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Can i move the X window close button to the bottom of the window?

Q: Can i move the X window close button to the bottom of the window?


This may sound stupid but i need to relocate the window close and resize buttons to the lower part of the window instead of the top so i can move the window to the upper part all the way up and it doesnt bounce back. Is it possible?

Thank you.

Preferred Solution: Can i move the X window close button to the bottom of the window?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can i move the X window close button to the bottom of the window?

Any answer please?

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I cannot move, resize, or close any window I open.

It does not matter if I open internet explorer, the calculator, my computer, my documents, etc. I cannot resize, move, or close it. I have to open task manager and select "End Task" on the windows I want to close, but then I cannot close the task manager. I have to restart to close the task manager.

This just started happening the morning of 7/13. I did a system restore to 7/10, and this did not fix the problem.

Can anyone offer me some assistance with this?

A:Cannot move, resize, or close any window I open,

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New here, looking forward to reading through some of the threads here and learning more about Windows 7.

I've been running RC1 since it became available, and recently I've added 2 other user accounts on my main PC. These 2 accounts seem to have the same problem: neither of them allow you to "x-out" of a window by clicking the red X up in the right hand corner to close the window.

It's quite an annoying problem, and I can't seem to word the problem just right to get an answer from Google. Hoping somebody here can point me in the right direction.


A:Can't close window with X button

You could try the System File Checker:

"Right click on cmd and select Run as Administrator. Once the Command Prompt window open up type sfc /scannow"

(Taken from HERE)

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Is it possible to adjust the window color so the close button looks like it 'fused' in because the close button is a solid colour

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Hello when I try to type something in the adress bar the window will close with message saying windows encountered a problem and needs ro close. When I try to open a new tab the same thing happens. When I click on my favs list the window closes with no message. Pleas advise......

Ty in advance

A:IE adress bar/favs button/new tab close window

Hello and welcome to TSF!

What is the version of IE that you're having issue with? If it's an IE7, update it to IE8.

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Hey everyone!

I was playing around with some other themes but didn't really like any of them so I'm back with the default(ish) theme.

The only problem is that when the program I was using tried to reset the theme back to default, it made the button to close the window the same size as the minimise and restore buttons:

Anybody know how to get it back to the normal size?


Edit: Solved it.
Edit: Not working again after restarting.

A:Make Close Window Button Larger

do u mean this???

just change the font size

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One of the forever most annoying things about Windows, is that if a program stalls and you want to kill it, clicking the 'x' button for closing the window, actually does nothing.

Is there a way to make this button forcibly kill the process, without having the wait ages for the "This program appears to have stopped working" prompt? (or just make it immediately open up that prompt, if the program doesn't kill itself within a couple of seconds?)

A:Make 'close window' button kill the process?

Tried clicking it multiple times?

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Hi Everyone,

I am not sure which Windows update caused this, but ever since that download, whenever I close a window, the little blue disc keeps turning until the window DOES finally close. (Hope you understand what I'm saying.) This happens after closing EACH window, ALL the time.

Essentially, it takes a few extra secs for the closed window to really close. It's irritating/frustrating because I don't know how to fix it. I've put as much of my comp's info in my profile as I know or could find. Have been working with comps for six or so years. Not a total dummy, help alot of friends , and always reaching to learn more.

Have never seen this problem anywhere or it would be fixed by now, lol Can't STAND the waiting it causes til I can move onto something else.

Any suggestions?? PLEASE???

CompInfo: Vista Ultimate, IE8--See Profile for more.

I thank you for your time.

A:Closing a window causes little blue disc to turn til window finally DOES close

Lets try two steps to see if we can fix the problem
Assuming that you are using IE go to>tools>internet options>advanced>resest and see if that helps.
Second try with clean boot to see if some software is behind the problem
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
If it works follow the instructions to find the precise cause

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After about 10 minutes of being booted up, my computer acts very strange:

If I have a window open - any window (i.e., any application), and I click on the X (upper-right-hand corner) to exit the application, the application ends, but the display does not go away. In other words, the application has in fact ended, but the window stays on the screen.

