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Power supply failure-now new problems

Q: Power supply failure-now new problems

I had a power supply problem. The fan stopped working and I didn't realize it for a week. The computer would just freeze up at any given moment. I replaced the power supply and though "ahhh no biggie" Turned on the comp and what do you know, it still locks up. I have switched out every thing I can think of except for the CPU. It works fine as long as you are using it, but once you let it sit and it goes into a screen saver mode, It locks up. I have NO idea what could be the cause. Maybe the video card? CPU? Damaged when the power supply was going bad? HELP???

AMD 1700
728 meg ram
ECS motherboard k7vza
MSI mx400 64 meg video

Preferred Solution: Power supply failure-now new problems

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Power supply failure-now new problems

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My computer was running smoothly. I loaded some Windows Updates and after it installed those the computer froze. I had to do a cold shut down because there was no other choice. The computer would not boot up after that. It was late in the evening when this event occurred so I did a shut down and tried to power up the system the next morning. When I turned it o it would not do anything and the light on the power supply was blinking. I had seen this before and knew it was a power supply problem. I had another power supply so I installed it and got everything back up only to find it still would not boot up. I had my operating system on a SSD. I can get Windows to load of course from the CD drive. It will let me attempt a repair but it finds my other 1T drive but does not find the SSD Drive. When I go into the Bios I can see the drive (SSD) listed there along with the other two. It is like it can not find the drive to boot up to. There is some files I need from the SSD. I have gotten into the DOS and tried some things but nothing has worked so far. I can supply other information if necessary.

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Some information about my system:
Motherboard: ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750 Kuma 2.7GHz Socket AM2+ 95W Dual-Core black edition Processor AD775ZWCGHBOX
Video Card: EVGA 896-P3-1257-A1 GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked Edition 896MB 448-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI ...
RAM: CORSAIR XMS2 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN2X4096-6400C5

I've read a few threads here on these forums and have found a few similar situations but nothing that really matches what i'm dealing with. Here goes:

I was playing a game when my PC made a short strange muffled hissing noise and then popped. The PC completley shut down like someone has pulled the plug. Almost right away it smelled like an electrical fire. I figured this was the power supply (NZXT 550W) since it is around 4 years old and has been through a lot.

The following day I went to best buy and picked up a Thermaltake TR2 600W PSU and installed it. After plugging in the main power cord from the wall outlet I switched on the PSU itself. Inside, the SB PWR light on the MB lit up. I thought this was good news. I hit the power button for the whole system and
the CPU fan moved slightly and the front LED light quickly flashed on and off. Then nothing. I checked to make sure all connections were snug. Same result.

I can't remember why but I unplugged the 4-pin Auxillary... Read more

A:Power Supply Failure, Possible Motherboard Failure

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Ok so lately I have been getting a BSOD at very random times and it looks like a Diver Power State failure. SO all of my friends and every website I go to makes it seem like I need to get a PSU. Right now I have a Quad Core and a 8800GT and 375W PSU. So my friend told me to get a new 700W PSU.

So, if the only fix is to get a new PSU? I tried to rollback my GPU driver but it didn't help.

So any ideas?

A:Driver Power Failure = New Power Supply?

You're greatly risking the health of your whole computer while running with such underpowered power supply. Do yourself a favour and get a quality PSU. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817341010 That's the cheapest one that is enough and of good quality that I could find with a quickish search.

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I live in Rancho Bernardo, CA and when we were evacuated, I disconnected my desktop and took the computer case with us. It was in the trunk of my car for 4 days. (not good!) After returning home,(we were one of the fortunate families) I reconnected my computer and started it. It posted like usual, went to the XP startup screen and then went to the black screen that gives the options for safe mode, etc. I tried to start it in safe mode but it would not. It only opened some of the start-up files and then stopped.

I reseated the ram, video card and disconnected all of the drives other than the HD. I tried the "normal start". Same thing happened. I changed hard drives, put in another video card and restarted. The colors then changed to something other than normal, butt still would not boot past the startup screen before the welcome screen. It goes to black and there is a flash of a blue screen with text on it but it does not stay on long enough to read. I also tried the "last working configuration" with the same results.

The cooling fans now seem to speed up and slow down in a cycle. The bios shows normal voltage to the processor and the temps look normal there. I have a Antec Sonata with a 380W Power supply. It is 4+ years old. It only has one 12V rail. Could this be my problem?

Regards, Al

A7n8x Deluxe 2.0
Xp 2500+ Barton
1Gig Crucial Ram 2x512
Maxtor 80 gig HD (both tried were the same configuration)
BFG 6800 128
Leadteck 6600gt
Antec Sonata ... Read more

A:Power Supply Failure?

I am a little confused. does the computer run and just not boot?

typically a PSU will blow and never turn back on. on occasion (as happened with me) a faulty transistor will cause power to cut out after the computer is on for a little (this prevents damage to the board and other components).

if you disconnect the harddrive, and power up to the bios screen, does it run okay?
also, have you tried a memtest? http://www.memtest86.com/

if the computer runs for awhile with no HDD, then it is most likely a HDD or software problem

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The past 2 weeks, I've had to press my "Power On" button 2 or 3 it before it comes on. This happens about every other day.
The last time this happened, I had to replace the power supply and that was only 2 years ago. Surely they last longer than that?

