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Windows Explorer Freezes requiring relaunch - Lenovo X230

Q: Windows Explorer Freezes requiring relaunch - Lenovo X230

X230 Laptop, 8GB RAM, Intel Graphics 4000 series, SS180GB SSD. Problem occurs with laptop in the Ultra Base Series 3 dock or out of it. - VGA or DisplayPort. Laptop came with Windows 7, was upgraded to Windows 8 and then Windows 8.1 and then the 8.1 update. Problem started when Windows 8.1 was initially installed.

When connected to an external Monitor (HP ZR2240W or a Dell 2412Mb) with either display port or VGA (VGA on Dell only), Windows Explorer will stop working, open programs will show not responding. Mouse still functional, and if cursor is placed in the "taskbar" area, you will get a blue spinning circle. A double click of the mouse in that area will generally cause a relaunch of Windows Explorer (screen area goes blue, then repopulates with the icons) and things will work fine for a number of program launchs or switching between programs, then the problem will occur again. This will happen up to 20+ times per day.

Laptop has the latest BIOS installed from Lenovo, Intel Graphics Driver Have tried three different keyboard and mouse options (Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse, Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, and a hard wired keyboard and mouse) and problem follows each. Friday I reloaded Windows 8.1 with the most recent updates and problem continues.

Additional information - 65Watt Lenovo Power Supply. Laptop when not connected to external monitor (using just laptop screen) does not exhibit same problem

I feel that it might be a graphics adapter (Intel 4000) problem. Only solution there is a motherboard replacement.

In multiple searches on the "net," I could not find anything that resembled this problem. Getting very frustrating.



Preferred Solution: Windows Explorer Freezes requiring relaunch - Lenovo X230

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows Explorer Freezes requiring relaunch - Lenovo X230

Windows 8 does not play nice with older hardware, especially older Intel hardware. You did not post if you are using the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 8.1. Intel does have updated drivers for that GPU. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Sea...01&FamilyId=39

Try the latest drivers and see if that works. As for changing the motherboard. You would not be able to do so with a Laptop. Since they are specific to the case.

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I apologize for my english in advance.
Yesterday I update my laptop to Windows 8.1(full specifications are available in my profile).
Then I noticed the following: The icon of DVD drive was changed and:
"Drive is powered off. To turn on the optical drive, press the eject button on the optical drive".
After pressing the DVD drive is powered on, but after few minutes it powered off again.

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:DVD drive is powered off, Lenovo X230, Windows 8.1 64 bit

i think thats normal behavour , it will work when ever you need to use it ,can you right click on the icon and click on eject to open it [i cant check mine right now on iam my mac]almost positive mine is like that

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Hi all,Apologies if I've missed this elsewhere - new to the forums so still learning to navigate.As background, machine type listed below:X230 Laptop (ThinkPad) - Machine Type 2325, Model BA6As I see it I'm having two separate issues here but they may well be linked: Recent Windows 10 updates are making the taskbar fully ineffective - I note this is fairly common and have tried the powershell route to check updates to no avail; curious to know what the advice here generally is, if X230 is no good with Windows 10 or is there something specific I should be doing to rectify this.This weekend, my laptop has developed a habit whereby the sound and video playback stops working suddenly. On boot-up it's fine but after a while, I can't listen to music or watch videos at all. Bit alarmed about this but suspect it may be linked to the thunderstorm on Thursday (based in London...), given I woke up to realise the powerboard on my TV had also gone. My laptop is within warranty so hopefully if it's hardware related, I would hope this is covered - in truth, I was reassured about the Lenovo warranty but have never had cause to use it at home or work over the last 6 years of using Lenovos.Any help or guidance would be massively appreciated!Kind regards,Bal

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HelloI have a Lenovo ThinkPad X230 with windows 10 manually installed.It doen't have any unknown devices in device manager, i install all drivers.As is clear, This laptop have a sim card slot under battery and i insert my sim card into it.The Problem is that i don't know how to i connect to sim card internet.Thanks

A:How to use sim card internet on Lenovo X230 with windows 10

Hello and welcome to the forumIs there a wwan modem inserted in the laptop? As it's not new laptop, you should check it out under keyboard & palmrest.

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Description of problem: at some point when playing audio, sound will cut out. The levels will still be moving on the mixer, but no sound will come through the speakers or sound jack. It seems that soon after I've closed all sound-producing applications, sound returns. I am 50-75% sure that this is strictly a sound jack issue, as I don't remember being able to reproduce the issue without the sound jack being active when the audio drops out. Frequently, bumping my headphones' cord seems to cause the problem, but other times, the problem seems to happen on a click, a loud sound, or seemingly nothing at all.

I am unsure of how to reliably reproduce the problem, so it is difficult to diagnose whether or not the problem can be reproduced when the sound jack is not active. This isn't common use for me...

Origin: Appeared mid-October, around the same time I had upgraded to the newest drivers (where the old ones were from earlier than May 2013). All were downloaded through the Lenovo website and/or Lenovo's System Update utility, with the exception of the Intel graphics drivers, which were downloaded through the Intel website. At this point, I was running Windows 8, not Windows 8.1. I installed Windows 8.1 recently, and the problem remains.

