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Can't remove email accounts from mail folders

Q: Can't remove email accounts from mail folders

Hello All:

I am looking for some help in removing two email accounts that appear in my all mail folders list in Outlook 2003. They do not appear in the "Tools-Email Accounts" listing that normally allows you add, change, or remove accounts. However, they do appear in the deliver new email to the following location drop down menu.

If I right or left click on the name of the mail account in the folders list, I can not delete them and get an error message that says:

This error usually appears if the OST or PST file you are using is:
Protected with file permissions
On a share on a server and the network is down
To correct this problem, store the OST or PST file on the local computer.
You may also want to run the scanost.exe and scanpst.exe tools to verify file integrity.
More information about this error message online.

I have looked for every opportunity I am aware of to delete these accounts from the folder listing and I can not get rid of them.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Can't remove email accounts from mail folders

I recommend downloading and running Outlook PST Repair. It's a PST repair tool that I've used it in the past to recover emails, contacts, tasks and notes from corrupt Outlook files that are damaged or inaccessible. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/1bjhSi. (This link will automatically start a download of Outlook PST Repair that you can save to your computer.)


A crazy situation has occurred - my Windows Live Mail has lost contact with my two email accounts and their stores of messages. The message folders are still there in a "mail" folder but Windows Mail isn't accessing them. And neither messages NOR the two email accounts appear when I open the Live Mail prog. - it is just blank of content.

This has occurred because I was inadvertently running Skydrive on two computers, (one new just acquired), and backing up the same Live Mail folder simultaneously on both.

So Windows Mail seems to have done a lot of renaming of folders, and creating second, additional versions of folders. It looks like it renamed what may have been a "pop3.blueyonder.co.uk" folder for the main account's messages to "pop3.blueyo 6c8", which shows as just having been created today (when it is really years old) And it similarly renamed the other mail account's folder. Plus it created double versions of all the other main folders like Storage/ Your Feeds/ Outbox.

So a right mess.

I urgently need to reconnect Live Mail to its accounts and message folders for the sake of my business. How should I go about that?

(I't's easy enough to re-enter the accounts/account details - but I haven't done that yet, just in case I make the situation worse).

Please help.Many thanks.

A:Windows Mail has lost "contact" with my email accounts and folders!

P.S. I've got back the accounts. Hoping to restore order, I had deleted what appeared to be some surplus folders in my "mail folder" - including

1) 4 x folders called "blueyonder.9f1"/"..9f1.." etc which had empty "Inbox"/"Deleted" folders in them

2) 2 x other "pop3.blueyo folders" - also with empty folders.

So I restored these - and my accounts now register in Live Mail but with no old messages in them (though they're taking in new messages).

But I now have FOUR Livemail accounts instead of two. Two for

"pop3blueyonder.co.uk"/"pop3.blueyonder.co.uk"(1) AND another two for

"blueyonder. co.uk [mike].. and blueyonder.co.uk [rafe]

- the last two being created today in the doubling up.

Plus the "mail" folder now contains not just four but SIX "blueyonder"/"pop3blueyonder" folders!! (only two of them have the main sets of messages, of course)

Arrggh! What do I do?

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I currently have a wireless ISP that I'm not totally happy with and have been thinking about switching over to another ISP - specifically Century Link due to the much lower monthly price, hopefully better reliability and much higher speeds (12mb vs 1.5mb).

My question is my current ISP offers email to which I have three email accounts attached and once I leave this ISP I will need to set up new email accounts - gmail, etc. In the event I'm not happy with Century Link down the road and want to change providers again I don't want to have to change the email accounts so does using the ".gmail.com" extension make sense or is there something else that makes better sense? I know Century Link also offers their own email extensions but that would then lock me into them which is not what I want to do.