Similarly, if I merely minimize the application, the display stays on the screen, even though in fact the application has been minimized.

I am running Windows XP Pro SP3

I've run everything, including combofix

A:Minimize or close (exit) window, window stays on screen

Hello hepplewhite212,

Could you please give me just a tad more info please? When did this start? And, do you happen to use Firefox? I see you ran ComboFix, but it looks like this started before you did so I'd like to rule that out for sure as well.


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When you move a pop up window too high the title/tool bar of the child window is hidden by the main window's tool bar/title bar. As a result the child window is stuck and can not be resized or moved back to the original position or any where you can see
the whole window. Though you can scroll the contents and all the window itself is stuck. The child window never gets the focus back. Unless you close the main window you can not get the child window back to its normal position.
Is there any way that you can move the whole window (not just the contents) back to its original location or maximize that inner window only. Any short cut to move the window only results in moving the main window not the child window. 

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Hi there,
We are developing an application integration between Oracle EBS 12.2 and Cybersource(Payment Processing Tokenization System).  So from our EBS 12.2 front end jsp, we are opening a window for users to add their credit card. Newly opened window is being
redirected to Cyversource which is PCI compliant site. User will enter their credit card and submit the page. On successfull submission, cybersource will send accepted response and say that your card is accepted. Now, we want to close this window and have
the user go back to front end Page.

Above functionality is working fine in Firefox and Chrome but it does not work in IE.  Here is the javascript code which we are running in pop up page:
function refresh_parentpage()
var rf='Y';
if(navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft Internet Explorer-IGNORE") != -1)
<% out.print("window.opener.location.href = '" + (urlofourfrontpagewithallparameters)+"'"); %>;
if (window.opener.progressWindow)
alert("You might need to refresh the payment option page to load the new card upon this window close.");

Can you identify what could be the issue and how can we solve it? We have compatibility view set to checked, we allow all pop ups, java script is ... Read more

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Let me see if I can explain this so you guys can understand what my problem is.

Lets say I have just clicked on the Internet explorer and the window opened up just like it is suppose to do. Now lets say that you want to close that Explorer window.

What I have done for many many years all I have ever done was click on that red "X" in the upper right hand corner of the window and the window has always just went away or closed.

Now for some reason it won't do that anymore. Now if I move my mouse arrow to that red "X" and click on it the window stays open.

The windows will stay open as long as I leave my mouse arrow right on that red "X" . as soon as I move my mouse arrow off of the red "X" then and ONLY then will that window close!

Any suggestions guys? I have been coming to this fourm for a long time and also have been to others also. This is THE ONLY one that has helped me EVERY time.

So I guess this fourm has the BEST members. This fourm has helped me fix EVERY problem I have EVER asked about. I hope it will be the same this time.



A:Clicking the red "x" will NOT close the window until I move the mouse.

8 Hours and no replies ???? I`m shocked !

First off are you using IE8 ?
Can you minimize and maximize okay ?
Will it close using Alt + F4 ?

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Anybody know where the setting is for displaying the url in the bottom of the window? I believe it was default in explorer 7, but seems not to be default in Explorer 8 that I am running?

A:Missing URL in bottom of window

Follow these steps to enable the status bar, which will enable you to see the URL links. When you point any link in the browser.
1.Right click on the menu bar or any tool bar
2.Menu bar, Favourite Bar, command bar, status bar and other bar link will be displayed
3.Click on status bar.

That is it, now you will be able to see the URL link on the status bar when you point or highlight a link.

Hope this helps, let us know.

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I have Windows 7. I went to get my updates for Intel video drivers. I installed the first part, then a screen came up saying scan, download, install. I download it, but when it comes to installing I can't. It's at the bottom of the page, and that part is underneath the bottom line where all my icons are. I have read all over the Internet on how to re-size the window, move it, etc. None of that worked. I still cannot scroll down the page, change the size, or anything. I need to be able to get to the bottom of that page to install the crucial updates. I even tried closing all the windows and leaving just that one, restarting the computer and program. I still can't get down there. Thank you for your help; I appreciate it.

