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WD Hard Drive Failure or Motherboard?

Q: WD Hard Drive Failure or Motherboard?

Hi all,

I was wondering if you could provide me with some feedback on a hard drive issue that started when I booted up my pc yesterday. Hard Drive is WD 160GB SATA.

I received this error at boot up:

Read Disk Error CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

I restarted and luckily I was able to get to the desktop (took longer then normal tho).
Checked Event Viewer.. nothing showed. Checked Performance Logs... no errors showed.

Decided to double check all the connections... all plugged in nice and secure. Rebooted. Got the Read Disk Error again. this time it took me 3x to get to desktop. I decided to try another SATA connection on motherboard. REbooted.... got error again.

I ran a chkdsk/r and when system rebooted the Read Disk error showed up again.
After another 3 ctrl+alt+del reboots... I was able to get into Windows. I downloaded the Diagnostic Tools from WD and my drive failed both the Quick and Extended Tests. Not surprising lol

Anyhoo, here is a screenshot of my WD Diagnostic test results. I was wondering if it was a HDD issue or a motherboard issue? Any thoughts? I would rather replace a HDD then a motherboard. This WD 160 SATA drive is less then a month old also. BIOS sees the hard drive.also tried setting BIOS back to default.... sometimes that works but not this time tho :-(

I think I am living on borrowed time with this HD but before I replace I wanted to get more opnions.

Thx for the input

Preferred Solution: WD Hard Drive Failure or Motherboard?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: WD Hard Drive Failure or Motherboard?

Did you create the bootable CD ? ?
The results are more accurate then running it inside Windows.
Also you should be running the Long test.

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This system has less than 300 hours of usage on it (probably only half that). Started getting a long error message on start-up, which included "insert boot media", so I first thought it was an OS corruption.  Spoke to Support, and was advised to purchase physical media to restore ($21.65), since the partition wasn't working. That failed.  Opened new ticket, determined the hard drive was bad (still under warranty, but barely).  Paid $40.00 to ship to be repaired.  When I received it back, the same thing occurred in less than three weeks (no longer under warranty).Took to local Microsoft Store.  The determined that drive was OK, but the motherboard or other major hardware malfunction is responsible - enough so that they can't even run diagnostics. Was going to contact Gateway/Acer to inform them, but no email links on their website - only in-warranty chat - it's almost like they're hiding from the consumers. Have spent over $450.00 and basically have an expensive boat anchor.  I could have spent $350 on a Toshiba laptop and been happier. Thanks a lot Gateway/Acer...

A:Hard drive crash (and motherboard failure) - Gatew...

n-Warranty SupportAcer offers both chat and phone support for in-warranty products, to help you return your product to factory working condition. To determine your warranty coverage, view your warranty document. Chat:Chat with an Acer support professional.  Phone:Dial 866-695-2237.

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My computer was intermittently freezing. I found in the event view that there was a controller error in device\harddisk0\D. From what I read this was most likely a drive problem.

I reinstalled windows on my primary drive. Nothing changed. I then disconnected my secondary drive, using the primary alone. Same problem. I then disconnected my primary drive, and installed windows on the secondary drive. Same problem.

I was also getting occasional mentions of bad sectors, or the ati2mtag had some kind of error, even after trying both drives alone and reformatting and scanning for bad sectores.

The computer has also started giving me garbled pixels on the post screen as I start up, which as I understand it means its not the hard drive.

I replaced my x800 with my old 9700pro, but if anything the garbled post screen is worse.

If anyone could provide any help I would appreciate it. I personally suspect its the motherboard (an Abit IS7-E) or the power supply, but can't think of any way to narrow it down. I don't have another computer that is compatible with this ones motherboard or PSU. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Failure of the Motherboard, PSU, Graphics Card or Hard Drive - Help!!

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This system has less than 300 hours of usage on it (probably only half that). Started getting a long error message on start-up, which included "insert boot media", so I first thought it was an OS corruption.  Spoke to Support, and was advised to purchase physical media to restore ($21.65), since the partition wasn't working. That failed.  Opened new ticket, determined the hard drive was bad (still under warranty, but barely).  Paid $40.00 to ship to be repaired.  When I received it back, the same thing occurred in less than three weeks (no longer under warranty).Took to local Microsoft Store.  The determined that drive was OK, but the motherboard or other major hardware malfunction is responsible - enough so that they can't even run diagnostics. Was going to contact Gateway/Acer to inform them, but no email links on their website - only in-warranty chat - it's almost like they're hiding from the consumers. Have spent over $450.00 and basically have an expensive boat anchor.  I could have spent $350 on a Toshiba laptop and been happier. Thanks a lot Gateway/Acer...

