving to a new program all the time.

What have others found best as a day-to-day program and also best for transferring Outlook Express with years of important emails? I do have Outlook in my Office 2000 but have never set it up. I will be moving that to the new desktop, and probably upgrading to a newer Office eventually.

I have read about possibly using an XP compatible-mode in W7 that will run the old Outlook Express. Is that true?

My Outlook Express email is filled with business correspondence, official documents, etc. and I MUST be able to transfer all the unsorted and sorted ema... Read more

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I'm trying to help my Mom transfer 7 years worth of emails saved on her old Desktop computer, to her new Laptop. She plans on getting rid of her old Desktop computer.

On both computers, she uses Outlook Express for her email. I'm not familiar with Outlook Express myself. The computers are now networked, and the Outlook Express files on her old Computer have been copied into a shared folder. How do I merge these files with the Outlook Express files on her laptop, so that these 7 years worth of emails are on available to Outlook Express on her laptop?

A:Transfer old, saved emails from one computer to another(Outlook Express) (RESOLVED)

Hi and Welcome to TSF

These links should set you on your way

Or you can try the Backup Wizard
You can transfer your email messages manually, using the Import / Export commands of Outlook Express, but transferring other settings such as accounts, rules, signatures, and identities is a very complicated process that requires advanced technical skills. Outlook Express Backup Wizard makes it very simple to transfer your data by following these easy steps:

1. Backup your Outlook Express with Outlook Express Backup Wizard.
2. Copy the resulting backup file to the target computer via LAN, CDR, or removable drive.
3. Restore the backup file to Outlook Express on the second computer. To do this, run the wizard, choose the Restore option, and select your backup file.


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my sister used to have a dell 4300 dimension and decided to get a new computer, a dell 8300 dimension. she thought she could get me to just pop in the old hard drive (which isn't so old. proabably a few months old) but "suprise" the new computer only accepts hard drives with SATA interfaces and the older hard drive is only an ATA (i am probably saying this all wrong, i am good at tinkering, not with getting names correct).

so i figure why not to a puter->puter file transfer. well, the computers refuse to talk to eachother. i connected them with a cat-5 crossover ethernet cable and when the new puter tries to talk to the old puter, it is like the old puter is giving us the silent treatment. i get a 712 (or was it 721) error and says the old puter is not responding.

i ran the networking wizards to try to put them in the same workgroup and they both say they are, but neither is talking to the other.

oh, and btw, her puter is on a wireless network card which IS talking to my puter. so i can see the new puter fine, but the old puter is off in limbo.

any help which would lead to a successful file transfer (and not to throwing the puters off the balcony) would be greatly appreciated.

oooh, one more thing. for some reason she figured she did not need a floppy drive, plus dell gave her a dvd/cd rom, no burning ability at all. (which was really stupid since now there is no way of writing anything with her computer onto any kind of disc.)

A:computer to computer file transfer problems

When the two machines are connected using the cross over network cable, check that both network cards LED lights light up, as to show there is some kind of connection.

Go to a dos window, type IPCONFIG. Get the IP of the machine, go to the other machine, open a dos window and type PING +the ip number. If you get a ping back, then you have a connection. If you dont, then go into the IP network properties of each machine, and set the SUBNET masks to, then give each PC a fixed IP, eg. 192.168.0,10 &, reboot and try pinging again.

If you are getting pings, in your network settings, make sure you have the 'client for microsoft network installed' & also file sharing, then look at the workgroup names, make sure there the same, and also make sure the PC names are NOT the same.

Once all this is done, share a folder. If you cant find how to share, make sure the file-sharing is installed and enabled.

Then browser the network and transfer your files..

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Hello...I'm not sure if this is the right section to post in, but I hope some of you could shed some light on my problem. My computer (Toshiba Satellite 1955-S805, laptop) has been shutting down on its own lately, but I've noticed it mainly happens during file transfer such as music. Here are a few of the occurances that I have written down. It crashed when it was reading songs prior to burning them to a CD, it crashed when moving songs over to my ipod, and it crashed when importing songs from a CD to itunes. It also shuts down every time I try to run a full system scan using adaware. I can run a smart scan using adaware and it gets through that just fine. Please shed some light on my problem. I'm running Windows XP home. Thanks in advance.

