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My desktop powered down while formatting hard drive

Q: My desktop powered down while formatting hard drive


I have a Compaq desktop with an
AMD Athlon 1.1GHZ
128MB of RAM
a 16mb TNT video card
and 60GB HDD

I tried to reformat the hard drive because I initially had a virus on it - so the only means was to format it. The first time I reinstalled it successfully with a copy of a WinXP Pro cd, that came with a dell laptop of mine. BIG MISTAKE-- the computer tripped out and was asking for authentication. No problme arised yet, windows xp installed, and authentication was the only thing that was being irritating.

I commensed to reformat the hard drive with nothing in it except the OS installed, with a different copy of WinXP that did not come with my dell laptop. In the middle of reformatting, however, about 51% complete, I powered down the computer because I thought it would not hurt the formatting process, so I could take it back to the owner's house and finish up the reformatting process there, and at the same time be able to hang out at their pool. the old idea of "kill two birds with one stone" or something. >_< I feel pretty stupid. I hope you guys don't chew me out now, but yeah.

So I tried to turn the computer on again later on to finish reformatting. I pressed the power button and everything seemed to go right, until nothing appeared on the monitor. the monitor stays black, with an orange 'standby' light as if the computer was on standby.

P.S. does extreme heat destroy the desktop or the computer parts? i had left it in the car for about 30 mins. to an hour.

A day after, I troubleshot the harddrive to see what the probem was, by swapping out a good hard drive and unplugging all the other cards, like the NIC and whatever else was in there. the monitor still refused to respond. Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: My desktop powered down while formatting hard drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: My desktop powered down while formatting hard drive


bump^ is this even allowed? bump. no responses yet ;/

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My laptop HDD recently would not load windows. So i installed the OS on a different drive. Now, when i connect the old drive VIA USB 2.0toSATA it will not show up in My Computer. Disk Management will not show the drive either. The HDD is getting power, i can hear the disk spinning.

A:Hard Drive is powered, but does not show up.

Plug in and turn on the external USB hard drive
Right mouse click on My Computer
Left click on Manage
Left click on Device Manager
Expand the USB list
Find the USB device for your USB Hard Drive (the one that has no description)
Right mouse click - Uninstall
Turn off the external USB hard drive
Turn on the external USB hard drive and let it find and install the driver

Open 'Administration Tools', select 'Computer Management', click on 'Disk Management' and see if it can be seen here. If it does show here, chances are it doesn't have a drive letter assigned. If this is the case, right click on the drive, select "Change drive Letter...', and assign a drive letter to it.

If it was not seen there, go to 'Action' on the menu bar, click on 'Rescan Disks' and it should come up. If necessary assign a drive letter to as described above.

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Dell Precision 4300 laptop T9300 2.5ghz processor running windows XP pro. Have a WD 400 passport external drive (powered through usb) that worked great for 6 months. Having problems recognizing the drive on usb port. Have a powered Hitachi drive that fine in the same port. Took WD passport and placed it on another computer and it works fine. When plugged into my laptop I can hear it fire up and the indicator light is on. WD troubleshot with me and we eliminated my drivers etc and same result. They warrantied the drive and new one has same issue. Tried a different cable. Dell troubleshot with me and diagnosed bad motherboard. Tech came to house and replaced motherboard with same results. Flashed bios and removed/installed drivers again same result. Drive will appear under device manager butI can't get to it. Part of my computer will lock up when drive in port and unfreeze when I pull it out. Also will see drive appear under my computer when removing usb cable. If I remove usb drivers and power up with WD plugged in occasionally I will be able to get to unit but it will freeze.

A:usb powered hard drive not recognized

try this remove safely then reinstall it might work after several times you could go to the website and dowload the proper drivers hope this helps lisa6447

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I have a Sabrent 2.5" hard drive enclosure SBT-EKU25 that I am trying to use with USB on a Windows 7 laptop. The drive works but stops doing anything for several minutes at a time. There are no error messages, it just stops... no flashing or steady light. A minute or two later it picks up where it left off as though nothing has happened. It will then run fine again for several seconds and then it goes back to "sleep". I am trying to use the drive to backup files and it spends more time sleeping than doing anything else.

The drive enclosure does not come with any drivers and is supposed to be plug and play. I have checked the USB drivers and Windows says they are up to date. I have installed a 60Gb hard drive from an old laptop in it.

