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Compatible 500GB HDD for Toshiba laptop

Q: Compatible 500GB HDD for Toshiba laptop

I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-220 which has a 500GB Toshiba MK5065GSXN HDD, and I am in need of a replacement but don't know which hard drives would make a suitable replacement. I have had good experiences with western digital drives in the past so if possible do they do any compatible hard drives for my laptop? The size of the hard drive doesn't really matter other than being bigger than 100GB. Please help.

Preferred Solution: Compatible 500GB HDD for Toshiba laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Compatible 500GB HDD for Toshiba laptop

You should have no trouble putting any 2.5" drive in place of the old one. As long as both drives are SATA you should be good to go.

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I was curious if some one might be able to help me please...I have a vaio vpcf121gx. A 500Gb hdd Western Digital hard drive and I picked up a Crucial MX200 ssd 500gb. I took the hdd out and put the ssd in. Tried to do a clean install with win7 pro 64 bit recovery disks. After loading all the disks right after it loads the registry it kept telling me that win 7 can not finish the installation due to new hardware being un compatible. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

A:I want to swap 500Gb hdd with a 500Gb sdd. Hardware not compatible???

How about just "cloning" you existing spinner hard drive to the SSD? Using "recovery media" isn't really a from-scratch install of Windows, even if it worked. It's a way to restore the exact factory image as your machine was initially delivered, with whatever came pre-installed from Sony. I don't know why it couldn't be used although it's obvious your new SSD is not the factory spinner.

But it's very easy to "clone" from HD to SSD, using a number of free products to do that... e.g. Macrium Reflect Free ("clone"), Partition Wizard 9 ("migrate OS to SSD/HD"), etc.

You would need to be able to see BOTH drives at the same time, so you should remove the SSD and reinstall the spinner back into the machine so that you can boot to it again and install the cloning product you wish to use.

Then you can connect the SSD temporarily as an external drive through an inexpensive USB 3.0 adapter like this one from Kingwin.

Then use the desired software product to "clone/migrate" from spinner to SSD. The advantage of this is that you'd immediately have your existing fully customized environment already living on the new SSD, and you wouldn't have to reinstall 3rd-party products or re-customize Windows. The SSD environment would immediately be ready-to-go.

Once the cloning if finished, now you can remove the spinner and install the SSD. I'd say you're almost done. Once you're up and running on the SSD, don't forget to adj... Read more

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I know you want the full steps I took to try and recover my backup. I have a laptop Toshiba 500GB HDD. It has over 5 years of critical business & reseearch data, photos, emails. I accidentally knocked the laptop to the floor. It will not reboot again on an installed windows 7 64 bit operating system.

Window 7 recovery rescue disk would not recognize the drive. I attached it to a desktop running windows 7 using usb external drive enclosure. At first it was making clicking sounds and I got a cyclic redundancy error. I ran WD diagnostics and it passed with no errors. Windows 7 device manager showed no errors. MY COMPUTER showed the disk assigning it a Letter. It then asked me do I want to initialize it with mbr or gpt. I stupidly clicked on mbr. After that, I lost the letter designating the drive in MY COMPUTER. It no longer shows up under MY COMPUTER. Under computer management it shows drive as unallocated. If I right click, it ask for new simple partition. I read where you could do a chkdsk /f but the windows system does not see the drive. It is labeled disk 6 under storage management. I also heard that chkdsk can mess up recovering your files as corrupted files will be in lost clusters or chains. It no longer makes clicking sounds or gives CRC error msg.

Prehaps rebuilding the mbr, I believe a backup mbr is on their somewhere. The problem is that I do have a windows 7 backup. I backup all my drives using windows 7 backup program and created a system i... Read more

A:Laptop Toshiba 500GB crashed NTSF patitions became RAW

I'm not a recovery expert by a long shot. I do have one recommendation.

**Don't try anything until one of the forums recovery members see your thread.**

Doing the wrong thing or the right thing a the wrong time could cause data loss.

Do you have your data backup-ed?

