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TeamViewer desktop sharing and remote control software info needed

Q: TeamViewer desktop sharing and remote control software info needed

I have been looking at this free remote desktop program at their web site but their instructions on how to use it are pretty weak.

Anyone that has or is using this program to take control of another persons pc for help with their system - I would sure appreciate it if you could give me some info on how to use it.

I have posted this question in this forum area as I have seen postings or answers to postings with regard to this free remote control desktop software.

Preferred Solution: TeamViewer desktop sharing and remote control software info needed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: TeamViewer desktop sharing and remote control software info needed

Not sure I can give you anymore information than what the website has to offer. If you can detail what you have tried then maybe we can decipher what you are doing wrong.

Have you tried using Zolved at all. Some people find that easier to use.

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I know two softwares. 1. MINGLEVIEW :- Easy to connect and Excellent Quality but lacks few features
2. join.me :- Easy to connect and lacks in speed and quality

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2045 Mb
Graphics Card: BB Capture Driver, 4 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 55286 MB, Free - 9075 MB; D: Total - 97339 MB, Free - 33944 MB; E: Total - 119044 MB, Free - 21836 MB; F: Total - 119036 MB, Free - 53297 MB; G: Total - 119036 MB, Free - 87190 MB; H: Total - 119812 MB, Free - 76870 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, D945GCNL, AAD97184-105, BTNL743008A7
Antivirus: None

A:Alternative for teamviewer -list remote desktop sharing sofwares

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How can I lock the remote computer while it is being controlled remotely?

A:TeamViewer 6 Remote Control

At the top of the screen click on actions drop down menu

Disable Remote input

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Can you suggest a good software (preferably freeware) that I can use to
remote desktop into a clients machine and provide technical help.

This site is great for most people for tech support but there's a lot more of that aren't tech savvy or confident enough to understand some of the responses.

A:Software for remote desktop control

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Is there any way I can explicitly force 7 to not switch back to the basic theme when things get a bit slow?

I'm remote controlling it with Teamviewer through a wireless broadband dongle, so the connection does sometimes get a bit patchy - then 7 is all too eager to drop Aero, thinking the local machine is struggling.

I can't try an RDP server unfortunately, 'cause MS stung me on Home Premium! Although I'm guessing the same would happen.


A:Remote Control (Teamviewer) + Aero/Basic woes

I got the same problem, does someone has an idea?

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A:can i install software on remote pc with teamviewer?

You can send a file via teamviewer. So if the software is in the form of a file it can be sent. The other person would then install it.

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Hello, im testing Teamviewer5 remote support software and i have "pc performance problem".
If im controlling clients pc, then clients pc screen colors are not normal in my pc screen and menus should move little faster.

Is the problem in too slow internet connection or is my PC too slow?

My pc is Sempron 3100+ (socket 754) 1GB ddr ram, nvidia 5600 128MB agp

Client computer is ibm T30 laptop P4 2Ghz, 786MB ddr, 16MB videocard (have no wallpaper)

My and client`s internet connection speed are bouth 4Mbit/s and are wired connections.
I can repair problems, but i would like to get it little bit faster and with more normal colors in my screen.
Should i use Matrox or Quadro videocard?
Sorry for bad english language.

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Hello everyone. Nube to the forum here.

I have a couple of questions. One regarding Win7 Remote Desktop vs TeamViewer. The other regarding installing Win7 Home Premium on a second computer using the same Win 7 CD I used on my primary computer.
Heres the deal.
I own a small home recording studio, where my console houses two computers with three monitors. My main computer is my Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) and as I am a professional Detailer, it also is my 3D graphics workstation. The other computer is for Midi, Internet, HTPC, and various other things, although both computers are networked through a router and can access the Internet. However, for security reasons, I don't use the DAW computer on the net except to download various upgrades/drivers etc.

Because of ergonomics at the console, I would like to access both computers with only one keyboard/mouse. While doing research on Win7 Remote Desktop, I discovered that Win7 Home Premium will only allow this computer to be a Client, but not access a HOST, while Pro/Ultimate will allow a computer to be a host, but will not allow you to access a CLIENT, which is ODD, as if you pay premium price for Pro/Ultimate, it would seem you would want to use it to access a Client computer, not the other way around. Currently, my secondary computer runs XP, and since Home Premium will not allow my primary computer(client) via Remote Desktop to access my secondary computer because it isn't a HOST, I'm looking for an alterna... Read more

A:Remote Desktop vs TeamViewer and other stuff

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Hi guys,

my boss had the idea to work one day at home for special employees at our office.

