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Duplicate Name Exists on Network

Q: Duplicate Name Exists on Network

I've been getting this error message "duplicate name exist on network", so I went ahead and changed the registered name, but the problem still seems to exist. This is all happening at home. Now, I am using a wireless modem but I've changed the registered name twice since the "message," do anyone have any advice for me? Oh, my neighbors are using my wireless modem but we dont share the same name. Please help

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Preferred Solution: Duplicate Name Exists on Network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


So the title is the question. What does it mean?

A Duplicate Name Exists On The Network

I've been trying to find out through the router panel and windows network/sharing panel but can't find it. Anyone have any ideas?

A:A Duplicate Name Exists On The Network..

It means that there is a duplicate name in your Windows network, in other words, there's another computer with the same name.

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Everytime I start Windows i get an error message in the form of both an error message that pops up on the welcome screen of XP and goes away without having to click OK, and as an icon on the taskbar (yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside of it) that says a "Duplicate name exists on the network". I have a Linksys Wireless-B 802.11b router with a direct ethernet connection through a port to and Xbox and also a second computer with a Wireless-B usb adapter. This error started after I hooked up the Xbox to one of the router's ports. I do not even know if this question belongs in this forum section but I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

A:Error Duplicate name exists on network

You have two computers with the same NETBIOS name on the network. Change the name of one of the conflicting computers.

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I have a network of approx 10 computers all running under 1 named workgroup... The problem is that I've had to format one of the computers and re configure it on d network ... on each startup i rcv an error msg 'Duplicate name exists on the network'...although internet sharing works fine i cannot view other workgroup computers.

tried changing the pc name from user account in control panel and also by right clicking on properties on my computer & changing the full computer name but to no avail..

Running win xp pro sp2 / p4 1.8ghz / 256ram

As some of the other computers are running win 98 could it be that maybe they are keeping an alias of the previous pc configuration on the network?


A:Solved: Duplicate Name Exists on the network...

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I had a Linksys wrt54gs that died. I bought a Linksys E1000 and set it up the same way I had the other one set up. I have a wireless Laptop with XP Pro. 2 desktops, XP Pro, wired to the router through an Ethernet switch and a wireless desktop with Win 7 Pro. When I start up any of the computers, except for the one with Win 7, I get a "Windows - System Error Duplicate name exists on Network". I have checked and all 5 have unique names. I ran IPConfig/all and they all show unique IP addresses. Anyone have any ideas.

A:Solved: Duplicate name exists on network

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You were not connected because a duplicate name exists on the network" I got this message when I was trying to share a network printer from
unsupported Windows 7 to supported Windows XP 

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I get this when I bootup. Any ideas?

A:Windows error: A duplicate name exists on the network

"Duplicate Name Exists" Error Message When You Start a Windows XP Workstation


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Put on new Norton now getting this:

Windows System Error
Duplicate Name Exists on the Network

We have a desk unit with router and 2 notebooks hooked wirelessly

Any way to stop that message? I took their firewall off but still getting that message
Also took of their goback cause i was getting error messages


A:Windows System Error-Duplicate Name Exists on the Network

You need to make sure all the computers have unique names, that's what the message is referring to.

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Have a "stand alone" laptop w/ XP Pro and I get this error message when I boot up; I probably set up my OS incorrectly and would like it to only boot up w/ Administrator chosen, no error message, and then I insert my password. I also believe that I installed with my name as Administrator also, which is probably why the error message, and I would like to remove this. Can I accomplish via regedit, etc.? Please assist. Thank you, [email protected]

A:Windows System Error..A duplicate name exists on the network

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Huh? What does this message upon startup mean? Do I need to fix something?


A:[SOLVED] "A duplicate name exists on the network"

Do you have a network with multiple computers (perhaps in a home with more than one computer, all connected to the same router for internet access)? The message means that at least two of them have been named the same. Go to control panel, double click system, go to computer name tab and look at the full computer name field. Make sure each computer has a different name in this field. If you find two with the same name, hit change on this screen on one of them and give it a different name. You have to reboot for the change to take effect.

