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[SOLVED] Vista installer does not detect my SATA drive . . or does it?

Q: [SOLVED] Vista installer does not detect my SATA drive . . or does it?

Hello! I'm having issues installing Vista Home Premium (64-Bit) on my self-constructed PC. The following are the specs:

-GigaByte GA-MA790X-DS4 rev 1 (with current bios of Mar 07)
-AMD Phenom 9600 Agena 2.3GHz Socket AM2+ 95W Quad-Core Processor Model HD960ZWCGDBOX
-Crucial Ballistix 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Desktop Memory Model BL12864AA1065 x2 for install purposes
-SAPPHIRE 100225L Radeon HD 3870 512MB 256-bit GDDR4 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card
-PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad (Crossfire Edition) EPS12V 750W Power Supply
-Seagate Barracuda ES.2 ST3250310NS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
-Pioneer 20X DVD?R DVD Burner Black IDE Model DVR-115DBK

Here is my issue:

1. The motherboard is set to Native IDE and detects both the IDE DVD Drive and the SATA HDD.
2. The Vista install DVD will boot up.
3. However, once I enter my reg key, Vista cannot detect a drive to install to.
4. I press Shift-F10 to open the command prompt (in vista).
5. I run Notepad.
6. Using the open feature of notepad, I can access the SATA drive and create/delete files and folders to it.
7. I can format the drive using the command prompt for vista.

I called Gigabyte and they are stumped. I've tried nearly every driver on the included CD and from the website. I've tried Native IDE, RAID (single drive array), Legacy IDE and SATA->AHCI modes. No joy. Vista just will not detect the drive.

A friend suggested doing an install of XP then upgrading to Vista from XP. After XP loads the required files and does the reboot to go to the actual installation, rather than beginning the installation, XP reloads all of the files that it just loaded (going in a continuous loop).

Any and all help is appreciated, thanks for your time.

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Vista installer does not detect my SATA drive . . or does it?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Vista installer does not detect my SATA drive . . or does it?

Well, I appreciate the views . . . I hope someone out there can help me.

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I have a Dell Dimension XPS 720. My PC has two sata hard drives and one IDE hard drive. When I boot the PC tells me that it doesn't detect any hard drive in sata 3. Then it asks me to press F1 to continue. But, when I get into my OS which is Vista Ultimate, I check 'My Computers' and my second hard drive appears. And sata hard drive works fine.

I've gone into BIOS. Each SATA port also lists the model number of the sata hard drive, but the sata drive I'm having problems with isn't listed and yes the hard drive sata port is set to 'ON'.

I should also note that I never used to have problems with this hard drive in the past. It used to show up on the BIOS drive list.

I need help fixing this problem.

A:Dell XPS PC BIOS does not detect my sata hard drive, but the Vista OS does?

If the drive is "seen" by the OS, it has to be detected by the bios. Swap the SATA drives and see if the bios now "sees" the former phantom drive

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2 weeks ago I had a problem because my machine could not detect the DVD drive and the CD drive. I unattached the cables and reattached the cables and now they always show up...but NOW my WD1600 SATA hard drive is no longer detected by anything: CMOS, explorer, boot up sequence screen, or Device Manager.
I dont know what happened to it. I have unattached and reattached the cable several times, nothing happens.
I dont see any yellow question marks in the device manager, I just dont see my drive.
This is what i see: Disk drives:
IC USB storage-CFC USB device
IC USB storage-CFC USB device
IC USB storage-CFC USB device
IC USB storage-CFC USB device
Maxtor One Touch IEEE 1394 SBP2 Device
WDC WD2000JB-00GVA0 (this is my boot up drive)

I had reformated the SATA some weeks ago and mostly it is filled with storage items but I am frustrated and awed at the disappearance of the 1600 drive. It is the newer of the two hard drives and was working fine until it disappeared.

Thank you for any help that you can give.

Florene Colgan

A:Solved: cant detect sata drive

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My config is HP G6 1075 SA with W7 Home Premium 64 bit pre-installed. It was working well until last week when I decided to install Debian Linux. I am no N00B to Linux and have installed it probably 100s of times. Debian installed and booted well but Windows BSODed with an error 0x0000225 cannot access drive. I formatted C and attempted to reinstall Windows 7 but it is unable to detect the HDD. I accept terms of license and move on to the point of choosing disks but nothing shows up. (There is an option to choose drivers. Where do I locate them? The HP website isn't helpful and I can't even find my product let aside the drivers)

I have already tried :
1. Partitioning an NTFS file system in Debian. Doesnt show.
2. Deleting a partition in Debian and attempt to see the free space in W7 Installer. Didn't work.
3. Try to do the BIOS setting thing (Change SATA option from AHCI to compatible or something). I could find no such setting in BIOS. The BIOS was severely limited with only option of switching on fan.

