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Netscape 8 Configuration Question

Q: Netscape 8 Configuration Question

I'm a Netscape user from before there was an IE and when Bill Gates was saying the internet was a fad that mass interest in it would pass.

I have used Netscape 7 for quite a while and downloaded version 8 today. I am trying to customize the tool-bars. I would like to move or re-move Google, Security Center, etc. on the navigation bar.

I would also like to remove the add-bookmark item from the personal tool-bar.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Preferred Solution: Netscape 8 Configuration Question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Netscape 8 Configuration Question


It doesn't look like the Google search field can be removed.

To remove the Security Center and Bookmark items from the toolbar, go to View > Toolbars > Customize. Then drag the unwanted item from the toolbar to the customize window.

If I find a way to get rid of the Google search, I'll repost here.

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I need to set up three user accounts on two computers the accounts on each computer is going to be monitored.
Each user will be assigned access for certain folder or files and certain applications, like internet explorer.
And all usb ports and dvd drive will be blocked. Only the admin will be allow to have full access.

So i need to do something that allow ( managers) to monitor employees activity on the system during working hours.

On one pc is windows xp pro on the other os windows 7 home premium.

Any idea how i can acomplish this task?

I.was thinking of group policy on both computers but on home premium there is not group policy.

Also the users will be using almost all the same programs and files just the with different information.

Thank you in advance.

A:group policy configuration and computer configuration question

Read this
But for Windows 7 Home Premium you will not have the
Local Security Policy so you may need to upgrade to Windows 7 Pro for that.

This is easier to control with a server like Windows Server 2003 or 2008.

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I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to make Windows Media Player the default player for all sound/video files for the netscape 7.2 browser? Everytime I open an audio or video link in the browser, it opens with Quicktime embedded in the browser, and I can't seem to find anywhere to change the default on that. My IE browser defaults to opening everything with Media Player, and I would like to be able to do the same with Netscape. Any ideas?

A:Netscape 7.2 Question

Have you told windows media player to be the default player?

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ok, I've downloaded N7.1 and its a damn good browser!... but some websites seem to be kinda cutted!... for example, I was at csnation.counter-strike.net, then the left side (or a part of it) was lost and/or unable to be reached with the scrolll bars.

any idea whats the problem?

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Every time I download something it gets stored in the download manager. Is it okay to delete these files? Can this be done right after the download is complete? Thanks.

A:Netscape 7.2 Question

The download manager merely keeps a record of your current (and then, past) download activity; this log can be cleared at any time.

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What is it? another browser? any pros or cons about it?
Thanks in advance.

A:Question about Netscape

Netscape is a package of applications based around a web browser. It also includes a mail client and webpage builder. Once upon a time it was the most popular web browser out there, but was defeated by Micro$oft's Internet Explorer. It isn't updated as often as it used to be, although a new version has recently been released.

The source code for Netscape was released several years ago, and the Mozilla organization has been offering an open-source version of Netscape ever since called Mozilla. It is similar in appearance to Netscape, and in fact the tables have turned: Netscape now looks to Mozilla for updates to its software. So if you want to get away from Micro$oft's Internet Explorer, which actually has been declared unsafe by the US Government, Mozilla is a great choice. You won't actually get rid of Internet Explorer, however: you simply download and use Mozilla for almost all of your websurfing, and leave IE for Windows Updates only. That will help you avoid a lot of spyware and virus problems right off the bat. If you don't need the email client and webpage builder that Mozilla or Netscape offers, and just want a good web browser, the Mozilla organization makes a fine one: Mozilla Firebird.

You can find the Mozilla browser package and Mozilla Firefox at www.mozilla.org .

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I'm just wondering if there is anyway to block unwanted mail (spam) from coming into my netscape email.

A:Question on netscape 7.0 email

MailWasher works great and is free.

I would turn the java off for email and news groups to be safer.
But with MailWasher your be able to bounce, delete the email from your email server so your never have to download spam again.


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I am running Netscape 7.1.

Sometime ago, I arranged for a quote to be included in each outgoing e-mail.

