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Washed Out Screens and Taskbar, etc...

Q: Washed Out Screens and Taskbar, etc...

My niece has a laptop that started giving her washed out areas of the browsers, desktop, taskbar, etc... I had her go back and restore as far back as she could incase she got a virus or something weird happened with drivers etc... but it didn't fix anything. She has checked the settings in the control panel for screen settings, themes, etc... and nothing fixes it.

Please see attached images to see what I am talking about!

Any ideas? Would a complete restore help? Has someone clicked on the wrong settings somehow? She does have a 3 year old

Thanks for your help!

Preferred Solution: Washed Out Screens and Taskbar, etc...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Washed Out Screens and Taskbar, etc...

This can be caused by a display that's worn out. I'm not saying it is. Let's try some other things.
WIN + X key combo | drag the slider in the Brightness section to the left

WIN is the key with the Microsoft flag on top.

CONTROL PANEL | make sure that Small Icons is selected | DISPLAY
You check the Calibrate Display to see if that will help.



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Have washed out toolbar fonts?
Is there a tweak to make them crisp ?

A:Washed out taskbar fonts

It looks like the font colour and background taskbar colour are not working well together. Have you had a go at changing these colours yourself? Look through the following tutorial and see if any of the options work better for you. I suggest you try High Contrast colours (personally I don't like them) or simply turning off the task bar colour.

Taskbar Color

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This happened ever since my computer downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes + Quicktime, I restarted the computer after installing because it told me to and when I log back in, the taskbar is this pale, washed out, grey colour. It might not have been because of installing the updates but that was the point at which it changed colour. It still has the same design, just the colour is different. It only changes back to the normal black colour when I have a window such as Firefox internet or microsoft word open, anything that is maximised. When I make the window smaller or if i minimise it, the taskbar goes back to the pale, washed out grey colour. I can't use that snipping tool because when I open snipping tool ot goes back to normal black again. This is really annoying. I would like to make my taskbar go back to normal please. Does anyone know what to do?

I have Microsoft Windows Vista Home Permium running on a HP Compaq presario v3000 laptop with an nVidia 6150 graphics card and 2GB of RAM.

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Hey, I'm using two monitors atm and I were just wondering. is it possible to make the taskbar appear in both screens? Just a mirrored with exactly the same on them

A:Can both screens have a taskbar?

if you want to "mirror" your monitors, then yes. But you'll see 2 mouse movements...etc. If you just want the task bar on both screens, I dont believe you can do this.

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Hello all,

I have two screens and my current settings are:
I got my taskbar on both screens with the opened windows in it's own taskbar.

This is good, but I just miss one thing:
I can't attach a program/shortcut to the taskbar that is not my main screen/taskbar. This is very frustrating.

So I have to go to my main screen to open a program from my taskbar.

Does anyone know a fix or a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance,


A:Taskbar all screens with open window

Serrh If you are using windows 8 right click on task bar left click on properties, show taskbar on all displays check the box and in the drop down box change to all taskbars. anything on my start window can pined to the task bar and web pages. hope this helps.
but it only shows tings on the left side of task bar.

Taskbar - Hide or Show on Multiple Displays in Windows 8

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Out of the box, Windows 7 does not allow for the Windows Menu and Taskbar to appear independently on two screens when running on dual monitors in extended desktop mode. This forces one to have to move the cursor (sometimes a long way, if we're talking about high res displays) from the second screen to the main screen in order to access resources on the Windows Menu and Taskbar. Is there a registry hack that makes the Windows Menu and Taskbar appear on both screens while in extended desktop mode? If not, I challenge the customization gurus around here to develop one. A couple of you rose to the occasion when I asked about changing the taskbar click behavior. This is saving me tons of time (even if time has no mass, and only wait)!

A:Windows Menu & Taskbar on 2 screens

Yes, Microsoft still has not implemented this simple feature that even comes standard on most all Linux distributions. I know for a fact that Ubuntu allows this without the need for additional software, it also allows multiple taskbars on the same screen (as well as a second or even third screen). There is no registry hack, the best you can do is use third party software. I recommend Ultramon: Realtime Soft UltraMon

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Some weeks ago, I noticed an odd problem with my taskbar.

While using my laptop at home, I use an exterior monitor to extend my desktop, and usually set the monitor as my primary. Occasionally, I would notice that my open apps would appear to be greyed-out (and therefore un-clickable) on my secondary screen. All the pinned apps would be full colour, but would only respond to clicking as if I was starting a new version of the app (e.g. a new browser window rather than switching to the existing one).