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I keep having this message pop up:
Windows System Error- A duplicate name exists on the network.

How can I get rid of this annoyance?
I only have one computer. Have had it 4 months. This just started happening about 2 weeks ago.
HP a730n computer with Windows XP Home Edition

A:A duplicate name exists.

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Hello! I have a medium sized network with several different OS's residing on it. Everyday a few of the computer will error with "A duplicate name exists on the network:" A quick Google search shows the same answer EVERYWHERE on the internet. So I changed the names of a few of the computers too something I knew was unique. Still though the problem persists/ it afters the two XP bases computers the most, but my main workstations (windows 7 sp1) has had this error a few times, although it appears to have left for a while. I have a feenas server but Active directory is not turned on. My router is a e4200. I was using DHCP server on there (and would very much still like to) although I have turning it off, rebooted both the router and the computers but to no avail... Thanks!

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I have been refered to this section by one of the trojan removal team.

I currently have a "duplicate name exists error" on startup (just prior to logging in).

I have attached a pic of the error message in hope that someone can shed some light on it.

The system I am using runs xp professional.

Many Thanks in advance


A:Duplicate name exists error

The computer you are trying to boot has the same computer name as another computer on your network. Unplug the Ethernet cable to this computer and start the computer up and log in. Right click My Computer/Properties/Computer Name/Change and change the name of the computer to something different then the other one. Restart the computer with the Ethernet cable plugged in.

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Ok, now I'm a little scared, I've heard this before somewhere and i can't remember where, but I got this message as an error message when i started up my computer today :
"A duplicate name exists on the network"
and i clicked "Ok" and it started up normally......so what happened? does this mean I've been hacked or something? I'm more than a little scared and any help would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks in advance.

A:"A duplicate name exists on the server"

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4 XP Pro puters on home network:
(A) my puter: 1a, wives puter: 2a, both connected to router.
(B) sons puter: 1b, daughters puter: 2b, both connected to a hub which is connected to the router.

Within the past month, my daughter's puter will post, now and then, an error message, "Duplicate user already exists on network", after initial bootup and at the log on screen, before logging onto the puter. She would then click 'ok' and log onto her puter with no problem's.

Yesterday, my wive's puter displayed the same message on her puter.

All puter's have all sharing disabled, no mapped drives, XP firewall inabled as well as ZA Firewall basic installed and enabled. All have the same user group name: WORKGROUP.
We jus share the router for our internet connection (no internet connection sharing).

Where do I start to find the location and cause for this error message??

A:"Duplicate user exists...."

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Everytime i start my computer i get this error but i do not have a network so how do i have dupicate names? When i go to my network places the only thing that shows up is my router. I only get this error when i am useing a wireless connection. Is there something else that could be causeing this?

A:a dupicate name exists on the network... i do not have a network setup?!?

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I've just re-installed my machine(XPpro1), and set up the network again directly with my second machine (xppro2) via a crossover cable.

on the previous network, I had mapped network drives. XPpro2, having not been neinstalled still shows those drives. I would like to get rid of them, but because there is no such network place as there was previously when I try to discaonnect them, I simply can't seem to get rid of them

Does anybody know how to unmap/delete these redundant drives?

A:problems unmapping a network drive that no longer exists

Right click on the drive and select "Disconnect"?

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I gave my laptop to a somebody to fix my blue screen of death and now I have this error message - when I start the system - Windows - System Error - A duplicate name exists on the network.
Please would somebody help me with this first and than I will ask for the blue screen of death, I already cleaned it all using the recovery DVD, but it did not help! I have Toshiba - Satellite M30X/M35X Series.
I do not know much about computer problems, but definitely can follow instructions
Thank you so much

A:Solved: Dupilcate name exists on the network - Windows System Error

right click on 'my computer', properties, computer name, click change and enter a different name for your computer, then restart.

