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Software recommendation for logging computer modifications

Q: Software recommendation for logging computer modifications

Can anyone recommend any good software for logging computer modifications and maintenance? I support my family and friends and sometimes it's hard to keep all all the changes I have done over the years in my lil noggin. Also it would help me log fixes so I could reference if someone else had the same issue I could more easily reference the fix.

Preferred Solution: Software recommendation for logging computer modifications

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Software recommendation for logging computer modifications

Plenty of free useful utilities here:


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Hey all. I'm in search of a program that is designed to track and log everything that happens on my computer. Most importantly I want it to track programs that access the internet and what connections are being made to those programs and the ports. Norton doesn't quite give me all the information I want. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

A:Looking For Computer Logging Software

To track port access, try using Sygate Personal Firewall; it has several very good logs (like "traffic") that have a backtrace/whois function.

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Hellllllo !

On my work laptop I have my Administrator account, which I use all the time, and a Guest account that people can use to go on the Internet etc.

What I have not found out how to do yet is to prevent the Guest account users from :

- Installing or removing software
- Changing any setting in control panel (or the shortcuts leading to it, such as "right-click on the Desktop > personalize"
- Changing internet connections (I've caught guests on the neighbor's open network often, even though my WPA2 wireless network is remembered)

What I have found how to do, using permissions:

- Open specific programs (I have gone and edited the permissions on all the .exes files for the programs I wanted to restrict, and it works fine)
- Access partitions or hard drives (Guests only see the path exists, they have no access and no info to the partitions/drives I restricted)

Now, about my problem, what I've tried so far:

- Same as I did to restrict access to partitions/hard drives, using permissions: I tried to modify the permissions of the Guest account to allow only reading and launching apps on C: as a whole. That didn't work though, Windows wouldn't let me change the permissions on the system disc, even as an administrator with UAC off. I tried many combinations of allow/deny and no change is permitted.

So, what can I do ? Right now, there are only a few shortcuts on the Guest account desktop, but I've tested it: using the Start menu or the com... Read more

A:How to prevent Guest account from making modifications to the computer

A guest account DOESN'T have admin rights, just as a standard user. He/she cannot modify registry keys in HKLM so cannot modify system wide settings!

He can change his own font and his own windows sounds. But not install programs.

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Ever since I caught the Xp AntiVirus 2008 randomly on startup and have removed it, MBAm prompted to remove something on boot so I clicked yes. Then my computer was stuck On Logging Off.. for a really long time so I had to hold my power button because I didn't have a restart button. Then everything was normal except when I typed my password and pressed enter, my computer was loading my personal settings longer than usual. Then I came to my desktop with no icons and no startbar. All I could see was my desktop. So I went onto Task Manager and clicked New Task then explorer. Is there a way to fix those two problems pernamently? (I have checked the registry for Shell and made sure it said explorer.exe but it already did!?!?!)

A:Computer Always Stuck On Logging Off When Logging Off, Restarting And Shutting Down

Have you done a good check for malware?Typically, there are system issues after infected users think they have "removed" the malware. The malware may be gone, but some residual system effects may remain.Just to be safe...and to get advice/suggestions from those who normally deal with malware situations and the aftermath...I suggest posting at BleepingComputer.com - Am I infected What do I do - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/103/am-i-infected-what-do-i-do/ If you've already done such, it helps to know that.Louis

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Can anyone recommend some word processing software that will enable me to place text with precision?

For example if I type a date ("04/27/02") and I want to place that field EXACTLY 3 centimeters from the top of the page and 4 cm from the right hand side, is there a program that will let me do it (do it easily that is, not having to calculate "leading" and page margins, and font sizes and all that junk). Ideally, I would just like to type various fields anywhere on the page, then select them with a mouse and have a pop-up box that allows me to specify where they should go in relation to a fixed reference point.

As a second choice, is there a program that will allow me to scan in a pre-printed form and then show that form in a "WYSIWYG" format, so I can over-type the entries where they belong, then load the pre-printed forms into my printer and get all the fields going exactly where they should?

Lastly, what are people using for encryption these days? Are people mostly using "PGP" or "Blowfish" or is there something new?