It appears as though a second "ghost" taskbar was over top the main one, and only on one screen. This ghost taskbar would block any attempt to click on the taskbar underneath. Unlocking the taskbar and moving it, for example, to the side, would confirm this as the ghost taskbar would drag and snap to the edge, leaving the normal taskbar at the bottom of the (same) screen.

The ghost taskbar would disappear (or perhaps merely move behind the main taskbar) if the taskbar is swapped with the primary screen (causing the tray to move over).

A reload of Windows Explorer via Task Manager seems to be a temporary fix, as is restarting the computer. However, this issue may appear multiple times per session, and within a short time of any reload/restart. This also does not seem to occur when using only the laptop screen.

I do not run any desktop customization software, and have triple-checked for any Windows, Microsoft, or driver updates. I am moderately ... Read more

A:Problem:Multiple taskbar on same screen using dual screens

Originally Posted by Prosk

I have scoured the internet and have come across nothing that describes my particular issue. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same exact problem which started yesterday, I could find nothing regarding this online (except this thread). Once I try to extend screen using a second monitor an additional taskbar appears on the same screen. Each time I disable and enable the screen I get an extra taskbar on that same screen (to infinity?!). The only workaround seems either a pc restart or an explorer.exe "restart".

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hi i've had a slew of problems with my new computer

-i get blue screened and it says a warning message that isn't the same from the previous windows, you know hwo it normally said your system has become unstable and what not. this message says that there was an error and windows is shutting itself down to prevent further damage

-i get black screened(iduno if thats the term) but what happens is i'll be working on some files and then out of nowhere my monitor goes black, the computer and monitor stay on, but the monitor goes into some sort of standby mode thing where the power light flashes

-i also ocassionally have trouble rebooting one of my other computers and whenever it gives me a problem the screen goes black and there's a green line that goes across the top of the monitor

iv'e tried spy ware removing programs/anti viruses/fire walls none of them seem to be working

any help would be greatly apprecieated

A:Solved: blue screens black screens green screens

The issues sound a bit like a hardware failure, the blue STOP screen could be hardware or software.

The Black screen sounds like the PC has died, but the power supply continues to run. This could well be hardware.

Both issues could be something like overheating of the CPU (are all fans running, is the CPU fan dust clogged - shouldnt be if it's "new")?

If it's "new" and under warranty, take it back.

It would have helped to know if it was a desktop or laptop though.

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I'm beginning with this link because it is related to this previous issue. Its still the same computer with the same general problems. However, I discovered that by ensuring that windows media player was constantly playing music, the computer operates fast and smoothly for as long as I need it to (sometimes longer than 24 hours), albeit with the fan running full speed and flooding the house with its noise. All has been well until the other day I needed to burn some cds and reconnected the cdrom. Since then, its been subject to occasional freezes, mostly when left to sit when I leave the house on a whim. I've noticed that I sometimes return to a black screen, but erroneously attributed it to my computers failed attempts to hibernate (even though that option is disabled). Anyway, its been working wonderfully anyway when I've needed to use it. However, today I was doing a little basic browsing, only about three tabs open of an automotive website I frequently read. The screen randomly went all white while loading a page, and the computer froze up. My only option when it does that is to do a hard restart, so I did. I decided to disconnect my cdrom again. The computer then booted up normally, showed my desktop and loaded all icons and everything, but before everything was up and running, the whole screen went black and it froze. Then I got this computers very first "blue ... Read more

A:white screens, black screens, blue screens... out of nowhere!

OK, I have read you last thread and sounds like you made some progress.

Lets see the details of the Blue Screen, follow this guide to attach it to your next post.

First locate your minidump files, they are usually found by clicking on your C: drive, in Windows Explorer, then click on Windows to view the contents. If your operating system is installed under a different drive letter then look there. They should be stored under a file called minidump.The files will have a .dmp extension.
Zip up at least 6 of the most recent files into one zip folder and save on your desktop (if there are less then just zip up what you have).
NOTE To zip up a file in Windows (all versions). Right-click the file or folder, click on Send To, and then click Compressed (zipped) Folder and save it to your desktop.
Open Windows Explorer, click on Desktop in the left column so you can see the zip file. In the left column click on C: > Windows > Minidump and then drag & drop any additional .dmp files into the zip folder.

