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Problem opening networked drive

Q: Problem opening networked drive

Ok, So, i have four computers one is XP Pro, two are windows 7 and one is Vista. In my XP machine i have a master drive and I also have a slave drive. I would like to share my slave drive (as i have always done) so i can access it from any computer on my LAN. Now, I can map the drive with the windows 7 machines so i know it works and i know its shared correctly with the correct permissions and double click to access it.

When I map this drive in Vista it does add the drive under "network locations" section under my computer. However, i cannot double click to open it. The only way i can open it is to right click and hit explore/open and it works. I would like to create a desktop shortcut to this. When i double click it does not give me any errors, it just sits there; helplessly.

Now, for just fun and games. I created another folder on this XP machine and shared it, and i was able to map to it AND double click to open it. So... i don't know what the difference is other than one is a folder on the C: and the other is an actual HDD.

I have done quite a bit of research and most said to look for autorun.ini (and inf, .exe) in the root folder of the slave drive. Non there. I have ran malware and viral scans on the slave drive and both primary drives. (xp and vista machine). I have disconnected and reconnected this network drive probably 200 times. I have tried to manually make a shortcut (right click > shortcut > path > etc) and it does the same. I have no other path to take. I just don't understand why i can open it via explore or open, but NOT via double clicking it!

Any help would be great!

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Preferred Solution: Problem opening networked drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have two brand new Win7 Home Premium 64-bit systems I am setting up.  One an HP desktop x4 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM.  The other a Toshiba laptop x2 2.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM.  I am connected to my router via network cable for the desktop and via wireless
for the laptop (although I've connected the laptop to a LAN cable and had the same results so it is not a wireless issue).  Copying files from one system to the other (via Homegroup) is too slow (1.5-2.5 MB/s).  Also opening files on one system where
the file resides on the other system has unique behavior that may help diagnose:

If I open a read only file like an image (jpg, png, etc.) or a pdf it opens very quickly, even for fairly large files (tested up to 10-20 MB).
If I open a simple 5 kB text file in notepad or MS Word, it can take 5, 10 even 15 seconds to open.  Try the same for a larger 1-2 MB file and better go get a soda as it can take over a minute to open.  Same can be said when I try to save it after
making a change.  Again better have something else to do!
This is so disappointing that on new systems with new OS, new drivers, with all Windows updates I have this kind of performance.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I've read many forum posts and tried a fair amount of fixes but to no avail. 
I've reset everything back to the original settings after it failed to improve performance to avoid "corrupting" my OS install.

A:Very Slow Copying and Opening files across 2 networked Win7 PC's

Do you have any antivirus installed? Most products have different "on access scanning" options, you might find you're configured to scan on write but not read. I'd look the disable AV+Firewall just to double check timing ...don't forget to trun them back
on after the test ;o)

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I'm running Win7 ult x64.  I am running on a network with 4 pcs, 2 vista, 2 xp.  We have one server running 2000.  I have mapped a couple of folders on the server and can connect just fine when I first start my pc.  But after awhile the connection is lost.  It still shows the drives, but not the connection.  This internet works fine and access is controlled through the server.  I can restart my machine and the drives will be connected and working as they should.  But after some time they will disconnect again.  Win 7 is acting like it is losing the connection to the network, because I can't map another drive from one of the other PC's unless I reboot.  But the internet access is still working fine.  Any ideas?

A:Loss of mapped drive, networked drive disconnects

This behavior is caused by the default policy setting in the Windows Server.
Mapped Drive Connection to Network Share May Be Losthttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/297684
Sometimes firewall can also cause this kind of issues. I suggest you temporary disable the firewall on both computers.
After doing these, the mapped drives should not disconnect.
In general situations, although the connections disconnect after a while, it should be able to reconnect if you launch it. In this case you may need to change the NTLM authentication level. Please refer the following website.
Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
The policy is:
Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
Please change “Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated”.
If your system is Windows 7 Home Premium, you may change it from Registry.
1. Launch regedit from Start Search box.2. Find the following branch.  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
3. Create a DWORD key under Lsa and set:
Name: LmCompatibilityLevel Value: 1
4. Restart.Arthur Xie - MSFT

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When I double click C Drive, I see that..

How can i fix that?

I tried to see hidden files by enabling Show Hidden Files & Folder in Folder Option. But i couldn't change the Folder Option settings.