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My computer keeps telling me that there is a duplicate name on the network and there isn't. There is just me. This making all my programs run slow or not correctly. When I start up my computer I must put in a password to go into my system after i type it in under my name that is when it say that. Just now though it happen out of the blue and my computer just went nutz. Now it is back to normal but for how long.Can anyone please tell me how to fix this. Thank you.

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I have been using a wireless computer at work. Recently we discovered that it was against corporate policy to use wireless computers at work because someone outside might hack into our records etc. I then plugged into the company network the normal way. Soon afterward I started seeing a message "Windows System Error - A duplicate name exists on the network."

Can anyone explain this to me? Will this cause me any problems? Do I need to change any settings? Most importantly, can someone else see what I am doing on my computer?

Thank you in advance for your help.


A:Duplicate Name on Network

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After un plugging Belkin Router, I'm now just plugged straight into my router via fast ethernet - Local Area Connection 1. I now get the following just before startup (blue backround) or when its started as a warning:

" There is a duplicate Name on the work "

I seem to remember setting names, but dont know where all this is on the PC. I believe I entered Network name "Flat" MSHOME or something. I've looked in the properties of the local area connection, but no names or anything are stored there. Do I have to insert the Belkin router CD again, or is this duplicate name on the network on my pc somewhere, if so where???? PLEASE HELP....

A:Duplicate Name on the Network

You should probably have the same workgroup name. But each computer needs to have it's own unique name on the network. Depending on what operating system you have, depends on how you change it.

For Win9x, right click on Network Neighborhood / Properties / Indentity

For Windows2000 and XP, right click on My Computer / Properties / Computer Name

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I have three Windows XP computers networked together in a subnet "Homenet": A and B by ethernet cable that runs through a router R; and computer C that connects by wireless through an access point W connected to R. I have just recently started receiving a message "A duplicate name exists on the network" This occurs when I connect A to an outside WiFi community network, "RESNET" that has a different IP address series. This network provides my access to the internet and by choice of that network, access is controlled by MAC addresses. Computer A connects directly to the internet through RESNET, computers B and C connect by ICS through computer A. I have repeatedly checked IP addresses and they seem to be correct.
Ipconfig on computer A properly shows automatic IP addressing for the RESNET network, which is in the range 172.16.xx.xx with a subnet mask of The DNS address comes from a Time-Warner ISP line which is hardwired to the community RESNET server. Computer A has an IP address for the subnet of which I deliberately changed from the default value of that is provided on first establishing an ICS network. This is also the default gateway address to the network for the Homenet computers. My router, R, has an IP address of and provides DHCP address service for the wireless portion of the network. Computer B has a static IP of The wireless access, W, has an IP address of Bot... Read more

A:Solved: Duplicate name on network

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I have a home network of three computers connected to a Linksys router which is connected to a cable modem to Road Runner. In one machine I am running W2K Professional with IIS 5.0. I am trying to build a web site consisting of a large number of web pages and associated .jpg, .gif and .mp3 files. The W2K Pro machine, which is running IIS 5.0, always creates a bugcheck error and reboots after I enter the URL to the web pages in questions. The requests are entered from a XP Pro machine on the local network. The W2K machine bugchecks and reboots whenever I kill a browser session and then restart it. The Event viewer in the W2K Pro machine shows an error message that says, "A duplicate name has been detected on the TCP network. The IP address of the machine that sent the message is in the data. Use the nbtstat -n ....." I cannot do any of this as the the machine bugchecks and reboots. All machines on the local network are configured for DHCP for compatability with Road RUnner. My W2K Pro machine is current with SP4 plus updates. The machine I am using for the browser is XP Pro current to SP2 plus updates since.

Is there anyone out there with any idea of what I can do to correct this problem.


A:A duplicate name has been detected on the TCP network.

some articles you can look at

http://www.chicagotech.net/netbios&wins.htm#Duplicate name issue

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Folks, I need a bit of help.

