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Touchscreen went haywire now I can't login in, the keyboard ...

Q: Touchscreen went haywire now I can't login in, the keyboard ...

the touchscreen went crazy like i pressed on the screen every were a whole bunch? so i powered it down and when i turned it back on the screen is very white to the point i could barely find were to login at. i tried to login but the keyboard won't work now or the touchscreen. so i can't even login to try and see what the heck happened. please help

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Preferred Solution: Touchscreen went haywire now I can't login in, the keyboard ...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My inspiron 5558 touchscreen started acting on its own. The touchscreen is acting spontaneously without any contact. The area of this irregularity is confined to the top middle part of the screen. This started after the computer was connected to an ethernet cable for a few minutes

A:My Inspiron 5558 Touchscreen gone haywire.

karanpatadia09,Click the link below for information to calibrate your touchscreen.How Do I Calibrate My Touchscreen on my Dell System?

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when i try to play cracked games i cant select anything it always goes up. My computer think i have a controller connected which i don't. I have windows 10

A:keyboard going haywire

I've removed your unnecessary poll. By cracked games do you mean like from Torrents and such?

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any idea what gone wrong with the keyboard on my Advent 7096 laptop running Xp?
When I try & type something, a lot of the keys make the wrong characters come up!
eg when I click on letter I number 5 comes up!
Is it terminal or is there some way to reset everything?

A:keyboard gone haywire!

Have you got a stuck key ?
that can do funny things to a keyboard

also try booting into safe mode and see if you still have the problem please


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Hey everyone,

I have a toshiba m40 laptop purchased aproximately a year ago and never had a problem with the keyboard. About a week ago I decided to install an antivirus program offered by my university which is the University of British Columbia. It is a free anti virus offered because they cut a deal with the company. The program was called Sophos and after I installed it my keyboard began acting up.

What I mean is, toshiba keyboards have secondary functions which can be accessed by using the fn key and turning on the numeric/arrow function keys. So basically whenever I'm trying to type that secondary key activates without me touching it. I realize this is slightly hard to understand but I'll do my best.

For example, the entire left side of the keyboard just stops responding and only keys that have secondary functions work. It doesn't really work in any pattern it just goes haywire randomly with the key's turning on or off and functionality going in and out. Usually by restarting it turns out fine for awhile and might appear again. It seems to happen th emost when I don't have the ac adapter plugged in or at leats from what i've noticed

I searched a few threads on the site already and found a similar one about the m45 which from what I understand is the US equivilent to the CAN m40. SOme users suggested updating the bios which I already had done. I uninstalled the antivirus program already fyi and I also uninstalled a bunch of toshiba uti... Read more

A:Toshiba m40 laptop keyboard going haywire

Assuming your keyboard's drivers/firmware are updated, then in addition to the hits in google search, you might find some help remapping that key, and/or here = http://www.passmark.com/products/keytest.htm

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I'm new to techguy ... would have rated myself "expert" WRT computers until yesterday, but I've been humbled. Desparately hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Yesterday, my wife - instructed to avoid using IE, so browsing with Netscape 8.x instead - was exploring my nephew's MySpace site. She said that the monitor began flashing intermittantly (go black for half a second at a time, then come back on). Because she insists on running scripts, I instantly suspected some malware and ran some scans that came up clean (Symantec AV and Windows Defender antispyware). After a reboot, the problem was still there but a bit worse. I tried restoring to progressively older restore points, but that didn't work either. I found, in fact, that after the reboot, my keyboard did not work. In Safe mode, I get no monitor blinking, but the keyboard still won't work. I notice when I interrupt the boot process with the F8 key to go to Safemode, I see a brief note telling me there was a Keyboard failure before giving me the boot option menu (although keyboard arrows permit me to select from the menu). After some 5 or so successive reboots (to full mode), I don't even get a screen at all ... after about 30 seconds, I get a BSOD, blaming NV4-DISP (I have an Nvidia GeForce 8200 graphics card). The only way I can "move around" in full mode is in VGA, wherein I get my screens, but I get a blink every 5 seconds or so ... still no keyboard (I ... Read more

