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4GB Flash Drive giving problem

Q: 4GB Flash Drive giving problem

i have a 4gb flash disk, but whn i put any movies in there, movies/videos upto 1.4gb will work f9, but if i put more thn tht it doesnt work.
for e.g 2 movies of 700mb each will work f9, but thn if i put the 3rd movie, it doesnt work, the transfer for the 3rd movie just finishes mid way and the flash disk shows that the movie is there but whn i try to play it, it gives error.

I have formatted the disk many times, but nothing happens.
The disk is FAT32.

Any help would be appreciated.

Preferred Solution: 4GB Flash Drive giving problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 4GB Flash Drive giving problem

Are you absolutely sure its 4gb in size?

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I was using my flash drive this week and when I went to use it this morning I could not access some folders. It gave I/O device error message. Could you please help recover the data from the folders.

I have already run chkdsk and still cannot open the files.

A:recover data from flash drive that is giving I/O device error

Please be more specific in what the error message is telling you. It usually pinpoints the problem so you know where to go fix it.

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Hi all,
I have a Toshiba USB flash drive. I have a problem when I using it on a win2000 sysem. It keeps poping up a warnning message saying I removed the drive. And then "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)". But it is just a standard drive so that does not make sense. Other USB drives have the same issue. I can sometimes get them to work for a bit before this happens. It is almost like I removed it. It also will just do this at random. It is working pops up the warning, then not, wait a few minutes and it is working and conencted again. I tried another ports and same issue. Other USB devices work fine though. The drives in question work fine on another machine.

Any ideas?


A:Solved: USB flash drive keeps giving error removed messages

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So, I got a RiDATA 32GB flashdrive, FAT32 formatted, when suddenly, all my files went corrupt, then the flashdrive went to Read Only, RAW status. I have tried wiping clean the partition and crating a new partition out of it, but it ultimately failed as the flash drive didn't repair itself after that. This is the same problem that I had in this forum post before:

Stubborn Flash Drive Problem

I was hoping if there is a similar software that can work for this flash drive, if so, I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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Edited see post #5 for an update.
Adobe - Flash Player
Is there a way to force Google Chrome to use NPAPI plugin--Yes, here is temporary work around:

add this to your Google chrome shortcut

Flash will not be sand boxed.

A:Adobe Flash is giving me a headache.

I don't use Chrome, but I believe the flash update will come from a Chrome update.
Have you checked for a new version of Chrome ?

Flash is built into Win 8.1 IE, so flash updates for IE come in through Windows Updates (for IE).

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Well I am using Windows Vista Home Premium edition with Mozilla Firefox. I never had any trouble watching the Myspace videos and Youtube videos before. It was just a few days ago, when I updated my Adobe Flash player that I can't view the Myspace videos, and the newer Youtube videos that use the Beta they got. It says I either have Javascript turned off or need the latest flash player.

I have Javascript turned on and installed the latest flash players and everything a million times, and still nothing.

This is aggravating me and I am wondering what I could possibly do to solve my problem.

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I recently enrolled in online classes for Everest University. I ran the browser test and this is what came up...

Welcome to the browser test!

It is our goal to make your online learning experience the best it can be. One way we can achieve this goal is to ensure that certain essential tools are available when you access your online courses. This test will review the components of your Internet browser, and will provide any necessary instructions for making the most of your browser's functionality and your online experience.
As you take the browser test, please keep in mind that this campus is optimized to work in a Microsoft Windows© environment. What does that mean? It means that our courses work best if you are using a Windows operating system (XP or newer) and a recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0 or 7.0).
In addition to supporting the Windows operating system, we also support the Macintosh operating system and Safari browser. Your courses will work in Macintosh OS X along with a recent version of Safari 2.0 or better.
Along with Internet Explorer and Safari, we also support the Firefox browser (2.0) on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

HardwarePlatform (Operating System) : WinXPScreen Resolution (Width and Height) : 0 X 0Connection Speed : Unable to determine your connection speed.Browser featuresThis browser supports frames : True This browser supports tables : True This browser supports table background color : True This browser supports t... Read more

A:Flash Player Giving Me Problems...