Any ideas what would cause this?

Also, is it ok to leave my computer on 24/7 until this gets resolved? I'm afraid that one morning I won't be able to turn it on.

It's a PC Desktop. Dell Dimension 3000 running Windows XP. It's almost 5 years old. I do keep it cleaned and maintained often.

A:Power supply failure?

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My computer has been dead in the water for several weeks now and I am not sure what the problem is. I think an electrical storm may have fried my power supply, but I am not sure. Here are the specs on my "clone" system:

MB: Intel D101GGC (w/onboard audio and video)
CPU: Intel P4 511 LGA775 (04A Platform)
PSU: RaidMax ATX 12V 380W
RAM: 1GB (2-512MB) PC-3200 Single Channel
DVD: Sony 16X
CDRW: Sony 52X/32X/52X
HDD: Maxtor SATA 200 GB 7200 RPM

When I opened up the case and looked inside, with the power cord plugged in, the motherboard has a green LED light that indicates the MB is receiving power. When I tried to turn on my computer I guess it is the CPU, but it makes a funny clicking sound and the the fan over the CPU tries to turn, but stops immediately. When I turn the fan blade with my finger it turns freely, so I know it is not the bearings in that fan. I have been to Intel.com and followed all their recommended steps to troubleshoot this problem, but no solution, as of yet. I have unplugged all devices from the power supply, except the 4-pin (12V) power connector and the 20-pin main power connector and the CPU fan and nothing has changed. What else can I do? What is a definite indicator that it is a power supply problem and not a MB or CPU problem? Please Help! Thanks!

A:Power Supply Failure?

Have you also unplugged the HardDrive and CD/DVD drive, and floppy (from the motherboard end)?
Remember you just want it started

The fan may be thermostatically used, that is it won't start running until the system is warm.

Reseat Ram?

Ideally test with another PowerSupply
Here's a good BenchTest Guide

You should also try dispersing all internal voltage, by holding in the power button for 30secs whilst the power lead is out.

I'd also recommend removing any internal PCI card attached
I've even have faulty CPU fans cause this error

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Just had my system conk out. On power up the flash screen for the system board displays then the system shuts down. Does this sound like a Power Unit failure?

A:Power supply failure

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A couple weeks ago my computer all-of-the-sudden stopped turning on. When I press the power button, the lights turn on and the fans start spinning for less than a second, then everything turns off. If I press the power button again, nothing happens. I can get the computer to turn on for a split second again if I either unplug the computer, wait, and then plug it back in. The first thing that came to mind is that the PSU has died. Does this sound legitimate?

If the PSU has died, does anybody know of an inexpensive replacement that would work with my mobo and power needs? Thanks!

A:Power Supply Failure?

Typical of a power supply failure.

And the HP m7650n does not have enough power in the supply for that GeForce 7600 GT.

Borrow a power supply to test in yours, or get yourself a power supply tester such as the Apevia Power supply tester for about $10 - $12

Or just buy a new and quality power supply... locally or on line.

You have to be very careful to get one of the exact same size dimensions and with the same sockets... If you don't have a source, www.directron.com has a huge number from which to choose.
Good luck.

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i just bought myself a new PC i plugged everything in and it turned on fine. then when i went and plugged in two more hard drives the PC would refuse to turn on i am led to believe maybe not enough power? i unplugged the two hard drives and now it wont turn on is it possible the power supply died?

Antec Nine Hundred Two Version 3 Gaming Case
Corsair 6GB DDR3 ram
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition
Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Video Card
2tb western digital harddrive

and the power supply in question
Seasonic m12 bronze 520w atx power supply

A:Power supply failure?

You always need a good power supply anyway as it prolongs your components life. I would recommend Antec, enermax or corsair for a power supply. Saying that it might be "dead RAM". If the RAM is not working properly the computer won't start. Got any friends who will borrow you a power supply for testing?

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My desktop kept restarting itself anytime I try and do anything very intensive (games or movies) for very long (20 min to an hour). No BSOD, and infact when the computer shuts off, it turns back on and then "begins" shutting down (as though it never finished the sequence). I had this problem until I replaced the PSU. Now the problem has returned.
I just purchased a new PSU a month ago, as my old one tanked after a year(750 Watt 80 Plus Gold EVGA) and replaced it with the 1300 watt model. I could understand such a low watt model tanking after a year under the load I had, but the new one going after a month? What is the likelihood?
I'll start from the beginning: 18 months ago I built myself a new setup. My power supply failed around 3 months ago, it was an EVGA 750 watt 80 Plus Gold, and when I used my PSU tester at least half the lights never lit up.

Stats: Antec Twelve Hundred
CPU: G3258 Haswell
RAM: GSkill DDR3 8GB
PSU: 1300 Watt EVGA Supernova 80 Plus Gold
HDD: Crucial 256GB
RAM: Gskill DDR3 8 GB 2400mhz Ram

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hi guys, my friend phoned me tonight to go round and have a look at his computer that he was having problems with.

he said the computer was working fine last night but when he switched it on today it wasnt booting up and was asking for a disk or something, i automatically assumed that he had a hardisk problem n told him to power it down and i would be round to have a look at it.

i went round earlier tonight and the computer wouldnt switch on when pressing the power button.

checked the power cable and that it was turned on at the back of the tower, do i have a power supply failure?