What do I do ?
The chipset is Intel HM55 if that helps and harddrive is SATA 5400 rpm 500GB.

A:W7 installer doesn't detect SATA after Linux, Linux works smoothly

All Linux code must be deleted using the CLEAN ALL command.As you have had linux on the HD you need do a Clean all & full format.

Do a full clean & full format in command prompt.
1) Boot DVD & Press Shift+F10 (for command prompt)
DISKPART : At PC Startup
2) Boot DVD, & Command Prompt at Startup
(for command prompt)

Type in command line

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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I have a Thinkpad T470 (20JN) with a 512 Gb NVMe drive  lense20512gmsp34meat2ta. Linux was installed & works well with no problems. But I'm struggling with Windows 10  setup.I could not make its installer recognize NVMe disk. At the same time Hiren's BootCD 15.2 based on Win10 recognizes my disk successfully.I tried to extract drivers from boot.wim using DISM and to add them back to original boot.wim (index:2), but it gave noany positive change.Can you please give me a hint how to make NVMe work ?  

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I have a Thinkpad T470 (20JN) with a 512 Gb NVMe drive  lense20512gmsp34meat2ta. Linux was installed & works well with no problems. But I'm struggling with Windows 10  setup.I could not make its installer recognize NVMe disk. At the same time Hiren's BootCD 15.2 based on Win10 recognizes my disk successfully.I tried to extract drivers from boot.wim using DISM and to add them back to original boot.wim (index:2), but it gave noany positive change.Can you please give me a hint how to make NVMe work ?  

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Hi there,

Can anyone shed any light on this problem?

Winows MCE install won't detect my RAID set up stating it can't find a hard drive to install too.

The story so far....

* I have downloaded the latest RAID drivers to floppy for my Asus A8N SLI Premium direct from the Asus web site and then made the floppy disk.
* I have enabled all Nvidia RAID options in the BIOS
* At POST I pressed F10 to enable Nvidia RAID screen and create a RAID 0 array with 64k data ect ect (beign able to press F10 proves you have RAID in the BIOS set up or as far as I know you won't get the F10 option).
* After configuring RAID via the step above windows POST screens detect my two raptors together and state they are healthy.

* MCE then goes all the way through to the part press F6 and load the RAID driver from floppy.
* Driver loads from floppy and displays a screen where you can instal XP, repair XP or Quit.
* I select Instal XP and am told it cant find a hard drive and so quits out.

Ive tried this 'install loop' many times and can't think of what else to do.
Has any of you XP/MCE techs got any ideas? anything at all??

It would be greatly appreciated.


A:Pls help - XP/MCE will not detect my SATA RAID drive

Bump - anyone at all??

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Reinstalled windows after running into some problems. BIG MISTAKE. I had a hard time installing the SATA HD before and I have no Idea how I went about it the last time. I don't wanna loose any files. Can someone please help me get my system to detect my SATA Drive. I Have an Asus A8V Deluxe Motherboard.

Thanks in advance,

A:Fresh Install Won't Detect SATA Drive

Did you load the SATA drivers during boot up before trying to install windows?

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I am trying to load Vista onto a clean sata hardrive. it is a 74 gig raptor.

my mobo is a asus a7n8xe

shortly into the install vista begins to ask for drivers for a drive and shows a dialog box where
all available drives it found should be listed but in my case, none are.

how do i get vista to see this hardrive for the install?

A:Solved: vista can't see my sata drive during install

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Hi all,

I've looked all over the internet, contacted HP, and updated my Mobo BIOS, but to no avail. I have an HP Lightscribe DVD1070i optical drive that has one Serial ATA data connection, and one Serial ATA power connection. There are no jumpers for Master or Slave. I have an MSI K9N2G Neo Mobo with BIOS version 1.20. It is not detecting my SATA optical drive, but it is detecting my SATA HDD. The optical drive i have right now is an IDE drive which I would like to move to my secondary Desktop, but can't because it would leave my Main without a working Optical Drive. I was told by HP to install SATA controllers but I can't find anything like that for my Mobo on the internet. The MSI Live Update program doesn't even find anything for me. So, is there anyone who can help me with my dilemma?


A:MSI Mobo doesn't detect HP SATA optical drive

If it helps, HP has told me to connect my SATA drive to another computer, but I can't because there are all too old and don't use SATA.

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Pentium D 945 2.8Ghz
x2 Seagate 120 GB
Not sure of the motherboard

Win Xp Pro SP3
I am not able to install Win XP Pro with a SATA hard drive.
I have tried slipstreaming drivers into teh Xp installation CD with these instructions: http://maxeasyguide.blogspot.com/2008/04/preparations-for-winxp-installation-cd.html
I have the problem of the CD being too big in size.
5GB on a 700MB CD
Not knowing what specific drivers for my motherboard?

