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X1 5th and Thundebolt3 dockstation no ethernet with Debian

Q: X1 5th and Thundebolt3 dockstation no ethernet with Debian

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Preferred Solution: X1 5th and Thundebolt3 dockstation no ethernet with Debian

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


The Debian Live project is no more, and its leader announced that it had been absorbed by the debian-cd and the debian-installer teams, without his knowledge or approval.

A new heated discussion has been started inside the Debian project after Daniel Baumann, the leader of Debian Live, announced that this particular project was officially dead. He says that Debian Live has been hijacked by other developers inside Debian, and he wasn?t even consulted in this matter.

Read more : Debian Live Is Dead, Developer Says His Project Got Hijacked by Debian-CD

A:Debian Live Is Dead, Developer Says His Project Got Hijacked by Debian-CD

That shouldn't happen if they will just do it from the flaw, and as a team; its must be fairly treated on how to handle those situation especially their OS contains major issues and bugs that should be fix instead of arguing.

Still many users can choose on all hundreds of derivatives that are fully active in development.

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I just want to know if I'm the only one with this problem.  I have the latest update/firmware installed. Something when I browse the web, or change rapidly from one application to another (ex : Web to Word) The screen turn black for 1 sec.   It doesn't always happen, but enough times that I starts to bother me. The display is connected on the dockstation by a DVI or dualport connector (don't remember).  My monitor is a Dell.

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My P71 laptop is not chargin with my Dockstation 230W

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Fellows, I made the update from W7 for the W10 recently, and in the meantime I wasn't using the dockstation, now, I need it but, none of my dockstations are charging the battery, there's no drivers missing, the power cord isn't the model with problem, I all the solutions on the web doesn't work. Any help to solve this issue? Thanks,Leandro.

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I just purchased a Hi -speed USB 2.0 Dockstation by Belkin. When using the install disk to install drivers I recieve the following error message
"an installation support file C:\leslie~l\locals~\temp\{EB145CEA-998F-4C9DAEF7-B4DBBD217DAF}\lsrt.dll could not be installed. Access is denied.

Can anyone help me with this problem???

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Hi from Girona,     I just buy a new Elite X2, and a offcial DockStation.      Everything works, excepts External Screen that it's conected via RCA cable to Dock...      I found this Advise (http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c05250839&sp4ts.oid=8741943) and do everything, but nothing changes.... Any help? Thanks in advance

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I am attempting to dock an Acer Aspire 5723Z laptop running Windows 7 64-bit into the Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Dockstation Model # FSU216 which the supplier provided with the laptop as being compatible.

When the devices are connected, the (Edge10 GB19XX) monitor display switches off when I close the laptop. The screen resolution does not always readjust.

In Devices in Control Panel under Unspecified it says IEEE-1284 controller USB hub ? ?Needs troubleshooting?.
If I right click and click ?troubleshoot? it says the driver is not installed. When I click ?apply this fix? it tells me the driver was not successfully installed. If I click ?skip this fix? and then ?view solution? it says ?a solution is not available for this problem.?
When I originally attempted to install the drivers from the disk I got an error message that it did not have permission to copy a particular file. I tried to uninstall the device a number of times. Each time I went back though control panel afterwards, it asked me again whether I wanted to uninstall the device, which implied that it had not been successfully uninstalled the previous time.

Belkin claim they don?t have drivers for Windows 7 64-bit - only for Vista 32-bit.

Does anyone know a way to get these devices interoperating so that the display works properly?

If not, does anyone know of a docking station which will work OK with this laptop/OS?

Regards Keith

A:Display problems with Belkin Hi-Speed USB Dockstation

Wow. Except for the model number on your laptop, you and I have exactly the same problem with exactly the same docking station--the VGA support for Win7/64. I got around it by using the HDMI port on my laptop and hooked in a small HDTV I wasn't using. Does your device support HDMI? It's one way around the problem.

Also, have you been able to get your printer to work via the parallel port? Mine won't send the page to the printer.

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Hi,I would like to buy a Spectre x360 13-ac004nf and use it with a docking station and 2 external 27" monitors (2560x1440).I read that the doking sation is not able to provide power to the laptop.But, will it work if I plug the power spply in one USB-C 3.1 and the docking station to the other USB-C 3.1? Subsidiary question, will the laptop/dock support 2 external monitors 2560x1440? Thanks,

A:dockStation Elite X7W54AA with Spectre x360 13-ac004nf and d...

