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Setting up a single Wireless network across a number of houses.

Q: Setting up a single Wireless network across a number of houses.

As the title states, I am want to set up a single ADSL connection, using 1 router across 6 apartments. The apartments are 2 floors and from the top they look like this

The Router is on Apartment 1.

Between apartment 1 and 2, 3 and 4, and 5 and 6 is a normal cement wall.

Between 3 and 4 is Cement and stone, so are the outside walls of each house.

I was thinking of doing it simple and using 3-4 range extenders such as the Linksys RE1000. From what i searched on the internet, and what the documentation states, the signal will get bottle-necked for the last house due to the RE1000 giving half of the bandwidth.

Quote from Linksys FAQ:
7. Can I add more than one RE1000 to my existing wireless network?

Yes. But since the RE1000 only gets half of the wireless signal from your main router or access point, adding multiple range extenders can provide you with even lower signal, thus, giving lesser bandwidth to your wireless computers or devices that you are going to connect to these additional extenders.Click to expand...

So, what would be an optimal solution to this? Should I go ahead and install the RE1000's? Is there something better that i can do?

Preferred Solution: Setting up a single Wireless network across a number of houses.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: Setting up a single Wireless network across a number of houses.

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Network : 2 houses
1 Normally functioning router connected to modem in house 1
1 router w/ DCHP disabled in house 2
1 line of sight transmitter that bridges from one house to another, think of it like a switch

Network works great, able to access a shared network drive painlessly from all computers.

Able to directly access the web based UI of printer located at house 2 from any computer on the network.

However, unable to add printer located in house 2 from computers in house 1, either by network location, or by shared printer via USB
you CAN see the printers when you go to network "Add printers" but everything always crashes on final add part of printer installation.

Any Ideas?

A:2 houses 1 network

So, these are both network printers with IP addresses? Some printers will not work across a network, if they're older units.

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I need to pick some brains with this one

I'm making a sale to a family friend with a new HP 610 notebook with windows 7
so they have there current setup of 3 xp machines and one running windows vista home premium.
now the one house is where the adsl router and the vista machine are
what i'm thinking of doing for them is adding a wireless access point/ booster into the other house with the three xp machines. this house is also where the windows 7 laptop will mainly be.

Am i on the right track adding the wirless booster/access point to the house and is there anything else i need to take into consideration

distance between where i will place the point/booster and the router is 20 metres
all 3 xp machines have wireless G capability
the router is a netgear with wireless N
the laptop has wireless N
the vista machine is already on the network wirelessy

A:wireless networking 2 houses

any help would be hot!!!!

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I am a novice when it comes to wireless networking. I only have a laptop which is currently connected to my DSL modem via USB. I want to be able to move anywhere about the house without being "cabled" to my modem - that is access the Internet wirelessly anywhere in the house, and have family bring their notebooks to share the internet connection and perhaps a printer. What hardware do I need to do this? As I said, I do not have or want to have a dedicated PC connected to a router. If no PC is cabled to a router, how do I perform admin (e.g. security setup for my laptop and those of visitors) ? How do I share a printer wirelessly ? Do I need some kind of Wireless Access Point device to act as a Print Server ? Any advice ?

A:Single PC Wireless Network

you only need to connect to the wireless router with a cable to do the admin - doesnt need to be connected all the time.
so you need a wireless router.
Do you ave an ethernet / lan on your laptop - if so thats the best type of router - if not you will need a USB router

Get a printer which has a wireless connection - then you can put the printer anywhere.
I have an all-in-1 scanner, printer , fax and i can connect wireless from my laptop to the wireless printer anywhee in the house
If you intend to put the printer near the router than you can connect this voa the ethernet - so you need to make sure you can cable ethernet from your laptop

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Hey all -- I'll try to be concise.

In the House, there is Spectrum internet which should be about 200 Mbps wired. There is a router and an access point. In the house there are several devices, both wired and wireless. Both types of connection approach 200 Mbps (for wireless, this is assuming you are within a reasonable radius of the AP). So far, so good.

But -- I live in the Apartment about 80-100 ft away, up a bit in elevation as well as on the second floor. There is something like a 10ft differential between our flat and the room in the House.

To get internet in our Apartment, I have an EnGenius ENH202 (which advertises speeds up to 300 Mbps) configured as an AP w/static IP blasting towards our window from the House. It is behind a window, so the signal must pass through two windows currently.

Internet access via EnGenius is both unstable and slow. I understand speeds will fall off, but I cannot get above 20 Mbps on any device and usually range from 7-13. As to stability, the internet drops out often, EnGenius disappears from list of WiFi network access points, etc. Interestingly, sometimes we can connect to the Spectrum 2G network more easily and reliably than EnGenius, though not always and not for long. EDIT: For example, the speed test just had EnGenius at 16 Mbps and Spectrum 2G at 33 (sudden, new high). I could handle the lower-than-advertised speeds (probably user error, I know), but the instability is killer.

- I am not particularly confident that I have... Read more

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I live in a little gated mews of six houses in London. Fortunately, my neighbours are all awesome and we get on really well.

