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Recognize Camera as a USB Device?

Q: Recognize Camera as a USB Device?

WinXP Home automatically recognizes my digital camera (Kodak CX4330) as a camera. Is there any way i can get windows to recognize it simply as a removeable media source, with a drive name? (E:/, G:/, etc.)?

Alternatively, is there any way i can retrieve deleted images off this camera using windows?


Preferred Solution: Recognize Camera as a USB Device?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Recognize Camera as a USB Device?

Hi kahlua,

I can't think of a way of fooling XP into thinking your camera is a mass storage device. You could pick up a card reader fairly cheaply though and put your memory card into that - it works on mine.

I'd be wary of trying to recover any images using XP because the cards have a different file system and it's easy to screw up the card permanently. I got a little program called PhotoRescue off the web, and it is great for getting deleted pictures back. Cost me about ?18 but well worth it!
Good Luck

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Help! My computer no longer recognizes either my camera or memory card. I'm using the same USB port that I use for my printer, and I've had no problems with the printer connection. This is a new problem; all has been fine the past couple of years until recently. I use VISTA Home Premium. I've checked and all drivers are up to date

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I have an older Sony digital camera and I have had no problem downloading the pictures from the camera to the PC which is 8.1. Now I have windows 10, and win 10 does not recognize my Sony camera anymore. I've heard it is a common problem, but I'd like to know what people are doing to get their pictures off their camera now?

When I plug in the camera, the pc ding a lings, but when I go to file explorer it shows everything on the pc like normal. I click on "this PC" and it shows the c drive and the DVD . No removable drive like camera. I've done a google search and it is a common problem with win 10. But what is the answer?

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I need help. up to about several week ago I was always been able to download my photos from my cameras removable disk into the portal of my computer. Now it won't

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I want to add a usb camera device and use it as default rather that the installed camera.

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In my CMOS I've enabled the USB ports, however whenever I tried to
hookup the camera, it won't recongnize it. It won't use the proper .inf
file, and when I try to redirect it to it, it says that that file doesn't have the info I need to run it.

I'm using a Pentax EI-100 camera. Software found here

Win 2K Pro SP 2
Iwill KD266 ALi M1647 ALiMAGiK 1
AMD Athlon 1.2 -PECM, 1166 MHz (4.5 x 259)

My Aida report says that for my USB Internal Connector Type is "none"
I hope that's correct.

The thing is we have another computer, which is running Win2K Pro
as well, and the camera works on it.

A:(USB) My PC won't recognize my camera

I had this same problem the other day but when I enabled my BIOS setting to enable USB support, it worked for me. I had to enable two settings, one for USB support and one for USB keyboard (they said to do that even if you weren't using a USB keyboard). It recognized my USB controller after I enable the settings. Is there any question marks or exclamation marks in your Device Manager relating to USB?

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I tried 2 connect my Alba SL1230 digi camera 2 my pc & nothing. I went thru wizard but there's no driver. I haven't got the original disk 4 it neither. Is there any other way or site I can get the driver downloaded. Can't upload my pics.
There's got 2 b sum1 out there that can help me pls. Please remember I'm Blonde & over 40 so in plain English. Thanx folk.


A:PC won't recognize my camera

Which operating system are you using? (if Windows XP you don't need a driver!)

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My canon Power Shot A540... suddenly my computer gives me the message it doesn't recognize my camera when I plug it in to upload pictures. Nice thing to happen on Christmas!!! It was working up until today. What could have happened?

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Thanks in advance for all your help!

The Problem:
The Computer does not recognize The Camera and therefore will not capture the video.

The Computer:
Dell XPS M1330 PP25L
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T8300 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3581 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS , 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 302120 MB, Free - 113490 MB; E: Total - 152625 MB, Free - 78179 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0U8042, , .FM81TH1.CN7016687I0868.

The Camera:
Sony Handycam HDR-HC7

The Details:
I connect The Computer to The Camera using a 4pin(camera)-to-4pin(computer) Firewire cable. I have used three different cables with no success.

I have success connecting The Camera to my other laptop using a 4pin(camera)-to-6pin(computer) Firewire cable and PCMCIA adapter. However, that laptop is too slow to capture video adequately.

