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Solved: activating SP2

Q: Solved: activating SP2

I just downloaded SP2 for Internet Explorer 6.0 on a Windows XP Pro machine. I installed it and rebooted by computer like it told me to. Now, I'm told, that in order for it be any use, I have to activate it. How do I do this? Is this even true?

Preferred Solution: Solved: activating SP2

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: activating SP2

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I have an older PC with an Asus mobo M2N32-SLI Deluxe WiFi-AP<Green. I have never used its wireless feature but I do want to activate it now however I no longer have the "omni-directional antenna" which came with the package when I first bought the mobo. Does anyone know where I can find this type antenna? I was trying to contact Asus Support but I had trouble connecting. Next question, if the OEM antenna is no longer available, is there a replacement antenna or a wireless card in the market which I can slip in one of the PCI slots?

A:Solved: Activating Wi-Fi

have a look here,scroll down to bottom of page http://us.estore.asus.com/index.php?l=search_list&s[search]=&s[title]=Y&s[short_desc]=Y&s[full_desc]=Y&s[sku]=Y&s[match]=all&s[cid]=2573

well the link is not working........ go to website then find motherboard in the dropdown, then look at the accessories

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So I had to get a new mobo / cpu due to my board finally failing on me. I used a windows 7 upgrade (30 bucks since I'm a student promo thing), but now after doing a clean install of 7 on a new HDD because I didn't want to format my old drive, I can't activate windows because I did a clean install versus upgrading it.

Is there a solution to getting it to activate?

Thanks for the help in advanced.

A:[SOLVED] Activating Windows


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My granddaughter's left click mouse button will not activate anything. You can right click and then click open to make it work.

My son changed mouses and moved it to a different port and still no results.

He even tried both wired and wireless to no avail.

This is on an emachine desktop running xp.

Did a restore, no help.

A:Solved: Mouse Not Activating Anything

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Hi, have a problem with FireFox . I have installed AVG 8 LINK SCANNER and in effect can not activate Fire fox. Have removed LS but no luck.
AS soon I click on FF icon , instead FF a box with the following message apears;
< XML-parsefoutndefind entity
Regel nummer 93,kolom 5: >
and below
< menuitem id="menuitem_canselInstall"command="cmd_cancellInstall" >
when I cansell this box another apears

< Locatie chrome;//browser/content/browser.xul
Regel nummer 87,kolom 5: >
and below
< key id="key_errorConsole"key="&errorConsoleCmd.command
key;öncommand="toJavaScriptConsole();modifiers="accel,shift/>_ _ _ _^ >
My computer : Packard Bell /NEC ,Windows XP Home SP2
AMD Athlon XP ,1.9 GH ,Ram 2x500MB
HD 80 GB free 35 GB ,AVIRA, Thread fire,

Thats it ,
Regards Stan Klim

A:Solved: Fire Fox is not activating

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I have a column full of hyperlinks that I want to activate using vba (click-click-click right down the column, which opens IE tabs), but I cannot seem to find the method that will activate the hyperlink instead of just the cell.
I've tried some SendKey attempts, but still no luck.

Any ideas as to how this is done within vba ?

A:Solved: Activating Hyperlinks via VBA

Hi fizzle.

Try this. You can change the line for x = 2 to 4, to match the rows you have down column A. Here, the code will open the links in cells A2 to A4

For x = 2 To 4
Range("A" & x).Hyperlinks(1).Follow NewWindow:=False
End Sub

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A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded my Dell laptop from XP Home to Win 7 Home Premium using a legitimate upgrade package purchased from Amazon. Everything went fine, including the installation of almost 100 updates. So I'm surfing the web a few minutes ago and this balloon pops up at the bottom of the screen that says "Activating Windows." It stays a few seconds, changes to "Windows Actived" and then disappears. What's that about? I activated Win 7 with the supplied product key when I installed it. Is Microsoft spying on me?

A:Solved: Activating Windows??

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Cannot activate Windows 8.1 pro (preloaded) on Dell Inspiron 14 3421. Trying to activate it online gives an Error code: 0x8007007B. I checked Microsoft Support but no DNS / Network problems are there as it suggests. I cannot enter any product key since I didn't get one.

