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2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help

Q: 2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help

I'm In a dilemma with An Emachines T2792 I received the pc from a friend whom knows I work on PC's on the side when I plugged it in I found it to be stuck turned on
The green indicator light was lit like it was turned on, but no signal was stated on the monitor,, then after trying unsuccessfully to press and Depress many times did nothing
so I unplugged and replugged in the same, so I unplugged again, and messed with button some more then replugged in , nothing no green indicator light then i noticed a soft whistling and clicking sounds from power supply, so I got another brand new power supply {correct power supply} when I plugged tower in it lit the green indicator light on tower then softly went out
I tried pressing in power button nothing no response.
Now my question is I am pretty sure I need to buy another power supply now
But I need some ideas on what to replace to get the pc up and running again??
would it be the switch???
or the motherboard????

Preferred Solution: 2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 2 Dead Power Supplies need to Ressurect Dead Emachine T2792 Help

I had a similar problem with an emachines T2825. When I plugged it in, it automatically came on, and wouldn't turn off unless I unplugged it. It wouldn't POST or anything. After testing everything, I found out that the motherboard was bad. So that would be my guess, is that it could possibly have a bad motherboard.

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I'm stuck.

My brother's computer - which is a custom made system - recently starting having weird issues. The screen and all USB devices would shut off, but the computer still had power. Pulling the CMOS battery would let it work again for a bit of time, but we eventually determined that the motherboard was going bad in some way and replaced it with a brand new, identical motherboard.

That solved that problem.

Not a week later, his power supply gave out. He called me and said he smelled burning and then the system just shut down. I figured it was just a coincidence that both parts went dead in the same week - after all, the thing was running perfectly fine with the new board. So we went to a local store and picked up another power supply; it was a slightly better one, which was probably not necessary as the older PSU had been running in his computer for well over 6 months with no indications that it was underpowered.

You can guess what happened next. Hooked it up and everything was fine. Computer runs for three days, and boom, the brand new power supply is now dead (I assume) as well. He called me tonight and told me he just lost power and it won't turn back on - though no burning/smoke or anything like that to his knowledge.

No idea what is causing this right now. I don't even have any wild guesses left. I need some help.

A:First a bad motherboard, then two dead power supplies within a week.

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I'm working on a 10-yr old HP pavillion pc. The pc would not turn on at all, monitor displays 'no signal'. the pc lights flicker. I had an older atx power supply and tried that- it worked. so I know that the old power supply was bad. the case was VERY dirty. almost all the vent holes were clogged. even after I tried my 'new' power supply, the cpu fan does not come on and I still get 'no signal' on monitor (the hard drive/cdrom drive DO come on). I'm thinking the power supply blew, taking the mobo with it. I don't want to spend alot of time on this, but can anyone offer any thoughts on this? thanks.

A:power supply dead;cpu fan dead,mobo?

A 10 year old system that you don't want to spend a lot of time on. What can I say?

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My friends eMachine is totally dead and the power light stays on all the time and wont switch off, as does the Hard Drive light, it wont start, POST or boot... the monitor also reports 'No Signal'

All was intact inside, i suspect the PSU but i dont want to tell him to buy another and it doesn't work...

If the PSU has broken can the MOBO be damaged?

any suggestiopns please fellow friends,....

A:eMachine 270 - DEAD!!

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Our 6 year old eMachine 400i just wouldn't power-up recently. Having had a similar problem with another machine last year with similar symptoms we decided it was the power supply. Got a new power supply directly from eMachine and everything was great for a few days but now we're dead again.

any thoughts?...don't really want to put more good money after bad. Could it be the switch?

A:eMachine Dead

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The fan doesn't shut off when computer is shut down. The usb ports don't work and the computer freezes up when a usb drive is inserted. emachine t2792. win xp pro.

Thanks! not in standby mode. reformatted xp. deleted usb root, was recognized ,but doesn't work. used microsoft fixit,didn't work. it has a phoenix bios. could it be bios or motherboard heat sensor defect? installed new power supply, same result. reinstalled all drivers including chipset. device manager doesn't indicate any usb controller or root problems.

