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Windows can't show network map via "name" but can show via IP.

Q: Windows can't show network map via "name" but can show via IP.

My Windows 7 can show network share via IP Address but via name it show empty folder. How can I solve it?

Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Windows can't show network map via "name" but can show via IP.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Running Windows XP Home Service Pack 2

It seems that what I'm trying to do should be simple. Yet I've literally been trying to do it for over a year. I stumbled upon this forum, so maybe you can make my dreams come true and actually give me a shared network *angels singing*.

Keep in mind, I once had a shared network and everything was fine. Then one day, it mysteriously stopped, and hasn't run since, even after hundreds (literally) of attempts to set it up again.

For the moment, all I want to do is have my computer (we'll call this computer, "Sony Laptop") appear in its own "My Network Places" window - not concerned with the other networked computer at the moment. I have tried "Set up a home or small office network" and "set up a wireless network for a home or small office" dozens of times, chosen every single combination possible, completed them, restarted, but "Sony Laptop" still never appears in "My Network Places." I cannot for the life of me understand it.

If that's all the info you need, please respond. If you want more observations, read below:


FRY'S DESKTOP is connected to BELKIN ROUTER via *ethernet*
SONY LAPTOP is connected to BELKIN ROUTER via *wireless*

-- ethernet ----- FRY'S DESKTOP
--wireless -------SONY LAPTOP

I can receive wireless internet with the SONY LAPTOP through the BELK... Read more

A:Windows XP Home "My Network Places" refusing to show network computers

You need to look at the dependency list for each service. In the case of Computer Browser, it's Workstation and Server.

Since Workstation is failing, that's probably the place to start.

Do you have WKSSVC.DLL in C:\Windows\system32? That's the workstation service, and it appears to be the missing module. I'd first try copying that from the installation disk, if it's missing, and then register it too by:

Start, Run, regsvr32 wkssvc.dll

If you can't find the DLL, you can run sfc /scannow to restore missing files.

A shortcut may be to download the file from DLL Dump and register it as described above.

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Hello all,

Frustrating problem: All Office 2010 apps require a 45 second delay to produce an "open" or "save as" dialog box when the computer is connected to a LAN (wireless or wired, domain or workgroup). When the computer is NOT connected to a LAN (wireless or wired, domain or workgroup), then Office 2010 "open" or "save as" dialog boxes open normally (and quickly).

I suspect a network polling function internal to MS Office is at fault.

This is NOT the infamous mapped network drive problem associated with Office 2007/2010. There are no mapped drives (nor have there ever been) on the PC, although there might exist a related solution. Additionally, there is no 45 second delay when opening a file by double-clicking on the file itself which will launch the application.

Other information:

1. PC runs Windows 7 Pro 32 bit - PC is a relatively new Lenovo T400 laptop, all updates from Lenovo and MS installed, running clean and nicely otherwise, no spyware, no viruses, no previous software or hardware issues requiring assistance. Event log is clean.

2. Absolutely fresh installation of Office 2010 Pro Plus (MS Action Pack)

3. Running Office apps in safe mode does not alter problem behavior (ie, "windword.exe /safe" or use CTRL key and double-click to launch app)

4. Running Windows 7 in safe mode with networking and then subsequently testing Office apps is not possible: "license not able to validate" issue. Thi... Read more

A:Office 2010 Slow To Show "Open" Dialog Box When Connected To Network

Have you tried blocking all network activity with some Internet Security package for those Office applications, which do not use Internet?

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My laptop uses windows 7.

When I click on the network I want to connect to (or any other network) the box where you would normally enter the password does not show.

Can anyone help?


A:Trying to connect to a network and "enter password" box will not show

Hi and welcome to TSF try this How to remove the existing wireless network profile in Windows 7 - Welcome to TP-LINK

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I've bridged my wireless and ethernet connections to connect my xbox360 to the
This worked fine before on this laptop but now it don't!
I've enabled compatibility mode via netsh but I still get "network cable unplugged" on MAC Bridge Miniport immediately after I create the bridge.
The wireless network works just fine when I remove the bridge.
I have the latest drivers and SP.