A:Solved: Activating Windows

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I recently changed from a Socket 775 Intel Q6600 quad core processor to an AMD Phenom II 940 processor. I am using a Gigabyte GAS-MA790X-UD4P motherboard. In the past, when I booted, I ran a program called CoreTemp, which popped up in the right side tray, indicating the temps of each core. Also, when running CPUZ, it indicated that I was running with 4 cores. Now, when I boot to Windows Vista, I have only one temp on the tray. Also, when running CPUZ with the Intel Q6600, I was able to select from 0 to number 3 on the cores. Now when I run CPUZ, it shows 4 cores and 4 threads at the bottom. However, the selection box at the bottom is whited out, not permitting me to select from among the four cores. I might not have a problem, but things look so different that I wonder whether I am really using all 4 cores on the CPU. I ran msconfig, the boot menu, and selected 4 cores for Windows Vista. I did not see anything in the bios that enables multi-core processors, although most motherboards I have owned lately, required setting up a multi-core processor in the bios. Anyone have any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong? Thanks. Have gotten used to Intel systems over the past several years. Thanks again.

A:Solved: Activating all CPU cores

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i have recently reinstalled windows xp onto myu dell laptop, using the cd provided bydell. i've tried reading the product code on the bottom of my laptop, but it has worn away and i can only partially read it. can someone please help me? is there a way to find it on my computer?

A:Solved: Need Help Activating Windows XP

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Well I acquired a legal copy of Windows XP Professional SP2 through my University. Installed it but when I try to log on it says I need to activate windows before i can use it.

So I go onto the activate windows thing and because it's a fresh install I can't activate it over the internet because my wireless thing isn't installed so I have to do it over the automated phone service.

Ok so here's the problem, it says I need to enter the Installation ID# shown on screen but there isn't one, not a trace.

I can get onto the computer in safe mode, so is there any way of by passing this activation?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Lee.

A:Solved: Activating Windows XP Pro SP2

Nevermind, I solved it. I added a new user account on safe mode then logged on with that. Didn't ask me to validate it so once I logged on I went onto the validate thing and the installation id showed up.

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I had to replace my DVD Re-Writer and now get a message telling me that I need to activate Windows XP again. The problem is my computer is second-hand and I don't have the CD Key. I downloaded and ran Magical Jelly Bean to get the CD Key, and it also found the Product ID, but is this enough to activate Windows XP again and keep it working properly?


A:[SOLVED] Need help activating Windows XP

Might be . . click on the "Activate Windows" icon and follow that wizard . . you likley will not be asked for the key

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I've just upgraded my Windows 8.1 to Pro and have followed all the instructions for activating Bitlocker (entire drive).

At the end of the process, I restarted the machine and it just hung for about 2 hours. I restarted manually and it asks for my Bitlocker password.

When I put in the password and proceed, I get the following message:-

The BitLocker Encryption key cannot be obtained. Verify that the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is enabled and ownership has been taken. If this computer does not have a TPM, verify that the USB drive is inserted and available.
C: was not encrypted.


A:[SOLVED] Issue Activating Bitlocker

As the message states, you need a TPM connected to the Motherboard.
We would need to know the manufacturer and model of your board to know if it has the capability.

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I have read many posts on how to activate the administrator account on Vista. I have tried them all. Each time I do it I get the message that the password does not meet the policy requirements. How can I get past this.

A:Solved: Activating administrator account

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I have a Dell Latitude D620 running with Windows XP home edition. And I'm currently using a different laptop.

I would like to active system restore, however at the moment is is turned off. I know how to turn it back on but my computer is only working in safe (with networking) mode as it is been infected with the Security Suite spyware (which i have spent hours trying to remove but all attempts have failed).

Is there any way to activate it in safe mode?

A:Solved: Activating System Restore

It should work in Safe Mode. But you need to remove any infections first. The infection may be causing a problem with System Restore, and in any case, restoring will not remove any infections and may proceed with errors if they are present.

If SR has been turned off, then all restore points have been deleted. You need to get the machine running perfectly so you can create a valid and useful new restore point.