If i plug the the drive into the USB port on my Windows XP desktop it works fine.

A:USB powered hard drive enclosures

What type of drive did you put in the enclosure? According to Sabrent's web site it only works with IDE drives.

Sabrent | USB 2.0 to 2.5″ IDE Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure – BLACK |

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I use a Seagate USB 3.0 external hard drive to do automated system backups on a weekly basis, using both Windows and Acronis. I have always left this drive on all the time, even though I only use it weekly.

I have read where some users power their external hard drives off between backups.

Any recommendations on the best thing to do.......leave it on or turn it off?

Thanks in advance.........

A:Is It Best to Keep External Backup Hard Drive Powered Off

If you can disconnect this drive when backups are not happening, you increase your odds of not having any viri or malware hitting the ext HD. Other than that, disconnecting and powering off ext HD saves some wearNtear on said device.

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I have a USB powered Maxtor 320GB portable HD connected to Windows XP laptop. As it got close to being full it has started to give me "Delayed write error". Sometimes I can access the drive and the files but sometimes the folders show as being empty. Sounds like it is dying. What can I do? What is the best way to save the data and copy it to another drive? At the moment it is not possible to copy data from the drive as it will fail half way through the transfer.

any advice appreciated


A:USB powered portable Hard Drive problems

As tedious as it may sound, I'd try copying small chunks at a time instead of the whole thing.

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Hey folks,
Well, big problem here. I've built a new rig, and was doing a reinstallation of Windows 7, and I'd left my wife in charge of making sure its set to install to the correct HDD. She'd made a mistake and set it to install on my internal Backup drive which is a Western Digital Caviar SE SATA drive, which meant it was to be formatted. Mistake. When she realized she did it wrong, during the reformat, she restarted the computer. BIGGER Mistake. And now I've tried see if I could reformat it and possibly recover some data with a partition tool of some kind, however dont even think I can get it to show up on Windows, even after checking and trying to go to Disk Management to initialize it, it doesnt show up. It only shows up sometimes when I go to the BIOS after that mishap, I've had it for 3 years with absolutely no problems, so is it a possiblility that this mistake may have killed it? Any guidance would help in what to do next.

A:HDD powered off while formatting...

You can maybe pull the drive and use a usb sata/ide connector and see what you can salvage.And then reinstall if you can.

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I installed a brand new hard drive in my hp pavilion ze4630 and even when booting from the the Win XP disk it does not see the new hard drive. I tried using a Win Me disk in an attempt format from dos but unit does not boot into dos. The hard drive is a Toshiba MK4025GAS and i did not find a driver on their site. What do i need to do to initialize a virgin hard drive ? Also tried installing as slave drive to my desktop and format with functioning Win XP but it also did not see the drive. Thanks for assistance with this matter.

A:Hard drive formatting instruction for brand new hard drive

rskin2001 said:

I installed a brand new hard drive in my hp pavilion ze4630 and even when booting from the the Win XP disk it does not see the new hard drive. I tried using a Win Me disk in an attempt format from dos but unit does not boot into dos. The hard drive is a Toshiba MK4025GAS and i did not find a driver on their site. What do i need to do to initialize a virgin hard drive ? Also tried installing as slave drive to my desktop and format with functioning Win XP but it also did not see the drive. Thanks for assistance with this matter.Click to expand...

Can you see the drive in the BIOS setup?

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So I've got one 80GB drive that I use to store my Windows XP operating systems, all my programs, games, etc.

I also have an 180GB drive that I want to partition into possibly 3 drives, one for music, another for movies, and another for game installation files.

My question is, what exactly do I format the 3 partitions as? Extended, logical, primary, I have no idea which will make the drives stay "available." The problem is that once I finished partitioning the drives the first time, the next day the last 2 partitions became unavilable.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Question about formatting a second hard drive to serve as a storage drive...

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i lost the cd to clean and format my hard drive. my question is how can you clean and format my hard drive? if you can, please tell where i can do this and how.

thanks Dave

A:formatting hard drive

If you're talking about just formating the drive then you can do that with a dos boot disk. You can download a disk image here: www.bootdisk.com.
Then run fdisk which will remove everything

You course without an operating system CD, you're not going to be able to put anything back on it!!

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Anybody know how to format the hard drive in dos? I just need to know what to type in, ive done it before but cant remember. I have 2 drives and only want to format drive C.