Currently, we all have separate broadband, phone and TV packages arranged with various ISPs, but I think this is inefficient. My challenge is to find out if it would be possible for the six households to behave like a business and get a single shared broadband line that we could all connect to wirelessly. This should allow us to get a much higher bandwidth for a lower price. I am not worried about phone line or TV at this stage, as we can't really share them.

All six houses are in an L shape around a courtyard. The greatest distance between houses is about 20 metres.

If we were to collectively get something like Virgin Media's 100mb Fibre Broadband, (http://store.virginmedia.com/broadband/compare-broadband/100mb.html) would it be possible to set up a powerful wifi router in one of the houses, or outside in a dedicated shelter, that all houses would be able to connect to without suffering range or signal strength problems?

If so, what router would you use? Would you set up wireless bridges in every house? And how would it be best secured?

Any other tips much appreciated!

A:Challenge: Set up shared wireless broadband for 6 houses

Contact one or more ISPs and see if they offer a service (probably business class) for that type of setup. If they offer that service they probably also have support for getting started.

If you do get a service like that and need more help from us please include a link to the ISP's terms of service.

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Okay, here is the problem or situation. I have 13 buildings I need to get wireless access for, they are guest houses for people on holiday (vacation). They are all close by to each other, some joined on, they are 2 floors each. I don't know the mass area of the place, but imagine 13 small houses close by to each other in a sort of rectangle. Maybe 300 metres from office to furthest away building. Pure guess. The reception is where the main wireless BT Business Hub/router is. Sadly this isn't in the middle, and is one of the corners. Meaning access is cutting off those over the far end, especially those with only G rated equipment. Even N range only gets 1 bar on the opposite side of the same end, and I doubt there is any hope for the buildings at the other end of the rectangle.

So what is best to do to get total reception coverage ? I have tried 85mbps homeplugs, and they work up to a point, but cut off half way round. Making me think either the other half is on a separate power supply or too far away. I have thought about installing a wireless homeplug in every building, but that would cost close to 1000 for N rated wireless homeplugs. Also this doesn't help those on a different power supply. I just have to think of a way to wireless the whole place for G rated laptops (as most people still only have G rated modems in their laptops).

What should I do ? Any ideas ? I could dig a trench and put cables down underground, but then each house would need to be w... Read more

A:Advice on connecting up a block of houses with wireless

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If possible, I would like to upgrade my wi-fi card (Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 bgn) to a compatible dual band card so I can connect to my 5 ghz home network.  Is there a resource to show me recommended cards to achieve this goal?

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I want to restrict the users to a single wireless network. This will allow all of the content to run through safe dns

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I have a variety of wireless internet enabled devices in my house running Windows 7, Ubuntu, iPod Touch, and Android. All of them function perfectly fine connecting to my Verizon Fios all-in-one modem/router, except one. One of my Windows 7 desktop PC's can usually connect just fine, but occasionally, it decides that there is no wireless network to connect to. Randomly, the list of available networks, just blanks out, and I get the icon of the signal bars with a red X through them. When I AM connected, the connection is full, strong, and reliable.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when it goes away, except that it almost always seems to happen while I'm using it. I very rarely sit down to my computer to find it disconnected. Sometimes it will be off for a minute, sometimes an hour.

I have tried everything from DNS flushes to registry hacks and card drivers. I am pretty sure I have the most updated drivers for my card, and I have swapped wireless cards with other computers and the other ones work fine with this card, and it's still this PC that doesnt do so well.

I'm running out of ideas, any help would be tremendously appreciated. I do run bittorrent on the computer sometimes, but the outages do not always coincide with large downloads, or any downloads, but I have not ruled that out as a possibility. Any insight would be fantastic.



A:Wireless network disappears from a single computer.

Windows Firewall will set up different rules for the type of network
you choose. By this I mean that if you set the Windows Firewall for
a Public connection the security of that machine will tighten.

Have you tried the Home Network setting if the machine is
not already set to that? If it isn't, give that a go and see
if the connection is maintained.

You can change this by clicking on the network icon in
the taskbar (bottom right of screen) and then clicking
on Network and Sharing center. In this
screen where your connection is indicated you should see
if it is a Home, Work or Private connection.
Try Home network connection and see if this makes any difference.

I will assume that if you are fiddling the registry you are
an advanced PC user and have already tried the above mentioned,
however I believe in trying the simple stuff first and in this case
it could be a simple firewall rule kicking in after a period of time.

Edit: Forgot to mention- have you looked at the Win 7 machine which
can connect to your wireless router and applied the same network
settings to the machine which can't connect? Make sure all Network
settings are matched on both the Win 7 machines.

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Hi All,

I have a strange problem with my 54mbit wireless connection in my laptop.

example :

1. I have two 3 Gig files that I want to copy to another PC, if I drag and drop both the files together the copy is really slow (300 minutes to complete)

2. However if I drag and drop one of the files and as this is copying I drag the other file at the same time so I have two copying at the same time the files copy in approx 30mins !!