Any suggestions for me?
Am I missing something?

A:Installing Windows XP cannot detect SATA hard drive

Does the computer have a floppy drive?

Also what version of XP?

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Before all this happen, when turn on my pc, there's problem when starting windows(take long time), then appear message "Checking file system on C:, The type of the file system is ntfs. One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency...", that process if not cancel will "chkdsk is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)..." and if canceled windows loading to login.

when i reboot to re-installing windows 7, there's problem when choosing drive to be system(usually people choose drive C as system). The problem is drive C or else isn't appear, the err msg "No drivers were found. Click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation", then i load but still same, no driver found.

After that, i try any way from google to solve this, but i get nothing.
- i try to switch the sata cable, still not found.
- i try to switch PIO in bios from auto(4) to 3 / 2 /1.
- some reference that make me surf at the registry but the setting in registry looking good(same with the example in reference).
this is some pictures.


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OK 1stly I apologise profusely if this (and it appears it has) problem has been bouncing around the internet for awhile but I cannot find the answer to just exactly my problem, I've come close but no joy.

I was running XP Pro SP2 for a long time and decided today to install Vista Ultimate.

Now its an OEM and not a Dell upgrade disc.

I installed Vista after formatting my desired partition for it to be installed on. So XP is "technically" gone up to this point. Fine. All good.

I then Installed Vista which went fine. After all the installing and restarts it brings me to desktop where I can begin installing everything back. I installed my graphics driver and it asked for a reboot. Which I did, and hey presto "no boot device available".

Now I've fiddled with the bios settings available, although there's no emulation options there is a auto detect feature for RAID OR ATA. Or just use RAID auto. Neither option resolves the problem.

Now I did some research and YES I realised I needed the RAID drivers. So I downloaded them from Dell onto a usb flash device. Vista detected them after browsing for them and I installed them one by one and continued. Again it installed. Rebooted after all done and the exact same thing happens. If I go into bios and switch the option from RAID/ATA to RAID auto I then get the ever famous BSOD 0x00000007b.

Why is this damn thing not working even AFTER I install the RAID drivers?

please please someone help. I'd ... Read more

A:Solved: Installing Vista clean on SATA drive

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I had a hard time getting this drive recognized in vista so I installed a older IDE drive and installed my OS to it.

I had to unplug the SATA drive to install the driver
or I would crash on boot. I managed to get it installed and now it's only 204GB.

Any ideas on where to go from here? I am completely lost.

Abit Uli M1689 MOBO.

Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive


Disk: Disk 1
Type: Basic
Partition style : (MBR)
Capacity: 610479 MB
Unallocated space: 2MB
Reserved space: 0


(D:) Capacity 207347 MB

A:[SOLVED] SATA Hard drive capacity 1/3 in Vista

what do you see listed for it in disk management,any unallocated space

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In WindowsXP Home everytime I plug in a USB device, I get the error dialog that says, "Windows can not load the installer for volume". I click ok and it goes away. The USB device works fine. I also get this same problem when using my SATA harddrives, but the drives work fine. Can someone tell me what the problem is here and how to fix it? Thanks.


A:Getting a Device Installer Error: Sata/IDE ["cannot load installer for hdc SATA"]

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Hi guys,

I've just finished putting together my first custom built system.
Pentium D 3.4ghz, in a P965 Neo board.

I've connected a WD 500GB SATA drive to SATA1 port on the board.
I used the IDE cable to connect 2 CD/DVD Drives.

I have installed all the drivers on the cd aswell as the online update software.

The problem I am having is that as soon as the system starts to load, the initial page (after calculating the memory) says that it is unable to find any IDE drives.

It then askes me to press F1 if i want to continue or DEL for setup.

HOWEVER if I press F1 and do continue the bootup, it first loads a jmicron technology boot screen, which does show both the sata harddrive + both the CD/DVD drives.

Then loads up windows normally??

This is my first experience with SATA drive, so I tried to look at the bio to see if there was maybe a special setting I'm meant to set if I am only using a single sata drive as my primary drive??

Its rather annoying to say the least having to basically (with every boot) press F1 first, then Enter to skip the JTechnology bit to load windows. For the time being I have disabled the halt on error bit (found in bios) and lowered the Jtechnolgy bit to 1second showing. But I feel this problem may lead to others.

Any help would really be appreciated.

Pentium D 945 3.4GHZ 2x2mb
MSI P965 Neo

A:Solved: My new comp wornt detect IDE/SATA??!!!

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My SATA HD is a Seagate Barracude 120gb NCQ, and my Motherboard is an Asus P4S800DE.

When I try and install XP it tells me that it did not detect a HD. So I tried copying the Sis Raid drivers onto a floppy then pressing F6 to install them during XP setup as was described in the Asus manual. Didn't work. Then I tried flashing my Bios to a newer version that apparantly solved any Sata detection problems. Still no luck.

