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HDMI Input: No Input Signal -- Monitor Going to Sleep

Q: HDMI Input: No Input Signal -- Monitor Going to Sleep

Windows automatically updated last night before shutting down. When I turned on the computer this morning, the HP w2207h monitor was not functioning properly. Each time I rebooted, I received the message "HDMI Input: No Input Signal" before the monitor went to sleep.

I do not believe it is a problem with the sleep and display settings as I have dual monitors and the EN9910 is functioning properly; both are set to NEVER anyway. Further, I have plugged our SONY television into the HDMI port and it works just fine.

I have also plugged the monitor into another computer, using the same cable, and both worked just fine. The hp monitor also functions in the utility mode. Problem seems to exist only when Starting Windows.

This has happened once before with a Windows Update, but I don't recall the solution.

Please help.


Preferred Solution: HDMI Input: No Input Signal -- Monitor Going to Sleep

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: HDMI Input: No Input Signal -- Monitor Going to Sleep

Hello and welcome aspen can you just make sure the driver for that monitor is ok.

Software & Driver Downloads HP w2207h 22 inch LCD Monitor | HP? Support

But mate I also think you may have answered it yourself in another way. Can you remember when this started happening? If so system restore back to before that date.

Then it is just a matter of downloading any updates if this is what is - one or two at a time until you find which one is the culprit. Make a not of that one and each time it comes up untick it to download / install.

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hi all - ive got a problem with my new viewsonic vx2753mh-led monitor. its got 2x hdmi inputs and one vga.

the vga works straight off the bat, but whenever I try and plug the hdmi in it just says no input signal detected and goes black

I noticed in device manager that this was installed as 'generic non-pnp monitor' so after jumping through some hoops i managed to install the driver as 'viewsonic vx2753 SERIES'
Anyway this doesnt seem to have made a difference. still no input through the hdmi.

I have tested to cord on my samsung tv and it worked fine so it can't be a problem with the cord or the graphics card....

just some general info that might be of use:
windows 7 x64
dual monitor setup

the graphics is integrated on the intel i5 chip
my display adapters in device manager says Intel(R) HD Graphics Family.
it has a dvi out, hdmi out, and vga out.

thanks for any help you can give!

A:Viewsonic LCD monitor not recognizing HDMI input signal.

I have a Viewsonic which I'm also trying to run a media PC to connected via an HDMI cable, and I have noticed the exact same thing.

It was working fine for awhile, but recently I have been receiving an error on screen saying the "HDMI to DVI cable as experienced an error" or something to that effect. Note: I am using strictly an HDMI cable, not an HDMI to DVI as the message states (can't explain why I'm getting that message). I did the same thing you did, tested the machine using the same cable on another tv, and it worked fine on the other tv. What's strange is I can connect the cable box to the tv using the identical HDMI cable and it worked fine. Tried again using the same cable from the PC to the tv, and either 1) blank screen, or 2) shrunken screen with the aforementioned error which will go blank once I open Media Center.

Sorry, I don't have an answer, but it seems to me Viewsonic hasn't made a good product in terms of connecting media PC's, for some reason. Of course, my tv is out of warranty at this point. If you find an answer, keep me posted, I'll do the same.

I have a Viewsonic VT2430 monitor/tv, and a Windows Vista 64, with ATI 4200 graphics chip PC.

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Hi I'm not sure if this post is in the right place so sorry if it isn't.

When I play a game, any game like the sims3, left4dead or crysis, the screen will go blank and display the words "no input signal" and then "monitor going to sleep" and then the screen will go blank. I can't do anything with the pc after this point even though the tower is still on, I have to restart it by holding in the power button. I have tried pressing the windows button and esc and all that but nothing happens.
The amount of time i can play a game before it turns off is different each time, i can play for a few hours or a few minutes. Also it only happens when I'm playing a video game.

I don't know what info is needed so ill just put bits here, i used sisoftware sandra to get this info.

Model : System manufacturer P5K3 Deluxe

Model : Intel Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz
Speed : 3.17GHz
Cores per Processor : 2 Unit(s)
Threads per Core : 1 Unit(s)
Type : Dual-Core
Integrated Data Cache : 2x 32kB, Synchronous, Write-Thru, 8-way, 64 byte line size
L2 On-board Cache : 6MB, ECC

If there is any info you need that isn't here just let me know because this is a problem i would love to fix. Thanks

A:No input signal. Monitor going to sleep. Only when gaming.

Need to know
what brand your computer is (if its branded),
what graphics card is it using, and if you can get it,
what temperatures everything is running at when you're doing absolutely nothing with the comp, and
what temperatures everything is running at when you're running your games (stressed system).

For temperature info, you'll need to download something like Everest.

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I only have this problem when playing World of Warcraft. I'll play fine for a couple of hours then all of a sudden the screen goes black. I get a message saying, "No Input Signal" then another one immediately after saying "Monitor Going to Sleep". Then it hits the snooze button and starts counting sheep. So far this has only happened while playing WoW. I've tried to restart the monitor and re-seat the cables to no avail. The only thing that makes the monitor come back on is to reboot. Here is my system stuff:

HP a1730n
AMD 4600 2.4GHz
GeForce 7600 GS
Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit

A:No Input Signal. Monitor Going to Sleep. While Playing WoW.