I guess I would like to see the dock but yes if you use the provided laptop power supply in one USB-C and then connect the other to a USB-C (Thunderbolt) port replicator (dock) with a pair of DisplayPort or HDMI ports it will drive two UHD monitors just fine. 

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Probably it is not possible but I will ask anyway.
My laptop (Dell Inspiron 15) stands on cooling pad, which is connected on the D3100 USB port. If I turn of the laptop the fan in cooling pad turns off. But after a few seconds fan starts to work again as D3100 has its own power source. So I also have to disconnect D3100 from the power or disconnect cooling pad from the D3100 to turn off the fan in the cooling pad.
Is there anyway to tell D3100 to turn off power from USB ports when there is no connection with laptop?
And of course I could connect the cooling pad to the laptop. But that is what D3100 should be for.

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My Laptop is a R700 with a dockstation. Windows 7 x64.

If a I starts laptop docked, can see on external monitor and integrated lcd.
If I star undocked, starts windows and lcd turns black. There is out to external monitor if I connect one, but not lcd correct out.

Swtiching function keys doesn?t works, like if undertand lcd is correct (but there is only a black lcd).
Updating until last version of video and switching version (aug2012) we obtain the same result: black lcd.

If uninstall video driver and set the vga standard driver works ok, but ther is no switching function key to use external monitor.

Is anyone there with same proble?

A:Portege R700 and dockstation, Integrated screen starts black

If the video signal has been set to external monitor using Fn + F5, then you have to use this key combination again in order to switch back to the internal screen?.

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I installed Debian using the graphical install option (I followed almost similar steps shows by you) I also selected 'Graphical desktop environment' & 'standard systems utility'; but I don't understand why am I not able to see a GUI. Is there a command to activate it? all I get is a prompt to log-in and after I log-in it is a plain command line. Please assist!

Moderator note: Post moved from this tutorial thread, http://www.techspot.com/community/t...lling-debian-6-0-4-linux.180360/#post-1371732

A:Cannot see GUI in Debian

Do you get an error if you log in and type startx ?

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i have a computer i got with beatrIX on the HD so i downloaded the debian iso to write on a disk but i can figure it out

A:BeatrIX to Debian

evert time i try it tells me destination disk is read-only even after changing the permissions

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I just installed Debian 3.0 and the install went fine,however when I login it stops with my login info and then a $ and a cursor.
I'm suspecting this is related to my videocard(GF4) or video setting.Any help is appreciated.

A:debian boot-up

First of all, type 'startx' and press enter. If windowing system doesn't start, note any error messages and post back. I'm pretty sure Debian doesn't install graphical logon by default.

A friendly advice - you may be better off with some user friendly flavour of Linux like RedHat, Mandrake or maybe SuSE. Debian is for masochists only

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Hi ! Just bought a thinkpad x260.I had another laptop before where Debian was already installed.So i took its SSD and put it in my x260.Then I've configured the bios, deactivated secure boot, verified that UEFI boot is enable and changed boot order to boot on the SSD.I started the computer, and nothing.Like there is nothing on the SSD. So, I don't know that I can do.The .efi file is stored here : /boot/efi/EFI/debian/grubx64.efi I don't know where the bios search for an EFI file, or if I can change the place where it searches for it. Does anybody here have any clue ?Not sure if the bios is configured well. Thank you !

A:X260 debian

If you want to boot from EFI then you gota reinstall your debain os since when installing debain in legacy mode it will only work in legacy mode so to get it to work in UEFI mode then you gota reinstall debain under UEFI mode then it will boot, there might be another way to solve it but idk if it's the right way todo it.

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Is there some package available that contains all the library files. I did not find any of the full packages and i do not want to download hundreds of libs seperatly.

*Sorry for grammar errors and foolish question.

Is there command for this? If there is then please explain.

I want to get wine work and it needs some libs to install.

A:Debian packages

I fixed my problem. I reinstalled debian and downloaded additions. Update mirror works and it downloads automaticly required files when i try to install something.