Please Help me

A:Drive Opening Problem & Folder Option Problem

try reset the mouse options in control panel

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Recently I have been trying out Windows 10 preview and instead of dedicating one of my computers to try it I made a VM in VMware 10.2 ( I think it's .2 ) and created it on my laptop ( windows 8.1 ) all was running fine and just updated it too, only problem was it seemed a bit slow so I decided to clone it and put it on the the second hard drive of a Windows 7 pro 32 bit computer ( first drive is C: and second drive is D: d: is not a partition it's a western digital 500 gig drive ). I shared the folder with my laptop over a gigabit lan card ( both machines are gigabit ) and now it actually seems to be running just as fast as if I were running it as a dedicated computer would be. I was just wondering if anyone else here does the same thing or similar and what their luck was .

Also if you know of any links that describes the best ways to set this up

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I am a user of a networked computer at work. We use the server to store our community files. The other day I got a write error when I tried to save a new file. I checked the drive I was saving to and discovered that it was full.
When I mentioned this to my boss, he checked on his computer only to discover that there was plenty of room. When I double checked at my computer, it still showed the drive to be full.
A comparison revealed that my computer shows the drive to be 1 Gig in size, with 648k free. All other computers show the drive to be much bigger with plenty of available space (I don't remember how much, exactly).
Our admin is at a loss to explain why, it was nothing she (knowingly) did.

Any ideas?

A:Networked Drive Help

Have you confirmed that you really are mapped to the same drive as the others?

Can you or the admin unmap and then map again the drive on your computer?

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Hello all, I am quite new to all this so please be gentle with me! recently given a laptop which was networked in an office. Nice little machine but....... the operating system has been taken off!! Have tried to reload, have tried to format, tried the fdisk thingy but to no avail, PLEASE can anybody help me - Thank you in advance

A:Networked drive

What sort of a laptop? What exactly do you want to do? What have you exactly tried to do? How exactly does it fail?

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I am running Windows 2000 on my laptop and Windows XP Prof on my Desktop. They are both connected to a Linksys Router. I can ping each machine. I am trying to map the C drive on my desktop in Windows Explorer on my Laptop. In "Map Network Drive", I am specifiying "\\<ip address> .
I select "Connect using a different user name", and enter the XP user and password that is on my desktop. When I click "Finish", I get the message "The network path \\<ip address> could not be found."
How to I map the desktop C drive?

Another note: If I select Start/Run/<\\ip address> , I get the Enter Network Password screen. When I enter the XP user and password, I get "Incorrect password or unknown username for <\\ip address>"

Please help!

A:Solved: Can't map drive on networked PC

have you actually specified a shaename ??

so you are connecting to \\computername\sharename ?

otherwise your computer has a remote computer to conenct to but no shared resource to access.

at the username/password screen you have to specify a valid username and password for the remote machine.

you also have to make sure the remote machines share allows access to that (remote) username

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I have two W7-64 computers on ethernet. The other computer has four physical hard drives, one partition each, C, D, E & F, all shared, and with "Everyone" given full access on the Security settings.

I can write files from my computer to that computer's drives C, E & F with no problem, but whenever I try to write a file to that computer's D drive, I get a popup window titled "Destination Folder Access Denied", with an error stating, "You need permission to perform this action". (I get analogous messages if I try to delete a folder, etc.)

I can read from that drive fine, and I can transfer files to it using UltraVNC.

I've gone through all the sharing and security properties of that drive, and I believe they're all identical to the other drives that cause no problems when I write to them.

What else can be causing this problem???

A:Can't access only one networked drive out of four.

Hmm...tried changing the drive letter of the offending drive, and resharing it...still couldn't write to it over the network. Then tried changing it back to "D", reshared it in an identical fashion, and now I can write to it fine.

I hate Windows networking.

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Can it be done? Specifically, an external CD/DVD drive?


A:Boot from networked drive?

No you can't boot "from" a networked drive. You can do network booting to a shared drive by creating a network bootdisk for your PC. But its not a simple as seting network drive in bios and inserting a CD into a remote CD player. DO a google search on network booting theres a ton of information out there.