A:Problem getting to bottom of window.


I went to get my updates for Intel video drivers. I installed the first part, then a screen came up saying scan, download, install.Click to expand...

sounds to me very like you are using the Intel Update facility, which scans your computer for Intel hardware and then offers you the updates

It is not always the best idea

Post this please so I have some basic details of your computer


run the tool copy and paste the info in the white box to your reply

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My windows have somehow become off center, they now open with part of the window below the task bar and a space at the top of the screen. Maximizing does not help, the window opens to the maximum size but the bottom portion is about 3/4" below task bar and there is an unused portion of the screen all the way across and about 3/4" from the top.

A:Bottom of window is below the taskbar

tried adjusting your monitors vertical and horizontal settings?

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Hi. New here. I have the most aggravating problem, and haven't been able to find a solution online.

When I select New Window in IE8, a new window opens on top, is given the focus, but then the current window moves in front of it, leaving the active new window on the bottom.

I should mention that recently I have occasionally been getting a security warning something to the effect of "IE has disabled [prevented] cross site-scripting". I never looked into it as the pages appear normal.

My security is MedHigh. I use the IE popup blocker. The only thing I have tried is under Security, enabling Navigate windows and frames across domains. It didn't help. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance, Dave

A:[SOLVED] New Window gets focus, but is on the bottom

See this MS page concerning IE add-ons: Internet Explorer add-ons: frequently asked questions
Also, in IE options>Advanced go back to the Defaults.

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I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 10 with AVG anti virus but a small window from AVG is always present at the bottom right of the screen above the task bar. How can I stop appearing please?

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Just a minor problem, I'm not sure what I've pressed, but I want it back. How can make it re-appear? (It's the toolbar that shows the URL when your mouse hovers over a link.)

A:Solved: Bar at bottom of Firefox window is gone

In Firefox go to View and put a check next to "Status Bar".

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Does anyone know How to put an active window on the bottom of other windows on your desktop? I have windows that overlap one another and I want one of them to be able to be placed on the back of others. So when I click this particular window I DONíT want it to pop up to the top-most window. How do I do that?

A:Lock an active window on Bottom

You can't do exactly do that but you could try keeping the other Windows on top.


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I'm trying to do banking. Explorer keeps popping to the bottom of the page. It won't let me stay at the top of
the page for more than a second! This has been since the windows 10 update.

A:My window keeps popping to the bottom when i'm trying to scroll.

Originally Posted by sandis

I'm trying to do banking. Explorer keeps popping to the bottom of the page. It won't let me stay at the top of
the page for more than a second! This has been since the windows 10 update.

See if turning "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them" under Settings | Devices | Mouse & Touchpad works.

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I am trying to deselect an item in adobe_reader...edit...preferences...internet...display pdf in browser
but the window doesn't scroll to the bottom where presumably the ok button is. I deselect display..., close the window, reopen the window, and display... is reselected.

I can't grab the window title bar and move to the bottom either because the window is already against the top of the screen and I can't seem to resize the window and get to the bottom that way.

This problem has occurred in other windows from time to time also.

The people at my bank tell me I need to deselect this item for me to be able to access my account statements, which are presently not accessible, presumably because of this problem with "display pdf in browser".

Any ideas?

A:Updates need to be okayed. Window won't scroll to bottom.

Your desktop resolution might be too low. Can you increase it, at least temporarily? Then there'll be more space to display the entire window.

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I'm having a bizarre problem w/a program called Ripbot264 in a computer running XP. One of the windows that contains several options is cut off at the bottom, so the "OK" button is not available, so I can't save my options, the window can only be closed w/the X in the upper-right-hand corner. I tried changing the resolution and while it did show more of the bottom part of the window, it still didn't show that button. This does not happen in another computer of mine running Vista.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


A:Solved: Bottom Part of Window of Program Cut Off

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Starting to convert from XP to 7 and want to keep as much of the XP style as possible. Already changed 7 to the classic format. If I minimize a Window, how can I get it to become a rectangular bar in the bottom task bar like in XP? I could have 4 or 5 of these bars down there and maximize them with one click in XP. Now I see in 7 that they are all in one single button on the bottom left so I have to click on the button, then click again on the Window I want. And I never know what is running unless I click that button. Starting to dislike 7. ARRGGH!

