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Recovering a temp Word file

Q: Recovering a temp Word file

I just opened a Word document that was embedded in another Word document. I was making changes to the attachment, but had not saved as a new file yet. I closed the "parent" document that contained the attachment and Word closed both files. No warning to save, just closed both files.

The document I was working on does not appear in unsaved files, but I'm pretty sure I found it on the temporary folder based on time and size. However, if I try to open that file in Word, it is in some other format.

Am I missing something? Do I need to convert the tmp file somehow? Do I need to just start my work over again and chalk it up to a bonehead move?

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Preferred Solution: Recovering a temp Word file

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and Office 2010.

All of a sudden, when I tried to paste text I copied from an internet page, I got a message "Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable" .

It worked fine this morning and is working fine now.

I had to paste it into Word Pad to use it.

I made no changes to Word. Any idea what is going on?
Thanks, cb

A:Word could not create the work file. Check the Temp... Word 2010

Did you check the temp environment variable as it suggested?

Open a command prompt.
Type echo %temp%
What is the result?

On my Win 8.1 computer, it's set to: C:\Users\accountname\AppData\Local\Temp

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A word file was accidentally overwritten and I am looking into recovery options. Running Office 2010 in XP, shadow copy is not running.

Any ideas, software, etc on how to recover the previous version?


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I opened a word document from an email attachment and made many updates to the file...I kept hitting save but I don't think it was saving the document. I closed the document now and can't find the file....please help!!! Is there a way to recover the file? I'm on Windows Vista and I used MS Word 2007

A:urgent!!! need help in recovering lost ms word file 2007

In case you use Outlook as a mail application, try following the instructions in this post:


It's related to a ppt file, but it is the same with word docs. In case you want to know the whole story, the thread is available here:


Oh, and welcome to the Forums

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$EC~~~.~ These symbols are all I see! HELP PLEASE.

A:I'm trying to convert a temp file to be viewed on Word help!

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First, apologies, I'm sure that someone has already asked and answered this question, but I can't find the thread.

Colleague was working on a word document she received through IE. She pressed save, closed document, and then when she tried to retrieve the document later on, it was not in her document folder.

I presume that this is the rather common problem of windows creating super secret hidden temp files to hide your documents on you if you accidentally don't press save as (why they haven't changed this after this many operating systems is really baffling) when you are editing from a document you receive in e-mail.

However, she is working with Vista (I can fix this on XP, but not Vista).

Any ideas how to find the document?
I searched using %TEMP% and no luck.
I also dug into the file system down to appfile/bla bla bla/windows/temporary internet files and discovered that, for some reason, she didn't even have that folder (yes, I set the radio button to show hidden files).

She only did this about 12 hours ago, so I don't think the file should be wiped yet... so what am I doing wrong? Does it use a different file extension?

Vista, Word 2007


A:Vista, Word 2007, Lost file, Temp?

With IE open, go to Tools,Internet Options. On the General tab, and the Browsing History area, select the "Settings" button, the select View files. Scroll through the list if you find the file, right click and open or copy and paste to a new location.

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This is my first post and I hope I am in the right place. Tried to find previous ref but couldn't find anything. Any MS word 2007 open file will not save because it has gone to temp file name and original file deleted. Can recover by using 'save as' and changing name back to correct name but this has to happen every time and is very time consuming. Tried repair but nothing was wrong. I think it started after uploading latest drivers from AVG but don't see connection. It happens immediately a file is opened.

A:ms word sends open files to temp and deletes file.

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I have a really strange problem here. Running MS Word 2003 on Server 2003. Approx 70 users and 5 admins.

Only a few user accounts and 1 admin account, Word will save the file to a 8 random alphanumeric character file in the same directory the file is being saved too.

The file itself seems to be a perfect duplicate of the original file and is most certainly not a temp file. I have checked Technet (no 2003 forums anymore) and searched the web, but nobody else seems to have had this problem.

Any ideas? Anybody else ever even heard of this behavior?

A:Strange file names being saved by Word 2003 (not temp files)

I do think these are temp files, they are 'rests' of the backups that are made on a timed interval.
I happens that on network drives they are not always removed, why? I don't know.
It doesn't happen on local drives.
One of Microsoft's 'hidden features'?