A:power supply failure???

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Right....so i was surfing the web on my main PC then all of the sudden windows just goes through the shut down process and my computer turns off.I power it back on to find that the computer wont boot,so i power it back off and on again then it boots normally....

I'm in windows again (normal mode) then the computer shuts down again about 20 seconds after logging into windows.I'm thinking it's one of those shutdown viruses...so i boot up again into safe mode to attempt at virus scanning then,even in safe mode,shuts down once again.I repeat this 3 times.I know this is not a heat issue because my bios was reporting a CPU temp of only 38 degrees celsius and my video card is a rather low end one and it doesnt really produce heat.

Suspecting that it is a PSU or perhiperal issue,i start to troubleshoot by unplugging one device at a time.After unplugging the first device (hard drive),and attempting to power it on once again,the damn thing doesn't boot AT ALL (no beeps or post screen).I turn it off,try to turn it on again...now it won't power on at all.I unplug the AC cord from the PSU then plug it back in to find that it powers on by itself once the AC power cord is plugged in (with still no successful boot).I unplug everything else except the motherboard with the same effect,no boot.The power button on the tower does not respond (wont turn on,wont turn off and the LED light is off)

I have no other spare power supplies around to troubleshoot with.So i'... Read more

A:Power supply failure?

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My machine has been acting rather funny within the last few weeks. I suspected it to be a virus, but that possibility has been completely ruled out. My computer specs are:

AMD Athlon 2ghz
Geforce 4 TI 4200
512 mb ram
333 mh ram
PC 2700

The problem is that she's getting increasingly slower. Start up is taking ages now. When I run music it takes up nearly 90% of my CPU. Starting up another program while I have music running will skip the music for about 3 minutes at a time.

Programs are taking longer to start up. Yesterday my CD drive wouldn't even open, I had to restart my system. The printer takes forever and my download rates are suffering dramatically from what they should be.

My husband suspects it to be a problem with my power supply, but I'm wondering if there's any other possible problems.

No, I don't have any trojans, viruses, or backdoor spyware running. I've ran at least 6 different programs to detect these things.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Possible Power Supply Failure?

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Starting in March this year, my Lenovo B520 AIO started to abruptly switch off after running for varying periods of time. During the first week, this would happen after the computer had been running for 3-8 hours, sometimes while I was actively using it and sometimes while I was not using either keyboard or mouse, but while the screen was on. during the following couple of weeks, the machine would switch off after being turned on and running for only 5 to about 20 minutes at the most. I stopped using the machine at this point in April. I've tried a few more times since then, using these short periods of activity to keep up to date with Windows 10 updates. All Lenovo drivers are at the current update versions. Does this sound like the power supply is failing or could it be another problem. I'd like to repair the problem as simply and inexpensively as possible. Thank you in advance for your advice.

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hp pavilion a305w. 512 ram. (i can't look up cpu specs as it won't start) win xp, sp2
OK here's the deal. I play an online game that would randomly crash and give me crc errors that would directly reference a file in that game.
thinking that was a game specific error, i left it alone for the 5 days i went visiting for xmas. got home today, powered on the pc, and........nothing.
it will not boot.
so i unplug everything except the tower and the monitor.
still won't boot up.. no PS running, nothing.
so i unhook the monitor.. then it will boot. all systems are go, but i can't do anything with it....cuz the monitor isn't hooked up. so i go to hook that up, and as soon as it touches the back of the case (and there is no static here) the box stops running.
completely. as soon as i move the cord for the monitor, its all good. it'll boot again.
so any ideas on wth is goin on with this?
no i do not have another monitor to test with it.. its xmas eve, and i doubt any of my frenz will think this an emergency to leave their familys over.
please please please please help me figure out what is wrong with this thing. i have to get it working so i can trade it in for a better one, or i'm SOL for a pc for the forseeable future!!!!! (haha)
thans bunches in advance.

A:pc won't start - power supply failure?

Okay, this could be two things: the power-supply or the monitor, both of which you'll need to find another of, at least for testing purposes. If you get the power-supply then make sure it's the same type and make (look on your computer and give us the MODEL number for your specific computer, this'll give us the specs we need to determine what kind of power-supply you need). I don't think it has anything to do with your game, but it could very well have something to do with your graphics and/or your video card as well. Is it the power, or the dv15 pluggin (that's the plug where you hook it to the comp itself, NOT power, the other one) that messes it up?

Most likely this is a power-supply matter as you pointed out and that'll require a replacement. Those things cost alot, so if you can find a used computer at the dump or something or go to a local hospital and buy one for cheap, or have a friend with one they don't use cuz it's broke or something i'd do that, but make sure it's compatible!

God Bless and In Him,


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Hi everyone,

First off thanks for any help in advance. I worked in tech support for 3 years and this problem is somewhat baffling to me. unfortunately, I don't have all the replacement parts I was used to working with or the test systems. So I am trying to figure out what is failing before taking 3 trips to the store buying and testing different parts.

so what happened...