It seems to be an overheating problem. Try running a more graphics-intensive game like Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars for 1 to 2 hours and see if you get the same problem.

Alternatively, try a different monitor. Narrow down your problem.

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I have an HP2311x monitor. I use it hooked directly to my computer via DVI and it works fine. I aam trying to hook up a Samsung Blu-Ray player to the monitor via the HDMI in put. I have run a cable from the HDMI out on the player directly to the HDMI in on the Monitor, but I get a no signal message on the monitor. I have tried using a different HDMI cable and unplugging and ressetting the monitor, but I still get the no signal meaasage. How can I solve this/

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Hi, A few weeks ago I booted up my PC and my w2207 just remained blank and my second Sceptre monitor began running as my main display. I checked in Device Manager and under desplays the Sceptre was the only one there even though the HP was connected to my PC via HDMI. I tested the monitor on my brothers computer with HDMI and it worked just fine. So I assumed it was my graphics card so I bought another graphics card to test with (Geforce 210) and when I booted up my PC with the HP plugged into the HDMI port it still didn't do anything. Just a message saying there is no input sigmal. Since the Geforce 210 has a VGA port I was now able to test to see if VGA worked and it does. (I wasn't able to test this on my other card, because it didn't have VGA). Any idea as to what is wrong? Just to summerize, the HDMI port doesn't work on my computer, but works fine on my brothers computer. Thanks, -Chuck

A:HP w2207h HDMI No Input Signal

Hi, That means the HDMI port on your computer does not work properly. What is your computer and its Operating system ? Regards.

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getting no signal input and input not supported messages!
i dont know whats wrong with my pc. and i just spent 80 dollars on a power supply 3 weeks ago. i cant afford to take it to geek squad or something to fix it right now.
I have a custom built PC by a guy a met at school. bad choice. anyway i have a windows vista OS but its only a trial account cause this dude ownd me and i didnt notice it was a trial till 30 days after.
32 bit windows vista home premium OS
geforce 9500 gt
Amd Athlon II X2 250 processor 3.01 GHz
4.00 GB ram
asus MB, not sure what kind all i see is asus
only starts in safemode with networking
Aoc moniter or Adc not sure what it says .
my moniter is plugged in to my video card its an off board.
what is causing this?
a few days ago i downloaded my latest video card driver, restarted the pc and it WAS GOOD! back to normal!! after using it and finally being able to listen to music and play games. i restarted it to see how it would work and it went back to the black screen with red writting in the middle " input not supported"

a few days before this happend i got a virus called anti malware GO or something like that. i downloaded iexplore to get rid of it , i deleted the files and it was gone. im sure it had something to do with it.
please help i cant afford to get a windows 7 or vista upgrade for another 2 weeks so how can i fix it now? could my video card be messed up even tho im on the same PC now in safemode with networking?

A:pc only load in safemode, no signal input , input not supported

duplicate closed

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Im using a lenovo ideacentre AIO 720 all in one pc. When I turn on my computer it comes up with input signal is not detected and I dont know what that means.
Mod:  added system type to Subject line

A:IdeaCentre AIO 720: msg "Input signal not detected" (HDMI-in switch)

Is it because of this switch?   AIO 700 - Switch to HDMI input

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So my Laptop does accept HDMI as Input to. But i dont know about any program, that can watch what is being put in. Does someone know one?

A:Laptop with HDMI Input, but no program to watch the Input

you can try any of the tuner software and see if that works. things like Windows Media Center, XBMC, MediaPortal, GBPVR.

video editing software like Adobe Premiere. the best, easiest, and cheapest bets would be to try the tuner software first.

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I have an A530 that will not connect when using the PC input, but the HDMI out port works fine.  So I attempted to connect to an external monitor and it worked.  So I know the actual HDD is working and that the computer is running properly. I then took an HDMI cable and ran it from the HDMI out port to the HDMI in port and the screen is now receiving the signal from the PC. So now I know both the PC and the A530 screen are working. The PC is out of warranty. Any idea why this is happening?  I currently have an HDMI cable connecting the in/out ports and the computer works, but I'd like to go back to it just using the pc and have an available HDMI port.  

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Hi there - I've been successfully connecting my tiny work laptop to my awesomely huge HP desktop using an HDMI cable for about a year now. Just connect the two, put the "HDMI IN" button to connect, and all is well... Except that every 4th or 5th time I do it, it fails and I get the "Game Mode No Video Signal" error instead. I try disconnecting & reconnecting, rebooting, waiting a while and trying later, etc. But, sometimes, it just won't connect no matter how I try to persuade it. Any ideas? Thank you,C.

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I have an HP Pavilion A6421.uk computer with an HP w2007v monitor. (The OS is Windows Vista).I've been getting the message "VGA Input - No Input Signal" and the monitor appears to be in sleep mode permanently. I've checked all the connections, cables etc and I have also connected the monitor to an old computer, where it worked fine. I'm guessing I need a new graphics card but don't know how to go about changing it. I have
opened up the box and cleaned it all out, but am not sure what to do now.