• Below the Message Box click on Go Advanced. Then scroll down until you see a button, Manage Attachments. Click on that and a new window opens.
• Click on the Browse button, find the zip folder you made earlier and doubleclick on it.
• Now click on the Upload button. When done, click on the Close this window button at the bottom of the page.
• Enter your message-text in the message box, then click on Submit Message/Reply.Click to... Read more

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my memroy stick got accidently washed what should i do and dont before i plug it in a computer?

plz help me and thank you for reading

A:my usb got washed what should i do ? plz

Please do not start duplicate threads for the same problem.

Continue here: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/803947-solved-usb-mad.html

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I bought the HP Notebook model number 17-x116dx last Wednesday at Best Buy. I do love the laptop but the colors seem very washed out. I'm at the point of getting ready to just return it and get something else. I was expecting vibrant colors straight out of the box. I've ttied adjusting the contrast to no avail. I don't know what else I can do. Can anyone help me?

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I made some type of adjustment to my Graphics card (NVidia GeForce 6200) software and now ALL the videos I play on my PC are ALL very light and the color is very washed out.

No matter what format they are in or which media player I use, they are all the same.

My graphics file (JPEGs, GIFs etc...) however look great.

What do I need to adjust in my Graphics card software to get the videos looking good again ??

A:Videos ALL low washed out looking...

I actually found the correct setting for it. It was the Saturation % under
the Overlay tab. I had it set at 8%.

I moved it up to 125% and now the videos look great !!

Hope this helps someelse out down the line!

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I ran the check disk and repair tool today. It found and allegededly fixed some bad clusters on the hd. When the pc rebooted, the display on the monitor was all washed out looking, and said a dll was missing. Looked almost like it was in safe mode, but with some weak colors. I tried several restore points, but the restore would not restore. I looked at the settings, and color is set on low, and I was unable to change the setting, as the option for medium and high wasn't there. What do I do now to restore the proper settings? Oh yeah, the box did pop up that asked if I wanted the system to restore the proper settings, and I checked yes, but nothing changed.

A:Washed out display


Uninstall and re-install your graphic drivers.


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I am running a 600Mhz computer
32 Mb Ati Raedon 7000 Graphics Card
256Mb Ram...

I want to play Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast,
I realize their is special specifications you need to run it and I have them and it runs fine... now when It wants to go to the next level it locks up and shows all these little thumbnails of the textures in the game. so I play another game

Problem II
I want to play majesty. But the graphics are way too bright! and when I exit out the desktop is too bright too! so I go to change the gamma properties in the color tab in Display->Settings ->advances ->Ati Color.
Now I don't even have to press the gamma button and it corrects itself...
It also does this when I exit out of my screensaver, or change any of the display properties (Resolution Frame Rate etc...)


A:Washed out Screen! Need Help!!!!

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Hello, The colours on my computer are extremely washed out and unsaturated. I tried to callibrate the colour display settings but it asked me to use the buttons on my monitor, the only buttons I have to change the screen display is the brightness buttons. I tried to install the newest drivers but my computer does not support them. How do I callibrate my screen colours as I don't have buttons to do so? Thanks in advance

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I'm becoming common around here aren't I?

Anyway, I've got another problem with XP. The text looks really "Washed out." The screenshot that I included proves this. Also, the fact that I could take a screenshot of it indicates that it's a software problem rather than a monitor problem...

My graphics card is an ATI Radeon 8500.

I figure I have something turned on that's trying to anti-alias the text... how do I disable it?

A:Washed out links in XP

OH NEVER MIND I just resolved it

I'm so proud of myself

All I had to do was right click desktop, go properties, uncheck font smoothing.

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At my wits end here. System:
Dell 660
Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition w/SP1
Corsair CX600M PSU
Brand new ASUS GeForce GTX 960 video card
#1 ASUS VS248 monitor and #2 ASUS VS242 monitor
1 each HDMI and DVI connections

Monitor #2 has colors 'washed out.' I can physically switch monitors and even switch inputs and monitor #2 always has colors washed out. Makes no difference which monitor has which input or which monitor is designated #1 and #2, #2 always washed out. For example, an Excel spreadsheet that looks perfect on monitor #1 looks like old, yellowed paper on #2. Black text seems to have a green haze.

One person suggested either the car was bad or the PSU was bad (well, he called it junk to begin with). I just replaced a GeForce GT620 card with the GTX 960 thinking I needed a more robust card. No change and I used the PCI power connection from the PSU to power it. I even disabled the onboard video via the Windows Device Manager, no joy.

