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How can I hyperlink to a sound file in MS Word 2007 AND control the sound? Pause it?

Q: How can I hyperlink to a sound file in MS Word 2007 AND control the sound? Pause it?

I have hyperlinked to a .wav file in an MS Word 2007 document, and the sound file plays without opening a media player.

Problem is the sound file is 10mins long, and I have no way of controlling the .wav file once I have activated the hyperlink.

Pressing escape stops the sound, but I cannot pause or rewind.

The hyperlink seems to be opening the sound file as an 'embedded' object that I have no control over.

During a presentation, I need to be able to pause the sound or even rewind it.

Why doesn't MS Word allow me to open the hyperlinked sound file in a media player?

Can you help?


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Preferred Solution: How can I hyperlink to a sound file in MS Word 2007 AND control the sound? Pause it?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a designated folder which stores my jpeg image files to be hyperlinked
to an Access 2007 database table. When I click on the images in that folder,
they are set to open using the "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" app by
default. However, when I click on the hyperlinked jpeg image within Access,
they open using the app "Windows Internet Explorer" (IE). I don't know where in Access
I can change the app which opens the images within Access. I'd like for them
to open using the app of my choice (in this case, the Windows Picture and Fax
Viewer). All of this is on my local desktop PC (no servers or admin
personnel other than myself involved in settings). The OS is Microsoft
Windows XP.
Much Thanks!

A:ACCESS 2007: How do I control which app opens a hyperlink image file?

Sharon, welcome to the Forum.
Did you use the Control Panel to set the jpg and jpeg files to open using the "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer"?
Normally in Access it uses the Program that is the default for the type of File or the program that created it.

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I have inserted a "Top of Documrnt" hyperlink in a document but am unable to activate it.
The only way it will avtivate is to rightt click and select "Open Hyperlink".
Please advise how to get it to activate by clicking it or passing curser over the hyperlink. TKS BOB A

A:Word 2007 Hyperlink

you will probably get better / quicker responses,
if you move your thread to the business applications:
just click: report
type in: move to business applications

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I have many sites that I frequent that I have saved in a word document. I click on each one and it opens a new tab for each in firefox. My question is this. Is there anyway to open all links automatically or with a click, without having to click each one, that are located in a word document?

For example, the add on to firefox where you can draw a square around many links at once and they will all open. Hope this makes sense and thanks

A:Hyperlink question re: Word 2007

Bookmark them and put into separate folder of bookmarks, then open all in Tabs.

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I have the Windows Vista Starter version loaded on my system. The system has two accounts, both with administrator rights, one without a password (created earlier) and one with a password (created later). When I try to follow a hyperlink in MS-Word 2007 using Ctrl+Click in the second account (the one with the password) I've started getting an error message "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". This does not happen when I try to Ctrl+Click in MS-Word when logged into the first account (the one without the password). I've even tried disabling the user account settings, but no progress. Help Please!

A:Unable to follow Hyperlink in MS-Word 2007

This might best be handled in the Business Applications section and I will move it there if you request.

Howev er on the account where you are getting that restriction message, have you verified that Internet Explorer is the default browser on that account?

I think that can result in the error message if IE is not the default browser.

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I'm using Vista and office 2007.

All document are on a server Small business 2003.

In word 2007 i insert hyperlink to link an Excel document. Only the path is show.

How can i do to print the excel document automatically when i print the word document.

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In Word 2007, Windows XP, all of a sudden when I open a hyperlink in a Word document using Ctrl click, the text format changes and I cannot change it back. The text font size gets bigger. It used to stay the same as the rest of the text. How can I stop this from happening? It is making me crazy! Thank you!

A:Word 2007: Why does clicking a hyperlink change the text format?

Look at this http://www.wordbanter.com/showthread.php?t=31198

if you right click on the hyperlink and go to styles the select normal it will apply that stype to your hyperlink

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Hello brainy people.
I need to be able to implement an automatic volume change between two sound sources.

Example: The XP os computer has a sound card with a satellite receiver plugged into line in.
Say at 3:00pm the computer needs to fade the line in volume out and then turn up the WAVE play out and play a winamp play list.

I'd prefer to use batch files but if I have to I'll use a freeware 3rd party.
I'm very familiar with batch files and windows scheduler and automatically doing things to Wimamp. I just need a batch file or what ever to change the volume setting between Line In and WAVE.

Any help would be great thanks.

A:How do you control sound card from batch file

Hi, welcome to TSG.