[Thanking everyone in advance for their input!]

A:Want Software Recommendation

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When I was in high school I recall that the computers we used had software installed that would prevent any changes to the hard drive, if I remember correctly it would revert to a set state each time the machine was rebooted. I'm looking for software that will serve a similar function for the computer I'm using, in my living room, to play ROMs on my television. As this computer is constantly in use by guest, wanting to check their Facebook or show me a video on You Tube, I want some software to put this machine on lockdown. I don't want any users to be able to even so much as save a text file on the partition I put my OS on. Any advice of what software to try will be greatly appreciated.

A:Software Recommendation

Have a look at this recent thread http://forums.techguy.org/all-other-software/932358-protect-your-pc-free.html

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Can anyone recommend me a good program that shows a detailed information of a person in a new folder when I clicked on the name?
Thx a lot..

A:Need a software recommendation..


can you please give some more detail on what you are asking for?

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hello i'd like a software recommendation, we're looking for a cost-effective enterprise antivirus solution, I've read about Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition

i'd like to read some comments/opinions,


A:software recommendation


I have experience in several of these programs and still have to recommend the Symantec AntiVirus as the least intrusive and least anoying program that is available. What I mean by this is that the process of protecting your computer does not interfere with normal operation while staying up to date and effective. If you have the autoupdate on and the scanner set for a specific scan time, you will be well pleased.

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A friend of mine does karoke parties as a side job. He is wanting to tranfer all his songs from CD+G discs to his laptop so he wont have to tote around the discs and player. Can anyone recommend any software other than MS media player?

I see all kinds of CDG and CD+G software online. But I think those are for burning discs. He just needs something that will copy to a hardrive for playback. Being able to play the songs back from a laptop would be nice.

Or does anyone have any other suggestions?


A:CD+G software recommendation

You need a CDRW than can read CD+G, such as some Plextor drives. Then get hold od MP3TOOLZ, but to make that work, you also need to install M$ .NET stuff.

Have a look here:

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I need help desk software, preferably free. I need to have a simple ticket system. Needs to run on my system, not a server or network. Any ideas?

A:Need software recommendation

Pinki if you mean an office type program then this is no slouch and is free

Download Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 Free

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We are wanting to set up our printer at work so that all the students printing comes to one printer. They need to be able to use their student number to print, and we need to keep track of how much they print. We would like a set up where they can pay credit and we can keep track of it thru the printer.

Does anyone know of a program that is capapble of this?

A:Software Recommendation?

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I've been getting some BSD and errors for a few weeks. Not been able to get the message.

I did see you have a BSD area - but I've still got tech support with DHell and so will try them first (although, so far they're saying it's not hardware and wanting me to reformat).

Anyway, someone suggested a program called system mechanic - is it any good?

If it's good, is there any comparable free-ware programs that do what it does?

A:recommendation on software

There are not any magic programs that do everything, as much as you might see advertised occasionally. Problem solving software is generally targeted at specific problems, such as anti-malware software for killing a virus or something like MemTest86 for testing RAM.

Does your BSD provide an error code or any sort of wording that might (usually cryptically or broadly) describe the problem?

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I need to find a different AV program.  I am currently using WebRoot and it is interfering with a few of my programs.  I have a music notation system and it totally screws up the functions, special menu item toolbars.  I've tested it and the functions work properly when I disable the Identity Protection feature.  I've traded many emails with the technical people at Finale and we've determined it is Webroot that is causing the problem.  He has had issues with other customers using WebRoot.  I am also having issues with a program that calculates math.
I have been in touch with WebRoot and they said they will work with me to resolve the issue.  However, I have A LOT of work to do (and to catch up with due to these issues) and just want to migrate to a different program that will be hassle free.  I've asked the software people what exactly is causing this issue but they won't share that information.  I want to know so I can make sure the next program won't have the same problem.
I used to use AVG free version and had quite a few instances of my email/flickr accounts being compromised.  I have had no problem of this nature with WebRoot.
Can someone suggest another AV program that won't interfere with my software?
Much thanks.