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I keep getting this message every time I am trying to attach a word doc into an email. Check temp environment, sims ok, followed instruction to move the folder, every thing ok until I have to get the temp internet file, its not there. I am using windows 7. Can anyone one help?
Many thanks in advance


A:word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable

Regedit>HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\User Shell Folders>make the cache variable --- %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files

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Every time I open Word this pops up. I can no longer insert pictures of clipart into my documents and I looked into the system properties/environment variables but am at a loss....someone who knows what this means please inform me as to what needs to be done so that my
program begins to work properly again. Thank you.

A:Error : Word could not create a work file. Check Temp Environment Variable

There is some sort of problem with the Windows temp folder (perhaps deleted by mistake?). To check (and fix if needed) right click on "my computer" and select "properties". In the box that opens click on the "advanced" tab. Now click the button near the bottom marked "environment variables". The path to the Windows temp folder will be shown at the top part of the box. Check to see if the path actually exists or edit it to a folder of your own choosing. Check both "TEMP" and "TMP" and, if you alter them, make them use the same folder. Okay your way out and reboot. Now try the programs you are having difficulty with.

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Problem--Got the AV Security 2012 virus/spyware whatever.My solution--1. Shut down computer, ran Malwarebytes in safe mode. It found a few things and I got rid of them. I also ran McAfee and Webroot spysweeper. Then I ran system clean-up! program. Thought it was gone. Only to return the next day. Repeated the same procedure and then 2. Called Microsoft PC Safety @ 1-866-727-2338. He got rid of the AV Security thing. But, now in my start>all programs menu the programs that are there are empty. If I go to my computer, program files, they are there. Also they are at add/remove programs. The microsoft guy said that since I ran the cleanup! program that I now have to uninstall all the programs and reinstall them. Is there any way to get things back to normal. The reason I ran the cleanup! program was to get rid of the stuff from the AV security thing, but I guess that was the wrong thing to do. He did some things through easy assist that may have made things worse, I don't know. Even my dell stuff is gone. If I go to start>programs>accessories, all that stuff is empty too.

A:Recovering temp internet files

MS is just partially correct.
You don't have to reinstall programs, but you'll have recreate shortcuts manually.
See my tutorial here: http://www.smartestcomputing.us.com/topic/46010-how-to-restore-files-hiddendeleted-by-windows-recovery-virus/
Scroll down to "Method 3".

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tonight I opened an excel file from my email and then worked on the file for a couple of hour during which time I saved the document many times and when I was finished I closed the file. Now I am trying to access the file again and have realised that when I saved it from my email I just hit "save" and not "save as" as I should have. Can anyone tell me where this file might be saved?

I have searched my computer, including hidden files and temp internet files but cannot locate the file anywhere, but I saved it at least 6 or 8 times as I was working and it saved each time. My computer is NOT set to delete temp files when I close it and I've tried searching for it by name. I also tried to recreate my steps by opening another excel file from my email and hitting "save" to see where it is saving it and again it seems to be saving it "somewhere" but it is not visable in temp internet files, doesnt come up on a search by the file name, isnt in any of my folders or in hidden files (that I can see) I need this file back! can someone help?

A:Help! recovering temp excel files?

Originally Posted by kazaz

tonight I opened an excel file from my email and then worked on the file for a couple of hour during which time I saved the document many times and when I was finished I closed the file. Now I am trying to access the file again and have realised that when I saved it from my email I just hit "save" and not "save as" as I should have. Can anyone tell me where this file might be saved?

I have searched my computer, including hidden files and temp internet files but cannot locate the file anywhere, but I saved it at least 6 or 8 times as I was working and it saved each time. My computer is NOT set to delete temp files when I close it and I've tried searching for it by name. I also tried to recreate my steps by opening another excel file from my email and hitting "save" to see where it is saving it and again it seems to be saving it "somewhere" but it is not visable in temp internet files, doesnt come up on a search by the file name, isnt in any of my folders or in hidden files (that I can see) I need this file back! can someone help?

You were working on the file in excel, right? have you looked in the recycle bin? It may be saved in a different file name. I would suspect when you save excell deletes the previously saved item. If this file is life and death dritical, you may be able ti use a third party app to recover like undelete.