A:How can I minimize a Window to the bottom Taskbar separately?

That's the way it is in 7. If you had not tampered with the system, you would see all windows open by just hovering over the icon in the taskbar and you can open that window by clicking right there.

But you can get someting similar to XP if you make this setting.

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Dear Brains,

On the other Windows PCs I've used, there has always been a small thumbnail at the bottom of the window showing details of the item/photo selected, but with Window 8, this is missing.

Some details are there, but they are not easy to take in at a glance and I really miss the thumbnail preview. Also, and this is really annoying - the details don't state the size of videos. I'm not going to rundown Windows yet again, as I'm hoping I'm missing something simple.

Is there a way to get this feature back? I've worked hard to make 8 useable, but this little, yet much missed, detail eludes me. Although I'm sure more annoyances will come along .

Thanks for any help .

A:The Thumbnail at the Bottom of the Folder Window Missing?

Do you mean in windows/file explorer?
You can play with your view settings here

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I have windows xp using a cable hookup to the internet... when I connect and open up a seond window I am fine but when I go to close it, it will close but a error box comes up and says that Internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.... under the technical info this appears in a box.... C:\docume~1\temp\f811_appompat.txt.....
I have done this several times and part that reads "f811" may change but this box otherwise shows the same.... And if I only open first window and close it the same error box comes up.... I just installed a new printer (hpdeskjet d1520) and took off a similar printer (hp3940) and had trouble removing the first printer's programs off my computer. This problem popped up after I done this... Which direction should I go to solve this problem,thanks....

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Can anybody explain this. in windows 7 and office 2010 if I open Excel and maximize the window, when i left-click on theleft bottom of the tab-1 button of the excel file, and I go a bit too low so that the bottom of my mouse pointer is over the window-footer bar, then a menu will pop-up namely the menu that is supposed to open up when i right-click the windowHEADER

see picture: i clicked where the red arrow ends, and then this header-context menu opened (sorry it's dutch but believe me it is the menu that normally opens when you right-click the woindow header/title)

note: when i right-click in the same place, the excel tab context menu (with rename etc) does NOT get actiated but this is the same problem.

can somebody tell me whether there is a solution available for this?

A:bug: click in left bottom of window responds incorrectly

Hi, I'm another Windows 7 user with the same exact problem, only in English. I've noticed you haven't responded to this user's topic in over a month, so I just wanted to let you guys know that the problem is still out there. If you find a solution, please inform me. It gets really annoying when switching sheets in Excel.

EDIT: It only happens in a small area of the screen, but it's fairly noticeable when using Chrome or Excel.

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Win 98 (I know, I know ; ) )
IE 6

When I have more than 1 IE window open, the icon for that window that used to appear in the bottom bar (the one with the clock) is no longer there, but rather is "behind" the open window (above the status bar). I have to minimize the open window to access the subseqeuent windows, instead of going to the bottom bar and clicking on it. I can't, for the life of me figure out how to put those icons in the bottom bar. I would be most appreciative if someone could set me straight.

Hope I made sense......not sure of the proper lingo.

A:Multiple IE window icons no longer appear at bottom of screen

Right click your task bar and select properties. Check "always on top"

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This has been happening for about a month now, and I can't relate it to anything I installed or uninstalled...not that I can remember.
A small IE window randomly pops up at the bottom right on my screen and stays there until I click it off. It always comes back a few minutes later though. Only things visible are on the title bar "--Web..." and on the bottom address area I can only see "http://ba". Tried expanding it, doesn't work.
I haven't noticed any effects of it really other than irritating the living hell out of me and the fact I don't know what it is makes it worse.
Here's my HijackThis log. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.97.7
Scan saved at 5:43:14 PM, on 9/5/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton SystemWorks\Norton Utilities\NPROTECT.EXE
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Upda... Read more

A:small window keeps popping up at bottom right of screen..hijthis log pls help!