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I want to stop flash player from giving away my IP address. I've used tor browser and ended up getting my IP founded out due to using a site with flash...
I then tried firefox and an add on that lets me change my IP address. I tried IP check and it ended up showing my IP address due to flash player.

Anyways my question is how do I stop or change the IP address that flash player shows??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Is there a way to stop flash player from giving away my IP?

Theres a website that shows it but its down for me

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I just installed Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X ( According to the Adobe site, it is installed correctly, and my Add-On Manager lists the device as "Enabled". Still, PlayList.com won't pull up my music, and tells me to download the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. This IS the latest version! I deleted the program and downloaded it again. It still doesn't work. If anyone has a clue, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

A:Adobe Flash Player Is Giving Me Hot Flashes!

A possibility!! Securnia informed me of issues with Flash, I deleted it with Revo and reloaded the newest version. I still had problems, what I ended up doing was getting the removal program off the Adobe site. Flash leaves all sorts of stuff behind which seems to affect the program, it may be worth a try for you doing the same.



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Back when Chrome first came out, I didn't rush to use it (I'm not an early adopter type when it comes to browsers). I was a devoted Firefox and IE user, favoring Firefox a little more. But over time, there began this period where Firefox started getting sluggish and couldn't handle streaming video very well. Chrome worked better than Firefox and IE, so I switched to it.

I've been using Chrome for 3 years now, mostly with good results until sometime during this past year. I started to notice video in the embedded flash player getting choppy and also crashing a lot more than it used to (previously it would happen maybe once a month--now it's like a few times per week). I fired up IE9 and checked it out, and video performance is much better.

The problems weren't limited to just running flash. I found that responsiveness would get sluggish when navigating between tabs and some pages would stop responding to scrolling. Also, sometimes Chrome would fail to refresh the content--it would look like the same page was present on multiple tabs, and I'd have to go back-and-forth to trigger the refresh.

So... I don't know if there's some tweaking that can be done in Chrome to fix this. I did find one suggestion on HowToGeek that shows one solution for crashes. I tried it and it does seem to be working, where Chrome is crashing less often, but the other problems persist. It's odd too, because Adobe seems to provide flash updates rather frequently, like one or two per month.

An... Read more

A:Giving up Chrome for any flash content viewing

I've had a few, I'm pretty sure you replied to my thread with the youtube black screen.

After re-installing the newest version of chrome it all seemed to be better though.

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My computer no longer recognizes the cd drive/burner on my dektop PC, and I think the problem is related to a removeable USB flash drive.

It's a really old Compaq Presario with an added cd burner(drive d now), and the original cd rom(drive e). My PNY usb flash drive installed some software(drivers I think) when I 1st ran it, and shows up as drive f.

Worked fine a couple of times, but then the lights went out on the cd burner(drive d), it would not open, and it didn't even show up on "My Computer" either.

Searched on internet awhile, and read something about a flash drive problem, so I removed the flash drive from the USB slot, restarted the computer, and both cd drives re-appeared, and worked fine, as long as I removed the flash drive, and turned computer off after burning cd. But I forgot, and left it on for several hours, and now even when I remove the flash drive, and restart computer the 2 cd drives don't show up on "my computer". The cd rom(drive e) light comes on, and will open, but the burner(drive d) light is off, and will not open. Neither drive registers on "My Computer". The flash drive still reads as drive f, even with no drive d, or e.(lol)

Suggestions anyone?
Thanks in advance.

A:Computer no longer recognizes cd drive - think problem is related to USB flash drive

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I have read the related thread from earlier this month (370606 - External USB Hard Drive Not Recognized) and wonder if anyone can help with my issue.

I am also curious what everyone thinks of the end of that thread regarding a better cable - Maxtor tech. support did not confirm that story for me? Is that in fact a better cable than what Maxtor ships with their drives?

I have a 1 month old Dell, 4 month old external hard drive, and 8 month old flash memory. All work separately. However, when I have the external hard drive plugged in and working, and then plug in the flash memory it will not be recognized. If I have the flash memory plugged in and working, and then plug in the external hard drive it will not be recognized. The only difference is that in the first case the external hard drive will continue to be readable by XP, while in the second case XP doesn't lose touch with the flash memory but it will show it (incorrectly) as empty.