Also, with my current ISP I have been using Windows Live Mail and like it and have quite a few folders, etc that I have accumulated over the 6 years I have had these accounts. Going forward I tried setting up some gmail accounts and inside WLM I set them up also so when I get my new mail it comes in for the gmail accounts along with the mail from the current ISP email accounts. I realize I can "store" the new gmail entries in the old WLM folders by simply dragging and dropping the entry into my old WLM folders or is this not a wise thing to do? Or should I make the same folders under the "gmail" accounts and drag and drop the old folder con... Read more

A:Live Mail vs other mail programs and email accounts

use gmail and then you are ISP independant - I have been for years
also with the client I use , I also leave the email on the gmail server - and just move to "all mail" on gmail - that way i have a backup of my email on gmail servers. you get quite a lot of storage on gmail - and every now and then I purge out all the rubbish email on the gmail server
Also by moving the email to "all folders" - i f i want to work without my PC - i can log into the web service and then only se the latest email in the inbox

i keep the same folders for all my email accounts- and often use an inbox rule on my client (thunderbird) to move to folders

but thats how i like to work

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Is it possible to receive an email using Outlook or Outlook Express and have to note go into a Local Folder other then Inbox. I would like to be able to receive emails from my main server and place them in the Inbox folder, I would also like to be able to receive emails from another ID on another server and have it placed a folder other then Inbox when I receive my email.

A:Multiple email accounts to Inbox and other folders

Sure, you just need to make a rule.
Create the new folder, then set the rule to check messages when they arrive thru the specified account, move to specified folder.

This page shows how to create a rule in Outlook.

This page shows how to do it in Outlook Express.

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I would like to receive all my emails from a several GMail accounts via POP. Before I go about creating and setting up Outlook2007 to POP all these accounts;

I would like each mail account to have its own 'folder' with Inbox, sent, etc:


>Sent Items
>Deleted Items

>Sent Items
>Deleted Items

>Sent Items
>Deleted Items

And set up in such a way that all the incoming mail for this particular account lands directly into its Inbox. When an email is sent, it gets saved in the Sent Items and so on and so forth.

How do I do this?


A:Outlook2007 | Creating folders for email accounts

Do this:Tools / Options /Mail Setup/E-mail Account
chose the account U wanna edit and after Change folder/New folder or New OutlookdataFile

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I have read through the forums and tried all of the suggestions. My computer ran some kind of scan and ALL of my previously deleted email accounts showed back up. Now, when I go to settings in the mail app, click on account and then click on the account
I want to remove, the side bar just disappears. Help!

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I am using Outlook 2003 on Windows XP and I have the following problem.

Last week, I had a crash. I had to reload my (way-too-old) .pst backup. It contained e-mail accounts from an old ISP I don't use anymore. So I went in Tools/E-Mail Accounts to delete the old accounts and successfully add the new ISP's.

The problem is that whenever I check my mail, Outlook still tries to connect with my old ISP - even there is ABSOLUTELY no traces of it in the E-mail Account window??? So I must cancel the annoying Enter Network Password box everytime and then Outlook fetches my mail from my new ISP.

I even searched and deleted a few mention of the old ISP in my Registry but beyond that I am puzzled and would like to stop seeing those error boxes EVERY time I check for email!!!

Any help would be SOOOO appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
Abheeru Ricard

A:Cannot delete/remove e-mail accounts!!

You might try to create a new profile in Outlook and if it works, then delete the old profile.

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I have been trying to remove hotmail accounts from Mail (Windows 8.1) and it won't work.
I followed the steps (Settings > Account) but when I click on the account, the charms bar closes every single time. I've tried it with other Outlook account and when I click on the account the options opens but for both Hotmail account it doesn't.
How can I get rid of these hotmail account?

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Hi, I just began using Live Mail. I have two email accounts in which I would like to combine together. In other words, when I open Live Mail I would like all of my incoming mail from both accounts to come up/intermixed together in one pane. I "don't" want to open each account seperately in order to read my emails. Is there a setting somewhere to combine them? Thanks in advance, Ray

A:Live Mail: Can I Combine Two Email Accounts?

Do you mean you have mail from 2 accounts and going forward will just use 1 and want to combine itno one? Or you want to keep using both ongoing and want it all to show in single inbox?

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I did the SP1 update on the weekend. I don't know if this is why this has happened but Windows live Mail, when opened, is now empty. All of my emails, settings, contacts and accounts are gone. I can see all the folders when I look under C:\Users\... but I don't know how to restore all of it. I'm hoping someone here could assist?

I did read the backup solution before doing the Win update but it's a little late for that since I just read it here now. :-(

Thank you.