I have good experiences with the program teamviewer and we would consider buying it since it's only freeware for private use.

In the office we are connected to a server pc and with some help (I'm a beginner in networking, my skills are more related to setting up hardware components) I would be able to establish a remote desktop connection offered by XP itself.

But is it worth it?

I heard that the connection isn't encrypted.

So better using teamviewer or something else?

A:Solved: Teamviewer or Remote Desktop Connection?

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I have a Windows 7 network set up and whenever I connect remotely to another computer and lock their input such as their keyboard and mouse, the remote user still has the ability to press ctrl alt del, which then allows them to use their keyboard and mouse. My question is, is it possible to disable the ctrl alt del functionality in Windows 7 so that that Blue security screen does not appear? I have tried lots of remote desktop controlling software which has the option to lock the remote computer input, but they still can press ctrl alt del and unlock their keyboard and mouse. How do I stop this? Thanks!

Best regards,


A:Solved: Remote Desktop Control ends when remote user presses ctrl alt del

Let's try the Symantec Pc Anywhere.This a very Useful software for remote desktop sharing and file transfer and there is the locking feature...

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I asked a question in another thread wanting to know if there were any good free alternatives to programs PCAnywhere or GoToMyPC. Boy did I ever get more than I expected in TeamViewer that EAFiedler suggested.

Now I have a technical question about how TeamViewer works. It connects to remote systems across the internet not by an IP number that I enter but rather by an arbitrary nine-digit number assigned to the system when the program is set up. It connects so quickly that I know it cannot be scanning every IP address on the 'net looking for a TeamViewer connection at every one of them. So, I have deduced that there must be a server out there somewhere that stores TeamViewer information.

Does anyone know enough about this to confirm this and/or explain it to me somewhat?

Next question: What about security? Are there any security issues I should be concerned about, other than the obvious, of course?

A:Technical question about TeamViewer remote access/remote office

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I use remote desktop from my client PC to remote into my server (via the internet). When I have completed what I am doing, I want to know how to remove my login info from my client PC. Thanks in advance.

A:Removing Remote desktop Info

Hi and Welcome to TSF

From what I understand, your user name and password aren't stored, so you don't have to worry about someone else accessing your system.

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is there any TV remote control softwares that i can use on my xp laptop with my infared device? i know you can get them for pda's

A:TV remote control software

do you have a tv card in the laptop?

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Does anybody know of a good piece of software that can be used to take control of a clients computer in order to fix errors?

I am in the process of going self employed and am wanting to offer a remote fix solution. I have used 'Logmein' free edition to control my home pc's for a while and i know they offer a 'Rescue' package which does exactly what i would want it to and more but I don't know of other software which may be cheaper and better.

Any suggestions would be great.



A:Remote Control Software

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Hi. Can anyone recommend any free remote control software to use across the web on a windows 7 pro machine ? I have used gotoassist in the past but its not fee.

Thanks in advance

A:Remote control software ?

Try TeamViewer

TeamViewer - Free Remote Control, Remote Access & Online Meetings

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I need some advice regarding unexpensive remote control software.

I am the typical guy who is always asked to help with computer stuff from family, relatives and friends. Sometimes I also need to guide people over the phone regarding their computer issues. Recently I heard about these remote control programs, which I believed were only available for static IP address connections.

I have helped people through instant messengers, and I was wondering if there is software that can be used to access & control their pc's on yahoo or msn messenger.

Any input would be appreciated

A:Remote control software

Hello oct714

My advice and free (looks complex but really is not)

Go here and get UltraVNC http://majorgeeks.com/UltrVNC_d4143.html

Do full install on your computer but not install as a service.

During 1st run or at end of install you will get an Admin Properties screen, on the left half way down delete out the dots and put in a simple password like govnc or similar that you will easily remember.

When you finish you will have 2 new Icons with the VNC Eyeball. One will be the Server Blue (using the instructions below you as helper will not use this one).