Both externals and all ports are USB 2.0.

The flash drive is assigned to E. The external had been assigned to E as well, but I have now changed it to P. I am on a network so F through O are taken.

The PC is a standard university issue (Pentium 4, quite a bit of memory and capabilities, but nothing excessive).

The external drive is a Maxtor Personal Series 3100 80Gb USB 1.1/2.0.

The flash memory is a 64 Mb. Dell Memory Key.

A:External Hard Drive and Flash Drive Recognition Problem

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In my PC (Windows 7 Professional - 32 Bit Operatins System - Service Pack 1 installed) whenever I plug in Flash Drive, the system creates short cut for all the folders in the Flash Drive. The folders and its contents are safe.

But I am unable to Safely Dismount the Flash Drive and the system on choosing Eject the Drive will display "This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again." message.

If I go through My Computer - Right Click on Flash Drive and then Eject the system shows the following message

"F: is Currently in Use. Save any Open Files on this disc, and then close the files or programs
using the files before trying again. If you choose to continue, the files will be closed, which might cause data to be lost.

Cancel Try Again Continue"

If we choose Continue, system displays "Safe to Remove Hardware".


I am having a laptop with same OS and there when I plug in the flash drive it does not create any short cut and no such problems.

Both the systems are having Symantec Endpoint Protection version 12.1.671.4971 and are upto date on Virus Siglature update.

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I recently purchased a 32 GB San Disk Flash Drive. The security files pre-installed on the drive were junk, and I could not delete them so I formatted the drive to remove them. This cleaned the disk, and it holds data, but I'm not sure if this is part of my problem. I am trying to load my copy of windows 7 onto this disk, and using the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool, I can select my ISO file, but when I go to select my USB drive, my computer does not recognize the flash drive as a flash drive. Is there a way to change the Flash Drive so Windows will recognize my Flash Drive as removable media? Smaller USB drives still work on my computer, so its not the computer. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Removable Flash Drive Recognized as a Local Disk and not a Flash Drive

Hello masonta. Welcome to the forum.

Let's start with this: can you post a screenshot of your Disk Management window, expanded so we can read everything, with the USB stick installed?

You also might check in Device Manager to see if the stick shows up as a USB device, or a hard disk.

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I have several usb flash drives . One works perfectly every time (recognised ,reading and writing to) the second (same make ) is a bit inconsistent but the third new one rarely works and often freezes up the whole system.
Sometimes I even have to restart the computer tho clear the problem.
Will all three be trying to work with the same driver( Usb 2.0) supplied by XP ?
I don't understand what is going on when one of the drives works perfectly? When I first tried the new one the automatic installation process did not go through smoothly. Are these devices subject to variation due to their differing circuitry for different makes or is there confusion in the computer because they are not all the same make?
I can't even use the computer mangement menu in Control panel as the system freezes up! Are there any tips or tricks out there for perhaps formatting the flash drive before using it or something like that?
Just to add that they all work pefectly on my other computer running Windows ME .
Many thanks for any help you can give,

A:USB flash drive problem

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I have probably about fifteen folders on my USB flash drive, each of which contains valuable information (all text files). On one particular folder, when I click it, the contents of that particular folder (the files) appear - only they all have messed up titles and won't open. On all the other folders of the flash drive, they all work perfectly and no messed text anywhere in any of them when I click them. But, this one folder, when I click it, these "garbled" titles appear. Please see attached screenshot just to show you what I'm talking about.

I have scanned the flash drive with ESET, as well as Malwarebytes Antimalware and nothing is found.

Any clues as to how I could resolve this problem? I really need all the information on this flash drive.

A:Flash drive problem

I have probably about fifteen folders on my USB flash drive, each of which contains valuable information (all text files). On one particular folder, when I click it, the contents of that particular folder (the files) appear - only they all have messed up titles and won't open. On all the other folders of the flash drive, they all work perfectly and no messed text anywhere in any of them when I click them. But, this one folder, when I click it, these "garbled" titles appear. Please see attached screenshot just to show you what I'm talking about.