A:Computer turns itself completely off during file transfer...

Ew, that sounds horrible. Does it shutdown, or restart?

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I seek non-propietary software which will transfer photos from my Kodak DX3600 camera to my computer running Win98SE. Kodak software, I suspect, contains hidden files of no use to the user except to keep him (or her) on a leash to their Tech Support. I resent paying good money to be flim-flammed in this way. In the present state of programming art, the transfer of graphic data files (medical x-rays etc.) should, I think, be a rather a rather well understood matter. This annoying commercial bottleneck renders my expensive camera useless. Any suggestions (except avoiding Kodak products- which I intend to do in future) would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Richard Baldwin

A:Transfer picture file from camera to computer

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Hello everybody! Long-time listener, first time caller.

My laptop of four years (a toshiba) recently lost the ability to charge and will no longer power up. I have files on the hardrive that I'd like to transfer to another computer, but since I can't even get it to power-up, a simple flashdrive just won't do. I have a few options:

1)Since the problem dealt with the input in the back becoming loose, I thought about taking it apart and repairing it so it can charge correctly. I've heard it's kind of dangerous, and I've seen tutorials, so it's really not something I want to attempt or ask anyone to do for me.
2) Buy a new battery and hope it lasts long enough for me to extract pics/music/papers/etc.
3) Somehow get at the laptop hard drive and use it as an external hard drive to transfer the files.

So, in short, I know these are my options, but I have no idea how to start pursuing these things, or if there is an easier/better way to get the information out of my laptop. I'd prefer a way to keep using my laptop, but I understand if it's just not possible anymore.

Thanks in advance! Trust that I wouldn't take up your time if this stuff wasn't important to me. -TGH

A:Dead computer = file transfer problem...

Option 3 is the cheapest and easiest.
The drives are usually fairly easily removable without taking it apart.
In most cases it is a single screw to remove the disk holder from the case and then just 4 screws to remove the disk from the holder.
There will also be a pull off adapter on the connecting pins.

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Not sure if this goes in this or the hardware forum cause I'm not sure what's up...

I've been recording TV shows via ATI Video Wonder USB 2.0 onto my Gateway laptop running Windows XP Home Edition. The ATI VW came with a program that translates the video files for the ATI into other formats. I've been using Mpeg1 for various reasons.

I've then been using Windows Movie Maker to cut out pieces I don't want and translating the Mpeg1 into .wma files.

Recently my laptop has begun cutting out any time I attempt to use ATI to translate .vcr (the raw TV recording) into .mpg (the Mpeg1), or when I try to save a video I've made in WMM into .wma. It doesn't shut down or give me an error, it simply cuts as if the battery had been ripped out mid-operation.

I've tried using safe mode, with the result that it seems to cut out sooner than usual. I've still got 30% of the hard drive free and I've defragmented it to see if it would have an effect.

The .vcr files are usually 1-2 gigabytes, the .mpg files usually about 70% of that size-wise, and the individual segments I try to save in .wma are usually 100-300 megabytes.

I'm not sure what other information might be needed. I've run out of resources from my friends and family as to what might be wrong...


A:File Transfer Computer Cutout Problem...

While I'm not real well versed in video - I'd suspect corruption in one of the video programs that you're using. I'd suggest updating/reinstalling these programs.Another possibility is that the programs ran out of resources to complete the tasks and then terminated themselves. Check your Event Viewer ( Instructions here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/40108/how-to-use-event-viewer/ ) for any Application errors at the time that this happens.