Rt click the Green Viewer and then create Shortcut, once this new Shortcut is made rename it "UltraVNC Viewer Listen" then rt click and chose properties.

Click into Target line. Then add a space and -listen.

It will look like this. "C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\vncviewer.exe" -listen

Dbl click this to run. Goes to system tray at bottom right. If the Firewall or Windows Defender pop up always allow this. Give it permission.

Apply OK!

Have them do the same install on their end. Including the same password.

Once installed have them to Run the Server. It also will load into the system tray.

Once it is loaded to the system on their end, you have them to Rt click the Tray Icon, click Add new Client the click the Host block and enter your IP number. They will be contacting you. Doing it this way avoids router and firewall protections and forwarding on their end.

If you h... Read more

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i have a small network of computers all running windows 98 se , i have 1 as a network server with rr cable as my isp, i have ics installed on the server and i am very happy with the way the network operates. my question (or i should say) challenge to any one out there is, if i have netmeetings remote desktop sharing and my father in hawaii has it and i want to connect to his similar network there , i have been succesfull controlling the desktop of his server computer but i cant figure out how to control his clients. there must be a path to enter as the ip number maybe something like\\client1 then call his client computer directly insted of only being able to reach his server.
if anybody knows the secret key , can you please let me know.

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What is the easiest way to remote control another PC over the internet ?

I know it can be done with XP - but are there any easier tools to do this - ie easier from the end users point of view ?

A:Remote Control PC via the web - easiest software

Try using Remote Assistance or Remote Desktop. They both come with Windows XP.

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I am looking for software (hopefully free) that will allow me to remotely access and use my mother's computer. She calls every day for tech support and it is driving me insane.

Is there software that will allow me to access her computer from my computer? We both have windows-based laptops, although different versions of windows if that matters?

A:Remote Access/Control Software

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I'm looking for some remote control software to connect to remote PCs which will be attended by "beginners"
I have tried the following
Crossloop.com - but user needs to create an account and i wanted a simple user interface, as I say the users will very much be beginners
Zolved.com Used a couple of times now and meets the easy use - but keeps losing the connection.
TeamViewer.com looks like it should be OK - only found today and not yet used

Any other FREE suggestions

A:Remote control software attended use

have you tried logmein? Or ultravnc?

logmein does require an account, however. Do you have the ability to set it up on their machines?

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Hello bleepingcomputer!
I am tech guy of my family as many of us are. My mother and grandmother often call me with problems they are having with their computer. As I am not able to see their computer most of the time when helping them, I have been using remote control software such as logmein.com to be able to provide better 'tech support'. The question I have for you guys concerns how secure these programs are. I have read the security information on the sites but of course they will try and make it sound as good as possible. Do you guys have any thoughts on how secure services like this are?

A:Remote control software security.

I use TeamViewer whenever I connect to a remote machine and find it an excellent utility.Seems to be very secure. You can check for yourself here -http://www.teamviewer.com/products/security.aspxCheers

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I am in the process of starting a web based business and I am researching what software I will need. I figure right now I will need an accounting software package. I am also going to have to have my own website. So I will also need some kind of web designer package and a firewall. I have an AMD Athlon running XP. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


A:new business software info needed

Depends on a lot of things, Tracy.

How many items will you sell?
How many customers will you have?
What kind of web are you making?
Do you need a shopping cart, etc?

Why are you looking for a firewall now? That's generally for your PC, not your web--that's up to your web host--see if they provide it.

I maintain my web, and everything else I need, with MS Office.

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Dear all

I have a LAN network in the office with 8 users using Novell client version 3.01

Internet connection is dial up ISDN with 64k speed. I have installed the latest version of Netmeeting and tried in 2 pc in my office for the desktop sharing and it work. Then I tried to dial to my PC from home but will not work. Is there something wrong? How come it work in my office and not work from home? Can someone pls enlighten me?

Thanks and have a good weekend.

A:NewMeeting Remote Desktop sharing

Have you got ISDN at home as well? If not that's why you can't dial in directly.

ISDN can't talk to analogue modems directly, only other ISDN devices.

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A fairly simple thing to do you might think, sharing a printer that's connected to a local port on a machine (USB in this case.) Not for me!