A:Formatting Hard drive

Hiya stix:

To format type: FORMAT C:

Thats all! On the rare occasion that it won't work when you try to install your OS, go back and type: FORMAT C: /S

Make sure the spacing is exact.

BTW let's move this out of Random, away from the inmates, and into the Windows forum.

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Hi all!
I am new to this, but found it because i have a small problem....
My friends comp. is messed up, I would like to format her hard drive using my comp. , since hers will not start up at all.
another friend of mine did this once before for me using his comp.
I have the hard drive out of hers, can anyone explain to me how to go about doing this??

A:formatting a hard drive

this thread will probably be moved so look around for replies, oh and welcome to TSG.

if i'm getting this right you want to slave your friends hard drive to yours and use your drive to format hers, correct so far??
if so you need to set the jumpers as master/slave on the drives, cable them together, or set 2d HD on another controller, and go from there. what OS are you using btw. this doesn't answer the question but get back to us if any of this makes sense, or doesn't and we'll take it from there. and when you say won't start at all, can't boot off of a floppy even?? and before formatting if you do infact slave the drive can you see any data on her hd, might save some grief if the problem lies elsewhere.

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Hello all

I tried to re format my hard drive this morning...i made a start up disk and followed some directions i had on how to do it...it went through the procees of formatting and stuff but when I went to use the start up disk it says

Invalid system disk,

replace the disk and press any key...

But that is it, the disk doesn't work and now I have no idea what to do

I am using
Windows 98

please help???

Many thanks

A:Need help with re formatting hard drive

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I just bought a new harddrive for my computer for extra space
(200gb 7200 RPM 8mb Cache Seagate)
It came with a diskwizard cd that is supposed install the drivers and format the new drive.

well it did that.
But anytime I try to get into the new harddrive windows wants to format it.
So I let Windows Format it this takes around 3 and a half hours and when I finishes it says, "Unable To Format this Drive"
How can I fix this so I can use this?

A:Formatting A New Hard Drive

first off is the drive recognized in the bios to it's full capacity????
What operating system are you running????

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The hard drive on my Pavilion DV6660se laptop died a few months ago and I want to install a new compatible hard drive.My question is, how does one go about formatting and partitioning the new drive? Is there a function key that I must press on my laptop in order to bring up a screen that will show us the options to follow? GaryRob

A:hard drive formatting

If you have Recovery Disks or a Windows dvd you can boot from it.It will format the hdd before installing Windows.

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I would like to format my hard drive, but I'm having trouble with it with XP. I can do it on ME and 95, but XP is proving difficult

Can anyone tell me how to do it properly?


A:Formatting my hard drive

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Recently my network stopped working, in trying to set it up again it said that I was missing drivers so I put the disk in to get those. Now with the new changes after I sign on to my pc it has a pop up that says I now have to reactivate windows, would you like to do this now....YES or NO, but no matter which one I choose it kicks me right back to the main computer user log in screen. It won't let me boot any drives to rerun the windows disk to reinstall. I have no desktop and I can't get to command prompt either. I would love to know if there is a way to completely reset the motherboard and all of it's hardware and software and start from scratch, or to format the hard drive from bios since that is the only place I can go other than user log on screen.

A:formatting hard drive

You can boot to your windows xp disk and format from there if you want to. Just make sure to set your cd-rom drive as the first boot device inside of bios, under boot sequence. After that, exit and save out of bios. You will see something along the lines of "Hit any key to boot from disk" come up on your screen. Do so and your xp disk will take it from there.

After it inspects your hardware, you will get a couple of options. Install a copy of windows, boot to recovery console, etc.... Selecting "install a copy of windows" will give you the option of formating your diskdrive.

Please be aware that after doing so, for all practical purposes all of your information on that particular diskdrive will be wipped out in a matter of less than a second. Then the reformatting/remapping of the drive will take place.

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I have 3 hard drives on my computer,
I have xp on one of them and i want to know how i can format 1 of the other hard drives (the one i last installed) within xp
Is that possible?
Because i tried right clicking it and click on format and it said that windows cant be using any programs on that hard drive or something...

How can i format this hard drive?

A:Formatting a third hard drive...

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Worked with basic PCs for many years but am trying the easy task of upgrading a PC with a larger hard drive. I'm am learning that I am a true Novice at this:

Bought WD 500GB hard drive & installed in a Dell Dem4600. Did not format the drive right because now it shows I have 225Gb available space in drive "F". Need to get the HD back to original so I can allocate the entire hard drive. Using XP Home with add-on SP3 later. I have all my original disks; tried the XP start disk (original) but am lost on how to proceed. Can anyone offer suggestions?