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Trying to configure this on a debian box. I have two subnets, a /29 and a /27


The /29 IP block is available directly from the network drop
The /27 IP block is statically routed to xxx.xxx.199.210 of the /29

I will be using the /27 for containers. But can't get it through using venet. Here are my interfaces:

# network interface settings
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
auto eth0
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet static
address xxx.xxx.199.210
gateway xxx.xxx.199.209
broadcast xxx.xxx.199.215
network xxx.xxx.199.208
auto eth0.100
allow-hotplug eth0.100
iface eth0.100 inet static
address xxx.xxx.221.65
broadcast xxx.xxx.221.95
network xxx.xxx.221.64
auto eth0.101
allow-hotplug eth0.101
iface eth0.101 inet static
address xxx.xxx.221.66
broadcast xxx.xxx.221.95
network xxx.xxx.221.64
auto eth0.102
allow-hotplug eth0.102
iface eth0.102 inet static
address xxx.xxx.221.67
broadcast xxx.xxx.221.95
network xxx.xxx.221.64
auto eth0.103
allow-hotplug eth0.103
iface eth0.103 inet static
address xxx.60.221.68
broadcast xxx.xxx.221.95
network xxx.xxx.221.64
auto eth0.104
allow-hotplug eth0.104
iface eth0.104 inet static
address xxx.xxx.221.69
broadcast xxx.xxx.221.95
network xxx.xxx.221.64
auto eth0.105
allow-hotplug eth0.105
iface eth0.105 inet static
a... Read more

A:Two subnets, one NIC debian box

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hi everyone,
i am a new user and new to computers. i am having a problem installing xp on debian linux.i forgot my login name and my password for debian linux. shouldn't xp kick off when i insert the cd ?
any help would be great.

A:xp won't install on debian linux

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I have been trying to install linux Debian... I got all the cd's and everything but when i put them in and tell it to boot from cd all it does is put up 1 message from lillo for about a milisecond... all i understand is the word lilo then it goes into the duel bootup thingy that i got from linux mandrake...

Any ideas? If you could could u tell me how to reset my master boot record so i can try again? anyone have linux Debian? i heard it was one of the best to get

A:Debian & Bootrecord Problems

Debian is probably one of the most stable, though maybe not user friendly.

It sounds like the your machine is not booting from the CDROM possibly. Try with another bootable disk and see if it boots (ie. an Knoppix disk or something). If it does boot from another CD, you may have a bad burn of the Debian disk. Verify the MD5 of your download and burn it again.

If your new to linux, I would suggest a different distro. Right now I'm hooked on VectorLinux. Its based on Slackware and is pretty full featured.

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So the hard drive on this machine failed and I have since replaced it with a SanDisk SSD. The SSD is working perfectly well but every time I turn on the machine I get a error either 3f0 or 3f1. The computer is telling me that either the hard drive is not found or there is no operating system on it. I have installed Debian yet this error persists.I have turned off OS security, and activated Legacy OS in BIOS yet this problem is still persistent claiming that my hard drive is the problem when I know that is working OK because I have tested it on my Toshiba machine.I am now at a loss as to what to do so please do help me.Occasionally I can get the computer to boot to grub but after that I always get a kernel panic, but I guess that is an issue for another thread or forum...Please do you help me set up my computer to launch straight into grub when powered on.Thank you for reading and for any support,Samuel.Please note: I have also tried Ubuntu and have the same problem.

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Hi All....I'm very fresh in this whole open source thing....I hope u all won't get mad on the question I wanna ask...well yesterday I manage to install Debian woody on my pc,which I intend to use it as a server in home network.Hopefully It can serve my 3 windows based pc....But the problem or confusion which confront is do I need to install samba before I can start pinging my windows based pc....

A:Pinging Windows pc from Debian

No, you do not need Samba or any other package for ping.

If you cannot ping your Windows computer then the problem is most likely a firewall on the Windows PC.

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I am currently running a computer with OS X El Capitan and one with Debian Linux (8). I would like to easily connect the two via ethernet so that I can transfer files over them at high speeds. All of the hardware is configured at this point, but what do I need to do on both the OS X end and the debian end to actually get them working together. Currently, the debian machine stays at Connecting in the network menu.

A:Connecting OS X with Debian Linux

Is this OS X on Apple hardware?

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Hi, I know probably a thousand questions have been asked in how to do a dual boot but I really know nothing about computer (except very basic stuff). I love to learn and I think the only way you can learn is to do it yourself, so here I am looking for fool proof step-by-step guide on how to do it. I have XP running on a Pentium 4 machine with no partition. Can anyone help me! Please!!!!