If I look at Windows Task Manager / Networking in the first instance when both files are copied together I get approx 9% network utilisation, but in instance 2 where I have to copies going at the same time the network utilisation jumps to appros 40%.

Any idea why when I have 1 drag & drop copy session it is very slow but with two the copy are fast ?...



A:Slow Wireless Network copying single files

That's a bit odd, can't say exactly why you see that.

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It's me again guys, but since last time, I have bought a new desktop and a tablet and I am now re-attempting to setup my a wireless network so that I can use the tablet.
As I played around with the tablet, I pressed the wifi button, and lo and behold, it detected my router, told me my IP address, etc.
But, it will not allow me to browse the internet because I am not connected, and when I run the setup disc on my pc [step 1 - checking settings in computer and router] for the router, it tells me that ' setup assistant is not able to connect to the router via any of the network adapters in this computer.'

I know that I don't have it setup correctly, but I don't know what else to do. I have the ethernet [same as a network cable, right?] cable coming from outside. That goes to the [one and ONLY] port in the back of my tower. I'm stuck. Please help. Thanks again guys.


A:Having problems setting up my wireless network with my Xplornet fixed wireless

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We're Setting up wi-fi to support two 3 story houses side-by-side.

I want to do this we'll, but as economically as possible.

Right now I have the strongest 700mw Amped Wireless router on the upper floor of one of the houses. The best we can do is 3 bars in some areas next door, and no or low signal in the weaker areas.

I've read about using a second residential router on an ethernet cable as an access point in the second house.
I've read some about the Ubiquity Bullet devices.
I've tried various extenders over the years with limited success. For me, they've been temperamental and often have to be reset.

Can anyone make some suggestions? If it's with the Bullet, what parts would I need and do you know the approx prices?

Tips appreciated.

A:Setting up wi-fi to support two 3 story houses side-by-side

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I'll try to set this up as best I can. I have a laptop with a fresh Windows 8.1 install on it. It is on my domain, and I have a single GPO applied to it. In the GPO under Computer Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings ->
Wireless Network Policies I have created a Windows Vista or later policy. In the policy I have configured single sign on.  I log into a local account on the laptop and plug it into a wired connection. I then run gpupdate on it. At that point I unplug
the network cable, and log off. Now, from the login screen I click Other user, and it looks like the screenshot below.

Notice that "Windows will try to connect to" is present. I can login using domain credentials, and single sign on works perfectly. Now if I reboot the machine, the "Windows will try to connect to" is gone and single sign
on does not work. If I log in with a local account and log out. The "Windows will try to connect to" is present again. I can login normally using domain credentials, and single sign on works perfectly again.
One other note: I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 on the same model laptop, and put it in the same OU with that single GPO. Single sign on works perfectly with the Windows 7 machine every time. Including after reboots. Thank you, in advance,
for any advice or comments. I will be happy to provide additional information if it is needed.

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I've got Vista Business set up on two machines. I can get them to connect via my wired LAN that I've setup here without any issues. I'm using a Linksys WRT5GX4 that i just want to use for wired, so I've turned off the wireless for this.

On one of the computers I wish to be able to access the free wireless that is provided by my apartment complex; but I wish to do that via my D-Link DWL-G122 Wireless USB adapter. I can connect to the wireless network no problem as long as I'm not also connected to my wired network.

As soon as I plug my ethernet cable from my machine with the wireless adapter into my wired network I lose my wireless connectivity. I'm sure Windows Vista allows for this type of setup; I just can't figure out how to set it up.

Any ideas, pointers etc? I can obviously configure the wired network in any way I want; but I'm limited as far as the wireless goes as it is public. I currently have the wired setup to private, and as I said I have no problems connecting these two, I just can't also have the one machine connect wirelessly at the same time.


A:Solved: Trying to set up a wired network along with a single wireless connection in Vista?

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Hey everyone,

Does anyone happen to know how to successfully create a network in Windows XP Pro for a wireless laptop and for an Ethernet-hooked-up (non-wireless) computer. I'm trying to printer and file share the two together BUT I've exhausted myself in trying to make it happen. Has anyone successfully done this? Am I missing something? Perhaps hardware?

I would truly appreciate any help or advice.

Thanks all!

A:HELP on setting up an XP network for wireless and non-wireless computers together...

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I've just upgraded my ADSL router, and renamed the network SSID (in the router) to my preferred name.

Windows detected it fine, but when I hover over the wireless icon on taskbar it says:

"...... 2" (where ...... is the name of my network)

In the Network and Sharing center settings (Control Panel), the network shows up as "...... 2", but when I enter Manage Wireless Networks, the network is listed as "......", without the suffix !!

So I can't see a way of renaming it so it shows up as "......." in the Task Bar.

Can anyone advise ?

A:How do I remove annoying suffix number from wireless network name ?