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So I got lazy and bought a new set-up, everything installed and ready to go. I added the old SATA drive I had on my Ubuntu rig, as it holds a lot of storage and has files I'd like to access. However, I cannot find anywhere to access it.

On start-up the computer sees it. In disk management it is included, but I cannot open it or do anything aside from seeing its volume and having the option to erase it. That is a poor option for my purposes, obviously.

So how do I get into the thing? Do I need to erase some of the partitions on it from my old Linux install? I'd rather keep it as a bootable option for Ubuntu, but it's not vital. As long as I can get to my files on it and use it as a storage drive, I'm good.

A:Solved: Hard Drive Not Activating in Windows 7

Ubuntu is probably using a different filesystem than Windows and that's why windows can't 'see' the files. If you can still boot into Ubuntu try copying the files to the windows disk from there.

EDIT : You may need to alter the boot device order in the Bios to boot from the Ubuntu hard drive.

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Just done a Repair Reinstall on XP Home which had virus trouble and subsequently cleared with malwarebytes and Combofix

Went through the RR and on Windows Startup you get

"Activate windows cannot run because local scripting has been disabled"
"Once Scripting has been enabled, run Activate windows again"

Then goes back to log on screen

I can get into Safe Mode WITHOUT networking, so am glad to receive ideas to put this right


A:[SOLVED] Local scripting has been disabled when Activating ReInstall

Go to command Prompt

type in SFC /SCANNOW

this will require your Windows XP disk if you do not have a recovery partition.

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Hi erveryone!

i got a problem with Windows XP Prof. SP2 on a "HP 6735s NA853ES".
Normal startup end in a "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA"-BSOD. "Last Known Good Configuration"-feature didn't help. But when i select any other boot-option (safe mode, vga mode, bootlogging) the os starts up perfectly.
updated every driver, tested ram and hard disk with no result.

Anyone any ideas?


A:[SOLVED] BSOD on XP SP2 vanishes when activating boot logging

no one?

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OK I've followed all the steps in the 5-step process. Here's the problem, when I'm typing or even just scrolling in the current window of IE it will de-highlight and become inactive. Sort of like what happens when you get a pop-up but I'm not seeing the pop-ups. Here are my logs. First Active Scan:

ANALYSIS: 2008-05-29 16:51:17
Description Version Active Updated
Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition Yes Yes
Id Description Type Active Severity Disinfectable Disinfected Location
;===================================================================... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Current window keeps de-activating...some form or spy/malware?

Welcome to TSF.

I don't recommend using file sharing programs like Limewire as they can contribute to malware infections.

Please print the below instructions or copy them to Notepad. Make sure to work through the fixes in the order mentioned below. If there's anything that you don't understand, ask your question(s) before proceeding with the fixes.

Download ATF Cleaner at http://www.atribune.org/ccount/click.php?id=1
Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program. Under Main choose Select All
Click the Empty Selected button.

If you use the Firefox browser click Firefox at the top and choose Select All
Click the Empty Selected button.
NOTE: If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.

If you use the Opera browser click 'Opera' at the top and choose 'Select All'
Click the Empty Selected button.
NOTE: If you would like to keep your saved passwords, please click No at the prompt.

Click Exit on the Main menu to close the program.

Run a scan in HijackThis. Check each of the following if they still exist and hit 'Fix Checked' after you checked the last one:

O2 - BHO: (no name) - {1530C3A4-CA76-4F11-B091-C3B77565A91B} - C:\Program Files\ComPlus Applications\fojeru66225.dll
O2 - BHO: BeSideit IE Helper - {83C35173-E029-42f1-9692-0341EE379A0D} - C:\Program Files\QdrDrive\QdrDrive16.dll (file missing)
O3 - Toolbar: (no name) - {0BF43445-2F28-4351-9252-17FE6E806AA0} - (no file)
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [spa_start] C:\WINDOWS\System32\Rundll32.exe "... Read more

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Basically I have having this problem on both computers I want to share. When i type in the ip of the pc I want to connect to, I get the following error:

Then when i press Diagnose I am prompted with the following error message:

So I thought it had something to do with file and printer sharing not being enabled, but when i try to enable it, i get 'RPC Server Unavailable" as below:

After searching the net for ages (it seemed like), I have not been able to find a solid solution, I have been told to make sure RPC server is running, which it is, Net TCP/IP helper is running, and when i ping the IP address of the computer, it does comeback with a result, so i know the computer can see it. I am thinking it has something to do with the firewall (which i should mention, i have tried with e firewall enabled, and disabled).