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While there are several discussions on the topic, the information seem a bit outdated. I am in need of fresh 2016 details.  I have a 3rd generation T530 and wondering if I can upgrade to a 500gb SSD in the mSATA form factor. I've come across mixed responses and the Lenovo manual is no help on the topic. The SSD will be used to as the boot drive and for all apps which leads to my next question. Is there an easy way to install OS and apps onto SSD without having to resintall everything? For example, can I create an image with acronis software and place the files onto the SSD?  Any help on this topic will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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wont work on usb 3 port or usb 2 port shows up in devices

A:toshiba stor.e 500gb hdd

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Ok so I have this 500gb HDD which has the whole HDD covered in Bad sectors 
I tried a few partition managers then I came along Wipe Bad Disk tool and it brang the HDD up all free space then i went to format it again and then tried to fix cyclic redundancy check no luck the power cut off and then Wipe Bad Disk wants a serial number
Plz Help!

A:500gb Toshiba HDD bad sectors everywhere!

What are you seeking to achieve? WBD is an erasing tool, which aims to let you securely erase the contents of a disk with so many bad sectors that more common drive erasers fail to work correctly. It is not intended to restore any functionality to a faulty hard drive. A drive with so many bad sectors that it still has CRC errors after a zero fill (wipe), has run out of maintenance sectors for the drive to be reconfigured, so needs to be thrown out.

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since I bought this last year & used it twice, it only connects on one of several USB ports on my PC.
Is this normal?

I am afraid that if it does not work in this port as well it will be useless foe storing my backups. ...thanx ...nick

Home build, Asus P5K Premium WiFiiFi Intel,
Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600 95W 2.4GHz, OCZ Vendetta Cpu Cooler,
2x2GB, 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 800 (400mhz) PC2-6400,
EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX KO 512MB GDDR3 (PCI-E),
Seagate Barraguda sata 500gb, TOSHIBA vb63700-A 500GB external HD, Corsair TX750M Psu, X45, XPhome/Win8

A:TOSHIBA vb63700-A 500GB external HD

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Hi guys

I want to replace my already present TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 1TB 2.5" 9.5mm SATA-II (3.0Gbps) Internal HDD with Samsung 840 EVO 250GB/500GB 2.5" 7mm SATA-III 6Gbps (Compatible with SATA 3Gb/s & SATA 1.5Gb/s) Internal SSD (MZ-7TE250BW/MZ-7TE500BW).

Is it possible for me to do that?
When I asked about this with service center they asked to bring the laptop to the shop as they have to check if there is slot for that & whether the connectors are suitable for the new SSD. I don't know what they meant by that.

Here are some links that could help:
My laptop model: HP Pavilion 15-n209tx Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR)

Product number: F6C49PA

Toshiba HDD already present in my lap:
MQ01ABD Series

Toshiba Storage - MQ01ABDxxx (MQ01ABD025, MQ01ABD032, MQ01ABD050, MQ01ABD064, MQ01ABD075, MQ01ABD100) - Product Detail
Samsung 840 EVO SSD for upgrade:
500GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD Internal Laptop Sata Solid State Drive 2 5" HDD 500 GB | eBay

250GB Samsung SSD 840 EVO Solid State Drive Sata Internal Drive 2 5'' HDD 250 GB | eBay

Amazon.in: Buy Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Single Unit Version Internal Solid State Drive MZ-7TE500BW Online at Low Prices in India | Samsung Reviews & Ratings

SSD 840 EVO - 500GB 2.5-inch MZ-7TE500BW | Samsung SSD

I could find that the connector is Serial-ATA 7-pin for both of them, not sure - just googled it.

How will I know if SSD can be replaced for the HDD, is it necessary for me t... Read more

A:Samsung 840 Evo 500GB SSD for Toshiba MQ01ABD100 1TB HDD?

How will I know if SSD can be replaced for the HDD, is it necessary for me to do to the service center and check it out if there is slot & drive can be upgraded?

Most SSD's will fit just fine in your laptop. Sata Connector is standard but to make sure that it will fit, you can get the physical dimension from the data sheet for your current HD and the Samsung. I don't think you need to bring it in for them to check.