Hello swayzak

Try this go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center. Click on the picture icon of your network (home/public etc) You can change the name there, then at the bottom click merge/delete network locations and you will be able to remove or merge any duplicate connections.
Hope this helps


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I cannot find the cd for my router it is a linksys wtr54 v8 is there any other way to setup a network with windows vista or xp?

A:I Need Help Setting Up A Wireless Network

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Can anyone give me some advice, I want to set up a wireless network using six computers.
There will be no internet connection required, just a wireless network so the six computers can connect with each other wirelessly and share files etc.

If you can give me advice on good long range 802.11g routers etc, and what software/hardware I would need for this task it would be greatly appreciately.

A:setting up a wireless network

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I received a Dell Inspiron 2200 last year and it was given to me as a gift so everything was already set up but there was recently a virus on it and nothing was working to get it out so I had to restore everything. Now when I go onto my laptop the internet is not there and I don't know how to set up my wireless internet. Everything like routers and everything is probably already set up since I just restored it a while ago and so the internet worked all that time before. I am also using Linksys.

I went onto my laptop and there is no wireless connection thing in the desktop tray and when I go to start and "Connect To" there is nothing there. I placed in my Linksys CD and I clicked install and that was it and I don't know where to go from there so if anyone is kind enough to help me figure this out it would be greatly appreciated.

A:Setting up my wireless network

Looks like you need an *****s guide to getting going,

> Linksys Learning Center - http://tinyurl.com/8ka4w
> Wireless - Basic Configuration -
> http://www.ezlan.net/Wireless_Config.html
> Wireless - Basic Security - http://www.ezlan.net/Wireless_Security.html

Let us know how you go on


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Hi, I need help. I setup a wireless network in my company. The problem is that we have another building and they need to access our system via wireless. The current wireless connection that we use does not work properly for them, their connection keep droping and I assumed is because the distance between them and our system is far from the reach of the router Over 100ft I will say. However my question is, how can I setup a wireless connection from them to access our system with no problem? Please help me.
Thank you.


A:setting up wireless network

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I have a HP Pavilion (dv6127) notebook with Window Vista Premium. I also have Linksys (WRT54GS v. 7) router which is hardwired to an eMachine desktop with Window XP.

I have WaveCable DSL and both the HP notebook and eMachine desktop are getting internet through the Linksys router. What I can't figure out is how to network the two computers together.

Can anyone translate the basics into simple for me?

A:setting up a wireless network

You've already got them networked. Below is most of what you need to get them to share files and printers in a workgroup. All you have to do is translate the XP-speak to Vista-speak. If you do the translation successfully you can then add that to the below and help lots of other people.

The following will set up a Microsoft Workgroup for File and Printer Sharing assuming the PCs are already networked via router, ad-hoc wireless or Ethernet (directly or using switch or hub).

In Network and Dial-up Connections (Win 2k Pro) or Network Connections (XP) right click on your connection and select ‘Properties.’ If not already there, install or add a check mark for “Client for Microsoft Networks, “File and Printer sharing …” and “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).”

Right click on My Computer and on the Computer Name tab make sure you have a unique computer name and the workgroup name that you want to use for all computers. Change if necessary.

Restart the PC.

You must uninstall or properly configure any 3rd party firewalls on each machine.

If using the XP SP2 firewall: Control Panel – Windows Firewall – on the General tab it should be “On” and on the Exceptions tab “File and Printer Sharing” should be selected.

The Shared Documents folder is automatically shared. Any other folders or printers you want to share, just right click on them and s... Read more

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I'm pretty new to the whole "wireless" ordeal, but I'm moving at the end of the month and wireless will be the way I'll need to go. Right now I have my computer hooked up to a router which is also hooked to a swith in another room that has other just attached to it. I'm not so attatched to the router, so if I need to replace it, fine, but I figured I'd probably still need the switch just to make things easier.

What I want to know how to do is have something attatched to my computer (a wireless router?) and then have something attached to the switch (unless there is something that can take it's place) and have the two communicate on the same network wirelessly. I figured I'm thinking wrong about getting two wireless routers to do the job, but maybe I'm not.

Any way, I was looking at this piece of hardware:


Or maybe this one:


I dunno, is there something that can be done in the settings so that one is just basically a wireless switch and the other works as a router?

If anyone can give me some help or point me in the right direction to look, that'd be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

A:need help setting up a wireless network

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hi guys how you all doing?

i was just wondering...if i have an adsl line coming in to a
wireless router.(the modem)

i know its easy to have the other pc's on the wireless router
access the internet.

but how do you actually network machines on a wireless network?
i am never able to ping another machine connected to my wireless router!
or open its name \\pc name at start

do you have to set up access lists on the router.
do both routers have to be configured?
and what about dhcp which one should issue dhcp addresses the modem?

the dsl router connects to the wireless router...do both have to be configured?

any info i will really appreciate.

A:setting up wireless network

If multiple computers are accessing the internet through the same router they are networked; if you can't ping in either direction it's because of a firewall blocking. Enabling file and printer sharing should allow them to share files and printers.

Computers connected to different routers will have considerable difficulty communicating.

Please describe your network connections including brand and model for all modems and routers.

