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Restore Points No Longer Being Created In Vista Windows 7 Laptop.

Q: Restore Points No Longer Being Created In Vista Windows 7 Laptop.

Automatic restore points are no longer being created in Windows 7 Vista machine.
Manually created points disappear after a short time.
Would appreciate any help.

Preferred Solution: Restore Points No Longer Being Created In Vista Windows 7 Laptop.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Restore Points No Longer Being Created In Vista Windows 7 Laptop.

Do you have "system protection" turned on for the drive you want to create restore points to?

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Automatic restore points are no longer being created in System restore on Vista laptop.
Manually created restore points disappear after a short time.
The following are the figures relating to System Restore;
Used Shadow Copy storage space 0 B
Allocated Shadow Copy storage space 0 B
Maximum Shadow Copy storage space 3 GB
Every time I try to increase the allocation the Maximum storage space increases but not
the allocation, and I get a message saying
Successfully resized the Shadow Copy storage association.
Would appreciate any help.

A:Automatic Restore Points No Longer Being Created In System Restore On Vista Laptop

I find this often happens when there are disk read errors. Try doing a chkdsk /r then retry creating a restore point.

Check Disk - chkdsk

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Automatic restore points are no longer being created in System Restore
on Vista laptop.
Manually created restore points disappear after a short time.
Would appreciate any help.

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1. Computer: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 bit, 298 GB HD

I used this laptop to get access to internet to repair my home computer (Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit). First I messed permissions on home computer and then also on this laptop. Windows installer didn't work on any of them. I managed to repair it on Windows 7 Ultimate with gpedit.msc and installer was fine. However, permissions still weren't. So I gave a try subinacl.msi and reset.bat. It did repair some but not all of the permissions to default. I therefore decided to do a system restore. It took for over two hours and then came up with 'not enough disk space'. I decided to do it again, however, this time a message 'no system restore points have been created' appeared. I knew there are system restore points as I had seen them two hours back. I thought it was something with permissions. So I took ownership of SVI, giving SYSTEM and Administrators full control. I also checked HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Reliability.

I also started and set to automatic the following services:
Windows Event Log
Windows Volume Shadow Copy

The right drive was selected for the restore point.

Is there any thing/service I missed?

SVI is set to 'read only for the content' and I have selected the right hard drive to make system restore on. The selected one is C:\ with OS on it and the other one is F:\ which has system protection off. Is that ok?

Should I add some more permissions to SVI (LOCAL SERVICE, NETWORK SERVICE)... Read more

A:System Restore enabled but no restore points created

Help anyone?

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I have 55.8 GB on my hard drive and 6.72 GB left to use. System restore hasnt been working for awhile now I've tried turning it off and turning it back on after a reboot and nothing happens. I've created manual points but none show up in the checkpoint calander. There are zero points in the checkpoint calander and none are being created. I have enough space for system restore to be running right? whats wrong here?

thanks in advance

A:No System Restore points/none being created


There are several reasons this may occur. Let's take a look at Event Viewer for any System Restore logs that may have been created recently that may help us diagnosing the problem.

Go to Start - Run and type eventvwr.msc and press enter.
Click on System in the left pane.
Click the gray title “Source” at the top of the source name column in the right pane to sort by source name, look for "sr" and "srservice".
Double click on each of these events, then click on the button below the two arrows in the upper right corner. This will copy the event information to the clipboard. Paste the information for each of the two event here. There’s no need to post duplicate Event ID’s.

How do I use the Event Viewer to search for System Restore logs?

Here are some more links for troubleshooting System Restore.

System Restore Failures to restore:

System Restore fails to create an automatic restore point:

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I may have had some malware in the past, I got rid of it (or I am pretty sure I did).
It was worked on in this thread:
This is a windows 7 x64 Dell system.
I thought system restore was making regular restore points after the procedures I did then.
On looking today, I got a message that no restore points had been created.
So I created a couple manually.
They declared success. 
They seem to be there. The two that I just created are on the list.
But I should have many of them. I check the box "show more restore point" but no more appear.
So the automatic system restore point creation in system protection is not working.
What can I do to get the system protection to be actually working?
Well, this is interesting. I have two drives at the moment, my system drive had no space allocated.  So I just allocated 13% to system protection. 250 gb.
The system drive is also second on the list, but I don't know if that is significant.
I just looked at the two restore points I created, they both reference my external drive, not my system drive, which is the one that is important.
I just created a manual restore point on that drive. I said success.
I will have to check to see if restore points are being created automatically and post back.