Kokabella Creations
Saint Augustine, FL

A:All Accounts & Email Gone in Windows Live Mail

if all the folders and mail data is on your C drive maybe you can try to import them to windows live mail to be able to see them again.

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Can someone please tell me how to set up multiple POP3 email accounts in Windows 8 mail?
I actually need 2 accounts.

I used to use Outlook Express but as this is no longer available I am stuck.
All I seem to be able to set up us Google and Hotmail Accounts.

All help much appreciated

A:POP3 and IMAP email accounts in MAIL

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This might be a really stupid question but i CANNOT find the setting to combine all my email accounts on the Windows 10 email app and it's really frustrating me, i searched all over google and can't find anything I just dont see the option anywhere.

A:Windows 10 mail app combine email accounts?

Click on the Setting cog wheel at the bottom left
From the panel that slides out select Manage Accounts

Under your email accounts on the next page that appears should be an option that says Link Accounts
Select the ones you want to combine and hit Save

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I can't add our shared org email using the normal outlook setup. I tried POP/IMAP, it worked but the emails and subfolders are incomplete. And the shared org email is associated with my personal org email, whenever I tried to remove the associated folders,
it say's "This group of folders is associated with an email account. To remove the account, click the File Tab, and on the Info tab, click Account Settings. Select the e-mail account and than click Remove."
Then I tried a lot of times to remove my email and back again, it is still there. I also removed the additional mailboxes in the screenshot below.

Please help. Thanks.

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A problem that keeps coming back.
I have had this problem about 4 times now and on different PC's.
I install WLMail and use it for a while with on average 4 or 5 accounts in it of which 2 hotmail and one live mail account and some other one(s).

Once again and this time on a laptop with Vista Home Premium running on it I have Windows Live installed and loaded it with this time 5 accounts.
For about 4 months it has worked like a charm and I was always able to open Live Mail and get all my mail come in without any issues.
However after about 3 1/2 months it lost the ability to load my emails from one of my Hotmail accounts and it comes up with an errors indicating the following:

Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail (XXXXX) account. To send and receive messages in your Hotmail account, go to Sign In on the Web, or try again later. To get help from Windows Live Customer Support, go to http://support.live.com and click Windows Live Mail in the list of services.

Server Error: 0x80191002
Server: 'http://mail.services.live.com/DeltaSync_v2.0.0/Sync.aspx'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80191002

The advice given to me in the past with this same issue and pretty much the same error message was to uninstall and reinstall WLMail on my PC.
This has not solved the problem 100% for it happens again after a few weeks or months.
Untill it happens again I usually can use Live Mail without any problems but than it starts to fail again.

My Question is, Is there something th... Read more

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Microsoft Mail will not save name & password on one of my email accounts.

Had to change password on one of my accounts with gmail.

MS mail won't save address and password to send and receive email on that account.

Have Vista.

Any ideas?

Thank you. Shetawk

A:Microsoft Mail will not save name & password on one of my email accounts.

Try the Email Account settings and tick "Save Password"

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My old CPU Hard drive failed so I bought a new CPU. A Toshiba SateliteC55 with Windows 8.
Ok I am trying to set up my emails is Windows live Mail client. I had another CPU with Win 7 so I had my emails set up before on it. Thing is now charter won't help me with my problem and neither will MS.
They sent me the link for setting it up on WLM. Here is the link http://www.myaccount.charter.com/customers/Support.aspx?SupportArticleID=2656 which I did. I have 3 different emails with charter. I set up the first one and followed the instructions and set it up as IMAP. But in WLM it recognize it as POP3 and won't let me change it. So I can download all 9000 emails that were on the server (don't know why they were there) but it won't let me send out an email from WLM. I change it to a POP instead of IMAP and it let me send out an email.
Also when In tried to set up the second email IMAP it tells me it can't find the IMAP server even though it will DL emails from the first email set up as Imap.
It is very confusing and Charter is a worthless hump of information. I guess what I want to ask is there a link for a step by step setup for charter emails to windows live mail? I also will be setting this up on my phone and Ipad..
IS there another client I could use instead of this that is easier to use. I would rather just use that.
Thanks for the help. If this is confusing please point it out because I am so frustrated at charter I may not be... Read more

A:Setting Up Windows Live Mail With Charter Email Accounts

I also have multiple e-mail on charter and works fine.Here is the setup.
If you still have trouble let me know.