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I want to set up a wireless network for the 3 computers in my home (mainly to allow sharing of a broadband internet connection) but I'm not sure exactly what I need, in order to do this. I know I'll need a wireless router but I'm not sure what else.
Can anyone help?


A:Setting up a wireless network

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hi right i want to create a network so my sisters laptop in her room can get the internet and access to the network how o i go about this i have:-

a linksys wirless router
and normal netowrk card in my comp
my broad band modem is set in my room for my comp
my sisters laptop has a wirelesss network card
how do i set it up becuase it the linksys book it doesn't tell you how

and do i set the router up as a gateway or a router?

i am really unsure about setting it up and dont really know wht i'm doin?

can someone help

and someone show me the set up i want ina picture

A:Help Setting up a wireless network?

It would be helpful if you specified make/model numbers for all the equipment, modem, router, wireless card. Also, the version and patch level of Windows would be very useful.

Since you are installing a bog-standard installation, I am confused as to the statement that the Linksys boot doesn't show you how, I suspect that you haven't looked at it closely enough.

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I have set up the wireless adapter on my Dell Dimension 8200 XP computer w sp3. I had purchased a Tenda wireless router about 8 months ago but I just took one look at the documentation and gave up as it was overwhelming. Their tech support is in China so that's a dead end for support. The router was a 150 mbps router that seems slow anyway in today's standards and looking at an old Belkin G router, I noticed that I could follow the documentation as it was very clear so I plan to go out tomorrow and buy a decent Belkin router with at least 300 mbps and a USB port so I can easily transfer my network settings.

Now all this is Greek to me and I'm all set to screw it up. I want to bring this XP computer upstairs once the network is set up and leave the Dell XLS Vista machine (which I plan to upgrade to Windows 7) downstairs in this room connected to the cable modem, I'll probably leave the xls machine wired.. I also have a HP All-in-One I would like to connect to the XLS computer.

So my questions are:

* Do I have to set up the wireless router before I create a network on the XP computer or vice versa?
* If I set up a wireless network for both computers, will it work if I leave one wired?
* Can I connect the All in One as wireless even if the XLS computer is wired (assuming I have previously added this computer to the wireless network)?
*I noticed another network on the wireless adapter, probably a neighbor's. If I change the channel on the wireless ro... Read more

A:setting up wireless network

the 150 should be OK , as thats probably a lot faster than your ISP (internet service) so the only time you would see hte speed is internally copying files between PCs or if you have music or videos on another device and stream - but again you don't need anything like that speed to stream.

Also 300 speed routers do not always deliver that speed - it will depend on the environment , whats in the way and how far away you are

so to your questions

* Do I have to set up the wireless router before I create a network on the XP computer or vice versa?Click to expand...

it wont matter
does the XP pc have a wireless adapter - if so it should not need setting up - it will just receive ALL wireless signals and you connect to yours.
if you are adding a wireless adapter - then install that adapter and also the driver.
setup your router - in a lot of cases , you will not need to do anything , except connectup the cables and the on the XP connect to the wireless
the wireless name and the security password - is usually written on a label on the router itself

* If I set up a wireless network for both computers, will it work if I leave one wired?Click to expand...

you will need to connect the cable modem to the router
and then you connect the PC by cable to the router - the router will work both wireless and by cable
The only issue here will be if your cable modem is actually a modem router combination , as that will need a different setup to use the new router

* Can I ... Read more

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i have a desktop running windows XP Sp2 and an old laptop also running winXP(dunno about the service pack). neither of these have built in wireless network support.

i want to connect them wirelessly and share my internet connection(which is currently connected with a wired conn. to the pc) and files on the harddrive.

i think i can do this with a wireless router and wireless adapters to connect to both computers. is there anything else i might need? any problems i'm likely to face? and also, can i connect one computer with a wire(to the wireless router which is connected to the internet,meaning i have to buy just one adapter) and still share files etc?

A:help in setting up wireless network

You can connect any combination of wired and wireless machines and share files. Note that sharing files over a wireless link will be MUCH slower than wired sharing.

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This is what I have now, a Toshiba(SatelliteA85-s107) notebook with built in wireless, a desktop with no wireless card. We are networked now with a wired connection, dsl modem, a router and it works fine. I would like to get rid of the wires and go wireless, what do I need to do? I saw an add that said there is a usb wireless card. At present I can use the guy next door wireless modem for my notebook, as it is not keyed and runs at 56 mbps,versus 10 mbps on the wired network. This is why I would like to switch both to wireless. If someone can tell me what I need to buy and how to set it up it would be nice, I ask in the stores but only get fast talk and looks as if I am stupid. Please help me in laymans language. Thanks very much, Buck

A:setting up a wireless network, need help

I don't know why your wired network would be running at 10mbit, since 100mbit is pretty standard. You'll also find that 100mbit Ethernet is MUCH faster in the real world than 802.11g connections. The real world speed of 802.11g is more like the mid 20's, and it's also half-duplex. Finally, when you have multiple connections to a single router or access point, you're all in contention for that bandwidth, so your real throughput drops to less than half of the single connection throughput.