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Hi, I have a desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium and I connect to it via the built in vpn client with Windows 7 Home Premium. I can access shared files a folders but, I have it set up where I can access flash drives and CD drives over VPN. Just tonight this has stopped working. I have all the right permissions set up and it still says network resource not accessible. This morining, I did not log on to the server I just started it up. Could me not able to access shared flash drives and CD drives because I am not logged in on the server end? I will try to logon later tonight when I go back to the server.

A:Networked CD and flash drive

Hi there
I assume you have set the CD Drives and flash usb drives sharing privileges properly. Sometimes after re-booting these "get lost" -- don't know why but they seem to.

Can you access these from your "client" computer if you use say RDP to connect instead of a VPN - or if the computer is on the same LAN just via simple network sharing.

If these work then the VPN needs to be looked at -- in general a VPN shouldn't muck about with sharing levels however unless there's a new firewall involved.


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I have problem with network drive. I added it by clicking on MAP NETWORK DRIVE, and connected it to server. Everything works good but if i explore some folder on network drive and try to open some file, it opens the file in default web browser (it start downloading it). I need to fix it, like the files will be opened in associated programs...

I made the same thing on other computer to the same server and everything works properly, so i don't understant, what's the problem???

A:Opening files on network drive problem

Welcome to Seven Forums,

Right click on one particular file with issue then choose Open with> Default Program then choose the program that you wish to use. Also, make sure to che check on the box that says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file". See image attached.
Is this what you need to accomplish?

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I have a small problem that worries me a little. Whenever I try to open the C:/ or D:/ drives, the cursor switches to that little hourglass thing for a few seconds, then switches back and nothing happens. Fortunately, it works if I right click the drive and click Explore. It's not a huge problem, but I fear it might be a problem that could expand.

(P.S. C:/ drive is where I keep all system files, drivers, etc. and D:/ is for games,etc.)

Mobo: Asus Nforce 780i
Proc: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
Video: Nvidia GTX260

Here's my HijackThis log:
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:03:05 PM, on 06/02/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\AAWService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\InCD\InCDsrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\Shared Files\RichVideo.exe
C:\... Read more

A:Problem Opening Hard Drive Directories

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I have a Netgear router (WNR3500L), which has a USB port for a shared drive.

In Windows 7 I can access this USB drive just fine, but in Windows 8/8.1 it's not visible.
I can reproduce the issue on two completely different PCs. It works fine with Windows 7, but not in Windows 8.1.

There was a post here suggesting that disabling Homegroup can fix it, but for me it doesn't (I didn't have Homegroup enabled in the first place).

A:Networked router USB drive not visible

As long as the router is setup correctly for sharing that drive publicly on the Network, you then just need to access the drive share through regular Network shares, not Homegroup.

Just keep Home Group disabled, and then just map the folders you wish to share between machines on each machine.

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I have a shared DVD/CD drive with permissions for everyone in computer #1

I can't load or play any music files from that Drive from another computer even though I can see the files from other computer via the network . I cannot load the .cda files into Foobar or VLC player for playback. I tried to open a file directly but that does not work . When I tried to open the CD within Foobar, I get a message "no CD found"

I have no problem playing the CD with Foobar or VLC in the same computer that the drive is on. It just wont work as a networked drive.

Any ideas ? Tks

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MS Skydrive allows for remote access of the files on 'my' computer. I'd like to be able to view certain files on my wife's networked machine coming in through my computer in a crunch. Is there such an app that's safe (good security), solid and reasonable?


A:Remote access--networked drive?

Install Skydrive on your wife's computer too?

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I have mapped drives on a Windows 7 box. The server is running 2008 Standard.

We scan files into a mapped drive, but they don't immediately show up on other computers when opening the mapped drive. Is there a refresh rate?

If so, how can it be changed? It usually works if I have the user do a F5 or right click and click refresh.


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I am able to see my networked computer, but only the C: boot drive. How can I see the contents of other HDDs on that computer?

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It's rare for a problem to have no easily-observable cause, but I have no idea what's causing this issue so forgive me if this is the wrong forum area to post it.

Recently, when I go to open applications that are supposed to direct me to a web page, my computer opens the page in Microsoft Office Word instead with broken hyperlinks. I know for a fact that these applications shouldn't open this way since I have been successfully directed via my browser (Firefox) before.

Avast! found no viruses, Windows is up to date, and I just cleaned out my registry so I don't think any of those are issues.