First moved to new apartment, never had problems before that. within 10 minutes of turning computer (desktop), i was standing on the other side of the room, and system just turned off (didn't crash, just zap, no power). I didn't think anything at the time since i was still moving and messing with light switches and thought i randomly hit a cord or something.

a couple days later, after i had been using the computer for a while, games and all, one day i turn it one and it barely gets to the desktop and zap it turns off. First i think crash so i hit the power button to turn it on and nothing, no flicker no nothing. so i think power supply burnt up or MB fried. I curse in my head and go eat dinner. I come back after dinner and press the button for the heck of it and what do you know it works. worked all night, played games, cranked up the GPU. nothing no problems. i shut it down, check all the wiring in the back, everything looks solid. the entire 3 day weekend, worked great, lots of gaming.

This morning, turn it on to do some work, barely boots to desktop and zap, off again. press power butt... Read more

A:Power supply, MB, or CPU failure, how do i determine which?

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I have an emachines 3210. Tonight it started as usual, but then seemed to suspend. The power indicator light just started to flash and the machine would not restart. At first, the light for the HDD was lit, but now there seems to be no power at all.

Any thoughts as to whether this is a power supply failure, does the CMOS need reset or something more fatal? Not sure where to start.

Many thanks (in advance).

A:Solved: power supply failure?

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My computer won't start up anymore...

The fan for the CPU comes on, but the rest of it won't (with the exception of the HDD and TURBO lights, which turn on but don't blink which reflects the sort of FROZEN mode it's in)... I dont' hear the HD boot... and it has been sporatically restarting itself all day (each time it reboots it seems to restart Sooner than before).... so it may be a short in a wire... I''m not sure.

The power supply seems to emit a hissing which after a few seconds dims or disappears.

I've checked all cables and they are in securely... no extreme things have happened to the computer, and before it went down it was SCANDISKed, DEFRAGed, and scanned for viruses (though I know for a fact it was clean)... it also has a firewall so it wasn't 'outside' interference.

Pentium-90 w/ 56MB RAM, Win98 SE, 1.2GB HD

A:Best Guess, Power Supply failure

Unplug everything from the power supply other than the motherboard and see if you get a picture. If so, plug in the floppy drive, then something else and so on.

If still no picture, try pulling all cards but video out.

Anything connected to the motherboard, when damaged, can cause what you are describing. Come to think of it, even a bad keyboard, mouse, or printer cable could do it.

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power supply went out so i replaced it. Now I cannot acess any folders or files on hd. is there a way to recover the files on this hd. I plan to purchace a new drive and reinstall windows meia center on it, but i would like to get my files off the old hd.

A:power supply failure. what happend to hd

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My "home-bilt" desktop running Win98SE has been hanging up on boot-up, so I decided to do an "over-the-top" reinstallation. I put my Win98SE CD in and rebooted, instead of loading the installation CD it booted up to the installed copy of Win98SE. This happened Twice ??

To check the boot sequence I went into BIOS and as I expected it was -
1) floppy
2) CD drive
3) hard drive

While I had BIOS open I noticed there was a line that read something like -
"CPU overheat protection" OR "Inoperative CPU fan protection"
followed by "Disabled" in RED letters, I changed it to "Armed"

BIG MISTAKE !!! -- If it ain't broke -- don't fix it !!!

When I rebooted, ALL THREE DRIVES [hard drive, CD-ROM & CD-RW] lite up like they were all trying to boot at once ???? After 5-6 seconds tower shut down.

After a couple of tries I moved the tower to the kitchen table and opened it up. I had a power cable BUT NO monitor. It went through the same 5 second shut-down, but I noticed the fans [CPU, AGP card & rear wall of case] were all running [for 5 seconds]

Then I looked into the power supply grille and noticed THAT FAN was running in "fits & starts". Using a pencil I noted the fan "spun freely" when the power was off.

Finally my question:

Was it "coincidental" that the power supply failed [it is about five years old] while I was checking BIOS, or did I "screw up" something in th... Read more

A:Solved: Possible Power Supply Failure ???

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As the title suggests, my Lenovo h50-55 may have a possible PSU/Motherboard issue. Because upon turning it on the screen is basically black but the tower will still come on and all the fans will spin still. I have tried taking the ram out and swapping it around, taking the graphics card out and using the monitor ports on the motherboard (VGA) and nothing works. It also doesn't beep or anything upon turning it on and the HDD light is very dim. I orignally thought it was a HDD problem but i managed to install windows 7 on it and it worked perfectly. The monitor works fine too, as i plugged a games console into it and it's fine. Yesterday a family member took it to a PC repair shop and i wrote everything down that i had attempted on it the tower, but he claimed the power supply was "16" and it couldn't be tested to see if it was broken. As modern machines have "20-24" regarding PSU, but i have zero clue what he is talking about and i'll have to call him today and ask lol. I really like the machine too and i don't want to replace it after only having it for two years, so any help would be great. Thank you.

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I replaced the bad 250 watt powersupply with a 400 watt to get my asus K7M back up and running. Every thing works fine except for my 3com network card. I've used 2 other (verified working) cards with no success. What happens is as soon as the drivers are installed, the computer will only reboot to safe mode. When the network cards are disabled, the computer boots properly. I've reinstalled win98 se and deleted network settings and drivers to no avail.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

A:power supply failure causes network problem

Could be that the old PS did damage to your motherboard. Have you tried to update the OS?