Could I take out the graphics card from the old computer and put it in the new one? The old computer is a Dell Dimension 5000 (Windows XP).
Or would it be an option to swap hard drives? (I urgently need to access my work but the old computer got a virus and doesn't work properly).I don't know the first thing about hardware really, so wondered what any of you would recommend I do:
1. Just buy a new graphics card and replace the old one - in which case, what would I buy?
2. Put the graphics card from the old machine into the new one. How do I do this and does anyone have any diagrams?
3. Swap the hard drives so that I use the old box with the new monitor. (this is probably a stupid idea, but who knows).

Please help!!

A:VGA Input - No Input Signal - New Graphics Card?

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My laptop downloaded Windows 10 on Friday....I was not able to completely use windows 10 with my laptop so I went back to Windows 7....now my second monitor will not come on. It says no input signal. It did this as well with Windows 10...any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

A:Second Monitor -no input signal

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Hello guys, I believe this is my first post on the forums, so please forgive my ignorance towards computers. My rig is pretty outdated by today's standards, but, until my current problem, I had no issues running video games, (Skyrim, SW:tor, CoD:MW 3). However, about a few weeks ago when I initially woke up the PC up from sleep mode, the desktop would show but then the screen would black, monitor light still green though. About a week ago, when I went to wake it up, the screen light turned green then immediately went orange and a "No Signal Input" warning flashed upon the monitor before it went black, no desktop view this time.

I initially thought monitor or video card. I switched both components, separately, with another PC in which both components are known to work, and the problem still persisted. I then tested the RAM individually, and also tested RAM with the other PC's that works fine. That stretched my PC abilities, thus I took it to a shop, and they did the some checks and came up with no definite solution other than motherboard or PSU. They ordered a 600w PSU and installed it with the same problem. My question is two part I suppose. Would, after those checks, it appear that the problem lay with the motherboard? And if so, would it be worth replacing a motherboard with such outdated hardware?

My PC stats, to the best of my knowledge:
OS: Windows xp sp3
GC: Nvidia 9800 gtx
PC: AMD (cannot recall specific model, but dated no doubt)
PSU: 600W
MoBo: ... Read more

A:Monitor: No Signal Input

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Compaq Presario 6435cl was doing fine...tried power supply in another comp, that comp said reinstall win95...replaced power supply back in original pc, now when I power up, the cd-drive LEDS blink and only the yellow "active" LED blinks for a few secs, then everything quits except for the fans. Monitor LED doesn't even illuminate from yellow to green. Any suggestions?

A:No Input Signal on monitor

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Go HERE and read my post. A message for all newcomers.

Did your computer run ok before you took the psu out?

Make sure you have connected everything properly.

If this doesn`t work then maybe you need a new psu, or mobo.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I keep getting random no input signal messages on my monitor at various times. Normally a re-start fixes it though but it's still a massive pain. I can sometimes hear my programmes/music still running whilst i get this message. Sometimes un-plugging the monitor cable and re-plugging it has worked. I've recently bought a brand new cable and it still persists. Also i've updated from windows xp 32 bit to windows 7 64 bit and i still get the exact same problem. I just noticed my cpu temp is 68 degrees which is really high so maybe it's that? Sometimes when it's stopped my pc will start up and just short or cut out after a few seconds and keep restarting. This is just proving a massive problem really. The latest thing is that it seems that as long as i'm using the pc it's fine!? The second i leave it alone or i'm watching a film or something it can cut out. Normally when it tries to cut to a screen saver or something, even though i don't have a screen saver set. It's just a bit odd really. Any suggestions are welcome, thank you guys.

A:No Input Signal message on my monitor

The things that first came to mind were the following:
- Your monitor is dying.
- Video card is too hot.
- Video card is dying.
Possible Solution:
- Try hooking your tower up to another monitor and see if the problem persists.
- Leave side panel open for a test run with a low powered fan cooling the video card (externally).
- Moving your tower to a more open space where cooling will become more efficient.

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I have an HP EliteBook and I'm trying to hookup my Dell SDM-HS93 monitor so that I can extend the display and work on two screens at once for work. However, when I plug the VGA into my laptop, there is no response from either machine. The laptop does not register any recognition and the monitor reads "no input signal; go to power save". Can someone please help me? Thank you.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5300U CPU @ 2.30GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 61 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8067 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476637 MB, Free - 418519 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 2216
Antivirus: Symantec Endpoint Protection, Updated and Enabled

A:Dual Monitor - no input signal

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I have an hp monitor I want to concect to Playstation 3, and it said ? Input Signal Out of Range - Change resolution setting to 1600 x 900 @ 60Hz      I dont know what to do, any advice ,please help

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I wiped the drive clean on my dell 8100 with ME and want to do a clean install of XP.

However, I'm getting this message on my monitor when I try to go into the BIOS. I don't get the option of hit F2 or anything.


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Hello, I've been building my first computer and I've finally gotten everything all hooked up properly. I checked that everything is plugged in(some things weren't, problem still persisted after fixing). Basically I turn on the computer for the first time), with the bare minimum things plugged in. It turns on fine, fans and stuff start running. The monitor is also getting power.