The Camera is turned on, in playback mode and correctly configured.

I have success connecting an Audiofire Firewire Digital Audio Interface using a 6pin(interface)-to-4pin(computer) to The Computer.

The drivers are up to date.

I have tried to capture using Adobe Premier 2.0, Windows Movie Maker, and WinDV.

The Computer doesn't seem to even recognize that The Camera is there.

I would pull my hair but I'm already bald.

A:Computer does not recognize camera

Welcome to TSG.

As far as I know, every camera comes with its own program, did you install Sony's own program? Did you try to install new hardware from the Control Panel? Usually Windows can search for new hardware if it is connected through the Add Remove Hardware section.
Sonys are known to be needing their own programs.

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I purchased a Canon SX110 is digital camera, but my desktop PC won't recognize it. Originally it was showing this camera as an "Other Device" in Device Manager. I talked to Canon's tech support and after much trial and failure, they told me that I have a registry error that is putting this camera in "Other Devices" when it should show up in "Imaging Devices". Canon does not provide a driver for this camera, saying it is built into XP. They would no longer help me with the registry issue. I tried connecting the camera to my laptop with XP and it worked correctly. I looked at the registry key for this camera, Vid_04a9&Pid_3192, and copied the laptop's key to the desktop's registry, as the desktop's key was missing much of the data. The desktop now recognize's the camera as an 'Imaging Device', but I still can't see it as a drive on the desktop PC, so I can't pull pictures off the camera to the desktop PC. Is there a driver that is missing from the desktop PC, and, if there is, where can I get it? The camera connects with a USB cable. Both computers have XP service pack 3.

A:XP PC won't recognize digital camera

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I have installed a generic USB card w/(2) usb ports into my computer. The system device display panel says the card is installed and working properly. However, win 98 will not recognize the camera when it is plugged into an available USB port.

I tried to manually install the camera, but win 98 will not give me the option of installing the camera onto the USB root hub.

I have checked the system bios and it does not give me the option of enabling or disabling the usb function. I went to the windows web site and installed the service pack, but that did not help.

I tried changing the irq (#9) on the usb port, but the system will not allow me to do so. I have a USB port on the motherboard, but do not have the required adapter to make it work. To ensure that the USB port on the motherboard was not the problem. I have disabled it in this configuration.

I installed win 98 second edition on an old hard drive and put it in my computer to see if the problem was in the windows software that I was running. Sure enough, win 98 second edition found the camera and everything worked fine. Problem is, I want to get this camera working with my current edition of win 98. Any suggestions?

A:Win 98 does not recognize digital camera

try installing a win98 service pack on your first edition win98. or find out what updated drivers its running off of on the win98 second edition and copy them over. (backup originals in case they do not work)

Sounds to me that Win98 second edition includes more or updated drivers for the USB card you are using. Remember second edition has alot of bugs fixed compared to win98 first release.


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Due to a lightning strike I got a new computer with Windows XP. My previous version was Windows 2000. I have a Kodak EasyShare LS443 digital camera that I used with my old computer but I cannot get my new XP to recognize that I have a camera connected. I purchased a new USB cable thinking maybe it burned out in the lightning strike but that doesn't help me. I continue to get the error message that no camera is found.

A:Windows XP won't recognize my camera

Go to this site. http://www.kodak.com/global/en/service/software/dcWinXp/dcWinXpSoftware.jhtml Download the latest version of the software you need.

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Hi I have a Sagar Np9150 laptop that i recently installed Win 8 on. The only issues i have with it is that it doesn't recognize my GPU and my camera. I tried downloading drivers for the video card (HD Radeon 7970m) and camera (Bisoncam) but i haven't had any success. I'm trying to play Guild Wars 2 and it looks like its running on my base intel graphics. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to resolve this issue. Whether it be to download a different set of drivers or if the issue is somewhere else, i can't figure it out. Also, my backlit keyboard that i was able to change the colors on when i had windows 7 can no longer change, it's just the color blue or it's turned off. The command to access the software that enables me to change the colors no longer seems to be recognized because nothing happens when i hit it.

Thanks for your assistance.