The machine the printer is attached to is running Windows XP Professional SP2, which links to a 42 port switch via Ethernet. Let's call it Machine A.

The machine I want to add the printer to, via Machine A, is a Windows Server 2003 machine also connected to a switch. Let's call it Machine B.

Both machines reside on a domain.

The scenario: After sharing the printer on Machine A (right click > properties > sharing) with a suitable name, we start a Remote Desktop Session to Machine B from A.

After logging into Machine B, as a local user (not on the domain, possibly a clue?), we proceed to add the printer via a UNC path (Start > Run > \\Machine A\ > double click the printer.) Now that printer is there, it is accessible from Control Panel > Printers and Faxes, the properties page can be accessed and test pages can be sent successfully.

As soon as you disconnect the Remote Desktop session, and then reconnect, logging back in using the same local account, the printer still appears in the Printers and Faxes folder, but all attempts to access it, either by double clicking on it or right clicking to access the properties result in an 'Access Denied' message and can only be rectified by deleting the printer and adding it again.

If anyone can shed some light on this, please feel free

A:Sharing a printer, over Remote Desktop


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Ok, I am hoping someone can help me with this:

I bought a Dell Mini with Ubuntu operating systems for my grandparents who are not very computer savvy at all. I installed real VNC so i could log on from my Window's Vista computer at home and help them if they had a problem with anything on their Ubuntu Machine.

Whe the Ubuntu machine was in my house, on my wireless network, everything worked perfectly. I set up the Ubuntu machine to allow remote desktop sharing, i plugged in their IP address into the VNC viewer and everything worked great. Now, here's where the problem comes in. My grandparents went home (out of state) and logged onto the computer and are hooked up to the internet. I told them to give me their IP address (which i've confirmed is correct after asking 3 seperate people to read me the #'s) I plug that into the VNC viewer and I get the "Connection timed out (10060)" error.

I went into my Command prompt to ping their IP address, and it comes up "destination host unreachable." So this leads me to believe there's something wrong with their IP address that's not allowing me access it in any way. When i ping my own IP address it works and i get a response from the server.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The only thing i can think of is hat maybe I need to make their Ubuntu IP a static IP and not a DHCP? Would that have anything to do with it?

Why would it work on my home network but then once it gets out of my n... Read more

A:Need help with VNC Viewer Remote Desktop Sharing

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I am attempting to use microsoft remote desktop sharing by calling an ouit of state offcie computer. I had luck in the past doing this, but noe the out opf state computer is connected to a router. I fear there is some trouble with recognition of IP adresses. Can anyone help?

Both computers use Microspft XP professional. We use net meeting all the time on these and have opended all the proper ports for net meeting.

Thanks in advance.

A:Remote Desktop Sharing thru a router

If you have opened the proper ports for desktop sharing, and have a static IP on the machine behind the router, this should be no problem.

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The situation i have is that my win7 machine is hooked up to my TV and i want to remote control it with my laptop while still viewing it on my tv. I can remote control it with my laptop but all i see is is the login screen on my tv. I'm just wondering if its possible to view the screen on the client machine while its being controlled via Windows Remote Desktop or do i have to use third party software to accomplish this?

A:Is screen sharing possible with Remote desktop?

You are seeing one of the biggest drawbacks, in my opinion, to Remote Desktop. The local user (if any) is logged out and the only thing visible locally is the login screen.

If you don't mind bouncing back and forth between machines for the initial setup you could use Remote Assistance; after you Take Control of the Windows 7 with the laptop the experience is pretty much the same as Remote Desktop except that the screen is visible locally.

Or try TeamViewer or UltraVNC or other 3rd party software.

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I am using Windows XP and I'm looking for a free app I can use to share my desktop with other folks in my company whome are remotel so that I can train them.

I tried using NetMeeting (which is buried in XP) but I can't get it to work.

Does anyone have an alternative or know to get NetMeeting to work?


A:need recommendation of remote desktop sharing app

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[I'm not sure if this is the proper section for this question: Moderator, please move if this is the wrong place]

In order to help my computer-phobic internet-phobic mom keep her computer running well, I've decided it might be good to set up some kind of remote desktop control software on her computer.

I need something that will be stable and actually work solidly, also I need to be able to do things lilke run an AV scan sometimes, go in and change certain settings when necessary, also install software that she needs. These are the kinds of things she's intimidated by and just better for someone like me to take care of it for her.