A:Need AV Software Recommendation

Emsisoft Anti-Malware which is also an anti-virus program, not free after 30 days trial.  To me, it is a little more assertive than Malwarebytes Anti-Malware [another good program].  Emsisoft set up automatically creates rules for many known-good applications and utilities; for those that it didn't:  after I created "Allow All" within my Rules [for some of my known-good applications and utilities], I had no more problems with "alert!" concerning same.  Also, Quietman7 has a couple of real informative really in depth boilerplate posts that you will find useful!

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I would like to find a good software product that permits me to backup my operating system.

However, everything I've looked at requires that a diskette be used; or when backup is completed, the CD is only good for a full system restore (i.e. drive format, OS reload; and done).

Since I have many products on my system that have been provided by my company, I would like to find something that will:

1) Create a bootable CD at the time a backup is initiated.
2) Backup the OS (WinXP Pro) AND the software that has been installed.
3) Initiate a seperate backup for the data.
4) Should a restore be required, allow me to reinstall all or part of the software products that were backed up (their configuration and feature settings - including the OS and any/all features/configuration of the OS.)

Is there anything like that out there. While I consider myself at an intermediate level (certainly not expert) when it comes to PC knowledge; I am really confused when trying to read the abilities of the software as stated on the box.

Any help is appreciated.

- Jim

A:Need a recommendation on Software

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I am looking for a recommendation for a VOIP Software I can use to conference with other people online. I have used Ventrilo when gaming but that cost money I don't want to play. I am looking for some form of open source alternative to that I can stet up really easy and is user friendly.

A:VOIP Software Recommendation


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I have three PCs running Windows seven professional 64 bit. Each machine has an external USB hard drive connected as a back up drive. Would someone please give me their recommendation for a good backup software package. I would like the back ups to be continuous, when a file changes the file will be backed up instead of backing up the entire machine once a day.

Thanks Bill

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I provide tech support for a 10 PC lab.

Peer to peer.
Windows XP Pro SP2
Symantec AV Corp [ SAVC ] 8.x
9 PCs have Celeron 800's, 512 MB RAM & 20 GB HDDs. 1 per student.
1 PC has Athlon 64, 2800; 512 MB RAM & one 80 GB HDD. Used by Instructor.

Each of the 10 PCs has an Administrator account & 5 user accounts. 1 user account per class.

Previously, the system ran ME & used a program called Clean Slate http://www.fortres.com/ that would wipe out the work performed / saved to local HDD, following re-boot.

After upgrading [ format, fresh install to XP Pro ] & installing the most recent version of Clean Slate, Fortres tech support could not get Clean Slate to peacefully co-exits with SAVC.

1. Can you recommend a product that will do that which we want it to do?
I have read about "Deep Freeze". http://www.faronics.com/html/deepfreeze.asp

2. Alternatively, how do I map the "my documents" folder, or entire C: drive if possible of each student computer to a unique folder on the Instructor's computer. My thought is that there is probably some way of preventing the students from saving data locally.

If this thread should be in a different forum, I apologize for my mistake.


A:software recommendation sought

Here's a Microsoft article that shows how to redirect My Documents to a network share.

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I am new to recording TV on my PC.

I have Windows Media Center and wtv files are created. I do not like using WMC to burn DVD's (takes too long) and Windows DVD Maker is very flaky.

Can I get a recommendation for good, basic software to put my recorded (.wtv) shows onto DVDs? I am not looking for some high-end prof software. Just something that is reliable and reasonably priced (under $100-150 preferably).

Also, what kind of DVD recording software do I need to capture the Closed Captioning on the recorded DVD? Or would I be looking at a high-end program to do that?

On a semi-side note, I have the Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1250 tuner. Would I be better off purchasing the WinTV 7 software to record shows (instead of using WMC, which I hate). And can I use the WinTV software to create DVDs from my recorded shows?

Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

A:Need DVD burning software recommendation

kam24 said:

I have the Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1250 tuner. Would I be better off purchasing the WinTV 7 software to record showsClick to expand...