I have 3 machines on a wired home network. Each computer is running a different windows OS. Machine A is XP, machine B is Vista64/ultimate, machine C is Windows7/64.

I've got one master file on B which I use as the shared file. It's located in My Documents and it's called "Shared Network Documents".

When I use machine C, the W7/64, I can go to the orb, computer, and select machine B (the vista machine) under "network". When I do that, I see 14 shared folders.

They are:

The last one, called "SharedNetwor" is the one I really use all the time.

How do I eliminate all the ~ folders?

This has to be something fairly basic, but I haven't found a solution anywhere.


A:Duplicate folders appear over network

Hmm, it's worse than I thought.

Remember, computer B, the vista machine, is the one I want to use as the physical repository for my shared files.

Sitting at computer C, the W7 machine, I can see computer B's network files as I listed them above. However, I can alos see computer C under network. That seems odd. I'm at C and it's listed under network. I opened up computer C under network and it shows 52 shared folders. That's about 51 more than I want.

They use the same "name~#" format as above. In this case there are 5 folders which have up to ~12 copies.

This is crazy!! How do I get rid of all this?


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Hi, I have a problem with my network folders for my dad's pc. His pc is what I primarily use to download software and such so I just network his folder so that I can gain access to downloaded files w/o going through other medias such as a flash drive etc.

Problem is that when a file is recently downloaded a lock appears on the file and is not accessible to other computers in the network, while my other computers have no problem similar to this . Also my dad's network folder has only 2 main folders that I have shared: My Documents and Downloads. But in the network folder there are around 7 copies of each folder, i.e. Downloads~1 - Downloads~7 all with the same contents and such and its cluttering the network folder . What do I do to repair this? I have tried unsharing the folder and sharing it again with no luck.

Any help w/ this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Duplicate Folders in Network

Please help, this problem is driving me nuts!

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So I have a wireless network with a router in my house, let's call network name "COOLNET" No computer is directly cabled to the router currently, all wireless laptops. I was trying to find a way for the printer hooked up to "LAPTOP1" to be used with "LAPTOP2" and "LAPTOP3" I am inexperienced in this area so what I tried the create wireless network wizard with print file sharing. I did this via USB from "LAPTOP1" then I plugged the USB drive into a printserver we have hooked to the router (wrong step?), then I plugged the usb drive into the printer (blinked but I don't think it read it), then I plugged the usb into the other laptops, then finally back into "LAPTOP1".

Without realizing what I was doing I called the new network "COOLNET" (I'm an Idiot)

Not only is the printer not shared but now the network reads "limited or no connectivity" and cannot connect to the internet

I have to let the wireless adapter programs on each laptop handle the network... then they works fine. But I really want to go back to let windows manage my wireless settings. Apparently I created some sort of duplicate network name problem.

When I go to "View Laptop Setting" just 1 "COOLNET" is listed... but like i said limited. I don't care about the print sharing anymore, if you can help with that then you rule, but my new... Read more

A:Duplicate network problems

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when i start the window "A duplicate name exist on the network." error is came on the dwsktop. Can i get its solution.

A:A duplicate name exist on the network.

"Duplicate Name Exists" Error Message When You Start a Windows XP Workstation should be your solution.

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I recently moved houses and am currently setting up our network. I'm using a new router but I gave it all the same configuration as my last router (SSID, Security Type, & WPA Key). However when I connect to my network, Windows says it's connected to SECURE_HOME 3 instead of just SECURE_HOME, and I am getting all sorts of connectivity problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Duplicate Network Question.

remove all the wireless profiles and reconnect - maje sure you know the wireless password key

How to remove Wireless Profiles

How to remove Wireless Profiles - for Vista and Windows 7
- Vista/Windows7:
- delete the wireless profiles
Start> control Panel> classic view> network and sharing center> manage wireless networks

Delete the profiles
you will then have to enter the wireless security key for any networks you connect to - so make sure you know the correct password , and not using an incorrect password at all