What happens is that the monitor just gets a no input signal-going to sleep message and goes to sleep. I have the OS disk in, and hit delete on the keyboard like im supposed to(confirmed keyboard is working). Not sure what to do in this situation.

Another thing, on my now previous computer if you dident press anything/click mouse the monitor just gives the same message and goes to sleep until you do so. Currently the mouse cannot be used to click (it does work, it flashes every now and then).

If you want to know what kinds of parts I have just ask. Any suggestions on what the problem is or what I can do?


A:Monitor not receiving any input signal

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Its a weird problem. It has been working fine for over a year and little bit more. Suddenly the monitor lost input signal, and went to sleep, while the computer is still running. The monitor hasnt gain signal even if i restarted. It keeps sleeping, because it doesnt have any input signal. Also when i leave it on it suddenly gets signal an has display for a few secs or min, then loses it again. What could be the problem? If it never had happen before. What should i do or any recommendations, Suggestions?

A:No monitor display, no input signal

Update your video card drivers from the manufactures site. If you cannot get to that point, unplug your power and video card cord from the back of your computer, then hold in your power button for a minute. This will suck up the remaining electricity. Then of course plug it all back in. If this works still make sure to update your drivers\windows update.

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Hi there, please help (again).
Windows XP Pro
Western Digital HDD
Maxtor HDD
Motherboard KV7MA
PSU 460 watts
RAM 320 gb

Monitor won't come on with normal startup, have to turn it on manually. Shows a box with red blue and green lines and message "Check signal input cable" and "monitor is working". After a few seconds the monitor shuts down (along with everything else) and restarts (along with everything else). It does this continually untill I get fed up and turn it off by holding the power button in for 5 seconds. I tried another HDD with Windows 98se with same results. I tried another computer with same results. The computer worked fine until I installed new HDD. But now does same with old HDD. Any and all help greatly appreciated.

A:Monitor signal input cable

can you borrow a monitor to check? otherwise your video card is suspect.

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I just purchased a Viewsonic 17" lcd monitor for my computer that im building. The video card(s) im running are BFG tech 6600gt oc's. DVI connections to video cards. The monitor i have is a vga so i went and bought a vga to DVI connector to plug it in. The monitor turns on and works and i have plugged it into my computer which is currently running a vga video card so i know the monitor works. The video cards work because i've installed them into another computer as well. The problem is as soon as i connect the dvi connector to the vga output on the monitor the screen says "RGB No input signal!" displayed. Any help would be appreciated!


A:Monitor displaying RGB No Input Signal!

Problem solved. The video cards that i have don't support DVI-D. My monitor is a DVI-D time to start looking for a 7600 gt

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I have an hp monitor I want to concect to Playstation 3, and it said ? Input Signal Out of Range - Change resolution setting to 1600 x 900 @ 60Hz      I dont know what to do, any advice ,please help

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This morning I came in to use my computer, only to find that it was already on. However, the monitor displayed a 'no signal input' message. Thinking this was a bit strange, I unplugged the monitor and plugged it back in, only to find the same message. So I turned the computer off manually and restarted it, but the monitor still displayed 'no signal input'. The computer itself was making an odd clicking noise, and that little light shaped like a cylinder was blinking... so I plugged in another monitor we had, but that one displayed 'no signal' as well. I found out that someone had put the computer in standby when I had come in, which is presumably why the monitor wasn't working. But I don't know why it isn't working now. Any ideas what the problem is?

A:'No signal input' message on monitor

You might try unplugging the computer or remove the cmos battery for a few minutes
and see if the computer will reset. The clicking noise doesn't sound good, but you can
try the above first.

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I have a ~1 year old LCD monitor (HP f2105) that decided to suddenly stop working on my computer. My computer is on and running, but the monitor will only display "no input signal" and then goes into sleep mode. At the time it went out I was just browsing the internet - hadn't installed any new software or hardware recently or had not made changes to any settings or resolution.

To confirm whether or not it was a computer or a monitor problem I tried hooking up my old CRT and it does work, but interestingly only when I hook it up through the DVI port using a DVI-to-VGA converter. The LCD monitor will not work through either port and neither monitor will work through the VGA port.

I've tried using new cables but it didn't make a difference. I've installed the latest drivers for the monitor and for the video card (Nvidia GeForce 7500 LE) but again it didn't make a difference. I've also confirmed that the LCD monitor is still functional by hooking it up to another computer that only has a VGA port and it worked fine.

At this point I'm not sure what to do. Nothing appears to be wrong with the video card - I opened the case and it's seated properly, free of dust, fan working, no burning smell, etc.

Anyone have any ideas?

A:Problem w/ LCD monitor: no input signal

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Hey guys, for the past four years I've been running this computer, along with a 1024x768 Curtis monitor and a 1280x720 Vizio monitor. Up until now, I've had absolutely no problems with the dual monitor setup, both running off the GeForce 610.

Yesterday, however, the Vizio monitor, connected via HDMI, randomly stopped receiving input. The Curtis monitor (connected via VGA) still works fine.