Both monitors are set to

I began noticing the problem when I had the GT620 card, the ASUS VE242 monitor (with DVI input) and an older ACER monitor with VGA input; the ACER showed washed out colors as well. Bought the ASUS VS248 to replace the ACER thinking the ACER was going bad.

Could it really be the PSU or is there another avenue to explore? I hate to spend another $250-$300 for a PSU if it's not needed.


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I have just purchased a HP Pavilion DV6 - the screen colours are milky and washed out - is there any way to resolve this or is this just the way the screens are?

A:why are my colours so washed out?

lhilliam, Welcome to the forum!That is sad.  No, it's not normal for the colors to be anything but bright, vibrant, and beautiful.  This is a new computer, it should be gorgeous. Have you tried adjusting your display? Start > search / type "control panel > Click to open Control Panel > icon view > Personalization > Display > From Personalization, you can set up a Theme - use one that is on the page and adjust it or Browse and use your own pictures... First, though, you'll want to check the colors... From Display, you can go toAdjust Brightness,Calibrate Color... Try adjusting the colors. It could be hardware, or there might be a driver that needs to be updated - THAT is unlikely on a new computer unless something was missed.   If you haven't done it at all, you might need to set up your Windows Updates at least so you can get the big update that all new computers usually need.  Whether or not you leave them turned on later is a matter of personal choice. I hope this helps. Say ?Thanks? for the Help -- Click the Kudos Star whenever you find a Post that helps you.Fixed?  Mark this Post ?Accepted Solution? to say the solution worked for you.    

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I am using XP Home SP3 and printing to a Canon Image Class MP700. The problem I have is that while the image on the monitor looks excellent, when I try to print, the result is a very "washed out" picture. Greens become yellow, flesh tones also yellow and blacks are shades of green, all looking grossly over-exposed. I try to correct using brightness, contrast and saturation controls, but this is very much trial and error, and the results are not good.

Is there a way to fix this, please, a package that will accurately translate the monitor picture to the photo output (and yes, I do understand the difference between RGB and CMYK) but I am at a loss to know how to go about getting decent pictures. I will be most grateful for any suggestions - that don't require TOO much technical knowledge

A:Photos totally washed out

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Hi, I have recently noticed that the there is a greyish line on my Aorus Ad27qd plastic cover near the exhaust vents , so i used a rubber to try remove it .Unfortunately, it made the mark appear even worse (looks like it made that area more black than the other and it appears more than what it was with the greyish colour. ) Is there any soloution to restore the perfect color of the plastic cover ,even with the grey line ?

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Hello guys! i am new on here so welcome me! hehe!

I have just bought a samsung LED SyncMaster S22D390Q monitor and am loving it's design, but not its color reproduction. colors/fonts look washed out/foggy/fuzzy! i cant even read anything properly as it make my eyes hurt. at first i thought the monitor was defective, but then i have tried it with my friend's laptop and it works perfectly. all the colors are displayed accurately.

I have tried fine tuning sharpness/contrast/brightness and the problem still persists. Does anyone out there know how i could fix this?
thanks in advance.

A:Washed out monitor colors

Hi 8hacker and welcome to the forum! Go here on your computer: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display
There are lots of tweaks.

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I have an image that appears washed out and would like to correct it. I've tried the auto settings, adjustment layers, curves etc but I just can't seem to get it right. Would anyone know of a tutorial that I could use to correct this image?
with thanks,

A:washed out image - need to correct

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This is my first Dell Laptop (Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming)  and I'm noticing an issue with the screen.
The colours seem washed out and faded unless I am at a perfect, straight on viewing angle - and even then I can see the blacks fading to white in the corners. I also notice this on my wife's ancient old dell laptop.
I have my old Lenovo side by side with my new Dell and the Vibrance and richness of the colour from the Lenovo blows the Dell out of the water (sadly).
I have run the display calibration (several times) and can't seem to get even close.
So I guess my question is; Do Dell laptops simply have poor viewing angles, or is there a way to remedy this?

