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Convert the metric degrees in Weather app on metro screen

Q: Convert the metric degrees in Weather app on metro screen

How can I manage the option of convert the metric degrees in Weather app in metro screen. In Cuba when i live the wheather messure is in celcius degrees. Thank you

Preferred Solution: Convert the metric degrees in Weather app on metro screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Convert the metric degrees in Weather app on metro screen

Hello Kbayin, 1st open the weather app then select settings tab from the start button in the lower left corner. On the right hand side select weather preferences then Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperature.

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Metro app weather says it can't run if uac is off. Don't know why Win 8 started giving that message, although I did have uac control off. Is there a fix other than having uac on.

A:Metro app weather

Most metro apps will not work with UAC turned off. There is no fix, other than turning UAC on. The reason is that Metro uses UAC's virtualization features (among other things) and without it, they just can't function.

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The Metro weather app doesn't load. It just gets past the initial splash screen and stays there. Any suggestions on what to do?

A:Weather Metro app not loading

I have same issue. Weather, and News, hangs on LOADING. Anyone have a workaround?

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Currently running the stock BING and The Weather Channel. Wondering what people prefer for their desktop metro weather app

A:Whats your favorite Metro Weather App?

I'm currently running The Weather Network App.

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Hello everyone. I have an annoying and weird problem with just the MSN weather metro under Win 8.1 Enterprise. It has been working fine since a few weeks ago, then all of a sudden, whenever I try to open it, it keeps showing the spinning circle right after the splash screen and my city with the current weather just never appears anymore.

Weird thing is that ALL the other metro apps work just fine including the store app and even the LIVE tiles work too, EVEN with the weather app but that's all that works for the latter.

Now I have tried the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter but didn't help.

Also I had another idea and it seemed to resolve the issue at first but only for a one time launch though.... :-(
That is I uninstalled the msn weather metro app, after that I went into the app store and installed it again. Then opened it and voila it worked and it remembered my city so it didn't delete everything it seems after uninstalling. Now whenever I close the weather app again and reopen it, it just has the same problem. Won't get pass the spinning circle again after the splash screen. Whenever I uninstall and reinstall it once more, it works again the first time I open it after the install but any subsequent launches of this particular metro app fails again.

I don't know how to solve this. It can't be a big problem as all else works just fine. Perhaps someone has run into the exact same phenomenon once and knows the solution. Hopefully so :-) I just like the weather a... Read more

A:Win 8.1 Enterprise MSN Weather metro app stuck at loading.

Isn't there some folder or key(s) in registry to wipe or clean so it could start a fresh? Just hunching...

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Hi all,

I have 2 adapter, same model same speed. When I use "route print" command to check the table, they are the same metric.

I need to use the designated adapter to connect a server. How can I make sure this adapter is higher priority in the route table. 
Remark: This PC is not allow to set the route table. I have to use the automatic metric algorithm.

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I have The Weather app permissions set to allow it to display the weather on the lock screen. This has been working fine for some time -- up until now.

Now it only shows alerts, not the temperature. Any idea how to fix this?

A:Windows Weather and Lock Screen -- Weather not showing

To get the weather to show on the lock screen TWO things are needed:

Give the Weather app permision to access the lock screen.Tell the lock screen what you want to see.
I think number 2 is set up by default and I think I set up number 1 myself. This was enough to make it work.

Somewhere along the line I mucked up number 2. I do remember experimenting in that area.

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Every time computer is restarted, the weather gadget shows temps in Fahrenheit, although I have very clearly set it to Celsius.

This is what I can see when booted:

That temperature is in Fahrenheit.