Yes, that would be the best way to go. When you bought the TV card didn't it come with WinTV 7? If not, you might be able to get a free version here: http://www.hauppauge.com/site/support/support_hvr1250.html. Even if you do have to buy it, $9.95 is pretty cheap.

kam24 said:

And can I use the WinTV software to create DVDs from my recorded shows?Click to expand...

No, WinTV will save the video as .mpg files but you need a DVD authoring program to create DVD's. When I bought my Hauppauge TV card it came with a free version of Ulead MovieFactory which is a pretty good authoring program. Did you get anything like that with your card?

If not, you could get DVD Flick which is a good free authoring program. Then to burn the DVD discs get ImgBurn.

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Need recommendation for a file transfer product to use for transferring certain files from XP to Win 7
thanks in advance

A:Solved: Software Recommendation Please

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Can anyone recommend the "best" software or softwares to protect from spyware/adware?

I currently use a variety of programs:

Spyware Guard
SpyBot Search and Destroy
No Adware

Is there a definitive software program or programs that is considered the most effective? I'm trying to help out some computer novices and don't mind spending a few bucks to help cut down on the removal workload I currently experience.

Thanks for the help.

A:Need Recommendation For Spyware Software

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I need to get my girlfriend some decent anti virus software. Shes not extremely computer savy, so it would have to be relatively easy to use. At the same time i would prefer to set her up with something that is good. She runs windows 98 , what would everyone recommend ?

A:Virus Software Recommendation


AVG comes highly recommeded on these forums.

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We have two different Windows servers with 3 different tape drives and all have had similar failures during the backups. The only common denominator has been the backup software (whose name I do not recall). IBM (who has supplied all the hardware) suggested using a different backup application that is supported by IBM.

IBM's suggestion was to make our choice of one of the following.

Veritas NetBackup 4.5
Veritas Backup Exec. NT 8.6
BrightStor ARCserve Backup v9 (formerly ArServe 2000)

Do any of you have some experience with these particular programs? If so,
what do you recommend.

Our System Administrator has just bailed, so ease of use is an issue.



A:Backup Software Recommendation


I've used all three and just tended to prefer the Veritas software.

However, since a lot of customers were also experiencing a high level of tape drive failures (one company had three fail within a year), I've been using alternatives like backing up to removable IDE or USB drives.

You typically don't need any software at all, it is much faster and more reliable than tape and much easier to recover from (which is the whole point it backing up in the first place).

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I have windows XP 2002 with SP2. I am not very computer savvy. Computer was running very slow, so I downloaded (and paid for) the StopZilla spyware thing for 39.99 just a few days ago. Then I deleted the McAfee virus protection that I had installed in 2006 because their software always made me mad with popups that said I need to download new stuff, then the downloads never seemed to work right.... I am guessing that deleting McAfee was a mistake, because now when I am browsing the internet the Windows Internet Explorer keeps shutting down. I also have my windows telling me it is unhappy because there is no virus protection going on. So I guess I am asking for your recommendation of a good anti virus software, and it is possible I can somehow run a scan of my computer and send you the results so you can help assess my problem? BTW, I am not at the computer that has these problems, that computer is at home. Thanks, Tim Eckert

A:Need recommendation for antivirus software

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Most of my work applications don't work on Windows 7 or 8, and when I connect to my office VPN it takes me off the Internet so we use virtualization right now to run Windows separately.

XP is fine as I have licences for it but does anyone have any recommendations on which the best virtualization software tends to be? I'm using Hyper-V right now but I hate it. The resolution for XP is terrible, but the thing I really hate is that when you are inside of Hyper-V it captures the keyboard, so pressing ALT-TAB while in XP tabs between windows in XP versus tabbing out of Hyper-V to Windows 8 applications. I also can't CTRL-V to paste or copy, I have to choose the menu option and select to type clipboard etc.

I've used VMware before but I seem to remember it doing the same thing where it doesn't let you ALT-TAB out of the virtual machine. I guess there's just VirtualBox or whatever that Oracle one is but are there any other options? I know I can do VMware and use Unity or whatever it is but I prefer them in a separate window. Thanks!

A:Recommendation on virtualization software to run XP?