Hope this helps


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I have been all over the web and simply can't figure out how to recover a certain word document I want back. Here is what happened: I got an email which had a word document. I downloaded it, edited it, but forgot to "save as" so it remained in the temp folder. When I went to find it, it was gone. I've tried to do a recovery, but I can't find it. It was only a week ago. Can someone please help????

A:Recovering Edited Temp files

what email client is it and which temp folder did you look in? Have you done a search on the filename with the search hidden files and folders option ticked?

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I will keep this as brief as possible - i have a user (person B) that was given a laptop by the colleague they replaced, who i will refer to as person A, they were using it logged on as person A when their account was deleted. The laptop cached the credentials
so they carried on working, however no file sync took place as, i presume, they had no account. They are all using redirected desktops.

When we were asked to create an account for person B, i was asked to copy the files from Person A's profile, however as soon as i logged out and logged in as person B, changed the permissions on person A's folder in c:\users and opened it - there were no
Documents or Desktop folders - obviously as they are redirected. However, on the server, in the users redirected folder, the files person B had been using are not there as they had not been synched. I cannot log back on as person A due to SSID tomfoolery.

My two questions are:

1 - have the files been deleted?
2- If not, how can i get them back?

So far i have tried Recuva, and restoring an old version of the c:\users folder, both of which did not work. 



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I've got some strange behavior going on with .doc files at the moment. Whenever I try to open a .doc file from Windows Explorer or a desktop shortcut, Word opens with the error message "Word experienced an error trying to open the file. Try these suggestions. * Check the file permissions for the document or drive. *Make sure there is sufficient free memory and disk space. *Open the file with the Text Recovery converter."

After clicking OK, the .doc file then opens in Word, apparently with no problems at all (I can edit, save, etc.). So basically the error message seems to be wrong, since the file does open properly.

I can open .doc files from within Word (File -> Open) with no error message.

The issue is more of an annoyance than anything else (since the file eventually opens up just fine), but I imagine it'll just become more irritating as time goes on. Any suggestions on how to resolve it? I've been poking around in the Folder Options -> File Types in Explorer without a clear sense of purpose.

I'm running MS Word 2003 SP3 on Windows XP Service Pack 3. If you need any further info, please let me know.

Thanks for your help!

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I saved a very lengthy report I spent all last week writing. I emailed it to myself so I could finish it at home last night and was very different from the version I sent myself. I figured I sent the wrong one but when I got to the office this morning the same copy was present. When I write these, I paste a similar report onto a new document a rename it by adress. The only version present is the one with no changes other than the name change. How can this be? I had been saving it periodically and am 100% certain I saved the most recent draft. Can it be recovered or am I screwed?

I have a copy that I sent to myself on tues that is more current than the one I saved last night. I just cannot understand how this can be. I must not have saved it to the folder where I keep my reports. That's the only explanation. What's odd is that there are copies of stuff in the temp folder that are months old, but not my report.

These are c&p'd from another forum; someone there suggested this one. I'm in sort of a desperate situation here.

A:Recovering A Word Document

I'm not sure I quite understand what you are saying?

Let me see if I can paraphrase and you tell me if I got it.

You worked on a Word Document at work and saved it. Then sent the newly saved Word Document to yourself at home.

But the Document you supposedly sent to yourself at home, from work is not the same one you think you worked on and saved that you have at work?

If I have that right. Check your sent mail at work for the document and see if it's what you expected to send. If the document in your sent mail folder is the one you want, then you need to have your IT department figure out how the server changed that document.

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I am desperately trying to recover a word document (wedding speech!!) that I have somehow lost and don't understand how! I definitely would have saved it but can't find it anywhere. I know the date and time it was worked on to try to search for it that way. I have also tried searching through temporary files. My computer crashed and had a virus a few weeks ago maybe that is why it is lost but I don't really understand at all. Please any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm hoping someone can help me recover a file I spent 4 hrs on (til 1am yesterday). I'm working in Windows XP, Outlook with a MS Word doc. Here's what I did: I emailed an existing saved doc to myself from my work email (Outlook to Outlook). I opened the doc and worked on it for several hours (saving constantly). I copied and pasted to Outlook and emailed it back to my work email (I double checked it before hitting the send button to make sure it was the final version and it was). When I got to work and opened the file it was the original version I emailed the day before and not the final one I had saved. I'm now back on my home computer and can't find the saved file. Ugh!
Has anyone had this problem with Outlook before? Any advice?