I would like to change/eliminate this feature but darned if I can figure out how I got it in there in the first place let alone get it out or changed.



A:[Resolved] Netscape Question

No sooner did I post than I figured it out. Sorry to waste your time.

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Why do the pages I make in Angelfire show up on IE ok, but not while in Netscape? Is there some type of html I'm missing to make them appear in both? In Netscape the music, pix and backgrounds don't all appear. Thanks. angel

A:Netscape/IE Page Question

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Clicked on edit, preferences, instant messages, connection, and saw under Host, login.oscar.aol.com. Port 5190. What is this and should I remove it?? I also clicked on ICQ and connection, and under Host, it said login.icq.com. Port 5190. What is this?? Should I remove this also? TIA


A:Netscape Browser 7.2 Preference Question

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I often use Netscape as my browser (7.2) simply because I like it, and have my email account set up through my ISP with Netscape Mail. Suddenly, when going to web sites, I've been receiving the message "Netscape.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" which it does immediately and is very annoying. The message tells me that the problem was caused by the Netscape browser and updating it to the newer version (8.1.2) might address this problem. Before I do this, I need some help.

My question has to do with email. I've been reading some of the other threads here and posted elsewhere, and it looks like the new Netscape version does not include email support. I don't have a problem updating Netscape or using Mozilla Firefox or some other browser for the web, but am afraid if I DO update Netscape, I could lose all my inbox email folders containing important messages. (I already know how to make a copy of my address book and bookmarks but don't know how to save messages stored in inbox folders.)

I don't feel confident in making email changes without some input so am asking for advice.

1. If I update Netscape, will I lose my email folders? I'm not sure if updating means that the old browser is overwritten or not. Would 7.2 still exist on my computer or not?

2. Should I just keep Netscape 7.2 (not upgrade) and use it only for email (since the account is already there, it works just fine for me and I don't feel like changing ... Read more

A:Netscape 7.2 update question and email

1. Installing Netscape 8.1.2 does not impact Netscape 7.2. I still use 7.2 for my email and sometimes for browser. 8.1.2 does not crash as often as 7.2, and when it does crash it is usually on initial launch.

2. Yes. Netscape 7.2 still does a fine job (IMO) on email. Install Firefox 2 or Netscape 8.1.2 or something else for browser.

3. Doubt that it is too hard to switch to Thunderbird since it and Netscape have the same base. But, I haven't yet found a need to even experiment with anything but Netscape.

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Hi Guys,

I'm old-fashioned and still run Netscape Communicator 4.75 on a Windows PC. From what I understand, the Communicator e-mail program doesn't have a whole lot of security functions. I do havve a question though. If you open Communicator, go to Edit, go to Preferences, click on advanced, there is a box (default setting is NOT checked) and it says "Send e-mail address as anonymous FTP password." If checked, what will this box do? Is this a standard function on other e-mail based programs such as Outlook and Outlook Express? Thanks for your help!

A:Question About Netscape Communicator E-Mail Function


Gonna have a wild stab in the dark here as I don't use Netscape. When you use a ftp downloader, eg Cuteftp, then sometimes it requires anon logon to certain sites. Many sites prefere you using your email address, so if you want to be anon, use a anon emailer.
If the deafults not clicked and you don't use ftp as standard, then its best to leave it for now.



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This should be simple, but I cannot find details on whether or not this is possible.   What I want (end-state) is a P51 with the 256Gb SSD as the boot drive and the 500Gb spinning drive as the data drive. When I look at the ordering page, I can get both those drives, but there is no way to specify the SSD as the boot drive.  Alternatives are:1. Buy the P51 with just the 500Gb non-SSD, install something like a Samsung 960 EVO 250GB NVMe SSD myself, migrate/reinstall Win10 from the non-SSD to the SSD, and tell the BIOS that the SSD is now the boot drive.Pro - cheaper.Con - more effort and there's always hiccups finding the right drivers.Assumption - the P51 supports the Samsung 960 EVO 250GB NVMe SSD as a boot drive.2. Buy the P51 with just the 256Gb SSD (so it's automatically the boot drive), then buy another 2.5" SSD or non-SSD drive (and the associated caddy kit from Lenovo) and install that.Pro - no reinstall issues.Con - More expensive since I need to buy the larger data drive ($80-$100 and it's free in option 1), plus the Lenovo SSD is about $90 more than option 1. So, can I specify the SSD as the boot drive if I order the P51 with two drives, or do I have to go to alternative 1 or 2? If so, which one is generally recommended? Have I missed something critical? Thanks, ~rick