Can anyone suggest anything?

A:Solved: xp install cannot detect SATA hard disk

please can someone delete this thread?

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My SATA HD is a Seagate Barracude 120gb NCQ, and my Motherboard is an Asus P4S800DE.

When I try and install XP it tells me that it did not detect a HD. So I tried copying the Sis Raid drivers onto a floppy then pressing F6 to install them during XP setup as was described in the Asus manual. Didn't work. Then I tried flashing my Bios to a newer version that apparantly solved any Sata detection problems. Still no luck.

Can anyone suggest anything?

A:Solved: XP Install cannot detect SATA hard disk

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This can be a bit tricky aspecially when there is no floppy drive ;)

So I have injected my winXP installer with the RAID drivers from my MB drivers CD as per attached JPG (and created my bootable iso). Now, that did not work! (no drive visible).

Was it because I have only included the folder in red? (i've ignored the rest). The files in this folders included a CAT, INF and a sys file (3)?

Shall I just include the whole structure (even the x64 drivers) and select all when injecting as per green highlighting? (nLite)

My specs can be found on the left, also the drive is 1tb Hitachi HDA721010CLA which is visible in bios and was visible when I used my other xp via IDE (no problems there).

Gonna give it another go now (smashed test disc no1 against the wall already) :P

Am I forgetting something? Thanks in advance for your support!

See ya in a mo!

A:[SOLVED] SATA support for winXP sp3 installer

HELP! this still does not work! Injecting the whole RAID (without x64 folders) drivers list and still nothing - getting desperate now!

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I am having issues with one of my computers where the motherboard SATA ports would detect/enable my SATA optical DVD writer, but for the life of me I can't get it to detect ANY SATA hard drives. This is why I bought the SY-PEX40039 PCI-Express SATA III controller card, so that I could hopefully bypass the issues my motherboard was having with SATA hard drives.... Unfortunately the controller card is doing the same thing. It detects and lets me use the optical drive no problem, but it refuses to detect my brand new Crucial M550 SSD, or my Toshiba 1GB HDD (which works fine in my other PC). I've gone through all the BIOS configurations that I could find. Tried running the ports in ACHI mode, IDE mode, no luck. Tried disable the on-chip SATA controller, and I've tried disabling the onboard PCI storage controller with no luck. The drives are good, the cables are good and have been swapped numerously. I am getting desperate (and honestly a little crazed) after trying to resolve this myself the past few days. The IDE drives work, and the USB ports all work. I have a Abit QuadGT AB9 motherboard and have updated all the drivers, and even flashed the newest BIOS (from 2008 since Abit is no longer around). Any help would be very much appreciated. Listed below is the specs and attached is the DXdiag report if that helps at all. Any help would be much appreciated.


Board: Abit QuadGT Ab9
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E6600 2.4Ghz
OS: Wi... Read more

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I really have no clue whats wrong. I plug the flash drive in, and when I go to My Computer, it doesn't show up. It does, however, show up under the Device Manager. I have tried restarting my computer without the flash drive, and since the restart I have been doing the "Safely Remove Hardware" thing, so that shouls be fine.

If theres anymore info I can give you, just ask. I really do need this flash drive to work.

A:Vista won't detect my USB flash drive

Try reinstalling the flash drive from Device Manager. Also, have you done all the Vista reliability updates? Some deal with USB issues--which might help you.

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I'm using a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R motherboard, and my hard drive is a seagate barracuda 500gb.

The system is brand new, built myself. No previous operating system on it.
I tried installing windows vista. I get past everything, until it asks me to select a drive to install to, and the list is empty. I tried every driver on the mobo's cd, and every driver on their website, none of them worked. I've tried different SATA modes, and ports on the mobo, and it doesn't work (I would dear say I've tried everything, except another OS because I don't have access to one).

However, when I select browse to search for drivers, when installing vista, I can select the local drive and search it for drivers. Does this mean it's there and it's something else, or is it just an option and what not? (there's a floppy there too, but I have none installed on the computer).

My bios sees the HD just fine. I'm out of ideas, and friggin fed up. I tried contacting Gigabyte but that was pointless.

A:Vista doesn't detect my hard drive

set the sata to be seen as ide in the bios

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Two days ago I replaced my old mother board (G31 M7 TE) with its latest version (G41 M7). These mother boards are from Biostar. Everything went fine until installing Vista. When windows was looking for a place to install the operating system it was unable to find a drive (My hard drive is a Hitachi Deskstar P7K500 previously had Vista insalled on it from my old mother board). I made sure that the SATA and power cables were connected and the drive drive was getting warm so I am sure that it is recieving power. When I go to load a driver a pop-up comes up that says the system needs the installation media to access the hard drive (having originally purchased the old mother boad and hard drive as a set from CyberPower, I did not recieve any sort of installation software for the hard drive). I have searched around on Hitachi's website and i was unable to find any downloadable installation software. I also looked around for similar threads, but didnt find any where the drive wasnt being detected during the installation of the operating system.