There are lots of reasons for going wireless, but performance is NOT one of them.

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I'm going to set up a wireless connection to my mothers computer to share cable access. she has a netgear wireless g router and I have purchased a netgear wireless g pci adapter. my question is in regards to encrytion.

I was told buy the guys at the store that I should setup an encryption of some kind to protect from people outside getting in on our network and also to prevent my mother from spying on me. they offered to install and setup the network, for a nominal fee of course, which I refused. I figured I could get the info on how to do it here and set it up myself. I would like to have the info before I start installing. can anyone help me out?

A:I'm setting up a new wireless network

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This is one area ive never gotten into, so im VERY new to it, always been into the hardware and software side of things but its time to setup a wireless network and I think I need a bit of help
as i said i know barely a thing, I know i need a wireless router for my adsl2 modem and wireless receivers, firstly, the network will not just need to be for inside the house, the shed will also need to be connected, there are no phone lines in there, will a decent strength signal reach about (to be safe) 20m? If not is there a way around it?
and about encryption and passwords, how are they set? and do certain routers have more protection than others? a neighbour has an unprotected network that is constantly getting used.
this website http://msy.arpatubes.net/display.php?type=category&query=61 has all the routers I will consider buying as that store has VERY good prices and a good guarantee.
Is there anything else i should consider?

A:Setting up a wireless network?

WPA or WPA2 with a strong key will be all that you need, and any new router will almost surely offer both. I have a D-Link DIR-615, and it's been a very decent router for me.

If you run into range issues, you can replace the antennas on that D-Link router with some hi-gain antennas to reach the shed.
Hawking Tech has a number of products that will help you increase your wireless range. The root page is Hawking Hi-Gain™ WiFi Range Extending Products.

Some of the more interesting products are this Hawking [HSB2] Hi-Gain WiFi Signal Booster, which can be used on either end of a wireless connection to boost the signal power.

Another way to increase your signal strength is by the use of hi-gain antennas. You can choose from omni-directional or directional models, here are a some examples.

Hawking [HAI7SIP] Hi-Gain 7dBi Omni-Directional Antenna

Hawking [HAI15SC] Hi-Gain 15dBi Corner Antenna

[HAO14SD] Outdoor Hi-Gain 14dBi Directional Antenna Kit

For really long range outdoor applications, this 24dB parabolic WiFi Antenna may be a good choice.

This is just a sample of available products, many people have hi-gain antennas with similar specifications, but I haven't seen any other suppliers of signal boosters.

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I've been trying to setup a wireless network using Linksys' Models: WMP54GS & WRT54GS.

The problem is, I can get on the net by way of the Ethernet ports, but can get the Wireless pci card to do the same. Despite the fact that the wireless icons indicates: the following Status: Speed: 54.0 Mbps, Signal Strength: Excellent. Status: Not Associated* Then the IP address listed.

For some reason I think the problem lies with, (Status: Not Associated)

Tried linksys tech support but it wsa a joke.
All suggestions welcome.

A:[B]Need Help Setting up a WIRELESS Network Please[/B]

Hmmm... I have always had good results with linksys tech support for the most part.

How is your router configured? Is it using a 128bit wep key? Did you follow the instructions carefully - I think the lan monitor has to be installed first, without the card in the slot, then insert the card.

In the lan monitor program there is a place to set up the connection settings to the available networks. Somewhere in there you would be required to put in the wep key if your router is set up that way.

You have a pc that is connected to one of the 10/100 ports and you are trying to configure a wireless laptop or other computer to access wirelessly? Some laptops have a switch on the case to turn off wireless connectivity.

What operating systems are you using and what kind of internet service do you have? I wracked my brains trying to get a netgear to work, only to find out it did NOT configure with dialup - no matter what the tech guys said. Couldn't use it til I got dsl.

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I'm just curious if I can network 2 computers together wirelessly without a router? Basicly similar setup to 2 PCs each with a network card and crossover cable, but each PC using a wireless card only?
My laptop has a wireless card in it and I was just thinking if I could get away with only buying a USB wireless adaptor or is it best to go for a router?


A:Setting up Wireless network between 2 PCs


hope the info there helps

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I didn't know where to post this, so I apologize in advance. I need some help though. I am moving up to a small po dunk town and the family I'm staying with knows NOTHING about the computer setup. But they do have cable or DSL (Can't get them to tell me which) and I have my box now and a good wireless router. I should have the cabling to do it all also. What I need is some basic step by step things to get this going. I have a wireless card in my box so this new computer will be the one having it hard wired to the router. Can anyone help me or link me to a "Wireless setup for dummies" type of deal? Any help here would be awesome....thanx you..

And if this needs to be moved, go for it, just lemme know where lol

A:Setting up wireless network

Hey, this link should help you.


If you want to know more about wireless then can you try going to this link. There are more links on the bottom of that page which should also be helpfull.