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Starting in March this year, my Lenovo B520 AIO started to abruptly switch off after running for varying periods of time. During the first week, this would happen after the computer had been running for 3-8 hours, sometimes while I was actively using it and sometimes while I was not using either keyboard or mouse, but while the screen was on.
during the following couple of weeks, the machine would switch off after being turned on and running for only 5 to about 20 minutes at the most. I stopped using the machine at this point in April.
I've tried a few more times since then, using these short periods of activity to keep up to date with Windows 10 updates. All Lenovo drivers are at the current update versions.
Does this sound like the power supply is failing or could it be another problem. I'd like to repair the problem as simply and inexpensively as possible.
Thank you in advance for your advice.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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Quick question:
On the bottom of my 3.5yr old Toshiba A70 Satellite laptop it tells me the power supply is DC19V - 6.3A

If I understand this to be 19volts -6.3 Amps.... then will an alternate/generic power supply of 19Volts -max5amps cause my computer to shut down unexpectedly and repeatedly after 4-6 wks of problem-free usage.

After I changed my power supply (prev. supply just stopped working) the computer worked fine for a while...then started shutting down unexpectedly. On one particular day it shut down repeatedly 3-4x, and now wouldn't start properly. (Safe mode start screen that despite selection would reboot back to this screen ONLY)

I brought it to Tiger Direct for repair, explaining problem.....they suggested they reload the OS and found the orig. hard drive to have bad sectors and further suggested a NEW hard drive. They also suggested so many shutdowns may have damaged the hard drive leading to the problem. It was only after they reinstalled OS and new hard drive that they found it still shut down unexpectedly. I was annoyed now....as this is when they realized the power supply "wasn't enough AMPS" and blamed problem on this. I have a personal guarantee from manager now that they will refund my repair costs if I get a new power supply with proper amps....and still have problem. (this would apparently indicate motherboard problem and not power supply and I wouldn't have needed new HD)

Can anybody help.... I am at my technological limit... Read more

A:power supply failure- Toshiba A70 laptop

I don't know, but the people at radio shack do!
JK but there's a good chance you can find the right power supply there.

there is a very good chance that lo power could be the cause of your shut downs, did you happen notice if you battery was draining?

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After my graphics card died, I installed a new nVidea GeForce 8800GT, and a 470 Watt Dell-compatible power supoply to replace the 350 Watt factory-installed Power supply to support it on my Dell Dimension 8400.

WHen I boot, the embedded Broadcom NetExtreme 57xx network adapter fails to initialize. The message is:
Alert! Error initializing PCI Express NIC bridge.
NIC failure"

I followed the Dell support recommendation to refresh the power state without any success. I have checked the Power supply connections and all seems right. The light coming off the network cable is orange. I'm connecting to hte INternet via a wireless adapter, but clearly that's not a solution.

In addiiton, a possible related problem comes when I attemtp to upgrade to Vista. In the first restart during the install, I get a blinking cursor in the upper left corner of the screne after the Dell splash screen, apparently aborting the install. I've reverted to early OS (XP) at boot.

APpreciate any ideas.


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Hello there!

There's a really critical issue which has been pestering me and making things truly hard, preventing me to fully make use of the PC.

A long time ago, I was struck by a problem where, upon being started, the CPU lights and fan would be turned on, but not the mouse lights nor the monitor display. Basically, it wasn't fully 'waking up'. After attemps of restarting it manually, it'd end up like a car that dies right after ignition. A tech visit and a power supply upgrade solved it, but, since then, at least in 2 occasions, the problem took place, isolatedly.

Today, by the morning, I was browsing the PC and opened a program, but, after a few minutes, a flashing W8 BSOD appeared for a second and the PC was restarted - before it could be rebooted, though, the previously mentioned 'fake awakening' problem stated. I spent too much time trying to turn off and on the system, to no avail, while only having it 'turn on the lights and fan', but not being fully started. After much insistence, and some pressure on the PS cable, it was finally turned on. The system started as usual, except for a single, fatal issue.

The system simply -won't- recognize any kind of network connection, at all.. I do have an internet modem, as well as wifi-router, and when I first installed W8.1 I didn't need to do anything - I simply plugged the network cable and it was recognized/connected. But now, it seems that the system won't recognize it. I tried to restart the connection, tried to re-pl... Read more

A:BSOD > Power supply failure > No network recognized;

Alright, managed to find a solution!

Basically, this guide was extremely useful:

When your ethernet won't connect | PCWorld

Just had to uninstall the Intel adapter and it reinstalled the driver with a reboot, which solved the issue.

...So many hours lost until I tried it! There goes my saturday, lol..


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a few hours ago, my mom brought home a brand new Acer Travelmate 4603WLCi laptop. after connecting the AC adaptor to the laptop, I turned the thing on. it worked just fine, and the Acer ePower Management software showed 33% battery power and still charging.

I was playing Solitaire back then, only for like 20-30 minutes, when suddenly the laptop just died. plain died. without shutdown.

so I turned it back on, and it went back on. only for like a few seconds after the Windows XP splash screen showed up, it died again. this time, I can't turn the thing on again.