What I've tried:

- Rebooting my computer, nothing. (I rebooted after all of the following attempts as well)
- Going to Screen Resolution and manually detecting another monitor. Nothing was detected.
- Going to Device Manager and scanning for hardware changes. Only the VGA monitor is listed as a "Generic Non-PnP Monitor", nothing about the HDMI monitor.
- Updating graphics drivers. I used the built in Windows driver updater, nothing. I used NVIDIA's site and downloaded the recommended driver, nothing.
- Switched the cables between the two monitors, the VGA monitor works while the HDMI monitor does not.
- Tested the HDMI cable with an Xbox, works fine (cable is working).
- System Restore to several days ago when both monitors worked, nothing.
- Booting in safe mode, nothing. (don't think this would work anyway... I tried...)
- Removing and cleaning graphics card, nothing.
- Attempting to detect the monitor via NVIDIA Control Panel, nothing.
(from here on out is random desperation, I really have no idea what's wrong)
- Running sfc /scannow in the admin console finds corrupt file... Read more

A:HDMI Monitor Not Receiving Input

Very slim chance but does help sometimes: un-plug PC and monitors from power mains and re-plug after a minute or two.

Also try loading defaults in BIOS.

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Okay I'll do my best to to walk through all this in detail.

I have a working PC that's connected to my working monitor by VGA.

After building a new pc I unplug all cords of my known working PC, and then begin plugging in and booting up my new pc.

My new PC turns on but I have no screen input.

After trouble shooting, I decide to leave it be and replug in my known working PC.

My known working PC turns on but with no screen input.

I've tried VGA and HDMI cables on both. I have no idea why my monitor has decided to not accept either computer and I'm totally stumped.

I do not think it's an issue with my PC, as it was working fine just before I unplugged the cords.

All VGA cables seem to be inserted tightly.

The monitor has always been working fine until I plugged it into the new pc.

Does anyone have any clue what happened and how I can trouble shoot this?

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I did a search for this topic and came up with no relevant answers so I am putting it out to the group.

I just bought a new Samsung Monitor with digital input. I was under the impression that digital meant DVI which apparently it does not because the only digital input my monitor has is an HDMI input which has me scratching my head in amazement. I have a digital to digital monitor cable with DVI connectors on both ends but I can't use it with this new monitor so for now I have it hooked up to my computer via a VGA cable but I am completely amazed that there would be an HDMI port on a computer monitor.

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and it is used in Home Theater applications but it has absolutely no place in computer applications. HDMI carries both a video and audio signal and was created to replace a separate DVI and Hi-Def Audio cable in Home Theater applications but I am at a total loss to understand why someone would stick an HDMI port on a computer monitor. There is no way on earth anyone will ever get Hi-Def audio out of monitor speakers plus the fact that the signal is video only.

As a result I now have an expensive monitor that I can only get half the potential out of unless I can find an HDMI to DVI adaptor (and I hate adaptors) which will only add bulk to the system or I have to hunt for an over priced "boutique" cable that has an DVI connector on one end and an HDMI connector on the other and spend even more money that I shou... Read more

A:HDMI Input On a Monitor? What The Heck??

Because many new video cards and monitors have HDMI and its a newer standard with features better suited to consumers. Why shouldn't they have HDMI? Its a smaller port that's easier to place on a video card and on thinner monitors - very advantageous for thin LED monitors and thin laptops. It does have the advantage of carrying audio as well, and some monitors do contain speakers and video cards with HDMI port do in fact ouput audio - no need for a second audio cable. And don't forget many people now connect their PC's to their TV's and surround sound systems that use HDMI ports - both on the PC end and on the equipment end.

DVI is being phased out in favor for HDMI and DisplayPort, and it is digital just like DVI so there was no deceiving marketing, HDMI would have been marked in the specs clearly as its considered a plus. DisplayPort will eventually replace both - it also carries audio. On smaller panels VGA will give near or the same quality anyways, so you're not losing half the potential anyway.

You can buy a simply ~$6 DVI to HDMI adapter or an HDMI to DVI cable and your problem is solved.
Example: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4543375&CatId=3667
Or a DVI to HDMI Cable: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4510828&CatId=3667 - Hmm, only $12 as they are common and typically in this price range. Definitely not a "boutique" item.

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I replaced my old dvd-rom drive with a new model today and when I turned my computer on to see if the drive worked, i get no picture on my computer screen, only the message "no input signal." I also heard a very loud beeping noise when I turned my computer on, which has never happened before. Everything else seems to be working, but without a monitor I can't tell what's wrong. I plugged the monitor to my laptop and there was a picture so I know the monitor still works. Could it be some other problem such as the video card or the new hardware? Any suggestions are appreciated.

A:No input signal on monitor after installing new dvd-rom drive

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So, I have two monitors. I only ever use just one. The second one that I use is a old LCD TV that I only use when I receive the "signal out of range" black screen when I start a new game I install. I plug the HDMI cable into graphics card, in display settings change main display to the TV, change settings in game to my original displays resolution, exit game, change settings back to original display, unplug HDMI cable from graphics card that is leading to TV, restart game and play just fine.

I did this a dozen times, and I had no issues. About a month ago I go through the same process, goto unplug the HDMI cable from the graphics card, and on my main display I now receive the "signal out of range" error. I have to keep the HDMI to my TV plugged in to my graphics card now or I receive the message. Everything works completely fine, I just want to use just one display again.