What I've tried: disabling drivers, reinstalling drivers, disabling sound effects, disabling audio application overrides...

What I haven't tried: rolling back drivers (being honest, I have a bit of trouble believing that this is strictly ... Read more

A:Lenovo x230, Windows 8 and 8.1: Sound Cutting Out

Update: The problem has been reproduced without the headphone jack being active.

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Windows 10 crashes frequently and randomly. No BSOD no error msgs. Happens about 30 times a day with no rhyme or reason
Please help

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shown atop powershell: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586]
772 free gigs of 980 gig capacity
A month before a staggering degradation of performance we installed steam to play purchased games (as opposed to random free games).  Using only the interweb browser chromium on non demanding sites like gmail, twitter, or facebook the computer lags, often becoming entirely unresponsive requiring forced shutdown.
Steam was installed about three months ago.
We had already installed- and licensed Webroot Secure Anywhere.  It believes there are no issues.
Two weeks ago we installed spybot anti-beacon to disable seemingly needless windows 10 features.  
We have verified power profile is set to high performance.
All interweb browsers use uBlock Origin (adblock).  Firefox also uses Privoxy (loopback filter)
Rarely are new programs installed.  We don't install steam games using 3rd party drm.
netflix in browser, youtube, or twitch (videos) seem to be where system freezing happens more often but it could be a coincidence.  afaik the nvidia drivers are up to date.  Kodi, a media player, used to occasionally glitch into a 3d mode until we disabled all 3d settings in nvidia.
if it matters we are using an hdmi tv instead of a monitor
We are so mystified by this.

A:windows 10, ever increasing poor performance, and freezes requiring reboot

Welcome aboard   Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2. SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me.NOTE 3. If you receive UNSUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEM! ABORTED! message restart computer and Security Check should run Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeList Restore PointsClick Go and post the result. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) to your desktop.NOTE. If you already have MBAM 2.0 installed scr... Read more

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It has been some time since I have been to sevenforums. I have missed you guys!

I was here almost every hour on the hour back when I built my PC and was installing windows7 for the first time. Now I have a new laptop and I would like some expert advice!

I bought a new, to me, Lenovo X230 Thinkpad recently and it came with windows7 installed. I am a person who enjoys simplicity, uncluttered space, and efficiency. In my desktop, and overall in my OS. Are there any tips, or guidelines for trimming down many of the programs and extraneous applications that come along with nearly every manufacturers' computers today? Should I reinstall a clean version of windows7? Is that possible with only the recovery partition on the laptop?

For example, I don't need 2 battery power applications. Either disable or remove the windows battery manager, or the Lenovo. Things like that.

I would also like to remove and backup the recovery partition from the laptop, but it doesn't have an optical drive. Then I could have more space, and only one partition. Not sure the best way to go about this. I have an external drive that I can backup the partition to.

If you want any more information about the current state of the laptop, just ask! I enjoy conversing and learning from the good people here.

Thanks again guys... glad to be back!

A:New Lenovo X230 Laptop! Help trim default windows install down please.

See here: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Includes instructions for downloading a legal copy of Windows 7 with SP1 included.

Definitely the best way to go to get rid of all the bloatware OEMs install.

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Hello fellow experts,

My custom build computer (spec in my sig) is experiencing random freezes (screen and cursor), without going to a blue screen--necessitating manual restarts. I have identified no patterns that effect this behavior: browsing of internet, playing graphics intensive game, watching a video, computer left on idle overnight, etc. Sometimes I get 5 freezes over a couple of hours. Other times I am able to be issue-free for up to 2 days. I've tried googling to help diagnose this issue, and I've tried:Fresh install of windows home premium 64bit + windows updates
Making sure all drivers and bios are up-to-date
Replaced/upgraded graphics card
Replaced/upgraded SSD
Ran /sfcnow, chkdsk, Windows Fix it, graphics test, memtest, etc
Enabled minidump files, disabled automatic restarts, but curiously no dump files are ever written
Downloaded Speccy to monitor core temperatures. Nothing to note (all hovering around 30 degrees)
As a relative computer illiterate, I'm having trouble taking additional steps to further this investigation. I've attached my latest event viewer log files for your kind review. Can anyone help me diagnose this issue?

Many, many thanks

A:Windows 7 Random Freezes Requiring Hard Reboot (no minidump files)

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Wininit
Date: 13-09-2013 PM 02:07:46
Event ID: 11
Task Category: None
Level: Warning
Computer: Edwin-PC
Custom dynamic link libraries are being loaded for every application. The system administrator should review the list of libraries to ensure they are related to trusted applications.

Which antivirus do you use? Please uninstall it, at least as a test. Use Microsoft Security Essentials as your antivirus with windows inbuilt firewall, and free MBAM as the on demand scanner.
Download, install and update those, and then run full system scans with both of them, one by one.