A:Can not recognize GPU or onboard camera

If that laptop has dual graphics you'll likely have to get the driver from the manufacturer, Sagar. That HD Radeon 7970m likely has a custom ID that the normal Nvidia driver can't ID. If you can nail down the model of Bisoncam camera you have you may be able to get a driver from Bisoncam. There is probably a utility you need to install to cycle the keyboard backlight. I'd look at the Sagar site for that.

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I have Windows XP and a Vivitar 3315 digital camera. The computer is not recognizing the "hardware" so I can download the images. I have tried several times and thought the problem was solved on the 4th try, when a small message in the lower right hand corner of my screen popped up and I had options to "get the images". I was communicating at the time with a tech guy about the problem, so did not do anything with the images then. Now after 3-4 more tries it continues to fail to notice the hardware.
I did a search for hardware while the camera was hooked up to the computer and while the camera was on, but the search came up empty. That particular USB port works fine with my Webcam.
I plugged the camera into the computer and then turned the computer on. When it did not recognize the camera, I unplugged the camera and plugged in back in. Still nothing.
Thanks for help. E-mails and phone calls to Vivitar tech support have never been returned going on 2 weeks now.

A:computer won't recognize digital camera

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Edit: nevemind... issue resolved itself after another reboot.

A:Solved: Computer won't recognize Camera through USB

Could you please mark the thread as solved by clicking the "Solved" button at the top left of your first post.

Thank you,

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Hey guys,
I bought a Svp model :hddv-2100 video camcorder i got the driver to install but still camcorder isnt recognized or noticed by my computer(the new hardware sound or pop up doesnt appear.My operating system is windows xp.
Please help

A:My computer doesnt recognize or add camera

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Hi all,

I'm trying to transfer video from a Pansonic mini-dv cam (GS-320) to my Dell computer (runs windows xp), but the computer won't recognize the camera is connected. I tried connecting using a USB cable, with downloaded software to transfer video w/ usb, but it didn't work.

I went out and bought a firewire cable which came with a 1394 port card and installed that, but computer still wouldn't recognize camera on newly installed ports (there were 3 on the card) or the original port that came with computer. The settings on the camera are set to playback mode, and the new 1394 card is installed correctly - my brother checked.

Panasonic says there are no drivers to be installed using firewire and blames the computer, but I've never had problems using the usb ports before; can't vouch for the firewire port as I usually don't do video editing on this computer. If anyone can help, I'd GREATLY appreciate it. This should have been a relatively simple assignment, but I'm ready to hurt myself or the computer.

Thank you,


A:Computer Won't Recognize Video Camera

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I can plug my Canon camera into my two XP computers and the one at work, and they all instanly see the camera and the pictures.

Not my Vista-64. It never opens. Is there some trick in Vista-64 to see USB camera devices? It can instantly see all other USB devices, and I have many. It's only the camera that won't open.

A:Vista-64 will not recognize new Canon camera

Does the camera show up in device manager, or an Unknown Device?
You might wanna try to install the drivers from Canon's website: Official Canon Drivers and Software

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I own a Canon Powershot A630. I've had it for awhile and until last week it was working fine with my laptop -- I'd plug it in via USB and the Microsoft Camera & Scanner wizard would run.

Unfortunately my laptop no longer recognizes the camera. I ran a registry cleaner and I think it (or I) may have deleted the autoplay for my camera. I do remember the camera trying to re-install itself when I plugged it in but there was an error. Now when I try plugging my camera in via USB nothing happens...the transfer light on the camera blinks for a second and then stops. If I try running the Microsoft Camera and Scanner wizard manually it says it can't find the camera.

I know this is NOT a problem with the camera because it works fine with other computers. It's only broken with mine. Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Windows XP does not recognize camera

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I have a Netgear Router which is hardwired to my PC

Also plugged in is a DVR CCTV system. I have a program called VideoViewer installed.

If I change router to a Zoom DSL Modem, I can log onto the camera system via no problem

When I replace the Zoom with the Netgear N150 router - it won't have it

Internet is fine

There must be a setting in the netgear router setup that is wrong ??