VMWare (not free), and Virtual (free) are the two best out there. VMWare is probably the best, however, it depends whether you willing to spend the money.

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I need to open a pdf and black out a column. I need to do this a lot. My current process is convert to jpeg, open in Microsoft Paint use brush and black it out and convert it back. I would like to just open it with an editor black it out and save. Any free downloads you guys know of?

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I had a pretty nasty virus awhile back and ended up doing a reformat/reinstall. It really surprised me to get a virus since I'd like to think I'm pretty smart about these things, keep everything up to date and had protection software installed (which never even found the virus, btw). I am now using Firefox instead of IE. I just got a notice that my Trend Micro PC-cillan subscription is about to expire. since that service didn't really protect me from the last one, I'm not too likely to renew. Can you please recommend an alternative?EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate forum

A:protection software recommendation

There is a list of resources in the AV, Firewall and Privacy section that is fairly complete, and will eliminate googling av for results. Another good list can be found at gizmo's freeware the address is techsupportalert dot com. I have been using avast home free for over 2 years no major problems.

Good Luck

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I don't want to delete my import files when uninstall software again.

Any recommendations of good ones? Easy and effective, and free.

Thank you.

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I'm setting up a computer system for a tech support company and they wish to set up a web based e-ticketing system for their company. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've googled up a few links, including a free one (www.troubleticketexpress.com). Does anyone have any experience/recommendations with these software and which particular one to use?

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Can you recommend a free back up program? I've had a look on download.com and downloaded one but it's not great. I want something very simple to use and will back up specified folders and will back up on to CD - I have no need for compression either. I also want it to save the folders in exactly the same tree formation as is on my pc. Is this possible and what program can you recommend?


A:Solved: Backup software recommendation?

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I am looking for software that will monitor the desktop activity of all users in our office. We havenít used any tools before and I've been given the task to help with the installation. We have twenty computers running Windows 7. My boss needs to know what programs and websites the employees are using and for how long they use them. It should only monitor and not block, having reports with graphs, have screenshots and keylogger option.
I have heard people to mention Spy Agent and Praetorian Guard. And Spector as well. Have you got any experience with these or with others? Recommendations and advice would be highly appreciated.

A:Recommendation for desktop monitoring software

Sorry but regardless of the type of usage, spyware/keyloggers are malware, and we do not help with such requests.

Closing thread.

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I have a drive in my PC (around 300gb) that I want to back up to an external hard drive on a regular basis to ensure I have a backup of my important files. I am looking for a simple piece of software that will either backup on a weekly or daily basis, ensuring extra files I have added/updated are copies over.

I tried Momeo backup that came with my drive but it didn't work very well at all and kept stalling half way through - I never managed to get i to do an entire backup.

I've tried a demo of norton save and restore which was ok but seemed to compress the files in some way. I couldn't just go to the backup drive and look at the files - they just showed up as norton files. I don't really think I wan to pay for the full version.

Can anyone reccommend a good reliable piece of backup software to use that doesn't compress files?


A:Solved: Backup Software Recommendation

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Hi all, hope everyone is well.

I am looking to d/l or purchase a Windows XP 'hacking tool' for want of a better description. Something like TweakXP that allows me to configure some of the registry settings easily. I am looking for interface hacks, annoyance removals - that kind of thing. Also looking for a reliable registry cleaner if that is relevant.

There's a few out there and I was wondering if you guys would recommend one as being particulalry good.

Many thanks in advance.

A:TweakXP Style Software: Recommendation?

x setup pro

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I would like to find a feature-rich to-do and reminder Windows software which has the following features:
* a way to display all forthcoming tasks at specific period, preferably the ability to sort based on urgency, category etc.
* a task which I can set multiple reminders (e.g. remind me before 1 month at 6:00pm, before 10 days at 12:00pm, on that day at 1:15pm etc.)
* a re-occurring task/event with advanced pattern (e.g. at different specific dates, or every 3rd, 11th, 25th day of Jan, Mar, May), preferably set when the pattern starts/expires

I have tried several software but they lack some of the features I want. Does anyone know any software which has those features? Shareware is fine.