A:Bridge show always "network cable unplugged"

Are you using a router?

This would be the way ahead. They are quite cheap now and are wireless.

The other way would be to go into options and allow other computers to access the internet through your computer.

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Hi all,

Thanks you for your valuable answer. I have a problem. please answer to me. 
In my network I have domain server and synology share server. synology are connect with domain server. And I have use synology share server as my office share drive. Sometimes, it appear like this 

I would like to know the problem source. In my domain server, I have seen synology.  In synology, I have successfully connect with windows domain server. If anyone have faces like this, please reply to me.

With many thanks,
Phyo Sithu 

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When I open WinExplorer then sometimes all neighbour computer from within my local LAN are shown and sometimes not.

How can I tell WinExplorer to refresh/re-search the local LAN for all computers?


A:How to show all LAN computer in "Network" WinExplorer ?

Quote: Originally Posted by pstein

When I open WinExplorer then sometimes all neighbour computer from within my local LAN are shown and sometimes not.

How can I tell WinExplorer to refresh/re-search the local LAN for all computers?


Peter - F5 in the network window will cause a refresh.

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Hi all,

I'm puzzling this one. In the folder options when I choose 'view' the radio button to show the hidden files is missing. I've already checked the registry at the HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Advanced/Hidden

and everything seems ok (value for 'Type' is 'group' etc.). Using the XP tweak (Kelly's corner #155) shows the hidden files, but the button still missing.

Another thing that I encountered with was that from the start menu the "Help and Support" not working. Again, the registry seems fine, and the process is activated (started). This came up when I tried to use system restore option - with no success.

Virus scan didn't find alerts of any kind

To make a long story short- below is the log file of HiJackThis. Please review it and reply if you see something to be concerned with for repairing my computer.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 14:36:54, on 21-Dec-08
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16762)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\FrameworkService.exe
C:\Program Files\McAf... Read more

A:missing "show hidden files" button + "Help and Support" not working from start menu

Ok I found the answer (after quite a lot searching), as follows:

1. for the 'Hidden files' radio button - I used methods 1 and 2 from here-

2. for the helpcenter I just reinstalled it as described here -
note that the file 'dataspec.xml' is needed to be available for this, and it can't be done directly from the XP CD. The thing that worked for me was to insert the XP CD, and use the file that in my computer (C:\) and afterwards another file on the CD.

Again, all this happened with no virus detection, so I believe that there is no infection. However, if someone has remarks on the HiJackThis log I've put, feel free to add them.

Have a nice day,


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The hard drive is a Western Digital 320 GB that I've had plugged into this computer before (and worked). Then i got a virus and had to do a recovery of windows.

Ever since then I can't get windows to recognize/show it in my computer. I just "disabled" and "enabled" it in device manager to no effect. I have a C, D, and E drive which are: two partitions on the hard drive, and then the CD drive (respectively).

So i'm stuck, not sure where to proceed since it's obviously not the hard drive itself, I use it on my xbox all the time. What next?

A:External Hard Drive doesn't show up in "my computer" but does in "device manager"

Does it show in Disk Management ? ?
Right clik My Computer...select Manage...then Disk Management.
Find the drive...right clik it and select Properties.
Report back with your findings.

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I right clicked on the Taskbar and checked Quick Launch and hit the Apply button. This put the Quick Launch toolbar on the Taskbar with the Show Desktop and Internet Explorer icons. I deleted them and now I can't duplicate this action. I can get the Internet Explorer icon back. But I can't get the Show Desktop icon back.

Does anyone know how to get the Show Desktop icon back on the Quick Launch toolbar.



A:How to get the "Show Desktop" icon back the "Quick Launch" toolbar

Go here http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/taskbarplus!.htm and go down to where it says 'Restore Show Desktop Icon'. Download the exe and run it.