DVR details are

IP -
Gateway -
Netmask -
Primary DNS -
Secondary DNS -


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Win XP Home Edition
Canon Power Shot A20
USB port

I loaded all the software...and the updates for XP....then plugged in the usb...and turned on the camera...at this point the rest of the driver installation is suppose to happen. But it doesn't!

I have unistalled and reinstalled the usb drivers....still no go??

Any ideas....


A:WinXp won't recognize my digital camera

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I used to be able to download pictures from my Samsung PL60 digicam to my Windows XP Aspire one notebook, but suddenly it doesn't recognize the device anymore: I tried all USB ports, I rebooted it, I always get the message that the "USB connection is not recognized". The camera works perfectly with my other PC. What else could I try? Going to "computer resources" doesn't work, and neither does trying to import pictures with Picasa 3 or Samsung Master....

A:PC doesn't recognize digital camera

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Found out that Cannon doesn't have drivers for Vista for my specific model camera. Fired up the XP laptop connected the camera... we conversed a bit and I had to manually install the driver. While navigating to the page a popup asking me if I wanted to try to install this device ever again and I chose "no" without thinking.

Went through installing the driver from cannon. Now when I connect the usb cord from camera I hear 3 quick tones on same pitch. Removing the usb cable gives me the normal 2 tones, first higher than the second.

I've tried to reinstall the driver and reset the machine. But I think I need to tell XP that I want it to connect my camera. How do I do this?


A:told XP not to recognize my camera accidentally

control panel add hardware wizzard should work

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Is an off + on issue. Worked last wk not this wk . Only new items added were windpws updates

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I bought my daughter a Kodak Easyshare V530 camera for Christmas. It worked perfectly for 2 days with my Windows XP computer. On the 3rd day, the computer refused to recognize that I have a camera attached to the computer.

I have tried downloading the latest software from Kodak (version 5.2 I think).
I have tried Kodak's fix of resetting the USB hubs so that they don't "allow the computer to turn off the device to save power".
I have verified that my USB ports are working (they work with my iPod).

The camera dock has power to it and the camera itself is working fine.

Any ideas would be so much appreciated.

Thank you!

A:My XP Computer will not recognize Easyshare Camera

Create a file with NOTEPAD containing the following lines and save it as FIX.REG
-------------------------- cut here after this line --------------------------------

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

-------------------------- cut here before this line --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

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Please i need help,some weeks ago,i posted that my system toshiba A135 is having a freezing problem anytime i insert a usb device.i was using windows xp professional then.now i have changed to windows vista that is the orginal O.S that came with my toshiba.whenever i plug a device it doesnt hang but it says usb device not recognize ,unable to install device driver etc.pls i need some tech advice

A:System says device not recognize to all USB device on Vista

Try this:
> Shudown computer
> Unplug computer power cord. If a laptop remove battery too
> Unplug all USB and other non-essential devices

Let is sit overnight

Now plug in, power up computer in the morning. When you reconnect your USB devices, if they have their own AC adapter
> USB device should be turned off
> plug USB device into AC plug
> plug device into USB port
> now turn USB device ON

is it recognized?

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I'm struggling to connect my Sony Handycam DCR-SR42 to my Compaq Laptop, Windows XP.
It works on other computers without a problem that's why I think it must be some setting in XP.
I plug it in when prompted by installation software and the camera goes to :'preparing' Then immediately the windows found new hardware screen pops up. On the other computers that screen didn't come up and the camera would go straight into 'connecting' mode.
I tried switching the 'found new hardware' off by disabling the plug and play in 'services' with no luck.
When I connect the camera while I'm starting up the laptop, it goes straight into 'connecting' mode but unfortunately that stops as soon as windows is started.

I would like windows to detect my camera as a drive and not 'other devices'. How can I do that?

Any suggestions would be more then welcome!

A:PC doesn't recognize camera as external drive

As far as I know there is no setting for that in XP. Its the firmware of the plugged in device that's telling XP what it is. That device or a similar device were probably plugged into those other computers at some time in the past so they've already gone through the recognization process.

Have you gone ahead and completed the new hardware process? Possibly you could get it to work the way you want using software that comes with and is for the camera but strictly on an XP basis, its reading the firmware signal of the device and that's how the determination is made as to what sort of device it is that's plugged in (i.e., mass storage, optical, USB hub, etc.).