It's quite irritating to be shown a non-functional word document when I am supposed to be directed to a web page, so any help would be appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] Problem Opening Links In Hard Drive

Hi -

What apps do you open that are supposed to take you to a web page?

Regards. . .



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My folders have been doing some weird things. All of a sudden, when I open "My Computer" and try to open my C or D drive, I get a Search window. Has anybody seen this before? It's really annoying. I can't get to anything in my drives unless I right click Explore. The other weird thing is my D drive shows up as with a "Music Task" heading in the Common Tasks sidebar. And my startup is a bit slow after I made some modifications to Services. I've included a hijack log as well.

Sony Vaio PCG-GRX550
Win XP Home
Pentium 4 m
Service Pack 2

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.3
Scan saved at 9:08:51 PM, on 3/8/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\ACS\AOLAcsd.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\AOL\TopSpeed\2.0\aoltsmon.exe
D:\Program Files 2\Norton AntiVirus\navapsvc.exe
D:\Program Files 2\Norton AntiVirus\IWP\NPFMnto... Read more

A:Problem: Opening a Drive in 'My Computer' Gives Me Search Window

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I have a worker that is not able to use windows search to find a specific text located in a file, the file is on a networked drive. They are able to get it to work on other computers just not that particular one. She has even set windows search to the correct folder the file is located on the network drive. So far I've reinstalled windows, made sure the index service was running and checked the sub folders and hidden files options in advanced search just in case, not sure what else to do, any suggestions?

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I have an external hard drive that is connected through my router USB. I have formatted two partitions, one for use with Time Machine in OSX Journaled and one partition in FAT 32. I have an IMac and a PC and I'd like to use this external hard drive for storage as well as for the Time Machine.

Time Machine will not recognize the partition I have formatted for it. I have no trouble seeing the partition that contains the storage in either computer. I can also mount both partitions on my Mac, but I cannot get Time Machine to select that partition in it's available choices. What am I doing wrong?

I know it can be done, but all the articles I have read thus far have helped me only to a point.


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I have an XP Laptop that is used to record video for our high school football team. When we are donw using the video on the laptop we store it on a TerraStation 2TB server in the office. It is always on and connected to a hub that the laptop is hooked to when on.

My problem is this.... when the laptop is turned on, the network drive I set up shows "disconnected", and consequently, the application for transferring the video to the server doesn't show the network drive to select... after I click on the network drive in "my computer", the application will then see the network drive.

My question is how to make this automatically connect when the computer boots. I set it up to "reconnect at logon", but it does not without me opening the drive 1st...

Thanks for your help in advance!


A:Networked Drive not Auto reconnecting ay logon

Reconnect at Logon not working

Me, too; I have XP Pro SP2 with automatic updates on 5 systems, and just this one fails: after most reboots, if I launch an application that was last working on a file in the mapped network drive, it comes up "unavailable" or "file not found" unless I visit Windows Explorer first.

I even tried putting batch files with shortcuts "n:\dummy.txt" and "m:\dummy.txt" in my Startup group, to force references to my M: and N: drives, and that isn't even enough!

No domains, just workgroup peer networking here. Like I say, works on all my other systems, has for years, just my latest Gateway Profile 6 acts different.

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I want to index a portable USB drive on a networked computer. Currently the index is on. The option isn't available in the index options (drive or network pc doesn't show in list) but I can search mp3s in My Music Library - but similar to Golden, results only display as date modified: Album, Track, Year etc etc are greyed out.

Question: Can I hard link the 80Gb of mps onto my C drive and have "arrange by" options?
(On the help file it says right click -> make available ofline, but I guess this is only for pofessional or +)


A:I want to index a portable USB drive on a networked computer

I haven't tried it but what happens if you go to Computer, click C: drive, then open Program files, open Windows Media Player, then select the files you want to download to your USB drive. (click on this icon in the media player folder)

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I connected two computers using a switch. I can access the 2nd computer by typing \\ipaddress. I login as the primary user (admin access) of the other machine and the root folder is users. I can drill down and view all files. Problem is that I wish to be able to navigate to D drive of that machine but I can't because highest folder level is users ?

A:Accessing 2nd hard drive of networked computer

Quote: Originally Posted by jmsnyc

I connected two computers using a switch. I can access the 2nd computer by typing \\ipaddress. I login as the primary user (admin access) of the other machine and the root folder is users. I can drill down and view all files. Problem is that I wish to be able to navigate to D drive of that machine but I can't because highest folder level is users ?