Whiskered One

A:New hard drive formatting

Not certain, but you may be up against a bios limitation.
My older Gateway would not recognize the full size of my new drive, because of this.
A work-around may be to partition the drive into three separate "logical drives", keeping each under that limit you have discovered. (Maybe 100-200-200).
In initializing the drive you should be presented and option to partition.

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Hello there.
Wasn't sure where to post this, so if it's in the wrong area, sorry. I bought a Dell Precision 380 Workstation Desktop about a year ago that had two WD 160GB hard drives, one of which had Win XP installed and the other was blank but formatted to NTFS. I installed Windows 7 Home Premium x64 on the second hard drive so I could dual-boot 7 and XP. Now I've decided to just get rid of XP. I backed up the data on the second hard drive with Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 and went to the Disk Management Utility and told it to format the hard drive. It's drive letter was D. How ever it just said "Windows cannot format the system partition on this disk." Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Formatting second hard drive

My guess is that your BCD is on that disk. Have you tried to format that disk by booting to the Windows 7 DVD?

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Hi can anyone tell me what could be wrong when I go to reformat my hard drive using win 98 startup disk. I delete the partition and when he goes to verfying integrity it gets up to a 100% and start all over. it does it each time. it can get up to 50% or less at times and then start all over.What could be wrong. Is there another way to boot up windows? It still shows my drive even after i have deleted it.

A:hard drive formatting

I'd download and run drive diagnostics from the manufcturer to rule out a drive problem

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I have a spare 120gb drive that has Windows XP on it. I would like to delete windows off of the drive and use it as a slave drive for data storage.
I know how to set the drive to slave, but I do not know how to format the drive without putting windows on it. Can someone please point me in the direction I need to go?

A:formatting hard drive

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I have 2 HD's .a 60 gig and a 4 gig. I amhaving problemswith the big one and I want to format it. I am running off of the 4gig. I am wondering what the best way to format the 60 would be. should i just go to accessories , MS-DOS and use fdisk? or is there a better,safer way?

A:Formatting my hard Drive

There are a few ways to do this can use the utility disk that came with you hdd if not you can go to there site and download it.. Also xp will do this when you install the windows xp cd and make sure u have first boot sit to cdrom ..

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I just re-installed windows XP and can not access my 2nd harddrive. I have two 120gig hard drives in my gateway both were operating correctly prior to reinstalling XP. After the install XP will not let me access the second hard drive with out formatting it. The drive is healthy and recognized in Computer Management's disk management. But when I try to use windows exporer or access this drive I get the message "The Disk in F: drive is not formatted" and ask me to format the disk.
I would like to try and save the info on this disk if at all possible, but it is not critical. Is there any way to access this info or save it on to one of the CD/DVD drives?
Thanks for any help
Newbie to the group

A:Hard drive formatting

I am having the same problem, if you find out how to fix it, please let me know.

The data is still there, because it can read/write in DOS. I checked.

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Please can someone tell me step-by-step how to format a hard drive?

Thanks very much.

A:Formatting hard drive. How?

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well here we are once again .

i need to format my HD . so i back up all my info on my spare HD and pop in the xp disk and reboot to see that windows wants to install itself again . 2 copies . there wasnt any option for FORMATTING why not . i dont know . i have a 160 gig maxtor "NTFS" HOW CAN I GET TO THE COMMAND PROMPT to access dos format c:/
help plz .
sounds simple , all i want ot do is format and reinstall xp -
thanks for the help

A:formatting my hard drive

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I have a 120 gb hard drive that I want to re-format. I Have Windows XP os. How do I re-format and what do I need to do before I do?

A:formatting hard drive

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I was in Lexington over the holidays visiting my sister and discovered she did not have any anti virus protection on her computer. I downloaded the free trial version of Bit Defender. The computer had so many viruses, the computer locked up. Now the operating system will only load in safe mode. My sister does not have any data on her computer that she needs to save. Will I be able to format the hard drive in safe mode to get rid of the viruses? What is the best way to do this?

Thank you!

A:Formatting Hard Drive O/S-XP

Hi computerteacher!!

What is the computer model? Your sister computer might have a recovery partition if it is a branded computer.