Scan the system for possible virus infection with the following programs, too.
Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller
Windows Defender Offline
Let us know the results.

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Hello,Recently, I found out that Crucial has a 32GB DDR3 kit for laptops:Crucial says that it's not compatible with X230 because the X230 says that it supports up to 16GB of RAM. That was true when the X230 hit the streets, but not today.So, has anyone tried this combination?


Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo X230 32GBRam

HiNo chance with original BIOS.

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I recently purchased an X230 thinkpad.I am having some issues, specifically;a. the screen is a yellowy colour - this seems to only be at night, not during the day!b. the right click on the bottom of the touchpad does not work conistently - sometimes it acts like a left click instead of a right click - this is incovenient as i do a lot of editing work in WordI ran a Linux check and these issues did not occur - so I think it may be software related - I am using Windows 10 Pro.Does any one have suggestions?thanks

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For a few months my x230 with Windows 10 occasionally hangs when I put it to sleep. The screen turns black, but the fan keeps spinning, mute button is lit (if it was active) and the wifi light sometimes stays on (although not always). The only way to start the computer again is by pressing the power button for a few seconds to kill it and then start it again.  I have installed a msata SSD about two years ago and 4gb stick of ram about half a year ago.  I have tried:- installing Remix OS to see if the issue 8s within windows. Nope, hangs as well in a different system. - using only one stick of ram. I have tried all combinations, still hangs. - removing the original HDD from the bay. Nope, still hangs. - removing all USB peripherals. Nope, still hangs.  Next I might try downgrading the bios.  Could anybody suggest something else? 

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My system freezes several times a day requiring a reboot. My OS is XP SP2, fully AV'd and fire-walled with anti spyware software installed and updated, so the freezes are unlinked to any issue there I think.

Last software I installed was for a new wireless router and adapter which was compatible with my ADSL2+ broadband service (8MB), the previous wasn't.

The freezes can happen when I'm browsing the internet (which is mostly what I use the PC for) or even simply when left unattended.

I want to be able to try to identify what the source is before I attempt a complete software re-install of XP and everything else.

Is there a system log or something that XP keeps on my PC that someone here would be able decipher if I posted?

thanks in advance

A:HELP, frequent freezes requiring reboot, does XP keep a log?

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This is not a blue screen crash. My laptop simply freezes and nothing works requiring a reboot.

One characteristic is that once the computer has been rebooted the problem won't occur again during the same day.

Further, I consistently use Hibernate rather than Shut Down, and this problem may not occur for several days if I hibernate it every night. Eventually it will freeze after being reopened from Hibernate.

However, if I do shut it down at night and boot it in the morning it always seems to freeze within the first 15 minutes of being booted. Again once rebooted it won't happen again until the next day.

I would appreciate any input someone can offer on this since it is annoying and time consuming.



A:Computer freezes requiring reboot

Sounds like an application on startup that's to blame to me. Have you tried using msconfig to help figure out the culprit (if there is a culprit)?

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HelloI have one question.From what I read it is impossible to replace the processor in X230, and here is my question, would it be possible to replace the entire motherboard with the processor for a stronger one?I care about this because I'm looking for a mobile laptop.

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How to fix it? Been reading all the problem here but it didn't help me. It suddenly happen when I try to power on the Laptop. Been using it for 2 years this only happen now please help.

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Hello.I have Lenovo ThinkPad x230After Windows 10 installation i have problems with: H5321 gw Mobile Broadband Network AdapterUSB\Vid_0bdb&Pid_1926&Cdc_0d&Mi_06USB\Vid_0bdb&Pid_1926&Cdc_0d&Ndis_630USB\Vid_0bdb&Pid_1926&Cdc_0dI have tried find drivers by my self, after i have tried Lenovo system update, does not helped.Maybe somebody can help my?Thanks.

A:Missing driver Lenovo x230

HiHere you arehttp://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-x...

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I have a Lenovo x230 laptop with an i7 processor that starts the second time. This means that when you first turn on, there is a black screen. The restart must be forced and then normally turns on. I tried to use an external screen, tricks with disconnecting the battery and pressing the switch, CMOS battery, RAM memory replacement - nothing did not succeed. On this motherboard, the service replaced the BIOS chips due to failure in the upgrade. They said that the computer would not work anyway. The computer, however, works, but after the second launch - which is annoying. I have updated the BIOS on my own, which did not solve the problem. Once the computer starts, it works very steadily and without problems. I have not found a similar case anywhere on the internet.

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My Dell computer, mainly used for internet, the occasional Excel app, and maintain a very amateur website (CoffeeCup) has very slow. The slowness and freezing seemed to start when my child began playing more web-based games.

I ran a HijackThis and got these results. I run AVG and Spybot Search and Destroy on the pc, but loaded them after the problems began. Any guidance, especially on programs I can wipe out, would be greatly appreciated.


Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 9:41:51 AM, on 2/27/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16981)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgchsvx.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgrsx.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgcsrvx.exe
C:\Program Files\RegCure\RegCure.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG9\avgwdsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Maxtor\OneTouch\utils\Onetouch.exe
C:\Program Files\Maxtor\OneTouch Status\maxmenumgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Pr... Read more

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As the title says, I'm experiencing random crashes in the form of freezing. No BSOD, no power down or reset, just an unrecoverable freeze.
The computer is a relatively new build (3-4 months old), and this has been happening the entire time.
This occurs during gaming, Installation of software, and various other instances.
Memtest showed nothing, so the RAM is probably fine.


Please let me know if you need any other information, thank you

A:Random freezes requiring Hard Reboot

Work through the Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7
reporting back as you go as there may be other steps indicated.

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Hello, im quite new to this forum so please be patient with me......
Im decently tech suavy, able to do my own hardware and software upgrades and identify some problems, but still learning.
My computer is just over a year old, and it began acting up nearly a month ago...
The problem occurs during gameplay. I only currently have 2 games on my computer, WoW and CoD4MW2, and during both games, and no given specific time, the computer freezes, and the monitor loses signal. I have recently noticed that during this freeze, I still receive audio, which makes me think it has something to do with the video card.

My specs are as follows

Processor: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 @2.33GHz
Ram: 4GB
64 bit Operating system running on Windows Vista w/ service pack 1
I have a newly installed PSU (about 5 months old) running at 1200 amps (i believe)
And a GeForce GTX9800 Video card, installed around the same time as the PSU.

If you could help me with my situation in any way it would be greaty appreciated.

A:Computer freezes, requiring hard reset

Ive recently installed Speedfan, and am now noticing my GPU runs at 65C whilst no games are running... any tips on getting this down? (Not a laptop)

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Hello. I have lenovo ThinkPad X230 with Windows 10/64bit In Device manager I get some missing drivers: Base System DevicePCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&SUBSYS_21FA17AA&REV_04PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&SUBSYS_21FA17AAPCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&CC_088001PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&CC_0880 BCM20702A0USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E6&REV_0112USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E6 Biometric CoprocessorUSB\VID_147E&PID_2020&REV_0001USB\VID_147E&PID_2020 H5321 gwUSB\VID_0BDB&PID_1926&REV_0000USB\VID_0BDB&PID_1926 PCI Simple Communications ControllerPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&SUBSYS_21FA17AA&REV_04PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&SUBSYS_21FA17AAPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&CC_078000PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&CC_0780 ACPI\LEN0068\5&2890D699&0ACPI\VEN_LEN&DEV_0068ACPI\LEN0068*LEN0068 ACPI\LEN0078\5&2890D699&0ACPI\VEN_LEN&DEV_0078ACPI\LEN0078*LEN0078 Maybe somebody can help me?Thanks.

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My Lenovo x230 tablet is not connecting to wireless connection but its connecting to LAN network.I have installed all needed device drivers.

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Hi: I have an unknown dervice shown in the device manager. I have tried updating the driver but it did not work. Please tell me what is this devce and where do I get the driver?

Capture.PNG ?25 KB

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I have a 4 year old Lenovo Thinkpad X230 computer.  Since I upgraded to Windows 10 (two years ago?) my computer has randomly shut off with no warning.  There doesn't seem to be a pattern with regard to when or how this happens.  The computer starts normally every time.  This can happen upwards of 5 or 6 times in an hour (although sometimes it can go several days without shutting off). In the last year (since June 2016), the computer has been evaluated by three different technicians on three different occasions (June, October, January).  Each found no hardware issues, no issues with fuzz/dust, no obvious software issues, no malware or other viruses.  Personally, I have explored the answer on the internet and fiddled with the settings relating to sleep mode (among other suggestions) and nothing seems to have worked.  I recently was advised to revert to the original windows 10, undoing all the updates and additional installations that I've put on the computer.  I did this, and miraculously it helped (although it still shut off twice since then.  This was in February).  In the last two weeks, I was forced to upgrade back to normal and the problem has returned.  Additionally, the first person who looked at my computer (back in June 2016), told me that this was aparently a common problem with Windows 10 and that the only way to fix it was to revert to Windows 8.   I would like to not have to do this, if poss... Read more

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Hello. I have lenovo ThinkPad X230 with Windows 10/64bit In Device manager I get some missing drivers: Base System DevicePCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&SUBSYS_21FA17AA&REV_04PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&SUBSYS_21FA17AAPCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&CC_088001PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_E823&CC_0880 BCM20702A0USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E6&REV_0112USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E6 Biometric CoprocessorUSB\VID_147E&PID_2020&REV_0001USB\VID_147E&PID_2020 H5321 gwUSB\VID_0BDB&PID_1926&REV_0000USB\VID_0BDB&PID_1926 PCI Simple Communications ControllerPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&SUBSYS_21FA17AA&REV_04PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&SUBSYS_21FA17AAPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&CC_078000PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1E3A&CC_0780 ACPI\LEN0068\5&2890D699&0ACPI\VEN_LEN&DEV_0068ACPI\LEN0068*LEN0068 ACPI\LEN0078\5&2890D699&0ACPI\VEN_LEN&DEV_0078ACPI\LEN0078*LEN0078 Maybe somebody can help me?Thanks.

