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Yoga 2 Pro, can I do a clean install of windows OS and install back onekey recovery?

Q: Yoga 2 Pro, can I do a clean install of windows OS and install back onekey recovery?

Hello,I'm facing some little problems that a clean install would definately solve them, but I'm afraid that if I install onekey recovery afterwords, it won't be or can't be 100% integrated with the system. There's this novo key on the side that it brings onekey recovery if i shut my laptop and then press it, would it work later after a clean install of windows OS and reinstalling onekey recovery?Is there anything that is really useful by Lenovo that I'm going to miss out on, if i do a clean install? Is there any risks at all?Thank U guys

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Preferred Solution: Yoga 2 Pro, can I do a clean install of windows OS and install back onekey recovery?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi, I have Yoga 500 which has a i5 6200U. It came installed with Windows 10.I get my backup with last version of OneKey Recovery before the serviced. Backup is 120 GB.After the service, I try to install my backup but it doesn't work. I tried different ways. 1- I try to do that with OneKey Recovery on my desktop. After the restart, there is a blue screen and diffrent alternative options.-First, I choose connect a device (DVD, Usb HDD etc.) and after than I choose my external hard disk which is include backup files. 4 seconds later, nothing gonna happen and Window 10 start as ever as. It doesn't work.-Second, I choose other option (Repair etc.). After then I choose System Image ... ( I don't remember the full name). I try to sellect my backup.wpi file and others files, but it doesn't work also.2- I try to do that with Novo Button. I choose System Recovery. There is a same screen with the OneKey Recovery. I try the do same steps but it doesn't work also.3-I'm sure that my backup is doesn't have a problem but I create a new backup for trying. It doesn't work also.*I also try to format my laptop to Install Windows 8 but I can't. I disable UEFI mode and other bios options but nothing gonna change. I have very important datas on my backup. At least I recover that. How can I open .wsi and .dsi files? I think problem is "OneKey Recovery not compatible with Windows 10". It's not start in initial screen when I choose the System Recovery option on OneKey Rec... Read more

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Hello. I have recently resetted my Lenovo Y50-70 to factory settings due to some issues. Now that I've got my Companion App back up and running, going in System Update shows that OneKey Recovery has failed to install. Upon hitting "Retry install" button, it looks like it's downloading the necessary files, but after a split second of 0% progress it just stops and shows a red exclamation mark with "1 Update failed to download and install".I do not know what is wrong with that, I remember it working fine before resetting. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi,  Long story short, i get in a middle installation this error: 'error 1719.Windows Installer service could not be accessed.Contact your support personnel to verify that it is properly registered and enabled'

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Hello, I have removed my DVD from my lenovo ideapad z475 notebook to be able to install an internal hard drive.The original hard drive (750GB) install it in the bay where the DVD was, where the 750GB hard drive was, I installed a 120GB SSD disk.
Windows works normally, I have all the factory partitions on my 750GB disk, I created the restore disks without any problems using onekey recovery, the problem is that when I try to do the restoration on my new SSD disk this tells me that the Partitions are not correct (I guess it's because it's a different hard drive) How can I do an operating system restore on the new hard drive (SSD)?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

partition.jpg ?68 KB

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I have had the same laptop for about 2 1/2 years now. I have never performed a back-up (of any kind) or a clean install. I would like to do both of those this week.

I haven't ever performed either of these tasks, and therefore, I need some instructions. I searched the forum for a thread, but didn't see anything. Any help/links anyone can provide would be appreciated.

Lastly, my My Documents file is over 18 GB. Should I just invest in an external HD?



A:Windows XP Pro Back-Up and Clean Install

An external drive is a good idea . . but I would also burn important files to CD orDVD to be sure you do not loose any data . . it is always a good idea to have the data backed up at least twice

Reinstalling XP is a pretty big undertaking . . unlike previous operating systems, it does not need to be done every couple of years to help performance.

If you want to do it, enter BIOS ( Setup ) and set the first boot device as CD/ROM. Put your XP Disc in the drive and disconnect all external peripherals except the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and be sure those are not USB, or wireless. Any internal USB card should also be removed.

Once you set your BIOS to boot first from cd . . when it restarts you will see a black screen with a prompt "Press any key to boot from CD" . . do that and you will be able to delete partitions and recreate one or more, then proceed to formating and installing XP.

That message can pass quickly, so have a finger on the keyboard when you boot. This will delete all data on the drive so be sure you have your important data backed up. The prompt will appear after every reboot, but do not press any key on subsequent reboots. The setup process will continue with no action required from you.

If you do not get that message, and you have another optical drive, try the XP CD in the other drive.