A:LCD Monitor Gone Haywire w/ Keyboard Failure

Part 1 of 2 of antispyware logs:
AVG Anti-Spyware - Scan Report

+ Created at: 10:20:02 PM 10/2/2006

+ Scan result:

C:\Program Files\AWS\WeatherBug\MiniBugTransporter.dll -> Adware.Aws : Ignored.
C:\Documents and Settings\jgs109\Local Settings\Temp\sr.exe -> Adware.Relevance : Ignored.
C:\Documents and Settings\jgs109\My Documents\My Downloads\Monopoly3Setup-dm.exe -> Adware.Trymedia : Ignored.
:mozilla.673:C:\Documents and Settings\jgs109\Application Data\Netscape\NSB\Profiles\plk4h8h7.default\cookies.txt -> TrackingCookie.247realmedia : Cleaned.
:mozilla.674:C:\Documents and Settings\jgs109\Application Data\Netscape\NSB\Profiles\plk4h8h7.default\cookies.txt -> TrackingCookie.247realmedia : Cleaned.
C:\Documents and Settings\jgs109\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt -> TrackingCookie.247realmedia : Cleaned.
C:\Documents and Settings\jgs109\Local Settings\Temp\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt -> TrackingCookie.247realmedia : Cleaned.
C:\Documents and Settings\jgs109\Cookies\[email protected][2].txt -> TrackingCookie.2o7 : Cleaned.
C:\Documents and Settings\jgs109\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt -> TrackingCookie.2o7 : Cleaned.
C:\Documents and Settings\jgs109\Local Settings\Temp\Cookies\[email protected][1].txt -> TrackingCookie.2o7 : Cleaned.
:mozilla.414:C:\Documents and Settings\jgs109\Application D... Read more

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Hello, recently I have a problem typing with my laptop. Mutliple times a day, both of the shift keys, and the scroll lock key turns on by themselves. These are the problems I face when typing: 1. Unwanted text is highlighted2. Letters are capital although caps lock is not on.3. When I try to browse in Google Chrome, text gets deleted and random windows start to pop up4. For some reason the word "QWEPRUIO" starts appearing sometimes when I type.5. Someimes while I type, suddenly the text gone missing and an asterik * appears.6. Also when this happens, my wi-fi gets turned off automatically. IT guys at my work place tried fixing it but we can't seem to find the problem source.Please help me, this is getting rather annoying especially I am using the laptoo for work!It took me more than half an hour to type a decent email to my client  Thanks!

A:My keyboard has gone haywire, shift keys and scroll Lock kee...

I have this problem too right now.    So far I've not found any of the fixes on the internet (language etc) to work.  However I did find that if I press both shift keys at the same time, it clears the condition and then it happens again.....randomly.....  I am on an HP Elitebook and on Windows 7 (I think).

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Upgraded to Win 10 with no problems, I found that touchscreen is available only at login screen. I can type on the screen the password to log in or swipe the login image, or press the shutdown button on the screen, below right, or change the login user on screen. But as soon as I'm in the desktop (or tablet mode, I tried it) the touchscreen is not rworking anymore. As far as I can see touchscreen works perfectly even if there aren't officially  the drivers available for my machine,  I just would like to know how the enable the touchscreen in the desktop mode following the login. Thank you. Enrico

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A:Touchscreen of Touchsmart 610-1120 works only at login

Well I found it: there is a key in the registry that enable/disable the touch screen. I just set it and now it works with no problem at all, nor the drivers have been changed.

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Problem:   At Password prompt to unlock the desktop, I enter known password and receive an incorrect password error. It doesn't matter how many times this is tried, this error continually appears. I cannot access anything on the computer, including the Windows button doesn't do anything. How can I get into my laptop? Hp Touchscreen laptop is rather new. No additional software has been installed yet - only factory installed.  Laptop is HP 15-f211wm with Windows 10 operating system. Laptop was setup following instructions provided with the quickstart guide and on-screen prompts. (During setup, no backup disks were created.)  I am willing to reset the computer back to its factory settings, but I don't know how to do that. I have no install/setup or backup disks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!