A:Recovering lost Word doc

The problem here was that the file never (from what I can tell), left the Outlook realm...

If you had opened it at home, worked on and saved it on your hard drive, flash drive or floppy drive, there would be no problem.

Once completed and attached it to a NEW message and sent it back to work - you would be ok.

Unfortunately, since it appears that all work was done and saved directly from opening it from Outlook - I'm afraid all your time and work went in vain.

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My computer shut down prior to me saving a revision of a word document.
I have found an AutoRecovery save of the document (ASD format) but cant open it into a readable word format.
Can anyone please help?


A:Recovering Word doc - URGENT

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I need a software to recover only Word documents that I had on my hard drive before I had to reinstall Windows on it again. 
I have tried some but none of them seems to help me out, as the results of their searches are very difficult to go through.
Has anyone a siggestion to a software that can easily recover only Word documents?

A:Recovering Word documents

Have you re-installed Windows on that same HDD?
If so the files are gone. Done bun, can't be undone.

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I use Word 97 on a desktop (Win XP/Home), Word 2002 on a desktop (Win 2000), and Word 2002 on a laptop (Win 2000).

In the AutoCorrect feature of both Word versions, there is the choice of converting certain text character sequences to "Smileys" or "Smiley Faces." There is also the ability to delete those conversions.

If you delete those conversions, is there any way to recover them?

I searched this forum, and found one posting that says you can back up the normal.dot file and that will retain all AutoCorrect settings. Presumably then, one could backup that file, delete the Smiley conversions, and, if you ever needed those conversions, restore the backed up normal.dot file.

Is that correct? Has anyone out there ever tried this (backing up and then restoring the normal.dot file)? Does it work? Is that the only solution?

Thanks for your help.

A:Recovering Word AutoCorrect Deletions

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hi there - my father is working on a large word document in word 97 - he is not very computer literate and has not been backing up his files. He has somehow managed to delete virtually all of the text on around 160 pages, and this version of his document has been saved (he only has 2 characters on 1 page in total). I have gone into the versions option in the File menu, but there are no previous versions listed, I guess because he had not activated this function. Everything points toward the information being lost, except that if i look in the file's properties it seems that the file still appears to be about the right size (around 660kb). Does this mean that his text may still exist somewhere in the file, and may then be recoverable? (i would have thought with virtually no text the file should be much smaller). It also says that there have been 98 revisions of his documents. Is there any way to access an earlier revision, prior to him deleting all of this text?

I would appreciate any information or advice extremely, even if it is just to clarify that he has lost this file for good.

A:recovering deleted text in word 97

Duplicate post.

Replied here:

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Is there any way to receover the currepted word files,

A:recovering currepted word files

Searching google yeilds many applications that will do this. However, if the files are for office 97-2003, there is an easier way, just right click the corrupt file and go to open with. If notepad is listed there click it, if not click choose default program. Then go through the list looking for notepad. Select it and make sure the open all files of this type with this program is unchecked. At that point the word doc opens in the text file with jibberish around it but if you scroll down you will find the raw text. Feel free to take that and inject it into a fresh document by simply copy/pasting it and then you can reapply formatting and save. Like i said i beleive this works for all word doc types except the new .docx format.

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I am running Microsoft Word 08 on my Mac Book, and after typing a document of approximately 10,000 words (throughout i saved my work). before a final save, without noticing i deleted the text from the document and proceded to save..... leaving me with nothing but an empty word document. Is there anyway of recovering this work even though i have not set up time machine??

Any help would be great.

All the best.

A:Recovering lost Word 08 documents???

Save a copy of the Doc (always worth it anyway)

Does your version of Word save undo actions? Try opening it and seeing if undo is an option?

Try looking (and i'm not sure where this is for a mac) in the temp files for word, see if there is any recovery documents there (it might be worth searching the hard drive for stuff modified recently (hopefully it wont be too many))

Unfortunately they may not be alot you can do.

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Hi everyone,

I have an XP and I deleted a file (.doc) and I wish to recover it; from what I understand when a file is deleted it's not "wiped" off the HD, just the path to it is gone. How hard is it to recover the file? Thank you in advance.