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Hi guys,

as most of you will be aware with the show desktop feature in the windows, which in the system tray on bottom right of your screen.

I need a tweak or registry edit to make it do "Win + M" Minimize all Windows, instead of "Win + D" show desktop.

Reason is it hides my gadgets and docks, while Win + M keep those on the desktop and just minimizes the windows.

any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks, and sorry mods if i posted my first post in the wrong section. please move it to right section.


A:Windows 8.1 "Show Desktop" to "Win + M" from "Win + D"

Welcome to the Forums.

You could post a request here:
Post New Requests Here - DonationCoder.com

Please read the rules before posting.

The Mod on that forum and others there use AutoHotkey as well as other programming tools. But ahk should be suited to the task. If someone knows an existing freeware that already does it, they will suggest it. Your request sounds like the type of thing they would take on if there's no existing freeware.

Edit: Donations are voluntary. Nobody on DonationCoder twists your arm even if they write a small custom utility for you.

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I use XP Pro....
I keep my audio files in folders. And I don't know why every now and then when I open these folders all the files show in "Tile mode". I hate that and always convert them all to "List mode". But in a few days they go back to all showing in "Tile mode" again.

Is there a way to make all the contents of folders Always show in "List mode"?

A:Make folder contents always show as "List" not "Tiles"?

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Screenshots are a very handy way to show someone what you can see on your display, but on their own, they only tell part of the story. When you share that screenshot, the chances are you'll still have to explain its relevance - but Microsoft is aiming to streamline this whole process with a new tool from its Office team.

Microsoft Snip is available now as a beta release - and given that this is preview software, you should expect to encounter bugs and issues with it along the way.

Source: Microsoft Snip via The Verge

A:Microsoft launches Snip for Windows, turning screenshots into "show-and-tell"

Snip (Preview) is inspired by the theme of current Windows 10. I am running on Windows 8.1, the default actions are to run on start, and replace the PrintScreen function. It does not affect Alt+PrtScr.

The toolbar sits at the top center of the screen, and drops down with a mouse hover. You can Take a Snip, Open Whiteboard, or Camera, with a smaller icon to access the Library.

There is also an icon in the system tray, with similar options and an Exit. As shown below, I used the Print Screen button which allows for an snip of the screen, with window-detection. A zoomed bubble appears for better accuracy, as such:

Right-click from system tray


Settings for Microsoft Snip (Preview).
New Whiteboard


Toggle the title commands on/off using [...].

Capture of Firefox using window-detection.
New Photo


Select an attached webcam to take a screen capture.

This appeared after closing the New Photo, as my webcam is disabled.

No noticeable drag on performance.

Microsoft Snip is still Preview/BETA.

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for some strange reason I can't seem to check the "Show hidden files and folders" option, every time I do so it reverts back to "Do not show hidden files and folders".

Has anyone had the same problem. This feels so stupid. Please help me. Thanks.

A:Checking the "Show hidden files and folders" option in Windows XP

Hi and welcome, are you applying the change? Not just X'ing out and closing the box?

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I am opening "My Computer" shortcut from the desktop, in the taskbar, the pinned "shows desktop" is getting highlighted. I restarted and stuff, still the same. Does anyone know why?

A:When I click Windows Explorer, it shows on "show desktop" shortcut

Hello, in the right side of the Win7 taskbar is a built-in show desktop shortcut. Just wondering why you have a pinned one?
Attachment 154719
Delete the pinned show desktop shortcut. Hope this helps.

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For some reason, when I start my computer, instead of loading Windows XP automatically, the screen stops and makes me choose which version of Windows to load. It gives me two options, and both of them say the same thing..."Windows XP Home Edition." I checked the hard drive and there is only one partition. Also, only one option will actually load Windows. The other option says something like "failed to load Windows XP" or something like that. My question is, is there a way to delete the option that doesn't work so Windows will load automatically?