A:emachine t2792

Hi -The first basic check -Check to make sure you're not going into Stand-By mode. Click on the Start Menu....Shut Down and make sure you're not clicking on Standby.Regards - Extra install SpeedFan to keep an eye on temperatures also

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I unplugged a T1840 eMachine - took off the access panel - added a 256MB PC2100 memory stick (leaving the original 128MB in too) - plugged it back in - hit the power button - and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happened ! I took out the new memory - but got the same result. I pulled the power plug and let it sit a few minutes (I heard eMachines had a capacitive discharge requirement under certain power interruption conditons) - same result. I checked continuity for the power switch to the motherboard - just fine. This is a 2 year-old (very clean enviroment) machine - and I'm having trouble believing the only thing left in my head - that the power supply has failed - I just hate coincidence with computers ! Is there something(s) else I'm not considering here ? Help !!! Thanks. Bob.

A:eMachine Playing DEAD !

If the fan for the power supply doesn't start the the PS is most likely dead. As for being a 2 year old machine. You get what you pay for, e-machines is crap. I have the same model sitting 5 feet away that the harddrive died in.


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I have an emachine T2682 that is 2 years old and is completely dead. When I press the power button, nothing happens. No lights, no fan, no noises of any kind. From what I?ve read on this site and others, I?m guessing it?s the power supply and motherboard, but is it worth fixing?

It is no longer under warranty, so I would not want to waste the time or money sending it back to emachines for repair. Unfortunately, I would not be able to replace them myself. I should be able to find someone local to fix it, but is it worth the investment?

A:My emachine T2682 is dead...

Hard to say. If all you do is browse the internet/email etc., then the specs of your system are still good enough to serve you well. Power supplies are quite cheap these days (you can get a high quality one for $40 for example) and easy to replace.

But if you are going to pay someone to do it for you, then that price easily jumps up to $100, and the problem may very well also be a dead motherboard.

How is your savings account doing? If you are thinking of getting a new computer sometime soon anyways, it sounds like now may be the right timing.

If you are on a tight budget, then bite the bullet and bring it into the shop. I'd pay them to simply do a diagnostic and find out if it is the power supply, or the PSU or both, then make your decision based on that.

A 2.6Ghz celeron and 256mb of ram is all you need for internet browsing, and your system (in that regard) is far from being out of date.

On the other hand, if you play any games.... now that's a WHOLE other thing

That's my two yen.

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Hello! I am technologically illiterate, so please bear with me.

I have a T2460 eMachines, I can't remember it's exact purchase date, but it is something between three and four years old. For the first year to year and a half it worked beautifully, and then it started getting spyware and other fun crap, and I had to do a system restore a few times. Noteably, this began happening more as my teenaged brother began attending school in this area and would use my computer during his visits. :suspiciou

In any event, for the past few months it has evidently been doing weird things, the details of which I do not know b/c I have been using a laptop and leaving the desktop to my boyfriend, who has been vague at best about the stages leading up to this. The end result though, is that a couple nights ago the power cord to the router got bumped, the network connection was lost, and when I plugged the router back in, the computer then did a funky shut-down, and upon reboot kept getting hung up at the loading window. I finally worked around that by rebooting in safe mode, and got everything we needed saved to CD.

The computer worked okay in standard mode for a little bit after that, but today it went crazy again (I heard a couple loud beeps, and when I came out to see what was going on, sweetie had rebooted and it was getting hung-up in the loading window again). So I decided to use the reboot CD.

I have two reboot CDs, the original that came with the compute... Read more

A:Newbie with a Dead eMachine. :(

move this

I wish I could help, but people who can will see it quicker if you would re-post it in the proper place: go to forums, and post under the OS heading. Good luck! Welcome to Tech Spot, by the way. :wave:

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emachine T2792 will not boot (post)

I'm looking at a emachine t2792 for a friend that boots to steady flashing amber power and keyboard lights (no post). CPU fan runs. I removed and re-seated cables and cards and replaced PSU w/neg (same) results. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:emachine T2792 boot issue

I would suspect a defective power supply or a mobo that is going bad. PSU power testers are pretty cheap these days, if you dont have access to another power supply to check if the PSU is the problem then you might want to pick up a tester.

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Nothing happens if I hit WinX, and if I right click START cursor moves up and right a bit but nothing happens. Right click an icon, very poor response, yet shellexview shows nothing odd. Had separate issue - couldn't log into to other IDs, fixed that by copying clean DEFAULT from other Win 10 PC. I've done everything I can find, the DISM stuff, the reinstallation of 'window' apps. This appears to be a common problem. It used to work fine some weeks ago, don't know exactly when this started.

System is a laptop with 16gb ram, I7, HP with hybrid graphics, build 10586 / 1511 up to date HOME.