I click the Metro gadget to enter Weather, and system immediately changes to Celsius, showing my locations:

Settings are correct in data.js at C:\Program Files\Applications\microsoft.weather_1.0.0.26_neutral_neutral_8wekyb3d8bbwe\js:

convertDataTemperature: function (toCelsius) { for (var _city in Weather.Data.cities) {
["temperature", "feelslike", "high", "low"].forEach(function (value, index) {
Weather.Data.cities[_city][value] = convertTemp(Weather.Data.cities[_city][value], toCelsius);
for (var _day in Weather.Data.cityData[_city].forecast) {
Weather.Data.cityData[_city].forecast[_day].high = convertTemp(Weather.Data.cityData[_city].forecast[_day].high, toCelsius);
Weather.Data.cityData[_city].forecast[_day].low = convertTemp(Weather.Data.cityData[_city].forecast[_day].low, toCelsius);
for (var _hour in Weather.Data.cityData[_city].hourly) {
Weather.Data.cityData[_city].hourly[_hour].temp = convertTemp(Weather.Data.cityData[_city].hourly[_hour].temp, toCelsius);

BTW, every now and then when PC booted the weather gadg... Read more

A:Metro Weather showing Fahrenheits, Celsius selected on settings.

Good one "

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Something is terribly wrong with the MSN Weather app in Windows 8.1.  Throughout the afternoon until the evening, the app always says "Cloudy, 46 degrees", even though it's always sunny and 63 degrees out.  Even throughout the night,
the app won't update and it STILL says "Cloudy, 46 degrees"!  It seems the Weather app is broken!  Has the same thing happened to you?  If so, when will the app be fixed? :(

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I am sure this must have been covered and my apologies if it has already been asked. I may just not be using the correct terms in my search queries.

Is there a way to convert a Metro App, to its counterpart in a Desktop App?

For instance, I open the Metro version of Chrome or IE. I open a half dozen sites. Now I want to view them in a Window so I can drag/drop in to say Outlook for an email.


I open Netflix in Metro, and want to make it a window so I can do some work while I watch.

Is there a method to convert between Metro and Desktop?


A:Convert Metro to Window?

for IE App you can right click on page and click the wrench at the bottom and select view on desktop

Don't know about chrome, wouldn't install that garbage if you paid me

As for other apps, no, unless that feature is built in, and that will be rare if ever to happen.

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I need some help!

I lost the Desktop app in the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen. I can replace it with a show desktop shortcut but I was looking to get the original Desktop app back.

Can anyone assist? I searched the internet with no luck.



A:Help! - Lost Desktop Metro Icon in Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

Search for Desktop on the Windows Start screen. RIght click on the resulting Desktop search result and specify to pin to the start menu.

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I notice non-metro app icons are small. Is there way to make it big like Metro apps? Thanks!

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IE Metro tile is missing from my metro start screen. It's not in the 'all apps' list either. when I go to program default, it is set as the default browser. I went through all the checks in the tutorial on here, but at best, I can only get the desktop IE tile to pin to start. I would rather have the metro version tile on my start.

A:IE10 Metro app not available in my Metro start screen

Hello Ababb, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Double check through all the options in the tutorial again, and make sure that Internet Explorer is set as the default program with all of it's associations.


Hope this helps for now,

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My kids did something to their computer and now the screen has turned 90 degrees so in order to view it , you must drop your head down on your left shoulder.


A:screen turned 90 degrees

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dell latitude d630/winXP how to rotate screen?

A:screen at 90 degrees rotated

Hello and Welcome!
There is usually an option in your video card software that will allow you to rotate the screen. Look for that.. You could have Intel, ATI, N-Vidia etc. You may need to open 'advanced options' to see it..
Good Luck!

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I don't know what buttons I pressed but . . . now my screen is 90 degrees out of phase. In other words - all of my text, icons, and everything is sideways. Even my mouse. I'm sure there's a simple solution to get it right but I don't know how. Appreciate any help. Running Windows XP. Thx!


A:Help!!! Screen 90 degrees out of phase

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I work in a school. *say no more* One of our monitors now shows everything at a right angle to what it ought to be. I'm sure one of our "cherubs" thought they were being cute, but now the computer is unusable and I don't know how to undo the damage.

I tried fiddling with the controls on the monitor but could not fix it this way. The student who had been using the computer said it logged on normally, but that she hit some key putting her books down and it shifted the screen. I never heard of such a thing. Perhaps it was booby-trapped. (I did mention I work in a school didn't I?)

I loved the movie Sideways, but I don't like it for viewing material on the computer. Any help would be much appreciated. And people think being a librarian isn't a tech job.

A:Screen shifted 90 degrees

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Hi, everyone.