Can anyone recommend something (preferably free) to do this with? It seems like there's lots of different services and programs out there now that do this kind of thing, but I was hoping to get some idea of ones that people have used and that actually work well.

I should mention that I'm in Asia and my mom lives near New York City.

Thanks for any tips.

A:Remote desktop control...?

Hey Billermo,

You can use the Windows Remote Desktop for what you want. It takes some setting up as you want to do it over the internet, but that would work. At work I use either GoToAssist or Remote Desktop. Though, we pay for GoToAssist. That is really all I have ever used or needed to use. Someone else may be able to offer up other products though.

Hope this helps,

Robert D. Specian Jr.

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Can anyone help me: I can't connect to my server thru Remote Desktop Control from my PC after I rebooted my server.

A:Remote desktop control

You're absolutely sure that you rebooted the server (and didn't just shut it down) and that it's turned back on.

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i need a vnc (remote desktop control) preferably free or low priced that can be run from internet explorer 7 without any downloads (no IE7 addons as well and no active X addons too) it has to be based on all flash or HTML or bouth but for the server end of the connection i can download whatever is needed trial software also works too

system info

windows XP pro unknown SP
2gb ram
prosessor unknown but i think its 2.2ghz dual core
harddrive 160gb5400rpm freespace-17gb

sorry for lack of info its my schools provided laptop and they heavily cracked down on it so we dont install anything or run standalone exes (EX. teamviewer can run without installation) cant even view or edit most of the computers settings


A:VNC (remote desktop control)

i took a look at the program but i cant find the main thing im looking for and was wondering if you can help me here
because i am restricted to no download no install no nothing exept html and flash in a web browser can the controll console be web controlled and if it can what does it need to be used (i also cant use even internet explorer addons)

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Hi! Don't know under which subcategory to post this.
Can remote desktop control be achieved without 3rd party programs, just with Windows settings? Trying to connect with possibly 2 PCs running Windows (not at the same time), via the Internet. So I need to connect via the WAN, not with PCs on the same LAN. Thanks in advance for any tip.

A:Remote Desktop control

Have a look at this, How to Access Windows Remote Desktop Over the Internet . And this, Connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection - Microsoft Windows Help. What OS are the PC's you want to connect running? Depending on what version is installed you may be able to remote desktop out but not in?

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Hi, can someone tell me what the common software/shareware programs out there are for remote operation of pc's.
I tried to use VNC but it was horrible and I could not get it to work.
Can I get some suggestions.  I'm going to place it on an XP system and access it from a Windows 8.1 computer.
We use to use PC Anywhere ...  Nevermind.  I still have the original cd's for pcanywhere for XP and version 12.1 also.
Well It wouldn't hurt to get some suggestions for future use.

A:What are some Common Shareware Software for PC Remote Control

PC Anywhere works fine, my main concern would be compatibility between XP & 8.1.  I would go to their site to see if it will work.

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Hi All,

I have several computers networked and yesterday the monitor died on the main desktop.

I am using my Vista Home Premium laptop and all the other computers are using win95 to win2000 and I can see them fine via the network using Vista.

Can anyone guide me on free software that will allow me to access the win2000 desktop where the monitor died?

I did a search here on Remote Control Software but got only 3 hits and none of them helped.


A:Solved: Remote control software suggestions

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I am looking for the best remote control software that works on a budget.

What do you recommend?

I would like most of the following features below. Most important is
that I can provide the most common support features to solve a
person's computer problem remotely, and it works through firewalls
with no client or support person setup. I imagine that means a
web-based solution like webex.com or inquerio.com, but they are too expensive for my

I liked DualDesk's features and price but the trial prooved not to work for a client's firewall I think. That is why I believe web-based is the answer.

Required features (mostly in order of priority)
-remote control client's PC
-multiple chat sessions (two at least)
-file and folder transfer
-Works with Mozilla, Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, Netscape browsers at least
-Works through firewalls (PC or Mac) and NAT Routers with no setup
required on either end
-Does not require Internet Explorer to work or Active-X
-Don't have to reboot remote PC to start client session
-Allows Remote Reboot/Log-On/Off & shutdown
-works on remote PC without Windows Admin rights to create folders and
write to the registry
-small .exe file size to send client
-client can launch session via my web site or email or chat session
-session timer
-runs in Windows Safe-mode for remote PC
-reboot remote computer and auto login before login prompt
-Show client part of y... Read more

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Hello, I have a technical question about file sharing. 