I'm planning for migration from HDD to SSD & boot from SSD, would I be able to do that with the softwares available in the Samsung site?

You can use free Macrium to clone the whole drive then boot from it. You'll need a Sata-USB Adapter to do this.
Macrium Reflect Free

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I have a problem with my toshiba drive. I bought it from Germany before three months. It worked ok, but now when I plug it in it makes a sound like a tik every second for 30 seconds then it stops for 1 minute and then again for about 20 seconds the tik noise. After that it don't appears in the auto play. When I go to device manager there is a yellow sign with an ! in it. it has the name usb mass storage device.
I don't know what to do I have about 200 GB storage on it and it is very important to me.
So if anyone knows what should I do please write me!
Thanks for reading!

A:Toshiba 500GB external drive problem

Its dead.


It isn't getting enough power, I've seen that happen on connecting some externals to laptops with weak USB ports. Try it on a different computer, but if the same thing happens, you are screwed.

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Good morning,

I recently found my Toshiba portable external mass storage device and plugged into my USB port. The Device shows in my control panel as a connected device but I can not gain access. What might prompt this problem?

For the record, I am a beginner when it comes to computers so I'm just looking for some insight to this issue.


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My Name is Hariyanto and I am from Indonesia.

My toshiba canvio portable hard drive 500GB is not detected by my Acer Laptop 4750 G. there are three usb ports. two of then are 2.0 and is 3.0 USB.

The USB 2.0 is not a problem. It can detect and read my external drive.
But when I change to USB 3.0, the laptop says that I need to format and when I format it the Windows 7 said that windows 7 can not format it.

I have already installed the renesas usb controller drive. I have tried to uninstalled and reinstalled it but still it didn't work.

What happen to my USB 3.0 port or my Toshiba external HD.

I really need your all help, please.
Thanks a lot

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hello i was wondering could you help me im in a stick i have one of these TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO L450-13R.well i have a blue wd 250 sata hdd in in and i wanted to update my hdd to a wd 500gb sata black hdd.so i got one and put it in to my laptop and put in my system recovery windows 7 home premium .i also downloaded service pack one and put it on my pc then made a system recovery cd onto my sd memory card.well the windows loads onto the pc and when tells me its finished and i take out the sd card and turn on the pc it says SETUP IS APPLYING SYSTEM SETTINGS then a box comes up saying windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer hardware. i just am stumped i have tried changing bois settings but not work at all what so ever if you could help me i would be totally great full what i am doing wrong or will this cd work on my pc with sp1 and the windows product key also on it.also i have done a clone of my original hdd and that worked but system restore cds d
ont work and came up with the same error.but i downloaded a windows 7 from the internet and that worked but i needed a product key so i know my new hdd works ok but just like to use my orriginal windows restore cd that came with my laptop on it so i can system restore it with the cd any time i want.please help point me in the right direction

A:toshiba L450-13R from wd 250gb blue to a wd 500gb black system recove

it sounds like your install is corrupt, you may need to make a fresh backup if you can.

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Hi all!

Doing my homework and making a list of all parts for my new rig,

so far...

Intel C2D E6600
Asus P5B-E
Still deciding on memory
ATI 1950Pro 256MB

I already have one Seagate 500GB,
my question is
would it be better to have one WD 74GB Raptor and one Seagate 500GB
Two 500GB Seagates ?
in any case I wanna setup my new system in Raid-0
Mostly it will be used for data transfer and occasional gaming, the faster the better,

any help is appreciated!

A:One 74GB Raptor & Seagate 500GB or Two 500GB in Raid-0 ?

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Hi, recently i managed to destroy the fan fins from the nb550d cooling system.

A call to Toshiba answered that they charge 60euro just for the part. Im wondering if anyone knows a compatible fan (just the fan part, not the cooling system) that will work on Toshiba's system.

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as above, is it do-able?
in the asus c90 to be more correct


A:500gb in a laptop?

yes. it is possible though not plausible.