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Ok, here's the background. My wife's pc (identical to my own, and running on Windows XP)was restarting at shutdown recently on it's own and I saw an error that said there was some kind of driver error. So, I uninstalled the nvidia drivers in hopes of installing the most recent ones. I don't know if this was the issue, but I was troubleshooting and I noticed that there was a recent driver update.

Well now I can't log on at all, because when I get to the windows login screen, the mouse and keyboard won't work. I see for an instance the cursor shows an hourglass, then nothing. I see the blinking cursor in the login field, but I can't type anything in there, and the mouse doesn't work.

So, I tried to do a system restore but it just sent me to the login screen, and no mouse or keyboard function persisted. When I tried to go into safe mode, it asked me what was the boot device I wanted to use (which after some searching I see is also an indicator of a problem, but I'm not sure what it means). I picked my HD and continued to do a restore to the last working config, and the same deal, can't login, no mouse or keyboard use at that sceen.

So, I tried going into safe and it shows both an administrator icon and my wife's user name, and I can't try either because again, the moust and keyboard aren't working here either!

I tried to boot with the windows xp disc in, even picked the boot source from the boot menu as floppy and again as the cd-rom. I read that doing so can sometim... Read more

A:I can't use the mouse or keyboard to login at the login screen, not in safe mode too

what type of mouse/keyboard, wireless, ps2, usb?

when it asks for password at repair console, just press enter.

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When attempting to access the touchscreen keyboard, it will flash at the bottom of the screen for a second, then disappears again. Please tell me it is some kind of operator error and not a tech malfunction with my brand new Flex 4. And for the record, attempting to get a Lenovo representative to help out is something of a joke. Yo, Lenovo...might wanna up your game in that area. Now, back to my dysfunctional touchscreen keyboard... HELP!

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I've had my Yoga 900 for just a little while (got it the day that showed up in stores). I love it, save for one thing. One time, it got into this mode where touches would randomly appear on the screen (the little dot you get when you do a touch). At the same time, random keys seemed like they were being pressed. And you'd press the keys on the keyboard but they'd give you a totally different keystroke than they were supposed to. This persisted through two whole reboots. But it wouldn't happen 100% of the time. It'd be fine for a few minutes, then start doing it again. I managed to get a BIOS update in and a reboot, and the problem seemed to go away. But then in the last day or two, it has come back, albeit much much less horrifically. They'll be a stray touch on the screen with my hands nowhere near it (I'm almost always in laptop mode). Or something weird will happen like my browser will open a new tab that there's no good reason for. All of these might be phantom touches, but some could be phantom keys as well. Anyone else run into this? It seems like it's probably the hardware, though I can't rule out software.

A:Yoga 900 - Sometimes the keyboard and touchscreen ...

Good day and welcome to the community.
Sorry you're having difficulty.
I've not seen this reported previously for the Yoga 900, but a driver update for the Yoga 3 14 (I believe) fixed a similar issue. So, if you would, please confirm which video driver version you have, and compare it to what's listed in the driver listing: http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/yoga-series/yoga-900-13isk

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Very upsetting. Updates for 8.1 knocked out on screen keyboard. Bluetooth  very erratic since beginning. Now cannot get to repair console with up sound and on button. Get message error 0xc000000f stuck cannot do anything. Help. 

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I have a problem with my Dell XPS 15. Anytime it wakes up from sleep mode, the keyboard and touch screen features do not work, leaving me with nothing to do but reboot the system in order to get them working again. This is extremely annoying and a fix for the issue would be greatly appreciated. I am running Windows 10 if that helps address the issue easier. Thanks in advance for your help, this is driving me absolutely crazy.

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Scenario:  I have a Dell Inspiron Duo.  It's a netbook with a touch screen that flips around and acts like a tablet.  This computer is joined to a Domain so after you boot you receive the press ctrl + alt + del or security button to logon.
 I would like to use this computer in tablet mode 100% of the time but there is no on-screen keyboard at the ctr + alt + del screen.

Does anyone know of a workaround or how to get the tablet keyboard to show up then? and during at the actual logon screen with out start any acceptability keyboard?

A:Touchscreen No Keyboard but need to press CTRL+ALT+DEL

You may hit the "Ease of access" button at the left bottom of screen, then choose On-screen keyboard.

Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you, and to click “Unmark as Answer” if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ”

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Main issue im having is the keyboard is acting very bizzare. First keypress does not register when I start typing or after pressing the spacebar. shift keys and backspace are intermittent. for example, on this sentence i had to press the "f" key twice as well as press every letter twice after each press of the spacebar. Reinstalled drivers, system restore, malware scans all to no avail. i'd guess it's a hardware issue.now the touchscreen:does not work 99% of the time but randomly appears to. When it's not working windows tells me no touch is available for this display. Seems like a poor connection to me as well as I can't seem to find touch screen drivers. anyone have experience with this?   

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very frustrating issue just started very recently - have a refurb flex 2-15 laptop that is two years oldafter booting up i can login only with main keyboard, 10 digit numeric does not work at all, num l˘ck is ltafter logging in, i have no access to the keyboard whatsoever. i have run diag, virus scan, lenovo ˙pdates and ?indows (8.1) updates.i am thinking its a driver issue, but maybe not. what could it possibly be?hopeful that someone has had this issue and resolved it. thanks,looking forward to a solutiondavid

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Today, my keyboard and touchscreen stopped working. However, when I switch to tablet mode, the touchscreen works and tablet mode functions just fine.

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i have an OEM replacement  keyboard that will not sync with cpu

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Hello, I bought an Edge 2 1580 last month. All of a sudden the items in the subject stopped working and the fan runs full blast.  I think it happened at the same time as a windows 10 update so I tried a roll back but that didn't fix anything. Any chance this is fixable? I see many threads about the keyboard and touchpad going out on other models.

A:Edge 2. Touchscreen, keyboard, touchpad, speakers,...

I just had the same problem with my Flex 3 1580.  It is at Lenovo being repaired as of yesterday.   My computer was fine and the next day booted up and fan runs full speed , touchpad didn't work, wifi didnt work, and the keyboard would only output "6" no matter what key i pressed (only 4 keys produced other output such as "s" or "w").  The onscreen keyboard worked though.  What is the status with yours? 

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Hi, i recieved a Elitebook 745 G3 for Work and It was already downgraded to Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit) when i got it.much to my dismay, the touchscreen and Keyboard Backlight is not working. I've already contacted the HP Chat Support, and they confirmed (multiple times) that the PC has a Touchscreen and Keyboard Backlight. I've already downloaded a lot of drivers from the HP website but it still isn't working. I also checked out the UEFI during Boot can i can't find the TouchScreen Diagnostics Test there. Any Ideas? Thanks!

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I'm in trouble. It was working fine for a while since I updated to Windows 10 (it could be 64bit).Because touchscreen nor keyboard/mouse are working, I can't go anywhere to see what is wrong.It turns on fine but I have to press the power button to shut it down and can't do anything.Please help!

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Please help me. I am going crazy with the on screen keyboard.  I have a Twist S230u Laptop (Thinkpad) The keyboard that appears IS NOT the on screen keyboard that you can bring up from settings. It is the keyboard that is only supposed to appear when you use the touch screen and point into a text field.  I am using regular keyboard exclusively. As I type this, I don't see the keyboard that takes up half of the bottom of the page, but if I stop typing and point and click my mouse to a different area of the text box, it appears. I then have to close it and begin again. This is every time. As you can imagine, this slows me way down in my work.  I have searched the forums and I have searched other sites and I can't find anything on this. Please tell me how to make the touchscreen keyboard go away. 