A:Hard drive crash (and motherboard failure) - Gatew...

n-Warranty SupportAcer offers both chat and phone support for in-warranty products, to help you return your product to factory working condition. To determine your warranty coverage, view your warranty document. Chat:Chat with an Acer support professional.  Phone:Dial 866-695-2237.

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I am apologizing before I start because I have limited knowledge and hope not to waste anyone's time.

The story: I am trying to recover a few data files from my old hard drive. I have removed my hard drive from my laptop in which the motherboard crashed. The hard drive is about a year old, laptop 5 years old. I placed the removed drive into a usb drive enclosure. The failed computer had Vista OS, my new computer has Windows 7 OS. The failed drive has a password on it at the level of logging into windows. When I connected old drive to new computer via usb, the new computer recognized it and gave it a drive letter. If if clicked on the drive I could see the files in it. When I tried to go to the files that contained my data, I got a message that I did have permission to open them. Then the new computer continuously tried to open the file. This process wouldn't stop even trying to kill it with the Task Master. I had to pull the drive out of the usb and reboot my new computer.

questions: What should I do? Is this a problem with conflicting OS systems, passwords, too many OS. I have looked at forums but could not find anything that I could understand and use. Any suggestions?


A:Problem recovering data from laptop hard drive after motherboard failure

Try to take ownership.

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Hello all,

newbie here, someone can help me out :). My desktop sudden won't turn on then I replace the power supply and power is back on however i see this message when screen boot up.

"Hard-disk drive failure
Diskette driver 0 seek failure"

press f1 to continue and f2 to enter SETUP. If i press F1 go back to the message above.

Dell Inspiron 530s desktop, window xp

many thanks

A:Hard-disk drive failure and diskette drive 0 seek failure

If you've verified that all devices are plugged in to power and the correct cable (ie floppy cable for floppy and ide/sata for HD), then it's possible that the power supply failing could have damaged the circuitry on the drives.

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Had this laptop for about 6 years, had a few issues in the past, but nothing major like this. After, I ran a system dianostic, the result shown that the Hard drive short DST failed. Not totally sure how to do a recovery, I do have the Recovery Discs, so I searched up how to run the discs; turned on the system- press f11-  window loading files- window starting- then it just stuck on a window blue screen with nothing but the cursor. Can I even use the Recovery Discs? I want to replace the old HDD with a new SSD, but I'm not sure if I have to install a new OS or can I recover the old hard drive OS and transfer to the SSD?

A:Hard Drive failure (Hard Drive Short DST Check: Failed)

DST:Fail means  the hard drive has failed and will need to be replaced. If you are still in warranty HP will send a replacement. If not a retail laptop SATA hard drive can be used. Just be sure to get one of at least equal capacity as the original in order to use Recovery Discs. It can be larger, but not smaller capacity.For instance if you have a 500GB hdd you could use a 750GB hdd but not a 320GB hdd.

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The other day I was workigna t ym computer, when it started to show tell tale signs of HDD failure, and then would not boot, could hear thrashing and clicking etc when trying to read it.

I was pretty annoyed about that but I thought oh well its all backed up just need a new HDD.

So got a new one ordered all specs reccommended by the computer manufacturer, installed by a preofessional too.

*** was going well, new OS flying along nicely so I went to my external HDD to transfer some data. Uppon trying to open my 1.5tb external HDD I realise windows cannot read it, although it is shown in "device manager" as a usb sotrage device. My other lapotop wont read it, nor a mac, nor linux even with force boot command.

I then go to my emergency backup 320gb hard drive with a small fraction of my important stuff on it. this 320gb hard drive WAS readable when I installed my new HDD with OS on it, but I went to the 1.5tb first as it had more on. But now even the 320 GB hard drive cannot be read, by a selection of computers.

I then plugged by 8GB Nokia N95 in and now it cannot even be read.

Complete disaster.

I have tried chkdsk, macs reading all drives, linux force boot commands.

I am quite scared that my new 500gb OS hard drive will fail soon too but I dont know what is causing this please any help much appreciated.



A:Hard Drive failure + External HDD Failure Similtaneously

What OS?
Look in Event Viewer/System for any red marks that may provide clues.
I understand the initial drive failure. but the subsequent failures suggest a major problem with the computer itself. Power supply, memory IDE controller, motherboard?
A virus could do this. There may be some rogue file on the external drive.

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Hey guys and gals. I was trying to backup some files (yet another issue). My external hard drive enclosure appears to be malfunctioning. Or it could be the SATA drive itself. You see when I try to turn it on the computer can't read it. Perhaps it was a power surge or something IDK. Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations?