Humungous drives are the rage today. I suppose there might be a maker of a 1/2 terabyte laptop hard disk drive that is internal. I haven't run across one myself though and I really see no reason to have one except to store movies.

There are plenty of these size drives that are external.

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I have a laptop running Windows 7 32bit. It has 500GB HD. It has a recovery partition, system partition and data partition. I accidently dropped the latop. It fails to boot. There were clicking noises from the heads not a good sign. Upon putting the drive in external enclosure and running it off my desktop, a drive letter was assigned to this HD under computer management and in My Computer.

This drive has over 5 years of data with very important work files on it. When I clicked on the drive with the assigned drive letter, it asked me do I want to initialize it using MBR or GPI. I don't know if I could explore the drive at this stage so I clicked on MBR. After that the hardisk was no longer seen by Windows as an assigned letter drive. Instead it became unallocated RAW. I ran WD smart diagnostics . It came back as passing, no errors. The drive no longer makes a clicking sound. I believe their may be bad sectors on it since this is a samsung HD and I was using WD diagnostics so there may be errors

I do have windows backup on this drive both VHD and imagebackup folder that is different without the VHD images just a bunch of files with letterandnumbers. Windows does not recognize any of these backups which I have quite a few unless I need to back up to a 500GB HD using the same laptop.

I ran minitools test disk but not sure if I am seeing just files in recovery partition only. I also ran eraseus recovery which the free verision allows to recover 1 GB. I have over 400GB of data.... Read more

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I bought an XPS 15 9550 laptop in October 2015, with a 500GB SSD C: drive.  I need to upgrade that 500GB SSD to a 1TB SSD, but I'm concerned about compatibility with the BIOS, etc.  Can you tell me if Dell sells a compatible 1TB SSD drive or if I can find one at Amazon?  If you know of a source of detailed instructions for the physical upgrade and for moving the OS and contents of the C: drive to the new SSD, that would be greatly appreciated.  With SSD prices appearing to be falling, this sort of thing should be occurring more frequently.  Thanks in advance for your help.
Don Henderson

A:XPS 15 9550 Laptop - Upgrade 500GB SSD to 1TB SSD

The system uses an M.2 PCIe SSD - any will work.  In order to clone your system, you're either going to need an external hard drive (to hold an image of the drive) or some kind of USB to M.2 adapter so you can connect both drives to the system at the same time.  Be sure you turn OFF secure boot in setup (F2 at powerup) before making an image or cloning the drive.

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I just installed windows 8 in my brand new laptop.
There are no other issue except this one!


what is this thing called FD_BETA9SR2 ?
I can do nothing to it (shrink it, delete it, etc, I also have tried using AOMEI Partition Assistant but no helps)

And why there is no system recovery shown in my computer management? I have another windows 8 laptop, and it has system recovery.

Please help me,
Thanks in advance

A:Please help, my laptop only recognise 40GB of my 500GB HDD

Be careful. This FD Beta... partition is your active partition that contains the bootmgr. If you delete it, the system won't boot.

No idea how it got to that. But before you delete that partition, make sure the bootmgr is saved - e.g. moved to C. You can try to do that following ihis tutorial, but I am not 100% sure whether that works in /8.
Bootmgr - Move to C:\ with EasyBCD - Windows 7 Help Forums

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I was playing Mass Effect earlier. Got off because of school, so i put it to sleep. When i returned home, I tried getting on steam. The path wasn't found, so I didn't think anything of it. Rebooted. Still no path, so i go to my slave HDD, and surprise! It wasn't there for some reason. I've looked for it in disk management; no where to be found. Ran seatools, no luck. I had around 300 GiGs on there.. please, someone tell me my HDD is just being a lazy ****.

I also turned off the laptop, took out the battery, and both master and slave drives for an hour. NOTHING.

EDIT: when i check disk management, it seems there is a drive of some sort on there, but it has no name.. It's blank. Nothing but *Status* has any information: "Healthy (OEM partition)." When i try to right click, the menu only has a "Help" tab.

A:500gb HDD SeaGate not appearing on laptop

Have you tried plugging the Seagate in to a different USB port? Used a different USB cable?