I am at loss of what to do here. I have tried using a different SATA cable, and restarting the operating system installation process. I know there is nothing wrong with my hard drive since i connected it to another PC and moved a few files off of it. Is there anywhere you know of that will provide the installation software? Is there something else that i am missing or have looked over? Also, if you need additional information just ... Read more

A:I cant install Vista because it cant detect my hard drive

Check in the biost setup is it detected there, let us know then

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I was using XP. Which I was happy with. computer crashed. I tried to restore XP with no luck. I restored VISTA to get computer up and running. Now I want to downgrade to XP but can't. It says it cannot detect a hard drive. I really need to get back to work. Please help! Thanks!

A:Downgrading to XP from vista- says cannot detect hard drive

XP is 10-years-old now. SATA drives did not even exist when it came out. So it can't detect them. You may have problems finding drivers for your other hardware, too, so it would be a good idea to try to find them now. Vista can be made to look and act as much like XP as you like and has a newer kernel. It is a better operating system.

Installing XP on a SATA drive
Install Windows XP on SATA without a Floppy
Resolving "Setup did not find any hard disk drives" during Windows XP Installation
"Many newer BIOS allow an Alternate method for SATA . . Go into the BIOS and check the 'Sata Operation' setting, change it to 'Raid Autodetect/ATA' if it is not already. Now try to install XP (Verbiage will vary by manufacturer)" - Courtesy of simpswr.

BIOS settings to try:
Claymore said:

you can change the controller settings in the BIOS.

Restart the computer and enter the BIOS.
The location and type of setting will vary with the make and model of the motherboard.
Here are some:

MAIN menu
Select IDE Mode instead of AHCI Mode


SATA Drive Configuration
Select Compatibility (Mode) instead of AHCI (Mode)


Disable Auto
Enable Combination


Set to PATA mode

IDE Function Setup
OnChip IDE => Disabled
SATA DMA transfer => Enabled

INTEGRATED ... Read more

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Can anybody talk me through installing a slave drive on my gateway gm5483e motherboard model 945gct-m3 made by elitegroup also known as ECS

A:windows Vista sata hard drive slave drive


It should be as simple as installing a couple of cables. Hopefully you've got a nice flat cable either with the new slave drive, or a spare with the motherboard: it's normally red, but can be other colours, about 1cm wide and 1mm thick. That needs to be plugged in between the drive and one of your SATA slots on the motherboard. They'll normally be black, and unlike most, will have a slight 'L' shape to them. If you get a torch on your motherboard, you should see SATA1 or SATA2 written very close to them. If you've already got a SATA drive, then it should be easy to spot, so just use the second port.

When you start the machine up, go into the BIOS by pressing the appropriate key (it should come up with a screen just after displaying what graphics card you have / testing memory, telling you what key to press - normally F1, F2, F12, Esc or Del),

Then find your way to the 'Boot Order' section (sorry, not sure quite where it'll be for your chipset - but it'll be either on the first screen, or more likely a menu off of it), and make sure that it's still on your CD/Floppy/original drive first and hasn't swapped to your new SATA (it shouldn't have done, but some prefer a SATA drive by default to an IDE).

Any probs or questions, please come back. You'll do fine!


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I am running Windows Vista 32-bit, and I have a Liteon SATA DVD burner and an Asus SATA DVD burner installed. Windows detects them properly, but only one drive will detect and burn CD's and DVD's; the other keeps asking me to insert a disk. Any suggestions?

**UPDATE** The burner that was not detecting media will detect DVD's and dual layer DVD's, but NOT Cd's.

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Hi Just Upgrade from XP to Vista Home Premium. I have a IDE drive and SATA Drive. In XP I was able to work with both drive, after upgrade windows explorer and Disk Manager cannot see the SATA drive. But in Hardware manager the drive is in the list. I tried to removing the drive on Hardware manager, reboot and sees that Vista was installing driver for it and also said it is ready for use. This time I can see the drive in Disk manager but not in use, if I select connect it tells me to covert the drive but I will loss all my data!

Anyway way to connect the drive without losing the data inside??

A:Vista not seeing SATA Drive

Go in to the bios setup menu and check that your Hard Drive Priority setting has the Sata listed first since it is the boot drive. By default, the IDE drive will be listed first if both are connected and many times that is the problem...no sure about this one.

Why not take the IDE drive out for a bit and try it with just the Sata connected?