The reason I want to go back to just one display, would be for games that have a side scroll feature to move the map or whatever always causes an issue when i try to scroll to the side of the map that my other display is on. Also in some games that do not keep the mouse in the game window sometimes I will lose my mouse on the other screen, and it just becomes frustrating.

I downloaded the Sysinfo utility but it doesn't show my displays. I used Speccy and pasted the screenshots of them to Imgur


I do use an adapter from my main display to the gr... Read more

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it says input signal ut of rangeCurrent Mode:H = 13.5KHz, V = 12HzChange Mode to: 1920 x 1080 60Hz. I checked it is already in the same mode. Tried several times

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I want to use my laptop to watch tv, but I don't know how to input video signals into my laptop's monitor..

I really need your help, thanks a lot!

A:How can I input video signal to my laptop monitor?

Welcome to TechSpot forums

It is unlikely that the laptop's video capability has a video in connection. So unfortunately I doubt this is a possibility. One of my workmates does have a USB tv card device which feeds a TV signal into the computer and this works with a laptop (aerial connects to device, device connected via USB connection to laptop).

Something like the devices for sale from this website would be required:

If you post details of the laptop model we will be able to confirm whether it does or does not have a video in capability.

If you think you might stick around at this forum please feel free to post a hello message in the Introduce yourself forum

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I was opening up microsoft office word and the whole computer froze, could not do anything including turn the computer off. My desktop background shown, but none of the icons, then it finally shut down, and when It came back on I got the "no input signal" on screen. I played with the mouse- nothing, I played with the keyboard- nothing, I pulled out the computer and unplugged the monitor and replugged it in -nothing just the same signal. It's a starlogic monitor and only 2 years old and the computer is the same- I feel lost without a screen.......am using laptop at the moment....can anyone help?

Thanks in Advance!


Oh and another unrelated question...what is the moon shaped key on the keyboard for? I did touch that...did I bloop?

A:[SOLVED] No Input Signal Message On Monitor Help!

Hi, welcome to TSF lvlyfun.

Moon shaped key? Not quite sure what that is...does it have any letters on?

As for the monitor problem, you may need to reseat the graphics card. To do that you will need to power off the machine, remove the power and other cables from the back. It's advisable to wear an anti-static wristband in order to protect your hardware from electrostatic damage. Then remove the graphics card and reseat, making sure you take care not to force it back in the slot.

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This started when my monitor began to have scribbly swiggly lines and then windows would crash, followed with a BSOD (attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed) with a 0x00000116 stop code, and nvlddmkm.sys.
Every time I logged to windows, this would happen again within 10-20 minutes.
I tried updating my nvidia driver, no luck. Tried reverting back to an older nvidia driver, no luck. Same thing happens.
Boots into safe mode, no problem, but eventually even safe mode began showing swiggly lines in the background, but it doesn’t crash, and I could still navigate everything fine. So I backed up everything there. Due to problems of getting the safe mode prompt to come up, I ended up making it boot to safe mode by default from the control panels boot option.
I decided to disconnect and reconnect my video card, and also ram, dust out the insides, reconnecting everything to see if it helps. And install display driver uninstaller if I was able to boot back in to wipe out any residual drivers if that might be the cause.
However, after I reconnecting everything, the computer now won’t even boot or POST. It doesn’t beep when I turn it on. It powers on fine, all the fans spin. PSU, CPU and video card fan works. My monitor has no input signal and goes to standby. Mouse and keyboard connected. Tested my monitor in two other computers, it works fine. Temperature indicator on my case are all normal.
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A:Will Not Boot, or POST. Monitor has no input signal.

It's the ram.
Try with just one stick and if that doesn't work, try it in another slot.
If you have contact cleaner or alcohol to clean the contacts, both on the ram itself and the slots, that'll be worth it's weight in gold.
Naturally, there's always a chance that it's something else that is not properly seated, so you can check the GPU and the main 24 pin connector to the mobo.
PS: Please double check your ram sizes. Surely you have more than two 256 meg sticks.

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I've just built a new computer with Windows 7 and a gigabyte brand radeon HD4890 and have been having the same issue as some other users with regard to the over/underscan.

I managed to correct the inch or so of unfilled space when displaying the desktop by using the under/overscan utility in CCC (thanks to info on this forum ^_^) but found that the problem still exists when I ran my first full-screen applications.

I installed, updated, and ran Spore: Galactic Adventures to take a look at how my system was going to handle everything, but found that the dreaded inch was back. The really odd thing was that when I switched Spore to windowed mode, the inch had gone and I could maximise to full-screen. Of course, the window header and taskbar kind of detract from the game, but this isn't necessarily an issue for Spore (which can hardly be described as immersive).

I am, however, concerned that this issue may pop up in other games where the window header and taskbar will detract from the game (if it operates well in windowed mode at all).

I plan on investigating further later today, possibly in the direction of motherboard and chipset drivers, but also testing with other games. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what could be going wrong here.


A:HDMI Input not filling monitor in applications

See if the tv itself has an underscan/overscan setting.

If so, use that and don't use any overscan in CCC at all.