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I was playing games and all of a sudden when I wanted to check email, I noticed that the bottom task bar and the start menu were not there. So, I forced to close the laptop. And when I restarted it, the task bar and start menu are still not there.
I used the mouse in the bottom and side and tried to drag incase it was there, but in vain.
Help here please.
Thanks a lot.

A:Bottom task bar and start menu are disappeared in window 7

Restart and press F8 continuously. At the Advanced Boot menu (Safe Mode etc) Choose Repair Your Computer. If that fails it will take you to the RE (Recovery Envirnonment) first choose System Restore to a time before this happened if that fails choose Command Prompt and type chkdsk /C: /R and press enter.
You can also try this method, do everything except the Registry Cleaner.: Windows 7 Taskbar Missing, Ways To Rectify This Issue

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If I click on a .txt document. Notepad.exe will open under all other windows open. If each window is on its own layer (can be seen as overlapping windows), then it would be inserted at Layer 0, or the bottom of the stack. I want it inserted at the top of the stack at 'Layer "whatever-would-be-front".'

I guess it depends how a program works, if the program forks a new process (like "Browse file system" to find a file) it doesn't necessarily open underneath all other windows. If I am running AutoCAD and try to PDF a file, the separate Acrobat driver causes this to open underneath all other windows open. So I'm sitting there waiting and actually the processing has completed and waiting for me to input more information.

A seemingly important hint of what is going on is this does NOT happen from the start menu. Any program started from the "Pin to Start Menu" area or "All programs" are brought to the front.

Any programs started from the Desktop, Taskbar, or essentially, Windows Explorer start at the bottom of all other windows.

I'm running Win 7 Pro SP1 64-bit.

A:New processes open windows at bottom of window stack

Welcome to Seven Forums aguy, interesting name you have there . Have a look at this link, see if it helps you:

windows 7 &#40;x64 pro&#41; window focus issues&#58;when i open a - Microsoft Answers

I do not have the issue you have, so it is not just a Windows Seven thing. Are you on SP1? If you do any registry modifying, make sure to back up your registry.

Registry - Backup and Restore

A Guy

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Issue in IE11:

when parent window had a alert triggered, that makes the child window lose focus and go behind


There is a button in parent page (domain A) and on click of the button Popup window (Domain B) will open and child window will communicate back to parent window. when parent window had a alert triggered, that makes the child window lose focus and go behind
only in IE11 browser.

IE edge and other browsers we can see the popup window on top of the parent window. 

is there any fix to retain popup window on top of parent window until user closes the popup(child) window.

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Hi. Things are really jammed on my Lenovo Laptop (with Windows Vista). Yesterday I downloaded a font from a "free"-font website. I followed their instructions but I must have done something wrong. Because the result is that my Windows/Font window is stuck on the screen. I can't close it, or minimize it or do anything with it. The other windows that I had previously minimized down to the bottom bar are stuck, too. I can't shut the computer down properly, or reboot properly. Here's what I was doing when this happened. I had downloaded the new font folder to C:\Windows\Temp. To get this folder to Windows\Font I dragged it from Windows\Temp to Windows\Font. When I let up off the mouse button, a one inch vertical line appeared there and everything froze. I can access all the programs that are on the desktop, and I was able to get online to contact you. But other than that it's froze-up. My husband said hit the Escape button, but I don't want to try anything until I hear from you. Besides, I don't really know what the Escape button does. THANX!

A:Cannot close a window...

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When I try to access my network drive the window stops responding and I have to restart my computer. This is a brand new laptop too. I cannot remove the network drive either, went into cmd prompt and did "net use /del Z:" the drive still shows up after restart.

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I opened up a new window (Control Panel > Windows update) and cannot get the window to close. I can open other windows (for internet, etc), but the window I brought up for the windows update will not close. I tried bringing up that window again and now I have two of the same window that will not close. I have tried restarting my laptop but it is still there... help!