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My display looks washed out. I know this for sure because I have an external Samsung LCD monitor connected. The colors are so beautiful in the external display. Recently, I had to reinstall display drivers in my laptop and after this I am not able to solve this display issue. I tried all color adjustment techiques that are built in but to no avail. Can you please help?  My laptop is two years old. The problem has now only after reinstalling device drivers for display. Is there any update that I should or should not have installed? The display adapter is Intel (R) HD Graphics 4600. Windows says the driver software is up to date. Monitor (in device manager) says General PnP monitor. Thanks in advance  Ramgi  

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I created a short video using Windows Movie Maker 2 (wmv format). It displays well with Windows Media Player. I then used that file to create two files in QuickTime Pro format (mov),one using the Prism converter and the other using the Super converter. They display in QuickTime, but the colors are much weaker in each mov version than they were in the wmv version. The colors in each of the mov versions are equal.

Is there a way to get better colors in the mov versions?

I am using Windows XP SP2.

Thank you.


A:QuickTime - Colors washed out

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Hi, I hope someone can help. I bought 2 HDMI cables for my PC and my wifes PC but on fitting them both pictures now have a washed-out quality and the resolution looks blurry. Both Graphics cards can support HD (GTS250 and ATI 4890HD) and both monitors are HD compatible. We have the latest drivers for both cards and monitors. Changing the colour & video settings don't make much improvement. Cards utilities and windows confirm the res is still 1920*1080. I've also 'lost' about 20cms in width and length around the border of my screen. When I move back to D-sub I get the full screen again. My wife has moved back to her DVI cable until we can get this sorted.

Browsing on the net for 'washed-out HDMI' shows that others suffer from the same issue but there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer. I wanted HDMI for the digital sound/1-cable solution but the picture quality loss is too hard to bear so far. I'd be gratefull of any help or ideas.


A:Washed-out HDMI picture

Sometimes the quality of the HDMI Cable can make the difference. I bought one of these for connection between my PC and my LCD TV and the picture quality is great. It also works wonderfully on my 22.5" LCD monitor. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812816003 You can get a shorter Cable from the same manufacturer from New Egg as well.

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Hello, I am experiencing very washed out colors (especially whites and other light colors) on my LCD screen.  I have extensively adjusted the Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast but I cannot find a comfortable setting.  I find it very hard on the eyes.  Viewing web pages (since most have light backgrounds) and playing games look terrible.  It is also very difficult to differentiate between colors in some situations.  I find myself constantly adjusting the angling of the screen in order to see details of photos/web images, etc.  There just doesn't seem to be enough contrast. Any suggestions?  Corroborations?  Are these screens defective?  Is Lenovo aware of this?

A:U330 Washed Out Screen

I find odd that no one else, appart from shoehopper, is commenting on this. My U330 has several of the reported issues (bent chassis, poor battery life, runs warm/hot), but is the screen my major gripe. It has more than enough brightness, good viewing angles, and not too much reflective. But the colors are the worst I ever had on a notebook. The white tones are completely washed out. It appears as if the histogram is compressed on the brightside. Very difficul to distinguish light gray from white, for exemple (like the light gray found troughout the lenovo forum site or engadget). But the major issue is that the screen blows out all the highlights of photo. Adjusting Gamma, Brighteness and Contrast doesn't help anything. Skin tones are also very bad. Someone knows if this could be solved by profiling the screen? Best, Lucio.

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Some programmes look Washed Out, IE Search and Search Web, also others are difficullt to see. I have tried everything that I know and thats not much, Please help or is this normal, never had this with the dreaded Vista. Thanks in advance.

A:Some programmes look Washed out, IE Search and others

Have you tried calibrating your display?

Display Color Calibration

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I have a medion flat pro monitor (model: ), and it has been working fine but I had to reboot my compute this evening and now all the colours look washed out and faded, almost as if they have a bluish/green tinge.

Is this the end of my monitor or am I just being stupid?

Any help would be really appreciated!!!

A:Washed out monitor colours?

It sounds like you may be missing the red input. Do you see any red, or pure white? Unplug your monitor and re-connect. Check the end of the plug. I believe red is on pin 1 of the connector. Make sure no pins are pushed in. There may be one pin missing, pin 10, I think. That's OK. If the cable is removable at the monitor end, reseat that, too. You could also try flexing the cable, especially at the ends. Worst case, it could be your video card.
Good luck!

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Just recently every video I download or stream seems like it's really faded or washed out. Quicktime works great, but DIVX and Windows Media Player look like crap. And the weird thing is that DIVX looked fine the other day until I upgraded to version 6, now it looks as bad as on WMP. Thanks for any help.

A:Washed out video playback

Sounds rather similar to this:


Would you be using some recent version of Nvidia drivers?