A:System restore has not created any restore points

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Run this tool.The first command is to create a restore point. Post the log for my review.Temporarily disable your AV program so it does not interfere.Info on how to disable your security applications How To Temporarily Disable Your Anti-virus, Firewall And Anti-malware Programs - Security Mini-Guides.Download Zeok tool from hereWhen the download appears, save to the Desktop.On the Desktop, right-click the Zoek.exe file and select: Run as Administrator(Give it a few seconds to appear.)Next, copy/paste the entire script inside the code box below to the input field of Zoek:
Now...Close any open Browsers.Click the Run script button, and wait. It takes a few minutes to run all the script.When the tool finishes, the zoek-results.log is opened in Notepad.The log is also found on the systemdrive, normally C:\If a reboot is needed, the log is opened after the reboot.Please attach the zoek-results.log in your reply.Also, please provide an update on how the computer is behaving after running the above script.

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I have my Task Scheduler set to create automatic Windows restore points every other day. According to the history log, they are created.

However, they are created under the user "System" and not my account or "Administrators." So, I couldn't access a recent restore point, which I might need to make things run the way I want. I'm having Windows create the restore points so I can access them!

However, it won't create them under my account because I don't have or want a password "Blank passwords are not allowed." I don't want a hassle on startup and God forbid I'd forget the password, so I won't create them. Does that mean that I'm wasting time having SR create the restore points that I think are important for me, and that I might need right now to get my system to run really as it should? Is there a way for me to get those restore points such that I can access them with no password?

A:I cannot access automatic restore points (I think they're created)

You do not need a password to create a system restore point. I just tried it. I have a test laptop with 10 Pro that the user account does not have a password associated with the account or to login.
Go to Start/Search and type System Restore, choose Create a System Restore point.
Also, be aware that everytime you install a software program, Windows automatically creates a Restore Point. If you haven't made any changes to your computer, (ie) installed software etc, there is no need to create a System Restore Point. Also,Remember, that any personal files, like documents, music, pictures, Emails etc do not get backed up when creating a System Restore point.

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Hello Everyone - it's been a while since I posted here, so I apologize for any errors I may make.

I have a Dell Inspiron Core I5 Windows 7 SP1 PC with Norton internet security.

My question is: what are the rules that govern when the system will make automatic restore points. I've read several threads here, and there seems to be multiple opinions, from "every 7 days", when volume shadow copy is started, when task scheduler has proper triggers and no conflicting conditions.

My PC wasn't creating restore points automatically. I tried changing the Volume shadow copy to automatic. I added a new task under SR to start at 3:30 PM (as a test), I checked the box to wake computer for this task. The system created two restore points hours apart once, but none since then.

I've attached screen shots showing all my settings, including one that seems to indicate the task did run, but no restore point can be seen for that time. NIS did show the system at an idle state at the time the tasks should have ran.

So to sum it up, do I have my settings incorrect? Is there a glitch in my system? How often should SR create automatic restore points (aside from program updates)?

SR has bailed me out a few times and is quicker than restoring from a system image which I do periodically, along with a separate file backup.

Any suggestions, help, explanations, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

A:System restore points not being automatically created

Is System Protection turned on?

System Protection - Turn On or Off

As far as how often Windows 7 creates restore points, Microsoft says: "Restore points are created automatically every week, and just before significant system events, such as the installation of a program or device driver."

System Restore - Microsoft Windows (see FAQs at bottom of page > How does system restore work.)

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I have used System Restore in Windows 7 to automatically create restore points, but not so in Windows 8 or 8.1. I configured TASKSCHD.MSC for a restore point to be created at 11 pm weekly, but not dice. I just changed the time to create a SR point daily at 7:15 AM to see if a SR point would be created. In Control Panel, there is not record of the SR point, but Task Scheduler says the 7:15 point was completed successfully. However, I can't find it in Control Panel.
Any advice on what to do from here?
Thank you very much.

A:Auto System Restore points not created

When creating a restore point, windows checks the last one. If there has been no system change since the last point it doesn't create a new one to save disk space (since the new one would be an exact copy of the last one)

Check the event viewer (control panel > administrative tools ) to see what it says exactly happened when doing the automatic restore point. If there's an entry with "Skipping creation of restore point as there is a restore point avaliable which is recent enough for System Restore." then what I said above might be the problem.