To access the root of the drive you would need to go into D: >properties> Security tab> Edit button > Add check marks for the required permissions for the Authenticated User, Apply, OK etc.

You would also need to allow for sharing of the D drive through the Sharing tab> Advanced Sharing button, click the box to share the drive then hit the Permissions button, add check marks to the Everyone share, hit apply etc.

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I have an application (webpage) consisting of pure HTML/CSS that is server from a companys server through a shared drive. However after a recent update, Internet Explorer is not serving these pages correctly. Unfortunately i am not sure which update has
done this, but as far as i can narrow down, it was a update in the first 3-4 months of this year.
The problem manifests itself in wrong CSS being loaded. The page uses a local version of Bootstrap, which we alter to change colors and small things like that. However somehow even though we changed the color scheme in bootstrap.css and it seems to work
locally with IE, it reverts back to standard colors. Also buttons that are embedded in an anchor (<a><button></button></a>) no longer works. i realise this is not valid HTML, but still it works locally, and through shared drives with
other browsers.
The pages is served in a iframe, however this does not seem to be the cause of the problem.

I hope that you guys can help, please let me know if you need more details.

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I have an external hard drive I've networked at home and would like to run scandisk on it. That option is not provided when I right click-properties on the drive. Only the general tab appears.

A:Running ScanDisk or similar on a networked external drive?

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I tried to run a system image to the "Backup" folder of my Iomega external hard drive three times, without success. The error message asked me to run chkdsk on both the source (my desktop) hard drive and the destination (Iomega) drive.

How can I run chkdsk on this external drive? I am willing to buy third-party software if necessary.

Thanks for your help.

P.S. I did manage to create a system image in a different folder of the external drive, but am curious about the one that failed. It contains no data and has never been used.

A:How to run chkdsk on Iomega networked external hard drive

if you right click on your iomega in "computer" select properties and select the tools tab, there is an option to check the disc for errors.

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After I upgraded my hard drive in my PC I used Windows Easy transfer and a system image to restore my settings. This imported my iDisk network drive (I: ) but for some reason when accessed via Computer when you click on iDisk it infact takes you to my external hard disk (which doesn't show up in the local drive section but instead inplace of where my iDisk should be). I have restarted my computer twice with no success. The hardware setup I am using is identical to my previous one except with more RAM and a larger hard drive and that never expierienced this problem. What is the way forward from here?

Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Local USB hard drive apearing as networked iDisk

osholt, have you checked what the drive letters are in Disk Management (right click on computer, Manage)? Please post a picture of that here.

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After a failed clone job I have an HD with some content showing but want to access the
content normally available to my homenet.

Can this HD with the OS that completely fails and cannot be repaired without a disk wipe (I tried a few things and that was in a different thread which ended)?

How can I point to-- what would be the command? -- to network it as being on the homenet to make whatever shared folder (mine is simply the Public one) visible on to boot drive to retrieve the content files?

The path is normally Network >Lon-PC > Users > Public

My architecture is fine. This is just a ' can this work through Windows 7' question.

I will see if I can get a screen shot made of the content which is visible.

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Hello everyone,

For those who do not need more info, why is my transfer speed at 20% of the wireless cards' maximums with a workgroup mapped external HD connected to 1 computer?

For more info, continue reading.

I have a WD MyBook 320GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive (7200 RPM) connected to my main desktop computer. That computer has a USB 2.0 wireless adapter (54Mb/s). I have a laptop (5400 RPM) with an internal 54 Mb/s wireless card and the external hard drive is mapped as a network drive on my laptop for ease of access, sharing, storage, etc. My question is about transfer rates:

If I am doing my math right, a 261 megabyte file (~2088 megabits) should be transferring from my external HD to my laptop in about 40 seconds (2088 mbps / 54 mbps = 38 2/3 s). The reality is it takes closer to more than 4 minutes. I checked task managers inbuilt network monitor, and of the 54 mb per second, both computers show usage hovering around 19-20%.

So...why is my transfer speed at 20% of the wireless cards' maximums? Is this a HD i/o bottleneck? I hardly think it's THAT slow...again, if my math is right, I'm moving at about 10.8 mb/s, 1.3 MB/s? Wheres the bottleneck if I can connect my hard drive via USB to my laptop and get much faster transfer speeds? The same file transfers in about 10 seconds, or 208.8 mb/s (26.1MB/s) when connected through USB 2.0. So, it's 2000% faster through USB than my 54mb/s wireless connection which is actually running at about 11mb/s.