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Can I use an hp  F5A28AA to connect a hp envy computer HDMI monitor output to  2010i LCD monitor DVI-D input?  If so, where can I get the Documentation to make the connection work?

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Hi I am trying to run a Radeon 3870 HD 512MB GDDR4 HD Display but the monitor keeps going to sleep lazy monitor. It is a LCD HP w22" Which is brand new monitor I gotten last year very nice monitor. Anyways I plug the power 6pin into my videocard and then I made shure the card was lock in it was plus the fan is working ok not to loud. Then I press my I/O power switch on and also the monitor nothing just a blank screen on my LCD Monitor. So I switch my videocard back to x1600 Radeon DDR2 512MB Pro card my monitor saws it.
So I check my BIOS screen it is pick as PCI-E which is normal even I download newest drivers from ATI.ADM site nothing. The box says it really works and I even call Visiontek which I was surprize they anwser. Anyways they say did you update the BOIS yes I did, did you download newset drivers I say yes I did.
I guess maybe it could be bad hardware needs to be update from local pc shop etc. Thats my only option. Its no my CPU I am running on 700 Watts Intel 4 newest intel board running on double 2 core processors.
And also running on 2GB of DDR-SDRAM memory. Every thing else is up to the date.
I think I going to return it and get it from my local computer store see they can install cheaper HD card that has DDR2 GDDR4 should work fine. It has a power cooler on my new ATI thats why I want it. If not downgrade should not matter it is so allot newer then my old card.

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I've just put together my 1st comp with one of my friends who has built several. After connecting my finished computer to my monitor, and turning the power on, my monitor just reads no signal! i have tried using two different monitors, and i have tried using the onboard video as well as my video card. can anyone help me fix this?

A:No Input Signal on my monitor after jsut building my computer

What happens when you power on? Does the system start up? Does it make any sounds at all? Do you hear the CPU fan going?

Any of that info would really help the people here solve your problem

Depending on how recent your system is, you may have a P4 power connector on your motherboard, or an 8 pin version of it (no idea what the 8 pin version is called, maybe one of the gurus can help you here). Most motherboards won't post if this isn't plugged in. Sometimes you'll even have a situation where your power supply only has a P4 connector, but your motherboard needs the 8 pin version. If this is the case for you, read you motherboard manual and it'll tell you if you need to plug the P4 into the 8 pin socket, or if you need to buy an adapter. Luckily for me, my friend's machine was able to support a P4 in the 8 pin slot.

EDIT: OH! And make 100% sure you aren't plugging the main ATX 4 pin into the P4 connector. That will mess you up good I think! The main ATX 4 pin should be connected with the main 20 pin, so you shouldn't have this problem, but just make sure!

Hopefully that wasn't hard to understand. I'm just a beginner here myself. Hopefully this info is useful to you in some way. I know how stressful it is when you get a new machine that won't POST!

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This started when my monitor began to have scribbly swiggly lines and then windows would crash, followed with a BSOD (attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed) with a 0x00000116 stop code, and nvlddmkm.sys.

Every time I logged to windows, this would happen again within 10-20 minutes.
I tried updating my nvidia driver, no luck. Tried reverting back to an older nvidia driver, no luck. Same thing happens.

Boots into safe mode, no problem, but eventually even safe mode began showing swiggly lines in the background, but it doesn’t crash, and I could still navigate everything fine. So I backed up everything there. Due to problems of getting the safe mode prompt to come up, I ended up making it boot to safe mode by default from the control panels boot option.

I decided to disconnect and reconnect my video card, and also ram, dust out the insides, reconnecting everything to see if it helps. And install display driver uninstaller if I was able to boot back in to wipe out any residual drivers if that might be the cause.

However, after I reconnecting everything, the computer now won’t even boot or POST. It doesn’t beep when I turn it on. It powers on fine, all the fans spin. PSU, CPU and video card fan works. My monitor has no input signal and goes to standby. Mouse and keyboard connected. Tested my monitor in two other computers, it works fine. Temperature indicator on my case are all normal.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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A:After replugging, Will Not Boot, or POST. Monitor no input signal.

Quote: Originally Posted by todamax15

Boots into safe mode, no problem, but eventually even safe mode began showing swiggly lines.....

It sounds to me like 2 things:

Either your gpu (I suspect the most) or your psu is slowly dying.

Replace with a known good part (or use integrated graphics if you have it) at a time and see what happens.

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Hey everyone,

I recently did a clean install of Windows XP on a relatively old PC. It was working fine for a week, but suddenly a few days ago I was not able to start up normally (the beginning couple startup screens had odd stippling and the text were offset slightly-kind of hard to explain exactly what it looked like). When it got to the Windows loading screen, it would hiccup for a second, a fan in my case (the video card fan I think) would rev up, and then the screen would go black, at which point the message INPUT SIGNAL OUT OF RANGE would show up and I would be forced to restart.

I can start the computer fine in safemode, though I cannot change any monitor settings (can't change resolution) and when I go to settings -> advanced -> monitor the "properties" option there is grayed out and it says Default Monitor and for the refresh rate I can only choose Use hardware default setting.

I then checked the device manager only to find that there was no monitor tab there. I sense for whatever reason that it's just not detecting my monitor, and that's what is causing the problem. I've installed the latest video drivers as well as motherboard drivers (I believe).