I am running a Gateway Windows Tablet. This afternoon, after moving the machine, I turned the screen around and everything had moved. The tool bar which had been on the bottom is now veticall on the right side and the icons which hade been vertical are now horizontal across the bottom of the screen. PLEASE help me to get it back to the "normal" orientation.

Thanks. Jim

A:Everything on screen has moved 90 degrees

Hello and welcome to the forum . .

You should be able to click on the Tool Bar, hold the click and move it to the bottom . . thay may correct the icons as well

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From a perfectly normal desktop screen, my computer is now showing everything (all icons) from left to rt rather than top to bottom.The screen flipped 90 degrees to the left.
I changed monitors, re-booted but the desktop icons won`t go back to normal.
When I open a file I have to turn my head horizontal to be able to read it. Is there anything I can do or is the computer dying???

A:Solved: Screen has flipped 90 degrees??

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The screen on my Compaq (w/Intel video 82845G/GL) is flipped upside down. This happened when allowing the pc to be a host using PC Anywhere.
Does anyone know of some rotational hot key or registry setting that allows this? I'm guessing this is a feature of the video controller but I can't find any info on it. The OS is XP (non SP2) and the posting msgs are ok until XP starts up.

A:Screen has flipped/rotated 180 degrees

My gut says it will be in your video drivers or in your XP video settings. My Nvidia video software has this "feature" (as stupid as it is...). You should try just searching your "Help" files on your machine on text like "rotate video" etc...

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This laptop is only a few months old now. I was hoping to find some information on HP's site but it seems as if it is currently down. I noticed today that the display will not come on unless is opened around 100 degrees or more. When the screen does turn off it doesn't seem to be going to sleep as if I had shut the screen. I also just so happen to have let the graphics card update it's driver's last night. I'm not sure if the problem stems from that or if I have a hardware issue. Does anyone have any advise?

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Dell is no help...my warranty is expired and I can't find a thing in the manual....call me a ditz but my neck is sore as ever!  Can anyone tell me what key combination will reset my screen wide, not tall??  Thank you!!!


The correct key combination to use depends on your exact type of integrated video or video card.You could try pressing Ctrl - Alt and the up arrow key at the same time and toggle the keys again. Another possibility is to press Ctrl - Shift and R at the same time and toggle the keys again.In my case I can right click on the desktop and choose NVIDIA Control Panel. Rotate display options are then available.

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Evereything is turned on its side- mouse control is similarly changed- up is right and down is left. I am current writing from top to bottom of the screen. I was trying to get rid of those probably scam websites which say scanning for trojan- install Windows Defender- only total close of all windows would get rid of it. I was preparing to restart and the screen view went on its side. I restarted and its a bizarre as before. My wife will blame me big time.

A:Emergency- My screen has turned 90 degrees

The first two flash screen are normal- one saying Fujistu and the other Window starting (in Japanese)- then its back to bizarro world.

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In my IE history, there are links to two sites on hotels in a town on the beach in Germany, and links to a site (i think even it's the BBC) for the average monthly weather temperatures for that town? Or is it more likely a person was using my computer. My friend was traveling to Europe two week later, and they swear they weren't using it. But I also had a virus or trojan or something on my computer that same week when she was here and could have used my computer.I am just wondering which is more likely. Or if it is even possible that a virus or trojan could do this. And if so, has anyone heard of a virus which looks up hotels and weather temperatures for the same town? Or does anyone think this is absolutely ridiculous a virus would do this and this was a person looking up hotels on my computer before their trip abroad..they swear they were not using it, but the hotel is nearby a friend of theirs.Edit: Moved topic from Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs to the more appropriate forum, due the absence of any logs in topic. ~ Animal

A:Can a virus cause links in history for both hotels in germany and bbc weather sites average weather data for that same town, or...

Hello.I remember having this discussion with you on IRC. But, just for the record I'll post here too.While it's entirely feasible that a piece of malware could be written to do the tasks you mention, there's absolutely no reason why anyone would write such a program. Modern malware is concerned with making money above all else.~Blade

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Running windows XP on a dell 15inch flat screen.

When loading the windows xp black screen when F2 setup possible screen is normal. Upon blue screen with user logons the screen has rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise.