Tomorrow I'll try to take the computer apart and test the drive itself; I have a limited number of SATA interfaces on my motherboard and one of them is connected to the OS HD. I hope it is o.k., there are some recent backups I don't want to lose. Would be a pain to ask for those last few documents at work and rescan them. Guess I am going to need 4 external backups.

It is a Manhattan USB / EATA Enclosure 3.5 (large internal HD). Model Number unknown.

I knew I should have invested in 'more' storage . Well, my weekly backup was today even though I normally backup files right after.

A:Possible Hard Drive Enclosure failure. Possible HD failure.

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So, I had gotten up this morning and was on my computer fine and dandy for a couple of hours and left for class at around 1:30 PM. When I return at around 4, I turn on my monitor and there's a blinking underscore on the top right of my screen. I went ahead and made a startup repair disc for Windows 7, but it could not find anything wrong with the system. I then went into the ACER factory settings utility on the same disc and both options:

> Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults
Restore your PC to factory default status. All data on C: drive will be deleted.

> Restore Operating System and Retain User Data
Restore only the operating system of your PC to the factory defaults. Files from your user accounts will be transferred to C:\Backup. This option will not remove persistent viruses or malware.

Are grayed out. I assumed that this could only be because it wasn't detecting my hard drive? I went into the setup menu in the BIOS, and I see:

> IDE Primary Master [Not Detected]
> IDE Primary Slave [Not Detected]
> SATA7 [Not Detected]
> SATA8 [Not Detected]

However, when I start up the computer it says it's automatically detecting my SATA drives. I honestly have no idea what the difference between IDE and SATA mean, or if my computer not detecting the IDE drives even means anything. Maybe I never had IDE drives? I am a total noob in the hardware department.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Hard Drive failure or Boot failure?

Please post the complete computer model,details or specs. next time. Did you try loading default settings in your BIOS configuration?

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I want to replace the failing hard drive on my Windows 8 dell laptop.  
It did not come with a Windows CD.  Is it possible to install windows onto a replacement hard drive without a CD?
Thanks in advance for any replies.

A:Hard drive failure. How do I install windows on new hard drive without a CD.

You'll need to contact Dell to purchase a copy of the recovery media.

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Product # LR656UA#ABA - warranty expired. Ran system test at boot up error message (F2 Hard Disk Test)... Hard disk failed the test. How do i get hard disk replaced A.S.A.P. (i need it "yesterday"!) and how much does it cost?Thanks. Rebecca

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Product # LR656UA#ABA - warranty expired. Ran system test at boot up error message (F2 Hard Disk Test)... Hard disk failed the test. How do i get hard disk replaced A.S.A.P. (i need it "yesterday"!) and how much does it cost?Thanks. Rebecca

A:Hard Disk Failure - what is cost to replace hard drive in 10...

Hi Rebecca, Contact an HP Service Center or a PC or laptop shop and ask them that. This is not a business unit of HP We do not provide prices for HP's services. We are volunteers. If you want to change it out yourself, then that is a different matter.  We can advise you as to what type hard disk or SSD is needed and show how to replace it.  

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If someone could PLEASE PLEASE help me.. I have all these pop ups telling me that I have hard drive clusters, Proble with IDE/sata HARD DISKS..I have Windows Vista and I am affraid that I may have lost all my photos and all my documents... Can someone help me PLEASE!!!!

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For my wife's computer her hard drive has failed and will lose Windows 10 please advise best method to resolve and restore computer use with Win. 10 after drive is installed with her original Win.7 (now called illegal)

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Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping to get some help. I had a power outage while my WD Elements 1.5 TB Hard drive was on. I wasn't accessing it but apparently that was enough.

I had a lot of important data on it but losing hope after unsuccessful attempts to use PhotoRec to get items off it.

It doesn't show as accessible in MyComputer but is detected. I've included what it shows under the "Manage" view of the drive.

I've also tried MiniTool Partition but it doesn't seem to be able to fix the partition. I've also tried Partition Bad Disk and it just shows the whole 1.5 TB drive as one bad block. It won't let me fix it either.

Does anyone have any other bits of advice? I'm at a loss as what to do. It seems the data is not recoverable. I can't figure out how to get it to show or even how to use it again.

Please see attachments.

I'm grateful for any ideas/help please. Thank you.

A:External Hard Drive failure. "Bad disk" after power failure

Hello dime5150. Welcome to the forum

In PW, did you try "Rebuild MBR"?