That said adding triggers to the automatic system restore might help you. Go to Task Scheduler (run as administrator) > Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > System Restore > SR > Right Click > Properties > Triggers Tab > New > begin the task : on a schedule Daily.. at (whatever time you want).
Then another New > begin the task : at startup

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It is a peculiar problem faced by me. I could create SR points and i do not know, whether the SR polints are created by the system. It was creating before. Whenever an uninstall , takes place, it the revo uninstaller creates a restore point, and likewise, some programs if changed or uninstalled create SR points, and it is not showing any error message.
But to my surprise, that which casually checking the available restore points, i was shocked to find the SR points totally missing. or it is vanishing after creation.
Why this behaviour, will you please say and also please inform me whether there are any fixit available.
Creation is always success. but , SR missing . I am only configured SR in c: If i allow , all the programs to create SR, then each is created on huge size. How to allow only system restore creation only please

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It is a peculiar problem faced by me. I could create SR points and i do not know, whether the SR polints are created by the system. It was creating before. Whenever an uninstall , takes place, it the revo uninstaller creates a restore point, and likewise, some programs if changed or uninstalled create SR points, and it is not showing any error message.
But to my surprise, that which casually checking the available restore points, i was shocked to find the SR points totally missing. or it is vanishing after creation.
Why this behaviour, will you please say and also please inform me whether there are any fixit available.
Creation is always success. but , SR missing . I am only configured SR in c: If i allow , all the programs to create SR, then each is created on huge size. How to allow only system restore creation only please

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I need help here. For some funny reasons, the restore points created tend to get delted when I boot up my laptop the next day. How do I ensure that my restire points remain. I checked my drive and it still says 7 GB free.

Also, is it possible to auto create the restire point but store them in a different partition on the samd drive?

A:restore points created tend to get deleted when I boot up

Hello Futuristic,

Are you dual booting with Windows XP by chance?

If so, then this may help.

System Restore Points - Stop XP Dual Boot Delete - Vista Forums

Sorry, but you will only be able to have restore points saved on the same drive letter that they were created for. Any tampering with them will most likely result in them to no longer work to restore with.

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I am not being lazy, I have sifted through pages and pages of posts about this problem and have yet to find anything that does not either involve dual boot or some complex solution.

I am running a cleanly installed standalone Windows 8 Pro X64 system which is not creating system restore points for updates, installations, and Revo Uninstaller uninstalls (despite the requisite setting being on in Revo).
I have being doing quite a bit of installation and updating over the past week or so but apart from one manually created restore point the only other was for an installation of Power DVD yesterday.

It seems MS is sitting on its hands on this one.

Is there a simple answer to this problem?

Thanks in advance.

A:System Restore Points not being created (no dual boot)

Have you checked the configuration of System Restore ?
A picture:

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My new notebook, running Windows 7, crashed 90 minutes after first boot and created a recovery partition. (Affects C:\ drive only. No programs or drivers were being installed. Starts up OK & is functional).

Restore points are now unavailable from the time before partition was created. When a system restore cannot be performed, will system remain unaffected if I do nothing to the recovery partition?

A:Recovery partition created - suitable restore points now unavailable

A recovery partition is normally created by the computer manufacturer during the manufacturing process. It's about 10 - 15GB in size and on a hidden partition of the C: drive. Its purpose is to allow the user to return the computer to factory specifications, just like the day you bought it. I've not heard of a recovery partition being created as the result of a crash. It would help if you could post a screenshot of your maximized Disk Management window.

How To Access Disk Management in Windows 7

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

If your computer was on for just "90 minutes after first boot" before crashing, was this the computer's very first startup after bring it home from the store? When you would normally be configuring a new machine with your user preferences, setting the language, etc? Or do you mean it was the first startup of the day? A crash could cause many different problems and that could be the reason you have no restore points. It's also possible something may have turned system protection off before the crash occured which could have left the computer without any restore points.

System Protection - Turn On or Off

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Been having a problem with my browser and I feel there's some sort of adware in my system, but I've fully scanned my entire system completely using Norton 360 several times and I haven't had any luck. I also looked through installed programs in the control panel and went deleting all programs that I didn't need, didn't know, and didn't like the sound of, but that still wasn't the solution. So now i've decided that the next best thing to do was use system restore, only to find that for some reason I haven't got any system restore points at all, which I find weird since restore points should be saved daily. I've checked that system restore is turned on and so is time management so I don't see why system restore points aren't being created.

So there it is, 2 problems:
1) Adware that I can't remove
2) System restore points not being created (automatically)

Any Suggestions?

A:Windows Vista System Restore Points

Are you by chance dual booting with another OS?

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Now I'm the first to admit I have little knowledge about such things but something on my multi-boot system is wiping my main OS Vista's restore points.

The only things that are new are Windows 8 Pro RTM as the 5th of 5 booting systems and the latest edition of Diskeeper Pro installed on Vista itself.

The reason I'm asking this is that people who have been around for a while will recall how those of us multi-booting XP with Vista and 7 had to do fiddles to stop XP from deleting their restore points, so am wondering if anyone else has noticed this?

I have 100gb devoted to the VSS on C: so there's no reason why restore points should vanish.

I'm not hugely worried about it but nevertheless curious.

A:Is Windows 8 Deleting Vista Restore Points?