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Yesterday, after restarting my PC to finish updates from Windows, and installations from Autodesk and MATLab, my keyboard, touch pad and wireless mouse stopped working.After checking the drivers, I found that the keyboard and mouse drivers had a code 32. So I did a system restore before all the updates. Did nothing for the drivers.I tried uninstalling, updating the drivers; didn't work.Then I used CCleaner to clean up registry errors. No changes.Next, I went into the registry and deleted the UpperFilter values for the keyboard and mouse drivers. Code 32 was gone for HID keyboard driver and the HID mouse driver. But now the ps/2 keyboard driver and the synaptics smbus driver now had a code 10.After removing and reconnecting my wireless mouse's usb, I noticed that fixed drivers come and go with it, so I tried to find the drivers for the mouse to try a manual reinstall for my mouse. Couldn't find them, (Logitech's website was of no help).So I got Driver Booster to help me. The program said my PC had a lot of outdated drivers, so I decided to let the program update them all in hopes it would fix both the code 10 and let my mouse work again.And that's how the touchscreen stopped responding. Driver Booster had paused while downloading the driver for the Bluetooth as Windows Defenders stopped it. When I tried to allow the download, I notice my only method of interacting with my PC had failed.I force shut down the PC in hopes that the problem would be fixed. Didn't work.So now, I can... Read more

A:Laptop Keyboard, TouchPad, Touchscreen and Wireless Mouse do...

UPDATE:Okay, I found that there was a way to force the PC into recovery mode without any buttons.I took out the battery, forced a shut down, and unplugged the power cord when I turned it on. After replugging the power and powering up, it went into recovery.Touchscreen and keyboard worked in recovery mode, was too excited to test TouchPad and mice.Anyways, I'm resetting the PC now. Hopefully this fixes it all.I'm somewhat leary of doing updates, however. Reading around online, some had this issue for their keyboards and mice due to Windows 10 hybrid shutdown and fast startup. I'm going to try to turn that off, update everything, and hope that fixes everything.Will update status later.Hope anyone having similar issues find this useful.

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Hi all,
I have a dell XPS2720 and so here is what happened.  
I installed PS Now app in my PC and i wanted to get my wireless controller to work so I downloaded and installed SCP driver installer. I ran it but then the computer stopped responding so I decided to do a hard reset.  I held the power button to restart then once the computer and windows started, i am unable to do anything anymore since I am stuck in the home screen.  This is the screen wherein when you press any key or click the mouse, the system prompts you to log in your password to unlock the screen.  
My mouse, keyboard and touchscreen are all not responsive.  To isolate the issue, i tried my unifying receiver on another PC and it is working.  I am thinking my drivers perhaps got messed up.
Can you help me?  What can i do given that i can't even log back in to the system.

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Hello there,

Since yesterday the touchscreen is not working when the Satellite u920T is in laptop position. When I put the Satellite u920t is in tablet position it works. All the two years before the touchscreen also worked in laptop position (keyboard slided out)
Can you solve this?


Edwin Stenneke

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I've been using my u920t for almost 10 mont and i really like that i can still use the touchscreen when the keyboard ist out.

But a couple of days ago it stopped working. I don't remeber changing anything.

Windows now tells me the screen is not a touchscreen.
Once i put the screen down and go into tablet mode everything works fine.
Tablet PC setting in the control panel also disappear once the keyboard ist out..

I tried reinstalling the driver.
I also did a windows 8 refresh (no backup unfortunately)

Any ideas?

Thank you for your help.

A:Satellite U920T - when I slide out the keyboard touchscreen no longer works

> Tablet PC setting in the control panel also disappear once the keyboard ist out..
I assume this should be OK since the tablet PC settings should be available only if the notebook is used in ?tablet mode?

The point is that this notebook can be used in three different modes.
1) tablet mode -> the keyboard and touchpad are pulled in and only touchscreen can be used
2) laptop mode -> the keyboard and touchpad are pulled out
3) photography mode -> keyboard is pulled in but touchpad is pulled out and can be used as well as the touchscreen.

I?m not quite sure if the ?orientation lock button? (on the left side) would affect the touchscreen but fact is that using this button the automatic rotation of the screen orientation can be enabled or disabled.
If you are operating the computer in laptop or in photography mode, the screen orientation will always be in Landscape mode.

Please check also if the touch display has been calibrated properly
Go to control panel (win key + x control panel) -> Tablet PC settings

Here you will find the first tab called ?Display?
Click on ?Setup? button to start the setup where you could identify the touchscreen
In bottom area called ?display options? you could calibrate the touch display.