This is a site that walks you thru a simulated XP installation:

These are good guides to reinstalling ... Read more

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Hello. I have an Ideapad V570c using OneKey Recovery 7.0. Some time ago I decided to try the Linux Mint distribution, so I made a Macrium Reflect and Lenovo OneKey backups of the entire system with Windows 7 Home preinstalled and formated the entire hard drive during the Linux Mint installation. After I while I changed my mind and restored my laptop back to Windows using Macrium Reflect restore (I made a full disc image before I installed Linux Mint). It booted back to Windows sucessfully but after that OneKey recovery button did not work anymore. I ran OneKey recovery in Windows and clicked on "System Recovery" to restart the laptop and boot the OneKey recovery environment, but it boots back to Windows, to my login screen. After that I used the Lenovo factory default recovery discs and still, with default factory Windows installation on my laptop, OneKey recovery doesn't work. I noticed that there's an ubuntu boot option in my BIOS boot order. That might be why OneKey recovery dosen't work, but I don't know how to remove it from the boot list. Browsing the forums I found my solutions but none of the worked. Here's what I tried:- Boot fix/ repair using Windows recovery disk.- Boot fix/ repair using Macruim Reflect recovery disc.- I removed the hard drive, turned on my laptop, went to bios and out, shurdown the laptop and put the hard drive back in.- Ran a BCD repair in EasyBCD.- I checked the partition table in PTEDIT32. There are four partitions and their types are 07 0... Read more

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I just bought a Yoga 930 and was wondering has anyone done a Windows 10 clean install?  I normally do a clean install with my HP laptops because of all the extra junk most companies install on the computer that I will never use.  I'm just wondering when I did it on my last HP Windows 10 downloaded all the drivers for me I did not have to download anything manually.  Is Lenovo Yoga 930 the same way or do I have to manually get the drivers and install them.  I don't mind doing like this I'm just wondering. 

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Is there a guide on how to do a clean install of Windows on a brand new Yoga X1 3rd gen? I want to make sure to get rid of any bloatware. I plan to download Windows 1809 if it is indeed available for download next Tuesday Oct 2nd and install fresh that way. How can I obtain my product key so I can activate windows after the clean install? Will I need to power on the machine and extract the key some how before doing the clean install? Or should there be a product key on a label on the computer or something that comes in the box that has it? Finally, is there a hidden partition or something that makes re-installing easy in the future? If so, how can I update it to the 1809 version that I am hopefully getting next week. Thanks!

A:New Yoga X1 G3, clean install of windows

I've done it.  There is no problem with the key.  It is stored in the BIOS and the machine will activate automatically.  If you are asked for a product key during the install, selecct the option to say you don''t have a key now.

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I have a computer that someone put a clean copy of Windows 7 and previously it was windows xp. We did a back-up before the computer was wiped up. (programs - Accesories - back-up/restore) in windows 7, you have to got to the control pannel, but it does not pick up the back up. I used an external hard drive. Any suggestions how to go about restoring this information?

A:Can not retrieve back-ups after clean install of windows 7

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I'm desperate. After upgrade of my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 it failed in process of installing software in new clean Windows 10. So, I deleted upgraded Windows 10 partition for clean install of Windows 8.1. And problems began:
I used all usable removable media except ZIP, so DVD, USB, SD and CF cards and each medium looks like error in data. It's mysterious - I can't have each USB port, card reader and 4 used DVD drives broken, also media incorrectly written. When I begin install of 8.1 it fails with report that cannot find license terms, other media fails and reboot at install boot, in all cases = not possible install <any> OS - I tried also Linux Mint 10 (Commodore OS Vision) - each try failed. What did Windows 10 with my PC? I can boot only live DVD @ctive Boot Disk, not more - it's near week of trying - I used 3 USBs, each port, 4 microSD cards, 1 CF card, 5 DVD disks with same copies, 4 DVD drives - Windows 10 destroyed my PC? If, I hate it, if not I try to use first on virtual machine - final upgrade with all changes like real PC - but only if I will have any chance to install <any> OS.
Can anybody explain me my situation?
Thank you very much.

A:Windows 8.1 back clean install works not - help me please

Is secure boot set in the bios?

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I've just had a clean install on my Yoga 500 14IHW hoped to re partition it and some other reasons.It seem everything is ok but few of fuctions have gone and  I can't remember what of them. But the one that I want it back is the Transition. I want it turn to tablet mode automatically when I bend it. No matter I try to find how to solve, it still not work.# I have already installed the Transition software.# All driver are updated.# I can change to tablet mode just in manualy# When I bend it keyboard and touchpad are disable.Please help. I had backed up the full disk to image with Norton Ghost and tried to restore it but it remain Windows error could not start. I tried to repair it by using usb win 10, but it still not work.Hope to see any solution soon.

A:Yoga 500 windows 10 clean install and transition d...

Hi,have you solved the problem?Please look here : https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-Yoga-Series-Notebooks/Yoga-500-doesn-t-switch-to-tablet-mode/td-... I hope that this Topic can help you.

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Hello everyone,
I recently installed Windows 8.1 Pro RTM successfully so I thought it may be useful to share the steps here.
Disclaimer: Please proceed with caution. I'm not responsible for any gain, loss, or harm done to you, your device, or your data.
Link to picture
1- Windows 8.1 RTM ISO image. (Available on the internet)
2- Windows 8 Pro license key. (Yes, It works with 8.1 also)
3- Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool
4- Lenovo Yoga 13 Windows 8 Drivers
5- USB Stick or HDD with at least 4GB space. (Note: All data on disk will be erased)
1- Important: Take a full backup of HDD.
2- Plugin the USB disk then open Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.
3- Point to WIN8.1 ISO image path and wait for the wizard to finish.