Ignore: It was the new Diskeeper 12's automatic defragmenter that was not only preventing creation of new restore points but was demolishing any existing ones. As soon as I turned it off voila, everything turned back to normal. Strangely a manual defragmentation doesn't have the same deleterious effect nor does automatic defragmentation on the other volumes, only the one on which the software itself is installed, quite bizarre.
I've opened a ticket with Condusiv Technologies about it.

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I am new hear but was told I would be given good advice. The problem im having is that I was getting random freezes on my pc and it got to the point where i could not get past log in. I am running windows vista on the most recent update, with a computer i built myself. I took apart computer, cleaned it, did some internal work to make sure everything is running fine. I then put it back together ran it in safe mode and put files on a usb drive just encase i need a system restore. I did not have virus protection before this problem so I got vipre (pirated) and scanned and found a few Trojans. I decided i would go to a restore point that was before the problem, ran that and it froze in the process. Rebooting the computer and coming back to notice all restore points are gone. I dont have a disc for vista so I am looking to clean up pc from what it is now if possible.

What was encountered and steps taken in order

2.install vipre, and scan
3.try system restore but froze
4.clean pc, run in safe mode, back up files
5.run 1 more scan, no network connection (on purpose) and haven't froze yet

Thanks in advance

A:windows vista random freeze and restore points deleted

Welcome aboard I did not have virus protection before this problem so I got vipre (pirated)Start with uninstalling it.Install ONE of these:- Avast! free antivirus: http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html- free Microsoft Security Essentials: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows/products/security-essentials- free Comodo Antivirus: http://www.comodo.com/home/internet-security/antivirus.phpUpdate, run full scan, report on any findings.Then....Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=============================================================================Please download Farbar Service Scanner and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity CenterWindows UpdatePress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply.====================================================================================Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Users, Partitions and Memory si... Read more

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Task Scheduler is setup to create restore points every day at midnight and at startup. It indicates that it runs successfully but those points do not show up in System Restore.

A:I cannot find Restore Points created "daily" with Task Scheduler.

Do you use Ccleaner. You can also look for restore points in there. Check and see how much hard drive space is free. I see you have a 1 TB bit with lots of info and several restore points they can get full.

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I have limited space on my C drive where win is installed ever since the accumulation of win updates and SP.

I wish to turn off system restore points on that disk and use the E drive which has ample room but will setting system restore points to that drive instead of the C drive mean it only creates a copy of that particular drive... or is the answer in the actual name... will it create a restore point of my C drive on the E drive?

A:System Restore Points Created on Non Win System Drive

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Firstly, I can only create manual restore points in System Restore but they usually disappear
overnight and, as a novice, I am at a loss to understand this.

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Hello everyone,

I have a repeat problem that I cannot explain: My system creates system restore points just fine (at least, the ones I create manually and can confirm that they are there), but they vanish upon restart.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P750 running Windows 7 Home Premium.

I discovered this issue for the first time in November 2012 when my computer had a hard crash. That was when I learned that it was deleting my restore points. I was forced to do a factory reset. After that, System Restore functioned normally--for a while. Then it began eating restore points again.

About a month ago, I had to do ANOTHER factory reset. Again, System Restore started working--creating and keeping restore points. But just a few weeks into a "brand new" system and they're completely gone again.

I can't understand why this keeps happening even after factory reset.

This is a problem I've investigated multiple times over the last few years and haven't found a solution for yet.

Does anyone here have any advice?


A:Laptop eats System Restore Points--even after out-of-the-box restore

I have had similar problems in the past with System Restore (the restores points don't get lost, they just don't always work) so I turned it off and just depend on imaging now, using Macrium Reflect Free (here is a good tutorial on how to use Macrium Reflect). I've yet to have an image fail to restore.

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Could someone please tell me how to get my C drive space back? I'm 100gigs short, I've been installing major programs, 30giggers and lots of them, for a few months now.

My hard drive is shrinking.

A:Vista Restore Points

If you are sure that your computer is in good shape you can delete all but the current restore points by:
goto start|accessories|system tools|disk cleanuo|more options|system restore and select clean up.

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I'm having a bit of trouble with my video card, and decided to do a restore point to help diagnose the issue, only to find I have no restore points.

I recently (3 or 4 months ago) rebuilt this system because of a hosed Vista Business install where, you guessed it, there were no restore points. When I rebuilt it, I installed Vista Ultimate, the later release with SP1 included. It is the default boot on my dual boot system, the 2nd OS is XP Pro SP3. The mainboard is a Gigabyte running a 965 chipset and an Intel E6700 CPU with 2GB of Crucial RAM. I have multiple drives, and multiple partitions on these drives, with tons of extra space on each partition.