A:Two "Windows XP Home Edition" Show When Starting Computer

Yes there is a way to delete the file.

You need to find the boot.ini file and make a backup of it in 'My Documents'. Then open the file with notepad and delete the line which needs to be deleted (the dodgy one) and save it. Boot your computer and check if its gone.

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Instructions on line tell me to open group policy what to do from there, however, when I try to open group policy, I get this:

MMC cannot open the file C:\Windows\system32\gpedit.msc

This may be because the file does not exist, is not an MMC console, or was created by a later version of MMC. This may also be because you do not have sufficient access rights to the file.


A:Disabling the "Show password" icon when logging into Windows

Is it Windows 8 Home, Pro, or Enterprise? Are you logged in as an Administrator? Is this computer on a domain?

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I do not know why or how, but my mouse's middle button changed the way it opens the current opened windows:
instead of opening in an all screen pane, with all the windows which are opened disposed along the pane, it shows the "alt+tab" system.
I would like to know how do i get the all screen pane again, i like it a lot more.
I hope i've been clear enough.
Can someone assist me? Thanks.

A:Mouse Middle Button changed it's "show open windows" function

Hello Tomas, and welcome to Seven Forums.

What is the brand and model of your mouse? If we know which one you have, then someone with the same one will be able to help better.

For now, click on the Mouse icon in the Control Panel (icons view) to see if you may have a Settings type tab like in the screenshot below. This will vary depening on what brand you have, and if you installed the mouse's drivers/software.
I have a Logitech mouse, so I get this when I click on my SetPoint Settings tab. From here, I can change what the middle button function will be. This is brand specific though.
Hope this helps for now,

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Problem resolves, restarting server or user comp with this problem. But Net view "ip of my server", show acess denied, error 5, still remains. I want to fix this error at all.

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Alright well I got Windows Vista home basic, and its activated and all fine. So on my taskbar, whenever i minimize stuff and a tab is there, and i put my mouse over it, no picture comes up. I didn't know why but now I just checked and i right-clicked on taskbar, went to properties, and i looked at the menu and the option for "Show Windows Previews (Thumbnails)" won't let me check it....why?

A:Can't check "Show Windows Previews (Thumbnails)"??

Originally Posted by ubapook

Alright well I got Windows Vista home basic, and its activated and all fine. So on my taskbar, whenever i minimize stuff and a tab is there, and i put my mouse over it, no picture comes up. I didn't know why but now I just checked and i right-clicked on taskbar, went to properties, and i looked at the menu and the option for "Show Windows Previews (Thumbnails)" won't let me check it....why?

Do you have Vista Aero enabled? Live Thumbnails are available only when Aero is enabled:
Right-click anywhere on your desktop, and select PersonalizeClick "Window Color and Appearance"Click "Open classic appearance properties"Select "Windows Aero" in the Color Scheme. If it's not available, then your computer hardware does not support Aero.Click OKGo back into the Start Menu properties, and try enabling Live Preview Thumbnails again.But you are using Vista Home Basic, which if I remmber correctly, does not support Aero. You'll need to upgrade to Home Premium or Ultimate

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Hello There,

I am trying to activate the Client for NFS under the Control Panel but it does not show up as a feature. Where can I download it from please? Running Windows 7 Enterprise Edition. Please let me know if you need more info

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See the pic in Vista it was so easy to just turn them off. How do I do that in Windows 7 ?

Why would MS do that ? To this day I keep wondering why MS would remove that option ? What's the point ?

A:Why did MS remove "show windows previews (thumbnails)" ?

Hello Jordan,

You can use one of the options in the tutorial below to disable taskbar thumbnail previews.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

Hope this helps,

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While I know that the "show desktop" button that is by default on the far right of the taskbar does the job pretty well, it unfortunately does not play nicely with multiple monitor programs/rainmeter.