You could do that with AutoHotkey, a freeware scripting tool.

You could open the Volume Control screen and use two MouseClickDrag commands to lower one volume and raise the other. Then a Run command to start up Winamp.

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Brand new Windows 7 Home Premium (6 bit) computer. When I click on the Sound control panel item, sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes to open. But that's kind of minor (although I'd like to know how to fix it), because sometimes the HDMI sound to my HDTV works fine, and sometimes it doesn't work at all. The only sure fix is to reboot the computer, which isn't really what I want to do every time I want sound coming from the HDTV speakers.

More details: if I reboot the computer, and then switch from the monitor to the HDTV for my video output, I can open the Sound control panel (opens at normal speed) and then I select the HDTV to be the default sound device; and everything is good. At some point, I stop watching the HDMI output to the HDTV, switch the video to my main monitor, and the sound now comes out of the computer speakers. Great. That's what I want. I can even turn off the HDTV, come back 20 minutes later, switch the video back to the HDTV and the sound goes through the HDTV speakers. Switch back and forth a couple of times and everything works as expected. Great. That's what I want.

But at some later point in time, it stops working, and I don't know what triggers this. At this later point in time, I switch the video from the monitor to the HDTV, but now the sound remains with the computer speakers, if I try to open the sound control panel, it takes 1-2 minutes, and when it finally opens the sound control panel no longer lets me select the HDTV to be the default soun... Read more

A:Sound Control panel takes 2 minutes to open; HDMI sound inconsistent

I had the slow opening sound panel/playback section for a while. I tried several things and all of a sudden the problem went away. Not sure what fixed it but I have updated the AMD video card drivers several times, no audio driver updates. The only common point is that I too have an AMD video card (HD7770).

In most cases, if the PC "speakers" (sound card) is set as the default audio playback device and then an HDMI cable is plugged into the PC it will automatically switch to the HDMI sound (and make it the default playback device), and if the cable is disconnected it automatically switches back to the speakers. If you are having problems accessing the sound panel, this is another option (for most) until you get the slow opening panel issue resolved.

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I have this guitar amp that can act like a usb mic, but when I go to disable my regular laptop mic in Control Panel>Hardware & sound>Sound>recording, whenever I right click my mic and click "Disable" Nothing happens! Same situation when I try to enable my amplifier in recording. I click "Enable" and nothing happens!
Any advice?

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I have an MSI 785GTM-E45 Mother Board. I have no sound coming from the speakers. Tried new speakers and still no sound. If I click on the speaker Icon on the bottom right it shows the speaker graph going up and down as sound is being produced. I tried the head phones and nothing coming from them either. I tried playing a CD and nothing from there either. I first noticed it when I was trying to play something from YOUTUBE and thought it might just be the site but then I tried off line as well. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. This is the first day that I have noticed it. Thanks for any help. I have checked all the settings I can think of but probably have missed something somewhere.

A:No sound from speakers but showing sound graph on speaker control

Go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally the Sound Panel. In the Playback section, set your "Speakers" as the Default Playback device (if it's not now set). Then see if you have speaker and/or headphone sound.

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Hello. I installed a new Creative Sound Blaster Zx sound card and installed the drivers from the CD and have found that the controls/features from the Z-Series control panel are not activating. The video within the control panel itself runs but there is no sound. Windows shows there is sound playing from it though but nothing can be heard. Do I need to turn something else on or adjust more audio settings somewhere?

As another note, before I was able to install the drivers from the cd itself, Windows had automatically installed something after recognizing the new hardware, then I ran the driver CD. I also had a previous external sound blaster audio card/driver that I was using before.

Thank you for the help. Have a great day!

Screenshot of Issue:

A:Creative Sound Blaster Zx Z-Series control Panel = no sound

What OS are you using.

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Hey there, i had vista on my laptop, i formatted and installed XP, went to the Sony website got the Audio Codec driver for my Model which is VGN-CR22G installed the driver, rebooted and Sound in Control panel is still greyed out! Windows Audio is Enabled

A:No sound device, Sound in Control panel is Greyed out

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Hello all,

I would appreciate a bit of advice on this matter:

In the past few days, I've noticed that my computer has a habit of frequently pausing/lagging for a second, which is then followed by the hardware plugin/eject noise made by Windows (sounds kind of like "ba-duck"). This can happen as often as every few seconds and seems to just happen at random. It's more frustrating than anything else to have it pop up so often, but does anyone know what could be causing this?