I use a remote desktop connection to connect to the company server.  We currently are in-between IT service groups (last guy retired, he will be missed!) Anyway, I need to save my desktop folders locally and have 4
or 5 of these local desktop folders saved as a backup on the server.   I just want to get my desktop folders back upped on the server easily. And I don't know how/what to ask for to do this.

Problems I am encountering:
1. I don't know how to set up a backup system so it saves the contents of desktop folders on and across a protected server from a desktop file.
2.  There are two types of folders that I am trying to backup from my desktop. Some folders are easy to copy and some are difficult - details on both are below.  The difficulty comes in the form to types of files in
each folder. 
      2a.Folder type 1-  These files are simple customer data files, PDFs, word files, excel files. so some folders are full of updated forms and these folders continually increase in file size and number.  An
Easy example of this type would be a invoice.  The folder grows in both size and file number each week because new files are always being added.

     2b. I can't accurately describ... Read more

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I've spent literally days on this now............
I have a PC connected to web via ADSL
I have a network with this PC of 2 laptops: 1 via CAT5 and 1 via WiFi
All machines on XP Pro SR2
All was going well until I started messing with Remote Desktop! This is the only change.

Network still works & hub PC still gets the web but no internet connection sharing any more via CAT5 or WiFi.

Can only assume I set some sort of security when setting up RD that is not flagged but I'll be damned if I can find it.
I've reset the home network with & without the MS wizards and gone thru the troubleshooter more times than I can remember but still no connection share - arggggggggg!

Save me please!

A:Internet connection sharing & remote desktop

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Hi, I am trying to get remote desktop sharing to work on my computer. It works on my LAN but does not work if i try to connect to it from a computer off my LAN, like from work. My computer is on a Linksys router, but it is in the DMZ, so it is not behind the firewall. When I connect from home it works fine, at work it says "the person is unable to accept calls". I am also behind a firewall here at work, but i don't think it matters. Can someone gaiv me any information about this like if they have the soame problem or if they have resolved the problem. Thanks.

A:Netmeeting-Remote desktop sharing not working

Chapter 4 of the Netmeeting Resource Kit covers firewalls and Netmeeting and can be downloaded from here:

Hope it helps.

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I have two laptops an ASUS with windows 7 ultimate and the other with windows 7 home premium. I also have a built desktop with windows server 2008 r2. I have enabled remote connection on the server and can log on with all of the user accounts. But I can not file share when I have remotely connected to the desktop using remote desktop connection. I have enabled printer and clipboard and then went in to more and selected the drive i wanted to share. I then logged on to remote desktop and the drive is not listed in computer management or in my computer. How can I fix this? Is it an issue in the windows server os that I need to do? Thank you for your help in advance!!!!

A:File sharing over remote desktop not working.

remote desktop connections allow you to 'control' a computer remotely--but--does not give you file sharing capabilities. You need to assign volumes on the server as 'shared' and then mount the 'volume(s)' on your laptops

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I am trying to remote into my new home computer which is a windows vista premium from my windows xp at work. It just does not happen. But I am still able to remote into my windows xp work computer into my old windows xp home. Any help?

A:Remote desktop control problem

When you attempt to connect to Windows XP via Remote Desktop from a Vista machine, you get a warning message. To address the problem, Microsoft just released Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 client tools for Windows Server 2003 and XP.SearchWindowsServer.comhttp://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en

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I have used Remote Desktop before, but all I ever did with it was use it to watch someone give me a demonstration on how to use a certain program (and it was on XP back then). But the situation I need it for now, is for installing programs on my fathers computer, who somewhat technically challenged. I can access his computer physically, but for convenience sake, if remote desktop can indeed give me direct control of his computer as I've heard, I would much rather do it that way. Could anyone explain to me how to do this? A how-to link would also be appreciated, if you know of any. I'd be extremely grateful for your assistance with this, and thanks in advance. :]

A:How do I use Remote Desktop for direct control via LAN?