Vista is set to create restore points only on the Vista boot partition.

I went ahead and created a restore point so I could at least repair any damage I did while messing with my video drivers (Nvidia 6600GT). After a couple reboots, the new restore point was also missing.

I saw a question posted earlier on this same subject and at least one responder implied a dual boot system may be an issue, but the thought was not completed.

Any suggestions?

A:There are no restore points on my Vista PC

Hi. . .

Yes, when you boot XP, it will wipe the Vista VSS restore points out.

Here is a workaround from Microsoft-


Regards. . .


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My Vista computer keeps mysteriously dumping restore points, I know this is the case because I purposely create restore points, from time to time, But when I actually need to use "System Restore" it will tell me that no restore points have been created, I find this incredibly annoying. I'm sorry if this is a familiar problem, but I have searched the "Tech Support Guy" forum, and I couldn't find any answers. Please help.

A:Vista Dumping Restore points.

could be just that you are filling your HD up check to see available space, go to C drive and it will say how big etc (start , my computer C drive)
http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/disable-system-restore-in-windows-vista/ disable re boot then reenable system restore, only set it for a low amount
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Turn-System-Restore-on-or-off ( make sure C drive is ticked)

if this works great if not go to start type services.msc right click it and run as administrator , look though services to ensure system restore is enabled and on auto start

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Automatic restore points in vista, in available disk says: searching.  then 2 minutes later computes freezes. Antivirus cannot download, because is looking for recent restore point.
I try to download antivirus, and in 3 minutes computer freezes too.
Anybody experience in this?
Done all cleaning, and try a lot of ideas. Getting close to the fix...
 IMG_8880.JPG   43.73KB


Your shadow volume copies may have become corrupted.  We can try deleting all of the existing restore points and see if that will help, but all of your restore points will be gone at that point.
Are you trying to use System Restore to restore to a previous state where your computer worked better? Are you having issues on the computer?  

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Hello, I have a problem with Vista not making restore points, while doing a system check on a Vista laptop I noticed that the restore points that I had set some time ago were not working, also the system would not allow me to set restore points. If I try to set a restore point I get the message: Restore point could not be created for the following reason: The volume shadow copy provider is not registered in the system (0x80042304). In 'services' both the "Volume shadow copies" and "Windows backup" are set as 'started' and 'automatic'. I have Avast Internet Security on the system which has been uninstalled and re-installed on the advice of one of their 'service techs', which made no difference at all.
Has anyone got any ideas?.

A:Cannot set restore points in Vista Premium

Worth a look, http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Error-0x80042304The-volume-21046389 .

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HP Pavilion dv6500 Notebook PC
Model #:HP dv6636nr
Vista Home Premium SP2
32-bit OS
AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-58 1.90GHz
2GB Ram
C drive is 140GB with 3.06GB Free... partition D drive listed as HP_Recovery is 8.42GB with 1.80GB Free so something resides there...
Laptop does not show any restore points listed in system restore other than an uninstall of Adobe Reader v8.2 which I just did...
I used to have regular restore points listed over time... any help would be appreciated... Thanks

A:Vista-HP-Lost all Restore Points

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I am running Windows Vista Home Premium on an Advent 8109, and periodically lose all of my System restore points, which rather defeats the object of having System Restore. The other day, there were a number of restore points present (including some more than 5 days old) when I created a new point prior to installing the latest version of Nero. Nero 8 did not run correctly (a problem subsequently solved by Nero technical support). I ran System Restore to return to the pre-installation state, but was unable to return because only one restore point was listed - System: Scheduled Checkpoint. Subsequent restore points are being retained.

Has anybody else experienced this? System restore always worked well with XP. It is very frustrating to be unable to rely on the retention of restore points.

A:Loss of System Restore points in Vista

Are you, by any chance, dual booting with XP?

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My restore points are supposed to be automatic, and they aren't. I have to manually go in and set the restore point every day or anytime I make a change. I use Vista Ultimate 64 bit solely, no dual boot. When I read the help on Vista it says it is set by default to auto record restore points, and it has not done one! What do I need to do to fix this?

A:Vista Ultimate 64 bit auto restore points

Hi KbGeek,

Welcome to the forum.

You might check and see if this will help you.