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After the desktop computer I was using until a couple of weeks ago crashed (permanently), I bought a new computer (AMD quad chip, Windows 7 64 bit). I put the main hard drive from the old computer into a case, and was able to connect it by USB to my new computer to save my data (I copied the libraries onto the new computer), but have not been able to find out how to rescue my Live Mail account information, contacts, message rules and saved or unread emails. Any article I find talks about first exporting the information, but since the hard drive that version of Live Mail is on is no longer bootable, I have no way to export the data. If I can find where to locate it, I would like to be able to copy the files into the new computer, replacing whatever files would be set up when I first start Live Mail. The old computer was Windows 7 32 bit. Any help with this would be appreciated.



A:Problems moving Live Mail accounts, contacts and email

Were you signing in to WLM on the old computer? If so, your contacts are at the website contacts.live.com and will be imported into the new program when you sign in. They should also be here for 2011:C:\Users\<windows username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Contacts; (in 2009/2010 the sub-folder under Microsoft is "Windows Live Contacts").

The message store folder is along a similar path ending in "Windows Live Mail".

You could try dragging and dropping the contents of the old folders into the new. I've done this only with contacts to see if it would work for the not-signed-in case. It worked for me in 2009/2010 but in the process I had to answer a lot of prompts with "try again" or "yes" since WLM wants to be sure you really want to do this. BTW, the folders may look empty but that's only beause they are hidden by default; they can be dragged even if not visible by selecting everything in the right pane of the Explorer window showing the folder's contents.

The messages may work the same way. If not you can make them visible by changing the folder/view option to not "hide protected operating system files". Create new folders in Windows Explorer to keep your groups of *.eml files, then use WLM's import messages feature to navigate to each folder separately and bring it's contents in to WLM.

As for the accounts and message rules, I usually just set that up from scratch myself even though there is an export/imp... Read more

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Sony Vaio - VPCEB3F4E
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU P6100 @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3758 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics
Motherboard: Sony Corporation, VAIO
Hello there,

I'm coming to the end of my tether with Windows Live Mail.

I've had this laptop for just over a year and up until about 4 months ago the mail facility provided by Windows 7 was working perfectly. I previously had my 2 Hotmail accounts synced up and receiving and sending emails no problem.

That is until it died - it stopped receiving mail and started giving me error messages, in despair I began to search online for solutions however I either didn't find anything relating to my Vaio model or the things I did find which could possibly have helped, didn't. I tried deleting the accounts and re-syncing them too - error. (I can't remember these error messages or their codes)

I lost all hope as had other problems with slow start up, slow running time, slow mouse etc. and returned to checking my emails through my browser. Recently I got myself in gear and cleaned the system, defragment etc, and the laptop is back to its almost new state, so I thought I'd give Windows Live Mail another shot.

Same problem I think, will not sync the accounts what so ever, even though the nice little message is telling me:
"Windows Live Mail is synchronising this account.... Read more

A:Windows Live Mail on Vaio won't Sync with Hotmail email accounts??!

That error is a network connection error message, that is commonly associated with Windows update

What security software are you using, that might be blocking WLM connecting.
Do you have an ad blocker as that can cause it, as can a proxy being set or used

A misconfigured firewall can also cause it as can having malware on teh computer

From the other symptoms, I would guess at malware
follow advice here and post the logs those programs make in your next repkly here & I'll see what shows up and we gan go from there

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two weeks ago Microsoft did some updates on Outlook.com server, the result is that Windows 8.1 Mail app no longer allow to add any additional account (including IMAP) other than default Outlook account associated with the Microsoft Account. Existing additional
email accounts are no longer accessible. Reinstallation of the Mail/Calendar/People apps won't help.
Thje issue is confirmed by at least 50 users in various posts in

Answers forum. Please, do not refer me to ask for help there. I have feeling that I talk to bots there because their robotic answers (reinstall, scan disk) does not make any sense.

The bug is caused by a Microsoft server update. Note that Windows 8.1 are still officially supported and existing features like IMAP email accounts are
supposed to work.
There is no way to report the bug to Microsoft ! Feedback application works for Windows 10 issues only and the Feedback option in Windows 8.1 apps no longer works.
Thanks for any constructive answer.