My old antivirus program recently began malfunctioning and freezing windows, so I replaced it with Windows Live Essentials. At some point during all this, the pauses started. I've already recently tried to uninstall WLE to test if it was the cause, but this has had no effect either. I'm also finding that my computer will lag for a moment at sporadic moments as well, and my browser seems to occasionally crash for a few seconds (not responding) before going back to normal.

Can anyone offer any advice?

My system specs:

Windows 7
Processor: AMD Phenom II X2 3.1 Ghz
Ram: 4G

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hello! The situation is as follows: I recently bought the HP laptop. It is absolutely new. After I configured the Windows 10, I tried to watch video files and faced the problem with the sound. When I start to watch any video file (movie, TV show, etc.), the sound is fine. Then, I pause the video and wait for 10-15 seconds. After I resume the video, the sound begins to croak. Every time. Nothing helps until I close the file and start it again. When I start the file again, the sound is perfect again. So, if I don?t use pause, the sound is perfect, but after I pause the video, the sound corrupts. Always. This situation repeats in various players ? PowerMediaPlayer, VLC player, KMP player, etc. What I tried:I tried to uninstall all audio drivers and play files in the PowerMediaPlayer ? the problem persists.I tried to uninstall all audio drivers, then install the latest Realtek Audio driver and plae files in the PowerMediaPlayer ? the problem persists.I tried to lower the system volume and player volume to 20% ? the problem persists. So, I don?t know what to do ? this problem is very annoying. I cannot watch movies freely, because if I use pause, I will always have to close the file, start it again, search for the last point and resume watching. Every time. It?s absolutely frustrating. Please, help me to troubleshoot this!

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clicking on "file:///D:/UpToDate/contents/mobipreview.htm?3/4/3141" in excel redirect to browser but omits "file:///" &"?3/4/3141" portion from the hyperlink thus doesn't open in the browser. how can I let excel redirect file:// protocol without modifying the link
I am cross posting due to time constrains and due to that no one is responding and due to the fact it is a difficult issue to resolve. and I promise when I get it solved I will notify you promptly.

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In Word 2000 under Insert Hyperlink, Word maintains a listing of recent files or browsed pages that you can use to insert hyperlinks into your document.

Is there someway to "flush" that list, when it become so long or so outdated as to begin to lose utility for the end-user? There must be some way to do that, since I noted that my files list (either at home or work) recently was zeroed out in the last couple of weeks or months.

A:Deleting File Locations Under Insert/Hyperlink in Word 2000

Okay, we have at least a partial answer to this question. Apparently if you flush your recently visited internet page history from your default browser, you will simultaneously delete the recently browsed pages under Insert > Hyperlink in Word 2000.

We're still in the hunt for information on how to deleted a list of the file locations that is also retained under Word 2000. Other entries?

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Just got my guitar pro 5.2 on my computer,
And the sound isn't working when i push play,
This has also stopped working on powertabs,
I found that my SndVol32.exe was missing and re-installed it,
Still not working, any suggestions would be very very appreciated!

A:Sound not working on programs that use a midi sound file (Guitar pro, power tabs etc)

Doubleclick on the speaker icon in the system tray. Click Options then Properties, check all the boxs to show all the volume options. Then click ok. On the main speaker screen, make sure nothing is muted and everything is turned up (Microphone and CD Player shouldn't matter).

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I tried this file on my other win 7 and it works fine , but I have no sound with this file . and narrator has no sound also .. system sounds and mp3 's / movies sound good ... Ideas . thanks

A:narrator no sound - and sound vbs file no sound

Weird - If I change the output to optical , I can hear the vbs file and narrator . Ideas ?

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Hi to all seven forum,
I have a movie audio and its left channel sound is lower then the right side. so I wanted to Increase left channel sound for equal to right side channel. I used Audacity but its "Normalizer" option didn't really works.
see the image, there is clearly shown one channel sound is lower then other.

A:How to Normalize a channle sound from a stereo sound file.

The waveform for the bottom channel (whichever that is) shows it is distorting and too loud on the sound peaks. Lower that channel to match the other.

(I have a recording studio and work with audio daily).

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I would like to control the AutoScroll speed in MS Word 2007.

When I press the mouse wheel with the pointer over the center of a Word document, the up and down arrows with a dot between them graphic appears as it should. The smallest mouse move either way (up or down) causes the scroll speed to go much too fast. I want to control it. I want to be able to set the AutoScroll speed to scroll more slowly so I can read the text.