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I think this is a dumb question but is there any reason my Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P MBO will work at 32 bit but not at 64 bit? If I configure at 32 bit it works fine but when I go to 64 bit it gives me all kinds of strange problems. My OS is Win 7 Home Premium. I want to use 64 bit because I have 8GB of memory. I've tried this several times and can't make it work successfully.

A:MBO configuration question.

Well, it could depend on exactly what "strange problems" occur, so lets start there. Can you give a list of what issues you are having when you try to run Windows 7 64-bit.

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I just bought a 2GB DDR2-667 for my laptop. I originally had two 1GB DDR2-533. My question is this, should I go for the faster 2GB or slower 3GB option?
Note: FSB speed is 667 MHz.

Benchmarking tools gave me inconclusive results. Any one can suggest a good memory benchmark? Anyways the comparison I got was using Everest.

A:RAM configuration question

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I have an unallocated 1Mb partition as the first partition (according to Easus) on my laptop drive, in addition to the recommended reserved, system and EFI partitions. Could this extraneous partition be the reason for my inability to restore from an image backup? (Restores fail after making my laptop unbootable)

A:GPT configuration question

No - this partition is only to ensure partitions are properly aligned (especially for ssds).

There is something wrong with your image backup.

Do you have more than one hard drive installed?

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Hi guys, some quick questions about LAN IP configuration:

I have a DSL modem has an ethernet port, and a USB port, to allow for a second computer to connect to the internet. However, I have a netgear 4 port switch LAN/WLAN router, of which I connect one desktop computer to the ethernet port, my laptop using the WLAN, and one computer connected using USB (through modem, not router). Thus, the last computer has a different IP address (assigned by DSL company). My other two computers have IPs assigned by the router, thus, are able to share through Itunes...

...Which leads me to the question: is it possible to configure the ip of my modem-assigned computer to match those of my router's, or vice versa, as I want to allow my Itunes music to be accessible on all three computers. Thanks in advance, and happy thanksgiving.

p.s. I know you're wondering: but you have three more switches on the router, why not use it..well, this last one doesn't have LAN card.

A:ip configuration question

What you should of done is connect all the comptuers to the LAN ports on the router (except the laptop) and share internet connection that way. As far as iTune, you might need to open up the port in the firewall software on your router (check the manual for more details).

Q: "is it possible to configure the ip of my modem-assigned computer to match those of my router's, or vice versa?"
A: No

Network cards are very cheap now, you should use that. Much faster than USB.

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I have about a dozen HP T5325's in my network.  We have recently put XenApp 7.5 in place.  I am unable to configure a connection on the 5325's.  When I choose Citrix ICA, it wants me to choose Server/Published App, the type of protocol, etc., and the connection won't work with those settings.  Choosing the XenApp connection, it's using the PNAgent, and that's not working either. I have an abundacne of HP T5565's/T510's, and those all work great with Firmware 4.4 or later.  I just choose Citrix, put in the URL, and go, and it works. I did go download the latest firmware for the 5325 and install that, but I already had that, so that didn't help. What I'm wondering is, is it possible to make the 5325's work?  If so, what do I need to download, or how does the connection need to be configured?