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Long list of items that have crept up on this laptop after using it for several months. . . . The touchscreen no longer works.   I have reinstalled drivers over and over again, deleted and let windows choose the driver, and have tried everything I can think of to get it working. Yet it no longer recognizes touch at all. Bamboo Ink styles works just fine, uninstalling the associated drivers did not change anything. It slowly started to work intermittently and then just quit all together. Keyboard keys just stop working  So far some seemingly random LOWERCASE letters stop working, if I hold shift I get an uppercase just fine, or if I hit capslock it will give me the uppercase of whatever letter is not working for that day, so the button itself is fine. This has happened on several different keys completely randomly for no apparent reason what so ever. The only way to fix the issue once it occurs is to stop what you are doing and restart the computer. . . Doing so might fix it for a week or an hour. In the middle of typing or clicking, or doing anything at all it decides to "sleep"    I can be in the middle of typing something, moving the mouse to click on something, or using the stylus to take notes and without warning it will enter sleep/hibernation mode. . .  I have updated the drivers to the latest that are available, I also updated the BIOS to the latest recommended to see if that might help solve some of the issues. So far no lu... Read more

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Hello, How i said in the title, i bought a X1 Carbon with a non touchscreen 1600x900 display and i find some panels with 2560x1440 and touchscreen, cheap enough to replace mine.   I want to know if it will works after i will change, and if i can do that alone, without a service. Thanks!

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So I've had this happen countless times. The touchscreen stops working. The laptop is in perfect conditions. The screen, not even a scratch. I format the laptop, it still doesn' work. So, I've always fixed it by installing the AUO Touchscreen Firmware/ sp63116.exe from:http://support.hp.com/mx-es/drivers/selfservice/hp-pavilion-14-f000-sleekbook/5375393/model/5403360#... My problem atm is that this time, that process isn't working. The installer opens, installs the thing, then the program opens and immediately closes. This prompts windows to ask me if the driver installed correctly or that if it should attempt to install under a compatibility mode. No matter which I choose, it still does the same thing. It won't stay open for more than 1 second.  I've restored my laptop to factory presets a couple times already and the touchscreen isn't working yet because the driver/program/wizard thingy refuses to stay open after it is done installing.Can anybody help me? Perhaps share a different version of the installer? Thank you.

A:AUO Touchscreen Firmware installer doesn't work, touchscreen...

Hello @Alan_Ro_95, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I read your post about the Touch Screen issue, and wanted to assist you!  I understand that you are having a hard time installing the AUO Touchscreen Firmware Update. First, you can try performing a System Restore, to set the notebook back to its previous working state.  If you are still having trouble, then try restoring the BIOS to its default settings.  You can use the document here to help: HP Notebook PCs - Restoring the BIOS Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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 SOme info about the laptop. Product Name: Sleekbook HP Pavilion 14-f004lOperating System: Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit) I've had this problem a couple times already. The touchscreen stops working sporadically and the only way to make it work again is installing the  AUO Touchscreen Firmware/ sp63116.exe driver from this site. however this last time I've run into quite the weird problem. The driver installer CLOSES INMEDIATELY BEFORE I CAN DO ANYTHING A couple months ago I posted this:http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Video-Display-and-Touch/AUO-Touchscreen-Firmware-installer-doe... Since then due to time constrains and schoolwork, I did not attempt to restore the BIOS until today.Today I restored the BIOS, followed all procedures they gave me, and the installer for the Touchscreen firmware does the following: -Runs-Asks for permission-Install it-Finishes installing-Runs the program's window-Inmediately closes, I can't even click on anything because it flashes for a second and disappears. I've already restored the laptop to factory presets. The installer DOES THE SAME THINGRestored the BIOS. The installer DOES THE SAME THING So please, do not tell me to restore the laptop. I've done it already. Doesn't work. Same thing for the BIOS. Nothing. Can anyone help me? Thank you

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Hello. I'm using Spectre X2 Tablet PC deattachable laptop and I'm having issue with touchscreen. Few days ago my little brother used my PC, he ran all excutable stuffs from my external storage drive and finally, He destroyed my PC. He installed wrong touchscreen firmware (It was for my secondary laptop which from Lenovo). So, I can't use my touchscreen and, It never works. I've already installed all driver listed on  support page, and tried to reset my PC, Re-install windows.. Nothing works. Only way to I resolve it is re-installing proper Touchscreen firmware.But there's no touchscreen firmware for Spectre X2 on support page. Can anybody send me Touchscreen firmware for my Spectre? 