There might be damaged or corrupt system files preventing the Seagate from being recognized. Try running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two.) If problems are found, run the scan 3 times and reboot the computer after each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Please post a maximized screenshot of your Disk Managment window.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Hi everyone,
This is my first question to Techspot.
Can anyone advise me which Mini PCI wireless card would be compatible for my Toshiba 1410-303 laptop? I've got a hunch that I shouldn't just rush out and get the latest card. I am about to setup a wireless network with a desktop PC running XP and using a Netgear 54 MBPS wireless ADSL2+ modem router.
Thanks (in anticipation), Creyke

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Hi Guys

I'm pretty sure the hard drive has failed on my laptop (windows loading screen just hangs).

Would this hard drive be compatible?

Thanks as always

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Hi guys,

I recently installed windows XP sp3...and everythings working fine..but i have yet to install the video controller (VGA compatible) friver..I got the neccessay drivers from the toshiba support centre and they all work perfectly. But they dont have the video controller driver im looking for.

Ive searched the web but it i only get update downloads for the driver..Anyone can tell me where to go?

A:Toshiba Satellite 2400 Video Controller (VGA Compatible) driver

Guys dont worry about it i found the driver..s2400DspXP...Comps working fine now thanx

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when using the above card, and TRENDnet TEW-311BRP WireLess Broadband Router, I cannot get a stable connection.

It always connect and disconnect me.

I use this machine and card all over the world: airports, hotels, offices and it works great.

I asked the dealer to replace the 311. Same problem.

However, if I stick TRENDnet PCMCIA card and disable the Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card, I connect w/o disconnections.

any idea?

A:Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop and Wi-Fi Toshiba Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card

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Hi everyone, I just got an Asus Laptop (S500C), it has a 500gb SATA Hard Drive and an additional 24gb SSD, as any other computer I have in the past, I would like to re-install Windows since all the new Laptops or Desktops for sale came with a bunch of software installed, usually not even 5% is really good to keep. Beside the hidden partitions with the Factory Recover, that for people who like make their own customized installation, is a waste of space.
Disk Management in Windows shows me 8 partitions (6 on the SATA drive and 2 for the SSD), what will be your best advise to start from scratch?, the SSD is too small to install Windows on it, but I know Windows can use it; I found a few answers about re-installing or migrating Windows to a SSD, but nothing using both drives, thanks in advance for your help.
Here is two screenshots, one from the Windows Disk Management (showing 0 used space on all the extra partitions) and one with EaseUS Partition Master (showing used space in the other partitions):
Windows Disk Management
EaseUS Partition Master

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Is there a way to easily downgrade to Windows 7 32 bit without having the 32-bit disc? Maybe a program to do all the bitchwork while I basically sit back? I'm so confused and I'm hoping someone would be so kind as to help me. Thank you so much.

A:32 bit laptop w/ 7 Home Premium 64 bit Installed on 500GB HDD -read on

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

You can only 'downgrade' to the 32-bit version if you clean install from a Windows 7 32-bit DVD.

This explains how when using a retail version: Clean Install Windows 7

This explains how with an OEM version: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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I wonder if there are any Techheads out there looking for a challenge?

I have a new Toshiba LCD HDTV that I want to use as the primary and only monitor for my Toshiba Satellite laptop.

I want to eliminate the laptops screen altogether.

I would like to know if there exists a connector or some other way to connect my laptops ribbon cable output to a VGA output and then to the HDTV via a VGA cable; or if there is a better way to go?

The screen on this 4year old laptop got cracked so I have to spend at least $75.00 for parts alone and if I go that way I might as well buy another laptop, or use a desktop with a wireless keyboard which will cost more than $100.00 to set up.

Besides, this seems like a kinda cool fix so if anyone has any bright Ideas, please respond.