A:Recovering deleted Word Doc files?

Sounds as though you'll need a File Recovery program.
I haven't tested any of these personally, but here are a couple of free programs:


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Hey guys,

This is on a friends computer:

We've written a 4000 word essay and she accidentally overwrote it with another word document. Is there any way of recovering it?

I already tried the .asd files but she couldn't get them to open, so I said email them to me, and when she tried to do that it gave an error about packing the file and now the .asd files don't exist.

Is there any way we can get this document back? If we can't, we lose about 1000 words


A:Recovering overwritten word document

Have you tried shadow explorer.
ShadowExplorer.com - About
It can be used on Vista
If she has Windows Seven, you can use backup and restore, which is part of the OS.

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I recently password protected a 20 page document in Microsoft Word 7. As prompted, I typed the password in twice, saved the document, went to open it and it wouldn't take it. I tried several times with a couple of variation and it just won't take it. I know it is correct because it is based on the same algorithym that I always use for my passwords. Any ideas?

A:Recovering Word 07 Password from Document

First of all Version 7 is very old, I think you mean Word 2007.

Then there is the site rules, we do not help with passwords, as we do not know that you are the owner of said documents.

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I would appreciate any assistance I could get, it seems I have an issue...Thank you so much in advance!

Computer is running slowly but seems to be processing constantly, freezing up when opening certain on-line sites. This has been occuring for a few days and I downloaded and ran TFC and Malwarebytes without any success. Run AVG free also. Tonight it froze and I powered it down at the power strip and upon restarting it went to a light blue screen and indicated the following (this is just parts of what the screen displayed)....

"File is dirty"
"Deleting index entry...listed multiple file #'s"
"CHKDSK is recovering lost files"
"Recovering orphaned file...then listed directory file #'s"
"CHKDSK is verifying security descriptors...."

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 233075 MB, Free - 206970 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0HJ054
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Logs are attached. Thank you again!

A:Help Please..file is dirty, deleting index entry, recovering orphaned file

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:05:10 PM, on 12/5/2011
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.17103)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgwdsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\Identity Protection\Agent\Bin\AVGIDSAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgnsx.exe
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10\avgemcx.exe
C:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy\Surround Mixer\CTSysVol.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\issch.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro\itype.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\ipoint.exe
C:\Program Files\BillP Studios\WinPatrol\w... Read more

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I created a document in Word (Vista) that was saved in 2009. I have recently updated it to make several revisions/additions.

I saved the document on May 14th, 2011; however, when I went back to look at the document (which was saved on an external hard drive and emailed), one version had a couple of new paragraphs and the other was the same as the version that I had last worked on in 2009!

Can you help me to recover the last version of the document that had all of the changes/new information (from May 14th - the last day I worked on it - after I had finished all of the changes)?


A:Recovering an earlier version in of a document in Word

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hi there - my father is working on a large word document in word 97 - he is not very computer literate and has not been backing up his files. He has somehow managed to delete virtually all of the text on around 160 pages, and this version of his document has been saved (he only has 2 characters on 1 page in total). I have gone into the versions option in the File menu, but there are no previous versions listed, I guess because he had not activated this function. Everything points toward the information being lost, except that if i look in the file's properties it seems that the file still appears to be about the right size (around 660kb). Does this mean that his text may still exist somewhere in the file, and may then be recoverable? (i would have thought with virtually no text the file should be much smaller). It also says that there have been 98 revisions of his documents. Is there any way to access an earlier revision, prior to him deleting all of this text?

I would appreciate any information or advice extremely, even if it is just to clarify that he has lost this file for good.

A:please help - recovering lost text in word 97 document

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hello every one

my sister done 10 pages for her course work and she alway save it on her memory stick.
but some how, when she try to save it this time it doesn't work and the the microsoft word file turn to notepad file and when she open it, it came up with lot of question marks, i hope there is a way to convert it back into words

thx for reading and help is needed

this is the corse work>>> Rescued document.txt

A:Microsoft word file turn to notepad file with non word text

any responses here?