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I have too many mail folders in my Outlook 2003.....some say imap.gmail and some say Personal folders....received e-mails were being put in two separate "Inboxes" in two separate folders....I deleted the non-default e-mail account (via "E-Mail Accounts")...now incoming e-mails go to only one folder....I'd like to simplify my mail folders.....how do I do that? specifically, how can I delete folders and make sure incoming e-mails go to the "Inbox" I wish them to go to? thank you.

A:Outlook 2003 -- too many mail folders! how to remove?

Hi JoeR11

IMAP accounts create their own set of mail folders.
You can setup your Gmail account as a POP account, this way all your incoming (POP) mail will go to the one Inbox.

Gmail can be configured to use either IMAP or POP.
You will need to enable the POP option for Gmail on the Gmail settings page and setup the correct POP server settings, they will be slightly different from the IMAP server settings.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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Just upgraded to Windowss 7 with Windows Live Mail, used Windows Easy Transfer to move from machine running Outlook Express. All of my accounts, folders, and message rules were imported just fine, but I cannot change message rules to filter new incoming emails to go into the correct folders - everything goes into the Storage Folders which is totally frustrating :-( If I try to edit a message rule the "OK" button is ghosted. Surely there must be some way to get emails to go into the correct account folders?

A:Stop email from going into Storage folders in Windows Live Mail

Are you accessing your mail with POP or IMAP?

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How to remove an e-mail account that no longer exists from the MS Mail app? 
The option of deleting the acoount is not available unless the app connects to the account, which in this case no longer exists.


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Under Settings->Accounts->Your email and accounts
at my email account it says: "Attention required"

I am using Outlook 2013 and outlook.com (pop/smtp)
I have been using the Outlook app, but replaced it with K9 Mail and removed the app from my tablet (imap-mail.outlook.com)

What am I going to mess up here when clicking [Manage] and [Save]
Puzzled as to what should be synchronized: everything is running fine now...


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I am facing a problem where I am not able to login my Microsoft account in Settings > Accounts > Email and app accounts after  Microsoft updates I cannot login to ms account which is not showing on the screen to login, because of this i am not able to buy apps in ms store and I have updates all the Drives of dell and also MS software
Kindy plzz help in this issue  

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I use the new Windows Live Mail client to access two IMAP accounts, Gmail and one provided by my University. Gmail works such that whenever you send an email through it, it automatically puts a copy in the Sent Mail folder. So if the WLM client tries to put a copy there as well, you end up with two copies of the email in the Sent Mail folder. The University IMAP account doesn't work like this. A copy will only appear in the Sent Mail folder for that account if the client program puts a copy there.

So the problem is the way WLM handles this. Most IMAP settings are specific to the account. You right click on an account, go to settings, and then go to the IMAP section and specify the folders and stuff like that. However, the option of whether or not WLM puts a copy of an email you send in the Sent Mail folder can only be set for the entire client.

In Tools->Options->Send is the checkbox for this option. If it's checked, I get a single copy of sent mail in the University account and two copies in Gmail. If it is unchecked I get no copies for the University account and just one for Gmail.

Does anyone know a way to fix this?

edit: Oh, and a side question, is it possible to make WLM stop showing the number of unread emails in the trash or spam? They're in there because I have no intention of reading them. I don't care how many are unread.

A:Windows Live Mail - Sent Mail folder - Multiple IMAP accounts including Gmail

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After installing SP2 on my Vista Business OS laptop I could no longer send and receive all my mail in Windows Mail.
I had my BT Yahoo mail account set up to deliver all my mail to my POP inbox. This included mail from 2 other servers which could then be accessed through my Mail Inbox. Several of the email addresses are used for a web page that I maintain on an Apache server and cannot be accessed in any other manner. The other server that had mail forwarded to my Inbox can be accessed with HTTP and is not so important, yet still irritating.

Microsoft's answer to problems with the (now unsupported, apparently) Windows Mail that all Vista users have paid for, seems to be exclusively to tell everyone to move to using Windows Live Mail.
So I downloaded it most reluctantly. And it also does not work with these forwarded mail addresses. Just keep getting asked for a password over and over.

I can go to the BT Yahoo server and send mail there out of these external addresses but it is not possible to receive mail.