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I have a system with 4 Seagate hard drives, two are ATA and two are PATA. A few months ago, I had a problem with one of the PATA drives which was less than several months old. It was returned and exchanged with a recertified drive. Within two months, it began to fail in the same manner as the first. I would hear a very faint beeping sound coming from the hard drive and the event viewer in Windows would reveal the following: An error was detected on device during a paging operation. After that error, the device would disappear from the system. Upon rebooting, it would reappear. I used the Seagate DOS utilities to examine the hard drive and it detected a bad sector. I repaired the sector, but the same problem occurred. As a consequence, I removed the drive (the system appears to be functioning normally without it) and I have asked for a replacement drive.

Could I be having a problem with my system? Or have I just had two bad hard drives back-to-back?

With the first drive I returned, I was able to retrieve my data by putting it into a USB enclosure. It appeared to function okay in the USB enclosure, even though it did not work when attached directly to the motherboard. I have not tried this yet with the drive that just failed.

It's a bit puzzling and I wondering if there is a way to check my system.
Model : Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz
Speed : 3.00GHz
L2 On-board Cache : 512kB ECC Synchronous ATC

Bus(es) : ISA AGP PCI USB FireWire/1394
MP Supp... Read more

A:2nd Hard Drive Failure - Is it the Drive or the System?

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HelloMy desktop computer has been acting up as of recently. Before boot times use to be very fast but now boot times are taking a lot longer. Then when I would boot the computer it would say media presence not detected and try to boot over the network. I looked online and saw that a solution to this was to reorder the boot order so I ensured that windows boot manger was the first and followed the instructions online to disable the boot over network. Now when I attempt to boot I get a screen that says no operating system installed on the hard drive. I then ran a hard drive test which the hard drive failed. Then I reran the test and the hard drive passed. So is my best option to replace the harddrive? In this case is this the 16gb ssd harddrive that needs to be replaced or the 1tb hard drive? Thanks for your help

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A:Hard Drive Failure?

@New_Guy1?, welcome back to the forum. It would be your main hard drive (HDD) that needs to be replaced.  The SSD is simply used as a cache for the HDD.  You should consider replacing the HDD with a SSD.  The performance increase is amazing. I have a loaner HP 860-170vr Gaming desktop.  It came with a HDD installed.  Upon first boot, I couldn't believe how slow it booted.  I installed a Samsung EVO 840 500 GB SSD that I had purchased earlier.  It made a world of difference.  If you buy a HDD it should be the same size or larger than the one being replaced.  This is to assure that the Recovery media will work. If you decide to go with a SSD I suggest Samsung.  They seem to work the best with HP BIOS's.  I will be glad to tell you the best way to install it. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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I looked in support to purchase re-installation media, but i couldn't find anything.   I click on the software/driver downloads and nothing came up for purchasing re-installation media.   Any assistance would be much appricated.    

A:Hard drive failure

Never mind.  I found it.  

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So my hard drive has been Makig a beeping sound. It just goes like beep,beep,beep repeatedly. Then it sits at the motherboard screen for like five minutes. Then I go to bios when it finally let's me. I can't seem to find my hard drive. Sometimes it pops up most of the time it dont. It started out as just turning on and working every once in a while. Now it dont work at all. Any help on what is going on, or how to fix it would be appreciated.

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Hello all, I recently installed a window's update and a message had appeared saying that it had failed to write to my 2nd SATA drive. Upon restarting the computer, the second SATA drive started to make clicking noises on some occassions. My first thought is that the HDD is experiencing mechanical failure, but it was working perfectly fine before the window's update. BIOS no longer recognizes the second SATA drive, and if I have it connected to the mobo, windows fails to start up. My primary SATA drive is still working fine and has my OS and when it is the only thing attached to the mobo, windows starts up normally.

Does anyone has a suggestion or idea if the HDD failure is due to the window's update or was it simply a coincidence that my HDD decided to fail at the time of the update?

Any replies would be appreciated, thanks.


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I recently dropped my old sony vaio on the ground while it was on. It lost power and when i went to boot it back up i received the error Operating System not found. The hard drive was making a continuous beeping noise. I beleive the hard drive corrupted so i bought a new one but now how do i go about getting my operating system back? The machine is no longer under warranty and did not come with a recovery disc. any help would be much appreciated.

A:Hard Drive Failure

Well, I'm a bit confused here. Bad hard drives typically make a clicking sound, not a beeping sound to begin with.

edit: if you have a valid win 7 key you should be able to install from any win 7 disc. Perhaps you could borrow one.

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I have a compaq armade 4120. It has windows 95 in it. It also has a program for my work called superv however this program does not effect my problem. when i go to have windows 95 come up i get an error that says intellisafe has found an imminent failure. Because of this windows does not load. that is as far as the computer goes. I have not had it online although it has the ability to do so.
Is my whole computer gone. Or is there any way of saving it.


thank you

A:hard drive failure

You can remove the hard drive and install in another computer as a slave and then see if you can copy any important files.