A:Dual boot XP/Debian

Take a look at the following link.

http://www.winxpfix.com/page5.htm You will need to scoll down the page that appears.

Hope this helps Regards Howard :grinthumb

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Hey all, i just switch OS's and got most thing running, however, i don't remember what sound card i have. Is there anyway my os can tell me? Because once I find out what card i have I can just go to their website and download their linux drivers.
Any help would be great!
thanks all

A:Debian sound card help

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You could always take a look inside the case at the card itself.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Hi there. Not sure if this is the right section or not...

Anyway tried my hand with Debian, I'm very new ti all of this and for a number of other reasons I wanted to go back to Windows. I popped in Windows 7 Cd and initially couldn't get it to boot at all. Had to enable legacy something or other in bios and then it booted to the cd no problem.

Selected to install clean copy, chose language etc and then got the partition screen. Anyway I couldn't install because partition was GPT style or something. I started trying to find away around this but to no avail. Pretty sure I deleted my Debian stuff in the process because now when I try go out of the Windows installation I get grub rescue.

Any way I can now install from this Windows CD?

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Hello everybody. I have obtained an HP ProBook 440 G3 and I want to use it with Debian Jessie. I have done the next actions: 1. Enable Legacy boot mode and disable secure boot.2. Disable Legacy boot mode and disable secure boot.3. Try to install Debian Jessie and LinuxMint (to try with another distro) with both boot combinations (Legacy and UEFI) with and without secure boot.4. Delete Windows 10 in HDD.5. Repeat step 3 many times.6. Set to defaults boot options.7. Do step 3 over and over again without success. Could someone help me to solve this issue please?

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Clam AV is available in the Repos for Ubuntu. I installed it today using sudo apt-get clamav. Then I tried to update using sudo freshclam -v which says that my version of clam is OUT OF DATE (yes in big capitols just like that) and says that I need version .90.3 and i have 90.2where can I get the upgrade. 90.2 is the highest available in the Ubuntu and Automatix2 repos. I visted the Debian Unstable site that I was sent to but the was no .deb file or anything else.

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Hi there
After messing around I've finally given uo on OPENSUSE -- has a nice beautiful desktop but I don't like the new releases every so often and it isn't the most stable for getting a VM server to run.

I after a lot of persuasion was persuaded to try DEBIAN - latest version with KDE --

Well I wish I had used it earlier -- the package manager (software istaller) - absolute breeze with APT GET - whatever

Installing the KVM hypervisor was fine and this must be the snappiest Linux system I've ever tried (apart from the specialized tiny distibutions).

First VM (XP) running just fine --will be virtualising a W2003 server next and some other stuff.

What I like with this HYPERVISOR is that you can control the VM's from the HOST if you want -- Esxi requires a separate WINDOWS machine.

Debian perhaps isn't the best for beginners but it's so stable and installing software is SIMPLE. Well worth getting to grips with.

(Multi-media - VLC and dragonplayer) work right out of the box too -- no messing around with untangling installed stuff (OPENSUSE) and replacing with PACMAN repository data).


A:A very Happy Camper with DEBIAN WHEEZY and KVM

I haven't done the Linux thing in awhile. But the best thing was moving to Debian derived distros. I used Red Hat package tool and it seemed that there were different schools of thought where stuff should go depending where I got the package from. I switched to Mandrake 9.1. Everything on OneCD which booted and enabled the network card. After disk partitioning and all that you move to package selection. Tons of software development tools etc..

When software package selection was complete, you hit the go button. All the packages that weren't on the CD downloaded and installed. You reboot and you're at a window manager login prompt. With apt-get the stuff just goes where it's supposed to and it works when you run it. It brought Linux up to what a Windows user expected, which is run the installer then you can use the software with virtually(pun intended) no configuration. Light years ahead with no ripping out of hair.

Edit: and the same held true after install. If I got another package using apt-get a week or 6 months later... it was just plug and play.

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I am wanting to dual boot Linux and Windows XP, I have Both a Linux "Debian" installed hard drive, and a Windows XP hard drive. Both will boot the same motherboard, but only with one plugged in at a time. I want to know how to set up the jumpers for the hard drives, and I want to know the best way to get a option to choose which OS gets loaded.. ( I am more a windows guy, so if you answer in Linux please go slowly..