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I opened my Hp Envy Ts m6 sleekbook and the screen cracked. It's got a crack from the top left corner diagonally all the way to the bottom of the screen,  two coming diagonally down from the right side to  the bottom of the screen where it  has several smaller cracks meeting all in the same area  in all directions . My laptop isn't under warranty anymore and I got it in December of 2013 . How can I go about fixing this, Would hp help? I'm not sure how expensive this is to get fixed. Thank you

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i need help with changing the keyboard language on the log in screen in vista home premium 32 bit. I know that there usually is a icon that lets u change it but i dont see one and i dont want to restart the laptop so please tell me what to do. as i said there is no language icon and i have tried shift+alt but it didnt work. it probably wasnt a good idea to set my password as the second keyboard language.

A:help with login keyboard

From Vista -

type Regional and Language Options
Keyboard and Languages
Change Keyboard

Lemme check login screen...

There's an ease of access blue button on the log on screen. I think it might have offered language options in XP, but I don't recall.

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My keyboard simply does not respond at the login page. Iv seen other threads saying its drivers but those were in xp os's and was wondering if there are any tips for vista? iv tried both usb and i think ps2(the large round purple tip) mouse responds fine. keyboard is a wireless logitech and iv tried the wired dell keyboard which is not usb so the other kind(ps2?).

A:Keyboard does not work at login

The round purple plug is a PS2 keyboard plug.
Try a regular USB keyboard to see if that helps.
Otherwise, check in the BIOS to make sure that the keyboard is enabled there.

For further assistance, I'd suggest posting over in the Hardware forums located here: http://www.techsupportforum.com/hard...ort/other-f14/

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then after that it does not work at all. I'm running the latest version of Vista, and have to use the on-screen keyboard after logging into my account.

What is causing it to do that?

A:Keyboard Works Up Until Login

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Since upgrading to Windows 10 on my Elitedesk 800G1 SFF machine, I have an unusual keyboard situation. Upon waking from sleep, the user login filed does not recognize the character keys* of physical keyboard. I have to use the on-screen keyboard to enter my password. After that the keyboard works perfectly well. Rebooting the PC restores functionality for a limited time. *left & right keys work, mouse works

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I am unable to login to windows.

My keyboard wont type anything other than control, shift, space, i and p.

I jave tried to boot in safe mode, I have also tried to ise the on acreen keyboard but the same problem occurs.

I would like to avoid a full reinstall as I have files that are not in recoverable areas.


A:Keyboard won't input so can't login

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This happened after I ran combo fix to get rid of a BHO called whitesmoke.
It didn't get rid of it so I ran restore.
On boot after restore I get no mouse or keyboard and cannot login to my computer.
I disconnected USB mouse and tried PS1 mouse still doesn't work.
Safemode gets the same thing.

A:No Mouse/Keyboard at login

You should never use Combofix without the help of a Malware expert, it is not a tool for public use.

Sounds like your USB drivers have been disabled, although I am surprised the PS2 mouse did not function. Try removing the CMOS battery for 10 minutes, replace it and then reboot.

Do you have an XP disc?

What is the make and model of the PC?

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Hi Guys i have a serious problem, 3 days ago i turn on my pc and w8ted till the login screen came up so i tried 2 log in but for some reason my keyboard and mouse didnt wanna movie so i wasnt able 2 log in so i turned the pc off and checked that the usb cables were plugged in and they were but i remved them and plugged it back just in case so i turn my pc back on but it still doesnt work, so i restart my pc and the weird thing is that i can use the keyboard 2 go to bios and stuff so i went 2 safemode but the keyboard and mouse still didnt work and so now i dont know wat to do some 1 please hlp me.

A:I cant use keyboard or mouse in winsows login

This has been mentioned before. Have a search of this site, this may help.
Try turning on legacy usb support for keyboard and mouse in the bios. If this does not work reinstall the drivers using a ps2 keyboard. You can pick them up for under a fiver.