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sony vaio xp sp2...lots of peripheral usage, we have front and rear usb ports, digital cameras, printers, mp3 players
one morning when switching the usb printer cable from the laptop back to the front usb port on the desktop, the computer froze and NONE of the usb's front or back, have worked ever since.

important to note is that we do lots of plugging/unplugging usbs for the above devices

what we have tried to awaken our usb's (keep in mind we are in the early learning stages of computer knowledge...)

static discharge
safe mode reinstallation of usb root,etc
system restore...didn't work...no matter how far back we went

last ditch chance is a system recovery, so we bought an external hard drive and are backing up ( as with everything we do, not without problems, but that is another post here)
in preparation for the recovery

any other, clear step by step advice for us?
thanks in advance!

A:Solved: all dead usb ports....not dying...DEAD.

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Computer was given to me because the cdrom was dead.
The tick of death started, so the harddrive is dead too(it is dead now sure)
XP licence is stuck under laptop.

Pity to throw this laptop away, I would liket to get XPback on, but failling that anything is accepted.

A:laptop, dead cdrom, dead harddrive

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my toshiba laptop was dead, the powerlight came on, the hard-disk was spinning but the screen remained blank.
I tried everthing , stripping it completely, trying a new ram and narrowed the problem to the motherboard or the cpu. i.e I can conclude that the problem is with the the mobo or the cpu.
This was a month ago.

Today I switched on again and voila! it worked, the bios loaded! I had removed the hard-disk, so switched it off, attached the HD and started it up again.. this time it didn't work. And hasn't since. I have again stripped it down , but it still doesn't work.
CAn anyone plzzzzz exlplain what is going here?? I mean it started , that means nothings fried, right??


btw the fan spins for exactly 5 seconds before turning off.

A:Dead laptop came back to life, now dead again

there is something like a "hardware reset" available on many laptops.
- try to plug out everything except cpu and memory
- remove the battery and do not attach the power supply
- open the lid and hold the power on button for like 20 seconds
- plug everything back in and try to boot
that worked for me for some compaq and dell laptops which did act like yours

my two cents...

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I have owned my Vostro 1500 for nearly a year and a half since purchasing it from the Outlet.  I have had no problems at all until Sunday night when it just died.  No warning.  Just dead.  I first tried these suggestions found here and elsewhere on the web... Press Fn key while pressing power button, reseat DIMM A & B.  No signs of life.
Since it's out of warranty I feel like I have nothing to lose, so this morning I took everything apart looking for anything that looked melted or dislodged or overly dusty.  Everything looks great.  My husband has the same laptop, so I have been able to test the battery and AC adapter and in his and both work fine.   One thing I have noticed though is this.  When my AC adapter is plugged into the wall but not into the computer, the light is green.  The second I plug it into the laptop, the light goes out.  If I then plug the AC into the good laptop, the green light does not come back on until I separate the AC cord from the adapter (brick part) and plug it back in.  This leads me to think that it could be a problem with the DC Power Jack where the AC Adapter is plugged in.  But why wouldn't it still work with the battery??  Why would that cause it to just shut down mid use?  Is there any chance it can be revived?  This laptop has been like my right arm.  I feel lost without it.
Any thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.  I&#... Read more

A:Vostro 1500 Dead as dead can be...any suggestions??

Sounds like your mother board is shot. Looks like it would be something possibly in the power supply section.
As to your data the hard drive may very well be good and you could get an adapter to put the drive in and plug it into your husbands computer to be able to access your files.

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My grandma's pc was working just fine the other night now it's literally dead. Hit power button nothing happens at all. Removed cmos battery and still nothing at all. Messed with switch on PSU....nothing. Is it possible the power switch is bad....my gma said it went bad before

A:Pc won't power on seems dead

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Hi all,

Currently in the midst of major Mock GCSE exam revision. I boot my PC & after diner it has shutdown & no longer boots. I honestly don't know what caused the issue but I seriously hope that the Mobo & other components aren't damaged.

I believe the PSU is dead or the fuse has gone (I will try replacing this tomorrow) since no power is being supplied to any components - no LEDs on Mobo or Case, etc when PSU & mains is On.

I currently have a Corsair CX 750 PSU which has more than enough watts for what I need & if it is the PSU that is dead then I will purchase an EVGA 650W 80+ PSU to replace this one.

Malware Blocker

A:PSU most likely dead - no power to PC

Always get a gold+ PSU from Corsair

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Here's a first for me....usually when a hard drive dies, it's dead....end of story.

I have/had 3 hard drives in my system. A brand new one (80 gig) and since my bios doesn't support over the 60ish limit, I used an overlay program to get the drive recognized.

Before this I also had 3 hard drives, all varying sizes, with no overlay programs.