Can anyone shed some light on what could be wrong?


A:Solved: Weird problem when activating file sharing

Ok, here is some more information, when i try to star the net share, by excuting the command "NET SHARE" in dos, I get the following error:
The Server service is not started
Is it OK to start it? (Y/N) [Y]: y
System Error 1068 has occured.

The dependency service or group failed to start.

Does this mean anything to anyone?

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I bought a new Asus laptop today with Windows 7 Home Premium preinstalled, and my cousin (who supposedly happens to be a computer expert) formatted everything and set up Windows 7 Ultimate along with Ubunbtu.

I have downloaded the drivers and everything works fine, but Windows won't activate using the key at the back of the laptop. My cousin has also dumped an ISO image of the disk he used to install (Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, he told me) on my hard disk. Other than that, I have no Windows installation disks or anything.

How can I use my key to activate Windows? I don't need the Ultimate edition, Home Premium will be just fine.

A:Activating using OEM key

You can't use a key from a different version on Ultimate, OEM or otherwise.

Was the installation legitimate or was it something that's been pirated?

All you can do is either purchase Ultimate, or restore with the Asus master DVD...

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I own a computer that came with Windows 8 preinstalled (OEM version, key embedded in BIOS).
Today I've decided to reinstall Windows, mainly because the upgrade from the Marketplace made it a bit laggy. As a student I have access to the MSDNAA versions, so I downloaded the 8.1.
Now I have two keys I could use -- the one that came bundled with the computer and the other I just "bought". I don't wanna waste the unused key for no good reason, so I was wondering if I could somehow activate 8.1 with the embedded key from 8.


A:Activating W8.1 with W8 OEM key

Originally Posted by ah4e

so I was wondering if I could somehow activate 8.1 with the embedded key from 8.

How to clean install Windows 8.1 if you have OEM computer with UEFI firmware (BIOS) embedded Windows 8 product key?

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Im trying to activate windows 7, in the activation screen it asks me to type my product key... my key starts with two "0" it wont let me type them!!!! today is my last day to try !! what do i do!!!?

A:Help Activating 7!!!

are you sure it's zeros or the alphabet letter o ?

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Tried to activate using one of the universal keys and got this error:

0xC004B100 error the activation server has determined this computer cannot be activated

So how do I try a different key?

Any Suggestions

A:Activating 7

Just do it again. I got the same error but then I tried again after and it worked. The problem is just that it is timing out from the servers and you need to get through. So just keep trying.
EDIT: Oh and BTW Welcome to Seven Forums!!

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Hello,I am trying to re use Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit which came originally with Alienware laptop, which I no longer use and I want to set the Windows on my new desktop (non Alienware).On windows activation I get the following message:a problem occured when windows tried to activate error code 0xC004E003 (the error code means The Software Licensing Service reported that license evaluation failed).I have tried several options: * downloaded legitcheck from Microsoft but it did not work* tried replacing my product key with cmd / slmgr* called Microsoft they were asking for installation ID which I don't have the option to see, also the product ID I have given them was invalid, they were suggesting to contact you directly and ask for product KEY?I have the original cd, a copy of the product ID and CD Key. The Windows sticker with the product information at the back of the laptop is no longer readable. I could also look for service tag number if needed.Is there any solution to this?Thank you.

A:Re activating old OS (W7 Pro 64 Bit)

The version of Windows 7 which came with your Alienware Laptop is OEM and the OEM license is non-transferable. Dell/Alienware Windows 7 OEM can only be installed on hardware which has the Dell/Alienware Windows 7 OEM license.
Note: Dell/Alienware Windows 7 Pro OEM can be installed on supported new Dell/Alienware hardware which shipped with Windows 8.1 Pro OEM or Windows 10 Pro OEM by use of OEM Downgrade Rights.

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Hello, I was reading on a forum if XP is re-installed it is not neccessary to contact MS for re-activation, but to take a copy of file WPA.dbl and install it again.