I have scanned the flash drive with ESET, as well as Malwarebytes Antimalware and nothing is found.

Any clues as to how I could resolve this problem? I really need all the information on this flash drive.

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A:Flash drive problem help please!!!

Start>type cmd, right-click it and select Run as administrator. In the command prompt, type diskpart. Type list disk you will get a list of storage devices in the computer. Find whatever drive it is that you want to change, and type select disk X, where X is the drive number. Type list partition, and make sure that there's only one partition on it. Type delete partition 1, assuming that there's only one partition on it. Then type create partition. You should be all set.

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Hi all,

I have a computer running XP with service pack 2 and it is formatted as NTFS. When I plug in USB drives/Thumb drives/Pen drives (whatever you want to call them!) the computer never automatically registers them. I have to go through the following "right click My Computer -> Manage -> Disk Management" and then assign a letter to the drive before I can access it. I can now access the drive through disk management and the run command (Run... -> E:\) but it still does not appear inside My Computer! I want to be able to plug drives in and have them pop up in My Computer automatically.

My other problem is that when I finally get them recognized it says "The destination does not support long file names" and it makes me shorten them to 12 characters (i think 12 ??)"

Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

A:USB Flash Drive Problem

Hello Disko_Stu

Remove all USB drivers from Device Manager, reboot and let them reinstall
1. Be sure all USB devices are unplugged

2. Go into Device Manager and expand the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" group.

3. Uninstall every device listed under this group (right click on device, left click uninstall)

4. Restart Computer

5. Upon restart the computer will recognize all the devices and install them.

6. Plug in a device and see if it works.

Try assigning letters at the end of the alphabet to all the USB devices


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My USB Pen Driver is not detecting anymore. I have try to connect different computer but no result.
Now problem is that I want to get my data back form my USB Pen drive.
How can I get back it?
Any advice would be appreciated !!


A:USB Flash Drive Problem

If you're unable to see the drive in multiple computers than most likely it's a dead flash drive and in that case you're pretty much SOL, unfortunately. Now if the data is that critical then there are places and companies that are able to recover your data but at a charge, and sometimes that charge is certainly not cheap - but it doesn't hurt to find out how much it would be.

A USB Flash Drive is in no way shape or form meant to be a permanent storage media, so in the future ensure that you have a copy of any critical data on a more reliable media such as a hard drive, etc.


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Hi, Good day WEF. I need help with my Lexer 32GB JumpDrive S50.

first. i put installers to my S50 for reformating my friends pc. his pc doesnt have usb driver so i burn the installers in a dvd to a another friends laptop which is unfortunately it has virus. the installer in my S50 were not gone but instead it creates a lot of shortcuts.

i return home and format my S50 flash drive when suddenly my drive cant be formatted. it says

windwos was unable to complete the format.

and i click format again. another msg show

the disk is write protected

i tried searching and searching the net, diskpart method. or the registry WriteProtect but no luck for fix.

after 2 days of searching. when i plug my S50, it doesnt show up in my computer window but it has sound. the sound when you plug the usb in pc and also the light red is on.. win8.1 x64

please help. i badly need this usb for my thesis.

PS. my 4gb usb doesnt have problems. only my 32gb.

hoping for your help. thanks.

A:Flash drive problem

Something on his machine caused a change on the MBR on the stick. Have you tried a repair?

There should not have to be any drivers to be installed. Windows should see it, unless you keep that drive encrypted.

You always keep a local copy or cloud copy of something like this.

You may want to check OneDrive to see if it saved a copy of the Thesis.

As for the fix. It could also be that the drive was on its last legs. There are some programs out there that you can try and recover off of the device. majorgeeks.com has them in their downloads.