This same AutoScroll function's speed is OK with web pages.

I am using: MS Optical USB Intellimouse, Office 2007 and therefore Word 2007, Windows 7 (x64), i7-920 CPU, Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R motherboard, 80 GB solid state drive and 6 GB of RAM...(yes, it's refreshingly fast)

TIA for your help


A:Control AutoScroll in Word 2007


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Is it possible to capture the sound from my creative sound card as a wav or mp3 file?

I would prefer to not output the sound to an external capture device but to do this within the OS or Creative's bundled applications.


A:How to capture sound from sound card as a wav/mp3 file

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Have HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Intel(R)Core(TM)2 Duo CPU
P7450 @ 2.13 GHz
6.0 GB RAM
64-bit OS
No Pen or Touch Input is avail for this display
I have Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1; MS Office 2007

The message I get is:
"You are attempting to open a file that was created in an earlier version of MS Office. This file is blocked from opening in this version by your registry policy settings."

I have tried to run "Fix It," and it failed.
The old Word file from 1994 is before Windows 95; probably Win 3.1 or Win 3.11.

I am hoping someone out there can help me read my really old files! Thank you!

I also have some old database files I need to run (not Access); but are Borland's Visual dBase Pro 5.5 or slightly older (1992 .dbf files). I actually have the CD-ROM for the Borland program. Do I dare install it? (The CD cover says it "supports Windows 95 & Windows 3.1, and the Crystal Info Report Builder program that goes with it). Or, is there a way to convert these to Access, and the old Word files to 2007 (without having to buy the 2010 ver of Word)?

A:Attempting to read (1994!) Word file on 3.5" disk using MS Word 2007

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I recently installed Office 2007 on a new Vista 64 bit system. I was unable to install my previous version of WordPerfect Office 12. When using WP on my previous Windows XP system, I was able to go into the word processor, click open, go to the wp folder (where I kept all my documents) and do a search based on a particular word I was looking for. For example, I could type in the word "hebrew" in the files box and each document file that contained that word (not only in the file name but in the contents of the file) was listed. I could then preview the contents of each document file and open the one I wanted.

Does this feature work in Word 2007 under Vista 64? I have only been able to find a file name with the word I type, even though I know many other document files contain the word I type in the files box. This has been very frustrating because it means I have to preview every file to find the one I want rather than just the files with the typed word in its contents.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

A:View limited file content based on key word; wordperfect and now word 2007

Hello Mert55,
Have you checked the Word Online "help & how to"? [ Word - blue question mark top right hand corner - click ]

Links below should provide help & address your problem.
Let us know the result.


Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorial—Free & Online

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In this thread: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic458779.html/page__st__15__gopid__2770461#entry2770461
I asked for help with problems that were occurring after Avast found a malware infection on my computer.

Right now what is happening:

When I open a Word file, it freezes & then crashes (details below) often w/in 10-20 minutes of opening the file, but occasionally it has been longer (it went 3 hours once). Sometimes it happens when I am doing resource intensive things with an image dense document, other times it has happened when I have left the computer and the document is just sitting here open.

This often coincides with an extreme slowdown of everything running on the computer (though each has occurred separately).

I went through the suggestions for dealing with slow computers frex:

I have:

- cleaned computer
- went through Firefox troubleshooting checklist
- cleaned hard drive (used CCleaner)
- ran SFC
- ran Chkdsk
- checked for problem entries in Device Manager
- checked DMA status (already enabled)
- defraged system
- defraged page files
- checked for unnecessary running services
- verified Windows indexing system was disabled
- Disabled visual effects
- disabled Ctfmon.exe
- disabled mdm.exe
- ran TFC
- tried doing a clean boot
- a number of things I believe were directly related to the malware checking/repairing (OTL, ESET, aswMBR, DDS,
- uninstalled & reinstalled Word multiple times (including 2 fresh downloads - legal, I hasten to add&#... Read more

A:Word 2007 crashes shortly after opening a Word file (Post-malware infection)

Are you using Avast Antivirus?