4- After the wizard completes succefully, keep the USB stick plugged in and then restart the device in UEFI mode.
( + C -> Settings -> General -> Advanced -> Restart now -> Use a device -> USB UEFI Device).
5- It shall boot from the USB device and begin Windows setup wizard.
6- Specify the preferred language and enter the license key and choose advanced installation.
7- In disk allocation wizard, delete partitions with the following labels: LENOVO, WINRE_DRV, SYSTEM_DRV
(Warning: Don't erase partition labeled PBR_DRV as this will erase the Lenovo recovery drive).
8- Select the resulted unallocated space (should be around 106 GB) and click ne... Read more

A:[Guide] Windows 8.1 PRO RTM clean install on Yoga ...

Hi, thank you for the instructions, but I already deleted ALL partitions.  Well, I was already going your way before I discovered this, but without the "keep the USB Stick plugged in" because I used my Desktop PC to create the bootable USB stick. Now I am having the problem in installing Windows 8.1 with UEFI only. I can't boot from USB stick with UEFI, formatted with FAT32 and used the Windows USB Tool to create the media exactly like your instructions in this case. What can I do?  I also tried installing from a second partition but the Windows setup says that there is a MBR-partition table so I am not able to install Windows on that drive. On the other hand Acronis Disk Director isn't able to format the SSD to GPT......that's a real dilemma.....I am at the end of my knowledge. Can somebody help me? 

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I need to do a clean install of Windows 10 on my girlfriends Lenovo Yoga 2. I noticed there are five different partitions on her computer...have no idea what is going on here. Should I use Parted Magic and just Secure Erase the SSD and then proceed on with the Windows 10 installation?  

Disk Management.PNG ?85 KB

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hello, I just did a clean install of windows 10 on my yoga 900-13ISK2. can somone provide me instructions on how to reinstall drivers (i get you download the file from the site and just execute it) but i know drivers and utilities required to be installed in certain order. I also want to make sure i install all of the drivers and not put any bloat wear. My computer is a signature edition, so i would like to install all drivers and programs that came out the box.

A:Yoga 900 Laptop windows clean install

Drivers are of course needed for the hardware devices on your system to work properly, and many will be delivered by Windows Update, but I would probably update them with the versions found on the Lenovo Support site.   The order that they are installed, however, is not really important as long as you reboot when requested.   As far as software and utilities, you don't really need any of those for your laptop to work, and only you can determine what software or utilities you think are useful, and what you consider bloatware. Cheers,

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On a Yoga 3 pro that had a corrupted and unbootable version of Windows 8. 
I've managed to create a USB boot drive that the computer recognizes, I've deleted all partitions but when I attempt the clean reinstall I get "Windows cannot install required files, make sure all files required for the installation are available and restart the installation. Error code 0x8007013".
I've tried it multiple times with multiple USB drives. I've tried the Windows Media Creation tool (the computer won't even recognize it), I've tried it making a USB stick with Rufus (see above problem) and I've tried making one with Windows Media Creation tool, copying all the files off it, formatting with Rufus and copying all the files back, same problem. I've tried with Secure Boot on and with it off, I've tried with UEFI on and with it set to Legacy. No luck.
I'm normally pretty good at this, but this has me stumped. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Moderator Note: Edited subject to match content.

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I have Lenovo Carbon x1 bought in 2014. It had Windows 8.1 pre-installed, but it quickly started bothering me with its "charms", so I wiped everything and installed Windows 7. Now I'm trying to reinstall Windows 8.1 back from the recovery USB I created beforehand. But it doesn't allow me to do this. The interface boots fine and then offers me several options (screenshot). Whichever option I choose, it doesn't allow me to do a clean install of a new operating system, but just tries to reset/restore/repair the operating system I already have (screenshot). I tried choosing different options listed under "Use a device" menu without any result. All it does is it simply restarts the computer, turning on different options like BIOS settings or Boot choices. If I select my USB recovery disk, it just repeats the cycle, bringing me back to the same interface that doesn't give me an option of a clean install . Please help me. How can I do a clean install of Windows 8.1 with the recovery USB? Or is there any alternative way of getting my (purchased together with the laptop) OS back?

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I did a clean install of Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion e9107c with the upgrade disc that came with the purchase of my PC and it was successful. I ran all of the Windows updates. The computer is running fine and I'm able to access the Internet. I had backed up all of my files on an external drive so they are safe. The one snag is that everything relating to my HP system is missing. When I do a search for HP via the start menu, there is nothing that shows up and nothing shows up in my list of programs, either. I'm not even able to get my indentification numbers when I press "Ctrl Alt S." I was not sure what HP items were necessary for running my PC, so I called HP support. Apparently it is important that I have something called "Hardware Diagnostic Tools" and "Recovery Manager." The agent said that since I formatted the drives that there is no way to re-install the essential HP items unless I used my system restore disks to restore to Vista and then run an upgrade to 7. I don't want to do that. The agent said that if there is ever a problem with my hard drive and I call them for support, that I'm going to have to go through that process anyway because they can't diagnose it without the "Hardware Diagnostic."