So is that it, Microsoft? Can I no longer access these accounts at all?

I would change to using Mozilla Thunderbird but it has no facility for importing my huge store of Windows Mail Messages.

Any suggestions anybody, I have spent many hours on this and it is driving me demented. All real help would be most appreciated.

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After a clean install of Windows 7, I installed Office 2007. I also installed Windows Live Mail not to use it as an e-mail client, but only as an intermediate to import mail accounts. Therefore, I imported all my many e-mail accounts to Windows Live Mail from previously saved IAF files. Until here all worked as expected. The problem is that now, when I try to "Import internet mail account settings" from Windows Live Mail to Outlook it just answers "No internet accounts were found to import". How come?

Can someone please instruct me on how to overcome this problem, please?

A:Importing mail accounts from Live Mail to Outlook 2007

Please, don't rush to answer, it only passed three months since the question .

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I'm new to windows 7. Found this discrepancy when using App called GroupMail. It's mail importing of my recently new addresses did not coincide with what I was seeing in WLM folders. I'm finding store folders In C:user/contacts and in Crogram Files/Windows Mail/wab and Crogram Files (x86)/Windows Mail/wab which are all the same and different from WLM screen. Why? How do I change to get everything together for my app to work properly? Thanks for any insights!

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I am running a W7 upgrade from Vista Home Premium. This is a large jump since on the computer I just retired I was running Outlook Express 6. I liked the fact that in OE I had one list of folders, and one inbox, deleted and sent folders on the left column. In Live Mail each e-mail account (5) I maintain has a separate set of folders. I see I can set the Quick View to see all the incoming mail in the center window but I find after deleting e-mails I have to go through each account separately to empty the deletes. Is there a way to empty all e-mail accounts with one command?

I have other Live Mail problems I will send as separate threads.


A:Live Mail - e-mail accounts

Welcome to the joys of Windows Live Mail.
Pretty sure that the good people that designed Windows Live Mail did not use Outlook Express.

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I am wondering whats the best owner account to use on user folders. Currently it was either system or unknown.

I have been having trouble with a game not saving every time I saved which is why I thought of this.

However I have now changed the owner on each user folder to my account.

See screenshots.

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Hi, My name is Fran. I've had something strange going on for a while (a month?) and I thought I'd give this a shot to figure out what the problem is. As I said in the Topic title, I have blank Outlook 2003 emails that keep showing up in my Inbox/Sent Mail/Deleted Mail Folders for my hotmail account in Outlook 2003. They all are the same size, but have various times. I contacted Microsoft, and they suggested that I reset my passwordsand security questions for all of my email accounts. I did this, but the problem has continued in my Hotmail account in Outlook 2003. This has made me suspect that I have something on my computer that picked up the new password. I fear that someone or something is hijacking my computer and want to put a stop to it. I read something today about HijackThis and decided to give it a try. I installed the software and ran a scan generating a log file. It then instructed me to use one of the forums for assistance in a list on their website in which you were at the top--so here I am.I attached the log for the scan from Hijackthis (I HAD TWO FILES AND WAS UNSURE WHICH YOU SHOULD GET, SO I UPLOADED BOTH--I RAN TWO SCANS WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF EACH OTHER, BUT AM UNSURE IF THESE LOGS ARE FOR EACH OR JUST ONE SCAN). And, when I looked at the scans' logs, it was all Greek to me. Of course, if there is any other info you need, please just let me know. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.B... Read more

A:Blank Outlook 2003 emails keep showing up in my Inbox/Sent Mail/Deleted Mail Folders

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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In a short while I will be purchasing a Windows 10 PC, but I am not sure if I'll be able to tell them I want to install Win10 myself or if they'll do it for me.

The point is, all the software I've collected, executables and all, is stored in my present Windows 7 folder:


And in various subfolders from this root.

If my main User Account is already set up by the time I get my Win10 PC, is there a way I can change the folder as well as the name of the User Account? I've heard the latter is simple, but more involved for the former.

So can this be done?

A:Renaming User Accounts and their folders

You would create a new local user account with the user name you want, change the account type to administrator, and then copy the desired data into the new user folder. Then delete the old account.