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Why can't I install (nor upgrade) Windows Vista on the new SATA drive in my PC? BUT, if I hook up an old IDE ATA drive along with the new SATA drive, I can do a clean install onto the SATA drive, but I have to keep the old IDE ATA drive plugged in because Vista puts some boot stuff on there. If I take out the old IDE ATA drive, then Vista won't boot up again. What's up with that? And yes, all my hardware checks out and is compatible with Windows Vista (according to Microsoft's hardware compatibility test).


A:Vista install on new SATA drive

What kind of drive is it and what exactly does the process look like when you try to install vista solely on the SATA?

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I just recently ditched an IDE drive in my PC in order to lower the total temperature in my rig. Unfortunately this drive was where Vista was installed. I had two SATA drives that I wanted to use, one for my linux install and one for Vista. My Ubuntu linux install is on my 1TB disk that installed just fine, and the drive that was to be used for Vista was formatted and partitioned as NTFS. I've dual-booted using a similar setup before, but not with Vista on SATA. When the Vista install runs and I get to the point of choosing a drive it states it cannot use the selected drive, a 160gb western digital WD-1600JS. It doesnt even recognize it as being NTFS, even after using G-parted to partition the drive. I ran the drivepart command line utility in Vista (shift+F10 on partition screen), but it never quite finished. I read that I may need to preload drivers during this portion of the installation in order to get Vista to install on a SATA drive, but I have found conflicting reports of Vista installing on SATA drives. Some say it works w/o the drivers. After searching the Western Digital site for such drivers i'm coming up short. Right now im trying to determine if I can have my BIOS read the SATA drive as a PATA, and thus somehow get around the problem that Vista may not be installing on the drive because it see's it as SATA and can't install. In any case im coming up against a wall, and I'd hate to reinstall my IDE drive again just to run Vista. Any help would be apprecated.

A:Vista not installing to SATA drive

Hello devosion,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

Have you gone into the bios and activated the second sata port. I had to do this when I added a second sata drive.

Hope this helps.


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AMD 3500+
1GB (2x 512MB) DDR400
SATA Dvd-rom
nVidia 6200 AGP

So I got a new hard drive from MicroCenter, a Western Digital 500GB SATA and I tried to install XP on it. When it finished loading all the files and reached to the "Please wait for windows to be started" (Before any license agreements/formatting/installation), the computer restarts. I then tried to install vista and vista gets a blue screen after going to the splash screen after it loaded all the installation files (Before any license agreements/formatting/installation).

Attempted Soulutions I have tried:
Alternating sticks of ram, using just 1 stick, switching places, doesn't work.
Reseated everything, nope it did not work.
Tried installing with an IDE Dvd-rom, doesn't work still.
Changing SATA ports, doesn't work.
Updated the BIOS to the latest, still doesn't work.

Any help would be appreciated! :]

A:Can't install XP (or Vista) with new SATA drive


sounds like Windows isnt seeing the drive. You need to download the driver from the website and install it using the "hit F6" option when running the startup of the XP installation. Go to the SATA drive manufacturer's website and download the driver from there.

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I built a new computer about a month ago with a SATA 250GB hard drive. With all these new games and video content from my TV tuner card, the 250GB (plus my external drive) are sort of filling up. I'm considering adding a second 500GB drive or maybe even a 1TB drive since I've got the computer paid off.

If I just open the computer, plug in the new drive, and fire it up, will Vista automatically recognize the drive? Do I need to mess with jumpers? (I thought those weren't needed on SATA drives).

A:Adding a new SATA drive to a Vista machine

You might have a 1.5 gbs limit jumper on the drive by default ( I don't know why) so I usually remove that so its a 3.0 gbs drive.

Go to disk management in Vista (after its fired up with the new drive in place), it should automatically pop up a screen to initialize the drive, do so, then partition and format the drive to your preference and then its ready to go.

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Is this possible and would I have to install drivers for the SATA drive or would vista automatically install them? Thanks alot.

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GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD5 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard

SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive

This is a brand new hard drive. Matter of fact this is a brand new everything on my computer. This is my first time building. Need some help.

I'm installing the Vista home premium edition SP 1 64-bit for system builders. After I click the "Install Now" button and select the language i want and i agree to the user license agreement, i get to the screen where i choose which drive i want to save the OS to. No drive shows up. I have tried all the SATA drives on my motherboard. I have tried several different SATA cables. I have formatted and partitioned the hard drive on my other comp already. I do have BIOS F6. I have insured all the BIOS settings are good.

I have the appropriate pre-install drivers saved on a USB drive. Now, when I load these drivers they won't show up until I un-check the little box that says "Hide drivers that are not compatible with hardware on this computer". One would think, "Oh well, u simply have the wrong drivers" but this isn't the case. I get the drivers straight from the mobo website. I've actually tried other OS drivers and i've tried different model drivers and those don't work either.