A:HP T5325 Configuration Question

Hi Did you ever find a solution to this as we have the same issue? We have tried a few things but doesn't look good! Looks like we will have to replace all of these devices. Thanks

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Can McAfee Virusscan enterprise 8.7i schedule a scan without ePolicy Orchestrator?
I finally got it the way I want it except the virusscan console Full Scan and on-demand
scan properties have the schedule button grayed-out. I only see Administrator from the
Windows XP w/ sp3 login screen in safe mode and it has no password. I didn't get ePolicy
Orchestrator with my McAfee install and there is no Hub or Server here so I guess I am
the Administrator. I set up this machine and gave the user I set it up with administrator
privileges, This is XP Home so I have no users and groups button in my Manage MSC.
Am I out of luck, or will I just have to either get ePolicy Orchestrator or run on-demand
scans manually, when I am about to be away from the machine? Thx paj692

A:How to (McAfee configuration question)

I installed McAfee Enterprise 8.7i on my XP Pro (w/ SP3) and ran the setup using "Run
as" Administrator. I had to set up a password for the Administrator account so the
program would run, but with XP Pro, that is no problem. The schedule button is not greyed
out like it is on the XP Home (w/ sp3) system using the exact same installer. I did not
install it using "Run As" the Administrator Account. I'd like to, but the problem is this; I
can't run the installer from safe mode since the installer service is not running and I get
this error when trying to run in regular mode (Run As Administrator). Unable to log on:
Logon failure: user account restriction. Possible reasons are blank password (That's not
it!), logon hour restrictions, (probably not it) or policy restriction has been enforced. Any
body know a work around for this. It would be good to know how to run something in XP
Home as the Administrator without having to go into safe mode. paj692

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Quick question. When I go into system configuration into the 'Startup' tab, it shows programs that are not on my computer anymore (at least I think). Is there anyway to get rid of these? I follow the file link and can't find them so I believe they are removed. Just wondering how to delete them from the Startup tab.

A:System Configuration question.

Open registry editor and browse to HKLM>Software>Microsoft>Windows>Curent Version>explorer>Run. Delete this Run key.

Method Three in OPTION TWO.

Startup Programs - Enable or Disable

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I was asked this question in class and I'm not sure if I gave the right answer or not.

Company with 50 (max) different locations.
1 Head Office and 1 Store House
Each location has a static IP address.
Each location has max 13 PCs in the internal network.

Locations need to be able to connect via VPN thus have the same Sub Net:
Im thinking (IP) Class B/ (SN) giving me 126 IPs/SN to work with just in case all locations connect to one location at the same time.
Q1: is this SN a good choice?

For the internal network at each location:


Public IP (Static)
Private IP / SN

Firewall with 2 NIC
Router facing NIC IP SN GW
Data Server IP SN GW
File Server IP SN GW

Switch / Switches
IP adds 172.16.20.x/ SN GW
Q2: Is this the right configuration? If not what should I change?
Q3: Recommended OS for Firewall, Server 1 and Server 2.
Q4:Recommended hardware for Routers/Switches

Appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

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I just completed the download for the COMDO antivirus program and each time open  my computer I'm greeted with a huge pop-up box that reads:
I'm wondering if this is for real......does it really need to be configured to my computer, or is this simply a bait tactic to try to sell me something.
And if this is simply bait, is there a way to block it from popping up?

A:Comodo Configuration question

I don't use Comodo but it sounds like Comodo's GeekbuddyUninstalling Comodo GeekBuddy

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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Linksys wireless router so that I can finally get wifi in my home. The computer I'm on now is going to "host" the router. I use verizon dsl, and a dsl modem. I correctly plugged the Linksys in all of it's intended ports, but Windows Vista doesn't pick it up. I "googled" around a good bit for the solution. I basically found out that the CD with the Linksys is useless, and I have to allow my modem to connect itself and the linksys at the same time manually (configuring). To do this, apparently, I have to get my gateway address (which would be, and type that into my web browser (being firefox). The Westell site comes up with my connection info. - I "log in" with "admin" "admin" as the user and pass. Now I have the administration to change my modem and connection settings, WHAT SHOULD I DO FROM HERE?

Thank you all very much,

A:Linksys Configuration Question.