A:Toshiba Laptop to Toshiba LCD HDTV as primary monitor

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Hi there,              I am planning to upgrade my lenovo G470 series laptop.I am planning for 8gb or 16gb ram and harddisk 1Tb or 2Tb.Upto how much ram my laptop supports.?Should i buy two 4Gb ram or jus needed only one 4Gb ram(Not sure how many ram chip is inside 2 x 2gb or 1 x 4Gb)? Can i implement a SSD hard disk instead normal hard drive?.Will this upgrade will be supported by my laptop.Will it be worth it after all these years(6-7yrs)?How much will it cost in India for the above upgrade? thank you,Hari Sankar

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Can I upgrade/[replace the 500gb SSD]  with a 1 tb SSD?  I could have bought a 1 tb HDD so thought it could handle a 1tb.I do not like to MIX data and OS on same disk/parition so since the Lenovo only has one slot, could get a 1 b SSD and partition.

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Hi im using win vista ultimate 32b, maxtor sata ii 500GB, but it only shows 465GB, where is other 35GB? what do i need to do to get the max out of it?

A:How to get 500GB on a Maxtor 500GB HDD?

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i recently bought a used toshiba sattelite laptop while out of town - got it back home and found that its password protected, o.s. is windows xp home, how do i get around this ?

A:i recently bought a used toshiba sattelite laptop - help... password protected laptop

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i got a C855D-13N
at first it worked fine but now it keeps telling me to restart because it has some problem.
it shows up on a blue screen with a telling me it
BTW it not like it tell me to restart, it just restarts telling me that's what its doing
usually after restarting, the internet can not find any wireless connection things therefore I have to restart it again.

this is happening more frequently, what is wrong with it :S
please help me out
thanks in advance for any input

ps it kinda hard to say what the exact message says cause
A) it happens randomly
B) the way it goes to 100% is way too quick for me to write it down
sorry :S

A:Toshiba laptop keeps forcing me to restart laptop because of some problem :S

Often it's a driver issue. Since you are also having trouble with the wireless I'll take a stab in the dark and suggest make sure you have the latest wireless driver from Toshiba's web site.

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I have a laptop w/ this CPU: Intel Core 2 T7200 @ 2.00GHz 1.99 GHz. Socket 775 (mobile)I'd like to upgrade to a better CPU, Any idea what my parameters are? I am not technically savy. Thanks. -John

A:New CPU for laptop, what's compatible?

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I have an older laptop.. it's a Lenovo ThinkPad T41 2379.

I want to put a new HDD in it... since it only has a 40G and I have filled it up.

It's the kind that sits on a little platform thing and slides out when you unscrew the screw. There is NO cable, SATA, ribbon or otherwise. It just looks like an IDE connection that you plug the HDD directly into.

If I were shopping in a store I could find this by looking at it, but I have no idea what it's called and want to order one from newegg.com.

Can anyone tell me what it's called "technically", or provide a newegg link?

Boy I am just not laptop hardware savvy. lol

Thanks in advance.

A:Need Compatible HDD for Laptop

It would be an IDE laptop drive.
There is probably an adapter on the IDE connection of the drive
to adapt it to the laptop.
The adapter will need to be removed and installed on the new drive.
You dont want to get a drive that is larger than your hardware can handle.
If it can do 40GB,it will probably handle a 120GB drive.
There should be screws in the side of the hard drive carrier you remove
to remove the drive from the carrier.

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Compaq Presario CQ42-117TUMircsoft Windows 7(64-bit)  Can this laptop support up to 8gb of RAMs?Can this RAM, "Corsair 4GB DDR3L 1600Mhz SODIMM CMSO4GX3M1C1600C11" (4gb x 2) compatible with my laptop?sorry for the bad english, hope to hear from you soon!

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My old laptop had WinXp and it wasnt working so i sent it in for repair:
they told me it would cost to much for them to repair so my warranty got me a new laptop:

problem is that it has vista, I would personally like to "upgrade" to windows Xp Pro
Xp Pro x64 bit edition

I was wondering with the specs if everything was winXP compatible

A:New laptop- is it XP compatible?