I'm not really sure what to do at this point. I know the motherboard is good because it reads my CD-ROM SATA drive just fine and my Hard Drive does show up in BIOS in th... Read more

A:Vista won't recognize sata hard drive??!!


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Gday all,

I have Vista x64 Ultimate installed on my 500gb Sata I drive. I also have Windows xp x64 pro installed on an older 250gb IDE drive. Just fyi I also have an optical drive daisy chained on that IDE drive because the motherboard only has one IDE slot, and 4 sata II slots. HDD is set as channel 0 master, and optical drive as channel 0 slave. and the Sata HDD is set as channel 2 master.

After i installed Vista and then tried to unplug my old IDE, it decided that it will not boot Vista. I get to the 'verifying DMI pool data' and the bunch of dots and that's where it crashes.

In bios I have enabled allowing multiple OS's. Ive tried disabling IDE channel 0, done about every trick in the book short of formatting both and trying again which I havent done because of need to backup photos etc. But that can be solved with buying a 1tb which I aim to do really soon. (and a sata II one at that >_< )

Should also note that when the IDE drive and sata all plugged in with the said configuration above, it runs fine no problem what so ever. Only thing I've noticed is that I cannot format the older IDE drive from Vista's disk managment.

What I want to do is to be able to run my SATA drive solo, so I can test windows 7 on the old disk.

Any and all help would be hugely appreciated.


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My computer seemed to break after a windows update, and I have got hold of a Windows Vista with SP2 DVD and am trying to reinstall windows but when it comes to chosing the drive to install to nothing appears.

These are my specs:
Microsoft? Windows? Vista Home Premium
Denver 10 Motherboard
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500 GB Hard Disk
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600


I have read online that my HDD never needs a driver to run on windows OS, I have tried looking online for one but with no luck....

What should I do


Had a look around on here and this guy managed to fix it by formatting the drive...

A:Vista not detecting my SATA Hard Drive...

set it to be seen as ide in the bios

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Ok so here is the deal.
I have windows x64 edition with 4 hard drives (1 is a sata).
It works just fine.
I am trying to switch to vista ultimate x64 edition.
I put in the vista disk, boot from the disk into vista setup.
I see a screen that says windows is loading setup files, that goes through ok.
I see another screen, with just a loading bar. While its loading, My computer freezes, then restarts.
I am positive this is because of my sata drive, because if i unplug it. My computer boots into vista setup.
I have tried installing vista, then plugging in the sata drive.
The same problem happens.
I presently have vista installed. It works fine accept for i cannot plug in my sata drive.
I've searched online, I did not find anyone who had problems with vista and their sata drive messing up while vista is starting up.
Please help if you can.

A:Vista Crash Before Install because of Sata drive

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I have a 120gb SATA internat notebook hard drive with windows xp. i want to add vista onto my new hard drive that i have not yet installed, before - i had vista installed and i inserted my new drive (total of 2) and installed xp on that new drive, it created a dependancy in my old drive and wouldnt let it run vista, it just opened xp... i could still run all my programs that i had installed under vista, but i couldnt open the Vista OS...

i started over, inserted my 120gb drive and installed xp, but left my other drive out...

before i install vista on my other drive, is there anything i should know...? i want to be able to switch between them easily whenever i need to...

A:VIsta PROBLEM! Install On Second SATA Drive

To set up a dual-boot configuration just leave your XP drive plugged in while you install Vista - XP has to be already installed. You will then get a menu every boot asking you which OS to load.

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I have 2 computers currently and I wanted to install windows Vista on my Gaming Computer. here Are the system specs.

Mother Board: M2N-SLI 560
Raam: 2G ( 2x1G sticks ) G.Skill
Video Cards: 2x 88000 GT 512MB
Hard Drive: 500G 720.11 Seagate
AMD 2.1 Dual Core CPU ( Water Cooled )

I had the system up and running great. Then I wanted to upgrade to windows vista. So I went out and bought new hard drive. Threw out my old 80GWD hard drive cause it had issues. I was not saving everything.
So I started to install windows vista on 500G hard drive. Went good for about an hour then I got to the desktop and it was slow and freezing. Then speed came back and said windows indexing stopped. So I went to search for a driver and installed it. Rebooted and the same thing. the indexing stoped and computer was running slow. so I reformatted and I can't get the Bois/Os to detect the Hard drive ever sense I re formmatted and I don't have drivers on discs or floppy drives there a way I can portable drive the drivers on to install it? Cause I'm stuck on the install screen saying were do you want to install windows. It says load drivers but nothing comes up. then I tryed the portable drive cause I put the driver on it but same thing nothing. I haven't touched anything inside the PC for the last year I had it. And this is the first time that this happend to me. Any help?