I recommend going to the manufacturer's homepage and looking at the user guide for the wireless router that you have.

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I am wondering exactly what steps to take to ensure that my wireless network is as secure as can be. I want to make sure that only my devices can log on and none other. What are some things I can do to secure my wireless network? I have heard of things like WEP and MAC address filtering, but I am sort of unsure how to do them and exactly what they do? Can anyone help with with securing or point me to a website that can? Thank you very much.

A:Setting up Wireless Network Security

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I own a small Business and we are trying to set up a new wireless network. the building is 3 stories with many rooms and brick walls. My goal is to have wireless internet accessible in every room of the building and everyone who is connected to the network to have access to our main server with documents on it. What is the best way to go about this.

A:Setting up a wireless network/server

What is the best way to go about this.Click to expand...

Hire a networking consultant with experience in a difficult environment such as this.

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My current setup has my desktop wired through a NIC to my Internet connection ....I have also set up a Compex WLU11 USB wireless card through which I share the Internet/files to my two laptops via an ad-hoc wireless network...
I recently installed Mandrake 9.2 (dual boot with XP ) on the desktop....
When I boot into Linux, my NIC gets recognized and I can easily use the net on the desktop...However, My USB Wireless card (WLU11) shows up as an unknown device....
I tried installing the Linux drivers from Coompex's site but no go....

My question is:
1- Can someone kindly guide me how to set up a new device on Linux
2- Is it possible to set uup a Wireless ad-hoc network with file/internet sharing between a Linux and XP machine...

Any help will be greatly appreciated...

A:Setting up n ad-hoc wireless network in Linux

1. What went wrong with the Coompex drivers and how do you know that?
2. Yes of course.

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I'm hoping someone out there will help me set up a home network with a real basics/step-by-step response. I moved into my girlfriend's place and she's got Verizon DSL using a Westell 6100 Modem to connect to the internet. The router is a Linksys WRK54G, I had it at my old place with wireless Comcast.

What I need to do - Create an additional connection for wirless access on my laptop while leaving her desktop PC connected directly (wired) and without making any changes to her access.

Because she uses it for work, it's VERY important that I not screw it up and make sure her computer has web access directly... basically, *I need to make sure that when I'm done, she can sit down and get online without having any changes and without having to do anything differently then before.*

I called Linksys and they said I need to know if it's PPPOE or not, which I don't know, and want to know how I can accomplish this and reconfig the router.


A:Need help setting up wired & wireless network w/DSL

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When setting up the wireless network in Windows 7 it requests you to put in an 8 digit PIN number that is supposed to be on the router. I have a Trendnet TEW-432BRP router and can't find the number to put into the input box on the windows 7 install.

Any ideas?

I can manually connect the router to the internet but I want it to automatically be set up so that it connects every time I boot Windows 7.


A:Setting Up Wireless Network on Windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by john8710w

When setting up the wireless network in Windows 7 it requests you to put in an 8 digit PIN number that is supposed to be on the router. I have a Trendnet TEW-432BRP router and can't find the number to put into the input box on the windows 7 install.

Any ideas?

I can manually connect the router to the internet but I want it to automatically be set up so that it connects every time I boot Windows 7.


I dont have that router, but you may want to try their website, support for information.

ProbABLY the number is IN THE packing materieal, hopefully not thrown out yet.

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I just moved to an area where high speed internet is unavailable. I've been using my phone and tethering the data for internet so far, which was been working fine. However, I have been wanted to use my wireless printer without having to go to the room it is in and plugging into it directly. I'm pretty good with computers but networking somtimes gets me pretty confused.

What I want to do is have a wireless network that I can use to connect to my printer (which supports wifi printing), but that network doesn't need to be online, since my only source of internet is my phone. I thought I could just set up a network like normal, but not supply it with internet, but unfortunetly when I connect to this network, even though I am still connected to my other "network", I can't use the internet. Is there any way to solve this problem.

Hopefully I am clear and someone will understand my problem... Let me know if you have any other questions, and I'll do my best to answer them!

A:Setting up an offline wireless network

Before you leap into using your cell as an Internet connection,
make sure you understand the charges for DATA for your cell phone provider - -
it can be 100s of dollars per hour!

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This is driving me nuts. I would appreciate any help.
I recently bought a new PC, all bells and whistles etc, came with wireless etc and XP. I wanted to link this up to my old pc running ME. I installed a wireless card in the ME machine.
Ran through the network setup stuff, eventually managed to get the 2 to see each other, great. I set it up as an ad-hoc network.
I could share files by giving a read only or a full access password.
All was fine and dandy.
Then the first time I tried to go in using the full access password it said I had the password wrong. To make sure I went to the other machine and re-specified the password. Ever since then it has not worked!
The 2 machines can see the network, and they can both see their own shared files. But they cannot see each other. (Although a few weeks ago it did burst into life for a couple of hours when I had a memory stick with the SMRTKEY folder on - red herring?). But since then, nothing.
The 2 machines are both desktops, ME is upstairs, XP downstairs.
ME upstairs always says signal is excellent, XP downstairs always says signal low/very low - maybe it is a reception problem?
I did bring the ME base unit downstairs to prove this, but when I did this the XP machine could then not even see the network!
So the bottom line is at present they can both see the network and can both see their own files, but not each others.
Does anyone have any clues/ideas?
Thanks in advance.