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Hi there eightforums,

Yesterday I was transferring files from one internal drive to the other when the file transfer process froze, and then my computer froze. After 10 minutes I powered off the computer by holding down the power button. Since then windows cannot operate for more than 3 to 4 minutes. Same problem operating the computer on a clean boot. During this time disk usage in the task manager goes up to 100% and stays there. I can run the computer in safe mode without the problem manifesting. I have performed a system restore but that did not resolve the issue. I ran chkdsk on C: and D: successfully but the issue persisted. I also defragged C: drive (OS is on C with defraggler in safe mode. Tried to defrag D: next but got BSOD with error KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR (spaceport.sys). Windows still freezes within minutes.

I've tried googling different versions of this problem but none of the suggestions (mostly to try and end tasks in task manager before windows freezes) have been successful. I'm at the end of what I can try and do via google-fu and I'm hoping someone here can help (please). SF Debug Tool files attached.

A:File transfer between 2 drives failed now computer freezes

I suggest you to open the case and make sure all the cables (power & sata) connected to D: drive are tightly connected then try running chkdsk again.

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just got a new computer (Windows 7) , (finally after 9 years) and I would like to transfer my emails, contacts, and favorites to the new computer.

I have read something about the PST file BUT dont wanna pull any of the "Crap" stuff over to the new pc such that it slows down things.......

can you please assist at how to do this?
where do I find the PST in the old computer (XP)

once I get it on a flash drive, how and where do I place it in the new computer? I am assuming from what I have read that I then will have all my emails, contacts, and favorites?

the new computer is Windows 7 and I am using the Windows Live as my email program, IE for browser

any other advice on pulling over my other files would be appreciated

thanks in advance

A:New computer - File Transfer, Emails, Contacts, Favorites

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Is Microsoft Outlook Express put the patch on the Outlook Expree E-mail for blocking the VBS file? There's a regular Outlook e-mail that has a patch if the people download it for blocking the VBS file.or When will Microsoft put the patch on the outlook express soon?



A:Is Microsoft Outlook Express for blockingthe VBS file

Bob the best antivirus Attachment protector is yourself, don't open it if you are unsure of it's origins. Saying that, the I Love You Bug certainly had it's own appeal. I was bitten as it had a coworkers name on it who certainly wasn't in love with me, so I wanted to know why... Ten minutes later we all knew something was up.

There is a simple way to view attachments without opening them. Hit Ctrl+F3 and a message source box will open, scroll down and if you see code then it is advisable to delete the entire e-mail. Shift+Delete.

Now, there is another way to transmit a virus and it is through a Signature. The Kak worm is successfully doing that. I was protected the other night from viewing that Signature while in Outlook Express, a prompt came up asking if I wanted to run an activeX component not marked as safe. Being a bit more cautious with my own computer I said no and was rewarded with the reason. The poster was complaining about a signature being added that was calling for a kak.htm file. I also hit Ctrl+F3 and scrolling down the message source, I could read the entire code for the Kak virus. With that said these are my settings for Internet Zones in IE Tools>Internet Options>Security>Custom Level
Running IE5 version 5.00.2314.1003 and Outlook Express 5
ActiveX controls & Plug-ins
Download Unsigned ActiveX Controls
Initialize and script ActiveX Controls not marked as Safe
Run ActiveX controls and Plug-Ins
S... Read more

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I have a Microsoft Office Outlook file that won't open. Each time I attempt to do so I get a box that comes up and reads cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open file: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Wrong Number.msg. the file may not exist, you may not have permission to open it, etc. I right clicked properties on the folder and it shows a 7.6 MB file that should open with Microsoft Office Outlook. Does anyone know why this may happen?

A:Microsoft Office Outlook File Won't Open

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If you don?t have any technical skill then the only option you have is using a third party tool like  OST to PST Converter. If you have lost your Outlook mailbox
including all the folders like inbox, outbox, sent-items, deleted-items, drafts, contacts, calendars, notes (To, Bcc, Cc, Subject, Object, Date, and Time).
Read More Info: https://www.bulkecommerce.com/store/ats-ost-to-pst-converter-software-159.html

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