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This is one of the weirder things I've ever seen happening in MS-Word.
The file in question is a book manuscript that was created in Word 2007.  The individual who wrote the book happens to be blind, but is a friend of mine, and even she knew something was "off" without being able to see it.
She sent me a copy of the original .doc format file and also one in .docx format.   In both, the entire document has the text right justified, but, and here's the important part, Word is showing the document as left justified no matter where you place yourself in it.
If I do a select all, then hit the right justify button the entire document left justifies.
Since this manuscript will be submitted to a publisher it would be helpful if it were working as virtually every other MS-Word document works as far as justification goes.  Neither of us has ever encountered this before.
I figure that someone must have had this happen to them and probably knows what one must do to fix it.  Any and all assistance will be most appreciated.

A:Weird MS-Word Situation - File Created in Word 2007

I ran across a similar situation using Word '97 many moons ago. I had found and used a template which contained pre-formatted content that did not cooperate with the changes I wanted to make. This worked for me.
A word of caution as you probably already realize, you will lose all formatting of the original .doc / .docx so it may involve some work replicating the format of the original .doc / .docx.
Make sure your original .doc /.docx is saved

Open the original .doc / .docx
Open an instance of Windows Notepad
Copy/paste the text from the saved .doc / .docx into Windows Notepad.
Open a New blank Word Document
Copy/paste the text from Windows Notepad into the New Word Document
You should now have full control of your New Word Document
By saving the original, you can replicate the necessary changes (fonts, colors etc.) lost by copy / paste to Windows Notepad
Hope this helps
Old Rocker

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Because I do teaching for people who have both versions (2007 & 2010) of Word, I have to keep both on my computer. How do I get .doc and .docx to associate with Word 2010?

Because I work mostly in 2010, I want to default to opening with 2010 but I can't do it. When I do try to correct the association (through the Control Panel) it WON'T associate with 2010. I go to the winword.exe in the correct folder for 2010 and click on it but it just stays the same, still associated with winword.exe in the 2007 folder.

A:need word 2007 AND word 2010, how to set file associations

FileTypesManager is pretty good in cases like this one.

Download this free application, run it, look for docx. Hightlight it and press F2. In a new window delete anything in the User Choice field. Close that window and find Open coomand for docx in main Window. Make sure that command-line leads to Office14. Repeat for doc.

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When it comes to computers i'm a real dumass. The problem i'm having ist the fact no sound devices work on my computer, i've got them plugged in (headphone and speakers) ive got all the wires in the correct place just as i did before i had the problem. i go to volume control and it comes up with "there are no active mixer devises available.....". if anyone could help then that would be great!

A:I cant get sound or sound control.

Right click on "My Computer" and hit "Manage". A screen will open, and click "Device Manager". Do you see any Yellow Circles with Exclamation points, Question Marks, or big RED X?

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When I try to open an old WORD 2.2 file in MS WORD 2007, I am blocked from doing so -- I'm told I'll have to make some registry changes. The suggested changes, though, do not match what I see in my VISTA registry. Can someone help me with this problem?

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How do I stop Word 2007 from opening my 2003 and 97 version files? I'm sure there is a way, but typical of all programs put out today 2007 wants to take over the world. I want to stop it (at least on my computer). I have 2007 because of documents from school, but I certainly don't want to use it on a regular basis.

Many thanks in advance for answers.

A:Don't open word 97 file in word 2007

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Cheers all,

Problem is as stated in the thread; I downloaded, untar'd and set the theme up today. I know it's specifically the "Close Window" sound since it's unique from the others. I'm referring to the following actions in particular (there may be more things I could do to proc it, but I haven't checked yet)...
Opening a Program
Opening a Folder in Windows Explorer
Starting a new Windows Explorer Session
Closing a Window (expected function)
Closing a Windows Explorer Session (expected function)
Those not followed by (expected function) have a different sound assigned to them, although the Close Window sound plays anyways. Not always immediately after the action is performed, either - there can be anywhere from a 1 to 15 second delay before the .wav plays.

The sounds are located in C:\Windows\Media\AltimitOS\ with AltimitOS being a custom folder I copied in. I originally untar'd everything to the desktop, then created and moved everything into the folder and tried running the theme from there. I've made sure all file paths are leading to the \Media\AltimitOS folder.

Any help is appreciated. Cheers,

A:Custom Sound Scheme: Close Window Sound Plays Instead of Chosen Sound

As this is a 3rd party app, it sounds like it is buggy. Does the Windows schemes work OK? If so, that puts it back to the buggy app.

I would go back to the app developer for assistance.

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Hello; A rare conditon: I cant get sound out of any internet video. sound card is ok. Sound from every other source is ok,,,except from internet explorer videos of any kind.