My query is this, is there such a file for MS Office and use the same procedure as above? TIA.
What would the file name be?

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What changes to a working system will cause me to have to re-activate Windows Xp?

Changing the processor?

Changing the Motherboard?

Updating the BIOS on the motherboard?


A:Re-activating XP

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Hello, I am having trouble activating windows 7 ultimate 32 bit. I bought the computer secondhand and it came with windows 7 already installed. I got a virus and had to format the computer and start a fresh. When it was taking me through the installation it asked for the key so I tried to type in the one that was used before but it wouldn't let me. So I just skipped that step and carried on using windows. Now its asking me to activate windows and when I try to input the code that was used when I first bought the computer it says "Unacceptable Character" when I type the first number. Why is it doing this and how can I sort it out? Thanks in advanced.

A:Need help activating

Type in the code from the COA, on the side of the PC.

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Hi : I'm trying to activate xp over the internet and do the reg stuff but it comes back that it could not establish a connection. The internet connection is working fine . Any suggestions to check

A:activating xp

Could be a problem with M$'s servers. It's probably not on your end. I'd just keep trying til M$ lets you in.

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In one of my recent posts there was some confusion about the need for activating XP Pro. Having previously been told that I did not need to activate my XP Pro, others were telling me that I definately did. This concerned me, so I decided that I better look into this more deeply and came up with this information which I hope may help others in future.

If you bought the full boxed version of WinXP Pro - that one doesn't need
to be activated. The OEM one would ask for activation the same as
WinXP Home does ( even if you buy the full boxed one of that ).

If you got WinXP Pro along with the PC and a CD then that too wouldn't
ask for activation as it's under a Volume Licence Key and that will be
hard coded into the CD. Dell CD's are like that, even the WinXP Home
ones - using that also doesn't ask for activation.

A:Does Xp Pro Need Activating?

as it's under a Volume Licence KeyThe only places I have heard of uses for volume licence keys are in businesses and schools where large numbers of computers are managed. We have such in our school district. I am not sure of the support levels, but our volume Office licensing exempts support due to the cost of purchase.

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i have a genuine OEM copy of WIN XP (full version - not Upgrade), first installed on this homebuilt PC in 2006 (since then, a new MB was installed by shop in 2010......activation then was positive.)

now i am just wondering, because Microsoft have "washed their hands" for support of their XP OS, would Microsoft be concerned if i installed another new MB using this same OEM XP disc and would/should it activate ?


A:activating OEM XP

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I have an older drive with windows 8.1 on it, I have copied the key from the OS. This drive was never updated to w10 but is a fully legal activated version of w8.1

I have just put together a new system and figured I could do a clean install of 586 w10 and just plug in the w 8.1 key and be all good for activation. Not so fast, activation will not accept the key.

MS tech on chat line said I would probably need to install old drive, fully update it and then upgrade to w10. That's a boat load of updates considering this drive was taken out the first moment w10 became available.

My question is I guess is there no less painful way to accomplish this?

A:activating w10

What error message appears when you select the "Change product key" option and enter your Windows 8.1 key?

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Apologies, I'm sure this question has been asked quite a number of times, so please bear with me. ^^'

Anyway, after becoming the victim of several viruses the past few days, I opted to finally pay up for a copy of Norton anti-virus and dump the free versions of ZoneAlarm and AVG. Suffice to say that in between that it involved 2 fresh installs of Windows XP and one Repair.

The first two times, under Service Pack 1 (which is contained on my own Windows XP Prof. CD) Windows allowed the activation via internet. So, at this point, using windows updater, I downloaded all important drivers and updates. Everything fine so far. Then, upon successfully downloading and installing Service Pack 2, and being prompted to do a restart. My internet stopped working, i.e. the network was not being picked up despite everything being connected right.

So, I called my uncle down, who's good with these things, and he suggested it might be something to do with my installation not recognising the network, i.e. the CD being Service Pack 1.
Anyway, he brought his own copy of Windows XP down (SP2) and used the repair function in the Windows installer. And, everything was working good. Internet was back up. Norton installed etc.