So I was wondering if it was possible to write a shortcut that does the same thing as manually minimising every window. (The difference being when you manually minimise all windows is that when you re-maximise a window, only that specific window opens. Upon re-maximising a window after clicking the "show desktop" button, EVERY window re-opens.)

I would be nice if I could minimise each desktop/monitor separately, but I'd be happy just with a feature to minimise all windows.

Any ideas?

A:A "show desktop" shortcut that actually minimises all windows?

I'm not sure this will work but it can't hurt.

Put the cursor on the screen of choice and use the Windows key and D.

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Yeah, I'm getting lazy and have no time to look it up; so why the warning bar for "Show All Content" keep coming up on some web sites? Must have changed something along the way. Please have mercy on an old guy and suggest a cure.

A:Windows 7, 64-bit, IE11 "Show All Content"

Quote: Originally Posted by dustymars

Yeah, I'm getting lazy and have no time to look it up; so why the warning bar for "Show All Content" keep coming up on some web sites? Must have changed something along the way. Please have mercy on an old guy and suggest a cure.

Give this a try.

Show All Content - Microsoft Community

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May I know is it possible to show domain user's "Display Name" instead of "User Logon Name" as owner in print queue? Our company's domain using generic "User Logon Name", i.e. 001, 002, 003 and so on, each "User Logon Name" will have personalized "Display Name", e.g. Mary, John etc., but a problem is when a print job printed by a user is hold in the print queue of a network printer, other users won't know who is it (the owner of the print job may shown as 001, 002 etc.) and so not able to ask that user to remove the print job. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

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EDIT: Rewritten for clarity
On Realtek ALC3861 Audio Driver (ver., A00) for Windows 10, there is no longer a button labeled "Show Meters" under Speakers/Headphones > Maxx Audio Pro in the bottom right corner (please see attached screenshot). This button in previous versions of the driver for Windows 7 opened a new window with sliders to balance front and back speakers in a surround sound setup.
What I did:
Updated my OS from 7 to 10 and updated the Realtek audio drivers accordingly - to the above mentioned version.
What I expected:
The "Show Meters" button would be present in the newest Realtek driver.
What really happened:
Upon upgrade to the newest driver, the "Show Meters" button disappeared.

I have reinstalled the newest driver multiple times with no avail and tried the driver from Windows 8.1 and the default driver from Realtek with worse affects (Dell Audio window is missing most elements/drop down options, etc)

If anyone would know how to address the issue, if this is intentional, or who to escalate this to, I would appreciate it.

A:Latest Version of Dell Audio is missing "Show Meters" button. (Windows 10, Dell XPS 8700)

I feel that I should be more observant. In Control Panel > Sound > Playback > Select the Realtek device > Properties > Levels there are the exact changes I need. I don't know why I didn't notice until now. Could explain why there was no "Show Meters" button in this release but I thought Windows 7 also had the same leveling and there was the leveling in Dell Audio as well.
I'm still going with a new sound card from Creative however, seen a super nice $70 one that looks awesome and seems to have features to match.

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Okay, so I recently moved to try and get a more simple look on one of my laptops. I have found that I like using the Soft7 2.0 theme with Token icons. But what I have noticed is that my clock no long matches. I'm wanting to know how do I change my clock color to something that matches and is a little more easy to read. Like black.

Also, I would like to get rid of that awful "Show Desktop" button in the bottom right. I have tried the tool from Kishan but it doesn't stay. When I click on anything involving the notification tray, it just pops back up. Does anyone have a fix for this?

A:How do I change clock color and remove the "Show Desktop" button?

There you go:
Windows 7 Show Desktop Button Remover : Remove Windows 7 Show Desktop Button With One Click | door2windows
you may find the answer at the bottom:

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Hi, in the "Quick access" window it currently shows the 20 most recently opened files. I would like to increase that number to something around 40 or 50. I'm guessing I'll have to do this through the registry, but I don't know where. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Is there a way to force Task Manager to open with the "Show processes from all users" option enabled?