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We have a Debian 8 Samba (smb) server that we use as a file share.
We connect using Windows Explorer (File System GUI) from Windows 10 and Windows 2016 Server as follows:


Some users can not log off?  The connection remains static even if they reboot and we have not mapped the drive.

How can we disconnect without changing the passwords on the server?

Thanks cwc

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ok i installed debian 3.1 on another hardrive and am runnign it now but i want to change screen size and i dont have alot of options. how can i make the screen size smaller ???

A:Debian 3.1 Screen Size Problem....

Smaller? Do you actually mean a smaller resolution?

Or is your resolution like 320x200 or something?

In the first case, just add modelines to the X configuration file (/etc/X11/Xorg.conf IIRC). In the second, you're doomed, since that means your video card is not supported, at least not currently.

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I'm recently installed Linux on Debian manner please help like tips and tricks to install

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As the title says, I set up a 486 box with Debian woody / Samba to be a domain controller for 2000 clients.

I installed SWAT which is a little bit slow but well it's ok to use.

I then installed Webmin which is completelty unusable and locks up my machine totally. I barely can reboot it or stop the webmin processes.

When I log on through the webpage interface from another LAN machine, I see a whole bunch (like 20) of miniserv.pl processes that all take 0.5% CPU and if I click on the links I have to wait like 10 minutes until I get the full page. I tried to disable logging, but I notice no change.

I know the 486 and its HDD are slow, but Linux itself and Samba and even SWAT are just working fine !

What's wrong with Webmin ? do I have to fiddle with it to make it usable or just remove it ?

Please help

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I'm currently running Debian, with Xfree86 on it, and cannot change my screen resolution. When i had installed it, i did not select the right resolution, and am wondering how to change this. I've also heard that you can hit Ctrl+Alt+ the (+,-) arows on the key board, to change the resolution, but I do not know how and when to do that.
Can anyone help? Please.

If anyone cannot help me on this, then can anyone give me steps to reconfigure my xfree86, so it can make the resolution higher. It is currently set at, 640*480.

A:Change Screen Resolution in Debian

Try this command as root:

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

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Hey. I have peculiar problem, which i encountered recently after i have switched from win7 to 8 and from ubuntu to debian.
I have asus u36 sg ( i5, gf 610m, 4gb RAM, 128gb SSD) which has 2 USB 2.0 ports and one 3.0. The thing is, that when i start win8, the mouse connected to USB 2.0 (any device, stick etc.) port is dead.Suprisingly, when I start debian, it works totally fine
And now comes the fun part. When i reboot the system, after launching debian first and than select win8, the ports work!
I noticed that happend shortly after I accidently plugged off my laptop from power (the battery is out because the laptop is on my desk for most of the time) and i think it might be the cause. Could there be any short circuit that caused it? If so, why it's acting so weird. Win8 drivers are updated, and the other 3.0 port works fine under any circumstances...
My next step will be to reinstall win8 back to 7 and see if anything changes..
Any guesses guys?

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Well I am following the steps on this page: http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=2016&page=2 to install Debian on my Windows XP. I have used Parition Magic to create a partition just for Debian. I have the ISO files I have downloaded here: http://www.debian.org/CD/netinst/ both on the Debian partition AND a CD.

However I have learned that I need to boot from the CD. I have searched many times and cannot figure out to boot from the CD. Can someone please help me on this one? I would be VERY grateful. Thank you.

A:Trouble dual booting/installing Debian...

You will need to go into your BIOS settings and set the boot order to boot from CD. Then reboot, make sure the CD is in the drive and away you go.

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Arch Linux


- Arch linux has an aur for the latest packages but it is bleeding edge so there are bugs
- Arch can be customized to anything you want because you start at bare metal
- Arch has the latest kernel for linux or you can compile any from the aur

- No ui out of the box
- not used for beginners
- not supported. people have to rely on the wiki and irc.
Arch Linux

- UI to install
-automatic installer
-wide based user base
- Ubuntu is based on debian so most ubuntu programs would work backwards compatibility

- No drivers or anything pre installed
- no prosperity software and needs to be compiled as the aur has all the latest softwares with 'yaourt installer'
- flash acts up sometimes
- t