Anyway, I thanked him and he went home. Now, the problem:

When I go into Windows activation, I get to the part where it's 'Checking for Connectivity' where at this point it will tell me that Online activation can not be completed at this time, and that I have X d... Read more

A:Activating XP.

There MAY be a difference in license types - one may be OEM and the other FULL (or Upgrade). You would be best phoning MS and getting the activation sorted out. I don't know who suggested to you that phoning them was a lot of trouble (because they are WRONG). If you are having activation problems then MS are the people to talk to.

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Hi there I can't get the Wi-Fi to connect on my laptop. I usually use fn and f6
The only option is Bluetooth on/off
It worked until now

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i just found the OEM windows xp Home edition with SP3 from my dell mini 9 (broken, and gotten rid of) so i tried installing it in VMware fusion on OS X, but it says my Product Key is unauthorized, what do i do? (didn't ask for key during installation, so i assume it's patched into the cd, if that's even possible)

A:Not activating

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I have had my XP about three weeks now...how do I activate it?

A:Activating XP

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My problem is that yesterday, when I started windows XP, it appeared a message saying that I have 7 days to activate my windows xp. OK, I put the key, and it said that it was activated. But, today when I've started the computer, it sayd that I have 6 days to activate it. And when I enter where you have to put the key, it says that it is activated. What's the problem? Will I lose windows xp in 6 days? Or I have to trust that it's activated?

A:Activating XP

Somethning is not sticking....if this is not a legit copy of windows then you may have a problem on your hands

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Hi..man laptop windows is originally installed win8 single language build 9200.Mistakenly I clicked on a program that was for Cracking windows and after that my windows show me a message for activating windows  and shows the version of windows at the bottom of the screen . how can I get rid of that ?does operating system have expire date I bought this at 2013 . 

A:activating windows

Kooshan wrote:Hi..man laptop windows is originally installed win8 single language build 9200.Mistakenly I clicked on a program that was for Cracking windows and after that my windows show me a message for activating windows  and shows the version of windows at the bottom of the screen . how can I get rid of that ?does operating system have expire date I bought this at 2013 . Hi, - got to cmd type in wmic path Softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey to get the windows product key- windows+r then type : slui 3 enter the product key- restart the computer Cheers!

"Education costs money; so does Ignorance"If my post has helped you, click the Kudos Thumbs up!If it solved your issue, Click the "Accept as Solution" button so others can benefit from the question you asked!

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Recently I installed W10 onto a separate hard-drive so that I could dualboot W7 and W10.
However once the installation finished and I went to load W7, I noticed that once I got onto the OS and the login screen, neither my keyboard nor mouse worked at all. The LEDs wouldn't change on the locks. After repeating this a few times, it seemed that once the BIOS was exited and the keyboard and mouse tried to restart, that they wouldn't activate like they should.
Weirdly if I mashed the mouse while it was dead, the LEDs would flicker. Taking the mouse out and plugging it back in would stop this, but it was reproducible once I restarted the computer.
I tried changing about the boot settings in the advanced BIOS menu including changing the initial drive that loaded and using safe mode.
Initially safe mode worked and I changed settings about in msconfig to see if it was a rogue service or startup program. On restart, the mouse and keyboard seemed to work fine once I re-enabled all the services.
Feeling like this wasn't the source of the problem, I loaded up W10 again, then back to W7. Surprise, the peripherals stopped working. This time even with safe-mode (and networking if it makes a difference) the mouse and keyboard didn't work.
Following another fiddle in the BIOS, but nothing I hadn't done before, W7 worked again in safe mode. This time I left all the services on, and it continued to work after restart.
Once more I loaded W10, then W7 in regular ... Read more

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I changed a few settings in my BIOS (Aperture size form 128 to 256, AGP fast write off) and now I have to activate windows. I lost my key years ago along with the disc. Is there any way to activate windows or find out what my key is?

Also my computer is artifacting, and the heatsink on my graphics card is real hot. I have no idea why, it is factory overclocked so that might have something to do with it. It usually artifacts when I am playing games, which are usually set at or below the recommended settings. I have a BFG Tech 6800.

A:Activating windows

Is it prompting you for the Product Key or just to activate?