I created a shortcut and added "/1" (without quotes) in the property target line but it did not work. (I know, one click will accomplish this but I just like to tweak!)


Found Brink's post of 05-18-2009 on same subject. Followed his directions and worked like a charm.

Thanks Brink !

A:Force Task Manager "Show processes from all users" always enabled.

Hello Manuel,

In addition, you could use the shortcut below to have this. The "Show processes from all users" option just runs Task Manager as elevated (Run as administrator).

Task Manager - Create Elevated Shortcut

Hope this helps,

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what software is this show done with and is there some thing out there that can be bought by the general public? I love the little animations that flash over the faces and screen

I do lots of kids videos and i edit with vegas 7

is adobe aftereffects the software that can do this?

any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

A:Looking for cool video software kinda like the one used on the "blind date show"

After Effects could do it, though it would be easier in Cinema4D or Maya. It would, in any case, take a long time (at least a week).

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I upgraded to the CP a few days ago and just noticed a huge problem. The "Show Desktop" tile that is normally on the start screen be default has gone missing. I can't figure out how I got rid of it in the first place, but is there some way to add it back?

EDIT: I have changed the title to more accurately reflect the problem. A bunch of the features that come with Windows 8 CP (the tablet friendly Settings page, Remote Desktop, the show desktop tile, The Windows Store, etc) all vanished shortly after I installed Windows 8. I tried reinstalling and the same thing happened again. If anyone else is having this issue, let me know.

A:Can't find "show desktop" tile on Metro start screen

Go to the start screen and just type Desktop. The first screen shown below should appear with the Desktop listed. Right click on the desktop icon and re-pin it to your start screen using the option at the bottom of the screen. Below it shows only 'unpin' as I have not deleted the desktop icon from my own Start page.

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Is there a way to disable (grayout) the View>Show desktop icon when you right click the desktop? The purpose is to prevent user from changing /toggling the setting. We want it to be always "Checked".

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Help! This annoying little problem is driving me nuts. When I right click on the mouse the options that use to appear on the screen no longer do & I cannot use ctrl c or v on the keyboard either. What can be causing this & how can I fix it?? Thanks in advance!

A:Mouse will not show "right click" options-keyboard ctrl c & v not working either???

Does this just affect Word, or all programs, such as Notepad?
Did you make any changes recently?

If this is just affecting Word you may need to go to the following link for additional Keyboard shortcuts for Word and support:

Character and paragraph formatting
To do this Press

Copy formatting from text.


Apply copied formatting to text.


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Hi All,

Yesterday, I could pick and choose many columns to show in Task Manager under the Processes tab by selecting "Select Columns" in the View menu.
Today, when I look in the View menu, I have no "Select Columns" option to choose. I can't for the life of me figure out where it went or why it would have disappeared. I can Right Click on the columns and see a few stock column options, but yesterday there were MANY options to choose from.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

A:Task Manager "Show Columns" under View Menu is missing

Right click inside the area of red rectangular:

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Win 7 32Bit Home Premium (Vista Upgrade)


My apologies if this had already been addressed in a different thread, but I could not find an answer to my issue anywhere.

I want to be able to record "What u hear". Every thread I have read states the same thing. Control panel> sound> Recording tab> right click> Show disabled devices.

This does not display my sound card, so I am unable to enable it as my default recording device. It doesn't change anything, all I see is my laptop microphone.

I have resorted to plugging a 3.5mm (1/4") double adapter and a male to male cable between audio out to mic in, to enable recording whilst being able to listen to what I'm doing.

Please help!

A:Recording issue - "Show Disabled Devices" does not work

Not ALL sound systems have the System Mixer function. Check Sony for newer sound drivers for you PC and they may or may not work or help.

There are some software programs around that will allow you to record streaming audio. Sorry, but I don't recall what they are. A google search may turn up something.