That would be unusual that your LinkSys disk is useless, because most will get you started in VISTA as well as WXP.
There are updates at the LinkSys site for each operating system. You will benefit from going to the LinkSys Support site, while knowing your model number and version number, then download and print the Quick Install Guide, the long User Guide in PDF format, and the latest drivers... which may be about 36 MB or more.
Then follow the instructions in the quick install or user guide after you install the latest driver... you are on the right track... you may want to talk to tech support of your high speed connection to see what they require, codes wise... as they vary from location to location.

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I have a dell XPS 15 l502x which is supported by a 130W adapter. My adapter broke and I had to purchase a new one. well the question is that I received a 180W charger online (obv their mistake). Will it cause any damage to my Laptop as it is of higher watt than the normal one or can I continue to use it as it did not throw up any error when I plugged it in .

Looking forward to a response.
Thanks in Advance. 

A:Hardware configuration question

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest you not use the 180W  adapter  as it might cause damages to the main board.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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this is my first NAS device. what raid config should i run? JBOD, RAID 0 (striping), or RAID 1 (mirrioring). I am using the NAS primarily for storage. however, i want to stream video from it as well. i am going with two WD black edit 1TB HD's.

A:NAS RAID configuration question

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Can I add the following ram board to my existing [email protected] with CL2.5?
PC2700 @333mgz with CL3
I have checked with my computer manufacturer and they state that my system will accept 1GB.

A:Ram memory configuration question

If you're existing memory is clocked @ 266mhz than you may indeed be able to use the PC2700 333mhz memory but it will run at 266mhz. It really all depends on your motherboard.

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Running Firefox, Netscape 7.2 and Netscape 8 on Wiudows 2000.

I have a bookmarks.html file, the same one being used by all browsers. It is jamming up my browsers--all of them. I can open and view the bookmarks.html file and view it as a web page and it looks all okay; but, if I place it where it should be and attempt to use it from the bookmarks are intended to be used, the browsers all jam on startup and will not display any web page.

The only way to close the browsers at this point it by using Task Manager.

A:Netscape bookmarks files jams up Firefox and Netscape

Sounds like your bookmarks.html file is corrupt for some reason.
Try and create a new profile in Firefox. If you don't have a problem, then slowly add your
bookmarks into the new bookmarks file. I don't use Netscape, so I can't help you there.

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The problem is that since I purchased ZA Pro my wifes games ( primarily Pogo ) will not download. She just plays online games. If I turn on the Windows firewall and turn off ZA everything works fine. I've tried changing a few settings here and there - one at a time then putting it back where it was. There is so much there I've become a bit overwhelmed and thought I better stop and ask for more help at this point.

I almost forgot to mention what actually occurs. When I attempt to download a game the screen just "sits there" for a few minutes then I get an error message that says " java not working or not found ". But apparently it's working fine because the games load quickly using Windows firewall.

Thank you - Keith

A:Zone Alarm Pro Configuration Question

Open ZoneAlarm's user interface. Click on the privacy tab on the left, then click on the Sites tab on the upper right. Scroll to the website the game comes from, then right click on that site. You will see a small window pop-up with three tabs. Click on the Mobile Code tab. At the very least, for the games to work you will have to uncheck the box by Block embedded objects [java, ActiveX]. You may have to clear other check marks in this tab. Experiment and find out.Hope this helps.Orange Blossom

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I have recently installed an internal card reader and started to notice
a slower boot time. After sitting next to my PC during POST I witnessed that it was
caused due to the BIOS going through each and every card slot (even when not occupied) and then it 'initializes' them.
It persists on doing this even after I removed them from the "Boot Sequence" list (they just keep getting added on back there by default).

My question is. Is there a way to skip all of the USB related tests and initialize them
once logging into OS?


Thank you!

A:BIOS POST configuration question

Anyone ?

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When I enter "msconfig" into the search box, a window opens that is titled system configuration. Five tabs are shown, and I know that I can choose the "startup" tab and uncheck items to speed up starting and shutting dowm my computer. My question is about the "services" tab. There are sooooooo many items listed here! Can I uncheck any of them and how would I know which ones? Thanks!