A:WHY? My screen has rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise

no worries, simply ctrl alt up command

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Somehow, navigating with my mouse I clicked something
and suddenly the display on my computer screen rotated
90 degrees counter clockwise.
I feel stupid in saying that I can't find a way to correct
this problem.
I have an HPG72-B60US Notebook.
I have the problem whether I am using
Firefox or Edge browsers. Not sure which version
of windows I have.
Please, HELP! I'm getting a pain in my neck looking
at the screen sideways.

A:Text on my screen rotated 90 degrees - can't get it back

Happened to me a long time ago when I was fooling around with Intel Graphics.  See if this helps: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/processors/000005491.html

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I inadvertently slid my hand sideways, swiping across the bottom row of the keyboard, which turned the mousepad on, and apparently hit some of the function keys, causing the entire display screen to rotate 90 degrees, so that the top of the screen is up against the left side of the monitor. the whole display screen, background and all. Can anyone tell me how to rotate it back? Thanks. Hp pavilion dv6 notebook PC, windows 7.

View Solution.

A:My display screen suddenly rotated 90 degrees, how do i rota...

Hi, Hold down the ctrl and alt keys and press the up arrow. Regards, DP-K

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On Vista.
I accidentally touched two or more keys and theDesktop screen immediately shifted 90 degrees to the left.
Help would be appreciated because tilting my head is giving me a pain in the neck!!!

A:[SOLVED] Desktop screen turned 90 degrees left

Hi, you can thank Dunedin for this:-

ctrl+alt+right key = screen rotated 90? to the right
ctrl+alt+down key = screen rotated 180? (upside down)
ctrl+alt+left key = screen rotated 90? to the left

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This just started happening recently, but when I open my laptop past about 90 degrees, the screen darkens to the point where it's almost pitch black. I thought that the wires connecting the screen were broken, but when I started to close it, the screen returned back to normal. I can still see a bit when it's past 90 degrees, but only when I lean in really close and look at it from an angle.

Is there anyway to fix this? Um, it started happening when I once opened it up from sleeping. Is the wire getting crushed or something? If it helps, my laptop has windows vista and is a toshiba satellite M300 according to the label I just read. Any help greatly appreciated

A:Screen darkens when laptop is opened past 90 degrees?

Hi and welcome to TSG.

I am not 100% certain but it sounds like the backlight / inverter is playing up, this could be due to a dodgy connection.

In most laptops that inverter board can be replaced fairly easily, you could probably do it yourself. However, I am not sure if that is the case with the backlight aswell.

How old is the laptop, is it still under warranty at all?

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Whenever I use the pen while the screen is flipped back over 180 degrees (whether in tent mode, tablet mode, whatever) the touchscreen becomes unresponsive. The pen works just fine but the screen wil eventually stop responding to touch. THe only fix I found is flipping the screen to laptop mode and back. This isn't app specific either. I mostly use the pen with Artrage and Photoshop, but I just tested on Edge and Mail, and the touchscreen became unresponsive.  I can use the pen in laptop mode without it interferring with touch. Something tells me there's a software issue.  Are there any fixes to this? It's really annoying.  In addition, the pen input can be very buggy at times, it wants to stick to teh top of the screen and I often end up moving the window while drawing.  I've calibrated the pen a few times, and I use both the built in pen as well as the thinkpad pen pro one (the thicker one you can be separately).  

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Hi My Yoga 2, 11.6 laptop has started completely cutting out when the screen moves past 180 degrees while it is unplugged. The issue does not occur when the laptop is plugged in. Would anyone have any idea as to why this is happening, and if whether this could be purely a battery issue? Thanks in advance

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Help,Start Screen Weather Live widget Broken, It just shows the sun thing
I checked my Live Tile ON!
but it remains broken
Weird Huh

A:Start Screen Weather Live widget Broken

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Just a quick question about customizing my Metro Screen. How can I change the background image on my Metro or Start/Tile Screen? Is it possible? If so, can somebody please help me out concerning that?

A:Metro Screen or Start Screen Background

Hello zigzagoon, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You could use the program Decor8 by Stardock to do so. It's not free, but it's only $4.99 and lets you try out it for a while before needing to purchase or uninstall it.