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I recently configured my files and folders to show the "Details" view, using the tutorial, "Windows Explorer Folder View settings":

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

So far, everything looks fine in Windows Explorer. (I obviously haven't checked every one of hundreds of folders )

However, if I do a download, and click "Save", the download dialog has the view setting "Icons". All sub-directories also have the setting "Icons"

Is there a way to universally change *every* folder to have "Details" as the view option in *every" dialog box?

A:How to make Download dialog show "Details" view?

Here's some more info on the folder properties.

A) In Windows Explorer, if I click on any personal folder, such as "Documents". Right-click. Select "Properties".

In the "Customize" tab, the template is "Documents", and "Apply to subfolders" is checked.

Open any sub-folder, or sub-sub-folder. All entries are correct. They all show the "Details" view. This is all fine.


B) However, when I am downloading a file, the folders show the "Small icons" view, rather than the "Details" view.

For example, in the downloads dialog, click on the "Documents" personal folder. Right-click. Select "Properties".

In the "Customize" tab, the template is "Documents", and "Apply to subfolders" is checked.

However, open any sub-folder. Folders are shown in three columns. If I click "Views", I see "Small icons".



C) In the downloads dialog, click on the "Downloads" personal folder. Right-click. Select "Properties".

Everything is identical to B, but now FILES ARE SHOWN.


It seems to me that registry values used by Windows Explorer and the downloads dialog box are different.

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So basically I opened up my task manager a moment ago, and found it flooded with running processes. I'd had experience before with Poweliks and used a program to remove that on two separate occasions. This time around the program didn't detect it. So I started running Malware Bytes and Norton, both of which found malware and removed them. But the same issue of the heavily loaded task manager continued.

Then I found that I had "Show processes from all users" checked on, and checking it off had my task manager processes significantly reduced in number.

Then I remember an incident earlier today in which a program crashed, forcing me to navigate the task manager with my keyboard only to shut off the program. I had been rather sloppy in my attempt to close it and may have accidentally clicked "Show processes from all users" on.

So this feels like a dumb question so I ask, is it normal and was this the case? Is 66 processes for all users normal?

A:Malware or accident involving "Show processes from all users"?

66 is not bad. Using my 3 brain cells memory that is normal for many.
The system I'm on now has 52

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is this a bug or something I need to 'enable' ? some of the items that I have added to my desktop do not appear on the graphical desktop [control panel being one] - but if I open explorer and flick the desktop folder, they are there.
another annoying step... how to correct that?

also, does someone have a shortcut to "cmd" and/or the shutdown menu? I'm having to do multiple steps to get the interface out of the way

A:bug? Items added to "Desktop" are hidden ... show in Explorer

Hello Cognus,

You could right click in the Navigation Pane and click on Show all folders to have more options including "Control Panel" in it.

For CMD and Shutdown, you might see if any of these may help depending on what you like best. The ones for Windows 7 below will work in Windows 8 as well.

Power - Add Cascading Desktop Context Menu in Windows 8Taskbar - Pin or Unpin Apps in Windows 8 (can be used to pin cmd.exe)Open Command Window Here - Windows 7 ForumsControl Panel All Tasks List Shortcut - Windows 7 ForumsControl Panel - Add or Remove from Desktop Context Menu - Windows 7 Forums
Hope this helps,

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Hey guys, now I have this very minor, but weird problem that I would like resolved on my computer.

As you can see above, my image for the "Show Desktop" Button will not show in the Quick Launch bar... how can I restore it? I tried Google, but all Google is showing me on how to make this icon again and drag it there... but I already have the icon, I just want the image restored.

I know this is very minor, but I am sorry I am not very good with all this.

Any help?

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I just noticed when I try to show processes for all users in task manager, UAC prompts me, I push OK and task manager disappears. If I try it again or maybe the third time, it works. Anybody heard of this. I keep Avast up to date, run Spybot and Malwarebytes every 3-4 days. I don't think it's a virus or malware thing. Any thoughts?