- How to Change the Frequency of the Automatic System Restore Point in Vista


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vista restore points keep disappearing - sometimes the next day, sometimes the same day w/o rebooting -
really- this morning the size of the sys volume information folder was 800 mb - now it's 20 kb!
of course sys restore says there are no restore points available

no it's not a dual boot setup
and no i'm not low on disk space

dont know if this is related or not but there is constant hard drive activity since i installed vista
even with indexing turned off

A:Solved: vista restore points keep disappearing

update: i had found a tweak on the net to manually set the size limit of system restore (i set it to 2GB) - i played around with the limits and noticed sometimes a single restore point was over 3 gigs!
humm- could be that if the size limit is smaller than the restore point the whole restore is dumped - guess i assumed vista would 'trim it to fit'...
can't see why you need over 3 gigs for a single day but it seems to work now (i set it to 10GB)
the tweak:
vssadmin resize shadowstorage /On=C: /For=C: /Maxsize=10.0GB

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A few months ago, I purchased an HP computer with Vista Home Premium installed. Later, I decided to purchase Vista Ultimate. Since the computer did not have Vista Home Premium on DVDs, I was instructed to burn two DVDs in case I need to reinstall the operating system. I installed Vista Ultimate and then I created a "Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore" image on a USB external hard disk. Here is my question. If my hard disk crashes, I will need to buy another hard disk. Since the two DVDs I burned contain Vista Home Premium and not Vista Ultimate, how do I get the image to the new hard disk? Where can I get the instructions? I thought the first step is to insert the first of the two disks I burned into the CD-ROM but Vista Home Premium does not contain image creation capability like Vista Ultimate.

A:Restore Image Created In Vista Ultimate

You'll have to insert your Ultimate CD in order to work with the image on the USB hard drive. Here's the BC tutorial on it: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/windows-vista-complete-pc-restore/

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When I open window explorer, it no longer ponts to libraries. Is there a way to restore this?



A:Windows Explorer no longer points to Libraries

Hello Stu,

Using the tutorial below, you could change the target of Windows Explorer to open at the location below instead for it to open to libraries again.


Windows Explorer Taskbar Icon - Change Open To Target

Hope this helps,

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This computer is about 5 years old, which i don't think is that old but maybe if it's poor quality...

Anyway, is there any chance i can fix it from BSOD??? with no repair disk and no restore points.

I am currently using it to post this, from safe mode with networking. so it still works in safe mode, but when it boots to normal mode i get Blue screen.

please help!!! this is my favorite computer... i dont want to lose it

A:Vista problem- no repair disk, no restore points... is this the end? :(

BSOD's are usually caused by a driver issue or an startup program. First try a clean boot. If that works, try adding one startup item until it does not boot any longer. If it continues to BSOD, If you continue to have problems then follow these instructions and post in that section of the forum: http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ta-452654.html

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This morning I mistakenly clicked a bad link. IE froze up and refused to load the task manager. I restarted my computer by turning the power off, but Windows would never load, it would just stay on a black screen. I restarted again in Safe Mode and tried to use System Restore, but it said I had no restore points. I restarted again and used System Repair. It found nothing wrong and told me to remove a new piece of hardware to fix the problem. I'm using my home computer and I haven't added new hardware in months, so I have no idea what it's talking about.

I tried this several times before I gave up and decided to use System Recovery, with the option to backup my personal data (photos and such). It reset my computer to factory settings, but when I went to Backup and Restore there were no files.

I gave up all my photos for loss and tried to reinstall Trend Micro, but I had a LOT of trouble. It kept freezing up every time I tried to download a patch. Ctrl Alt Del would bring up a black screen and an error message. It also tried to download a driver for a new 'Unknown Device,' but that has only happened once so far.

Finally got Trend installed, but my computer runs really slow and it freezes up solid every time I try a virus scan. It also freezes when I try a search for something that will fix the problem. I had to use Safe Mode to join this forum.

I finally found my missing personal files in C:\BACKUP which I had to use search to find, but I have no... Read more

A:Virus deleted my System Restore points-Vista

It's been a couple of days and I still can't figure out how to fix this.
Windows works fine in Safe Mode, but freezes up completely after a couple of minutes on normal. I'll be able to move the mouse pointer, but I won't be able to open anything or bring up the Task Manager.
I ran Malwarebytes and it didn't find anything on the quick scans, but it froze up every time I tried a full scan.

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I wonder if anyone here could help me. My PC has started to crash regularly - blue screen and reboot. The last time it wouldn't restart until I went into safe mode and ran a check-disc (no errors). System Restore shows no restore points - although yesterday there were a few dozen.

I am running Vista Ultimate (32 bit). Core 2 Quad CPU @ 2.40GH, 3326 RAM.

Here is the Hijack this log - are there any clues there as to what might be causing my problems? I notice there are a few references to "(file missing)" such as

C:\PROGRA~1\WinTV\HCWTVS~1.EXE (file missing)
O23 - Service: @%SystemRoot%\system32\qwave.dll,-1 (QWAVE) - Unknown owner - %windir%\system32\svchost.exe (file missing)
O23 - Service: @%SystemRoot%\system32\seclogon.dll,-7001 (seclogon) - Unknown owner - %windir%\system32\svchost.exe (file missing)
O23 - Service: @%ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmpnetwk.exe,-101 (WMPNetworkSvc) - Unknown owner - %ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmpnetwk.exe (file missing)


- might that be a cause?