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Hello everyone:

Please someone -- can anyone help -- I have noticed a problem on one of my computers, which uses Office 2007, that when i attempt to do anything on my virtual machine (which uses Office 2003) within excel, invariably the file gets corrupted. I am not sure why this happens, because it doesn't always happen right away. However, after creating a file on my VM and then it gets saved on my regular machine, either after a few sessions or immediately, i get the error "file format not valid". I have spent over two weeks on this file (yes, using it everyday and saving/opening with no problem up until yesterday) and it has a lot of critical, non-sensitive data. I have tried calling my helpdesk (they were of no help), tried saving the file as *.xlsx, tried opening in word and wordpad (I could see some data -- but not all the critical data was there). PLEASE -- I have already bought one of those Recovery tools (which didn't get even 50%, or at least the critical updates i made yesterday). I can't afford to spend more -- is there anyone who would be willing to help a lost soul get this data back??? I have attached the file

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Is there a way to recover a Word document from a perviously saved version? I have a running template for a class that has daily papers due, and I usually open up the last one, increment by one, adjust the date, save as to a new file and write the new paper.

Today, however, I forgot to save as. After I finished writing the new paper, I clicked save and over-wrote the old paper.

Is there a way to recover the old paper? I didn't realize what I had done until I closed the document, so I couldn't just hit undo until I got to the original paper. I haven't closed Word however, just the document. I also haven't shut down the computer, or used it since.
Does anyone have any insight on this? Althought the paper I over-wrote was turned in on Tuesday, I do need to refer to it for the final paper next week and the professor doesn't hand back papers or keep them. The paper I lost has already been throw away and hauled away with Tuesday's trash.

I'm using Word 2003 and Vista.

A:recovering word documents from previously saved versions?

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Long story short, I bumped my flash drive, it appears slightly bent but was no longer recognized in the computer. I had multiple places look at it and all said nothing is physically wrong with it. I found one place that said they could help me recover the files for a fee of $750. I have files application files saved on this that I was working on for medical school, the most important one, I lost about two essays, so I'm not sure how much I want to pay to recover these.

I found these files on my computer but they are all under the usb drive so when I pull them up, it says device not recognized. Is there any way parts of them have been saved in some form on my computer that I could recover?

I'm guessing not but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. Also if anyone knows a data recovery place that doesn't charge so much money that would be great.

A:Flash Drive broken, recovering files via word?

Here's what I would do. Proceed at your own risk! The jack being 'slightly bent' has probably separated a solder joint that connects the chip (what ever is in there) from the jack. If you know a tech who 'solders' he can 'bust' it open, put a drop of solder on the break (or make a jumper), connect the device and get the data off, then thow it away...Not really a $750 job in my opinion.

Another option is to get a USB to USB connector cable, connect your device to the cable. Now start bending the jack on the device ever so slightly trying to make the broken joint make a connection. After each adustment plug the other end of the cable into the PC and see if it recoginizes. If not recognized, disconnect from the PC and try again.

You want to use the cable because the bending of the jack may damage the the USB connector on the PC and you don't want introduce a new issue. I've actually used this technique and once we had to hold the drive in place manually to keep the connection (may require more than two hands).

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Any help appreciated.   I opened a resume sent to me via pop mail / outlook....I realized fairly quickly that it was a virus but by then my word and excel docs were corrupt.   I saved the files anyways...Have completed a reformat / reinstall of Win 10 64b and have the corrput files on a thumb drive.   I have downloaded and paid for endless word apps that promise to recover corrupr files.....Stellar Phoenix excel repair pulled back some of my excel docs....Their word application did nothing....   All of the word docs have weird names and extensions...I have tried opening and repairing using word but again nothing...Any help is very very much appreciated!    
  Log is as per the following: Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version:27-02-2016 Ran by Mark Bould (administrator) on DESKTOP-EMU0JFG (27-02-2016 15:45:48) Running from C:\Users\Mark Bould\Downloads Loaded Profiles: Mark Bould (Available Profiles: Mark Bould) Platform: Windows 10 Pro Version 1511 (X64) Language: English (United States) Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Edge) Boot Mode: Normal Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/   ==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================   (If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.) ... Read more