A:Installing Windows Vista on SATA Drive

I forgot to add that I had the 500G hard drive working with the 80G before I threw it out. I reformatted it with the Windows Vista Installer and then restarted and thats when it stopped popping up in the bois and the Windows installer

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I just built a new machine and I'm trying to install Vista on a OCZ Solid State 120 gb but it can't be found by Vista Setup.
The Drive does appear when I first boot the computer but doesn't show up as SATA in bios.
I'm running it as IDE (i also tried RAID without any luck)
I'm guessing that I should slipstream some drivers when offered by vista but I couldn't find any for Ocz....
Sorry if I'm I missing something fundamental (I have never installed Vista on SATA)
Please help
Thanks in advance

A:[Vista 32-bit Install] SATA Drive Not Recognized

It should be seen like any other hard drive, don't know of ny drivers for a ssd.

With it set as IDE in the bios, Vista should find it with no problems, maybe a bad drive?

If the bios is set as Sata, then you would need the motherboard sata driver during Vista setup.

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I have an ASROCK 890gx pro3 MB and GSkill Phoenix Pro 120 gb ssd. The BIOS screen shows the ssd. I have already installed a copy of Windows 7 to my samsung 2 tb HDD but also wanted it to be on the SSD as the primary boot option.I disconnected my HDD, changed the BIOS boot set up to AHCI and Windows installer would not show the ssd. Changed the boot set up to IDE and still no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Windows 7 installer does not detect the ssd

Will the SSD show in BIOS?

Take a look at this Tutorial:
SSD - Install and Transfer the Operating System
SSD Tweaks and Optimizations in Windows 7
SSD Alignment
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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Hi all,

I have recently aquired a Belkin Switch2 KVM to allow me to use my Keyboard / Mouse / Monitor with both my PC (running Vista) and Mac. Everything is working fine however there is a slight niggle on the PC. When the KVM is switched to the Mac and then back to the PC, Vista takes 30 seconds or so before the Kbd & Mouse are detected and useable again. Switching to the mac, control is instantaneous.

I believe that Vista is regestering that the Kbd & mouse (which are connected via USB and not PS2) have been disconnected when switched over to Mac.

Is there anyway to stop Vista detecting that hardware has been disconnected so that the pause is hopefully removed?

Many thanks for any help or advice


A:[SOLVED] Vista, KVM &amp; Hardware Detect

After several months I've managed to sort this. I am posting hoping that there may be others who have had this problem that this fix may work for.

My issue seemed to be the NVIDIA Display Driver Service. When I stopped, disabled and rebooted the problem seemed to go away without any noticeable effect on the NVidia card!

No explanation as to why this may be, however it works!

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I managed to get hold of part 01HY319 for my trusty T460 and all works fine. It looks like this and converts from an NVME M.2 drive (M-key) to SATA Express connection on the motherboard.  SATA Express is only x2 PCI lines (rather than the 4 you get with "full" NVME support) so I was interested in performance. Performance before with a 1TB Crucial MX500 SSD SATA drive was like this  Performance afterwards with the 01HY319 part and a 1TB Samsung 960 Evo NVME drive was like this  Hope this helps anyone considering the upgrade.

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Computer: Dell Dimension 5100. 6 years old.
Current hard drive: SATA 250GB (think it's SATA 1). Dell web site says its ATA-133

Looking to: Replace the hard drive due to faults

Question: Can I fit a SATA 3 hard drive in this computer? Would this just work at SATA 1 speeds because of the old mainboard? Most of the hard drives listed for sale are now SATA 3.

Thanks for any replies.

A:Solved: SATA 3 hard drive to replace a SATA 1 hard drive?

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Please I have just coupled a new computer, and after installing windows vista Ultimate, I installed my backup drive a 500gb sata drive with all my files on it, but windows did not show it so i went to the disk management under computer management and it is showing my drive as unallocated.
please help i do NOT want to format this drive. the drive works fine a a previous computer which i no longer have.

Please advise.

A:SATA Drive shows unallocated space in VISTA pls HELP!!!

If it is reading as unallocated, then Vista cannot read it, and thinks it is not formated. It could be a corrupted part of the disk, which stops the sytem reading it. Possibly easiest test is to put it in another computer and see if it reads, if not, chances are the disk is dead. Other alternative is to get an external SATA enclosure, throw the disk in, and see if it is recognise. If not, it would give a good impression of being dead

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ok. ive just finished building a barebone kit and everything is working fine. when i try to install vista on the computer it will not recognize my SATA drive. ive checked the connections a dozen times and everything is connected the way it should be. BIOS does recognize my hard drive though. any suggestions???

A:clean vista install will not recognize my sata drive

is it set to be seen as ide by the bios

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After connecting a new Sata drive to my HP PC, no drives are recognized when computer statrs.

removing power from new drive, allows pc to start

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