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I have 2 accounts with my isp and one from earthlink. I wanted to know how I could make the earthlink account put the new messeges in a sub folder under the inbox folder. I want to separate the incoming messeges. So basically I want my isp's mail to come in the regular inbox folder and the earthlink mail to come into the sub folder i created under the inbox folder any help?

I just need to know how to change it so I can tell outlook where certain messeges from certain accounts go.

A:Manage multiple accounts, folders.

Tools > Message Rules > Mail

Check these boxes
1)Select the Conditions for your rule
Where the message is from a specified account

2)Select the actions for your rule
Move it to a specified folder.

3)Rule Description (Click an underlined value to edit it):
Apply this rule after the message arrives
Where the message is from the specified account
Move it to the specified folder

Edit the things in blue by clicking on them.

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Or you could create a new Identity and keep the accounts completely separate.
File > Identities > Add New IdentityClick to expand...

I got confused when I have read many forums.

I am looking to create two identities , could you please post step- by-step details how can I achieve that to have two different emails addresses with two different separate folders ( inbox, sent , deleted,,,,,etc).

Can we apply same thing to outlook 2003

A:OE with multiple accounts with two different inboxes folders

For Outlook Express:

For Outlook:
http://oit.utk.edu/exchange/faq/faq_outlook_email.php#Setup_140 This one has everything you ever wanted to know about Outlook.

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Hello everyone,

I have a problem at my work. A person from HR is leaving for a vacation and we will have her assistant working on her computer. However, due to confidentiality of most of the information we want her assistant to have access to only a few of her sub folders. I have tried using share options but it always asks me to share the main folder as well and then everything is shared between the two accounts. Secondly, I have tried to give special permition to the assistant's account going to folders preferences but it did not work at all.

Would you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

A:One computer, two accounts and only a few sub-folders shared

Have you thought about not sharing and making files with different names for the new help? Then after vacation, you can save the new files with the old name.

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How to hide folders from other user accounts? I wanna make some of my folders and files visible just for me. help please

A:How to hide folders from other user accounts?

right click the folder you want to hide, choose properties under General tab, checkmark Hidden

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i've created multiple user accounts for my kids, but now i need to share the music folder from my administrator account to all of theirs. any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:sharing folders between user accounts

you go to my computer...then C:..then users..then go to your account and try to find what u want then just copy and paste it into theirs

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I've been putting off asking this. When people refer to going to folders like C:\users\"yourNameHere"\ for profiles etc, I don't have this luxury.

In my User folder, the closest thing to "yourNameHere" (meaning my profile name) is Mcx1-ANT-PC (my computer is called ANT-PC)
I installed like other regular folk, with a windows ID (Microsoft email account) I did nothing special, my aliases and profile name is literally "windows eight", its what I see when I log in.

Back to the first paragraph: As an e.x.
People refer to finding MS Outlook .pst in your profile folder, they direct users to
C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\ etc, and so on, same for other user specific profile files
If you look at my snippet, I have a few folders in my "User Folder" I am the only person that uses this PC, there is only one user account, mine.

So here are my 2 questions:
1. If my computer is called ANT-PC why is my profile user folder called "Mcx1-ANT-PC"?
2. Why is nothing stored there? Every profile related file or accessory is located in the user\Windows folder. (See snippet)

I assure everyone, I have done nothing out of the ordinary in my installation nor have I made any specific changes to user accounts, in fact I have never so much as been in there.

The only related issue I can mention to my knowledge is that I have cloud disabled.

pointing me to anywhere that may help to explain this would be appreciated.

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I had to reinstall my MSN application because of a problem with my MSN Address Book. That went well but now the Outlook mail application cannot access my MSN mail folders. I get the following message when trying the access:

This error usually appears if the OST or PST file you are using is:
Protected with file permissions
On a share on a server and the network is down
To correct this problem, store the OST or PST file on the local computer.

Is there an easy way to address this?

Thank you!

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I have recently purchased an ACER aspire V5 with windows 8 preloaded. Nice machine, nice touchscreen etc and getting to know it. Instructions are terrible - hence;
I entered my email address as .live.co.uk and everything worked, but there is no facility to cut and paste, create new mail folders/ delete old, empty the junk mail, or do any of the things that used to be on my old task bar.
The options I get when i drag the bar up from the bottom are; sync/pin to start/move/mark as unread, and the setting on the right bar offer me very little on options.
I must be a klutz? where has the 'proper' task bar gone?
I feel the question is very low level from some I have seen and feel stupid asking! First time i have used a forum.