Does anyone know how to put the Hardware Diagnstic, Recovery Manager, and any other essential HP items back on my PC without having to revert to Vista and upgrade?

Background: With my PC, the instructio... Read more

A:How to get back HP essential items after clean install of Windows 7

Well, unless HP offers this software for download on their website, I don't see any other way of getting it back.But after a quick look at, it appears that they do...http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwar...product=3998947

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Hello, I have decided to do a clean install of Windows 10 Professional (x64) on my Lenovo X1 Yoga (20FQ). I'm currently pulling my hair out trying to install Windows 10 in UEFI mode, I want to do this so I can use the full functionality of the TPM chip and bitlocker. No matter what I do I have not been able to install Windows 10 Professional (x64) in UEFI mode, I've only been able to install it in legacy mode. I've tried multiple configurations of the BIOS in terms of disabling Legacy/enable UEFI OS to boot but when I put the BIOS in UEFI only mode the Windows 10 Professional (x64) USB key (that I've created using the .iso downloaded with the Microsoft Download Tool), the machine refuses to boot from the USB key or the PCIe-NVMe when in UEFI Only mode. Can someone point me to a guide for installing Windows in UEFI mode?

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Hello, I just recently clean installed windows 10 on my Lenovo Yoga 500-14IBD, replacing the 1TB HDD with a 128GB SSD (I don't have that much stuff). Computer seems to launch apps faster (most of the time) and also starts up faster, but my internet browsing is still kind of laggy.  So i'm wondering If i need to change the computer in anyway (BIOS, etc?) now it has a SSD rather than the shipped with HDD. Also, the clean install has taken all my preinstalled Lenovo programs so I also wonder if this will affect the performance of my laptop(- or is it better)? Because I went to the support page for my laptop and downloaded a driver for the touchpad thinking it would be the newest available and before it downloaded it said it was older than the driver it would be replacing, which I thought strange and it's got me asking if the support page is kept up to date? Ideally I would download a Lenovo app that ckecks my system for out of date or absent Lenovo software that should be there. If anyone could answer those questions I would be extremely grateful. Thanks, David

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Hello, I've just bought a new Lenovo yoga 730 15 with Intel Core i7 8550U and want to clean install Windows 7. Just can't get id done. I've loaded Win 7 to usb drive, it boots up, but won't see the drive because the "nvme driver cannot be found". Well, i cant find that driver anywhere either. Any solutions?

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I have a 5/12 year old HP G70t-200 laptop, using windows home premium 64 bit.
It has begun crashing all the time, while reading email, while watching videos, while on "go to webinar," etc.
The computer only turns off when I push the power button.
I have tried microsoft fixit, I have also used a registry cleaner, but it has not helped.
I would now like to do a clean install of windows 7, but I only have my recovery disks.
Is that sufficient for a clean installation or do I need to purchase an OEM disk?
Thank you.

A:Can I Do A Clean Install of Windows 7 From Recovery Disks?

Hello Lierre, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help walk you through on how to do a clean install on your OEM computer.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I built up a new PC featuring a brand new SSD (i.e fully unallocated). Then, I made a clean install of Windows 8.1 pro (64bits) using an ISO DVD. Using Windows disk management tool after the install, I can see that only two partitions have been created: one System partition in NTFS (350MB) and the remaining of the SSD is the C: partition while I was expecting a third one : a recovery partition. Of course, I do not remember a prompt during the install to ask whether I want a recovery parttion or not.

Is it normal ?
Is a recovery partition useful knowing I have the install DVD ?
If the recovery partition has some advantages, is there a way to create it after the install is completed ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

A:No recovery partition after a clean install of windows 8.1

gigabyte B85M-HD3
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1150 - GA-B85M-HD3 (rev. 1.x)
As the new MOBO's now have a uEFI/BIOS firmware.
How to install Windows 64 bit on a uEFI/BIOS firmware:
UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Hello there!

My HDD on my HP dm4 laptop recently started giving me problems. Initially I got a "Hard Drive not found error" or an "Please install an operating system" error. I thought this might be a loose connection with the hard drive so I opened the backside and made sure it wasn't. But it still started doing the same thing and started running very slow. So, I ran a few diagnostics and hard drive checks and it came up with a "303" error. When I googled it, I found out that its time for me to replace my HDD (its been only two years since I got this laptop). So I ordered a new one (WD 750 GB @7200 RPM. The one I have now is a 640 GB @7200 RPM) and once I get it I have to do a clean install. Fortunately, my school provides us with free windows software, which includes all the operating systems. So I am planning on getting the windows 7 pro. However, I don't have my recovery disks. I made them when I got my laptop first but I misplaced them somewhere when I moved. So I don't think I can find them. However, fortunately, I backed up my HDD last week. So when I clean install Windows 7, what should I do about the drivers? In other words, how much do I need the recovery disks? Please let me know. Thank you in advance. Also, I found this excellent tutorial by gregrocker: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 - which I plan on using.