Decor8 - Personalize the Windows? 8 Start screen with Decor8?!

Hope this helps,

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How can I have more than one web site (split screen) on my screen using ie10 from the metro screen.

I can do it from the desktop but I have not found a way to do it by launching ie10 from the windows 8 metro screen.

A:split screen using ie10 from metro screen

That's the new feature added to IE11 in Windows 8.1, I don't think we can have IE11 in Windows 8.

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Hi everyone.
When I am in the metro start screen with all the tiles if I right click all that comes up is up is " name groups " when a while back a bottom task bar would pop up and also a " customize " circle.

Any Ideas? I may have changed some settings because I am for ever being adventurous and neglect to make a restore point.

Thank you,


PS: I run win8.1

A:Metro screen

Press the Space bar.

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Lately, I've noticed all of my applications (Word, Photoshop, etc.) use the metric system of measurement. I'm not sure why this started, but I'd like it to go back to the imperial system. Do you know how I can change this default setting? Thanks!


A:Metric system!

I don't know about Photoshop, but in Word you can go to

Tools -> Options -> General tab and check that the measurement units are in inches

Entering "measurement" in Windows Help gained this information:

To change the way your computer displays numbers
Open Regional and Language Options in Control Panel.
On the Regional Options tab, under Standards and formats, click Customize.
On the Numbers tab, specify any changes you want to make.
Among items you can change are the decimal symbol and list separator, the format used for negative numbers and leading zeros, and the measurement system (U.S. or metric).


To open Regional and Language Options, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Regional and Language Options.

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I have a new HP Windows 8 Pavillion Desktop. This morning when I click on any Metro page tile it flips as if going to Mail or People or Weather, etc. then flips right back to the Metro page. I called HP and they say it's corrupted and I have to call MS? I did this "refresh" thing once with this pc and lost more than I care to lost again. Isn't there something that can be done to fix this? Thanks great for any help! Jack ":-\

BTW, I checked restore points. Apparently by default it's not turned on. I though I had plenty of restore points as Advanced System Care by iObit reports every time I delete a program from their unistall programs feature that it is creating a restore point. Apparently not. So I can't try a restore point. I did turn it ON however. Again,

A:Click on Metro tile .. flips .. right back to Metro Page ?

Hi jack...I had the exact same thing last night. Almost all the apps did that. Some however still work. The uninstall/reinstall seems to fix those apps that have the problem. I think the issue began right after I downloaded and installed the "Patch Tuesday" Windows Updates. Have not uninstalled all those updates yet to see if they are the cause. Did you by any chance get the updates??

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i have 2 programms which needs no install, just starting the exe-File, but i want them to be listed on the metro-screen between all other apps.

The problem is, that these programms are not listed,i guess because they are not installed.....

Is there a way to add exe-files manually to the metro-screen, so that they are shown like apps?

A:Add an app to metro screen from Exe-File

Hello Samy, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You should be able to use OPTION THREE in the tutorial below to pin the exe file to the Start screen.

Start Screen - Pin or Unpin App, Folder, or Drive in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Who has done a snip of a Metro Screen - please tell how. I had to use an awkward method to get the pic in post #5 of this thread Changing color of tiles in the start menu

A:Snip of a Metro screen

Do you have multiple monitors?

The easiest way I found is using FastStone Capture.
When the Metro screen is on the primary monitor, I have to initiate the selection on the secondary monitor. Metro Screen disappears for a moment but pops right back up as I continue my selection.
When the Metro Screen is on the secondary monitor, I can just do a simple snip.

Naturally, one can always do a full screen capture and edit later.