So the b... Read more

A:External Networked Hard Drive Transfer Speeds

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We have several new windows 7 machines. On 1st time startup we were seeing (in "My Computer") Drive C, Drive D, 5 Removable drives. We joined to our domain...all good. I could now see Drive O on our domain.

Here is the problem. Now I don't see the 5 removable drives (SD card slots) or my Drive O.

I know I'm connected to the O drive because I have the ability to edit files and the SD card slots are working.

I tried changing the folder options to show empty folders etc...but nothing is working. I tried re-booting a few times but nada.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:New Windows 7 Pro system not showing SD card drives & Networked Drive

have you checked your GPO's? There may be a GPO that is causing this.

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Hello all. This is my first post here. How is everybody doing this morning?

I have a question regarding setting up an external hard drive to my existing home network.

I live in a house with 3 persons, each connected (hard-wired) to the network. The network access is a modem/router from Rogers. What I want to do is setup a 3TB External Hard Drive, and assign 1TB to a folder within the drive. The structure I want to follow is something like this: \\NetworkDriveName\Users\$FamilyMemberName$. To elaborate and to be more clear, I want to have the 3TB divided up (equally) into 1TB folders. I will name the folders to the corresponding person's name, as well. I want to map the drives, so that all each person sees for the drive is \\NetworkDriveName\Users\$FamilyMemberName$. The reason why is so that they only have access to their folder. Nobody will have access (except the Administrator) to that users personal folder except the user of that folder. I hope I am making sense so far. I want to set it up so that ONLY the pc's with the appropriate username can access their designated folder on the drive. So if person A logs into his/her PC, person A should see \\NetworkDriveName\Users\personA\. person A should not be allowed to manually type the drive to person B (ex. person A types in the Windows Explorer \\NetworkDriveName\Users\personB\). However, the administrator may access any folder. I have a bit of experience with Active Directory and Domains. Is Active Directory usefu... Read more

A:Solved: Networked External Hard Drive Setup Questions

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Can someone help us? I had my pc & printer connected to ADSL broadband modem (via telephone line socket), and then a computer tech networked my laptap to my PC & printer using a wireless router,. which was somehow joined to the wireless modem.
We have now moved house, and we can't afford tech person to come so far to replicate the situation. We don't have ADSL in our new region (too remote) but we have wireless (works brilliantly too!!) using a new wireless multi-computer modem.
Hence, the PC and laptop are on wireless, ..but what of the printer in regards to the laptop??? I've asked both computers to share, the laptop says it's sharing/networking with the main, it says it's conected to printer (Canon Mp800), the network connections say all the right things. I've hooked the router in but i think I have it wrongly connected. I have the router joined to wireless modem as an extension, hoping that it will pick up the laptop signals for the printer.

Hope someone can help

A:Networked printer problem

Hi and welcome. We had your post split off from the thread you posted in. It's too difficult to assist multiple users with different problems in the same thread.

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I've added a networked printer (Brother model attached via USB to an XP home computer) and I can print a test page from the printer properties page with no problem.

But when I try to print from Word or Wordpad or IE, when I click File/Print it sits there for about 2 minutes saying Connecting to Printer in the status bar, then the print dialog finally comes, and after I click Print it waits about another 2 minutes before it prints.

When I installed the printer, it said it was getting a driver from the machine that the printer is attached to, (but I'm not sure how it could since that is an XP machine).

I tried uninstalling/re-installing, did not help.

As a test, I connected the printer directly to my computer, and Vista is able to configure it and print normally without the need for a driver disk or download. But when returned to the original configuration, it still cannot print quickly over the network.

The odd thing is that this computer used to print fine to that printer via the network, but since I restored a Ghost image from 18 months ago and had to re-install the printer, it no longer prints correctly.

Any ideas?


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i've been having a problem obtaining indiviual ip address of individual computers on my home network... i run dsl through a router... the ip i get is that of my router...

the main problem is connecting to the individual PC's from the net.. ie: cannont find the server..

i want to host things from one of the pc's as an internet server ie:an internet game server, But the ip's i get arn't the real ip's...and nobody can connect to the server i'm hosting... Does anybody know how to fix this...