XP is compatible with anything that runs Vista. Vista is a lot more demanding, the part that wouldn't be compatible is the drivers. I have a toshiba laptop that came with Vista, and I do want XP on it, but my problem, ther is no driver on XP for the wireless card. So I either give up the wireless card, figure out how to make a driver for it (probably will never happen), or hope they eventually come up with one. The only reason that my driver wouldn't work is that the wireless card is se up differently then most I think so there isn't a driver for it except through Toshiba and they don't support XP for this laptop since I last checked, not too long ago.

The best way to check this is to go to the companies support site and see if the drivers for everything work with XP.

I did just check the website and it doesn't seem like they support XP either, so it can be a hit or miss then. You can try setting up XP as a dual boot (like I did) to test it. You can also call them or write to them and ask them, they may have a better answer than I do. I never used an Asus product before so I don't know too much about them.

XP Pro will be easier than XP 64 since a 64 bit OS has less drivers avalibale (just not as commonly used yet).

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Just wondering if I will be able to run Vista 32bit on my Toshiba laptop. You may not need all of this but here are the specs (Satellite A85-S107):

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer TOSHIBA
System Model Satellite A85
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8 GenuineIntel ~1400 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date TOSHIBA V1.10, 6/7/2005
SMBIOS Version 2.31
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.2562 (xpsp.040919-1030)"
Total Physical Memory 768.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 188.21 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
Page File Space 1.62 GB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

A:Will my laptop be compatible?

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I have an: Aspire 5935G-663G32Bn
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6600 [2.2GHz, 800MHz FSB]
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

I need to replace: Hynix 2BG 2Rx8 PC3-8500-7-10-F2 [The 2GB RAM stick.]

Details of the RAM:

Technology: DDR3 SDRAM
Form Factor: SO DIMM 204-pin

I need to replace my broken ram stick with a new one.
I want it to be 2GB
I need it to be compatible.

Iv looked all over the internet and i cant find any prices on the ram sticks...

I have been to kingston and they are extreamly expensive... 100 with P&P
I have been to Hynix [The actual producer of the exact ram stick that is broken] and i cant find prices there.

What can i replace my 2GB ram stick with that will work without fault.
What can i replace it with that is compatible?
[A list or ram sticks and a website that i can buy from is preferd.]

A:What RAM is compatible with my laptop?

Anyone got any ideas?

[if i posted this in wrong section then please move, sorry.]

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Hi there I am considering upgrading my broadband service to 4G but am not sure if my laptop will be compatible. How can I confirm whether it is or not - can someone advise? Many thanks Tony

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Hi guys. I want to know if this RAM is compatible with my laptop.http://www.corsair.com/en-in/corsair-memory-8gb-ddr3l-sodimm-memory-cmso8gx3m1c1600c11My laptop is HP 15-r007tx Notebook PC. If anyone can answer me with details i would be very glad. Thanks.

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Hello! I have a Lenovo Ideapad G510 and I want to upgrade memory.Actually I have a Samsung DDR3 4GB 1600 MHz 1Rx8 PC3L- 12800S - 11 -13 -B4A have a free slot. I found this: Samsung DDR3 4GB 1600 MHz 2Rx8 PC3 - 12800S - 11 -10 -F2 Does my laptop support also PC3 and 2Rx8 memory? Can I send the order?Thank you for answering.

A:Is this memory compatible with my laptop?

The answer is "maybe".  Your  machine uses low-voltage PC3L memory (1.35V).  The other stick is PC3, which is 1.5V memory.  Some 1.5V memory will work at 1.35V and some will not.  You would need to try the individual stick.  (All 1.35V PC3L memory will work at either 1.35V or 1.5V).

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HelloI have laptop ideapad 310 15iskSerial no. PF0KQ62PAnd I want to upgrade my memoryI have selected one stick of ram but not sure its compatible or not Is the ram uploaded in the pic  is compatible with my laptop

Screenshot_2017-04-25-07-25-39.png ?179 KB

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I have a Toshiba NB-250 it runs windows xp and i want to run windows 7 on it. will it work?

A:Is my laptop compatible with windows 7?