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A few months ago I made the mistake of buying a used hard drive off Ebay. Last night it died on me and at the moment its in the freezer because Ive heard that freezing the drive can get it up and running long enough to get data recovered.
If that solution doesnt work has anyone got any other tried and tested methods I can try. The data on the drive isnt critical ( I never trusted it enough for that)so it isnt worth paying to get the data back but all the same I would like to recover the data if at all possible.thanks for any help going

A:hard drive failure

I suggest getting a professional to take a look at it.

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i have a platnum series usb 2.0 hdd enclosure and when i stuck my 120 gig hdd in there i loaded it up and when i goto explore it i get this errer "I:\ is not accessible error performing inpage operation " does anyone know what this is or anyway to fix it


A:Hard Drive Failure

Please Google: error performing inpage operation

You'll find a bunch of articles describing various possibilites that could cause this error. Some don't sound related to the environment that you have described???

BUT you may find something that does fit.

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Every time I boot up my laptop, it tells me there is an immenent hard drive failure.Failure ID: UAJB19-6T08A5-MFGJWK-609K03Product Id: F1H49AVSpoiler (Highlight to read)    

A:Hard Drive Failure

Hi, Double post. Please use     http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/forums/replypage/board-id/Laptop-Freeze/message-id/101093 Thanks

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I have an Acer Aspire PC with dual 500Gb hard drives. Recently the C: drive stopped responding and we received the black screen with mouse pointer but nothing more.

Having tried numerous attempts to correct this I decided to cut my losses and reinstall Vista however we had documents on the Desktop that were desperately needed so removed the HD and put it in another machine with the hope of copying the files.

Running DiskManager on it showed that the c: partition was not accesible, stating that permissions were corrupted. Putting the HD back into the original PC now gives a Disk Read error.

Booting from a Boot disc doesnt show the drive as existing.

It also turns out that I dont appear to have the original recovery disc so cant even reinstall.

This is turning into a nightmare.

A:Hard Drive failure

See if you can get up and running using this method
If you create a recovery DVD, you may be able to boot to recovery options
Create Recovery DVD

The Vista recovery disk is used to boot Vista when it won't boot - to run Startup Repair, System Restore, access a Command Line, Recover using a Vista Backup Image, etc.
System Recovery Options. Choose an option tht will not cause you to lose your stuff.

If Vista will not start now, boot the Recovery CD to run Startup Repair which automates System Restore as well as numerous other tests including System File Checker which can repair system files which are not corrupted beyond repair.

If Vista still will not start, try booting into Safe Mode to run sfc /scannow to repair System files.
Special Thanks Given to Seven Forums.

Below is a bulletin distributed by MS to explain the start up procedure when Windows will not boot.
Startup Repair. Startup Repair is a Windows recovery tool that can fix certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files, that might prevent Windows from starting. Startup Repair is located on the System Recovery Options menu, which is on the Windows Vista installation disc. If your computer has preinstalled recovery options, it might also be stored on your computer's hard disk. For more information, see Startup Repair: frequently asked questions and What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista? If your computer does not include Startup Repair, your computer manufacturer might have... Read more

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Hi! Mt notebook is showing a message "Boot device not found". When I attempted a hard drive test, the SMART test passed but the Long DST failed. Failure ID: RGFS1K-76C8HQ-618P03 What does this mean? Also I am having trouble accessing a location where I can back up my files. Does this mean I will lose everthing? Thanks in advance for your support.

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Hi everyone.

I've got a pretty big problem with my HD. I just bought a new one and after adding it and then turning my computer on there was some sort of surge and for some reason the origional HD cannot be read anymore. It doesnt get detected by the BIOS or anything. I've no idea what the cylenders, sectors etc the HD details were so can't input those. Is there anyway to find that out? I've messed around with Slave and Master Drive configs but it wont work. I had a lot of important info stored on that drive. Please help with suggestions.


A:Hard Drive Failure

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Hi, my hard drive recently failed.Firstly I need to know which hard drive to buy to replace the original.Are there any instructions on how to replace a laptop hard drive?Secondly when I bought the laptop there wasn't a windows 7 disc with it. How can I reinstall windows on the new hard drive if I don't have a windows disc

A:Hard drive failure

See at 2:38 into this youtube video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JnTyE1J9NU The laptop had a program on it which would have allowed you to make recovery disks. Yes, you will need some kind of Windows disk in order to reinstall your software on the new drive. Can you still see the Key Code on the bottom of the laptop or inside the battery bay? Did you ever by any chance upgrade it to Windows 10? We can perhaps help you to find a download of Windows 7 but you will have to have another computer with a DVD burner to make a restore disk.  Where are you located (country only) and we can help you locate a new hard drive.  