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My Lenovo x230 tablet is not connecting to wireless connection but its connecting to LAN network.I have installed all needed device drivers.

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Hi: I am trying to connect my android Motorola G phone with my lenovo X230 laptop through USB but the phone is not recognized. Could some please help me with this? Thanks!

A:Android phone not recognized on Lenovo X230

Part 1. How to Connect Android to PC in USB ModeStep 1: Connect your Android phone into computer using a USB cable. You can use the same cable that you use to charge it.Step 2: Tap the ?USB? option from the Notification Panel on your Android device, then select ?MTP? mode.Step 3: Wait while the driver is installed, then open the ?Computer/This PC?, you?ll find your Android device.The procedure above is a normal connection between Android device and PC. If there is anything abnormal during your operation, you can try the tips in part 4. Please note, there is still one more step before the transfer and recovery tool can recognize your device. Just follow the steps in part 2 and 3 to proceed. Part 2. Enable USB Debugging on Different Android OS VersionOnly when USB debugging is turned on, can Android phone be recognized by development tools. The primary function of this mode is to facilitate a connection between an Android device and a computer with Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Phones running on different versions of Android OS have different ways to enable USB debugging mode. Please check the Android version of your phone first: Settings > About Phone > Android version.Detailed Steps on How to Enable USB Debugging on Different Android Versions: A. For Android 4.2 and above versions:Go to Settings > About Phone > navigate to Build Number > tap Build Number for seven times. Afterwards, a message will appear informing that you are now a... Read more

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For the past 2 - 3 months my PC has been either freezing entirely forcing me to power it off or getting blue screens with errors such as - Driver IRQL_less_or_not_equal usually blaming notskrnl.exe

I've tried updating all my drivers, fresh windows 10 install, scanning memory - nothing found and disabling any overclocking I previously had. I've also taken out most hardware and replaced it and also tried using each of my 2 sticks of ram individually.

I'll post a crash dump analysis below, any help with this would be massively appreciated


Crash Dump Analysis provided by OSR Open Systems Resources, Inc. (http://www.osr.com)
Online Crash Dump Analysis Service
See http://www.osronline.com for more information
Windows 8 Kernel Version 15063 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 15063.0.amd64fre.rs2_release.170317-1834
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff802`f4894000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff802`f4be05c0
Debug session time: Mon Sep 11 10:06:33.328 2017 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 6:32:09.903
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

This means a trap occurred in kernel mode, and it's a trap of a kind
that the kernel isn't allowed to have/catch (bound trap) or that
is always instant death (double fault)... Read more

A:Freezes requiring force restart and blue screens.

Send the dump please the part analysis shown is lacking detail

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My computer will freeze at random times when playing games like Halo 2, STALKER, Crysis, Far Cry 2, and Caesar 4. I don't think it is a heat problem since it will happen at random times and my dad's comp, which also has the same specs doesn't freeze. So I was wondering if any of you could help me figure out what is wrong. Specs are right here.

CPU: Core 2 Extreme QX6850
GPU: eVGA Nvidia 8800GT 512 Mb
RAM: 2Gb Corsair 800MHz
OS: Vista Premium 32-bit

A:Solved: PC freezes in game, requiring hard reset.

...and the make, model, and size of the power supply? (The most neglected, but most probable cause of your problem.)


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PC randomly freezes 4-5 times per week, requiring power-off reboot.  Happens in Windows 8 and two different versions of Linux.  Tried booting from Linux live DVD OS with same results.  Ran all diagnostic tests several time with no problems found, except it locked up during one series of testing.  Problem seems worse when accessing the internet.

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I recently built a new computer for gaming (specs posted below) but it freezes completely while I play any game (Specifically Skyrim or Borderlands 2), requiring a system restart by holding the power button. I've tried everything I can think of. All my drivers are up to date, I've tweaked graphics settings both basic and advanced (such as setting the affinity of the games to just 2 cores, as I have seen suggested online, as well as adjusting the 3D settings in the NVIDIA control panel). I've run memtest86 and the memtest that is on the Windows 7 disc. Reformatted and reinstalled fresh Win 7. System temps are well within limits. There are other things I've tried that I can't think of at the moment, but I've spent a week troubleshooting this problem with zero luck.

Both memtests came back clean, by the way. 0 errors. I have also run a chkdsk /r, will post the log if it will help any.

If anyone can help me solve this, I would be so grateful!

System Specs
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Service Pack 1
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Revision 1.1 with BIOS version F8
CPU: AMD FX-8150 3.6GHz Eight Cores
Ram: Corsair DDR3 1600MHz 4x4Gb
GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 660
HDD 1: Hitachi 300GB in 2 partitions, Windows on C:
HDD 2: Seagate 2TB
PSU: SilverStone 700W

A:New computer freezes when I play any game, requiring reboot

Are you using the original fan that came with that chip. If so use HW Monitor to check the CPU temperature I think you will find its not cooling the chip enough.