As each hard drive had an operating system, I could access my bios setup and boot from either of the three.

After I installed the 80 gig with the ezbios (yes, I installed it on the other two drives as well) everything was happy, except for the fact I could no longer boot independently to the other drives.

I thought, no biggie. Still everything happy.

This morning, turned on computer, tried to access the 30 gig hard drive for some files, and the click, click, hard time trying to access, but finally it did......sooooooooo, then I rebooted and guess what....no 30 gig drive.

Wonderful.......disconnected the other drives, tried to boot to that one, no operating system, rebooted again, physical medium error....not going to be a good day.

Tried booting with a boot disk, fdisk politely tells me no fixed c: drive present......lovely.

Downloaded the recovery program recommended by Slithy (thanks, hope you're reading this too) and it would not even acknowledge that the drive existed. The drive was still being seen in the bios, correctly.

Downloaded the Maxtor drive diagnostics and got all the lovely 'you're in ... Read more

A:When is a dead hard drive not dead

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so the problem is that about four people went through troubleshooting this PC before it finally came to me. The backstory is one day computer is turned on, hard drive not reading, person #1 gets her to buy a new HD and so they install. Person #1 can't seem to get it to read, so person #2 starts putting software on it. Approx. 2 hours into it, computer just powers off. Person #2 passes to person #3 who says bad power supply and replaces it.

Now, I being #4, have a comp with a new HD and new power supply. When you hit power switch, all of the fans "twitch" for less than a second and then silence. That makes me think bad board, but due to the infinite things other people may have done so far, I hesitate to replace until I'm sure I've got a good grip.

Any ideas? Any direction would be sweet.


A:Dead PC - thinking dead board.

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Hi all, I've been through 3 harddisks now on my 3 year old system(8800 gt, 4 gb ram, e8400). Every (aprox) 6 months my harddisk dies(I think). On boot the bios will only read my two dvd drives, then proceed to "checking ide drives" and check for abnormally long time, and finally the nvidia boot agent fails to boot and I get some mac adress showing up in bios before I have to shut it down. What can be the cause to all my dying hdd's?

I tried:
Replugging the sata cable and try different slots.
Checking if there is any hdd in under the voltage perimeters on bios and I can't seem to find my hdd anywhere!
Can a faulty sata wire even be the cause?
Help! Thanks

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*as Noel tidy beard would say?

i have just been given a 200Gb Western Digital HDDm which appears to be faulty
after connecting it it storts to whir as it spins, then makes a clicking noise (as though a gear has been dropped) and stops.

does this mean it's dead or could it be salvageable?


A:Hard Drive; Dead or no Dead*

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Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps in the order listed.===Error: "He's Dead, Jim!"https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/1270364?hl=en===If you can download the version of this tool for your operating system.Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (64 bit)Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (32 bit)and save it to a folder on your computer's Desktop.Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.Press Scan button.It will make a log (FRST.txt) in the same directory the tool is run. Please copy and paste it to your reply.The first time the tool is run, it makes also another log (Addition.txt). Please attach it to your reply.===

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Ok heres my issue. I have a wireless lan setup. I am using a Linksys router WRT54GL. This router was working fine for the longest then one night a power shortage hits, it comes back up and everything seems fine. But now my LAN game cannot play.

I had a heck of a time setting it up to play and finally had been using Hamachi so I could create a makeshift VPN and have my friend play with me over the net.

So my setup was like this 2 PCs behind a router played with 1 PC on the internet. One of the 2 PCs behind the router would ALWAYS host.

Hamachi worked perfectly and everything would work so long as the firewalls were down.

Then that outage happened and I could no longer play. My problem is, I cant even play locally so now I know something is up with my router. At least I think something is up.

I have tried everything: my LAN is working, I can share files and folders between the two PCs and ping them.

But as soon as I go to play the game. Neither computer sees the other persons' game.
I am in utter AWE and shock cause I have tried everything I want to purchase a new router to see if thats the problem but I am not sure what to do.

My router allows me to go online, ping the each other and even share files. So I am really at a loss.

Does anyone know any program I could use to monitor ports and whats happening when the game starts?

Or maybe a networking consulting company in the NY/NJ area. Im really desperate at this point and wouldn't mind paying for thi... Read more

A:Is my Router Dead or am I being Brain Dead?