I checked the adaptor cable that connected to the laptop, it's plugged firmly. however, the 'battery charge' lamp did not lit. I disconnected the adaptor cable, tried to turn on the laptop, it didn't work. I tried removing the battery, re-installing it, then tried turning it on again, also didn't work.

so I re-plugged the laptop to the adaptor, and thought that it'd charge up. but after 3 long hours of (useless) waiting, it's still not showing any signs of life.

I assume that this is a power adaptor failure, because when you connect the adaptor to the laptop, the 'battery charge' light is supposed to lit and you should be able to power-on the laptop. but hey, if the adaptor fails, aren't I supposed to be able to power-on the laptop by just the battery?

well, that's all I can tell for now.
thanks in advance for any advice(s) given.

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A:my Acer TravelMate 4603WLCi died. power supply failure?

Acer Travelmate 4603WLCi laptop shut down

Hi Dhaninugraha:

The situation you described back then, now looks quite familiar to me.

The same happened to me last night. My Acer Laptop just died, just as you described. I did all the things which are common things to try to make it back working again...NOTHING !

How did you back then solve the problem. Did you find out what the failure was?

I would really appreciate any help you can provide.



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 My T580 suddenly one day stopped reading my external USB-C hard drive, I tried updating the drivers and several other suggested repairs with none of them working. The power light on the drive would come on but the computer didn't read it, verified with a second drive and they both work on my other computers. Looking at the timeline, I realized that this happened while the computer was still within it's warranty period, but I was busy and just let the problem go. Then two weeks later the computer just shut down on me and after letting it sit with the lid closed for a while, it was able to restart and I got a warning message at the BIOS screen that "The Power Adapter is of lower wattage than the one supplied with the machine" or something along those lines. Once booted up I was able to see that battery nuber one was fully depleted to 2% and the 2nd battery was at 99%, it then shut down on me again. I ordered a replacement power adapter to test and got the same message and the same symptoms, the computer would basically trickle charge at a rate slower than it consumed power, at this point I finally called customer service and started a repair ticket, this is when they told me that the computer was three weeks out of warranty....I send it in and a week later recieve a repair estimate of $589 to replace the whole motherboard. I called right back and complained that this computer was having problems before the warranty was up and was simply told it was out of warran... Read more

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A friend of mine built a computer for me, and it was working fine until I tried to turn it on one day and it started to turn on, the lights and fans came on, but then it just shut off. When I tried to turn it on agian, it would do the same thing, the lights and fans would come on for about a second, then it would shut off.

So I got a new power supply, a 500w just in case the 400w was too low. It worked fine for about two days until all of the sudden the screen goes dead. So in the midst of trying to figure out why I'm not getting any picture (trying different monitors and so forth), I try to turn the computer on and it does the same thing it did with the last power supply.

In case it matters the first power supply was a PowerMax 400w.
The second was a Power Magic 500w.
The video card is a Gforce ti 4200
512 ram
1.6 ghz.

If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks.

A:Power Supply Problems

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OK i have a Pentium 4 motherbopard with no power supply but i also have a pentium 3 power supply. My question is even though the pentium 4 board has a Pentium 4 power suppy spot in addition to its regular power port, do you have to have a Pentium 4 POwer supply or can you just plug in the main power and not plug anything into the pentium 4 (power supply information feedback) port. will the motherboard still work.

A:p3 power supply and p4 MB problems

It will not run without the second 12v plug from the newer power supply.

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I own a Dell Optiplex 745, minitower, and I do not understand what my problem is. It has a standard, 350 watt power supply with a 24 pin connector and I tried to replace it with a new ATX 750 watt power supply with the same 24 pin connector. I plugged in everything properly (I triple checked) and every time I try to start the computer, the Dell loading screen pops up as usual, but it stops loading and the computer makes a rapid beeping sound and stays like that (with the loading screen frozen and computer beeping) till you turn it off. Is there a way for me to tell if the power supply is bad or if it's not compatible with my computer..?

A:Power supply problems?

Did you plug in the mobo 4 or 8 pin 12v connector?

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I have AMD Duron 600, 160 MB RAM, 15 GB 7200 RPM HD (Pri Mas), 10 GB 5400 RPM HD (Pri Slv), 48x CD-Rom (Sec Mas), 4x4x32 CD-RW (Sec Slv), SB Live Value, GeForce 2 MX 32MB, and a 250 watt power suppy with Win98SE. I thinks that's all you will need to know. Now the problem.

I am having a lot of wierd freezes, games dumping that didnt dump on my old 233, and misc crashes that I suspect is because of my power supply. One particular problem is where I go to start up a program, lets say IE for example, though it does it to any program, and that program just hangs there for random amounts of time and then all of a sudden the program opens and all is well. Sometimes hitting ctrl-alt-del and closing open programs or just closing other programs with their regular exit makes the app im trying to open, accually open. Are there any software apps that can detect these types of problems? Any ways of finding out if my power supply is at fault or not powerful enough?

Another quick question. My 160 MB of Ram is a combo of a 128MB 133Mhz Dimm, + a 32MB 100Mhz Dimm. My bus speed is set to 100Mhz in cmos. Think any problems might come of this?
Thanks for your time.