Sure, no problem. See this tutorial: Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) - Network

If you're in the same network, and his machine is configured to allow remote desktop connections, all you have to do is start the remote desktop program on your machine, and enter his computer name into the box.

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I set up my Vista Home Premium machine to be used with Remote Desktop (via the hack) from my Win7 Machine (Ultimate). I am using my Vista machine as a home server and to stream movies to my TV. I wanted to set up the remote desktop to be able to control what I see on the TV from my Win7 machine-- essentially using my Win7 machine as a remote control for the Vista machine to access Hulu or Netflix etc. However, it seems I can login to the Vista machine as some kind of shadow-user, but not actually control whats happening on-screen.

Is there someway I can get onscreen control of the Vista machine via Remote Desktop?

Bless y'all!

A:Onscreen Control via Remote Desktop

Try Teamviewer.

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Thought here might be the best to ask this as I cannot remember the full details of how it all worked..

About a year ago I was installing some software onto a server & had some problems so i asked a dealer of mine (business) to help out and somehow he managed to remote desktop my computer simply by me going onto a website he gave me

Does anyone know any more details on what this is etc? I know its very vaigue but thats about as much as i remember as the company has now gone bust i cant contact them to find out what they used but it seemed pretty good as then it saved any software having to be installed on the other computer. Which appeals to the company i now work for as we want to start covering remote desktop support

A:Remote Desktop/Control via website

Normally I don't give links to applications that I know nothing about and that cost (since I mostly help non-business users), but this product seems to meet your needs.

I have tried UltraVNC, but not the SingleClick addon.

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I set up my Vista Home Premium machine to be used with Remote Desktop (via the hack) from my Win7 Machine (Ultimate). I am using my Vista machine as a home server and to stream movies to my TV. I wanted to set up the remote desktop to be able to control what I see on the TV from my Win7 machine-- essentially using my Win7 machine as a remote control for the Vista machine to access Hulu or Netflix etc. However, it seems I can login to the Vista machine as some kind of shadow-user, but not actually control whats happening on-screen.

Is there someway I can get onscreen control of the Vista machine via Remote Desktop?

Bless y'all.

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I have been using TeamViewer as a remote-control program for a few years to help friends and friends of friends and never charged anyone for this help; but, Teamviewer is now blocking me from using their program, saying I am using it commercially.

Teamviewer costs $600 per year so I can't afford that for free work.

So now I need a replacement. I need a program that will:

Remain on standby 24/7 so that I can log in at any time at will.
It needs to give me complete control of the remote system just as though I were sitting in front of the remote computer.
It needs to allow me to reboot the system and allow me to log in again after the reboot.
Since I don't charge for this work, it needs to be very low cost or free.
If you have personal first-hand experience with a program that meet these requirements, please tell me about it.

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I am having lots of trouble connecting to my friends IP with the Remote Desktop control program. And his IP address is That is his IP address right there. So I created a new account and stuff like that, and that worked well for me. So I add his IP address in the direct connection tab. And then I click on connect, and it won't connect to his computer at all! Every time I click on connect, it keeps saying Disconnected. And I already port forwarded my ports to my router, but I still had no luck with it. Oh well! So can you explain to me what the problem is? I mean I must be doing something wrong with this. So please explain to me why I cannot connect to his computer.

Now I tried using Remote Desktop Connection with his IP, and it works just fine with no problem at all. But he removed one of his accounts from me that let me go into his computer, and that made me really upset and mad, bigtime! And I think that I am annoying my friend a lot, that's for sure. So is there any way to get back one of his accounts, like when he doesn't know it? Please let me know much more about this. And try to cheer me up on this awful situation that I am in. Well anyway, so please get back to me as soon as possible, and let me know what to do about this terrible situation that I am. And also explain to me on how to make his IP work in the Remote Desktop Control program. And also, let me know on how to get back his account that deleted from me. Maybe there is a way I can get it back wi... Read more

A:I need some help using the Remote Desktop Control program

If he doesnt want you on his computer thats his business, there are no ways around this.

He probably finds it annoying because everytime you RD onto his machine it logs him out. Only one user can use a machine at one time.

If he wants you on the machine speak to him and get the account set back up, if he doesnt you are out of luck.

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