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I bought the dell laptop with win7 professional 32bit (oem) already installed, last week I deleted the OS and made a clean install of win7 professional 64bit (from a downloaded ISO). I extracted the licence key with the jelly bean key finder but the activation failed with the error: 0xC004E003. Later on I find out that the key is hidden behind the battery, but it was a very different key then the "key finder" showed, anyway I used it but got immediately (without showing the ?growing? green line) a message that its the wrong key.
I tried to use the slui 4 command to activate the activation per phone dialog. The dialog did open but no option for phone activation.
Is there a way to activate my win7 OEM version?

A:Activating Win7 OEM

You can't use the Dell OEM key with a different version of Windows. The Dell key is only valid for the 32 bit OEM version. You need a new key that is for that Win 7 Professional 64 bit OS.

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Using indow XP for an HP Laptop. I am trying to get rid of Scurity Tools using your instructions on the web. I am currently on safe mode and downleaded all the necessary files and finally also download into program files all the Malawire files. I am doing doble click on the shortcut icon as well as directly from the program files folder but no respond. The program does not start!

If indeed I need to deactivate the default antivirus program, ho I do that from safe mode

A:Activating Malawirebyte

Reference, please follow exactly, Security Tool Removal Guide..If you continue to have problems executing the above...I suggest that you follow the instructions listed after Item 25 of the guide, which begin "If you are still having problems...".Louis

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My acquaintance has a desktop computer with a Windows 7 license sticker on it. He would like to format the HDD, maybe even get a new SSD and install Windows 7 again. He has no installation media though.

So, will it work if I download Windows 7 from somewhere (where?) and he uses the old license key? Can the downloaded ISO have the SP1 included even if his license is from the time when the SP1 wasn't released yet?

Please, someone who knows about this in practice, please do tell.

Thank you!

A:Activating an old (OEM) license?

Was it x86 or x64 version? What language do you want?->language and bit version are irrelevant for license keys.

Does he have a OEM sticker on machine with license key on it?
win7 home premium?

Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River for all the win7 ISO

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Hi, I recently bought this laptop for college and gaming but I'm having and issue with my Intel Wireless Card. I've been trying to activate my Bluetooth that comes with my wireless card but I'am unable to install the driver that came on the Drivers and Utilities DVD. Each time I try to install the driver it tells me to turn on the BT first (Fn+F12), but each time I press Fn+F12 the indicator light doesn't turn on and nothing appears on the screen. I've tried installing the latest drive, I've gone to the device properties and it says the BT is enabled. I've also gone into my BIOS where there is a setting (power bluetooth setting) and I've enabled it. I cant think of any other way to fix this issue, please help.

A:Bluetooth Not Activating

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Hi, I purchased a copy of Vista (basic) but the disk did not come with a product key. The retailer i purchased the copy from wont accept a return since its been opened. I have the box which has the certificate of authenticity-- if I give this to microsoft, will they be able to give me a product key? I talked to someone in technical support and they asked for some number printed on the disk but I dont see any number anywhere on the disc...

any suggestions?? The software was $199!

A:Activating Vista -- Need Help!

Check this link.
If that doesn't work, start here.

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Hi there
just a little note --the activation procedure on W7 ENTERPRISE is slightly different from the normal method (assuming you are using an RTM version from Technet etc).

When you install you only get 3 Days and not the 30 before you have to activate if you don't enter a product key when installing (actually I wasn't prompted to in any case).

When you activate you wont't get a prompt to enter the product key -- you'll get an ERROR saying DNS error (which is about as far from the truth as you could imagine unless it means Duh 'Nother SxxT'.

You need to click on CHANGE PRODUCT KEY and enter the technet key you got.

Then it activates fine. Works on several machines as well.


A:Activating W7 ENTERPRISE

Quote: Originally Posted by jimbo45

When you activate you wont't get a prompt to enter the product key -- you'll get an ERROR saying DNS error (which is about as far from the truth as you could imagine unless it means Duh 'Nother SxxT'.

Actually, it is a DNS error. The expectation is that a Windows 7 enterprise activation will happen with a KMS (key management server) in your environment and MS clients will look up the KMS host via a special record in DNS.

By using the change product key, you identify that you instead wish to use a MAK key (multiple activation key).

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