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I have good sound with other speakers on this desktop, but I wanted to save some workspace on my desk, so I recently got a new AX510 sound bar and attached it onto a Dell 2208WFP monitor, one of the monitors listed for that soundbar.  It powers up via the AC port built in to the monitor, just like it should, and I've correctly connected the audio cable on the soundbar audio output on my desktop.  But there's no sound at all.  I did get a static "pop" once... but no other sound.
So I am trying to figure out whether the sound bar is defective, or if this is possibly a Windows 10 issue, as I've read a few odd posts on the internet about people suddenly finding that previously working sound bars don't work in Windows 10.... or some other incompatibility (my desktop is a Studio XPS 8100, Windows 10).  I realize all of my equipment is not the latest, but it's all been in great working condition and the one new addition is the sound bar... I did plug my old speakers back in again, and they still work just fine.
I was thinking I can test the sound bar by connecting it to another computer at work (tomorrow) that's running Windows 7.  to determine if it's a Windows 10 issue -- or if it just doesn't work at all -- but would that be a definitive test it's not a Dell computer?  Any other ways to diagnose the problem and pin it down?  I can conceivably still return the sound bar if I determine it's defect... Read more

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this is for my multimedia class p[leas help

"auto-ripple" effect do for a sound file? How do you get it to work on your sound file?

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Maybe I should have just said link in my first post.. I have a problem, maybe you can help me? When I click on a link I often only get a "chunk" sound and no other response, the desired page does not come up, nothing happens. The sound comes from the speakers and with my ear close to the speaker, sounds like, "sshOOH!". It occurs about two seconds after clicking the link. The link may be for a PDF, referral to a new page, photo to be enlarged or a small illustration where clicking on it is supposed to open a description. This does not always happen but I haven't been able to narrow it down any further. I have been led through many things to try with no results, and everything appears to be normal. Have I adequately explained what is going on? Am hoping you can solve this riddle. Thank you, Bill

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I have started getting this as an error message on opening Word 2007.

"Word could not create the work file. Check the temp environment variable."

Am not able to save any word document. Also, on trying to close Word I get this error message;

"Changes have been made that affect the global template, Normal.dot. Do you want to save those changes?"

Have checked my environment variables, User Variables are set to as under;

Variable - Value
Temp - C: Documents and Settings/ABC/Local Settings/Temp
TMP - C: Documents and Settings/ABC/Local Settings/Temp

Also, the Value in the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER >Software >Microsoft >Windows >CurrentVersion >Explorer >User Shell Folders >Cache is as %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files.

Pls assist in resolving this issue.

A:Word 2007 Error Message: "Word could not create the work file."

There are 2 registry paths to change:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER >Software >Microsoft >Windows >CurrentVersion >Explorer >Shell Folders
HKEY_CURRENT_USER >Software >Microsoft >Windows >CurrentVersion >Explorer >User Shell Folders

Both have the "Cache" String which should be changed. And the correct Win7 Cache path in both entries is

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Termporary Internet Files

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I am not sure what is going on with my Microsoft Word XP. It is automatically copying files, but it is not deleting the temporary files after the program is closed. I had read that other people are having similiar issues; my question is what do I do? Every time I try to delete files, the program will stop and recopy those files just deleted. It is driving me nuts!! I now have about 600 copies of each file saved in my documents. Should I save what I need to save and remove my Word program and then reinstall it?

Any help would be greatly appreicated.


A:File Copying is out of control (Word XP)

welcome to TSG, cortoleszcz

this is the introductions forum....a place to introduce yourself, not your problem.

many forums have "stickies" posted at the top of them...it's a good idea to read them: they have a lot of valuable information

i'm moving this to a forum where you should get some help...if you'd like, come back to the introductions forum, start a thread and tell everyone a bit about yourself.

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Hi there,

in my laptop (asus) i have keys to control the sound (FN+ f10-f11-f12), enable/ disable and up and down the volume, but since i get win7 i cant control them...

i press the Fn+f11 appears the pics below but nothing happen...
i instal the sound drivers realtek but still the same...

Help pls

In the realtek audio manager i also cant control de sound up ou down...

A:Sound control

hello, have you tried,control panel/ device manager/system devices/ACPI/ right click and update drivers select automatic. I have not tried this so be sure you have a system restore point before trying just in case you need to go back if changes donot work for you. System Restore Point - Create

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I must have deleted something that has to do with sound & volume control... I can not use my mic either... I went into ctrl panel, then go to sounds & devices, then click on volume control, but I get a windows message saying that the volume control program is not installed and to go to add/rem programs, which seems, I can not install or select ANYTHING about sounds...