How to remove Wireless Profiles - for XP
- XP
- delete the preferred networks
start> control panel> network connections> right click on the wireless connection> listed wireless networks tab in the preferred network list click on each one and - remove button

you will then have to enter the wireless security key for any networks you connect to - so make sur... Read more

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I need some help. whenever I go on to the computer lately a message appears that a duplicate name exsists on network. how do I get rid of this
Thanks in advance

A:duplicate name exsists on network

I 've not seen a 'duplicate name' message before , but I have seen a duplicate ip address message once or twice. Just go to each computer on your network and check the computer name ( right click on my computer. choose properties )

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I installed a LinkSys wireless PCMCIA card on a IBM Thinkpad 760XL with Win98SE. All appears OK, except each time I boot up, I get an info panel saying the card has a problem. I hit OK and the boot continues to completion, and the card works fine. I checked the Device Manager and found two entries for the wireless card. One is clean and the other has a yellow ! by it. I can delete the one with the yellow !, but when I reboot, it appears again. I have tried removing and reinstalling the card several times.

Is there anything else I can check to eliminate the duplicate network entries and the info panel that comes with each boot. Also....I do not get the problem with a restart boot....only with a power up boot. ??? Thanks.

A:duplicate network entries

Remove/uninstall both and then reinstall/update the drivers for the card.

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i have vmware workstation 7 installed on my laptop(with vista business,service pack 2). In the vmware i have installed 2 windows xp pro(service pack 2), with different names. i have given the two windows xp different IP address( and on the laptop two virtual card was created vmware network adapter vmnet1 and vmware network adapter vmnet8 was created and i have assigned and IP address and respectively.

Initially when i checked the workgroup all the 3 pc were available but after restarting it gives me the error message that 'duplicate name exist on the network' and the workground is not diplaying the computers connected. can someone help with me working with vmware?

A:Duplicate name exist on the network

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Hello, I have been going nuts since Friday. I am trying to figure out which settings on a Sonicwall 1260 Pro could cause this Duplicate name on the network error on every machine in our network.

I have tried a bunch of things to fix this error but can not figure out what could be the issue. I followed the few threads i could find here and elsewhere to try and fix the problem. I am thinking there was a setting changed on our router sometime ago that did not take affect until the router was restarted on Thursday night. That is when the problem seemed to start. There was a challenge from a remote DC over a Site-to-Site VPN to our local DC that took the master browser from our network. So now anytime someone reboots we get a Duplicate name on the the network. I did change a setting in the DCs registry that makes it the MasterBrowser and rebooted it, but that has not made a difference. The only thing i can think of now is to shut down every machine in the network bring up the DC then the rest. But if the setting has not been changed on the router, then i will have the same issue again.

I am basically asking for help for where to look in the Sonicwall. We do not have a WINS server and use DNS instead. All our machines are XP or Server 2003, so there was no reason to put WINS on the network. I do not want to disable the netbios settings on each workstation, we do have users who like to browse my network places for shares on other computers.

Any help is appreciated. Hopefully this... Read more

A:Solved: Duplicate Name on the Network?

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I keep getting this message,saying a duplicate name exists on the network. How do
you track this problem down? Thank You

A:Duplicate name exist on the Network

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My 8.1 laptop shows multiple network connections to my Samsung Smart TV --- One as "media connections" and 3 as "other connections". Both devices are on a simple wireless network using Linksys WRT54GS.

Under the "Network" page, most of the "Properties" of the TV connections are the same except for "Serial Number" and "Unique Identifier". Did I do something wrong when setting things up? Are these extra connections harmful? Should I delete some? How?


A:Duplicate Network Connections to Smart TV

Yes you will show various TCP/UDP connections to DLNA & UPnP devices on a network. Only way to really know what ports the devices are communicating on. Is to run in a Command Window (Without the quotes): "netstat". If you use the -n flag after netstat. It will give you the IP address of the device. Not just the name.