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I just finished installing Debian Linux (Jessie version 8.5) on my Thinkpad T450s and wanted to share my experience so it will benefit others.  Here are the specs for my machine:Thinkpad T450s (20BX001PUS)Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHzSamsung K4B8G1646B-MYK0 4GB DDR3 1.35V 1600MHz RAM(I added an additional Crucial 8GB RAM stick)Seagate ST500LM021-1KJ152 500GB 6GB/s 7mm SATA harddriveSanDisk U110 16GB M.2 SATA 22x42mm caching SSDInnolux N140FGE-EA2 TN 1600x900 matte screen(I upgraded this to a InnoLux N140HCE-EAA IPS 1920x1080 matte screen)Intel 7265 Wireless (WiFi and Bluetooth)Realtek RTS5227 PCI Express Card ReaderChicony webcamValidity Sensors VFS5011 fingerprint reader (ID: 138a:0017) The installation went smoothly except that the Intel 7265 Wireless card requires the proprietary firmware-iwlwifi driver, which can be installed from the Debian non-free repository. If you are like me and are using WiFi for your internet connection, then download the firmware-iwlwifi package for Jessie and place it on a USB memory stick. When the Installation Wizard  fails to activate the wireless device for internet access, an error message will appears and ask you if you have the driver. Stick the USB pendrive in the computer and install it. If you don't install it that way, then after finishing the install, you can install it from the Debian repos if you have an internet connection through an ethernet cable:suapt-get install firmware-iwlwifiIf you don't ... Read more

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I have the same problem as one described here Win 7 won;t boot after installing Ubuntu dual boot (the last problem), excepting for having another linux distribution. So I won't describe it in more details. I've tried fixmbr and automatic repair, but it did't have any effect.

I stress that the purpose is to make BOTH windows and linux run, not just windows.

Has somebody any ideas?

A:double boot windows/debian problem

I've used Boot Repair Disk to recover my windows mbr afetr Ubuntu grub messed it up.

It is suppose to recover all systems especially Linux. From memory sometimes grub would stick other times it would not.

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I installed tomcat4 on a debian system to run opennms. My log files have the following error

log4j: Error setFile(null,true) call failed.

How do I get rid of this error.


A:Solved: log4j: Error in tomcat on debian

This was resolved. I made tomcat run as root as previously suggested and this error went away.


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I have the same problem as one described here Win 7 won;t boot after installing Ubuntu dual boot (the last problem), excepting for having another linux distribution. So I won't describe it in more details. I've tried fixmbr and automatic repair, but it did't have any effect.
Has somebody any ideas?

A:Windows7 doesn't load after Debian installation

Try these commands:

bootrec /rebuildbcd
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /FixBoot

Then reboot...

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Hello, I've been trying to fix my MBR for Windows after I removed Debian from my computer. Every time I boot, it says "No Bootable Disk Found...", and it doesn't show it when I go to "Repair Windows", yet my OS is there (bootrec.exe /ScanOS sees it). I've tried bootrec.exe /FixMbr, but it didn't work. I've also tried /FixBoot and /RebuildBcd, but it have me an "Element not found" error. Any other ways to fix this? Thanks.

A:Repair Windows 7 MBR (Debian/GRUB Removal)

Try Bootice Can't get into windows after Linux - need a last resort

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I have a windows installed satellite C55 laptop. When I partiton it with ubuntu based os, the WIFI doesn't work. I checked the software & update/additional drivers the wifi driver was disabled and just frozen when I try to save after enabling it . Since my ethernet is pppoe connection couldn't connect to ethernet also. Please help.

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Hi all, 2 Days ago I received an nice P1. First thing I did was remove the SSD and put in a new Samsung Evo Plus 1TB. Then I installed the latest Debian testing on it. I have done this countless times with lots of laptops. However, this time I stumbled upon a roadblock I cannot seem to solve myself. The system will simply not boot from the new SSD. I do not even get up to Grub. The system will present me a selection menu, which shows the disk in question. But I cannot boot from it. I have tried to restore the bootloader with Boot Repair Disk and other tools. I even did it by hand. But to no avail. Boot info reports a successful restore, but I still cannot boot from this SSD. Booting from rescue disk and live images is no problem at all. If I do that I can mount the SSD just fine. But booting is a no go... Anyone encountered something similar? Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks in advance! Grx Otchum

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