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i have a problem with my Intel Prescott 2.8 GHz 1 gig of memory I have a segate forty gig HDD as master and Maxtor 200gig as slave both have been working well for six months until this morning.Now windows XP Pro will not recognize the slave drive,the messages I get are (do you want to format drive now/yes-no)when checking properties of drive it states correct size but raw file system.There is over 120 gigs of data that I cant acsess can anyone help

A:Hard drive failure

you might want to open up machine and take drive out of the case and try to run outside of same.See if you can get your data, it may be a warping problem from overheating drive.physically touch the one side of it ,do you feel it running
if not sometimes a light tap on side may get her going.
some of the newer drives circuit boards use spring type contacts and they can make a bad connection from vibrations.
I have recovered many bad!!! drives this way and they are still working today Maxtors in general are noted for being on the low end of hardware not the lowest ,but close
my 2 two top picks are seagate is no. 1 and western digital no.2

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Western Digital model WD400BB-00CLB0, EIDE, 40GB. Firmware 05.04e05

This disk was doing ok, the PC was running and then everything froze. The PC won't boot, I get an error message saying it cannot find a boot sector on IDE 0 and a subsequent error message saying NO OPERATING SYSTEM. Another hard drive runs ok with the same power and 40-pin cables.

I ran Western Digital's dlgdiag 5.00 and got error code 0101.

When I boot the PC with a Windows 98 boot disk and run fdisk, I get a message saying there are no hard drives on the system.

Do I toss this hard drive? Or is there something else to try to do to return it to a serviceable condition?


A:Hard drive failure

You can get a diagnostic tool from maker's site.

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Hello! I am new here and am using another computer from our homestead to post because....
My 3 year old Dell Inspiron with Windows Vista seams to be having a hard drive issue. I was told to reinstall Windows Vista. It is currently almost 5 hours later, and I have no idea if it's even continuing the process because the screen has been black (with a functioning cursor when I move it) for more than 3 hours. It is also hooked up to the internet for current Windows updates.

I have PC tuneup software that was installed. I also have tried to do the hard drive test through Dell's support, but it fails.

Is this time frame normal? I wish I could tell you the technical specifics about the computer. I do know it is 3 GB memory, 2.0 GHz dual core Pentium processor. If my computer does resurrect itself, I will definitely add more specs.

Thanks for reading!

A:Hard Drive Failure?

Lets begin the testing.
Sounds like it is hard drive or other hardware.
Lets see what happens if you try in safe mode.
Boot the computer as it begins to boot, or should be, rapidly hit f8 many times. What happens?

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Tested and hard drive failure.  Data recovered and new hard drive.  How do I get the operating system disc that were factory loaded?

A:hard drive failure

@sin-70 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! What you need is HP Recovery Media.HP Recovery Media is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks. You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: http://support.hp.com/us-en/driversOnce there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update". If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entry and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlNOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!If you have trouble finding a phone number, then try: 1 (800) 474-6836---------------------------------------However, HP Customer Support is generally not... Read more

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Doing hardware tests and my hard drive failed the smart test.Failure id: q4wktk-74u8a1-mfpv6j-60cu03Product id: F9j37ua#abaI can't find anywhere that show what this id entails so I'm hoping someone can either point me to the page that shows it, or explains it here.

A:Hard drive failure

Hi,Sadly to say: Most of the time the 24 char failure id indicates the HDD is failing and need to be replaced. Is it still under warranry ? If Yes, please call HP for a replacement.In the US:    http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1or HP technical support: 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region please click the link below to get the support number for your region.  http://welcome.hp.com/country/w1/en/contact_us.html    Regards.

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Ok Guyz here's the deal...

I'm running XP from SCSI raid array and have 2x 60gb IDE over ATA thru a PCI slot. Both drives were working (except i can't transfer more than 25-50mb from one drive to the other at a time without system hang...
(i think this is due to the ATA being an old Highpoint and the HD's being IBM 60gb Deskstart and Seagate Baracuda!)
Anyhow this isn't the problem i've been using the new Seagate for DL's and the IBM is the older storage device. There are 6 partitions of 10/10/10/10 and 7 + blank boot partiton.

There is around 700mb-1.5gb free on each partiton.

Ok here is where the problem comes in..

(This first part probably has nothing to do with the problem but it is the chain of events which lead upto the failure...)
This week i tried to install America Army (new famed game!)...
without reading the small print... I have a Voodoo 3 and the game only runs with a Gforce /T&L not OpenGL...