WHAT GIVES & WHAT CAN I DO... besides reloading WinXP...???

A:Sound Control

Windows cannot display the volume control on the taskbar because the Volume Control program has not been installed. To install it use Add/Remove
Programs in Control Panel.

To resolve this issue, extract a new copy of Sndvol32.exe from the Windows
XP CD to the system_root \System32 folder on your computer's hard disk. To
do this, follow these steps:

Start/Run/CMD. In the command prompt window type:

X: (where X is your CD Drive letter)
CD \I386

Then use the expand command:
expand -r sndvol32.ex_ c:\windows\system32

Note: This assumes XP is installed on C: and that its installed in the
Windows folder. If not, you'll need to adjust the command accordingly.
Additionally, this must be an installable version of XP, not a "recovery

Got this from: http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_v.htm#volume

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After removing malware my sound control no longer shows up in the sytem tray.

A:Sound Control

Try the fix at Kelly's Korner.Sound Icon - Enable - #316 on the right.Right click on it and save the .reg file to your desktop. Then, double click on the file icon (on your desktop) to merge it into your registry. You may need to reboot your computer for the changes to take affect.With any fix like this you should create a new restore point and backup the registry first. For backing up the registry I like to use ERUNT.

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Was per application sound control dropped from vista? I am running vista home premium x64 with an external SB 24 Live audio card (I also have access to on board audio) and see no way to do per application sound control that was mentioned in the beta's.

A:Per app sound control

Hi pcmxa,

Left click on the speaker icon in the notification area of the taskbar (where the clock is situated) to bring up the master volume control. At the bottom is an option 'Mixer'. Click this, and all current applications running will have their own individual volume control available, as well as the master volume control and that for Windows Sounds. Each application can be separately controlled and muted from this panel. Of course, the settings on the master volume control affect everything else, and selecting mute here will mute everything else as well.

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In window xp, the sound control has option where you can disable and enable line in/line out/ volume control up and down etc... where can is it in window 7. window 7 just have volume control.

A:sound control

Go to the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Sound panel. You have options for Record and Playback

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i have windows XP.I am trying 2 get my sound control bak.i can hear sound but i can not control it.also my sound shortcut is not working.windows cannot display the volume control on the task bar because the volume control program has not been installed. to install it,use add/remove programs in the control panel this is what happens when i try to put a sound icon on my taskbar by checking the box in sounds and audio devices properties window.so i go to add new programs and i click windows update.It opens a website(http://www.update.microsoft.com/windowsupdate/v6/default.aspx?ln=en-us) and i click express install.then it sez windows internet explorer 7.0 for windows xp. i click back (without installing) and click custom. and it sez the same thing. What do i do now????

A:sound control

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I am using Winamp player for continously playing MP3 in my firm. My pc is Win xp professiona l service pack 2.
I am using this PC also for Accounting applications and other web activities. Then that system sound also are heard through all in the firm through speakers. This is annoying. To avoid all system sounds to block and only hearing winamp player output to speakers , suggest any Tip.



A:Sound out control

My pc is Win xp professional service pack 2Click to expand...

Why hasn't Service Pack 3 (released in May 2008) been installed?

Without it installed, certain programs and drivers can't be installed or updated.


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I am using win xp -home.
In system tray I don't see sound control icon, and everytime I have to go to control panel> sound, speech> and manually check off >apply and check in at "place volume icon in taskbar". I have set volume icon to "always show " in customize notification under taskbar options.
It started happening just a week back, eralier it was always in the system tray, even at the option " hide when inactive".

A:sound control

Rather odd. Do you have any other "wierd" things happen in Windows? Have you loaded or removed any software before you noticed this? Sounds like a conflict with some program running or a virus/worm. Run your up-to-date anti-virus software. I saw this in WIN98se, but other icons acted strange also. Random errors also. It was bad RAM.

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Alright. So for some reason a file of mine was "unavailable."

I looked it up, and this thread http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/746377-solved-word-2007-file-x.html already exists, except, it really doesn't make sense to me.

I cannot open my important file and I don't know how to fix this. On the previous thread, it is suggested that I delete my "AVG virus protection." The problem is that I don't have that to delete (I don't think).

I really need someone's help, please.

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