If I were you I will try to reconfigure the router after you upgrade the firmware of your Linksys and try to play online again

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NO viruses found from using AVG free edition. After I downloaded again. My IE 6 sp1 isn't in the program lists anymore, the files are there, but ie won't reinstall. My spyware is spybot search and destroy and Ad aware se neither one will launch. Highjack this works and don't come up with anything new. Error fixer works and the same nothing new. No Email working either, except my direcway email. Error when trying to launch IE or other applications on Desk top is Wininet.DLL file is linked to missing export Shlwapi.dll:ShregGetValueW. I am running Win 98se and thank goodness I am on Direcway and using firefox browser, otherwise this computer would make a good target on the shooting range. I have tried everything I can think of to correct this problem. I can download downloads, but can't launch. Error also says my internet connection is'nt there, I am on Direcway satillite and it is working because my Firefox is working great. HELP

A:Desk top dead won't launch IE dead also

How old is ur computer for one? I would suggest just backing up anything you need from this computer and fdisk your hard drive and start fresh. If you computer has the specs...i would suggest goin to XP.....98 is way to old anymore and has too many vulnerabilities. Thats what i would suggest, it will take less time then finding out all the stupid missing IE errors and all that stuff.

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Lately, my pc had high temperature problems, obviously caused by lot of dust, stored on the cpu cooling system.
So I decided to clean the mess!
I removed the cpu cooling system, the cpu, cleaned everything, and put them back together. I have done this many times, but this time I forgot to apply thermal paste, on the cpu surface.
After the power on, I got only fan activity, no beeps and black screen only.
I checked the cpu on another pc and it appeared to be dead.

I would like to know: Is there any chance for other parts(mobo, vga card, memories) to have been damaged?

Also, I have a spare cpu, little slower than the previous, same socket although. Is there any danger to damage the spare cpu, if the mobo is already damaged?

Thank you in advance.

A:Cpu dead?? Mobo dead?? All dead??

READ: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic53866.html

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I just bought a Raidmax 735W LED ATX 80 Plus Bronze Certified Power Supply at Frys tonight. I haven't installed it yet, but when I inserted the power cord, plugged it in and turned it on, nothing happened - no fan, no light. Is that normal? Does it only kick on once it is attached to the motherboard and computer devices? Or did I get a dud? I don't want to go to the trouble of installing it if it is a defective unit.

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(Solved) Power supply dead?

My computer turned off by itself and I haven't been able to turn it back on since. I'm thinking it might be the power supply. 480w atx sata AG2 power supply. I pulled the power supply out, cleaned it and the inside of the computer, hooked everything back up but, still dosen't turn on. Could someone possible help me here?

I replaced the psu and now it's running. Thanks for the help.

A:Power supply dead?

If you can borrow one 480w or higher try it on your PC. And try your PSU on others too.

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I have a Dell 4600 with a dead power supply.I just purchased an Antec 330 watt-ATX12V unit.I am new at this and have a problem.The unit I took out was marked,p3,p8 etc.The new one has no marking numbers or letters.Also has extra cables and connectors.How do I determine what goes where?Anyone know of any diagrams,etc for this computer?

A:Dead Power Supply

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Hi my learned friends,

I have a major issue with my Sony Vaio laptop. I have had the laptop for over 5 years and its been ok, its an PCG-5318.
I used the laptop couple of nights ago and today as I tried to swith it on.... nothing, nada! Its totally dead I do not hear any noice of fan or disk or get any lights. I have tried to plug it direct to the main and also from battery. I know the Adaptor is working as I checked that.
Any ideas guys would be very helpful, as I need the data on the laptop.


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I just installed a CD-burner. Once I got everything put together I hit the power button and nothing happens! I assumed I had knocked something loose but I can find nothing. I installed this Mother Board so I know it pretty well. I can not figure out what has happened.

The only clue is that when I hit the power button I hear the familar pop of the speakers. The fan on the CPU twitches and that is it. Any clues as to what is going on? I am leaning toward a bad power supply but the fact that I just installed this CD-drive really makes me wonder if it is somehow related.

BTW I have tried unplugging everything to see if one of drives might be responsible. Double checked all conections and all the obvious things.

I am open to ideas!


A:Dead power supply??

I would agree kudzu. Your computer shows the same symtoms as a computer I replace the power supply in about 4 months ago. Most likely a burnt out capasitor.

As long as it burned out because of age and not because of a hardware falure, I think your safe.