A:Unknown Virus / Recovering corrupt word docs

Hello yamafan and Welcome to the BleepingComputer.
My name is Yılmaz and I'll help you with the cleanup of malware from your computer.
Before we move on, please read the following points carefully.
Please complete all steps in the specified order.
Even if tools don't find malware, I want you to post the logfiles anyway.
Please copy and paste the logfiles directly into your posts. Please do not attach them unless you are instructed to do so.
Read the instructions carefully. If you have problems, stop what you  were doing and describe the problems you encountered as precisely as  you can.
Don't install or uninstall software during the cleanup unless you are told to do so.
If you can't answer for the next few days, please let me know. If  you haven't answered within 5 days, I am assuming that you don't need  help anymore and your topic will be closed.
I can not guarantee that we will find and be able to remove all  malware. The cleaning process is not instant. Please continue to review  my answers until I tell you that your computer is clean
Please reply to this thread. Do not start a new topic
As my first language is not English, please do not use slang or idioms. It could be hard for me to understand.
Please open as administrator  the computer. How is open as administrator  the computer?
Disable your AntiVirus and AntiSpyware applications, as they will  interfere with our tools and the removal. If you are unsure how to do ... Read more

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when I close this particular doc in word, it generates a dr. watson error and the temp file will not disappear. when I try to open the doc again, it says it is in use.

There are macros in this doc and the error message happens when the macros are enabled or disabled. I have even renamed the file and tried it on another computer, still the problem

the doc is called sysdec.doc and generates the temp file ~$ysdesc.doc

Is the doc corrupted? what's your advice to get rid of the problem?


A:word temp won't go away

Try opening the original, select all, copy, create a new document, paste and save. does the problem still happen?

also, macros could be corruped.

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So, being overall silly I somehow didn't save a file properly in Word 2007. I wasn't to happy about this but eventually found it in temporary files, and double clicked to open it... Now, something popped up, I ignored it and hit OK. Turns out it was saying "are you sure you want to replace this?" which means I saved over the temp file with something else. I thought I was under Open... I wasn't.

Is there any possible way to restore this? I could retype it, but I'd much rather not. I don't want to pay any money, anything like that, or have it take longer than a few minutes.


A:Word temp files help

I think you are up the creak without a paddle.

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Here's a wierd issue our office has been having. We upgraded the Server (Entire Unit w/Server2003 SBE) a while back and installed McAfee AV v9 on all our PCs (All updates done etc). I have disabled Worm Blocking on all the McAfee AVs (AVG is installed on the Server).

The reason we disabled the McAfee Worm Blocking is it doesn't play nice with networks and we were having tons of issues.

*We still get the occasional random file going missing or getting changed to what seems to be a temp file. Example: file.xls is opened gets worked on then gets saved. Go back to see the file and find it's been changed to ~file.xls or sometimes just ~74389758943file.xls.tmp or some junk. Sometimes can get it back by just renaming othertimes it's toast and cannot be fixed. This seems to be with .doc and .xls, not sure of others since they mainly only use excel or word files.

Any ideas? Anyone seen this issue. These files are stored on the Server and for the most part opening, working on and saving has been fine. Seems to be random and effects everyone not just one particular person.

A:Network File issue: saves back as temp not the real doc/xls file???

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So I opened an Office Writer attachment (.odt) from an email and made edits to that document. I hit save but not save as.Tried to open the file the next day but it got deleted. I did some research and realized that was stupid and looked everywhere for advice. So I've gone into temporary internet files folder and I cant find it there. I had deleteted my internet browser history yesterday. Following some random advice on the internet I tried to restore my browsing history by downloading som index.dat reader. Needless to say I am so completely lost. I just need to know if its even possible to recover it. Im willing to goto any computer shop and pay whatever it cost at this point. Oh and the exact message I'm getting is:

C:\Users\Paul\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Window\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content\poli352a[1].odt does not exist

A:Need a file from temp internet file but I accidently deleted browsing history

First, download the free Process Explorer.

Run Process Explorer.

Open your e-mail program (mine is Outlook Express).

Open your e-mail message.

Open your attachment (Office Writer attachment (.odt)).

Inside Process Explorer, right-click the new process (from the application used to open that attachment).

Select Properties...

Select the Image tab.

Look inside the Command line bar.

You'll see the exact path to the temporary folder created for the attachment.

Make sure to check "Show hidden files and folders" and uncheck "Hide protected system files" in Folder Options.

Only copy the part from C:\Users to Content.IE5.