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I have just built a new Win 7 Ultimate N-based PC for photo editing. When I attach my Canon 7D, the camera appears in my devices list with a warning (troubleshoot). When I do this it searches for the device driver, but comes back with an error that says that the driver was not installed correctly. So camera is not visible to the PC - cant connect or download images. On the MS support site it tells me that Canon EOS 7D is supported in Win 7 - no additional action required. Anyone any idea how I can get the drivr working?

A:Win 7 does not recognize my Canon 7D camera - driver not found

Go here> Canon U.S.A. : Consumer & Home Office : EOS 7D

Enter your OS and you should find the driver you need.

Also in your system specs you list this> Windows 7 Ultimate n

Is it 32bit or 64bit? You should add that.

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Hi....My laptop suddenly won't recognize/read my memory cards or camera, although I use the same USB for my printer, and I have no connection problems. Help!

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Hello everyone,
This is a first time I'm here. I've just had my Alienware 17 R4 few days ago. 
Yesterday I updated Bios for my laptop: Alienware_15R3_17R4_S1.1.7_K1.1.6.exe
Alienware 15 R3/ Alienware 17 R4 System BIOS

Alienware 15 R3/ Alienware 17 R4 System BIOS

Fixes & Enhancements
1. Alienware Dominator application support.2. Nvidia MaxQ Graphic support.

Version S1.1.7_K1.1.6, S1.1.7_K1.1.6

Release date
14 Jun 2017
Last Updated
14 Jun 2017

After that, I can not only use Window Hello but also Tobii eye tracking. My Wifi can not connect too.

So I used ethernet cable, I've looked for on Internet how to fix my problem. However, I've found on Microsoft website other guys have the same problem. Here is the link:  
I've reinstalled update Bios like they said carefully.

At this moment, Tobii eye has had working, but Window Hello still not recogize me.

So please help me how to fix this?

Thanks a lot

Minh Tuan

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this. It was either here or hardware.

I was trying to hook up more USB ports today and plugging and unplugging my camera and mp3 player into the new one to see if they work. And I could not get the USB ports installed, so I used my camera's USB port for my MP3 player and then when I tried to use my camera again windows did not recognize it :(

When I select the printer icon it says "checking usb" and then "communication error," but I have never tried the printer icon. And I have no printer, so this might not be unusual. I don't know if it's even a printer. But in the drive mode and webcam mode the cam looks like it's connected to the computer if you look at the camera screen, but the computer does not recognize it.

What could the problem be? I'm thinking that I fired the USB port on the cam when testing the usb ports that I think were plugged into my motherboard the wrong way. But I hope it's the cable, although I'm, leaning towards the idea that I damaged the cam's USB port or something in the cam.

What do you think? Is the cam or cable damaged or something with Windows or bios settings or something else?

A:Windows XP SP2 won't recognize my Fujifilm S5100 camera

USB is not as universaly plug and play as we are led to believe.
XP SP2 does go a long way to fixing these issues.

Once a device has been connected to a given port window assigns that port to that device. Moving the device to another port can cause the system to reinstall all the drivers for that device and assign system resources over again. This can result in resource/driver conficts and all manner of othter issues.

Some USB printers are known to do this as are other devices. Pen/flash drives on the other hand are very tollerant.

I would suggest you put all the plugs back where they were and try them one at a time or try them on another PC just to prove they work.

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I'm struggling to connect my Sony Handycam DCR-SR42 to my Compaq Laptop, Windows XP.
It works on other computers without a problem that's why I think it must be some setting in XP.
I plug it in when prompted by installation software and the camera goes to :'preparing' Then immediately the windows found new hardware screen pops up. On the other computers that screen didn't come up and the camera would go straight into 'connecting' mode.
I tried switching the 'found new hardware' off by disabling the plug and play in 'services' with no luck.
When I connect the camera while I'm starting up the laptop, it goes straight into 'connecting' mode but unfortunately that stops as soon as windows is started.

I would like windows to detect my camera as a drive and not 'other devices'. How can I do that?