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Hi, my ideapad 310 colors are washed out. I have updated intel drivers, I also tried to adjust settings under Intel's software but it ruins it up further as it looks more darker if I reduce the brightness or gamma from that application else the screen looks lighter if set on default. Specific model detail:310-15IKB (Machine Type Model: 80TV00C0AX). Anyone else facing this same issue? Any solution? P.S. I tried Windows Night Light and it helped me somehow as I can slightly remove that bluish washed out tint by adjusting the night light setting available.

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I have a Samsung i7 laptop running Win10, with NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphic card and Intel® HD Graphics 4000.
I've just started to watch more movies in it lately, once I've bought an external BD-ROM unit. Sometimes I connect the laptop to a TV using HDMI connection. Sometimes, I'm good with the Laptop monitor.
Well, I tweaked all around as I wanted to have more control over image set up. I don't remember "applying" any changes, but I fooled around all over. I visited the Intel Graphics section (systray), the GeForce control panel options, I even checked color management profiles. Again, I don't remember saving/applying anything.
Here's what's happening now... My laptop monitor seems to behave OK, with correct colors, brightness, contrast. But when I play video (BluRays and maybe also mkv files) image seems washed out. There's too much brightness or contrast on it, and that happens regardless of the software I'm using (PowerDVD, MPC and other softwares will all play all the same, with washed out image).
I don't know if my fooling around was the cause, or the connecting/disconnecting to the TV via HDMI was the cause. But whenever it is, it affects not only playback itself, but screencaps of the playback. Reboot won't help. Changing player software setting also won't help, as the issue affects all of them (PowerDVD, MPC etc.)
Also, I'm not sure if everything is all right concerning drivers. When I access the GeForce section at control panel, I don't see display options... Read more

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Well I just did to an my old FX5200 thats acting up lately and finally died (I thought) on me. I was thinking I got nothing to lose so what the heck try to wash it with dish washing liquid. I submerged it for more than an hour and blow dry it before putting it back...lo and behold...it came back to life!

Been 2 weeks or so since then and its still working

A:Anyone washed their video cards?

Next time use electronic spray (although a lot more expensive) that will also remove all dirt and grime

Amazing story - for last resort action though - so I'm going to try it on faulty video cards that nothing has ever fixed before

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Hi, I'm sorry but I have no idea what is causing this. In my browsers some parts of the display are so washed out as to be invisible (radio buttons, certain fonts, some scroll bars, graphic images), and other parts appear normal How can I fix this?

I've attached a screen capture so that you can see what I'm talking about. Notice that the headlines are fine, but the names of the reporters who wrote the story in the left column are almost invisible, and the map of the United States in the center of the page is completely invisible.

I've got the Aero 7 theme running right now. I've checked brightness. I've tried playing with the size of the fonts. None of that has worked yet.

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Some parts of my display appear washed out

Hi madaecirp and Welcome to WSF. According to your image upload I see nothing wrong. Nothing is washed out and the US map is clear. In your post you mentioned "In my browsers" What browsers are you referring to? Do you have this issue with text and images in let say Microsoft Word?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C655
BIOS: InsydeH2O Version
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B960 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 4044MB RAM
Page File: 2002MB used, 6083MB available
Windows Dir: C:\windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: 144 DPI (150 percent)
System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
DWM DPI Scaling: Enabled
DxDiag Version: 6.01.7601.17514 64bit Unicode
PROBLEM Added an external monitor and the display is washed out and very brighht. I have only a limited reage of adjusting and it doesnt seem to hold the calibration. it looiks way too brihgtt and washed out. I have tried new drivers. installing a direct x I've treied all methods i could find to adjust but nothtng really works. I've looked at several posts and theres seems to be a lot of people with this problem. Unfortuately none with the solution

A:Washed out video too bright.

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Have you tried the monitor on another machine, or tried a different monitor with this machine to see if the problem persists? It could be the monitor thats at fault.

I would also suggest trying a different cable to rule that out as a cause.

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My laptop screen was procken and I replace it with a new screen.
The new screen show more brightness and rong color compare with any other screen.
Please, I need advise. Do I have to give the screen back to the company or I could adjust the color.
the new screen is LG
for example the yahoo messenger windows look reddesh Violet on any computer, but on my new laptop screen look blu Violet. Also in general the view is more lighter color more brighter than normal you feel a little fant.
Does any body can help me!