A:Clean install windows 7 without recovery disks?

Wow. Never mind. I just read it and realized that I can find all the drivers on the manufacturer's website and I did. Sorry for the post guys.

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I would like to get some help installing Windows 7 64 bit home edition on my XPS 8500

1TB sata HDD.

Because of a "2000-149" fault code, I am going to do a like for like HDD swap. I

purchased a W7030 HDD and Windows 7 USB key kit from Dell. The computer runs okay for the most part

with problems from time to time. I have uploaded my C drive to the "idrive" cloud.

What I want to do is install the new HDD and load Windows 7 on to it and then slowly start to put back my

3rd party software. The tutorials I am finding don't seem show how to just load Windows 7 without

backing up my old HDD onto a external device. I don't think that is necessary because it is up on a cloud.

I could really use some guidance here on that.

I guess I need a complete walk through... Maybe a copy of "Loading windows 7 on new HDD for

Dummies" would help. Please don't feel that your explanations would be too basic for me.

All help would be much appreciated.

A:Clean install Windows 7 with new HDD using Dell USB recovery key

How`s this

Clean Install Windows 7

You do realize you`ll have to reinstall all your software ?

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We had a virus on our computer and want to wipe the hard drives. My second question is if we do a recovery will both the SSD and HDD be wiped?

A:Is performing a recovery the same as a Windows clean install...

There are several ways to run Recovery. Not sure what virus are you talking about. there is very less chances that the Recovery Partition on hard disc is affected by virus but again not sure what virus is it. So I recommend you do recovery from Recovery disc.For second question.What are you or is the computer using the SSD for? Is it for RAID or to store your data? If the SSD is around 30GB then most likely it is used for RAID so running Recovery do not matter as RAID storage is not really storage, its kinda RAM. If the SSD is in three digit storage size then it might be used to store your data and ofcourse it will be wiped.

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Hi guys, quick question about reinstalling windows 7 on my laptop.

I read on microsoft's website that you can reinstall windows using the advanced recovery tool. Was wondering whether anyone knew if this method would require me to input my product key again? If so - I have one on the sticky label on the bottom of my laptop, would that work in this case seeing as it's for the same computer? I have installation discs so that isn't a problem - though their product keys have been used on old and bust up computers.

Many thanks.

A:Clean Install of Windows 7 using Advanced Recovery

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Hello community, i own a brandnew Yoga 720 13 IKB and i clean installed windows 10 Education on just 1 partiton as Iam used it from my older notebooks. The install itself worked fine but the issue now is that windows wont update, there comes always the error "?There isn?t enough memory available to create ramdisk device. Error code:-0xc0000017 ..."I already tried all solutions I could find at the internet but nothing helped. How can I partition my HDs as they were before i clean installed my new windows. Do i have to to use  GPT for my SSD and all the partitions I create because I cant run the SSD anymore as Raid as it did before. So how should I set everything on my lenovo yoga (settings before clean install) so that i can run the windows clean install and updates without problems anymore. I already installed the newest BIOS Version.My other question is if I can use the neweste intel drivers for example Wlan and VGA or is it better to use the lenovo ones, which are pretty old?The last question is, how or where can I find my old Windows 10 Home Key of my Yoga 720 (in Bios, how?)Thank you so far and sorry for my english, Iam german :-)

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Why OneKey Recovery does not work after installing latest update of windows 10? I have updated windows today (14 Oct 2017). I think the latest version of windows 10 has been installed on my laptop now. After installing this latest version of windows 10, I am unable to make system backup using pre-installed OneKey Recovery Software in my Lenovo Yoga500 14ISK laptop. An another issue is I found a windows.old folder in my system drive which is using approximately 15 GB. It is a very disturbing thing to me. It is appearing after installing the updates. Can anybody help me with the above issues. Thanks in advance. Sincerely,Rubel Ahmed

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Hi everyone,

I bought a Sony Vaio laptop almost 4 years ago with a genuine windows 7 on, and I immediately made 3 recovery DVDs (I'm not sure if they are called recovery or backup DVDs). I have used the original windows up until now, but after 4 years I feel the system is pretty slow because it has been affected by viruses. Now I wonder if I should use the recovery DVDs or any other way of reinstalling windows, because I need to get rid of all the viruses or anything that is slowing down the system. Or would a clean install be better? or should I use a windows 7 DVD to install a new windows? I don't need my files or programs sine I have already backed up all of them. All I need is to make sure that the viruses are gone for good. I would really appreciate it if someone could possibly help me and tell me the difference between these methods and which one would be best for my situation. Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

A:reinstalling windows 7 from recovery DVDs or a clean install?

Since you'd ask it tells me you're enough of a tech enthusiast that you'd appreciate the better performance from doing a Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7.

Everything needed to get and keep a perfect install is in the blue links, compiling what has worked best in tens of thousands of installs we've helped with here since Win7 beta. In fact you'll keep a perfect install as long as you stick with the tools and methods suggested.