My motherboard is a GA-965-DS3 rev. 1.0
My graphics card is an MSI GeForce 8800 GTS 512mb
My monitor is a Hanns-G HW191D

Any help will be very much appreciated! Using only safemode is a pain.

A:Input Signal Out of Range / No monitor in device manager

ga-965p-ds3 a relatively old pc? :) ya, i guess it is, about 3 yrs old now?

anyway, try unplugging the graphics card from it's slot and then re-install it. if that doesn't help your graphics card might be faulty. do you have another one to try?

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Hello, this technically could be combined/should be posted in my other topic, but this is an urgent need..

If you read my other topic about my monitor tinting, it is indeed my monitor, not my video card, not my power supply, and nothing to do with the computer itself. But, right now my monitor is fine to use other than the tinting.. I will be replacing the monitor with another monitor in the VERY near future. The only problem is that I tested the monitor on Windows XP and it worked fine on the computer with Windows XP (the one I'm writing this from) except the fact that it's also tinting on XP. This monitor says "Works With Windows Vista". It's an Acer x193w LCD monitor. I believe it's 20" or something close to that. I thought the monitor would have no problem from going to Vista -> XP - > Vista, but apparently something changed in the monitor that isn't allowing my computer with Vista to use it again. There are two slots on my new computer, one lower and one that makes the cord attach sideways, the bottom slot when attaching the monitor cord says "Input Not Supported", which means I'm guessing this is the right slot, as I do not remember which slot I originally used it on, and then the other slot says "No Signal". I've read on the internet about something about called "Refresh Rate", but I've never used it before and have no clue how to use it.. If it involves interaction with the com... Read more

A:Unplugged Monitor From Computer, Now No Signal/Input Not Supported.

If its a resolution issue you need to try and boot into safe mode. Do you get anything onscreen at start up or does it go immeadiately into unsupported mode?

I've never tried to get into Vista safe mode so I don't know, is it still done by tapping the F8 key or the F5 to get the boot menu? Anyway, once booted into safe mode you will be able to see the screen and reset the resolution to a supported one if that is the problem.

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I have a newer HP Pavilion Elite with windows 7 and HDMI video output.  I made an HDMI to HDMI connection between my computer and HP 2159m monitor. Why does my HP2159m monitor not automatically detecting HDMI input? I have to manually change the source to HDMI then hit OK on the monitor to start working. Is there anyway where the HDMI default could be set?

A:HP2159m monitor does not automatically detect HDMI input

HI Wsumabat!


What a great question!  I have included a link that gives the steps on how you can make your HDMI connection your default connection within your Windows 7 operating system.





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Hi-I have a hp pavillion model: a6863w, the monitor is an hp w2338h. 3 wks ago I turned it on and before windows completely loads, monitor reads input signal out of range, reset to 1920x1080-60hz. I tried resetting it from the monitor manually, reset to factory settings, neither works. Monitors goes to sleep and screen turns off, monitor lights goes from blue to amber-yellow. The only way I can use my computer is in safe mode with networking. My system is 3 yrs old, what caused it suddenly to stop working? I tried loading updates from this sight, but none of the normal things update or load in safe mode. I also tried resetting monitor in safe mode, once I try to go back to regular mode, it resets back to 640 x 480-59hz automatically. In safe mode there is not a 1920x1080 mode, so I set it to 1024x768 as my instructions says but still resets itself back in regular mode to 640x480-59hz. I need my computer for work, also cannot do system restore to an earlier point in safe mode. Please help me...

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A:monitor reads input signal out of range, reset to 1920 x 108...

I have a suggestion, Kenneth. I know you're being assisted by an expert, but if you will, I might have a method since your card is an NVIDIA. Right click your desktop > go to Nvidia control panel > from here find on the left panel the menu option "Change resolution" > and note what resolution is highlighted in the panel under the "resolution" heading.If the resolution is lower than 1920x1080, try changing it to your desired resolution and see what happens. [Side Note] You may also want to check the documentation of your display to verify that it is capable of native 1080p and not an "upscaled" 1080i. Many monitors were labeled this way a few years back with a native resolution of 720p. If this is not the case for you, we are likely experiencing a driver and/or hardware issue. Try using another wire for your display. Many new games and home video are HDCP certified and require an HDMI cable for proper HD playback. This isn't always true, but it won't hurt to try. If your drivers are updated, your monitor has no issues and your 660 is in good standing, we can try setting a custom resolution within the Nvidia Control Panel. To do this just navigate to the Nvidia control panel I described earlier, but now hit the menu option labeled "adjust desktop size and position" Use the values you see in the image above for each field. Also note at the bottom what resolution is displayed here as your current orientation.  From here go to ... Read more

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Hi, I have just finished building my first PC and I have turned it on for the first time. It starts up fine but my monitor doesnt detect VGA or HDMI.

Motherboard: Asus M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 880G Socket AM3 Onboard 128MB Memory DVI VGA HDMI Out ATX


700W power supply

Any idea whats going on?

A:Solved: Just built new machine, no VGA or HDMI input detected by monitor

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what's the correct way to connect this config?


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