Or else if it is a custom built, you may want to format and clean install the system. But, it is better if if read this link,

5 Steps Process

and then post the results in HijackThis forum (click here) , so that the advanced analyst team on this which can guide you without you have to reformat you computer at all

Hope that helps

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just a quick question. How does one go about formatting the hard drive? any help would be appreciated

A:formatting hard drive

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Good afternoon everyone,
I have a very simple question as I have heard numerous different answers. If I have to reformat my hard drive many times because of a virus, is this going to cause problems on my hard drive? Will it wear out sooner because of those formats?

Thanks everyone!

A:Hard Drive Formatting

1. Formatting your hard drive will not cause any undue wear.
2. If you don't get a virus you shouldn't need to format your drive unless you're going to partition it and such like.
3. If you keep away from dodgy sites and use anti-virus software you shouldn't have any problems with a virus infection.
4. Once you get your system the way you want, create a system image as a full backup, and then restore your computer from the image if need be.

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I have just bought a second hand pc and it has many problems. I want to format my hard drive and reinstall the OS. I cant remember how to do.

A:formatting hard drive


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I just want to ask a few questions about formatting the hard drive, so if anyone could give me some input. I've only had this computer about 4 months, and I'm not having any problems, it's just that I've installed, uninstalled some programs quite a bit. I have never formatted a hard drive before, and I'm pretty much clueless about what it does. I've heard people talk about it, and I'm wondering if it is ever necessary, and if so, how often should I do it? Would I have to reinstall Windows XP? If so, I have no clue how I would do that because I have an HP Pavilion and it came with no disks. It says in its manual that there's a hidden partition on the hard drive that houses the backup version of the operating system and the programs included with the PC. How would I format my hard drive with no disk? Would I lose all the data and programs I have on my computer now? Any feedback or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:Formatting hard drive

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I am seriously considering doing the big "No-N0" and re-formatting my hard drive. My ex-wife will have this computer for a few months and I want to make absolutely sure that there is nothing on it that she might be able to find and use against me in a custody battle. In addition, I had Windows 2000 installed and it failed (locks up everytime you try to boot), so I installed Windows XP, which works fine except that it normally does not allow me access to all of my old files/programs. I have tried to remove "2000" a number of times in vain. I have everything I need backed up on CD Disks. I would feel more comfortable allowing my ex to use the computer if I have re-formatted the hard drive. There are other reasons as well, that I won't go into right now. I have the Windows Installation cd disk and so would be able to re-install XP. Considering that this is a done deal, any advice?

Thank you very much,

A:Re-Formatting Hard Drive (C:)

This would be the time to install "SP3." It in effect will put in place "SP2" and the over 100 updates thereto rather than going through the usual updating. I would run "chkdsk /r" before removing the present OS.


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Hello All, I have 2 hard drive, my 1 hard drive is Partitioned in two, C drive and D drive , My first question is can I format just the D drive without damaging the C drive? how ?

The secound quietion is My secound hard drive is only partitioned to one drive E drive haw can I split the hard drive to two or three partition? and do I have to format first before spliting it?
I thank you for your help.

A:formatting a hard drive

Well, for starters, you can format the D: partition without damaging the C: partition. They are treated as two separate drives. As for the second question, you might want to get a partition manager like Acronis Disk Director and see if that works for splitting your E: drive into multiple partitions.

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I want to format my hard drive. What files specifically should I backup before I format?

A:Formatting hard drive

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im trying to install my copy of xp on my pc but after i reformatted the hd when it reboots it jit starts to load files then i get error loading operating system.it seems like i have no partition 1

A:I think i need help in re-formatting my hard drive

Make sure you are using an original, retail XP CD and not a copy. Then follow these detailed instructions: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/operatingsystems/ss/instxpclean1.htm#step-heading

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I have two hard drives on my PC. The newest, a 120Gb SATA and my old hard drive a 19Gb. I would like to format my old hdd. Can I use the command by right clicking the hdd then follow the steps or is there more to it? Once formatted can I use it without installing an operating system? I want to store the photos from my digital camera on it. I do not want to touch the SATA hdd.

A:Hard drive formatting

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I successfully reformatted my hard drive, but when I re-installed some of the programs that I had backed up on my other hdd, they wouldn't work without re-installing them from their original cd's or disks. Error messages indicated that some files were missing e.g ".dll" etc.
What did I do wrong and how can I get those programs to run once I have restored them?