Any suggestions would be more then welcome!

A:PC doesn't recognize camera as external drive

you may need to rename the External drive

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hello to everyone
my device is toshiba l750 1EN.
i have a problem, my computer doesn't see camera and the microphone,
i installed the drivers .
that can be the problem?
where i can see connection between camera and motherboard?
what i should do?

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Hi,i recently bought myself a fujifilm finepix A330 digital camera but i cant transfer a movie i shot onto my computer.When i plug the camera in the screen says communication error and i cant see anything but if i plug the camera into my tv i can watch the movie on the tv,my computer is running windows xp pro,can you help??

A:Transferring Movies (XP doesn't recognize digital camera)

caroleanne62 said:

Hi,i recently bought myself a fujifilm finepix A330 digital camera but i cant transfer a movie i shot onto my computer.When i plug the camera in the screen says communication error and i cant see anything but if i plug the camera into my tv i can watch the movie on the tv,my computer is running windows xp pro,can you help??Click to expand...

The camera probably came with a CD to install software on your computer. Did it? And if so, did you install it? If not, try that. Although I would think XP-Pro should recogize that digital camera without any software loaded.

I'm going to move this to the hardware forum because you'll get more help there--this is really a hardware issue.

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Just got a new GE x5 digital camera with Arcsoft software. The software is loaded on my computer under "program files", but it isn't being recognized when I plug the usb into the computer. Nothing pops up for picture uploads. I looked under "my computer" and there isn't a seperate driver listed for the camera. I tried going to "scanners and cameras", but just see my printer located there. Went to "add new imaging device" and GE camera's isn't listed there. I have the Arcsoft disk it came with, but it isn't helping. I even bought a USB media card reader and my pc isn't picking that up either. I am using a wireless mouse and have an ipod that uses this USB on pc and works fine, just not making a connection with camera or sd media card.

A:computer doesnt recognize ge camera or sd usb reader card

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i have a canon powershot sd200 and i have tried everything to get the computer to recognize the camera - downloading drivers, looking for preinstalled, going to the cameras and scanners folder - and nothing works.. does anyone know how to make my computer and my camera get along??

A:Solved: vista doesnt recognize my digital camera..

Hi princess9835, and welcome to TSG.

FYI, duplicate posts for the same question or problem are a big no-no around here.

Dup of:


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I have an one year old HP pavilion with Vista 32 bit and a Canon A650 IS digital camera. I downloaded photos successfully for a year by just plugging the USB cable into the camera and computer. Then a couple months ago, the computer stopped recognizing the camera. I discovered though that the computer would recognize the SD card if I removed it from the camera and inserted it in the computer's onboard SD card reader. So that is what I've been doing...till today...now my computer will not recognize the SD card either. The SD card (transcend 8 GB) continues to work in my camera though, and I can scroll through the pictures I just took (and have been trying to load into my computer all morning!). I even installed Canon's Zoombrowser software off the original disk--doesn't recognize card or camera either. Checked for new drivers but none seem to be required. Tried two other USB ports--no luck. Any suggestions?



A:Solved: Computer suddenly will not recognize camera or SD card

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I have an ibm aptiva computer. I bought a digital camera a couple of years ago and loaded software etc and eveything worked great. I was able to download pictures etc. Just recently the computer will not recognize the camera. I get an error message that says something to that effect and I cant download pictures from the camera. I reinstalled the software thinking maybe I had lost a driver or something but this has not helped. I connect to the computer throught a comm port. I have used the camera on a dell optiplex and everything works fine. Is it possible I have a bad comm port and is there anyway to check? If it is bad can it be replaced or is it part of the mobo?

A:[SOLVED] computer doesnt recognize digital camera

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I have successfully installed the new Easyshare software, the camera CX6230 is detected by the Device Manager, I connect the camera using a usb port, I hear a sound like it connecting but it doesn't go any further. I checked the synchronize and transfer under tools in Easyshare and it says "No supported device connected" What am I missing?