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 14:14:42, on 15/09/2007
Platform: Unknown Windows (WinNT 6.00.1904)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16512)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\ASUS\AASP\1.00.25\aaCenter.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_02\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Pro... Read more

A:Vista Blue Screen - restore points gane

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I am using Vista Home Premium, and my Restore Points are all deleted every 2 to 3 days. HP support had me dismantle all unnecessary services on start-up, and this stopped them from being deleted every time I shut down. But they only stay for 3 or 4 days and then all are automatically deleted. I changed anti-virus programs on recommendation from HP. I don't know what else could be causing the problem. Is there a patch out for Windows Vista that I'm not aware of that addresses this problem? Any help will be appreciated.

A:Vista automatically deletes System Restore Points

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first let me introduce myself, I am new to Seven forums, I am an expert in Windows OSes......
Now lets get to the question, I want to change my hard disk's partition table to GPT (its currently in MBR partition table) for that i created a system image of my windows 7, its currently booting EFI Mode and i want to to be UEFI mode.

Please don't hesitate to ask more details

Any help is appreciated

Damon H.

A:How to restore windows 7 image created in EFI to restore in UEFI mode


Sorry for the late reply. EFI and UEFI are the same thing ( UEFI is based on Intel's EFI project with only some minor changes made by "UEFI Consortium" ). I didn't really understand what do you meant by "its currently booting EFI Mode and i want to to be UEFI mode". Would you please explain what you are really trying to achieve ?.

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it's turned on, i've created several restore points but i went in to do a resotre because of my office word 2003 appearance because it changed from the rest of the suite. my restore points are not there. none of them, if i stuff something up on here i will have to re-install windows. i don't want that. help me please.

A:Windows XP System Restore not saving restore points

See if this Information helps.

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I have seen numerous people are having this problem but I have not been able to find a solution that works for me. I figured I would post my own problem and maybe somebody could recommend a solution.

I have been trying to use Windows System Restore on Windows 7 Home Premium. I have created several restore points on my own but when I restart and run the program, it says I have no restore points available. I have 40 gb allocated for restore points and have used less than 10 percent of my hard drive space.

does anybody know of any good process to follow that will fix this issue and make System Restore usable.

Thanks a lot.

A:Windows 7 System restore problem no restore points

Have you tried ticking show more restore points?

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I have a Compac Presario C700 laptop here that all of the sudden shows several copies of a couple of updates. KB2813170 (at least 13copies) KB2839229 (at least 11copies) It will not restore and says it has no restore points. Says it did not store last restore point correctly.  I tried disabeing AVG but still no restore. Has "D" drive backup but can't seem to get to it either. Should I change boot mode and boot from "D"?
I sure hope this is a new post and I'm not messing up again Hamulius!
ok a successful restore. Now it downloaded 2 copies of KB2799494.
Overall the machine seems to run ok but these constant repeat updates have me concerned.

A:Vista machine has multiple copies of updates and no restore points.

Hi sudsy,
You might try here:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/910339

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Hello to anyone who can help me. I've got an annoying little problem on my hands...or rather under my fingers. Literally just last night my computer stopped working after a hard shut-down. The cause of the ill-advised shutdown wasn't a freezing of the computer or anything, but simply me being in a rush to turn it off before attending an appointment. After starting it up, I noticed that the on-board keyboard just wouldn't work. As advised in a previous topic with a similar problem, I've tried hitting every single key. Nothing in the conventional keyboard layout, including the Function keys, the QWERTY keys and the keys on the number pad work. Even the print screen, scroll lock and pause/break keys are out of commission. What's worse is that the keyboard doesn't work even in the BIOS menu, so I can't access the safe mode. Strangely enough, the function key and their corresponding function buttons are still usable. At current, I'm using a USB keyboard from my Dell desktop to type this.

I don't know how helpful this is, but I've also tried doing two system restores. In both cases, the computer gave me an error about the access points not able to be accessed because of an antivirus software. I doubt that's the actual cause, but for the sake of knowing for sure, I just uninstalled the antivirus program that I've been using, Avira Antivir (the free version) and will try it again after posting this message. I'm curious t... Read more

A:Disabled Laptop Keyboard; Unusable System Restore Points

Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer.The model number you posted which is L505D is a partial model number, there should be a 4 to 8 number model number following the L505D such as this example here: L505D-ES5024Can you post your FULL model number including the numbers following the dash?This will allow me to offer support for your specific laptop model number.I'll provide you with a link to Toshiba's web site. http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/home.jspBruce.