A:formatting hard drive

Backing up and restoring from backed up files is very different to reinstalling programs on a fresh copy of Windows. For this reason I only ever backup data, as the system files are of limited value.

Your new copy of XP has a fresh clean registry, with no knowledge of any installed programs.

Copying back the installed programs does not tell the Registry they are there.

All your data created will be there, but you need to reinstall all the programs. Backing up the programs in this manner is unhelpful when you then reformat and install windows anew.

To be able to copy everything back in a working format requires special "drive imaging" software, such as Nortons Ghost.

This will copy back an exact replica of what was saved (including all damaged files you probably wanted to get rid of), so thats not always helpful either in some cases.

Bottom line, when you reformat, you should reinstall every program. Its always been that way since Windows 95.

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please could anyone guide me to how i formatt my hard drive:

ive been having alot of problems, i have already re installed xp but has not made any difference.



A:i need help formatting my hard drive xp

Black Viper has the best step by step guides that I've seen:

XP Home:


XP Pro:


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Evening everyone...This post is a variation of a previous post in the hardware discussion board and I didn't know if it would be helpful to put part of the question here as well. I'll apologize in advance if I am asking too vague, difficult to understand questions or if it is not approriate to seek help in this way. I have a computer built by a friend who cant work on it anymore b/c of a recent move. I currently have a 4 gig hard drive and want to replace it with a 41.1 gig ( 40 gig? ) Hitachi Deskstar 7K80 model #HDS728040PLAT20. I am running Windows XP-Home OPS. Finally, once the new drive is physically in the case and hooked up, how do I go about formatting or partioning the new drive ( Cutter ducks and waits to make sure that no one throws anything at him...waiting...waiting ...) I know BIOS is involved but am not sure how to go about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again everyone.

A:Formatting new hard drive

The Hard Drive that you are installing, is it new? if so, it should have instructions included. If not, then I would go to the manufacturer's website and look them up. There are factors, such as jumpers and formatting software, that are specific to the exact hard drive model. So, it's kind of hard to generalize...so check with the manufacturer.Here are a few links to Common Hard Drive Manufacturers:Western Digital:http://www.wdc.com/Maxtor:http://www.maxtor.com/Seagate:http://www.seagate.com/Samsung:http://www.samsungelectronics.com/hdd/index.html

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I have an XP os, and I am trying to re-format, can you help me?

A:Re-formatting a hard drive

Using the Xp CD

Boot from the Windows CD
Allow it to boot up normally
Instead of formatting select to remove the partition (if multiple partitions, confirm which partition you want removed, if not all)

Then re-install Windows (allowing Windows to setup the partition automatically)
Or manually create a new partition, and then format it
If you don't have the Windows CD handy, use tools such as Gparted
Or The Ultimate Boot CD (here are some download mirrors: http://www.techspot.com/vb/post705177-4.html )

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I'm not sure if this is the right Forum for this, if not please move it.
I have 3 x 10GB hard drives, C, D, and E. I use C for System operation, Win 98 plus all applications, E for storage and D is empty, but has been used for storage in the past.
I want to format D drive and install Win XP on it. Two questions, how long will it take to format a 10GB drive, and can I have a dual boot, Win 98 or WinXP, whichever takes my fancy at the time?
My thanks in advance.

A:Formatting Hard Drive.

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OK guys, i know alot ppl here dont like to reformat there hard drive for some reasens.... BUT why NOT???

is it bad for the hd?
is there a limit TO formmating?
IS it risky to fromat???

Well help me out , why not format?

A:HARD Drive Formatting ???

I don't like it because then I have to reinstall all my programs. I tried to make one of those Bart PE disks with answer files and all but it didn't work for me.

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I'm trying to format my hard drive. I have a windows xp reinstallation dvd, but I'm unable to boot from it.

A:Formatting my hard drive

I'm guessing that you already tried setting the BIOS to boot from your cd/dvd drive, correct?

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does anyone know if i can delete everything from my hard drive EXCEPT WINDOWS XP, as ive been having a lot of trouble since getting a trojan.. my computer has been running REAL slow since + always recieve error messages.. THANKS

A:I Need Help Formatting Hard Drive!!

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can anyone tell me how to format my hard drive from the desktop?

A:help on formatting hard drive

If it's your boot or main drive you can't. If it's a slave You have to go to COntro Panel, Admin tools, COmputer management, then disk management. Right click on the disk you want to format and click format..

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