Thank you very much.

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I am looking for a piece of software that can disable certain applications in Windows. So basically I could block a program like Skype no matter what the user calls it. I need it to be reliable and virus free because it is for a school. I want users to be able to run any program except those listed as banned by the system admin.


- JamesAS

A:Software Recommendation For Disabling Programs

You could make a request in Coding Snacks

Please read the rules and instructions before posting. If anyone there knows of a program already existing, they will suggest it. Or they may offer to write one if they think it feasible. Myself I know of no way to detect a program has been renamed and still identify it. Perhaps someone on that forum will though.

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I occasionally get asked to troubleshoot computers for friends and family which always involves a drive to pick up the comuter, etc. It'd be easier if I accessed their systems remotely. What's the best software for this? The cheaper the better.

Thanks in advance!

A:Remote access software recommendation

Hi lpaul626, try Teamviewer highly recommended by some on this forum TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

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I used to subscribe to eVoice to answer my phone line when I was online. They only charged something like $3 per month for the service. However, they went out of business.

My local telco offers this service but charges $10+ per month.

Does anyone use a similar service/program so that you don't miss calls? How much is it per month and are you generally happy with how it works?

Thanks for your recommendations!

A:Recommendation on phone answer software??

Hi coov8,i use Callwave,never had any problems with it until i installed Zone Alarm.Am still trying to figure out how to run both of them.With ZA turned off it works,with it turned on people get a busy signal.Tried everything ZA suggested and Callwave dosnt have the ans.So if you dont have ZA it works good and cost about 3.00 a month.

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I have Windows Vista x64 and I am looking for software that will hide taskbar icons, processes, and windows. The reason I am needing this is because I have remote access software on employee computers and they keep disabling the software to prevent me from logging on. I need someway of keeping them from disabling the software. Any ideas anyone?

A:Security Software Recommendation Needed

Originally Posted by Ethanflux

I have Windows Vista x64 and I am looking for software that will hide taskbar icons, processes, and windows. The reason I am needing this is because I have remote access software on employee computers and they keep disabling the software to prevent me from logging on. I need someway of keeping them from disabling the software. Any ideas anyone?

Do you want them just to not be able to disable the remote desktop, or not be able to disable anything?


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I've been using software called logmein.. and it's NICE. But I'm wondering if there is a cheaper option, (free would be nice). I dont really need all the advanced features, just remote access to a desktop is fine, often the person I'm helping is on the phone with me.

MSN messenger used to do this free, years ago. Desktop sharing, I think it was called. Anyone know someone who offers it free now? Or a cheap program that actually works? I'm just starting to look around, but thought you guys know everything.. so why not ask.

Thanks in advance.

A:Techy Types... need software recommendation

I especially like the SingleClick setup (Add-ons | SingleClick) and PcHelpWare -- User downloads a small exe file. When double clicked it connects to my PC (if I'm currently listening for incoming connections). Since their PC is initiating the connection there are no firewall/NAT issues to resolve. I just have to configure my router/firewall.

Do a general search for VNC and you'll find many flavors, both free and paid.

MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger still works; now called Remote Assistance, search Windows Help for Remote Assistance. Haven't used it myself as it doesn't work to well (at least, last time I looked) with XP offering assistance to Vista.


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I am looking for good, free or inexpensive, backup software to allow scheduled backups of data from a laptop to an external hard drive. Again, I need to be able to schedule backups, as well as set up exactly what folders get backed up. And the software must create some sort of place for each backup seperately on the external hard drive, not just overwrite what has already been backed up. Log creation would be a bonus, too.

Please only recommend software if you have first hand knowledge of it. Thanks so much!

A:Backup Software Recommendation Needed.


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I am a computer idiot trying to make a video. Does anyone know of a video converter software company (I am running Windows, not Mac) that offers U.S.-Based phone support for its video conversion software? No offense, but I don't want to talk to India or the Philippines or anywhere else.


A:Need Recommendation: Video Converter Software

Hi.. i use a simple but effective site http://www.youtubedownloadersite.com
it convers into many formats (and its free) hope it helps.. Paul.