A:Task manager "show processes all users" fails sometimes

I am still having the same problem. I hate to bring this back again but does anyone else have this problem? To "show processes for all users" it works on the 3rd try. It is getting annoying. Even if you don't know how to fix it, do you have the same problem?

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Just curious, I have been watching my Logs often enough just to see if my DSL service drops or anything like that, Today I found a log stating "LAN access from remote" and then the IP address to my laptop. Can someone tell me what this log means? does this mean that someone is accessing my routher and computers remotely? Just want to be careful

thank you

A:Solved: Logs show "LAN access from remote" and IP address

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Good evening people! .
I did a clean windows 7 recovery yesterday night (left computer doing the work while I was asleep) via HP recovery manager, and today while setting it up, I plugged in my external HDD for software installers and stuff (not sure if the problem was present at the moment).Later, when I wanted to eject it and unplug it, it didn't want to eject, saying that something in it was in use, although I was sure I closed everything in relation (maybe a process was still on), but I unplugged it anyways thinking that the ejection is not crucial for mass storage devices, then when I plugged it back in later, it showed as Local Disk, and so did the recovery partition tat was entitled "Recovery" before (The external HDD, which is a Transcend, does work properly though, and when plugged, the scan options notification from ESET Smart Security display its original name).
I hope I wasn't long explaining useless stuff, and hope you guys would be of help to me, thank you so much for your time! ^^.

A:External Hdd+ recovery partition show as "Local disk"

what is shows in device manager?..
Disk management?

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so I just got a refurbished Acer laptop and am trying to install Super Anti-Spyware, but when I try to change the folder it installs to, the Browse for Folder window shows up blank.

(attached pic)

I searched different forums for help on this, and have already tried the command prompt solutions discussed in this thread:
"Browse for Folder" dialogs appear blank

to no avail

running /sfc scannow found a few problems and fixed them but even after I restarted the Browse for folder still shows up blank

Does anyone have any additional suggestions / ways you fixed this problem if you had it?

thanks a bunch

A:"Browse for Folder" doesn't show anything / is blank when installing

Welcome to Seven Forums 99problemswithw. Did you register both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions? If just the 32 bit in my suggestion in the other thread you referred to, then try this as well:

Start> Type cmd in search box> right click on cmd.exe in results above> click on Run as Administrator

When command prompt opens, type the following (notice the space) :

regsvr32 %windir%\syswow64\shdocvw.dll

Press Enter

regsvr32 %windir%\syswow64\browseui.dll

Press Enter

Reboot and see if problem is fixed.

A Guy

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I am not able to view hidden files and folders because i cannot find the option "Show hidden files and folders". Look at the image below to know how the window looks. Some people said it could be a possible virus that has disabled that option. I thourougly scanned the pc with Kaspersky Internet security 2011, but could not find any thing. Please help me solve this problem. I cannot view any hidden files or folders. Look at the image below

A:"Show hidden files and folders" option not present. HELP

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Hello all,

I have always had the setting "Show Window Contents While Dragging" option set on my computer, and it has always worked fine. However, starting roughly a month or so ago, the option refuses to stick. Almost every time I boot up my computer, I will have to set the option again for the day.

I am running Windows XP Home Edition, on an HP computer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! :]

A:"Show Window Content While Dragging" stopped sticking.

Checkout item 30 at: http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm

Good luck.

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I managed to create these custom context menu options:

Creating two registry keys in [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell], and using these commands:

attrib -h "%1"
attrib +h "%1"
("Mostra" = show, "Nascondi" = hide in italian)

Now, is there a way to make only one of the two options appear? ("Show file" if the file is hidden, "Hide file" if the file is not hidden). I suppose it's not that easy...

Thanks for the help!

A:"Hide/show selected file" using context menu

Hello Trial4life, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see how this may work for you.

File and Folder - Add "Hide" and "Unhide" to Context Menu

Hope this helps,

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