A:How do I adjust washed out new screen of laptop

W7 comes with color calibration options. For English W7, type calibrate in windows search (yes, for such things windows search works fine), or Control Panel > Display > Calibrate color. You figure out what to do if you use German W7. Then spend some time experimenting and see if you can get it better.

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Hello. I just got my HP Envy 34 a150. As soon as I turned it on, I noticed that the colors looked washed out. I.e. it seemed as if everything had a hint of grey, or that the brightness was way too high. I have turned the brightness down to 50%. I also turned off Black Stretch from the on-screen menu (althought I find I have to do this on every restart). I have also updated display-related drivers via the Help Assistant - specifically, HP My DIsplay OSD, Intel Graphics Driver (v1607), and NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Driver (v1607). However, none of this has worked. Turning off Black Stretch did help notieably, but not enough. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I have two computers. One a Windows 7 and the other an 8. The monitors on the Windows 7 are connected by a VGA and DVI. The Windows 8 are connected by a DVI and a HDMI (although running through a DVI port in the back of the monitor). The Windows 7 had a wash out on the second monitor so I bought a new one thinking it was going. Well the new one was washed out as well. Frustrated I assumed it was the video card and don't have time to deal with it. I took the now unused monitor home because I just purchased a new desktop there (Windows 7 and 8 computers are both desktops), and connected it with a second monitor and the second monitor on this brand new computer is now also washed out. I have played with calibration tools, auto adjusts (not available on DVI connected monitors), and windows settings to try and fix and nothing. Any thoughts on why my life is half washed out? Is it possible my left eye is the problem?

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I've got win7x64 pro with an Nvidia card (asus geforce 210) and 2 monitors, one which is my acer TV. If I set the resolution to 1920x1080 I get washed out results and text is quite difficult to see across the room. If I set it to 1650x1050, then the results are better (not just slightly bigger).

I doubt it's the tv, since I also have a TIVO hooked up to it and it has no issues at 1080p. I have a win8 system as well in another room on a different tv, but using the same graphics card, and it too exhibits this.
Here's a snapshot of the two,

At either resolution I can play 1080p .mp4 videos just fine. It's only that washed out look of the text and window title bar that's a problem.

Note, I do use an enlarged font. I've set it to 150% so I can see it across the room (the make it easier to read what's on your screen panel)
Any way to get better contrast at 1920x1080? Do you think this is my card's fault (I have latest drivers).

A:contrast washed out at 1920x1080 vs. 1650x1050

to me it looks like the auto adjust needs pressing, it almost looks like the resolution is out of phase with the monitor, if you have auto adjust functionality, i would give it a tap and see what the results are.

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As you can see in the pic, the LCD to the left is missing the blue. It looks washed out.

This happened randomly. So far I tried reinstalling the ATI 10.4 driver and pressed the auto-adjust button on the LCD but nothing has changed.

A:Very strange, the blue is washed out on one of my LCDs

I had this happen not to long ago and fixed by replace the video cable to the box...

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I received a replacement laptop from Dell to replace a defective XPS 13 9343.  They sent me a 9350 model (the warranty states Dell will send me an equal or better system replace my defective laptop).
However the monitor on the replacement seems like it's substantially lower quality.  The listed specs are:9343:13.3 inch UltraSharp(TM) QHD+ (3200 x 1800) InfinityEdge touch display9350 replacement:13.3" QHD+ (3200 x 1800) InfinityEdge touch display
As you can see from this photo of the laptops side-by-side, the 9350 (LEFT) whites look very washed out.  The white is almost a yellow compared to the 9343 (RIGHT).  The difference is very noticeable:

My questions are:
1) is there a settings in the Intel HD Graphics control panel to adjust the "whiteness" of the display?  Or in Windows?  (the new replacement is an upgraded Windows 10 vs Windows 8.1 on the old laptop).
2) could this be a problem with the monitor itself?  A sub-standard or defective monitor?  Is there a way for me to check what the monitor is to determine if it's a lower quality monitor?
3) or does the 9350 just ship with a lower quality monitor?  What feature of the monitor determines "whiteness"?  Contrast ratio?
4) what are my options?  I don't know too much about laptop displays, but paying a few hundred more for an upgraded display and then seeing the "whites" look almost yellow has me disappointed

A:XPS 9350 Display colors look washed out

Did you ever get an answer to this? I received a replacement screen for my M3800 and it's clearly an inferior screen/panel. Has the same yellow-ish washed out look compared to my old one which was a lot more vibrant.
Did you find the settings?