Good luck

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Hi.I've bought a z510 3 months ago. Until today, Everything were just fine, except some "boot problems". It had stuck many times on Lenovo screen but after firmware update, problem solved. Anyway,Today, when i pressed power button, nothing happened. Yesterday I shut it down on windows, but today, nothing.I've tried it with Ac and without ac adaptor. Nova( or novo, anyway) button didn't work either. I've tried that 30 sec pressing power button, nothing changed. My front led buttons are always off. It's literally dead. I know it always was dead but you got the pointI think mainboard is the problem. I need to solve it immediately because my final exams notes in it. I can't access it and I don't want to break warranty, so that i can't reset battery connection. If only that battery could on laptop, not inside! Also if service changes something, ?'m scared of the situation that all data may be lost. In both cases, is there any methodes to save my data? (Without breaking warranty, otherwise it was too easy i know basics )? also checked my adaptor, it works. I've checked it with voltage controller device and with another lenovo laptop?Thanks again for reading. Any help would be appreciated. Btw,(Sorry for my english lev, I'm not a native speaker)

Go to Solution.

A:z510 is dead. No power. Need help!

Obviously you can't recover data from a dead laptop.  You would need to remove the hard drive to do that, but then warranty issues arise.  In reviewing the User Guide for your model it is pretty limited on what the Owner can do unlike other laptops.  The only option I see to resolve your problem is to send the laptop in for warranty service.  When sent in I would point out to support that you need the data on the drive both verbally and in writing.

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We had a storm roll through late last week. Long story short, my pc was dead. Hitting the power button had zero effect. No lights no fans no nothing. I swapped outlets with the same result. I swapped power cords with the monitor, which was working, and the pc still didn't power up and the monitor powered up with the pc power cord. That narrowed it to internal to the pc. I put the hard drive in another machine and can view everything, so thankfully the hard drive is good. My guess is the power supply. Does that sound like a good guess to you guys?

It is a Dell Dimension 2350. I have heard and read that Dell ps are proprietary with a unique plug. The articles that I have found though are several years old. Is this still the case? I compared it to an HP machine and aside from the physical shape, the connectors look to be the same. My question, is will I be able to buy any brand ps and swap it out, so long as it fits this case?

Thanks a ton for any insight and info,


A:Power Supply dead...I think

you would have to make sure that the mobo and psu conform to ATX form factor, the plug that goes into the motherboard has to be ATX 20-pin, and of course your power suplly has to match the ATX ones in the local pc store, if I were you take out your dead one and bring it with you when you go looking.

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Normally the power button on my computer is lit up blue when the computer is on and it slowly flashes blue when it is asleep. I tried to turn on my computer today and the power button is more quickly flashing yellow and I do not hear the power supply. I purchased this COOLER MASTER GX Series RS650-ACAAE3-US 650W ATX12V v2.31 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply over a year ago. It is plugged in and the switch is to the on position. Has it died?

A:Is my power supply dead?

It's a good guess but only that. I would open and inspect all connections, blow out PSU and case completely, while case side is open I would watch and listen as you start up. Then get back to us with any error lights on mobo, sounds and the like. Can you find a friend with, beg, steal or borrow another PSU?

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Right i got myself a 600W EzCool power and it worked fine in my new gigabyte p31 mobo.
3 days later it turned itself off and would not work, I thought nothing of it went to bed and the next day it was working again.
However a few hours into the day it turned itself off a few more times, and eventually would not boot whatsoever.
Put my old 420W back in works fine and is quieter than what was meant to be a 'silent fan' that always ran quite loud.
Is there anyway to find out if the EzCool PSU is dead as it did not blow or anythin, it just refuses to work and the fan inside wont spin.
When i try to turn my pc on the fan on the CPU spins for about a second and dies but nothing from the PSU fan, any help would be appreciated thanks.

A:Dead power supply?

Sounds like a definate issue. I wouldnt recommend that brand. Your pc is as good quality as your pcu. There's not much u can do besides return it if you can.

Is your pc up against a wall maybe or in a closed cabinet?

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I just finished making my computer and installing all the parts. I plug everything in and followed all the instructions, and i try to turn it on. It turns on for about a minute, then it starts to smell like burning plastic. It then turns off. It wont turn back on now. What should i do? I have:
ASRock 770I Cafe motherboard
FX-6100 Zambezi 3.3GHz 95W Six-Core Desktop processor
hd radeon 6450 graphics card
2X4gb ddr3 RAM
Rocketfish 5.1 PCI (RF-51SDCD) Sound Card

I have a 500 Watt PSU that came with my case.

A:Power Supply Dead or What?

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Hi all, first post on here.

Did my first self build last week with help from a friend.

600W EZCool PSU
1024Mb nVidia GeForce GTS 250
Intel Core 2 Quad 8300 2.5GHz
320Gb + 80Gb Hard drive
Windows 7 64bit

Built it last week and its been having problems powering up. Sometimes it doesn't start when I turn it on at the front, sometimes it turns itself off when on, crashes or resets itself.