A:IP problem on individual networked PC's

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One of our office printers is a HP LaserJet4000. Unfortunately, the NIC card went bad on the unit, so we went out and purchased another one and plugged it in. To get it to work on the network, we have to give it a static IP. When we try to use the little control panel on the printer, we aren't able to set it because the menu software keeps resetting when attempt to put the IP address in.

To add insult to injury, any Apple computers on our network see it just fine -- although we haven't set the IP on it. I don't understand that one at all!

Does anyone know if there is some kind of computer-based way to assign the IP to the printer without using the control panel on the printer itself? Can we connect to it via an ethernet cable and then set the IP that way? We've researched the HP web site, but can't find any other way to set it besides the control panel.

Thanks in advance for any and all replies to this request for help!

A:Problem with Networked Printer

For all your network needs.
This site has helped me tremendiously.

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I have 2 pc's linked with a cross-over cable.The main pc connects to the internet with adsl modem.
Both PC's run winXP Pro.The internet connection sharing works fine.
Both pc's has a seperate e-mail account.
The main PC works fine with no hassles.
The second pc can receive mail without problems but I cannot send mail from this pc.
I get a message: "server response 551 :Sender adress rejectedomain not found,Port25,Secure SSL:no,server error:551,Error number : 0x800ccc79

I phoned the ISP and they confirmed that the smtp address is correct as well as the username and password.
Is there any other setting that must be changed to make the second pc able to send and receive on its own account?

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I have an irritating problem with backing up data at work. We have a Win2kserver and use Areca, an open-source backup program to create backup scripts and schedule them using windows task scheduler.

All data is backed up each day to a removable portable HDD no problem. I have also created a script that executes a backup to the HDD of a client PC running windows XP.

I have created a shared folder on the HDD of the client pc and mapped it as drive B:\ on the server. The client PC is always on, and power settings have been changed to 'always on'. The user stays logged in to the domain, and locks the workstation.

The backup seems to fail. When I check the folder on the client PC in the mornings, there is nothing in there. Any ideas?

It would be great to be able to backup data to that PC as well as the removable portable HDD. I am trying to avoid getting a network storage device if possible.

A:Problem backing up to networked PC

Hard to say, but I'd try a sample backup in that configuration and watch what happens. What does any backup log or the event log say about the backup process?

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Need Help have an Pentium 2 with win 98 se the only problem is that it used to belong to a company that went out of business and was on a network that blocked out internet access via the lan. it was no problem until i got broadband and installed a new network card. and reactivated the security somehow it allows me to ping but not connect to the Internet via a browser not even on dial up. I have searched everywhere even the register for any clues. but i have to admit now i am lost for direction. I am hoping that i will not have to reinstall and lose over 2 years of useless programs that I am sure i will never use until the are gone. and ideas

Thanks in advance for any help

A:interesting problem with old networked computer

When you're logging on to the system, is is trying to log onto a domain? Or do you know if it used to be part of a domain? Because these (lack of internet and internet connection wizard) are Group Policy security settings.

Try removing it from the domain (if it is on one), don't forget it doesn't need to be physically connected because credentials are cached. Removing from a domain is tricky without the domain controller, however someone might know how to do it.

let us know

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I am running two systems, one Windows XP and on the other computer Windows 2000. The printer on the 2000 broke, so I set it up to use the printer on the XP system.

I got it working, but now on the XP system, the first time I attempt to connect to the internet (AFTER A REBOOT)I get a WORK OFFLINE box that says: No connection to the internet is currently available. To view Internet content that has been saved on your computer, click Work offline. Click try again to attempt to connect. When I click try again it connects and then anytime I click on IE after that it will connect no problem. Until the next reboot and then same thing happens.

On the 2000 system, when I boot it up I now get a sign on to windows screen, I press ok and it finishes rebooting. It wasn't giving me that screen before.

What did I change when I was installing the printer??

Thank you for your help.

A:Solved: Networked printer problem

Roe727 said:

I am running two systems, one Windows XP and on the other computer Windows 2000. The printer on the 2000 broke, so I set it up to use the printer on the XP system.