A:Solved: system configuration question

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Is it possible to configure Windows Store so it'll only show free apps or showing without the picture? My internet connection is not that fast and every time I tried to browse, it takes few seconds to load up a page, if I can just display types of apps (free, etc.) or list apps (without icon/picture), it'll speed up the loading time, but I can't find anywhere to configure this.

A:Windows Store configuration question

With Windows 8.1 you can launch the store from the metro screen, from that location if you scroll across to the right you should find "Top Free".

Also if you right click anywhere in open space in the store to bring up the menu, you should see "Top Free"

I am not aware myself of anyway to optimise for low bandwidth.

Hope that helps,


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The last 3-4 times my NAV Corporate Edition has run the scan has lasted only 4-5 minutes and scans only a few thousand files. In the past, the full scans had been averaging 50-60 minutes with over 300,000 files scanned. I have checked the configuration and I can't seem to find anything that looks out of order. I've run the live update but that has not resolved the issue either?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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I have x2 320Gig Hdds and x2 DVD burners.
Simply put; Can I attach each Hdd to the end of each 80wire Ultra ATA cable as Master and the DVD drives as Slave. Using Jumper settings of course.
Will the speed of the Hdd's be affected by the DVD burners lower speeds?
I have read posts and recommendations from various sources and information is sketchy at best. Anyone have a clear and precise understanding of this. Or any links to Microsoft about it. As I have not found any topic from them at the moment addressing this choice of set-up.


A:Solved: IDE Hdd and DVD drive configuration question

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I'm sure my brain has the answer to this from when I got my network cert 10 years ago but I just can't seem to figure this one out.

When I cross connect the switches the link lights go crazy and I can't connect to the internet or the servers.

My configuration is the following

2 Poweredge 440sc's

48 port patch panel

3 Netgear 24 port 100/1000 switches (Then do NOT have a dedicated uplink port)

A Dlink 4 port 10/100/1000 router.

Its wired like this (I'll try to keep it simple without pictures)

Switch 1

Servers, Phone System and 4 ports from the Patch Panel
1 Connection to the Router

Switch 2

22 connections to the patch panel
1 Interconnect to Switch 1
1 Connection to the Router

22 connections to the patch panel
1 Interconnect to Switch 1
1 Connection to the Router
So in the configuration, technically each switch is interconnected twice, once through the interconnects going from 2 and 3 back to 1 and then each switch's connection to the router.

When I take the Interconnects out or the simultaneous connections to the router (one or the other), everything works fine.

Why is this happening? I would think more interconnections the better.

Secondary question:

Given it does't work, which way would work better, the interconnections to Switch 1 with 1 wire going to the router from Switch 1 or all interconnecting at the router (It is a re... Read more

A:Multiple Switch Configuration Question

The reason the way you have it wired doesn't work is because you created the text book switch loop. Apparently your switches and router does not support spanning tree. Spanning tree allows multiple meshed links between switches without creating loops by determining best pathing to the root switch and putting the other links in blocking mode.

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Hello all. Using Windows XP SP 2. After I use run, MSCONFIG, and bring up system config utility, I have it on selective startup. It shows Process System.ini.file and it is checked...Process Win.ini.file and it is checked...Load system services has a green highlighted box next to it...Load startup items with a green box...and Use original Boot.ini is checked with a green dot.
Are all of these supposed to be checked and highlighted like this? I've noticed some greater than usual memory usage and cannot remember if these are all supposed to be checked.
Any help or comments appreciated.
Thank you, Tom.

A:System Configuration Utility Question

Hi Ohfer,
Yes that is supposed to be check once you edit/disable/enable something in the startup it will be changed to selective startup. That is normal, the only difference I have is Load system services is checked for mine and yours is higlighted. I don't think it makes a big diffrence though.


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I have a dual NIC in my work desktop (Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit) connecting to separate routers. Eeach router has internet access, each on a different segment, each on the same subnet. We have 2 independent networks here. One segment is a domain and the other is a work group. Both have multiple servers.