Be sure to read the Special Note for Vaio owners at the end as there is sometimes a small amount of Sony software than needs to be installed for functions you need like keyboard backlighting, cam if you want to see yourself (it works fine with just the driver otherwise) or function keys if you use them for volume, brightness, etc.

And we'll be here to help you every step of the way. If it doesn't work out like you want you can always use your Recovery disks, but we've never had anyone need to do that before as we've never had a single complaint from those who finally get to enjoy native Win7 performance without the bloatware.

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I have a Asus F50sv laptop that runs an OEM windows vista, and the laptop was bundled with a recovery disc.
I have another laptop, Asus N56jr that runs OEM windows 8, and it does not come with a recovery disc, and I saw a lot of unboxing videos of this laptop model, and none of them had a recovery disc.  You are supposed to make the recovery discs yourself.
I already installed some stuff and used the laptop a little, but I didn't make the discs yet.  If I make the discs now, would it basically recover everything in the laptop as is, that is, with all the games, or any malware or any files that may have been added, or does the recovery disc contain only whatever it contains when you first boot up the OEM windows 8 laptop for the first time?
Could I technically create the recovery DVD's after 3 years of usage in that laptop?
Basically, did I pull off a stupid move by not making the recovery discs first?
Ok.  I checked my laptop, and it doesn't have the Al Recovery Burner to make recovery discs, and there is no recovery partition.  Just a partition called "data" that contains absolutely nothing in it, meaning that if that laptop hard drive dies on me, I can't reinstall the OEM windows 8, because it has no tools to make recovery discs nor does it have a recovery partition.

A:Do you need a clean install of windows 8 to make recovery disc?

To answer your questions Yes, you make the recovery Disc, or USB.  If you look in your system tools you should have the option of a system recovery by manufacture.  If you do not don't worry.  Windows will create a system recovery disc with the Windows Backup program in the Control Panel. 
You can also use tools like Clonezilla if you want to.

Could I technically create the recovery DVD's after 3 years of usage in that laptop?
Basically, did I pull off a stupid move by not making the recovery discs first?

Yes you could.
No you did not.  Its not stupid at all.  I would run all Microsoft Updates, and update Java, Flash, and Office etc.  Then do a System Backup and Recovery disc which again is all done at the same time. 
Click here for a How to on System Recovery/Repair Disc in Windows 8.
Click here for info on system Image,  Recovery Options and what they do, and how to get to them in Windows 8.
If you need more help please ask.
Good Luck

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Hello, I have a custom-built HP ENVY Notebook - 15t-k100 CTO (ENERGY STAR) (product number: G0T59AV) with the following hardwares:- Intel Core i7-4510U 2-Core 2.0GHZ- Nvidia GeForce GTX 850M 4GB- 8GB RAM DDR3- My motherboard can support SATA3 6GB/s (checked with Sisoftware Sandra)- No touchscreen, pre-installed Windows 8.1 (64 bit) and have an optical drive installed.- 1TB of about to die (IMO) HDD I want to replace my HDD with SSD (Samsung 850 PRO 256GB) and don't know if my HP System Recovery DVD Set can be used to clean install. I used it to recover my laptop a couple and I don't think I see anything that relate to installing Windows. Can someone who have use this DVD set confirm for me that I can use it to clean install Windows on my new drive? Here's the picture of that HP System Recovery DVD Set: Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

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I'm weeks of spasmodic attempts into replacing my old C-drive with a new SSD and a clean install of Win7, 32 bit, so there's a lot of history I will spare people - ask me if there's something you think might be pertinent.

Here's the current loop:

Following Sandisk's instructions on formatting SSD for use as OS with Win 7:
1) I verify BIOS - SATA is (as before) set to ACHI
2) I place Win7 upgrade disc in drive, hoping to use "Option 1 - normal clean install" (from Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version )
3) I get "Windows Error Recovery" screen, stating "windows did not shut down normally" (white text on black screen), with two options - start normally, or startup repair.
a - if I select "start normally,"
it merely returns (after a minute or two) to the same Error Recovery screen after some POSTs (nothing other than single-beep) - no request for my input, no "press any key," etc.
b - if I select default ("startup repair") option load: "Windows cannot repair this computer automatically" ultimately results after a lot of attempting to repair, etc.

PC will still run OK from old HD when connected, and shows the SSD in Disk Management with a "System Reserved" 100 MB (F) partition along with a 112GB (E) partition. I keep thinking I need to wipe those and try again, but not sure how or if that's even worth trying.

I did have the same SSD up and running W... Read more

A:only 'Windows Error Recovery' screen during clean install to SSD

You get the error screen at the start of the clean install or after you have installed Win 7 and boot for the first time?

If after the clean install did you disconnect all other drives before starting the install?

Could be the SSD is bad. What make and model SSD?

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Help needed! Can anyone light me with the information to locate the driver for SSD (SAMSUNG MZVLB512) installed in Yoga 720-131KBR? I am trying to do a clean install of windows 10. However, it shows no disk when I reach the screen to specify a partition to install. Dose anyone have info to solve this problem? Thanks.