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Just starting to use Windows 8, on a laptop with no touch screen. So far, although it is pretty, I don't see the new Metro "modern" start menu as being very useful, and will likely install one of the third party apps to bring back the traditional Start Menu. (Microsoft really should have included that as an option within Windows, not needing a third party app. I hope they realize that, and add it in an update.However, trying to figure out if the new Metro screen could be useful, once one gets used to it. It looks like every time one installs an app, an icon (or "Live Tile") is added for it in the Metro screen, or multiple icons. If one has a lot of programs installed, that could mean a lot of scrolling through a mess of icons, to find the app you want to start. (Even with a touch screen, which makes the side to side scrolling easier, that could be a hassle.)If, however, one could organize the icons ("Tiles") into folders on the Metro screen, to organize the programs by type, etc. (good to be able to assign an icon for each folder, so that one can distinguish them by more than text), then it could be more useful, organized, not require so much scrolling, etc. (Hell, even the limited IOS allows putting apps together in folders, although not subfolders (unless jailbroken,) Well, I would hope that app folders in Win 8 would not limit the number of apps in each folder, and would allow subfolders.) With such a folder option, it might take a while, but ... Read more

A:Folders on the Metro Screen?

Once again, there seems to be the problem in this forum again, of carriage returns being stripped out, and a post (at least mine) (posting with default settings, from Firefox 19.02) appearing as one long run-on paragraph, making it difficult to read. I hope that is fixed soon, as it was after I mentioned it another time.

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Hi All - I've done a ton of internet research on this and haven't found my problem specifically described - although some situations very close...

Out of the blue, the metro screen for my 2 accounts (MS live accounts) is essentially locked up. Clicking on apps and tiles doesn't do anything. Keyboard works to some degree and I can do a win+R to get into desktop and be somewhat functional although after a period of time, clicking on programs and icons in desktop freezes up as well. The lock screen always works fine and I can CTRL+ALT+DEL into lock screen all the time.

Was able to boot into safe mode and everything works as normal in safe mode w/o networking. I created a local account and then booted back normally and that local account seems to work fine also. Tried the OLE registry manipulations, etc. that were suggested by Mr Google and that didn't help.

Question is, if this is related to using MS online live accounts, why? And how can I ensure this doesn't come back if I use local accounts only? Could this be created all by some app I used - have downloaded the "live cam" app and that's really the only one that was common between the two accounts. Installed some software that needed .net 3.5 also. Could that be it? Video card drivers maybe for my 9500GT?

Interested in some thoughts if anyone has ideas.


A:Metro Screen Frozen

Just kind of thinking out loud here, but how is your internet connection? Is it stable? What kind of ping times/latency do you get if you test to one of the speed test sites?

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I'm looking for an solution for an random issue on my clients computers (Windows 7 or 10).
They connected to an business vpn with Juniper network connect.
As usual, to be sure the computer use the vpn network to make dns reolution etc... the virtual network card created by juniper is using metric 1 to have the top priority.
That's working well since 1 or 2 years.
For an unknown reason When they connect to the vpn some computers keep the internet gateway instead of using the one provided by juniper vpn...
The solution we've found is to edit the juniper metric from 1 to 2 and after ipconfig /flushdns the route table is using the vpn gateway..the pb is, juniper create an virtual card each connections, so it is deleted when the users disconnect his vpn session.
I don't know why but the computers seems not update the route table when connecting to vpn..
We tried :
 - changing from ethernet to wireless or 3G/4G internet source
 - change the network card order in advanced parameters from the networking center..
 - route -f is not workingg

Do you have any idea..?

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Got a problem with Vlan's, I have created 2 different Vlan on Realtek or intel network card.
Work ok, virtual cards getting the correct IP address, but Windows 8 using DNS server from virtual network card  who has the lowers metric.
PC show takes DNS server setting from Vlan200 with metric 5 but instead, he using the DNS server from Vlan37 with metric 22.
Maybe someone know how can I fix this issue?
On Windows 10 don't have this problem.

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I've started a virtual machine which has two nics with qemu-kvm on server, one nic with qemu-kvm param "-redir tcp:40037::3389" is in "user" mode which IP is, so if I connect to, it will map to, the other is in bridge mode which IP is, my pc is, In the vm, "route print" shows two default gateway as below:    5    5
When I use my pc connect to, always cat not connect, so I change the metric value to 100 of, it works well.I am confusing. My question is:
I capture packet on nic, when connect, the src IP  is, src mac is the mac of, all these are right, but when reply, why it still select default gateway of I mean the dst is and there is a route
item like:            on-link    261
why doesn't it choose this one?
Or it doesn't find routing table at all when reply, just according to the receive interface? But if really this, why doesn't it work when metric value are the same? 
Or it doesn't find rou... Read more

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