I looked around for what problems it may be and decided to try updating the drivers but when I turned it on, nothing. No lights, no fans, no beeps.
Replaced the PSU with another and still nothing, the LED on the motherboard does not even come on and as I know its not the PSU I'm thinking it must be the motherboard.

I've only had it up and running for a less than a week, could my motherboard be dead already? I really don't want to shell out another 70 to get a new one.

Any suggestions?


A:No power to PC, Is My Motherboard Dead?

Hopefully, you're 100% certain that the PSU that you used as a replacement really is 100% functional.
Simple possible causes of your troubles include:
Faulty wall outlet or bad power strip or UPS (Plug a lamp into whatever power source you are using--obviously, if it won't light, your computer won't turn on either.)
Defective power cord
Bad on/off switch on the case
Poor cable connection (bad wire or connector not tightly plugged-in)
Power supply switch set to wrong voltage (switch set to 115 when mains are 220)
PSU power switch not turned on
Make sure everything is seated properly--cpu, gpu,ram, etc.
Make sure nothing is short-circuiting inside the computer ( a wire, loose screw, etc.)
These are the simple problems.
I'm not a computer expert, so hopefully, someone will chime-in, after you check these basics, should there be a need.

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This morning I went to turn on my computer. Turned on the monitor, ok, hit the power button on the tower, nothing. We had a storm last night and the power went out briefly. But the computer was off. Don't know if that would have any effect. Prior to this, my computer would have random restarts. Happened while playing games, surfing the net, or sometimes just sitting idle. I'm think power supply? Any other suggestions?

Thank you.

A:Power supply dead?

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How can you tell ?? the fans in my computer don't spin but the power supply makes a buzzing noise..also the power light in front turns on..thoughts ?? any help is appreciated

A:Power supply dead ??

If the thing is making a buzzing noise and nothing is working I'd say it is gone. Get a new one and don't try booting with that PSU again. Bad, very bad things can happen if you keep trying it.

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I have a Gateway unit that will not power up. I get the green light on the motherboard, the switxch stays lite,(orange color not green like it is when it is powered on) and I hear a high pitch wine-ing sound. No fans and I can not get the power liht to go off. So, is it the power suppy or someitnh elso.

Scott (EMAIL me directly as I will be on the road and I have a BB )[email protected]

A:Power supply dead or not

there is a $20 powersupply tester. do you have a spare psu to test. ususlly if the psu is bad then there will be no power/lights. maybe mobo

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My desktop PC was not on this morning when I got up (I leave it on overnight). Nothing happened when I pressed the power button. I then unplugged and re-plugged the power socket and it would either power up but not boot up (if that makes sense) just from plugging the power in or I could press the power button and it would come on but not load. When this happened I can then no longer switch off without pulling the power lead out of the back?

It sounds like the power unit to me but could it be the motherboard?

my PC is an Advent 3215 (from PC World)

Thanks in advance


A:PC seems dead! Power or Motherboard?

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Just 20 days out of warranty, my M1530 died suddenly. It was working, then it shut off completely. I turned it back on, and it worked for about 5 mins, then shut off again. Now it does nothing at all. No lights, nothing. Power supply has been checked and is working, green light stays on. I've read numerous posts elsewhere that all say "Motherboard" but I just can't believe that to always be the case. One post I've read said "Powerboard" which I'm hoping is the case. I need to know can anyone tell me a way to be sure before I go buying parts I may not need? I have reseated the memory cards, pressed the fn and start buttons together, tried just about everything I could find in numerous forums and still nothing works. For about 2 weeks prior to this happening I noticed the battery light on the front edge would flash red 2 times, then go blue. Flash red 2 times, then go blue over and over again. But the battery showed full charge, so I ignored it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks y'all!

A:XPS M1530 dead - no power at all

Similar problem with my Dell, it turned out to be a lose CPU. The locking screw on the CPU only has half a turn and that somehow came lose, one half turn clockwise was all it took to fix problem. I hope this helps

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My XPS laptop fails to boot and battery is flat (tho' it is old).
The power adapter is cold and has no light on it.
BUT if I disconnect it from the laptop and re-plug it into the wall socket the light does come on.
However when I reconnect the adapter to the laptop, the light on it goes off again.
I assume this shows the PSU adapter has failed.
Can anyone confirm this for me?

A:Power supply dead?