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one of my clients has a SanDisk 2 GB USB flash drive that he uses to work on files in and out of his office.

it seems that he is able to create and add data to the drive without a problem, he then goes home and is able to plug in the drive from his home pc and read and write to the drive with no problem at all.

the flash drive is readable in every other machine in his office without any issue BUT

when he comes back to the office, he plugs in the drive into his pc, it shows up under my computer and in disc management (healthy/active). BUT he gets the following error when he clicks on it under My Computer "ONLY PART OF THE READ PROCESS MEMORY OR WRITE PROCESS MEMORY REQUEST WAS COMPLETED" and is unable to see any folders on the drive. however, a search for a known file on the drive, shows the files which he can then click and open.

this happened to 2 drives already (we replaced the drive last week with another-transfered his data and it was okay). the first drive was recently reformatted and we then transfered his recent data from the "unreadable" drive to it (on a second pc) he was able to once again read from it. helpful, but a lot of work each time he gets to the office.

what can be done at his office machine to address this. i have suspicion about the home pc but have to think the problem lies with his office pc only as it is the only one having an issue reading flash drives


A:Problem With Flash Drive

hi Medusanycm

The system sounds like it has Malware on it .... please follow the 8-step virus/malware removal tool here... http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic58138.html ... get back to us as soon as the system is clean. I'm pretty sure the flash disk will start working on that computer as well.


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My kingston 4gb USB keeps deleting the files in a folder when i take it out and put it bck in on ny system. (i always safely remove) so i got annoyed and tried it without safely removing and i get the same results.

It deletes all the files in a folder but not the folder.

can someone please i help i tried fomatting it using FAT same results FAT32 same results NTFS same results.


A:USB Flash drive problem/

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I'm using a USB flash drive on a laptop running XP Pro sp2.

Everytime I plug the drive in it displays the contents in thumbnails, I would prefer it did nothing. This is despite choosing 'do nothing' in 'autoplay' for all file types and selecting something other than thumbnails in 'View'.

Why won't it listen to me?

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Good Morning,

I am running Windows 98 Second Edition fully updated and whatnot.

I have a U3 Cruzer Micro 512 MB Flash Drive that I am trying to plug into the USB port and not getting anything.

I went to SanDisk's website and downloaded the driver package per their instructions. They said once I hit the setup.exe file and restarted, I should be able to plug in the drive and it will finish the installation.

Well, upon plugging in the device, it searches for drivers and finds none. So now I am completely at a loss as to what to do now.

If anyone can help me out on this one, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance.

A:Flash Drive Problem

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Hey Guys,
Got a member of staff here whos USB Memory stick is acting up. It is detected by Windows XP SP3 and it insta;lls the drivers. It even assigns a Drive letter correctly. But Disk Management says there is no media.

OnTrack Recover, PCI Inspector, Data Doctor etc are all useless since the drive cannot be accessed by them.

Normally I'd say it was b0rked and give the usual lecture about USB Flash drive not being archive quality backups.. If it's important keep more than one copy ect..

But.. she's really cute.. So Im willing to go the extra effort this time.. Heck im only human.. Barely..

Any Advice guys?


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everytime i saved a file to my flash drive, suddenly the file are no longer usable when i plugged it again to another computer... in short the file are damaged everytime i saved it to my usb.

A:Flash drive problem

Does another flash drive work okay?

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Recently I tried to take my PNY 256MB Flash Drive to school so I could print a couple documents their. I pluged in the flash drive and let it install its drivers, and then tried to open it up. I was on a Windows XP computer, so there was no need to download drivers from online. But for some reason it would not recognize the drive nor display it in My Computer. I tried it on several computers and the same thing happened to all of them. The drive works fine on my computer at home and at friend's.

Could this just be the Administrator disabling this function? If so is there anyway to fix this? Thanks

A:USB Flash Drive Problem

Could this just be the Administrator disabling this function? If so is there anyway to fix this? TClick to expand...

Yes and No (see forum rules about hacking) Talk to the Administrators.

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Trying to install flash drive and have come across an error message
"error installin iKernel.exe (0x10000)" anyone have any hints??

I am trying to instal from a zipped file that has been down loaded to my desk top... so I can down load fix it programs from my laptop to plug into my desk top that has a virus...