The first NIC's IPv4 is configured with a static IP Address on a Domain and has a gateway configured. The second one also has a static IP address in a work group and is configured with no gateway. This seems to work fine, but the second one shows up as a Public newtork and I would prefer it to be a Work network.

Researching this pointed me to an article that said networks without default gateways are always public.

I changed the second NIC to also have a default gateway, matching the router's IP Address on the second segment. Windows slapped me for having 2 default gatewyas and let me save it anyway. Now, both connections are showing up under Domain Network and everything seems to be working fine. Both connections show that they have internet connectivity.

I fear that just because they seem to be working does not necessarily mean that is is working efficiently. I am also not positive that it even matters that the second one is listed as a Public network. Can anyone identify the proper configuration in my situation?

A:Dual NIC, 2 Segment configuration question

OK, after a bit more poking I now have the second router configured to assign a static leased IP Address for my second NIC where it assigns the NIC an IP address based on the MAC Address of the card. Then I configured the ipv4 for that card to obtain an ip address automatically.

Now, that connection's details show the original IP Address (the one I had previously set as a static IP on the card itself) as well as a default gateway (Router #2's IP Address), and I am no longer getting slapped by Windows for having 2 default gateways (even though each connection shows that it has a default gateway in the details). It is also showing up as a connection in the Domain Network's location.

Visually, this seems to be set up the way I would expect to have it, but I am still not 100% positive that I have good expectations.

Any input?

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Well, it's just a thought I've had that since it's possible to connect a console to a PC monitor such as an HDMI-DVI connector for a PS3 for example, what about a way to play the sound through PC speakers? I ask this because not only would I be able to output a better resolution than my SDTV with my PC monitor, but I'm hoping to get better sound too if I could use my 2.1's since they're only a couple feet away (5.1's if I use it at home, 2.1's at the college dorms).

Thank you for any suggestions


A:Console Audio Configuration Question

Would this do the trick

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Keep scrolling down as pics take up a lot of space.

I am trying to clean out things in my start-up procedure that I don't need when I boot up the computer. Initially I disabled everything. One particular item keeps getting put back on automatically somehow after re-boot. This particular item is related to Dell Support Center. I use it occasionally, but don't need it at startup. This is what is being re-selected. (note checked item)

Here is the process with which I performed this. As stated, Initially I did a <disable all> and clicked on <apply> to which I get a message

I click ok to the message above then <OK> to accept changes and I get the same message again to which I answer ok again. This seems to accept the changes. the next thing I see is the choice to restart or exit without restart. Either way when I do eventually restart I get this message below.

If I simply click ok it seems to keep the changes but dumps me back out to the system configuration Utility screen, which I don't want.

IF I check the box "don't show message or launch system config utility", the next time it I restart or power up again everything is as I selected except it puts the item "sprtcmd" back into the startup procedure again. How can I keep my changes and still not show this message everytime I start up?


A:System configuration utility question

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if i have 2 fans (MASSCOOL FD08025S1M4 80mm Case Fan) on the back of the case with one right on top of the other, should one blow in or should they both blow out? i also have a arctic cooling freezer 7 on the cpu (or i will when i build this weekend).


A:Solved: case fan configuration question

It really depends on a lot of things. Generally speaking, if 2 fans are close to one another, you don't want one "in" and the other "out" because the air-flow will then be in a small loop and cooling for the interior will not be optimal. If there are plenty of intake ports for air, you may want both blowing out, especially if the power supply blows in.

Think about how air will flow with the case closed. Imagine some smoke flowing through the system.

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I have a dell optiplex 755 using A22 bios, I mainly have a question in the drives section that deal with raid autodetect. The options are raid autodetect / ahci, ( get error with this setting ), raid autodetect /ata ( will boot and can sign into windows, raid only & legacy... I had to replace the dell hd because it crashed and was unreadable use western digital hard drives and work fine so what are the differences between th ahci and ata settings that allow one to work and not the other, also the dvd/cdrom that came with the system died a long time ago replaced it with another drive and get the error message of sata 1 (blah,blah,blah), I just press F1 and it boots into windows fine ... this is a refurb system from a company that replaced it's older dell systems with newer ones.