I got it working, but now on the XP system, the first time I attempt to connect to the internet (AFTER A REBOOT)I get a WORK OFFLINE box that says: No connection to the internet is currently available. To view Internet content that has been saved on your computer, click Work offline. Click try again to attempt to connect. When I click try again it connects and then anytime I click on IE after that it will connect no problem. Until the next reboot and then same thing happens.

On the 2000 system, when I boot it up I now get a sign on to windows screen, I press ok and it finishes rebooting. It wasn't giving me that screen before.

What did I change when I was installing the printer??

Thank you for your help.
RoeClick to expand...

Hi Roe,

On the XP machine, if you go into Control Panel > Internet Options then click on the "Connections" tab, and then click the "Setup" button and re-configure the internet connection settings, does the problem go away?

If not, you can try this registry fix: http://www.anetforums.com/posts.aspx?ThreadIndex=4068

Look at posting 4th from the top.

But always be careful when editing the registry!

As for the Windows 2000 logon prompt; Do you get the "Press ctrl-alt-del to log on" screen?

I can only assume that it's related ... Read more

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I have networked two computer with printers attached to each.
PC1 is “guy”, with a brother printer attached
PC2 is “Susan” with a HP 1100 attached

In the past I had no difficulty with networking the computers and have access from each computer to each of the printers.

I up graded the computer Susan and I am now having a few problems that I never had before.

After I perform the Network Setup Wizard on each of the computers (in many different methods) I am having the following problems.

First, every now and then I am getting the following message after double clicking on Entire Network then Microsoft Windows Network:

Entire Network
Not enough storage is available to process this command.

If I wait a few moments I will get the MSHOME and am allowed to click on that.
After this I do see both guy and Susan. If I double click on guy I see items pop up.
If I click on Susan I get the following message:

\\Susan is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

The network path is not found.

Of course I can not add the printer from Susan either. Though I have had no problem adding the printer from guy to Susan. And it prints properly.

What am I doing wrong…

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration….


A:Solved: Problem with permissions to a networked Computer

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Two days ago, I tried to print on my network printer and the computer showed that the printer was offline. After a few hours of working things out I was able to get the printer back online. Bascially I had to remove the printer from "devices and printers" and somehow it installed itself. I was happy, I was able to print I sat the pritner as default.

Here is the problem.

There are two computers on the network.

Computer A, which only has the network printer and Computer B which has a local printer connected to it. When I set the network printer to default on computer A, it becomes default on Computer B as well. I do not want this. I want Computer A to have the wifi printer default and computer B to have the local printer default.

But everytime I set the default on computer b to the local computer, it removes the default network printer on computer A.

What am I doing wrong? If you need any additional information, please let me know.

Thank you in advanced,


A:Solved: Can someone assist me with a networked printer problem?

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OK here goes. I can only hope this makes sense. I started work for this small company a few weeks ago and they have multiple PC problems. The PC's are sorta networked together. They can all use the same printer and DSL connection, but that is about it. As far as the internet connection goes, there is a great deal of trouble accessing email through outlook express (by the way all are Win XP). The same computer can pretty much always access Outlook, the others are rather chancey. To make things even more confusing no one id really sure which computer they are all networked through. Any ideas????????????

A:Problem with checking email on 2 of 3 networked Computers

I suggest you start by finding out how the network is connected. It's shooting in the dark to debug when we have no idea what equipment you have or how it's configured.

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Ok, I have three computers...one desktop and two laptops, all running Vista and all connected via wireless network. My problem is that I'm having trouble accessing files on those computers. What do I need to do to fix this???

A:Solved: Problem accessing networked computers

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What the network consists of:

1 host computer running windows xp
1 laptop running windows xp
1 hub

The problem:

I am able to share files between the computers and access webpages perfectly fine on the host computer. On the networked laptop I am able to share files and visit certain websites such as hotmail, download.com, msn.ca, etc. I am not able to visit websites such as candystand.com, yahoo.com, etc. Is there a way that I can fix this problem?? Please help

A:problem accessing certain webpages from networked computer

Do you have the latest updates and service packs for IE6 on your laptop as well as your desktop? Run Windows update to be sure.

Please go to http://www.tomcoyote.org/hjt/, and download 'Hijack This!'.
Unzip, doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan".

When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log" button.
Press that, save the log as a .txt file, and copy and paste its contents into your next post.

Most of what it lists will be harmless, so do not fix anything yet. I don't know how to read it p) but others here do and may find something that could be causing this.

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