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Can anyone recommend burning software for 24/96 High Res files to CD-R? A friend told me Express Burn does, but I don't see that as a feature. Any suggestions are appreciated!

A:Recommendation for Burning Software 24/96 High Res

This program will burn F.L.A.C to cd and its free https://www.ashampoo.com/en/usd/pde/0710/burning-software/Ashampoo-Burning-Studio-6

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Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting and what brought me here is my need for advice.
I have not had any infection for a long time and I'm using Kaspersky alongside Malwarebytes.

My Malwarebytes licenses were purchased through Amazon UK a couple of years ago and they were lifetime licenses. Yesterday I formatted my PC just to clean up older stuff and now the license no longer works. I've contacted Malwarebytes to see if they can help with the issue, but I'm starting to suspect they may say since I didn't buy it from them, they can't help. I tried the new Malwarebytes 3.0 when this issue happened and after that I uninstalled it and got the old 2.2.1 version, but with the same results...

In case I've lost my licenses I'll be looking into purchasing new ones and was wondering which Anti Malware software does the community here recommend. I've read somewhere here already people saying Malwarebytes is over-hyped nowadays. I'd prefer to get something I'd only have to pay once and not get a yearly subscription, but I feel I won't get much luck there.

Thank you for any possible help!

A:Anti Malware software recommendation

Hello, so you're looking to replace Kaspersky ? If not, just keep Kaspersky.
If you plan to remove kaspersky maybe Bitdefender lifetime will get you happy !

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I would appreciate software recommendations for backing up a non-networked 32 bit Win 7 PC with 600 gB of installed hard drives. Proprietary as well as open source software is of interest.

Is there any advantage to only regularly backing up the OS and e-mail files as much of the other data does not change with great frequency?

Thanks, in advance, for all advice and suggestions.

A:Back-up Software Recommendation Sought

I strongly recommendimaging using Macrium Reflect Free (here is a good tutorial on how to use Macrium Reflect) for backing up System files (OS and programs; they should be kept on a separate drive or partition from data).

For data, I prefer a folder/file syncing program, such as FreeFileSync. Imaging, while necessary for backing up system files A folder/file syncing program works by comparing the folders and/or drives you have selected on a source drive to the ones on a destination drive to see what has changed, then copies and pastes new and changed files from the source drive to the destination drive and deletes files on the destination drive that had been deleted on the source drive as need to make the destination drive essentially an exact copy of the source drive.

An added feature of FreeFileSync is it can be configured to send files deleted on the destination drive to a versioning folder or drive. This helps to protect you from losing accidentally deleted files. I have a drive dedicated to versioning and I also back that drive up.

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Would anyone be able to suggest software to enable a remote connection to another terminal over the internet/WAN for support. must offer Windows 7 support, XP would be a bonus.
This will be so that a user can remote connect to a computer to be able to operate system files/ install programs and operate simple editing software, also screen recording software.

I've looked at a few but I was wondering if anyone had one that would be most suitable and fit these needs best.
Many thanks for any help

A:Remote connect software recommendation?

Team Viewer is the industry standard, does everything you could ask of it Free for personal use only various commercial plans available

TeamViewer - Remote Support, Remote Access, Online Collaboration and Meetings

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can anyone fill me in on what I can use to capture streaming video from the net and save it to a file? not experienced in video capture, and not sure where to start. apologies if this is not the correct forum. thanx in advance

A:not a problem, just a request for software recommendation

Download CamStudio from http://www.atomixbuttons.com/vsc/index1.html

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Over the past few days I encountered a networking problem that drove me nuts and, of course, turned out to be something obvious, silly and my fault. It would have been easier to troubleshoot things if I had a better way to see devices and examine connectivity. I do have a small mirror next to my monitor that is labeled "look here for the problem", but sometimes even that needs help. Can anyone recommend a simple network "management" tool that would do a few basic things:
1) scan the network for devices and let me know what it found
2) display device name, status, IP address, etc.
3) provide some understanding of throughput or data rate

Together ipconfig and ping do a fair amount, but not quite all of what I want.


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