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Okay, so when I installed vista I made the mistake of selecting 'United states Dvorak' as the keyboard. I couldn't figure out why the serial key would not type in properly so I just used the on screen keyboard to get me though the installation figuring I would just sort it out later.
After that I ended up installing a UK keyboard, and then finally the correct keyboard, US international.
After that I deleted the first two keyboards in the regional and language settings in control panel.
Then I added a password. Now when I go to login the keyboard is set to US Dvorak (took me a while to figure out why I couldn't log in). I can change it from the login screen to the UK layout and login, but when I go into control panel it only lists the US international layout under keyboards.
Is there some way I can get rid of the first two keyboard layouts and only use the correct one?
Once I actually log in the correct layout is selected.

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Maybe you've heard this one before? Very similar to the problem reported here on the forums at:

Here's the basics:
I have a 7 yr old computer that I am going to replace soon, so I just need to keep it limping along for right now. It was built by Voodoo PC (before they were bought by HP) and had Windows XP installed (no SP!). I have added a few disk drives, replaced one drive, added DVD writer, etc. and yes, replaced the PSU as well, but for the most part not changed (much) of the internal hardware. It has been updated to SP1, SP2 (using a MS XP with SP2 install disk) and about 3 years ago I updated it to SP3.

Other than having tons of photos I have taken and lots of imaging software, there is not a lot installed, but I did have to replace one of the hard drives last year.

Last week I installed MALWAREBytes because my ISP indicated there was some "unusual activity" on my ISP (of course we have multiple PCs and my ISP did not indicate which PC was the problem). It found the usual "problems" which are false positives in the tools used to debug (and Decrapify) my daughter's PC from two years ago. I also checked for rootkits using a few tools from trusted vendors, but found nothing.

Normally my PC is on 24/7, lately though I have been seeing some warnings in the Event Viewer that indicated my "D" drive was having problems writing to the Page file. And ev... Read more

A:Keyboard not working at XP login Screen

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Hi guys,

This is a bit of a long winded problem I've fixed and found new problems!

Basically, i got that virus that pretends to be anti virus software etc etc and asks you to buy it and does fake scans bla bla blah, i finally got rid of that damn thing, but while running Dr.Web CureIt, it crashed and nothing was responding, the only thing i could do was restart the pc because of that extra protection mode in Dr Web CureIt!

So I did that, and then Windows wouldn't boot properly, it would get to the black screen that says Windows XP and has the load bar below it, but then beyond that it reboots, I tried various options like booting from last good config etc etc, wouldnt work, so, I reinstalled Windows on my other partitioned drive, and I could log into that fine and dandy, turns out my winlogon.exe file was missing from the original windows on C drive, so, I copied the one from the new windows drive (D) in the hope that would sort it.

Ta daaaa, it did, but now I can only get to the login screen and my keyboard wont work, so i cant log in as i need to type my password! Thing is, keyboard works fine in BIOS and everything, it just stops responding when it comes to the windows loading and login page! Mouse still works mind! But the keyboard is obviously still seen by the computer as I can use it in BIOS and the lights come on etc!

Really annoying! Any solutions? Cheers

A:Keyboard won't work at login! (Read on, there's more)

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Windows XP Multimedia
Sony 2800MHZ Tower (sorry, don't know model)

When starting Bios recognizes USB Keyboard and keyboard works. But, when it makes it to Windows Login the keyboard won't work at all. What's the problem?

A:Keyboard Failure at Login Screen

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I reinstalled (Windows 7 Pro x64) on my computer. I want to configure the available keyboard layouts at the login screen. For now, there's 4 different layouts at the login screen and it has keyboard layout French (France) on default.

When I got in windows, I configured so it only had the good one (French (Canada))(I deleted all the useless ones) but when I logged out, it still had the 4 same keyboard layouts at login screen. Even the default one wasn't the one I hoped it would use.

I would like any advice on this issue and how it could be resolved. Thank you!

A:Keyboard Configuration at login screen

Welcome to Seven Forums bennydj5. Have a look here and see if it helps:

Region and Language Settings - Copy to New Users and Welcome Screen

A Guy

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