A:Can't get window to close

Hi -

Shut down the system, then re-boot. If the screens are still there, please take a screenshot and attach to next post.

Regards. . .



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I have XP..Unable to close final window ....It ends up being yahoo mail if I hit the back button enough ..I can decrease size but not close window ...Not sure if i am being clear enough ..Any help ?????

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Right now I can move a window by clicking only along the top of the window border. Is it possible to move windows by clicking anywhere on it without 3rd party software?

A:Move Window

With WIN+left arrow and WIN+right arrow you can move it to the left or right half of the screen. But that gives you only half a screen.

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When I activate the move window function I can move an explorer window 'beyond' the monitor screen left-right-top-bottom edges. This is ok. However, I am unable to get this same behavior for any browser window that I want to move significantly beyond the monitor screen TOP edge. Left-right-bottom, no problem but moving beyond the top edge - no go.


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New laptop Toshiba P205D-S7454 win vista
Today I tried to close page by clicking X upper right but it only minimizes as if clicking the middle of the three.
If I click the x it will reduce this page to half but if the x is clicked again I hear a ding sound, but nothing closes

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Folks (again),

Recently downloaded the latest XP update, version 3 I think.

Now, whenever I turn the computer on and after it's loaded the software etc. and is ready to go, I get the small popup message in the centre of the screen 'windows is trying to close the webpage continue/cancel?' or something like that. Never had this before and I would like to know what it is and how to get rid.

Many thanks,

A:The window is trying to close the webpage?

Hi .What version of java are you running?From what I see...appears to be some sort of scripting problem (too deep for me to understand/analyze).My WAG would be to check all startup entries and see if any relate to webpages, using AutoRuns for Windows - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb963902.aspx Look at the Logon tab only.Louis

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I keep keeing an error after I close out a window. It says you have a software exception at 0x0ccdfade(location 0x7c823afb) after I click to close that then I get a runtime error. Otherwise I have no issues. How do I fix this?

A:IE 8 error after I close a window

Try uninstalling IE8 and go back to IE7 and see if you still get the same error, if not then reinstall IE8.

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I'm working on a website that has a list of artists. I've built a new, smaller window that pops up for each artist with the original window still there, however I can't figure out how to create a link/button that closes that small window. I've searched the net and I've poured over 2 books, so maybe I'm not looking for the right thing.

This has to be an easy thing, right? Do I see some of you out there nodding your heads???

Thanks in advance!

A:Close window command in FP

Here it is...

<A HREF="javascript:window.close()">Close This Window<a>


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"the webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window".
This annoying message keeps popping up on some sites, how do I turn it off, of disable it?

A:Webpage tries to close window

Post a link to the site or sites this message appears on so we might test the issue,
I've personally have never encountered this type of message,
Describe your actions leading to this message as well.

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When I close an IE window, it will come "Internet Explorer is not responding"
and all the windows are closing by itself. So I cannot close a single window, when working on IE.


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Whenever I x out of my last ie7 window, it takes many nano seconds to close. On my other computers when I hit the x box it closes immediately. I have been searching for an answer to this problem and am hoping that perhaps someone else has encountered the same reluctance of IE7 to close. The window goes blank, but remains open for a couple of seconds

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When I disconnect an RDC session, the window just goes black and stays open. It disconnects OK, but the window remains. To close it, I have to use Task Manager. At one point I had 5 black RDC windows open. Anyone else having this issue? I have been Googling around and am not seeing anyone else with this.

A:RDC window fails to close

Nope. Even if I use Task Manager in the RDC session, on the computer I am Remoting into, and select Shut Down when the remote system shuts down the RDC window closes.

So it is a problem on your specific system that is causing this problem. It is Not a Feature.

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I have just none major virus, trojan and spyware removal on my XP machine and now I get a small window (1 in. sq.) that pops up when I try to open programs from the desktop.
All it says is :
Error X

Everything freezes until I close the window with the X.
What do I do ?

A:How do I CLOSE the tiny window?

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