After installing and finding this i uninstalled the game, after which none of my other games would work properly.. i could open Max Payne but i only had the option of T&L drivers.... and worms had a flickery picture... Thought maybe the drivers were stuck in the system somewhere... So, i uninstalled the drivers and card.. ran Norton and reinstalled the card and XP drivers.. still no joy..
So i though maybe it was something to do with Direct X8.1....
So i had a look on the web to find info and saw that DirectX8.1b was out ea... Read more

A:Hard drive failure!

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So a while back I bought a new hard drive and installed a new copy of Windows XP on it. Basically, I've been dual-booting two copies of Windows XP, although I really only use the copy on the new drive.

Today, my old hard drive began spinning without stopping and my whole computer started lagging. Unfortunately, my old drive has finally failed (I've had it for a good 7 years heh). But, like I said before, it doesn't really matter because the copy of XP I use is on the new drive.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that it DOES matter because the MBR is on the old drive that died.

To make matters even more confusing, I've been running my "new" copy of XP that is on my new drive as a slave drive.

Now, when I try booting into Windows, I get a lovely "reboot and select proper boot device" message.

I've tried everything. I've removed my dead drive and made my new drive to the master drive slot, but I still get the same message. I've tried running FIXMBR and FIXBOOT from the WinXP Recovery Console and that hasn't helped either.

Also, the hard drive is recognized in the BIOS, so it's not a faulty cable or anything like that I don't think.

Does anyone have any ideas? It's really late and I'm desperate and tired. :P

A:Hard Drive failure...Now MBR is gone?

put the drive back into the slave position and run

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Computer experienced a drop.  It turns on but only goes to the Automatic Repair screen, with the "Restart" and "Advanced Options" selections.  I performed the various UEFI system diagnostics via the hardware diagnostics application.  Pretty much everything passed with the exception of the Hard Drive Short DST Check.  The Failure ID received was:  GU008K-71U8JD-MFGJXF-60W303.  The Product ID is:  E9G89UA#ABA.  Since I cannot get Windows to start (won't boot up), I basically just want to know if it is conceivable that I can recover data off of the hard drive.  Thanks.

A:Hard drive failure

Your best hope of recovering data will be to remove the drive and install it into A USB Hard Drive Enclosure. It can then be plugged into a usb port of a working machine to see if it can be recognized and browsed. If there is any life left in the drive- and files are not badly corrupted from the drop-you should be able to copy files to hard drive of host machine. 

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Hi all,
Yesterday I came back to my computer and there was a pop up on the screen telling me that there is an update for Itunes available. So I clicked on install, but nothing happened.
Then I wanted to close the pop up, but could not. All was frozen. I had to shut down by pressing the power button. When windows was reloading, it was taking a long time, I get a message that if I wanted to stop checking the drive to hit any key. I let it check, but after an hour or so it was not advancing beyond 74 %. So I shut down again and this time I hit enter when the above message appeared to stop the check. It booted. I ran Chrystal disk info and the second hard drive has problems. To avoid the long boot up, I tried to disconnect the second hard drive, but then I get a blue screen telling me that a device in not available and to put my windows disk in and repair windows. Somehow the second hard drive has to be connected to boot, but when I connect it, it takes a long time and wants to check the drive, but never finishes.
Besides a bad drive, how come it will not boot when I disconnect the drive.
Any ideas?

A:Hard drive failure

Sounds like the boot sector and boot loader are on one drive while guess what? 10 is on another! When first seeing 10 go on was that an upgrade or clean install?

For the initial 10 upgrade here last summer 10 wouldn't even go on! After I reviewed the Clean Install guide guess what? I found out that not only did I have to unplug the 7 host/boot drive to allow 10 to first upgrade over the clone and later a clean install of 7 on the second now 10 host/boot drive but also had to unplug the two storage/backup drives as well where one saw the temp install folders and the other later found to have the boot files!That made my day!

That sounds similar to what you are seeing as far as unplugging one drive and not able to get anywhere due to the misplacement of the mbr and boot loader. But the one thing you will want to find out now is whether or not it's the drive OS that is at fault or is it the 10 install whether upgrade or not being the source of the problems.

If you nave the 10 media made up or can boot live from something like a Linux cd or dvd in order to view both of the drives while plugged in you could easily identify which drive saw 10 go on it as well as find out if you are able to access the drive or not. If not either the drive may have gone DOA on you or the Partition table may have suffered an oops! moment on you. How old is the drive? while even a new drive can go ... ut ohhhhh.. on you while some drives last a long time. There are some free tools available from eac... Read more

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Hard drive short check failure ID: M4VATW-6NX88D-MFGJXG-60QN03    product ID: E0K02UA#ABAFailure happened after attempting to perform a restore to factory setting following infection with Watch Dog. Operating system had been updated to windows 10 (free 64-bit) from windows 8.1 Original OS was windows 8. Everything was working fine until WatchDog. Can not reinstall windows, restarts over and over.Am I salvagable? Any help would be greating appreciated.