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Hi. this is my first post. I use my Sony Vaio w/Verizon wireless connection many hours every day. There is one other computer and an HP printer on my network for which I am the host. I have tried to correct this by "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew" but am still getting the message. I use Windows 7 Professional, and this error slows both computers down. Will appreciate any help. thanks - ruthearlene

A:computer says duplicate ip addresses are on network.

This is most commonly caused by one of the computer (or printer) being set to a static ip address.  You can check the status - by typing 'view network' in the start button search box - and selecting 'view network connections' under the control panel
you should see a couple connections - something along the lines of 'wireless connection' (if the other computer is wired it would be wired connection) - right click on that and select properties - scroll down the list until you see 'internet protocol version 4' and double click on that. - These should be set to Obtain Ip Automatically - If not write down the numbers (all of them) and change settings to Obtain Automatically.  See what happens.  If you completely lose internet connection even after a restart go back and put numbers back in.
you probably don't have to check the printer but if you do almost every printer menu is different I would want manufacturer and model if I try and lead you through that.
This can also be caused by a router going bad - how old is your current router?

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after turning my computer on, i receive this message: "Duplicate User On Existing Network"I click the ok button and it brings me to the Log on Page. its never done that before and i am the only user. i click on owner and it says: "logging on and loading preferences". within a few seconds it says: "logging off" and brings me back to the same log on screen. it never loads my desktop. i've tried clicking the [x] button but that produces the same results. no matter how many times i try to log on, it never does. also, restarting my computer does nothing to help the situation.

A:Duplicate User On Existing Network

Is there a router involved?

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Hey there,
I rebooted my PDc this morning, and now it cannot connect to the network and I receive an error stating that there is a duplicate name on the network. and because of this, the Workstation service cannot start.
I removed any static mappings going to the PDC in WINS, but I still get the error.
Any ideas? I'm pulling me hair out here.

A:{Advice Offered} - Duplicate name on network

Okay, just so you know, I kinda worked around it for now...I threw a static address on the BDC's WINS, disconnected the PDC from the network and rebooted. Once it was up, I reconnected it, replicated, replicated, replicated, and now everything is hunky-dory, at least until I need to reboot the PDC again.
So if anyone has any ideas as to what to do to fix this thang permenantly, I'd appreciate it.
Peace n' chicken grease,

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I have over 50 virtual networking adapters in device manager, I have posted this question in many forums, and still cannot get rid of these pesky unused extra adapters. I know they have been created by using Virtualbox, and by creating many virtual machines and updating virtualbox. Unfortunately, I have tried uninstalling virtualbox and the drivers all remain in devicemanager. DeviceMgmt also does not allow me to uninstall or delete the adapters, (When I do they just stay there, even after rebooting.)

I most likely have to go into the registry and delete them, but they are in so many different places there, I need to know the correct place to delete them.

I have a bet that this is the forum where I will get the answer for this even though I have posted in virtualbox forums, technet, MSDN, superuser, serverfault, and stackoverflow.

A:Need to delete many duplicate virtual network adapters

Hi try the 2nd post in this link : networking - Unable to uninstall virtualbox network drivers - Super User

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Shared folders get multiple listings in explorer, e.g. Fonts, Fonts~1, Fonts~2 etc.

It doesn't matter how often I delete/unshare, they keep coming back. See attached screenshot.

It happens with ordinary shares ans NetworkMagic ones.

A:multiple duplicate network folder entries in explorer

Hello, I have encountered the same problem occuring both on the network and in my win7 machine. This is happening on a xp server, and android device as well.

Wish I had an answer but I don't at this time. On the xp server you can just delete the unwanted folders, I have not found that to be as easy on the win7 machine.

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Hi folks

I want to find duplicate files on my network drive, i know how to do it on local drive, I use an application called Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, but the problem is that this app only detects local drives (C), it doesn't detect my network drive.

How can i find duplicate files on my network hard drive?
are there some applications to do so? or windows itself can do it?