A:Flash Drive Problem

You might have an older version of the InstallShield iKernel engine. Same thing happened to me on an older IBM when I plugged in a new cruzer mini 512MB USB Flash drive. Go to InstallShield and the instructions for the fix are there. I am assuming you are going to use the flash drive to download to on your laptop then transfer to your desktop for the virus fix. If you get hung up on the fix, the guys here are great at that kinda stuff! Hope this helps

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first time install of a new Lexar JD FireFly 4gb flash drive
old computer with w2k sp4, plugged flash in, driver installs and it's assigned
F. open explorer, click on F, drag and drop or copy/paste and get this msg:
'Cannot copy 'file': Cannot find the specified file. Make sure you specify the
correct path and filename.'

in Administrative Tools/ComputerManagement/Storage
/Removable Storage/Physical Locations the usb device has a red disk with
white X displayed on the listing

also the drive doesn't appear in the disk management utility

have you any ideas what might be causing the above and how to fix it ?

A:Flash drive problem

hi there

does it work ok in another pc? also has it been formatted?


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Having a very strange problem with my 4GB Stig Memory Stick ... there's a folder on it that had 2 small pdf files (for college) that now says it's 54.5GB.

Within this folder are other folders and files that my laptop can't read. They have nonsense names on them ... literally random letters and numbers. I've tried deleting the whole file, deleting individual files (within the folder) & formatting the whole drive. It's causing problems with some other files (mainly .avi files) ... sometimes they work, sometimes they don't so can't be totally sure that it's related but call it an educated guess.

Any ideas?? I wouldn't be totally clueless when it comes to computers but i've never seen this before!


A:Problem with flash drive

Probably some sort of virus/trojan infection, do you have any AntiVirus/Antimalware solution ? if not you can try Avira (free) and Malwarebytes.

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I am working on a Toshiba laptop that is running Windows Vista with SP2. The system was infected with a virus. I have cleaned up all of the infections however the problem that remains is that the unit will not allow me to use a flash drive without asking to format the drive. The flash drive is good and functional as I have used it on several computers. This unit is the only one asking to format the drive first. Is there a way to reolve this issue without having to reinstall the OS?

A:Flash drive problem


Does the drive work in Safe Mode?

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i have 2 different kind of flash drive that i plugged into several computer. Other computer works fine in recognizing the flash drive from the usb port. but this one computer that i have recognize that there is new hardware being plugged in but the drive does not appear (meaning no access to the documents i have in the flash drive). This happen for 2 flash drive that i have. With other computers they work fine. I have tried adding new hardware too but it failed. I am using win xp OS.

What could the problem with the computer? please help me.

A:Flash Drive Problem

Can you see the flash drive in disk management. If you can see it, please assign a drive letter

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Hi got a LG 1gb flash/pen drive plug it in, Windows XP knows it's there and gives it a drive letter (G). So far so good. However when i click on it in explorer it says please insert disk into drive "G", poperties for dive show both used and free space as 0. Cant format it or do anything else with it so far, get same error message each time. Tried the usual reboot stuff, delete the USB ports and devices etc but to no avail. Anyone any ideas?? It never worked by the way.

Athlon 64bit 3500, MSI neo board, 1g ram and a flash drive that don't work

A:Flash drive problem

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Hello. I'm not computer in the know so....please bear with me. I scanned some photos to a pny flash drive on a computer using windows 7. When I plugged it into a computer using windows vista, it wasn't recognized. None of the install things worked to correct. If anyone has a course of action to correct this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:USB flash drive problem

Does the USB drive work in the Windows 7 machine? With the USB Drive still plugged in, go to Start (The Windows Orb) then type diskmgmt.msc in the Search Bar.

Does the USB drive show up in Disk Management and what is the filesystem reported by windows, it should be NTFS, if it shows RAW then the Master File Table has been corrupted, this happens when you remove the drive from the computer without stopping the USB Port, Stopping / Ejecting the drive is done from either the TaskBar near the clock, or from Windows Explorer.

If it is RAW format, you will need to reformat the USB Drive, please note the any data on the drive will be gone.