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Today I was downloading some games from steam and my pc went to my bios and then my hard drive wasn't being detected. I checked if all the cables were plugged in and intact and everything seemed fine. There is no physical damage to my hard drive or the cables. I don't know what happened or how to fix what happened. I can't go into windows I am just stuck in bios. Please help!

A:Need Help! Hard Drive Failure!

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I got a hard drive failure code 9AL2K-7028HU-MFGJWK-60A203.  What does this code mean and how is it resolved?

A:Hard Drive Failure

Hi,It means hard drive has failed and ceased to function normally any more.Please replace it with a new one of similar form factor.If you are within warranty, HP would replace it free of cost. Contact HP.http://support.hp.com/us-en/checkwarrantyhttp://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.htmlUse HP Recovery USB the you should have created after first setup of this notebook, to factory reset after replacement.Else you may have to order recovery USB from HP specific to your model:http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/bph07143You can try salvaging personal data from failed drive by either booting to LiveCD and copying the files or taking out hard drive, connecting it to another PC using SATA to USB adapter - then copying the files.LiveCD: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDhttps://www.walmart.com/ip/StarTech.com-USB-3.0-to-2.5-SATA-III-Hard-Drive-Adapter-Cable-w-UASP-Stor...RegardsVisruth

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I recently fdisk'd, formatted and installed an OS on a person's computer. The next week he returns it to me the error I recieve is: invalid system disk...

It's like somebody and fdisk'd and deleted the primary DOS partition.

Can this be hard drive failure?

I've already started over again. Could I have tried something else?

A:Hard Drive failure?

Howdy IdleGuy...

That is strange, unless it may have had some sort of virus...

You also may want to go the hard drive manufactures site and download the diagnostic program and run it on the drive...

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OK, so I know enough technically to be dangerous, but hardware has never been my strong suit.

We had a few power outages here today, and now one of my computers is hosed. Basically, it goes through the BIOS and then stops dead in its tracks.

The BIOS has an IDE diagnostic tool, and when I run it against the primary hard drive, it tells me "Failed - Return Code 7". Which I take to mean that my drive is hosed.

Fair enough. I have another PC, so I do have the possibility of swapping this drive into another PC to look at it further. I keep backups on an external hard drive using a product called Argentum Backup, and I was also using a program called Acronis TrueImage to take images of the whole drive, although I'm not sure when the last time that ran was.

So, what would you recommend I do next?

On a semi-related note, what, precisely, is the point of surge protectors if they don't protect your equipment from, um, POWER SURGES?

Thanks very much!


A:Possible Hard Drive Failure - What next?

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I hope y'all don't mind if I piggy back onto this discussion because my computer has just generated the same error message. I followed Never Say Die's advice and d/l'd the HDDScan utility. Here are my attributes:

And the results from the short test, which at least were encouraging. I think.

I note that my drive appears to be having "Spin Retry Count" issues, and I wonder if the problem might be related to the drive's operating temperature. The computer's case has a thermometer and it's showing a relatively cool 78.7 degrees F. So, can you offer any comments? This popup is annoying. Even after I click on it to get rid of it, it pops up again a few minutes later, so I guess it isn't going away by itself. I don't suppose a little drop of machine oil on the drive's spindle would do any good would it? Come to think of it, I don't even know if the spindle's end is exposed.

I got a question -- will the windows warning popup indicate more than one partition if they're all part of the same drive? In this drive's case, the warning mentions the "C" partition, but the drive has three partitions. I guess it doesn't matter a whole lot.

Also, regarding the OP's worries about backing up his drive, I did this recently with my laptop. I bought a larger hard drive for it, and used a Linux .iso for this. The .iso included several utilities, including a cloning utility. It also came with Parted Magic, which I ended up having to use as part of the cloning process.... Read more

A:Hard drive failure


Since you know how to use PartedMagic that can help us here.

Boot into PartedMagic.
After PartedMagic loads, double-click the Disk Health icon on the desktop and then double-click the icon for your hard drive.
Next click the ERROR LOG tab and let me know if there are any entries and if there are let me know what the rows say.

A picture is fine or if you are connected to a network you can use Firefox from the PartedMagic desktop to log in here and and copy and paste the error log results into your reply.


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