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Hello guys!
I have been chocking on this problem for 2 days now, to no avail. The short story: Tried to do the built in free windows upgrade on the computer (from windows 8.1), but something went wrong, and I ended up in the "Please restart to being the installation of windows 10" loop.
After trying several workarounds, I gave up, and opted for a clean install of the product from a USB drive.
The install went smooth, and most things were working out of the box, but not the touch screen. Then I went to the product page, and downloaded all the drivers there are. Installed every one of them, but still no touch input. Tried some troubleshooting tips, like trying to find the driver in the device manager, but it's not present there. So far, I tried everything there was in the first 4 pages of google (with an insane amount of search combinations).
Nothing...Then I read it, that several other people had this issue, but with an earlier insider build of windows. They said the only solution there was, is to use the built in recovery, but out of routine, with a clean install, I deleted every other partition... not giving a thought something could go wrong.
Now the device has no touch input, and sicne that was one of the main sell points, I'm not too happy about it.
The System window clearly states, that there is no pen or touch input available.
It's a fresh buy, so it's still under warranty, and if nothing else works, I will return it, ... Read more

A:Yoga 300-11IBY Touch Screen not working after clean windows 10 install. Please help

after instaling this touch start to work:http://pcsupport.lenovo.com/gb/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/YOGA-SERIES/YOGA-300-11IBY/downloads...

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hey guys I am trying to fix a friends computer for him by resetting it back to "out-of-the-box" settings and as I try to access the recovery partition by hitting F11 repeatedly on startup it comes up with just a blank page and no menus it just gets stuck and this is an HP laptop by the way and after that didn't work I was going to try and re-install Windows using my Flash Disk that I created and his product key, it would get stuck on setup is starting, I am really out of ideas on what to do what could possibly be the problem, I had this same issue with my old computer and it lasted only a day and then everything started working again

A:Unable to clean install Windows 7 or access recovery partition

If you cannot run HP System Recovery then your options are to try to make Recovery Disks, order Recovery Disks from HP Support, or do the superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7which provides everything needed to get and keep a perfect install.

The HP Factory install is the worst possible install one can have of Win7 with the worst load of bloatware in the industry, and Useless utilities that interfere with better versions built into Win7. You will never even experience native Win7 performance on that PC until it has a Clean Reinstall which is why no tech enthusiast will run the factory install.

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I hope this is the correct Forum subsection to post this.

So I made a mistake while taking on a friend's problematic sony vaio laptop. They were wanting to install a newly purchased Kaspersky av, but after uninstalling the old version of Kaspersky there was a problem with an unresponsive usb mouse & mouse pad. I wasn't able to resolve the issue through various repair programs and manually reinstalling the driver, which was giving off the error code of not being properly installed or functioning. With owners consent, I decided to let Vaio Care to bring the computer back to factory condition. (I wish the owner had the owners manual to this thing.)

I made sure to backup all of the files that the owner needed saved, but failed to make any sort of backup recovery disk for the computer. Not sure if it's too late to do so, but the computer will not boot to windows any longer. I get a white blinking cursor on a black background immediately after Vaio disappears from the screen upon bootup, but cannot do anything with it.

I made a windows 7 home premium iso dvd, and when booting from it I reinstalled windows onto one of the 3 partitions on the hd (the largest of the 3 which was labeled "Primary" type). Of the other two partitions, one was labeled "Primary" and was named "System Reserved" but only 101MB, and the other was labeled "System" and was named "Recovery" and is 7.7GB. When installing, the computer does a ... Read more

A:HELP Windows 7 clean install on Sony Vaio laptop w/o recovery discs

Hello newtechy and welcome to Seven Forums.

I think the best thing to do is a clean install following the instructions in this tutorial that was prepared by one of the Forum experts. There's a special note for Sony Vaio owners at the bottom.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

I have a Vaio and I followed these instructions. I can say from personal experience this will work. I eliminated all Sony factoryware (Vaio Care, Vaio Control Center, Vaio Gate, etc) and I haven't missed any of it. The most important thing is once the computer is up and running with all Windows Updates, make a system image. When all of the additional programs are installed and updated, all personal tweaks are made, etc and you're sure the computer is working the way it's supposed to, make another system image. This can be your go-to master image that would take the place of that hidden recovery partition. And it would be even better because it would be more up to date than a factory recovery partition ever could be.

Have your friend stick to a schedule of maybe one a week or once a month and make a new system image. The more frequent the images the more up to date a restore will be. This can eliminate the need for recovery disks as well. Depending on which imaging software you decide to use, it would be a good idea to create a "system repair disk". This is just a single disk that will let you boot the computer should the entire operating system crash. From this single d... Read more

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Due to some corruptions in files system that can't be repair. I decide to do a clean install of vista from recovery partition preinstalled in D drive.

My question is does the clean install also clean out any hidden/unactive virus/rootkit if i format the laptop to its factory condition?

I have tried various AV software on this old laptop but the results come out clean but I still suspect there're some remain hidden as the system is slowly corrupted.

A:Clean install vista from recovery partition in D drive also clean virus?