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A:Possible Power Supply Problems

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Hi, I bought a Toshiba L25 Satellite almost two years ago and it has been working great up until a few months ago when my adapter died on me. This problem was confirmed from a Best Buy computer technician using power testers. So after knowing that, I bought the Taurgus Universal adapter and worked for a little while but now it is going from Battery to Plug power all the time because the battery signal goes on and off the bottom of the screen every 10 seconds. Sometimes it will get worse when I want to use the DVD player and it has shut off many times because the battery got to low even thou it was plugged into a power outlit. I thought maybe it was the adapter so i bought a compatible Toshiba adapter but that only worked for two days until I started getting the same problem. Eventually, I could no longer use the new one and I had to switch back to the Taurgus adapter which charges my battery really slow. Also, this might be important...are all three lights supposed to be on all the time because my battery power/outlit light is not on. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Is anyone else experiencing similar problems with their laptop? Is the problem most likely internal?

A:Power Supply Problems

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I just put a new power supply in my computer because the old one wasn't getting it done. I got a 500w ultra w/ x-connect. When I turn on the computer it powers up for a split second and then turns off. When you press the power button again it does nothing. If I turn off the power supply on the back of the computer, then wait a few seconds and turn it back on it will do the same thing. Is this a problem with the power supply, the installation or what? Thanks!

A:Power Supply problems

Good Evening Blake05, this kind of behaviour is often referred colloqually to as a "Lie down and die" kind of system.
Most often these kinds of systems have a sensing ability where current is monitored against time as the machine functions, the object is to sense a short circuit and remove power before the system can be badly damaged.
Most often these kinds of systems need to have power removed to allow the system to reset before power is once again available.
Actually it is a good idea, but there are occasions where it can be a headache if the triggering is oversensitive.

This problem is hard to troubleshoot but it is quite likely that something in your machine is drawing current a little too heavily more quickly and that the triggering could well be real.

It would be easiest to disconnect all the power plugs to items apart from the motherboard, disconnect the IDE's and other cables also so that nothing is damaged.
Now try the power on with just the motherboard connected (and the processor, memory and other standard needed basic items)
If the problem remains there is either something wrong with your PSU or the motherboard, processor, memory and video system.

If all is well you can proceed coaxing each item into life untill you determine what may be the problem. It may well be a drive or something other.

Most often with these problems I have found the problem was not the PSU.

Nothing is ever as it seems.

Cheers, qldit.

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Hi all,

Just got this new power supply for the PC I'm building. The case and PSU have been the first things to arrive so I dotn have anything else yet. I bought the PSU (X-Power 700W) from eBay, the seller had a few of them and said they were all tested and fully working. I fitted the PSU into the case and tried to test it by connecting the two case fans and case LED lights to it. I switched it on and got nothing. Not even the fan on the PSU fired up. Does this straight away mean the PSU is faulty or could I be doing something wrong???


A:Problems with new power supply???

It wont

For the PSU to be activated just flipping the switch on the back will not do it. 2 pins on the big 20/24 pin molex have to be jumped. You can do this manually but i dont suggest it cause you can burn out your power supply if you jump the wrong pins. But if you must, google it and you can find a guide somplace im sure that shows you the right wires to jump. I know wich ones to jump but I am not going to tell you and be responsible for you ruining your PSU.

These pins are jumped when you connect the 20/24 pins to the motherboard and then the switch comes into place when you hook the front panal connectors of your case to the motherboard.

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me and a friend do tech work on the side and a guy brought us a built pc and said they told him at best buy that it did not work and he needed an new power supply we took it and checked it and the unit still worked at frist and seamed fine but we notuiced that the power unit was a 20 pin and the motherborad was 24 so we add a convert but now we cant get any pictuer but the computer boots up and know we think its the motherboard or that the power supply is not puting out egongh power.

cpu specs: memory 1gb, pentium4 processor(speed unknown), sata hard drive about 120-160, psu is a star tech (model ap-350x), G force graphics card pci express. all we know at the moment.

A:power supply problems

Please give us the specs on the computer. MB, CPU, HDDs, Optical drives, PSU, Graphics Card, etc.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 1400 series laptop running Win XP home edition. 40 gig HD (70% full), 512 MB ram.


The machine one day refused to boot up. I noticed that even when plugged in the general power light on the front of the case did not turn on, so I assumed it was a power supply issue. Perhaps the battery was dead? I borrowed the girlfriend's battery (we have the exact same model of laptop) slapped it in and my machine booted right up. So, I assumed that the Li-Ion battery was somehow required for boot, even if the laptop is plugged in. But, once the laptop booted I swapped out her battery for mine and it still ran, but it would not run off of the battery alone for more than a few seconds. So I ordered a new (and expensive) replacement battery.

Now, running on the new battery I notice that it still doesn't charge, the battery power light (different from the general power light) on the case never lights up regardless of what power source you're using. I also notice that the battery power icon in the systray is gone - you know, the one that tells you if you're running off the battery or a wall socket and how much battery life is left.

This leaves me conflicted in my troubleshooting. The fact that the light on the case doesn't light up indicates a hardware failure. However, the missing icon in the systray leads me to some messed up operating system glitch.

What do you think?