Note: a new folder number is created each time you open an attachment (e.g. IGSDF94V)


"C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~2\Office10\WINWORD.EXE" "C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\IGSDF94V\Example.docx"

Paste that path inside the My Computer address bar and click OK.

You'll have to look inside each folder manually for the name of your document. The folder number will be different from the one you're seeing inside the Command line bar in Process Explorer.

Do not run a Search. Look very carefully inside each folder. It should be there!

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Whenever I have a document open, Word XP creates about a billion temp files in the document's directory. It deletes them all after it closes (like it should), but it still is rather annoying. I'm assuming these are auto-recover files (?)... I told Word to put its temp files in my Application Data\Microsoft\Word directory in the Tools/Options/File Locations dialog box, and I know that none of the directories in that dialog box points to the folder where the temp files appear. And I seem to remember that even if Word 2000 made temp files in the same directory as the open document, it made one, not dozens of them. Are these auto-recovery files, and if so, why aren't they being saved over each other instead of multiplying like rabbits? Is there any way to stop having all the dozens and dozens of them be made, or, if not, is there a way to stash them in another directory, not the directory in which my file is stored? I've tried the "obvious" measures, but they haven't seemed to do anything, any help? Thanks.

A:A billion temp files in Word XP

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This may be an idiotic question, but I'm very new to Word and so far I hate it!

I understand that Word makes temporary back-ups of files as you go, well, I need to find them, because I have a big problem and I lost a lot of work.

PLEASE tell me what folder they are stored in! Thanks.

A:Need to find Word temp files!


Are you referring to AutoSave? This feature does not save your work, especially in regards to closing Word. It's generally there for when Word crashes, or your computer crashes, in conjunction with the Document Recovery aspect. Nothing can substitute a good Save. You could always write a macro to be placed in your Normal.dot ThisDocument module, that would basically save every-so-often for you. Hope I understood you right. Then again, I'm definitely not the foremost authority on Word.

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Can someone tell me the rules around these temp docs that get created when you open/modify a file? Which of the 2 documents hold the changes...the original that you open or the duplicate file that starts with ~$?

Am I making sense!!!??

For example I open a file called Local.doc. Once that file is opened by me, a duplicate file that is semi transparent gets created called ~$Local.doc. What happens if someone deletes that ~$Local.doc while I am working in the original?

Thanks in advance

A:Temp Word docs that start with ~$

While the file is open, the ~ file should be locked and be unable to be deleted.

My understanding is that the cached file hold immediate changes until the file is saved.

The ~ file is deleted on closing the original.

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First, I use Vista Ultimate 32bit and MS Office 2007 Pro.

Whenever I open MS Word 2007, I get this error message.
I cant figure out what the problem is. Of course I tried removing/reinstalling
but it still does that.

It usually pops up when the splash screen is up, then again after it disappears
and before the document actually opens.

Anybody know a solution?

A:MS Word 07 - temp environment error

Google is your friend! Start here:

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well here it is plain and simple. Whenever i open a document and i go to open another document the first document has been renamed to somethin gliek ~$(rest of name goes here).doc. It also says when i try to open a document already open that MS office needs a converter to display this file correctly this feature is curently not installed wouold you like to install it. If you hit no then a box comes up with a bunch of [] in it and i just close it.

now another problem i have been having is there are some temp files that just won't delete ive tried manually, with Clean up!, and also with empty temp folders 283. They all can seem to delete them. The files are named, index.dat, (a whole bunch with similiar to) ~DF645.tmp. and one thats ~WRD2250.doc. one thing i notice is that they were all made today at about 8:11 or so.

Now i have just fixed MS word with the help of you guys and i greatly appreciate it ... here is the link to that thread. here

A:MS word 2003 problemes/temp files


can any one help me or direct me to something that would help?

i mean i could post a HJT log and see if that might help but then somebody would have to move it...

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Hello to all.
When using word 2002 I get a new temp file when I use the "save" button.
Now there are many temp files of the original document. This should not be.
What can I do to resore normal function of Word 2002/Office XP?

When un-minimizing a word document all minimized documents disappear. I then have to go back to Word and start over. How do I fix this?
Thank you to all.

A:Word 2002 unwanted temp files

When you close Word, the temp files should disappear.

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