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This laptop has previously bluescreened so all the drivers have been updated as much as possible but it is now bluescreening again multiple times a day.

I have attached the .dmp file as I was unable to run the extra software.

I have put it through windbg but it points to ntkrnlmp.exe which isn't to helpful

Can anyone shed a bit more light on what may be causing the bluescreen?

Many Thanks!!

A:BSOD when usiing Adobe CS6 on Lenovo X230 Laptop

WDDM KMD Loader - DisplayLink Core Software is causing the BSOD there.

fffff800`00b9cea0 fffff880`05386cf0Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\dlkmd.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for dlkmd.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for dlkmd.sys
Try to update it from DisplayLink: Windows Software

Do some USB related troubleshooting. For the port, first, uninstall and reinstall the USB ports drivers.
Right click on Computer icon > manage. It will open the computer management window.
Click on "Device Manager" in the left pane, it will list all installed devices up.
Expand "USB Serial Bus Controllers" by clicking on the triangle in front of it.
Click on one item to select, then right click and uninstall.
Do the same for all.
Restart the computer.
At restart, windows will auto configure the appropriate drivers.
And, Disable USB Selective Suspense too.
USB Selective Suspend - Turn On or Off

For the devices, first, detach all the USB devices other than the keyboard and mouse.
Then, Update the drivers for them all, including the keyboard and mouse, if any third party drivers are installed for them.

Let us know the situation. If the problem continues, upload your MSINFO32.nfo file alongwith the crash dumps next time.
Click on the start button
Type "msinfo32" (without quotes) in the search bar of the start menu, click the resulting link. It will ... Read more

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Hello,  I'm having some trouble with turning on my laptop. The problem originally started when some keys on my keyboard stopped working. I cleaned the keys, restarted my laptop, tried a previous restore point and then did a hard reset after nothing worked to fix my laptop.  After hard resetting, I tried turning on my laptop and it did not turn on. So far, I've plugged in my laptop into the adaptor, plugged the adaptor directly into the wall outlet, and removed the battery and plugged in the laptop. The one thing I have noticed with my laptop is that when I plug in the adaptor, the battery and sleep lights turn on for a moment, then the sleep light turns off, and the battery light will stay on momentarily but then it will blink off after a few seconds. What else should I do? Thank you

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When I took my computer off my desk the other day in order to carry it to my work, I found out that the lid had cracked, just underneath the Lenovo brand name, so the front part of the lid comes off and I can see the screen between. I went into my local Lenovo ThinkCenter and asked them to repair this problem, but they said this kind of damage is not covered by the warranty. I stand by it that this is a case of material weakness and it ought to be covered. The product simply doesn't correspond to what is promised. Also, I'm afraid that the crack may have caused one of the WiFi antennas to break, besides further impacting the structural integrity of the computer. The computer had never fallen, been hit nor has any it been exposed to any kind of impact. It is also only 2 months old. Of course, this is hard to prove, but there are no other signs of damage on the exterior, which would be the case if it had indeed fallen. And this is a Thinkpad, they're supposed to be able to withstand a certain degree of impact anyway. My X200 went through some seriously rough jungle and never had any problem. The reason I had bought another Thinkpad after my X200 - despite a below-average screen resolution and an above-average price - was their superior customer support. If my issue is not dealt with properly, if it cannot be repaired for free and within a couple of working days, this will be my last ever Lenovo. These are business machines and when you pay for 3 years of internat... Read more

A:X230 lid cracked: material weakness - Lenovo won't repair

My thinkpad W530 had similar problem, had you solved your problems?

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Hello,  I'm having some trouble with turning on my laptop. The problem originally started when some keys on my keyboard stopped working. I cleaned the keys, restarted my laptop, tried a previous restore point and then did a hard reset after nothing worked to fix my laptop.  After hard resetting, I tried turning on my laptop and it did not turn on. So far, I've plugged in my laptop into the adaptor, plugged the adaptor directly into the wall outlet, and removed the battery and plugged in the laptop. The one thing I have noticed with my laptop is that when I plug in the adaptor, the battery and sleep lights turn on for a moment, then the sleep light turns off, and the battery light will stay on momentarily but then it will blink off after a few seconds. What else should I do? Thank you

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I got this X230 recently and it works great except that I cannot get the camera to work. For example, with Skype, I can select between:

Integrated Camera, and
Thinkvintage Virtual Camera

With both, I get the led light beside the camera On, but the instead of the output of the camera, I get this: 

I made some research and found that the camera's privacy setting might be set to Private in the Lenovo Settings app. I didn't have that app, so I downloaded it from the Windows store. However, the app doesn't have a camera settings section: 
??[Image removed]
I reaseached more and found that one reason it's not showing up in the Lenovo settings is that the drivers might be missing. However, checking the device manager, I found the drivers installed and all look fine. 
I don't know where  to move from here. Any ideas will be very much appreciated.
Moderator comment: Image showing serial number(s) removed to protect member from mischief.

A:X230: Camera settings not showing in Lenovo Settin...