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I have an Apacer 1GB USB stick and I have a problem. Recently when I try to access it by doubleclicking I get an "open with" dialog window. So I have to access it by right click and then select open. When the right click menu pops out there is an "Auto" button on top. How can I get rid of these things. I'm not sure but I think this started happening when some automatic windows update was downloaded and installed. I'm not sure but I don't think that this is the problem but it's worth mentioning. Here are 2 pics to illustrate the problem

A:USB flash drive problem

Do you have an autorun.inf file on that drive? (it will be a hidden file most likely if you do, so make sure you have show hidden files and folders turned on - tools -> folder options)

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I have a USB flash drive and the computer is not recognizing it--I figured it just was broke--so I bought a new USB flash drive and the computer is still not recognizing it--the computer itself work fine--any suggestions?

A:USB Flash drive problem

Hello mdesmondkirby and Welcome to TSG!

Hit Windows key + Pause Break \ Hardware tab \ Device Manager. Are there any flags in the USB's

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ok if wrong place please move but i'm hoping it isn't. i've posted some pictures below basicly my Toshiba 2GB pen drive has changed it's ID. it is working normal i think but i can't get rid of it... it is not effecting the other usb drives and i'm hoping there it isn't some stange virus...

I've try reformating it. reinstalling the driver and still the same...

thanks in advance

James Anderson

A:need help on flash drive problem...

ok the translator told me that "OPEN小將不掉蓋隨身碟 4GB-Windows 7上市紀念版" means

"OPEN teenager can not afford to build Flash Disk 4GB-Windows 7 public Commemorative Edition"

manufactor is "Fruit Shop Creative Co., Ltd."

description is "OPEN teenager body shape, not afraid of magic designed to cover loss of nano-pollution control at mile, anti-static, two-tone green silicone, can be washed"

I NEED HELP badly now

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I have a stick flash drive brand :imation 1GB
and a psp memory card/flash sd card that also happens to become 1GB to 2mb.
Can someone help me.
Anyone have same problem?


A:New Flash Drive problem. 1GB to 2MB.


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I have a question about my flash drive. It's a 4GB PNY and usually works with no problem when I plug it in. But lately when I plug it into my laptop (a 2 month old laptop with Windows 10), it plays a quick tune indicating I plugged it in, but it doesn't actually show up on my screen as available. That's what happened this morning, and I tried both USB ports repeatedly. Now I'm using a different a different computer and now my flash drive registers on the computer with no problem. Also, sometimes I have to plug it in and unplug it several times before it shows up on the screen even on this other computer. Today it had no problem.

Can someone tell me why this stuff happens? Is it a flash drive problem, or a computer problem?

EDIT: Now I'm back on my laptop again and tried the flash drive and it still doesn't appear on the screen. Then I remembered that I have another flash drive that I use as a backup for my files and tried plugging that into my laptop to see if it would work. It didn't. So it appears to be a computer problem after all. Is there a setting that I could change so that I can use a USB flash drive with my laptop again?

I should add that I also inserted a memory card from my digital camera into the memory card slot on the laptop and was surprised that it actually worked. But any USB drive I insert into either one of my USB ports does not work.

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When I plugged my usB stick into the pc, it showed that it was recognized and the driver is installed properly,although i found the drive in my computer panel, i opened it but no objects were found, i tried the usb on another pc it still dint work, i right clicked on my computer,clicked manage and selected disk management, i right clicked on my drive and selected change drive letter and path, but when i clicked change and selected a new drive letter, i got a warning notifying me that changing it might cause the program to no longer run so i backed out.should i ignore the warning? please how can i solve this problem?,

Thanks for reading.

A:usb flash drive problem

When was the last time you used your USB stick? Do you remember saving files to it and if so, how many?

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Hello to the readers and helpers

I am having problems with my flash drive. When I go to put it in my laptop, my computer recognizes it as you hear a beeping sound, and it comes up within the computer area being removable drive (f).

But the red light on my flash drive, continuously flashes. Also normally when you put in a flash drive, it comes up saying what would you like to do with the files as such is not coming up either.

I go into the computer to click on the removable drive icon, and a message comes up saying location is not available, F:/ is not accessible, the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.

Also when I go to the flash drive icon, to safely remove such, being removing the generic volume - (F), I get a message saying problem ejecting USB Mass storage device, Windows cant stop your generic volume device because a program is still using it, close any programs that might be using the device, and then try again later.