A:Power supply problems

If you use your girlfriend's power supply, does it still have the same problem of not lighting up or charging? If so, your power adapter has probably died.

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I'm building an Athlon system (Athlon 900, ECS K7S5A MB, 256 M SDRAM, ATI 32M video) and everything went pretty smoothly 'till I tried to power it up and nothing happened. No fan, no PS running, no nothing. I searched several posts on this and other forums and have tried the following:
- jumpered the power-on header on the MB
- checked all jumper settings and connections
- removed the board and PS from the case and tried to power it up that way
- tested voltages from the PS
- cleared the CMOS jumper.

None of these made any difference. The only possible problem appeared to be the PS. when I jumpered pin 14 to 15 it would run, as would the case fan which I had connected to it. However, when I checked the output voltages (both with the PS plugged into the MB and unplugged) the only pins that registered were
pins 14 (3.3 v) and pin 9 (5 v). Is this normal or not? Will the other pins only register a voltage once the system is powered up?
If the PS is ok, any other ideas on what it could be or other troubleshooting I could try?
Thanks in advance and merry xmas.

A:More Power Supply Problems?

Definately not normal. There should also be a 12V source. Here's what should be there:

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It never ends, I exchanged my defective motherboard and processor(which was cracked) and now I'm having trouble with the new ones. Whenever I press the power button, the case's fan and the processor's fan turn on, spin once, and stop. Nothing turns on and the power doesn't seem to be going anywhere after that. Any ideas?

A:More power supply problems??

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A user went to power on her machine and gave it a shock from the static in the building. Since then, the machine will start up for a couple seconds and then just power down again. I've switched power supplies and had the same result. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?


A:Power supply problems

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I purchased a new mother board, processor, and case 2 days ago, and I'm having trouble with my computer now. I installed everything as usual, and it was in working order, but all of a sudden it just turned off. Now when I turn on the power supply(the on/off switch on it) it just makes a very faint, high pitched, beep and I can't turn it on at all. Anyone have any ideas of what happend or how I can fix it?

Motherboard-Iwill kk266plus
Processor-800mhz Duron

A:power supply problems?

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hey all...i think my power supply is on it's way out but i wanna post my symptoms and make sure i am not missing something...

three times in the last few days, my computer has shut off and would not come on till i left it unplugged for a few minutes. i am also experiencing a loud buzzing in my sound i never had before (i have my speaker jack on my modem card plugged into the cd jack on my amplifier to play my mp3's). i have a four year old HP (466 celeron, 128 mg ram, W98)...anyone agree this is a power supply problem?

thanks in advance!

A:Power Supply problems...

I believe your experiencing a heat problem, the thermal alarm and protection is kicking in, check for a bad fan, or dust buildup.

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Okay I think it is a power supply problem.

My computer is 16 months old and I had a melt down with it before. A few months after I put it together, I had a problem with it. It was suggested it was a PSU issue, so I replaced it but it did not work, so I warranted/replaced the MOBO and still no luck, so I gave up and let it sit a while, I then tried another PSU and it worked fine since then.

Two nights ago I was doing a lot of transfering from one hard disk to another to backup some information, Swapping information from internal to external. I set a few large files to be transfered then went to sleep. In the morning I shut the computer down to remove my external HD. Even though the computer shutdown my power light on the external was still illuminated. So I used the power button on the Power supply to depower it.

Last night when I went to turn on my computer nothing happened. I pushed the power button and nothing. There is a green light on my MOBO but thats it. I am assuming/hoping it is the PSU.

My setup
Sonata II case
Asus A8N-SLI deluxe case
2GB ram in 4 sticks
2 internal HDs
1 DVD-burner
1 CD burner
VGA|CONNECT3D 3038 X800GTO 256M RT Video Card
1 disk drive, card reader
Audigy 4 Platinum Sound Card.
Modem card
2 external hard drives.
1 USB HD and the other a plug in 2.5" in and enclosure that plugs straight into a receptacle on this computer

It is all plugged in through an APC surge protector. The first Power supply was the original with the case and was 450 wat... Read more

A:Power supply problems

Those will at times require 20 minutes to recycle so try it again later. I find it hard to believe Antec psu's are blowing like that though. I would wonder if there isn't a component there somewhere the system doesn't like, incompatible ram or something.

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I am currently looking at a compaq presario model #4420CA. When I turn the power switch on, nothing happens, the green lights in the front of the tower do not come on at all. I have replaced the power cord, to no avail, I have replaced the power supply with my power supply from my HP 6746C computer and it is still not working. Could someone pls let me know if this means that my mother board is bad and is it feasible to replace it. If anyone had any other ideas on what the problem may be, it would be much appreciated.tks scott

A:power supply problems ?

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hello folks iam gutted again i have just bought a new graphics card (xfx nvidia 8400gs) and what a difference it has made to gaming well impressed i have a on board card at the moment so i was over the moon with the difference untill.. i did not notice the side of the box silly me 350w min power supply but my compter only has a 300w i have read that its recomended to upgrade any advice should i get a 400w? do i have to change mother boards or? do i have to buy the same make any advice please.

power supply bestec atx 300w (max output)
intel celron (r) 3.06ghz
1256mb memeory
320 gig hard drive


A:power supply problems

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