A:Probs setting up wireless network between XP and ME

Can you see the other machine name in Network Places? If not, you appear to have a firewall or browsing issue. Of course, you could have also had a failure of one of the wireless cards.

All machines are must be in the same subnet, i.e. 192.168.0.x where x is any number. The subnet mask should be for most small networks.

Turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is the problem, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be completely uninstalled to stop them from affecting your networking.

PING each computer by IP address, and if successful, PING by name. You can obtain the IP address of a computer by opening a command prompt (DOS window) and typing IPCONFIG. This should work for any Windows version.

All computers should be in the same workgroup for computer browsing to function properly. File & Print Sharing has to be enabled on any computer you wish to share files or printers from. You also need to actually share the resource in question from My Computer, right click on the drive/printer/folder, and select sharing.

If you encounter difficulties accessing computers that are visible in Network Neighborhood, make sure the computer being accessed has an account with the same name/password as the system connecting to it uses to login.

While the default NetBIOS setting is correct for normal network configurations, it's possible for it to be altered, and it costs noth... Read more

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What I am trying to do is set up 2 wireless routers on the same network. Here is a diagram of my shop that i am trying to do this in:

The first router is set up like this: Modem ~ Router1 ~ 16 port switch ~ Router2

Now, i have a router set up (the orange square) in the office, and it broadcast the wireless signal about as far as the orange circle. i have it set up as, with the dhcp turned on to give out The second router set up in shop 3 is connected with a cable running from the switch, to shop 3. Its ip is and the dhcp is handing out The cable running to the second router is plugged into LAN1 port, not the WAN port. The wireless on Router1 will not reach Router 2, hinse why i hard-wired it.

I have one computer plugged into LAN2 port of Router2, and i am having no problems with it. My problems are with the laptops trying to run off the wireless. They connect for a minute, then disconnect. They are not out of range, because i have them sitting right next to Router2. I can set it up to were Router2 network is diffrent from Router1, and i can get on the internet fine. But the desktop wired to Router2 needs to be on the same network as everyone elses on Router1 because there are files on the server (hooked to Router1) that we need access to.

If someone can give me a hint on what i am doing wrong for Router2, it would be appreciated.

A:Setting up 2 wireless routers on same network

why not let the first router do all the DHCP ?

see here


Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together
From a John Will Post


Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN... Read more

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We have a working LAN set up in our business and just set up a wireless network in another office. (Same building, less than 200 foot away) Both networks are able to share the internet. The 5 PC's on our LAN work okay and can share files & printers. The 4 PC's on the wireless network also work fine.
Our DSL runs into a SMC Barricade Router that we have used for years on our LAN. We added a Belkin Wireless Access Point that we plugged into the router for the other office. Problem is that the PC's on the LAN won't see the PC's on the wireless, and vise versa, yet everyone has internet access. Hope all this makes sense.

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!



A:Help setting up a wireless and wired network

"Don't see" means what? You cannot browse the network neigbourhood or you can't ping the other lot?

Are all the PCs on the same subnet? Windows network browsing does not work across subnets/routers unless you set up a WINS/DNS server.

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Ok here is the problem. I have an xbox 360 that I am trying to connect to my pc. But windows media center is not finding the extender "The xbox". The setup I have is; cable modem, then an ethernet plug in to a belkin wireless router. I have the xbox plug in to the router using ethernet, and my computer is in the other room with a D-Link wireless pci card. They are all on my network I made. But when I View the Map of all the devices connected it shows:

MY PC = = = = = NETWORK ========== INTERNET
There is also a line going up and down between NETWORK and SWITCH. Now I am guessing the pc and xbox are not on the same network. How do i get the xbox and the pc to connect. because I can not even transfer media between the two.

If someone could please help. Thank you

A:Setting up wireless network w/ router

What is the IP address of the computer and the XBOX?

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im looking for a Wireless Broadband Router, i have found one but is this what i need - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/D-LINK-WIRELE...800438724QQcategoryZ44997QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

A:setting up wireless adsl network need help

If it is what they say it is, you should be able to use it for a wireless network.

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i have just bought a belkin usb wireless network adapter, but am having problems connecting to the internet.
I have installed all the required software, found my network no connect to which is the sky broadband one, entered the network key to connect. A box which says something like connecting to network comes up for about 1 minute and then the box dissapears, and in the tray icon the network connection icon has a red cross over it. It is not as if my pc is very far away from my router, only about 20m away!!!

unfortionately i know very little about networking as i only got the internet last year.

the problem is probably very obvios to somebody who knows much!

any helpful solutions will be greatly appriciated.

A:Help needed setting up wireless network!!!

20 Metres is a long way, unless you have the wireless aerial on a tall pole

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