A:Solved: Kodak Easyshare software does not recognize digital camera

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My neighbour got an Kodack EasyShare M381 and I'm helping her with it. The computer is not recognizing the digital camera as an external source. The computer does beep when I plug in the usb and when I disconnected. (Camera is on of course) She is elderly and DOES not know how to use the Software that comes with it! The software does recognize the camera and can transferred the pics but...

I want to make it easy for her. I want it so she just plug in the camera with the usb and She clicks on My Computer and sees it there as an external hard drive so all she have to do is Click on it and sees her pictures there and just drag it out.

Thanks for your help!
ps. An card reader would be the last option, she don't want to mess around with the camera "insides" she get nervous and confuse about where to open the camera and how to take out the memory card (she's afraid to break it)

A:How 2 make computer recognize digital camera as external hard drive

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Hi, Wondering if anyone would have an idea WHY the camera light is constantly on, not recognized by Windows 10. Reinstalled Windows 2-3 times still a problem.Camera light is ALWAYS ON No Image part under Device Manager                 Had a microsoft post on and the help is thrwing solution left and right and NOTHING is working :https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-hardware/windows-10-killed-my-camera-ho... Any insights?

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My camera dropped from the seat of the van. When i went to use it the camera said i needed to reformat the card. I took the card out and tried it again and it was fine. I took more pictures with no problems. When i went to download the pictures into the computer the computer wouldn't recognize the card and says it needs to be reformatted. The camera still shows the photos taken. How can i download the photos and then reformat the card so i won't have future problems.
i have an olympus c-4000 zoom. the smart media card is 32 mb PNY

A:smart media card reads on camera but computer does not recognize wants to reformat

It sounds like your useing the "software" to download the images.
Go out of software.......goto your "C" drive via windows explorer and look for the drive allocated for the camera goto the drive and open folder and drag images to another folder on C-drive.

JUST MY OPINON...............................

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i have win 7 on my computer, and ever since i got it, it shows my internal HDD as an external USB device, it shows the USB with the green checkmark on the bottom right, and when i hit eject media, it says,

"Eject WD 3200BEVT" (wich is my system internal HDD)

any idea on how to get rid of this or to set it as my actual HDD, the computer works great, just its annoying to see there,


A:Win 7 recognize's my HDD as a USB device,

All three of my internal SATA drives act the same way. It's normal because SATA devices support hotplugging when the controller is running in AHCI mode.

It is probably possible to remove certain devices from the Safely Remove Hardware list with a registry hack of some kind, but I haven't found anything yet that works. A registry fix will only make the drive disappear from the list until the system is restarted.

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After working (relatively) well for years, WMP 11 does not recognize my Toshiba gigabeat player anymore. I am pretty sure it started after I installed iTunes for a new Nano iPod.
When I connect the Gigabeat to the computer (WMP open), WMP just freezes and does not work anymore.
By the way, iTunes works perfectly with my music (mostly classical) including downloads from EMusic, organizing it much better than WMP.
Thanks for any help.

A:WMP 11 will not recognize device.

For us dummies....what's a gigabeat?

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Hi, a few days ago i have connected my racing wheel. it worked well, but 2 days ago iv'e connect the wheel again and suddenly it says "USB device not recognize" iv'e searched in the internet solutions but all the things i have tried didn't helped, please help my its so annoying!!!!

A:USB device not recognize

Tru plugging it into your computer again. If it still is not recognized, leave it plugged in and shutdown the computer then restart it.

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I am running Win XP Pro SP2 on a MSI MS 6540 MB w/ Sis Chipset, and Phoenix Bios v 6.0. I recently tried to use a Belkin USB Bluetooth dongle Model F8T0012. Belkin tech support was unknowlegable with a proper solution. After their work around it works now, however, no other USB devices are recognized. These other devices include my Palm device(Treo 650) an external HD(Seagate ST250624A, now mounted internally to avoid this problem) and a Memorex mini TravelDrive. They will work on other workstations.

I tried updating the SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host controller drivers and the USB Root Hub drivers. No newer version were found.

I'm at a loss for options.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


A:USB Device not recognize

Problem resolved.

After extensive Googling, I came across a post on verifying the BIOS settings. I disabled USB keyboard support in my BIOS and rebooted. Need to finish reinstalling drivers.
Will post if this does not completely resolve issue

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