Download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Official Microsoft Download Center

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I am looking at a laptop for a fellow student. He upgraded from 8.1 to 10 shortly after 10 became available. Recently it was running slow and shuts off sometimes. Fan vent was clogged. CPU temp a little too high. First of all there are no drivers for Windows 10 from Toshiba. This laptop is not on their compatibility list.

I was running ccleaner and noticed its taking a long time. I looked at the CPU and Ram usage and CPU is at 7% and RAM at 49%. Then I noticed the speed of the CPU is at 1.2GHz with a Max speed of 2.6GHz. Every now and then it will jump to 2.3GHz for a second or two, then back down to 1.2 or 1.3GHz. Could this have anything to do with the 10 upgrade? Will not having the drivers for 10 create a performance issue? I think the laptop needs to go back to 8.1 but I need input from above my level (very low).

Toshiba Satellite P855-S5102
Intel Core i5-3230M CPU @2.6GHz
4G RAM Single Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)

Ccleaner is still running through Edge. Been doing it for 20 minutes and still at 0% progress which is why I posted.

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Hi. I've been using HP laptop (15-n274ca) for almost 2 years. Since couple of my friends have told me that I should change HHD 1TB to SSD instead of buying another laptop, I would like to know if my laptop is competable to use SATA 3 SSD. Also, If you don't mind would you give me a recommandation of SSD brand? Thank you guys a lot!   - My Laptop speificiation - Operation : Windows 10 Home 64 bitCPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHzMemories : 16GB ( 8GB  Samsung 1600MHz + 8GB  1600MHz)System Broad : 2164 29.40System Bios : F.42Graphic Card 1: Radeon (TM) HD 8670MGracphic Card2 : Intel(R) HD Graphics Family Hard Drive : TOSHIBA MQ01ABD100 - 931.51 GB 

A:I would like to know if my laptop is compatible to use SATA ...

Not even an issue. SATA3 will clock back to SATA 2 if needed but your laptop is SATA 3. Best consumer SSD is Samsung 850 Evo but others make very good ones, too. SanDisk, Kingston, etc. 

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I am a bit confused about my ENVY dv6 7300 Quad Edition. In the maintanence manual, it says that it does not support SSDs over 160GB. If this is true, then why? I want to upgrade to an SSD, but I will need more space than a measly 160GB. That doesn't even seem to be big enough for the entire OS.

A:Is my laptop compatible with SSDs?

Hi, You don't need 160GB for any OS on personal computer. One of my laptop has 120GB SanDisk SSD. I use it for Windows 7 Ultimate, Office Plus 2010, Adobe CS5 suite, Nero 10 suite and few other programs and still have 24GB free. Anyway, back to your question: You can use SSD greater (capacity) 160GB. The sweet spot now is 1TB. Regards.

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Product number: F6B14PA##ACJ
Serial      number: (removed content)
i am from India. I need to upgrade the RAM for my laptop.I looking for 4gb upgradation of RAM from existing 4gb.I need it while searching in online market.What is the configuration of my laptop RAM.I need help in this issue.Please help me out. 
One more issue is that Will there be any problem if there are different volts in two RAMS cards in the provided slots

A:What is the configuration of RAM compatible for my laptop?

kp94 wrote:Product number: F6B14PA##ACJSerial      number: (removed content) i am from India. I need to upgrade the RAM for my laptop.I looking for 4gb upgradation of RAM from existing 4gb.I need it while searching in online market.What is the configuration of my laptop RAM.I need help in this issue.Please help me out. One more issue is that Will there be any problem if there are different volts in two RAMS cards in the provided slotsDDR3L-1600 (Transfer rates up to 1600 MT/s)Two SODIMM slots supporting dual-channel memory2GB,4GB, and 8 GB SODIMMs * Maximum16GB  If you want the upgrade to 8GB to go without issue, then install two identical 4GB  Guaranteed compatible memory modules. Do not mix match memory modules in any way unless you don't mind losing time and perhaqps being frustrated by your notebook's blue screens and not booting to Windows. Take a look ayt the following web page at crucial.comhttp://eu.crucial.com/eur/en/compatible-upgrade-for/HP---Compaq/probook-450-g1     

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