I can not remember what program is still using the device, and also I know I have removed the flash drive, without safely removing it, so such may have damaged it.

The USB port is working fine as it is not corrupted, as other flash drives has worked in the ports. The flash drive problem seems to do the same thing mentioned above in all my ports.

Would someone please help me with the problem I am having.

Thank you

A:Flash Drive problem

First try the flash drive in another machine and see if the same error appears. If it does then the internal circuitry in the drive may be damaged.

If it fails in another machine, you might try reformatting the drive. If it fails to reformat and work properly then the solution is to get a new drive.

Flash drives are great for temporary storage or for moving files from one machine to another. They are very untrustworthy to try to use for permanent file storage.

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I'm involved in recording old cassette tapes of family camping trips into a REC-ii flash drive, then transferring the audio from the flash drive into our computer to later record the segments onto CDs. The process has been going very smoothly until now. I install a new AAA battery after every other recording, which has worked fine. However, when I tried to begin recording the last time, the red and green lights on the flash drive continued to blink on and off, and when the red button is pressed for 3 seconds to begin the recording, it just blinks, but will not record. I have no idea what the problem may be. I put another new battery in, but the problem persists. Does anyone have any solution to the problem? I checked to see if there was possibly any audio material that might have remained on the flash drive after I deleted it on the last use... (plugged it into the computer, but the computer didn't recognize anything), so I assume it is empty and ready for the new recording. I am completely puzzled. Many thanks to anyone who can help.

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when I plug in my flash drives I used to be able to go to my computer and open it from there (it would say kingston etc...) now i plug it in and there is a picture of a folder instead and I get this message when I click to open:
this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. create an association in the folder options control panel.

can anyone tell me why this is happening. I tried re-formating the drive and when I did it opened normally until i re-loaded all my files/programs onto it - now the same thing is happening again!


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Hi, my name is Larry R. And I am a manager of your star store. Unfortunetly my flash drive is not working it says

Do you want to format now.

Now I have always had no problem with my flash drive until now. I tried a recovery but the product I tried wants me to buy it. And I don't have that kind of money and this is a emergency because my power point presentation for today is on there plz someone help.

Sandisk Cruzer 1 gb
Microsoft xp

A:Flash Drive Problem!!!!

I take it that the drive works on 1 machine but not on another?
You need to tell us a bit more about the circumstances before we can help - such as
operating systems on the machines?
errors showing in device manager?
other USB devices working properly or not?
USB 2 or not?
drive format (FAT or NTFS)?
hope we can do this in time!

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i have a 2GB usb flash drive & it is showing me 4GB and also i cannot access the flash when ever i want any thing to copy on this drive it just gives the message that it is write procted and i have tried everything and problem is still their

so i request to the people who knows about this problem can help me i have too much data on that drive and i formated it two times and the problem is still the same now it does not format also if i want to format it the drive says this drive is write procted

and also there is no button for the write protection

please help me i am in avery big problem
if any one can send me email on [email protected]

A:problem with USB flash drive

Can you see/access it in dos?

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Alright, I couldn't find exactly what to call this, or how to say this [the problem, i mean] so here goes:
I recently tried to format my 1 GB flashdrive. It worked fine up until i right clicked > Format.
When i tried to re add the files to the flashdrive, I realized that for some weird reason my computer believed this drive to have only 1 MB of space. So i tried to reformat again, only to realize that it was all my stupid doing. I realized that when the window opened after clicking 'Format' It gave me a pop up box for 1MB, and was a 'FAT' drive . I tried to switch this, but it only had 1 choice, unfortunately.

I've tried what i know, and unfortunately, i have no idea how to restore my flashdrive to it's original state of having 1GB data, or recognized as that by my computer. Help?

Thank you for your help, in advance.

EDIT: I am using a flash drive where as it USED To contain a security feature. It was by Memorex. During the process of Reformatting, i changed the maximum capacity of the drive so that nearly all of the memory was in the secured folder. Although something must've gone wrong... And i can't change it back since the software was removed!

FIX EDIT: I fixed it :/ Having gone to look via google for the software that was removed, typing different keywords in and all that stuff in order to find it. I finally found it, and fixed the flash memory!

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