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Hi all - Someone gave me a Sony PCG-9E1L that has screen problems. I'm not sure if I need to replace the LCD - and if I do, I'm not sure what type of LCD to get.

When I first received this computer, things looked bad. The lower part of the monitor was obscured by flickering white horizontal bands. Those lines seem to have gone away (for now at least), but the entire monitor is very washed out (particularly in the lower portion). The lack of contrast makes it difficult to utilize some programs. Furthermore, objects (like the mouse) leave a temporary, ghost trail when in motion. What is the most likely problem here? Everything works fine on an external monitor.

I see that there are eBay sellers offering PCGs for parts or 14" PCG screens for $100-$175. That's more than I'd like to put into this old machine. Any suggestions? Can I buy a screen not explicitly labeled "PCG-9E1L"? If so, what type do I need?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

A:Sony VAIO Screen Washed Out

I read today that white lines typically indicate major problems (ie. not the lamp, cables, or inverter). Anyone have any advice???

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  Product name: HP ENVY 17-j027cl Notebook PCProduct number: E0K96UAWindows 8.1, Update 1,  64-bitControl Panel > Display > Calibrate Color >Option No longer availableControl Panel > Display > Change Display Settings > Resolution 1600 x 900 (Recommended)Control Panel > Display > Advanced Settings > Generic PnP Monitor and Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000- Adapter Type HD Graphics 4000- Monitor > Generic PnP Monitor- Color Management >-- Set Monitor to its Native Resolution (cannot change beyond 1600 x 900)-- Set Brightness and Contrastintel HD Graphics Control Panel > Hue : Hue slider is set to maximum to the left (0)intel HD Graphics Control Panel > Saturation: Slider is midscale to the right (-16)http://www.intel.com/support/go/gfx/dl.htm Found and attempted to apply Win64_153318.exe on Intel Graphics website for my Intel 4000 Graphics hardware. This failed to install, with error message that it is not for my system (It was clearly marked Intel  64 bit, Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000. Also found on HP Envy drivers, SP63750.exe, Version, dated November 8, 2013. Made no noticeable change. In some cases, I could get the color acceptable for one mode (Viewing JPG file), but unacceptable for screen display.  I tried the high contrast mode, but yuckk, made the screen really hard to follow with all those text boxes, like looking at a brick wall. If I look at the same files with my (Win 7 Updated)... Read more

A:HP Envy 17 laptop pc screencolors are washed out

First off, the only Solution Option that is available (of the four presented), is Option 3. None of the other options had those functions available), in this Envy 17 PC Laptop. Athough I had found another Option (which maybe you can incorporate as Option 5), but remained elusive from me because during part of my solution exploratory, the Task Bar had larger Icons, and the task bar hid the "Next", "Cancel" buttons on the process pages, The simple shortcut to my solution is: Control Panel > Display > Calibrate Color: See "Welcome to the Display Color Calibrate".   I went through the Calibrate Color Process andgotmy correct colors back. Option 3,  Turning the "Sensor Monitor Service" defaults to a status of blank Manual (Trigger Start) shown. This option seems to be a "do nothing option". In my case, I can thank you for trying, butnone of the Options seemed to work for me.       

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I was wondering what could be causing my start menu to look so washed out. It's also too far to the left and down. I've attached a picture of what it looks like.

A:Solved: Washed Out Start Menu

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There's something wrong with my colours. I ran a test on Gta V and the sky looks more grey than light blue and in general all is blurry and washed out. I know, is not the best display, but is something that I've never experienced in any display. Could it be a driver issue? I've installed the latest.

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This morning when I turned on my computer, the display was uncomfortably bright. Colors were washed out and light grey colors could not be seen at all. I tried adjusting the display settings on my monitor; it did not make a difference.

Since my freelance job depends on having a monitor that works, I rushed out and bought a new one. To my dismay I saw the same problems -- the display was still washed out. I plugged the old one back in, and after a few resets....the display was back to normal.

Then after a few minutes it snapped back to super-bright again!!!

What makes this extra-baffling is the fact that I have a Cintiq plugged in also -- it's a much older model and takes a larger pin connector. There are no color problems there.

I have no idea what the problem could be, if it's not the computer and it's not the monitor. It is not the VGA cable either because the new monitor was plugged in with a new one. What the heck is causing this??

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