A:Find Duplicate files on network hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by alibahaloo

Hi folks

I want to find duplicate files on my network drive, i know how to do it on local drive, I use an application called Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, but the problem is that this app only detects local drives (C), it doesn't detect my network drive.

How can i find duplicate files on my network hard drive?
are there some applications to do so? or windows itself can do it?


Hi alibahaloo , Have you tried this free software Find and remove duplicate files with Duplicate Cleaner

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I today spotted a duplicate Network Connections Icon in Control Panel. Don't know what it's doing or where it came from - and I cant seem to get rid of it. I'm a one computer, one printer broadband user, with no wider network. Coincidentally I'm also experiencing problems trying to reinstall Software for my Canon Pixma 510 - message tells me there is insufficient space on my destination drive but I have over 300 Gb clear! Disk is NTFS.
All these problems seem to have started since Automatic Updating of Windows - including the latest malicious software removal tool.
I have also been trialing O&O defrag - could this be responsible? I understood it was one of the better tools? Really frustrated and woul dbe grateful if someone could help. Cheers

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Just did it again and im ready to throw this thru the window! still getting an error about the dell wireless wlan card and something interesting that i looked at when i was trying to fix this problem was that my firewall (Online Armour) seems to have produced a duplicate for all of my network drivers, could this be the problem? how can this be fixed?

A:BLUE SCREEN - Problem with duplicate network drivers

download another firewall disable OA install new firewall remove duplicate and try wifi if it works you have your answer if not it is only a little time hope it works

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Hi, I am connected to the internet using a iinet BOB2 wireless modem and I'm using a Mac OS X at the moment.

When I enter my WPA key to connect to the network the dialog box says incorrect password. There are no issues with the password because I know how to change it and have tried various different versions in an attempt to explore the issue. Intermittently the connection does work however it then drops out again.

When I click the airport icon my network name appears as usual but a duplicate name also appears. I find this quite unusual, and the technical support person from iinet hadn't heard of it, because the name is the same but also has extra characters added to the end including garbled fonts (ie. wingdings). The name also appears and re-appears with different characters each time.

I share a wall with a neighboring university which has an extensive internet network covering a large area. I wonder if this is some kind of interference? or in a more sinister vein some kind of hacking attempt to get me to enter my WPA key?

I also have a Toshiba laptop which I've been using to double check the issues, but it has always had connectivity issues so I'm not sure its reliable. It is also intermittently picking up on this duplicate signal too but sometimes exclusively this and not the 'real' signal. When I try to connect to the 'real' signal it says acquiring network address and then stops and does not connect.

I'm at a loss of w... Read more

A:Duplicate wireless network name appearing but with random changing modifications

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I get the following when I try to log onto windows xp
windows xp system error duplicate names exist on network

I just reinstalled windows xp on my toshiba m-45 s 269

Can you please help?

A:windows xp system error duplicate names exist on network

Hi Mary. Is your machine on a networK?

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Really tearing my hair out over this little mystery:

Just recently noticed a "new" network on the list of nearby available connections. It is listed as unsecured and acts like a hidden SSID as I have to pop the name in. Typing in the SSID of my router results in an error. The icon next to the "Other Network" is one of 3 computers connecting, suggesting this is something to do with file sharing or something.

I suspect strongly that it is somehow connected to my router's broadcast network, which I connect to, as the signal strength is exactly the same! (i.e. good/excellent, i.e. nearby!)

I am not terribly technically-minded when it comes to Windows, but I'm not a novice either. I just can't work out what this network is nor how to get rid of it!

I do have a Homegroup set up, which I use to access files remotely from my tablet using the ES Explorer app. I am not sure if that is relevant, but it sounded so.

Can anybody shed some light? Image grab attached. Thanks!

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Don't know what is going on??
Will incluce the email message I am receiving over & over again, have never had this happen before.
Scanned my computer for viruses, (none) but just received another one of these,
Is it something from your end???
Need help on this people

A:Getting duplicate & more duplicate copies of reply to post!! ???

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