A:Bios Sata Configuration question

Always include version of Windows in your posts.
If you installed Windows on a new HDD and now get an error message when SATA Mode is set to RAID AutoDetect/AHCI in BIOS, it means you didn't install the SATA driver during the Windows installation.
Depending on the version of Windows, you may have overlooked the option to press F6 to install the SATA driver early in the installation process.
You can leave it as RAID AutoDetect/ATA without the SATA driver, but you won't have the benefits of Intel's Storage Management technology. (You might not notice any difference...)
As for the Press F1 error, power off, unplug and press/hold power button for ~15 sec. Remove motherboard battery and press/hold power button for ~30 sec. Now reinstall the battery.  
Note, removing the battery will reset all BIOS settings back to the defaults, so if RAID AutoDetect/AHCI is the default setting for this PC model, you'll have to go in and change that to /ATA, assuming you don't start over and install Windows again with the SATA driver...

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Hi guys,
I've been fooling around with audio editing lately, and I'm just curious if Audacity's a good addition to a computer that has Sound Forge 10 Audio Studio installed. Will the difference in features between the two take care of different things? Or is it just kind of a repeat? Many thanks.


A:question about adding Audacity to my current configuration

I don't have Sound Forge 10 Audio Studio. (looks like a really cool program). Should have good Sony support. I use Audacity for editing and making mp3's and mp4's it is simple and works.The Audacity support is a forumI think I would use the Sony if I had it.

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I have WinXP.

I just checked my System Configuration Utility - Start Up Tab - and noticed there are two things running that I can't figure out what they are. The problem is there is no entry under the Command. (see image)

Is there a way to tell exactly what they are?


A:(Resolved) System Configuration Utility Question

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Hello, I am confused about a case scenario in the Microsoft Windows 7 Configuration exam 70 - 680 book. This is simply for a non-graded class discussion next Monday morning; any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Chapter 5>Page 183>Case Scenario 5-1:Using Port Numbers,

It states,

"While you are installing an Internet web server on your company network, the owner of the company tells you that he also wants to build a web server for internal use by the company's employees. This intranet web server will not contain confidential information, but it should not be accessible from the company's Internet Web site. To do this, you create a second site on the web server. The Internet site uses the well-known port number for web servers, which is port 80. For the intranet site, you select port number 283. Assuming that the web server's IP address on the internal network is, what should the users on the company network do to access the intranet Web site with Microsoft Internet Explorer?" - Craig Zacker

A:Solved: Help with question in Windows 7 Configuration book would direct it to the webserver IP.
Add colon 283 would direct it to use port 283,like this.
Then you need the directory that the website is in.

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I just received an E6420 billed as an i7-2720QM, 4 Core CPU.  I'm almost certain that when I viewed the BIOS it also identified as such.  
I upgraded the BIOS from A01 to A05, and then form A05 to A24.  Now, the machines current configuration identifies the CPU as an i7-2640M 2 core CPU, but with a -4 appendix, as if the machine knows it has 4 cores.  I would like to know once and for all what I actually have without disassembly. 
Service Tag <Service tag removed>
Thank You

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I have the following startup item that when I uncheck it, it will check itself back on when I restart.

Start up item: ctfmon
Command: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe
Location: HKCU\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run

Like I said, I can uncheck it and then it will be mysteriously checked when I reboot the computer. I was wondering if this is a potential problem (trogan) and how I can investigate this.

A:System Configuration Utility- Startup question

It isn't a trojan. This article explains what it is and how to disable it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ctfmon

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I have a new HP dv8000t with MS Win XP media center. The laptop has 2 100G hard drives. My question is what is the best way to configure these 2 Hard drives.
C: with operating system and software D: with data and doc's.
What are your suggestions.


A:Dual Hard drive configuration question

Yup, that is exactly what we did on our new HP. That way your data is safe if the os goes down etc.


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