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Hi all!
I have an old laptop that I use for browsing the web, etc. (no stored files or important docs, etc). I purchased it used from our IT department a few years ago, when we upgraded our student laptops so I don't have any disks for it.
It is an HP 6730b with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz running Vista Business SP2.
The first week after I got it, we had a windows update and the screen went black. I noticed some posters mentioned a cursor. I got nothing.  When restarting, you could hear the audio and see the Vista splash screen.Then it would just go to a black screen. I would do a system restore for the day prior to the updates, and it would load just fine.  Been doing it every time windows updated. Because of this, I knew there was no point in loading anything of any importance on the laptop.
Now, my surfing seems to have come to a halt. Whatever update came across this week, has done me in.  Same black screen. I boot to safe mode and go to system restore, but I have no restore points and it won't let me create one.
I played around with it last night, long enough to do something to make it set a restore point.  Just restored it and it did fix it. Of course the restore point was AFTER the update, so not why I thought it would have worked.
Hoping one of you brilliant folks here can tell me what I can do to fix this.

A:HP laptop loads to black screen (no cursor) - No restore points available

So, you have a computer that is giving you a black screen of death after you update it. In the future you can just turn the updates of and run a disk cleanup to delete any of the windows update files that have been downloaded.
For now, your current OS is toasted. You need to install an OS on top of what you have already. Might I suggest windows 7. If you do a parallel install (meaning you run the install disc on top of your current OS, NOTE: different than an upgrade) you'll be able to keep all of your old files and drivers, it will simply place them into a folder on your C drive called windows.old. You'll just have to reinstall your programs.
It takes about 45 mins start to finish and you'll be back up in no time.

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Hi, guys! I'm new here. Hope I could post an introduction but I rather have an issue that needs urgent aid (at least that's what I'm supposing).
I'm not sure what is going on with my laptop or if it's something to do with malaware/virus, so I thought I would ask.
I'm running a one-month-old HP ENVY dv4 with a one-week-old upgrade to Windows 8.1 (Single language).
The other day a friend of mine came over to edit a video and had to install a video conversion software he got off the Internet at some point.When he was finished, I restored my system to the way it was before. Now, I can't say this software had anything wrong with it but my PC has been acting strange for a couple of days and paranoia sets in!
Last week I had to install new drivers for a couple of things but that was after upgrading to Win 8.1, so I supposed that was the issue. But again yesterday and today I magically got drivers failing on reboot. So...
I've tried restoring but, after installing some new Win Updates, I see all my previous restore points are gone. I have a paid version of Avira, so I ran that first. Nothing. I then have run the Windows Malaware Scanner and Fixing tool one can download off Microsoft's website. Nothing again. I've also run Spybot Search & Destroy and nothing! Last, McAfeeStinger... nothing again. But I'm still not convinced.
Yesterday, as I was installing some new software, as I clicked on all installers I got a message telling me that it ... Read more

A:Laptop acting strange, drivers failing, restore points dissappearing

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System restore points on a Windows Vista machine are getting up to 20GB on a 900GB disk. Is there a way to limit how many restore points are available at a time or am I left to deleting them manually?

I have a list of scheduled checkpoint restores for each day my system runs, is there a way to disable or change scheduled checkpoints? I don't see an entry in the task scheduler and don't see the option under system properties > system protection.

So far I've been using CCleaner to monitor and delete unnecessary ones.


A:System restore points taking upto 20GB each? Limit number of restores? (Vista)

Go to Control Panel>System>System protection highlight the drive click on configure. There will be a slid bar, this will allow you to adjust the amount of space for restore points.

You can also delete old restore points by clicking delete restore points. The recent restore points will not be deleted.

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No automatic restore points are being created, and manually created restore
points disappear after a short time.

A:System Restore No Longer Working In Vista

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I have a really bad problem.  I got the CryptoWall virus/Ransomware.  I will not pay the ransom, but I did download and install R-Studio.  I learned of this application while researching about CryptoWall.  I have recovered a-lot of restore points and want to copy them to the Proper directory "System Volume Information" and sub directories.  However, I can't seem to recognize them after putting them there.  Please help as I am not to knowledgeable and in over my head here. 
thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Windows 7 Restore Points

You should open a topic in the Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs forum.
Before posting your topic there you will need to read and follow the instructions in the Preparation Guide For Use Before Using Malware Removal Tools and Requesting Help.
This forum is always busy, for this reason it may take a couple of days before a member of the Malware Removal Team will be able to get to your topic.  Do not add anything once you have posted your log.  The Malware Removal Team members look for topics which have not been addressed, if you post any additional information it will make it appear that the topic is being addressed.
After you have posted your new topic a Moderator will close this topic.  

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