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Recently I had to do a system restore due to a virus infection, and it restored the computer 3 months back, only there was one problem:

USERS before System Restore:

Account P [Computer owner Account]

Account X [Administrator]

Account Y [limited]

Account Z [Administrator]
USERS after system restore:


After the system restore there was only a Computer Owner/ Administrator account. After 2 weeks of trying to recreate the accounts to no avail i have given up.

However, When I go to C:/Documents and Settings, I can still access all the folders and files of the previous user accounts P, Y and Z. All, except for Account X, which was an administrator account, and had set its sharing of files and folders to PRIVATE and unable to let other users access.

When I try to open the documents folder using the Computer owner/ administrator account, it says "Access to C:/documents and settings/account X Is Denied". I have tried to change its properties of the folder to share, and i have tried booting the computer in safe mode and changing its permissions, to no avail. It still says "you do not have the permissions to change this".
Can somebody help me with this?
Much appreciated

A:Problem Accessing XP user accounts folders

Sometimes when you reinstall WindowsXP, you can receive an Access Denied error when trying to open a previous user's directory.
To take ownership of that folder again:

1. Log on with an account that has administrator rights
2. Right click on the folder
3. Select Properties
4. Click on the Security tab
5. Click on the Advanced button
6. Click on the Owner tab
7. In the list of Names, click on your name
8. To take ownership, click on Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
9. Click OK and Yes


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I created a couple of new administrator accounts today for purposes of testing out a game installer that wasn't working. When I deleted the accounts, I selected to delete files. The accounts no longer appear in Control Panel/User Accounts. But when I go to my C drive/Users, there are folders in there for these accounts which were supposedly deleted, along with all of their files. Can I just remove these folders from C/Users?

A:User accounts deleted still have folders in C drive

Hello Nikilet,

Yes, it's safe to just manually delete them since the user account was deleted.

Not sure why they never get deleted automatically when they were selected to be deleted in Vista, but good news is that in Windows 7, they do get deleted when selected.

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C:\My Music and C:\docs & settings\Admin\docs\My Music folders have disappeared after creating two new user accounts and a guest acct. in WinXP Pro sp2. How to let win explorer see them again?

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Good morning -- just installed Outlook 365. I was able to sync all my emails (including folders I've created with all emails stored), calendar and contacts. My issue is with my iPhone 6 email app. I'm seeing my calendar and contacts as well as all my emails -- inbox, sent, junk...but none of the other folders. The folders don't appear in settings, mail, contacts, calendars...under fetch new data either. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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Looking for anyone out there in the virtual world that knows how to put my old e-mail folders and messages into the windows live mail. My old laptop AC port stop working.....so took info off of old hard drive to external hard drive to new computer but can't seem to put all e-mail folders and messages into new computer. They are both windows 7 operating systems. Also have a vista laptop and can't seem to put it in there either.
All help appreciation and thanks in advance!

A:transferring e-mail messages and folders from windows mail to windows live mail

Create a folder on your Desktop. Drag the Windows Mail messages into the folder. Now drag the messages in the folder to Windows Live Mail.

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I have 7 different email accounts on my WLM. Currently, whenever I send or delete a message, it goes into the corresponding folder under the designated email account. This requires that when I want to search for a deleted or sent item, I have to look under every account to find it.

I currently have Quick View and storage folders moved to the top, and now move any sent and deleted items to these manually, so I have them all in one place.

Is there any way, that when I delete or send a message, that it will automatically be sent to the storage folders, rather than the actual email account folders?

A:Send Deletions and Sent Items to Storage Folders, not Accounts

Quote: Originally Posted by Coastalguy

I currently have Quick View and storage folders moved to the top, and now move any sent and deleted items to these manually, so I have them all in one place.

Is there any way, that when I delete or send a message, that it will automatically be sent to the storage folders, rather than the actual email account folders?

Answered here: Windows Live Mail Storage Folders moved up, drop back on restart?
Additional info: livemail and imap - not storing sent or drafts on server

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