The answer is yes it will, if you do a destructive install (Format "C") & it has not infected any other drives.

So, what drives do you have on your system? "C" (System) & "D" (Recovery) plus DVD/CD drives.

Do you have anything else? USB plug in hard drives or USB memory sticks etc. etc.

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Does the yoga 730 come with onekey recovery?I can't find it in my apps list. When i do the the onekey at start up, it basically has the "reset my pc" option

A:Yoga 730 onekey recovery

Based on User guide looks like you use novo button.

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I miss application Onekey Recovery for lenovo yoga 900. please give me this application or The Windows Recovery Media Systems for yoga 900.

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I have a Dell Inspiron netbook which initially had Windows 7 Starter. Since I get free operating systems from my school, I decided to try Windows 8 on it. It's been fun, but I want Windows 7 back now. But, whenever I try to boot from the flash drive with the version of Windows 7 that I want to clean install on my netbook, I get a blue screen that says,

"A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check to be sure you have adequate disk space. If a driver is identified in the Stop message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates. Try changing video adapters.

Check with your hardware vendor for an BIOS updates. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disable components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode.

Technical information:

*** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000420, 0xFFFFF880012427BE, 0xFFFFF88002DCC4C8, 0xFFFFF88002DCBBF0)

*** ACPI.sys - Address FFFFF880012427BE base at FFFFF8800121D000, DateStamp 4ce7745a"

A:Trying to clean install back to Windows 7 from Windows 8

Hello Edac mate yo might just get lucky if you can doa factory default if the 8 hasn't destroyd the Dell partition.

From memory it is DEL or F8 this ref say the latter. But anyhow just power off and leave for a few seconds then power on and tap the appropriate key and follow the prompts. Like I sadi I hope the 8 install didn't wreck that partition.
DELL Inspiron - Restore to factory default settings

OOPs missed this too USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

If it did then you will need to make a USB stick ISO and boot from it and use the activation code on the sticker wherever that is located usually a 5 x5 alpha / numeric code.

the tutorial to follow is Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Hi. I've bought a Yoga Home 900 27" at Amazon warehouse, but there is no Lenove specific software on it (Aura, Games, ...)  I've tried to reset the Yoga to factory settings with the F2 hint by "Kalvin Klein", but this won't work for me :-(  How can I get the Yoga Home 900 specific Software? I saw, that I can download Aura from the support area, but this won't bring me the games. To honest, I would prefer to do a clean factory reset with the onekey recovery. But if this won't be possible, maybe I can get the software from here or anywhere? Any help is really appreciated. Thanks Christian 

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Hey everyone, so a while ago I decided I didn't like windows 8 as it was causing my computer to crash so I used an old windows 7 key I had to get windows 7. My friend has the exact same computer and has no problems at all so I'm looking to get back to windows 8 now without buying anything. I have my oem key but no recovery disk, so my question is can I make a recovery partition on my external hdd from his computer and use that with my key to get windows 8 back?

thanks for any help!

A:Did a clean Install of win 7 trying to get back to win 8

With this VBS script you can find both OEM & Installed keys.
If the Installed key would be of any help.

ShowKey v1.3.vbs

Did your computer come with 7 or 8 installed ?

edit--- You could get recovery disks from the manufacturer.
Free or at low cost.
I paid $20 for mine from Gateway.

edit--- You might be able to download 8 here--- Downloads - Microsoft Windows --- & then use one of your keys to activate it.

edit3--- There are people here who know where you can get a 8 ISO to use, I think.

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Hi there I would like to make a clean install of Windows 10 Pro on my Yoga 460 as it is very sluggish and did actually even freeze since I received it yesterday. Being completely new to Windows 10, Touchscreen-Devices and UEFI I am not sure which is the best way to go arround this. Entering the recovery (disrupting startup) seems like the best method for a completely clean install. Is there any easier way for that? Secondly, I would like to only install the minimum of Lenovo programs which are needed in order to use all of the features of the device. Most, if not all, to me seem like there are only an overlay of the Windows settings. Does anyone know what is required. Are only the drivers needed for the operation of the multimedia buttons/pen/touchpad/touchscreen/etc? I would be very thankful for any help/advice/link/... Take care Yogaguy  

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Hi, I need to install Windows 10 Enterprise on my new Yoga 900 for work. As I'm a contractor, I need to do this myself. Can anyone give me some advise on the best way to do this. By this I mean what is the bare minimum software I require from Lenovo and what other drivers should I get to make sure that there is no bloatware? Cheers Mark

A:Yoga 900 Clean Install

I suggest that you go here to see the drivers and other software that Lenovo makes available for the Yoga 900:
The Bloatware is in the "Software and Utilities" category. You can probably spot what you don't want to download...

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Do you recommend a clean install of win 10 on a new x1 Yoga 3.gen. HDR WQHD IPS? Or simply just update via Lenovo Vantage? I have read online on various problems regarding fx. color settings/profiles of the HDR WQHD screen (not just support for the HDR), are they now solved by Lenova updates? Thanks in advanceBest regardsMartin

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