SOLVED: I removed teh Camera driver from the Device Manager and then from the Action menu I selected "Scan for hardware changes" WebCam worked in Skype but still not appearing in the Lenovo Settings App.  

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i have a lenovo x230 and its stuck on a screen and all it says it boot menu.  Any help would be great thanks 

A:Lenovo Thinkpad x230 stuck on boot menu

I would need to see it to be sure, but my guess is that the hard disk was logically damaged.  That means the boot record or partition information was wiped out.  It could also be a disk hardware error.  Do you have a backup?

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Hey guys, I have a PC that was custom built with all new hardware, and I'm getting hard freezes anywhere from once a day to once a month.
It happens while doing anything from watching a movie, to just browsing the web.

I replaced the PSU, flashed the Bios, reinstalled windows, changed the power settings, updated drivers but the problem still occurs.

Windows event viewer doesn't show anything that related to the crash except "previous system shutdown was unexpected".

I ran a stress and cpu test as well memtest all of those came up fine.
Since all the hardware is new not sure what to switch out first, or if I should reinstall windows again or change something in the bios.

I'm using a
Intel i7 3770k,
Intel graphics 4000,
Asus H61M-A Motherboard,
1 Crucial DDR3 Ram 8GB
Samsung Evo 840 SSD as primary drive,
Seagate 1TB HDD
Corsair 550 watt PSU

Any help is appreciated.

A:All new Hardware Custom build Freezes requiring hard reboot

Hello Avaava mate now you say you have swapped out most of the components just exactly have you not swapped out? I am assuming the board is new in which case (no pun) may have an issue.

Now just out of my curiosity could you do this as the PSU bought new might not be right and it would really eliminate for good that source of any problem.

Using HW Info
You can test the volts on the PSU with HW Info HWiNFO, HWiNFO32/64 - Download < download the right bit version and close the right hand window select Sensors and scroll down to the power section where you will see what the volts are doing see my pic. In my pic the section (Nuvoton) with VBATT is a dead give away you are in the section for the rail voltages. There are other section titles and one that pops up often is ITE
Now the voltage on the different rails have to be within 5% =+/- of what is required or the machine will not work properly if at all.
See this for the rail voltage info
http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/power-supply-specifications-atx-reference,3061.html (Section 2.)
The original right hand window shows the machine running and is handy for that but for looking at the components in some detail close it and use the main left hand side panel
Open each small square with + in it on the section the components are in and then click on the individual component/s (it will highlight in blue) - in the right hand side will appear all sorts of details including brands spee... Read more

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I recently upgraded my own custom built PC by replacing the primary HDD with a 500GB Samsung SSD, a new graphics card and installed OEM Windows Home Premium x64. From the beginning, I have experienced random freezes that require a hard boot, at least once a day. There?s never a BSOD. The freezes occur while I?m browsing, playing games, or doing nothing at all. The computer will crash immediately in sleep mode and restart, so I have disabled the power settings. I don?t know if that?s a separate problem or not. I built this rig in 2007 with XPSP3 that worked more or less fine for years.

Here's the rig:

OS Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz Motherboard Asus P5N-E SLI Memory 2 x 2GB Graphics Card(s) Gigabyte GTX 750 TI 2GB Hard Drives Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500 GB My power supply is a 600WCooler Master RS-600-PCAR-E3.

I have updated graphics and WiFi network card device drivers with no resolution. My HP 2575 all-in-one drivers seemed to be involved (Event viewer), so I completely uninstalled them. No help.

I?ve looked for the dump files, and there is nothing in there - ever. (show hidden files is checked. If anything was there I would see it).

I?ve gone to the Startup and Recovery Settings and set the ?write debugging information? to:

Small memory dump, uncheck automatically restart, and set the small dump directory to?


There?s no memory.dmp file ... Read more

A:Win 7 Home Premium x64 Randomly Freezes requiring hard boot

Have you Googled deeply into Samsung SSD issues? They have had several problems recently regarding firmware and their Magician software.

I don't own a Samsung, so did not pay a lot of attention to the details. I do know that sleep issues can be related to firmware.

Walk down these search results as a starting point:


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I seem to have a couple of common ones; one refers to attempting to write to a read-only memory area. Another talks about a clock interrupt. I stumbled on the jcgriff2 website with diagnostic tools and went through those steps and have three zip files with the results. I also updated drivers using Uniblue, and updated the Award BIOS, ran a memory check, and chkdsk.

I appreciate any help you guys can give. Since about Windows 95, I haven't really kept up on the technical side so much.

Thanks in advance.