Sounds like the adapter is OK, but there's a short circuit inside the system somewhere.  Replace the DC power jack in the system first -- if that doesn't solve the problem, replace the mainboard.

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I went away for a few days and had shut the system off while I was gone. When I got back, I turned the system on and the power supply fan won't run. I'm using the system for very short periods trying to do some important stuff like making a startup disk (procrastinated far too long I know!) The question is this, can this be fixed, or should I just buy a new tower with a new power supply? My current tower was from the 386 that my system was originally (now it's a 300Mhz with Win'98SE).

Just to clarify further, when I turned it on to come here to ask the question, it booted with a CMOS checksum error and I had to reload all of my BIOS settings, auto detect harddrives, CDrom, everything. I'm assuming that was due to the complete failure of the system resulting from the loss of the power supply fan (and the dying breath of the CMOS battery which I know needs to be replaced since it loses time when turned off).

A:Power supply fan dead

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Hello, I have been using a home-built computer for about 2 years now. It's been working fine, no problems. However, today, I was unable to boot it up. Do I have a dead power supply? When I turn on my surge protector (which has my computer, as well as my moniter connected), it seems as if everything works fine. My monither turns on, and my computer's modem light (on the back side) turns on. When I press my power button, nothing happens. I looked inside my case and there is a light on saying that my DIMM is functional, so it seems there is SOME power..but when I hit my power button, I see my CPU fan spin once, and then stop moving. WHenever I hit my power button after that, I get no response.

Is it time for a new power supply? Or could there be another symptom?

By the way, the power supply I bought CAME with my case..

A:Is my power supply dead?

Well it could be the power supply, or the front case power switch, or the motherboard, or another faulty component.

But you need to start somewhere. Youll have to either have the power supply tested or you'll need to get a power supply to test in your system.

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Hi all,

I'm a new boy to the forum but would be grateful for your help on a problem that has suddenly developed on my son's machine. I have some knowledge but not a lot (what's that they say about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing..)

Anyway the problem is as follows:

The system was bought from novatech in the UK about 4 years ago. It is 2000+ AMD processor on a K7SA5 motherboard running XP home.
All was fine at lunchtime.
When switching on this evening, the fans (graphics, CU, case, PSU) start, the power LED, HDD LED and CD LED all come on (and stay on) but nothing else happens. Normally there would be one beep and the system would start. Now no beep, nothing.
The power switch and Reset buttons now do nothing - need to switch off at the wall.
I've check some of the power leads and they seem to be sending out 12V and 5V OK.
There have been no general power problems that I am aware of eg surge/ spikes, other machine in the house are fine.
I've checked the CMOS battery and reseated the cards and memory.

My guess is that the system isn't even getting to the motherboard ROM to start up the POST.

Could it be the PSU?
The Power Switch?
The Motherboard?
Any thing else?

Any pointers gratefully received.

I'm not keen to change the MB unless I have to as the PSU is only 300W and any newer stuff is likely to need that upgrading too - I might end up with the costs of nearly a whole new machine.


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A:Is my MoBo dead or is it power or something else?

Same thing

My computer is doing the same thing, except, I switched my hardware from one case to the other and power up was attempted, a fan would spin, a led would pop on and nothing else. I switched back to the original case and the same thing happens. The RAM led is lit on the motherboard and network port is lit and flashing so I know the MOBO is getting power, but it just does not want to power on the whole way. I had the same problem when I first built the box, but it was resolved by another friend when I wasn't looking and I neve asked the technical details on how he fixed it. My specs are below.

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro Intel P4 3.0G HT
VC: ATI Radeon x800 PRO 256MB AGP
PSU: Turbolink Switching Power Supply (stock with full tower)
Memore: 1.5G of Corsair Value Select and HP stuff
HDD: Seagate Barracude 120GB


I have fooled with the front panel wiring to see if that is the problem. Tried powering on sans video card, soundcard, HDD, fans, etc. I am completely lost. Cleared CMOS as well.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

B to the J.

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Alright so the story first, last night all of a sudden the screen went black and the computer didnt make any noise at all, so i thought that it just power'd down. then i tried to turn it on and nothing happend. If i unplug my computer for a while and plug it in then there will be a green light on the back next to the power supply, when i try then to turn it on it the MOBO fan spins then it all stops and the back power supply light turns off. then i hold down the power and after a cupple seconds the light on the back will come back on and i push on again and it just spins the fan and shuts off. im hoping its the power supply.

its a dell studio slim 540s, power supply says bestec. im not sure what else u would need to know. im hopeing its a dead power supply

A:Dead power supply?

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