A:BSOD and system freezes requiring hard reboot Win7x64

Security software:
ssscheduler.exe c:\program files (x86)\mcafee security scan\2.0.181\ssscheduler.exe 4064 8 200 1380 3/26/2012 8:55 PM 249.55 KB (255,536 bytes) 1/15/2010 5:49 AM
sdwinsec.exe c:\program files (x86)\spybot - search & destroy\sdwinsec.exe 2408 8 200 1380 3/26/2012 8:54 PM 1.10 MB (1,153,368 bytes) 3/13/2012 8:29 PM
teatimer.exe c:\program files (x86)\spybot - search & destroy\teatimer.exe 3904 4 200 1380 3/26/2012 8:55 PM 2.16 MB (2,260,480 bytes) 3/13/2012 8:29 PM
avastui.exe c:\program files\avast software\avast\avastui.exe 2224 8 200 1380 3/26/2012 8:55 PM 7.0.1426.0 4.05 MB (4,241,512 bytes) 3/26/2012 8:23 PM
mcsacore.exe c:\progra~2\mcafee\sitead~1\mcsacore.exe 1832 8 3072 4608 3/26/2012 8:54 PM 101.02 KB (103,440 bytes) 2/23/2012 9:52 PM
saui.exe c:\progra~2\mcafee\sitead~1\saui.exe 3800 8 200 1380 3/26/2012 8:57 PM 276.02 KB (282,648 bytes) 2/23/2012 9:52 PM
Remove McAfee items through Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program
Possible out of date drivers:
PAEAFLT fffff880`04c44000 fffff880`04c46500 Wed Sep 26 00:32:51 2007 (46f9fd13) 00009ca8 PAEAFLT.sys
SPC230NC fffff880`05868000 fffff880`058ef000 Thu Jan 03 03:13:47 2008 (477cb55b) 0008cc2c SPC230NC.SYS

Loading Dump File [D:\Kingston\BSODDmpFiles\NCostanza\Windows7_Vista_jcgriff2_2\Windows7_Vista_jcgriff2_2\032612-21406-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers a... Read more

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I saw few people have problem with this, It was **bleep** hard for me to find what was wrong with my laptop, It just lost its power (instant power-off) from time to time, It was like that for like a half a year, I couldn't figure what was wrong with it. It was totally clean inside and wasn't overheating ,ran all the tests- all was fine, battery also was fine, so is power supply and power module.The thing that fixed it- Was Changing CPU thermal compound, it had dried out really bad and was causing this gremlin.. Even though I didn't believe that it could be the problem because it didn't had overheating issues. Spent $1 on the compound from ebay and the laptop has been fine for over 2months now.In case anyone has the same problem or comes up when searching this post- that's the thing that will fix it even if it sounds weird.

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I have been having trouble with my laptop for the past year or so but have finally resolved to fix it, however all the tests and checks I have performed have come back clean other than some issues with Windows Update (and failure to upgrade to Windows 10). I don't know yet if these are linked.

The main issue is repeated complete freeze of the computer (no HDD activity) requiring me to long-press the power button to resolve it. This has happened 20-30 times in the past year, in a range of programs, sometimes with nothing running, sometimes under heavy load and hot (though I have now discounted overheating as the cause). I also had this issue while attempting the Windows 10 upgrade after 75% (at the start of stage 3 (Configuring Drivers or something). Again, I don't know if these are linked.

Event Viewer doesn't show any obvious pattern of errors prior to the freeze, though I have not looked at this in too much detail. It justs shows the "critical: Kernel-Power" when I perform the power off.

I have performed all the tests and checks I could think of: sfc, DSKCHK, Windows Memory Diagnostic, Windows Update Readiness Tool, Windows Update Diagnostic. sfc initially showed an error but was able to fix it, though this didn't stop the freezing issue. The system update readiness tool has showed errors in the past (I can't remember when, sorry) but claimed to fix them. Windows Update Diagnostic has always reported issues (including ones it cannot fix) which include 8007... Read more

A:Multiple freezes requiring hard shutdown; only detected error 80070490

After reading the BSOD thread instructions I thought attaching this might be useful.

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Brand new custom computer running windows 7 64 pro with SP1.
I installed the Os, and drivers from the Asus motherboard disk, on the first day I got it, and
from the 2nd day the computer started having random freezes that vary from 1-3 times per day.
The first time was while watching a video, after that freezes would occur during virtually anything.
Sometimes even just from leaving it on without being used.
These are hard freezes and a hard reboot is the only way to get the computer working again.
During the freeze the mouse cursor disappears, audio stops (if on), and the keyboard and mouse produce no response whatsoever.
I can still open the dvd drive but that's it
I've dealt with a lot of PC problems over the years, using different computers, but none like this.

When I check the Windows event viewer logs, there's nothing I've been able to find about what's causing the freezes. Just the error message of "unexpected shutdown", from me having to do a reboot.
I have"WhoCrased" installed on my computer, and that reports nothing about the freezes either.

My temperatures seem to be fine. I have "CoreTemp" installed and "System Information for Windows".
I ran Memtest with no errors.
I flashed the Bios and there were less freezes for a few days. Then they started reoccurring.
I ran a stress test with no problems, and updated all of the drivers from the manufactures website

My computer is
Intel i7 3rd Generation 3770k, Samsung Evo 840... Read more

A:New Custom Computer, Random Hard Freezes, requiring cold reboot.

Reading all of that the first thing that comes to my mind is your power supply.

Orion 585 Watt

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